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Anteater87 09-09-02 03:46 PM

Attack of the Red X's
While I can understand the desire to balance the load on the servers, moving all the images to the 'ads' server, for me at least, sucks. Because the firewall here at work blocks anything that comes from 'ads'-type domain names, my screen is full of red x's where images should be. Very distracting, but not enough to drive me away!

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Dead 09-10-02 10:53 AM

I noticed that I'm suddenly not getting some of the images even when allowing content from the "ads" server. I agree that it can be irritating, but at least I have the ability to just turn off the blocking myself.

JTH182 09-11-02 12:32 AM

I block all "ads" URLs in my HOSTS file, so now DVDTalk is filled with red x's... I'll live though.

mikehunt 09-11-02 11:29 PM

I stopped blocking the dvdtalk ads url due to the red x's at this site
I still block other ones though due to the increase in page loading speed. no ad means less data to download, and I'm on dialup so every bit helps, no pun intended

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