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Munchos 09-04-02 11:20 AM

Logging in Problem
When I am not logged in, and I want to use the quick reply feature, there is a place just below it to put your username and password to log in. Whenever I try this, I am always redirected to the main log in page, where I get the vbulletin message.

Why does this occur?? I would assume that this feature would let you log in, while at the same time allow your post to be posted.

Its just annoying me recently.

GeoffK 09-04-02 12:29 PM

try deleteing your cookies and re-entering your info

shimmoril 09-05-02 10:09 AM

I get the same thing, even after i deleted my cookies... kinda annoying...

bfrank 09-05-02 10:22 AM

I have this also.

Bandoman 09-05-02 12:26 PM

Originally posted by bfrank
I have this also.
We know you have a problem with logging, you've made your position perflectly clear on this issue, and - oh, never mind. :p

El Scorcho 09-05-02 02:32 PM

This has always irritated me. And Geoff/blade/others, clearing cookies isn't the panacea of the world. :)

GeoffK 09-05-02 02:58 PM

Originally posted by DTSC
This has always irritated me. And Geoff/blade/others, clearing cookies isn't the panacea of the world. :)
Yeah but it OFTEN solves a login problem.

flixtime 09-05-02 05:34 PM

I had a very, very difficult time logging in when I recently joined this forum. I followed the suggestion about "clearing cookies" but even that didn't work (and I tried "clearing cookies" every way imaginable). Finally, the following is what I did to remedy all my logging in/staying logged in issues. On one of the rare occasions where I was able to log in, I went to the "user cp" tab at the top of the page, then went to "edit options", look for the 2 cookie-related options shown at the end of this post and change your settings to "yes". I had initially set one or both to "no" (I don't recall exactly). Setting both to "yes" resolved all my logging-in/staying logged in issues. Hope this helps someone (in hindsight, I should have been more thoughtful and posted this solution sooner).

-Automatically login when you return to the site? (uses cookies)

yes no

-Browse board with cookies?
Clicking yes will use cookies to keep your id for this session. Clicking no will send it through the links. (Selecting no may cause problems when sharing links with people behind the same proxy as you)

yes no

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