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ChiTownAbs, Inc 12-12-01 09:39 PM

WorldView ad [WTC related]
There is a super emotional ad in the banner rotation. It's got a picture of WTC during the attacks, and it's asking for money.

I'm sorry, but I find it in bad taste. I realize that we need to contribute, but if most television stations have made the editorial decision not to show WTC images, I hope you can make that same decision.



uberjoe 12-12-01 10:40 PM

Why is showing the WTC in "bad taste", especially if it is asking for donations related to the tragedy (which I assume it is)?

We can't just forget that they ever existed, and completely removing any reference to them in every form of media is silly. Who cares if the media decides not "to show WTC images"? That's a silly decision, too.

ClarkKentKY 12-12-01 11:03 PM

You missed the point... its not the TOWERS that are distasteful, its showing them at the moment of collapse or engulfed in flames.

Many networks have equated this with showing 4000 exectutions on TV, and have decided not to show the footage excessivly.

Chi-town is justified in his statement.

uberjoe 12-12-01 11:08 PM

I didn't miss his point. I disagreed with it. I don't find it distasteful.

GeoffK 12-13-01 01:53 PM

I wasn't crazy about an ad using 9/11 on our site, I tracked it down via the ad network we use and turned it off. Let me know if it comes up again. Still working on the flashing banner

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