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Blake 12-09-01 02:57 PM

Annoying Ad
I hate these things and try and block them on my website - don't know if it just slipped through the cracks, or if you wanted it to be shown, but Geoff, this ad is really annoying:


Bandoman 12-09-01 09:22 PM

I'm getting that one alot. It's making my eyes bleed.

mllefoo 12-09-01 09:24 PM

Oh god, I think I've gone <blink>BLIND </blind>

mllefoo 12-09-01 09:25 PM

Oh god, I think I've gone <blink>BLIND </blink>

WhoGirl 12-09-01 09:36 PM

Originally posted by mllefoo
Oh god, I think I've gone <blink>BLIND </blink>

Originally posted by mllefoo
Oh god, I think I've gone <blink>BLIND </blink>
Oh god, I think I'm seeing double!!

PunkYou 12-09-01 10:25 PM

aaah, make it stop make it stop!!

elektra 12-10-01 06:48 AM

Blade - it's the second most annoying ad next to pop ups and unders. Yuck! It hurts my eyes to be on the same page as that thing.

vaporware 12-10-01 10:35 AM

Epileptic seizures come to mind when i see that ad.

dgc 12-10-01 10:43 AM

If you stare at it long enough, it will get you high.

G. Noel Gross 12-10-01 11:09 AM

Scroll and your problem's solved.

GeoffK 12-10-01 11:32 AM

I've spent quite a bit of time trying to track down the source of this ad an stop it to no avail. I'll keep at it, I agree it's annoying as hell.

Wizdar 12-10-01 01:04 PM

You see, Geoff, once you start down that dark path...

Gallant Pig 12-11-01 02:52 AM

If you click stop in explorer it's an even better solution (than scrolling :D)

1138 12-11-01 07:57 PM

Or hit "Esc".

OverBoard 12-12-01 11:14 AM

good god-i thought i was going to have a seizure when i saw this. it gives a cool strobe effect when your lights are off though :)

Wizdar 12-12-01 12:00 PM

Yah. It's Baaack!

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