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ClarkKentKY 11-21-01 12:35 PM

Customer service thread
Just a suggestion. The customer service Phone # thread should be moved to the store forum and made a sticky. Its getting kind of hard to find using the search feature, and it doesn't really classify as a "bargain" more than its information about stores.


X 11-21-01 02:03 PM

Excellent idea!

Blade 11-21-01 02:39 PM

I'm starting to get a little confused here.

This is the second time this month someone has asked for this thread to be made a sticky.

This thread is already in the Store forum and has been sticky for some time now.

Are you folks seeing something I'm not seeing?


X 11-21-01 03:47 PM

Originally posted by Blade

Are you folks seeing something I'm not seeing?

No. :)

I was confused too. Great idea, but it was done a long time ago.

ClarkKentKY 11-21-01 06:10 PM

D'oh! Sorry... for some reason i always end up at the one buried at the bottom of "dvd bargains"

Move along, nothing to see here...

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