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Gil Jawetz 11-13-01 02:10 PM

Page numbers in search results?
Is it possible to have page numbers come up in search results? On dial-up doing a search, then waiting for the load, then going to a thread, waiting for a load, then clicking to the last page is a pain. Is it possible for the ( http://www.dvdtalk.com/forum/images/multipage.gif <font color="#3333FF"><u>1</u> <u>2</u> <u>3</u> <u>4</u> <u>5</u></font> ) thingee to come up for search results? That would cut a step and a half out.

Gil Jawetz 12-03-01 12:23 PM

No one cares about this I guess. Just one bump in case it slipped through the cracks the first time.

Aghama 12-03-01 12:30 PM

I care; this should definitely be coded into the search engine, if it isn't already.

Aghama 12-10-01 03:04 PM

Thanks for adding the "Show results as posts" radio button, Geoff :thumbsup:.

That wasn't there before, right?

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