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borgnine 11-08-01 04:26 PM

Anyone hear about the review position?
Just curious, was wondering if there has been a decision made regarding the DVD Talk reviewer's position...

Holly E. Ordway 11-08-01 06:09 PM

Well, the last time a review position opened up, there was never any announcement posted on the formum about when the new reviewer was chosen. I found out because I got picked :) and Geoff sent me an email. I don't know if that's typical or not; you might want to drop him an email to check up on your application. Good luck!

Liver&Onions 11-08-01 06:17 PM

I got an email last night...

It was a P.F.O.


GeoffK 11-09-01 12:26 AM

We got over 50 applications for the postion. And I have sifted through most of them.

Right now I've selected 1 reviewer who I sent an acceptance e-mail to and he has agreed to come aboard!

- Jason Bovberg who submitted 2 extremely impressive reviews/

There are 2 other people who I'm trying to decide between, and both of them I like enough that I am contiplating accepting them both.

If you sent an e-mail about the open position I WILL be sending you a response. There are some of you who are 'runner ups' so I don't want to tell you that you didn't make it, should one of the other people not decided to join us

Holly E. Ordway 11-09-01 09:40 AM

Hey, welcome aboard, Jason! I really enjoy being a DVDTalk reviewer, and I'm sure you will too! :)

(And hey, I got my first fan email today! :) )

Geoff: Any chance of having a link on the review page that leads to a (clickable) list of all the DVDTalk reviewers? I know you can click on the name of the reviewer in the review to get more info on that person, but I think it would also be neat to be able to see who the current review staff is at a glance, too.

bishop2knight 11-09-01 09:55 AM

Jason Bovberg? Why does that name sound familiar? This may sound weird, but is/was he in the porn industry?

FunkDaddy J 11-09-01 10:09 AM

Ah, bishop2knight. You're always good for a laugh, buddy.

Thanks for the welcome, ordway! I look forward to contributing.

Jason Bovberg (aka Cujo13)

bishop2knight 11-09-01 10:59 AM

In all seriousness folks, we have a winner here. Jason Cow Town is the best damn DVD/movie reviewer this side of the equator. He's like a well educated film historian with a dash of Homer Simpson added for flavor. Everyone will be better off after reading his reviews. I'm glad he's on board.

JaxComet 11-09-01 12:57 PM

DVD ANGLE was also looking for reviewers..........

Pasolini 12-05-01 06:12 AM

so its been a month & i haven't heard anything. Have you selected the last slot/slots yet?

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