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reverb 11-03-01 12:34 PM

Closure of this thread: Pearl Harbor Director's Cut 4-disc set DISCUSSION
Thread is located here:

'codefree' has closed this thread referencing a main Pearl Harbor thread. I believe this closure was unwarranted and innapropriate. Some points:

This is clearly not a discussion about Pearl Harbor. However, this particular release is notable in the discussion of many aspects of DVD's in general, and changes in the expanding market. The scope of it's release is motivating the topic, this film is not the topic.

I started the 'main' Pearl Harbor thread back in July, and have posted in it recently. However, there have been numerous other Pearl Harbor threads appear that were not closed, when they should have been and the posters directed to my original thread. This led to repetitive posts on issues already addressed, and non-linear discussions.

I considered these very issues and concluded that starting this thread was more appropriate than trying to have this discussion in my original thread because:

It is not necessarily about Pearl Harbor;

To inform membership (before any DVD sites had) about this being a 4-disc set, the first for a single film/single version release;

It is far more likely that some notable folks may contribute to the discussion in this context than in a more vague thread in which many are simply bashing the film;

And this news is very relevant and members are likely to overlook it in the older thread which would likely lead to additional duplicate threads.

I would respectfully request that the above be considered and the thread re-opened for the intended discussion.

Thank you,

Thunderball 11-03-01 01:36 PM

Judging from your joined date and your status, you've been here for quite awhile. So, you must know the frustration of opening up the main forum, and seeing 3 or 5 threads all devoted to the same DVD.

Personally, I like the "new" Talk forum. It keeps all the talk about a particular DVD in 1 or 2 threads, allowing discussions of other DVDs to remain on the main page.

While I can understand your point in wanting to leave your thread open for discussion, I can also see why <b>codefree</b> felt the need to close it.

After all, you <b>ARE</b> still talking about Pearl Harbor DVD, thus it shoulld go into the "ONE AND ONLY" thread.

Blade 11-03-01 02:31 PM

You're really better off emailing codefree about this, as this isn't really a matter of forum opinion, but a moderator decision. He's on quite frequently, so you're likely to get a pretty timely response. The only way we know if something's been posted in this forum is when we actually enter it. And if we're off moderating other forums, it can take a while to get here.

You might also ask him if it would be better if your thread title didn't mention Pearl Harbor at all and you just used it as a "for example" inside your thread to get things started.

FaustBos 11-03-01 02:59 PM

Actually I was coming here as well to suggest that this is taking things a bit far. The question isn't specifically about Pearl Harbor, its about whether the market is interested in multi disk releases.

Should I address any Pearl Harbor references in my reply to the official Pearl Harbor thread, and any references to Brazil CC edition in the official Criterion thread?

I do understand the closing threads theory and pointing people to an existing thread, but I think whoever is doing the closing should consider first whether the particular aspect of the discussion might be serviced better in its own thread.

I was going to respond to that thread, but where but is it now appropriate to put my answer? I believe the question asked deserves its own thread. Change the title if you think its necessary.


reverb 11-03-01 03:07 PM

Thunderball, while I already stated the purpose of the thread, which was not necessarily Pearl Harbor but the type of release, even if the discussion includes much on this specific release I personally believe it justified. Another way I could put it is, it would be interesting to discuss it now, or you can read about it later... This is a very relevant event for the DVD market, with both positive and negative implications.

Otherwise I appreciate your comments and agree with most of it... I very much tire of opening the DVD Talk forum to see multiple threads on the same thing, however that is evidence of the contradiction I see in closing this thread which is unique and having let so many other threads ramble on in the months since I started the 'main' one. I also understand that is the discretion of the mods, and I respect that. Just as I appreciate the fact that I can disagree with them and post here to address it.

Blade, thanks, I will email him. I was previously directed to post here.

reverb 11-03-01 03:14 PM

In light of FaustBos's comment, I would add that I believe the inclusion of "Pearl Harbor Director's Cut" in the title is beneficial. It provides key general DVD release info to members at a glance and may actually prevent new redundant threads, and it notes the precedent for discussion. Additionally, it isn't vague.

Blade 11-03-01 03:17 PM

Originally posted by reverb
Blade, thanks, I will email him. I was previously directed to post here.
The feedback forum is for problems with the forum, suggestions for improvement, or general complaints.

However, if you have a problem with a specific action taken by a moderator, it is always better to email the moderator in question, or if you don't know who did it, then email the mod*s to start the off line discussion process.

The problem with discussing a specific action in the forum is that we then have to consider that the members may take any posted action as a general rule. It leaves us much less room to make exceptions if that becomes necessary.


FaustBos 11-03-01 03:36 PM

Originally posted by reverb
In light of FaustBos's comment, I would add that I believe the inclusion of "Pearl Harbor Director's Cut" in the title is beneficial. It provides key general DVD release info to members at a glance and may actually prevent new redundant threads, and it notes the precedent for discussion. Additionally, it isn't vague.
Wow, sure glad this isn't my decision, I don't think I could take the stress. Maybe a One and Only Director's Cut thread. Anyway, hope it gets resolved.

reverb 11-03-01 03:37 PM

Blade, thanks for the explanation.

As you can see from others posting here, several of us turned to the feedback forum to provide our feedback in this instance. The protocol of the forums that I participate in is contradictory and I apologize if this was inappropriate here. I will take this under advisement in the future.

codefree 11-03-01 04:01 PM

There already is a huge thread discussing the different versions of the Pearl Harbor DVDs. When there's a thread called "One & Only" then that's the only place to post information related to that title's DVD release! I'm not about to reopen your thread as I'd have to open several others out of fairness if I let yours slide. Take a look at how many Shrek threads I closed this past week and you'll see that I'm trying to enforce the "One & Only" threads across the board. Thunderball is correct in his assessment of why your thread was closed.

reverb 11-03-01 04:29 PM


As you are responding to my email here, I too shall respond here.

Back in July I started the main thread on the Pearl Harbor DVD releases. There is no "One & Only" Pearl Harbor thread here, what you are referring to doesn't exist. In fact, there are at least 10 redundant Pearl Harbor threads in the Talk forum, only 2 having been closed. In accordance with the explanations posted here 8 of those should have been closed and directed to my original thread, but they weren't.

More importantly, the point of my discussion seems to be have been lost on those other than it's contributers. It is not a Pearl Harbor thread per se.

My passion in this issue was that my starting the thread in question, and doing so here at DVD Talk, was a result of discussions with some relevant DVD industry personalities who's potential contributions here would have been of benefit to the DVD Talk community IMO. Sadly, there seems to be a fixation on a films name and not the larger issue of discussion. Obviously there was an interest in the thread.

I am deeply disappointed, and suppose I will have to leave it at that. Though I admit I must also reconsider posting pre-release info, as I have often done here before other sites recieved it, considering I can not follow up on it in a manner I find acceptable.


codefree 11-03-01 07:09 PM

I've merged three of the main Pearl Harbor threads into a "One & Only" thread here:


Note that I've altered the title of the thread to mention the 4-disc director's cut. I hope that this action will suffice. Should you have any further concerns please email them to me.

Any future Pearl Harbor threads (or old threads that get bumped) will be closed. Please help assist me in this by using the "report to a moderator" function at the bottom of the duplicate post in question.

Thank you.

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