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Iron Chef 09-27-01 12:49 PM

A little nitpick from me about the pulldown menus
If I go to a particular forum on my browser (IE 6.0), such as Other, the list of forums in the Forum Jump menu at the top of the page are not in the same order as those in the Forum Jump menu at the bottom of the page.

For example, Movie Talk is below Book Talk and above Other in the top menu, while Movie Talk is below In The Theaters and above TV Talk in the bottom menu.


Beaver 09-27-01 05:18 PM

Another nitpick. In netscape, the top "Forum Jump" pull-down doesn't show up at all. I see Forum Jump: but no pull-down.

It's kind of annoying going all the way to the bottom to switch forums. :(

Heat 09-29-01 02:25 AM

The two "Forum Jump:"s are different. Nothing major, but the upper one is harder to use than the lower one, I would guess that the upper one is an older version.

For example, the upper one calls the "Computer & DVD Rom Forum" the "PC Hardware", while the lower one has the right name.

The lower one seems easier to use for some reason, if possible I would prefer to see the upper one changed to match the lower one (and not vice versa).

namja 09-29-01 02:02 PM


I like the upper one better. I can click on the drop down arrow, then use the keyboard to get to the forum of my choice. This is faster than using the mouse.

For example, to get to the "Other Bargains Forum" what I do is: click on the drop down arrow, hit the "O" key once, click on the drop down arrow again. To go to the "Other Forum" click, O, O, click. For the "PC Forum" click, "P", click.

Much faster & more accurate than scrolling down and clicking on the right forum.

Blake 09-30-01 01:15 AM

The difference between the two is that the upper one is made using HTML by Geoff, whereas the bottom one is generated by the forum software.

The best solution (I would think) is to take the code from the bottom one and just paste it instead of the "Forum Jump" code.

Also, the reason the Forum Jump might not show up for some is because it relies on Javascript to go to certain forums and has no submit button - this might confuse some browsers. I'd also suggest copying the "Go" button used on the bottom form to the top - just to make it uniform and easier to use.

B.t.w. - I also like the bottom one better because it is more precise and uses the actual forum names rather than the abbreviations that were used in the Forum Jump code.

Beaver 10-01-01 01:02 PM

The top forum jump is now working in netscape. Thanks!

bfrank 10-04-01 07:44 PM

what about alpha order?

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