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LBPound 08-31-01 04:48 PM

Why can't one post a common Internet inquiry in the Other Forum?
I can see if it's a technical question about buying a new computer...then that would naturally go into the PC Hardware forum. But say you're looking for a site on the Internet on a certain matter, and need a quick response. The PC Hardware forum is not very heavily populated, and it could take days for a response. Yet, all the moderators are QUITE quick to move threads that receive better treatment from the Internet surfers in the Otter Farm to the PC Hardware forum, where it will take a long time to get an answer. I really think that the PC Hardware forum should be used for DIRECT computer queries, stuff like best roll-wheel mouse, best processor, computer games, etc. But there's ABSOLUTELY no reason that an Internet-related query cannot stay in the Other Forum to receive a quick and helpful response. I doubt anyone would complain about such a policy.

twikoff 08-31-01 05:21 PM

between 4krg, X, and me.. no question stays in there for days without getting a response -ptth-

Bushdog 08-31-01 06:09 PM

'I need to find a site for XYZ' is fine to be posted in the Other Forum. And while some may suggest we are 'quite quick' to move threads that are not clearly PC Hardware related, we often let those threads go for some time in Other. Our only fault there is, we eventually enforce the forum rules and refuse to let people treat DVDTalk as their personal site.

Often this 'I need to know this info now' is a weak reason for people to violate forum rules. Everyone wants immediate answers to everything. . .Whether it be how to fix a cd-rom drive or how to illegally thwart the copyrights on software. But short of a 'I'm going to lose my life/job/girlfriend if I don't get an answer to this now', I am pretty unsympathetic to purposeful misposts.

This is a moderated forum, and order is essential to maintaining its value for as many members as possible.

X 08-31-01 06:15 PM

Originally posted by twikoff
between 4krg, X, and me.. no question stays in there for days without getting a response -ptth-
Or multiple ones. ;)

I'm sure you'll get an answer. It may not be the right answer, but it'll be an answer. ;)

How about trying it sometime. And tell your friends!

Blade 08-31-01 06:55 PM

How to save a quicktime trailer that doesn't let you use the save as feature is a reletively specific Internet related question.

The description for the Computer and DVD-Rom Forum says, "Discuss PC Hardware, Software, and Internet Technology."

While I understand your desire to get the largest audience possible for your particular question, we split out the techincal internet questions to better serve the type of conversations people wanted to have in the Other forum.

This happenned back when we decided to more strictly enforce where computer and software related threads were posted. It just makes sense to have it all in one place.

Ultimately, like I said in your thread, you weren't asking for an opinion, you were asking for a solution to an internet related software program. There's just no way that's going to stay in the Other forum when we have a specific forum for it.

I didn't do it to penalize you, but as simply part of the process of keeping the Other forum "on topic."

If you'd like to discuss this particular case further, feel free to email me about it.

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