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kornfreak 08-28-01 09:55 PM

where did the infinty dvd thread go?
I can not find the thread for the free dvd offer from infinity after auditioning for the speakers. Iwanted to post that I had gotten a reply saying I am going to be recieving my dvd. I recieved this after emailing a meen letter to them telling them that they were comitting false addvertising. i think I scared them. HEHEHEHe.

goatboy 08-31-01 07:47 AM

I've been looking for this thread too, but couldn't find it. I called the number on the fax form, and I was told they would be contacting folks who did the demo sometime this week.

Blade 08-31-01 02:34 PM

I think the thread author must have deleted it as I can't think of a reason why any of the Bargain mods would have done it. (Not that they might not have had a reason, I just can't think of any. ;))

ClarkKentKY 09-01-01 06:00 PM

It was deleted because Kornfreak sent them an email saying he learned about the offer here at DVDtalk and pointing them to that thread. -rolleyes- A bunch of people, including myself started flaming him, and either the starter or a mod deleted it (based on about a half dozen requests) so that getplugged would not get wise to that fact that it was posted here, at anandtech, and fatwallet. It more than likely would have squashed the deal completely for everyone had they seen that thread. Kudo's to whoever removed it.

kornfreak 09-01-01 06:23 PM

the deal had been squashed already. I was mearly pointing out the fact that they were false advertising. If they sudenly decided that Because of the post that, were not going to send out dvd's, that would sinch it. they would get in too much trouble. it would be like what happened to mcdonalds monopoly giveaway. Finding out a good deal on DVDTALK is no different really than a freind telling you about a deal. There is a reason why we have the first amendment in the constitution. By simply "pointing them" to DVDTALK, i would have done nothing wrong. You people need to remember your rights.

ClarkKentKY 09-01-01 07:04 PM

:lol: How is it false advertising when they weren't even advertising to you kid? They emailed that page out to their SUBSCRIBERS... You aren't a subscriber... Therefore there is no false advertising involved.

I read the email you sent them that you posted in that old thread. Threatening a company with false advertising when they weren't even offering the deal to you is ridiculous.

Don't claim the US constitution as your reason to get a free DVD for nothing... Your free copy of gladiator isn't protected by our founding fathers. The first amendment, you have to be kidding me...

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
YEAH! That totally fits the situation! :lol:

kornfreak 09-02-01 11:21 AM

My reply about the first amendment was about the fact that if infinity found out that the offer was posted here, they couldn't really do anything because of our right to freedom of speech. No where on offer site did it say anything about the offer being good to "out to their SUBSCRIBERS" . There for Infinity was advertising their offer to the intire internet comunity KID. If infinity suddenly decided that they were not going to send out the dvd's to the people that acctually went out, did the audtion, got the form filled out, and had it sent off, then that would be false advertising. And yes that did "totally fits the situation". Fianally, as to your comment "Don't claim the US constitution as your reason to get a free DVD for nothing..." I did the audtion and did everything the site had listed. Personally I think you just need to calm down a little, KID. :-)

benedict 09-02-01 11:30 AM

Where did the infinty dvd thread go?
The question has been asked and answered, albeit with a modicum of editorialising .

In the interests of maintaining a civil atmosphere, perhaps all parties might agree <i>not</i> to rehash the original argument complete with "flaming" etc. Just a suggestion in line with the Board guidelines: I don't moderate this forum.

No doubt Geoff will comment on the specifics if appropriate.

Blade 09-02-01 04:28 PM

I imagine that the concern was with Infinity's leniancy in regards to fufilling the deal if they knew that many people were getting the information from a bargain hunting board vs.

Regardless, the thread is gone, the deal is dead and the question has been answered.

Closing thread.

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