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Gil Jawetz 04-18-01 10:26 PM

I always fall for this, seeing a New Review ad for, say, Requiem for a Dream, and clicking it to see what my fellow DVDTalk reviewers are up to but finding myself on a slow dial-up journey to DVDEmpire or some such place. Is it a mistake that this says "New Review" or am i misinterpreting it?

Adam Tyner 04-18-01 10:30 PM

There are 5 different columns, and only the second column goes to DVD Talk reviews. "Requiem For A Dream" is under 'Coming Soon', and links in that column always pop over to a retailer as intended.

Gil Jawetz 04-19-01 01:43 PM

That's weird. Requiem was definitely under "New Review" on my browser, as "Castaway" is right now.

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