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rfduncan 04-18-01 12:12 PM

... espically one's that have been happening over the past few days, would it be possible to post one of those nifty messages that stays at the top of each forum explaining the situation?

My Netscape browser had been running errantically before DVDTalk had this problem, but when it persisted (the problem screwed up the browser and other sites started to suffer too) I decided to uninstall and reinstall the browser. Then after all that I STILL have the same problems! IE 5 works a little better - I can see the forums themselves but none of the DVD cover art above them.

I would have sat out the outage had I known instead of wasting time fixing something on my end that wasn't BROKE!

Thanks for your consideration and good luck getting everything back to normal! :)

GeoffK 04-18-01 12:14 PM

It seems most of the time problems arise when I am away from my office. So often times as soon as I see the problem I am doing everything I can to resolve it.

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