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CaptainMarvel 04-16-01 05:37 PM

It's 4:30 central, and this is the slowest the forum has ever been for me, even when I was back on 56K. It takes about 35-40 seconds between the time I click on a link and when it loads. Is this a problem on my end, or are other people experiencing it?

Feneant 04-17-01 03:08 PM

I tried both Bargain and Other and both are horribly slow, actually, cant even open threads in the other forum.

p1forest 04-17-01 03:11 PM

Originally posted by CaptainMarvel
The forum is VERY slow... is it just me?
Actually, you're both slow. :p

Seriously there seem to be problems here now. :(

GeoffK 04-17-01 03:14 PM

There was a switch out which probably is why the forum is slow.

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