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conkie 04-16-01 07:29 AM

I do not know if this has come up before now, but perhaps in some situations this is what should be happening. In the skippy/kenwood situation it may have been better if someone outside of the situation had handled it. For example, if i were to say insult Randyc (is that possiblie ;)) Then I would think the recomended course of action would be for RandyC to contact Chitown or Geoff or another supermod to step in with a clean perspetive of not being personally invloved in the situation to deal with it whereever possible, Then people wouldn't question Randyc's modivations if he were to say ban me for this insult, Rather they would agree with chitowns 3d party take on the situation. Thats All i am going to say on the matter as too much has been said any way but I felt that some input here would be useful (you wouldn't find a judge trying the guy who raped his wife for example)


benedict 04-16-01 07:53 AM

<b>conkie</b>, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the boss hasn't already sent a round robin email along such lines. (It is probably the way he expected things to be done by default but a reminder is always useful).

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