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joltman 04-11-21 09:43 AM

Is this a bootleg?
Purposely made the title vague, I figured this could be an ongoing thread of people asking if something is a bootleg instead of creating a new thread.

So I was interested in getting the Star Wars - Ewok Adventures DVD, which I know is out of print. I was surprised to find some on eBay, but then quickly realized there were too many and they had to be bootlegs.
The thing is, the pictures show a sticker on the case, an insert and a pressed double-sided disc, even a security strip inside the case. Do bootlegers have the ability to do all of that?
Here's an example which has a lot of obvious red flags (says it's brand new but the pictures show it's not sealed, has 7 available and sold 8

milo bloom 04-11-21 10:14 AM

Re: Is this a bootleg?
In this case the double sided disc is what makes me think itís legitimate. I think most people bootlegging stuff are using DVD-R discs. A double sided would require an actual pressing plant and I donít see them doing that for something like the Ewoks movies.

morriscroy 04-11-21 10:23 AM

Re: Is this a bootleg?
According to the amazon listing, it explicitly states that the original Fox version (released in 2004) was indeed a double sided disc.

I generally don't trust the photos on ebay listings, especially if they're just using generic stock photos for a particular item.

If the ebay copies are bootleg pressings of double sided flipper discs, then this would mean a bootlegger has access to an actual dvd pressing plant.

Alan Smithee 04-13-21 06:50 PM

Re: Is this a bootleg?
I've actually been wondering about this, as I bought one a few years ago. It does appear to be legit, even having the stickers on the case, but checking the disc (which looks exactly like a legit one, pressed by Panasonic with side 2 unlabeled) on a computer shows that there is no CSS encryption or region coding.

SterlingBen 04-14-21 10:08 AM

Re: Is this a bootleg?

Originally Posted by milo bloom (Post 13918823)
In this case the double sided disc is what makes me think itís legitimate.

This was my immediate thought as well. Also the seller has sold 12 of them without one feedback mention of them being a bootleg.

I remember when this was going for in the $50 range, wonder if it dipped because they put it up on Disney+

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