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Pupp 02-12-21 12:02 AM

CSI: NY complete seasons
Anybody know if CBS is planning on releasing CSI:NY as a box set?

Looking at the web, it appears that at least some of the seasons were #1 when ranked worldwide. So I'm surprised CBS hasn't released the complete box set for the series.

Sadly, many shows are only released on DVD in the USA, even though they release them on Blu-ray overseas. I just happen to like collecting movies and TV shows. There's something nice about having the physical disk on your shelf...

...there's no way to delete your discs if someone decides to de-list the show from whichever streaming service you're using to get your fix... and also if you "buy" a movie or tv show from say, digitally, like from Walmart or Amazon.. it's not actually permanent. You're just renting the movie until the service decides it no longer wants to pay royalty fees to keep the show or movie on their digital platform.

I haven't bought any 4k TV shows yet. Maybe someday I'll get Westworld and Game of Thrones in 4k. It's not ideal watching a DVD on a 4k TV, but my high end 4K player does a pretty good job of making a DVD tolerable to watch. I only buy TV shows on DVD is there is no option for Blu-ray. That being said, I do have to admit, in terms of sheer quantity, it's hard to beat the price of a complete collection of a long running show on DVD. I think Law & Order complete series DVDs is only about $150 + Tax/shipping for a mind boggling 456 episodes. I'm not really of fan of that show though. My last complete series I bought was Criminal Minds though, and would like to get CSI and CSI: Miami. CSI: NY would be nice, but I don't want to cobble together individual seasons, and buying a complete series on Ebay that consists of the individual seasons cobbled together by someone just to sell on Ebay is a complete rip off for most TV shows.

PhantomStranger 02-13-21 09:23 PM

Re: CSI: NY complete seasons
I'd say it's unlikely at this point in North America. Hollywood has increasingly shifted their attention and money towards streaming. The pandemic has killed Hollywood's finances on top of the secular shift away from media.

A better bet would be a foreign territory.

Pupp 02-14-21 11:30 PM

Re: CSI: NY complete seasons
Streaming doesn't have as good of quality as discs. Not to mention if you buy a digital download title off Amazon and Walmart, even if you own it, they can just stop hosting the video at any time. Plus with TV, if you can't find it streaming off Netflix or some other service, you end up having to pay like $2.99 per episode. So if you tried to buy a long running show like Law & Order, it would cost (at 456 episodes), it would cost well over $1400 after taxes, and most likely over $1500 for a show that the streaming provider could just delete anytime they want. Nobody in thier right mind is going to pay that for Law & Order.

You have to wonder just how much cheaper it is to burn 4 episodes of a show on DVD, compared to 6 episodes on a Blu-Ray at high definition, so they're already using 50% more DVD discs.

PhantomStranger 02-16-21 07:16 PM

Re: CSI: NY complete seasons
I know it, complete DVD and BD sets for television are some of the best bargains in home video. The best you can do on streaming is hope a show goes on sale and snap it up.

DJariya 02-16-21 07:26 PM

Re: CSI: NY complete seasons
With Paramount plus launching next month, there is a good chance IMO that they will try to get the rights to CSI NY to add to their library.

CSI’s entire series is strangely on Hulu.

CBS has already ceased producing anymore BD physical media. So you really have no other option except streaming to get high definition episodes.

lucas93 05-09-21 10:44 AM

Re: CSI: NY complete seasons
With all the possibilities on the internet, now I watch streaming. You find everything easier.

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