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EdTheRipper 02-24-20 01:11 AM

What Are You Watching This Week? (2/24/2020 - 3/1/2020)
<table border="1"><tr>
<td bgcolor=#F4F4FF>On Deck...
- Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
Thanks to CHAD for the table inspiration

WWE: Elimination Chamber 2012
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
Bad Times at the El Royale
Hitting the Highspots: Rich Swann

Mission: Impossible

Mission: Impossible II
Family Guy S18 E11 "Short Cuts"

shadokitty 02-24-20 05:35 AM

Re: What Are You Watching This Week? (2/24/2020 - 3/1/2020)

Local Morning News
Secrets Of The Zoo: Run Cheetah Run
Voltron: Envoy From Galaxy Garrison
New Looney Tunes
Alaska Haunting: North Pole Nightmare
The Incredible Dr. Pol: Pol-ar Vortex
Prime Revolution: Youth Mule Deer Tag
The Himalayas


Tales From The Crypt: Only Sin Deep
Chris Cox Horsemanship
On The Water With Hank Parker
Unfathomed: Silver Dreams
Spider-Man: Night Of The Lizard


Forensic Files: Frozen Evidence
World’s Funniest Weather: Snow And Tell
Fishful Thinker: Chatterfield Topwater
Epic Yellowstone: Life On The Wing
How It’s Made: All Terrain Vehicles
How It’s Made: Digital Dentistry
How It’s Made: Screwdrivers
Ken McNabb: Top Bid 2014 - Ep 4
MTV Unplugged
Tiny Luxury: Tiny Home, Big Outdoors
The Adventures Of Jim Bowie


Local Morning News
MTV Classic Videos
Tales Of Wells Fargo: A Matter Of Honor
Australia’s Most Dangerous: What Lurks In The Grass
Women’s Pro Rodeo Today
B1G Basketball In 60
The Briefing
Cinch NHSRA Rodeo
Forensic Files: Dressed To Kill
Tiny House Hunting: Texas Tiny In Austin
Molly Of Denali


Ancient Aliens: The Time Travelers
Running Wild With Bear Grylls: Channing Tatum In The Mountains Of Norway
City Confidential
Flea Market Flip
Lindner’s Fishing Edge: South Dakota Bass
Pro Team Journal
DC All Star Games
All Around: Time To Refocus
Big Joe Polka Show Classics
Woodsongs: BB King Blues Band
Dog Genius
Molly Of Denali
Bob’s Burgers
Is Time Travel, Especially Into The Past, Possible?
CFN Fish Off: CFN Fish Off Week 5


Sonata Arctica: For The Sake Of Revenge
If You Sing, You Lose Pt 1: Try Not To Sing Along
The Best Of Puff Daddy
Ready, Jet, Go!
The Curse Of Oak Island
Hawaii Life
New Looney Tunes
Forensic Files: The Dirty Deed
The World Today
Voltron: The Shell Game
Voltron: The Traitor
Voltron: Voltron Meets The Jungle Woman
Super League Triathlon: Special 1
Outlook: Nick Woodman
Voltron: Little Buddies
Voltron: Who Was That Masked Man
A Crime To Remember: The Gentleman Killer
A Crime To Remember: Devil’s Advocate
Expedition Unknown: India’s Atlantis


Ancient Aliens: World Before Time
Voltron: Take A Robot To Lunch
Voltron: War And Peace And Doom
Jacked: Auto Theft Task Force: Nothing Good Happens After Midnight
Unfathomed: Seeing Red
Ancient Aliens: Aliens And The Old West
Bonanza: The Hopefuls
Ancient Aliens: Aliens And Monsters

urrutiap 02-24-20 08:36 AM

Re: What Are You Watching This Week? (2/24/2020 - 3/1/2020)
Stuff Im watching for the end of February

rewatching Micheal Bay's Transformers 1 and 2
Mr Bean the Movie 2 aka Mr Bean's Holiday
Anabelle Creation
Tom Savini's Night of the Living Dead for DVD with the commentary track on

jjcool 02-24-20 09:42 PM

Re: What Are You Watching This Week? (2/24/2020 - 3/1/2020)
mixed-ish S1 E16 “She Works Hard for the Money”
This Is Us S4 E16 “The Cabin”
black-ish S6 E16 “Friendgame”
The Goldbergs S7 E11 “Pickleball”
The Goldbergs S7 E12 “Game Night”
The Goldbergs S7 E13 “Geoff the Pleaser”
The Goldbergs S7 E14 “Preventa Mode”
The Goldbergs S7 E15 “Dave Kim’s Party”
The Masked Singer S3 E04 “A Brand New Six Pack: Group B Kickoff!”

Schooled S2 E11 “Boy Bands”
Schooled S2 E12 “FeMellor”
Schooled S2 E13 “Titanic Love”
Schooled S2 E14 Singled Out”
Schooled S2 E15 “Moving On”
Single Parents S2 E11 “The Angie-Man”
Single Parents S2 E12 “Welcome to Hilltop!”

Station 19 S3 E04 "House Where Nobody Lives"
Station 19 S3 E05 "Into the Woods"
Young Sheldon S3 E13 "Contracts, Rules and a Little Bit of Pig Brains"
Young Sheldon S3 E14 "A Slump, a Cross and Roadside Gravel"

MacGyver S4 E03 “Kid + Plane + Cable + Truck”
Fresh Off the Boat S6 E14 “Family Van”
Fresh Off the Boat S6 E15 “Commencement”
Hawaii Five-0 S10 E17 “He kohu puahiohio i ka ho'olele i ka lepo i luna”
Batwoman S1 E13 “Drink Me”

God Friended Me S2 E14 “Raspberry Pie”
NCIS: Los Angeles S11 E15 “The Circle”
NCIS: New Orleans S6 E12 “Waiting for Monroe”
Supergirl S5 E13 “It’s a Super Life”
Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist S1 E03 “Zoey’s Extraordinary Boss”

The Rookie S2 E11 “Day of Death”
Good Girls S3 E02 “Not Just Cards”
9-1-1: Lone Star S1 E07 “Bum Steer”
All American S2 E14 “Who Shot Ya”
The Flash S6 E13 “Grodd Friended Me”

Bless This Mess S2 E14 “Völsung and the Beef Boy”
Legends of Tomorrow S5 E06 “Mortal Khanbat”
mixed-ish S1 E17 “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”
This Is Us S4 E17 “Clouds”
black-ish S6 E17 “You Dont Know Jack”
Riverdale S4 E11 “Quiz Show”
Riverdale S4 E12 “Men of Honor”
Riverdale S4 E13 “The Ides of March”
Riverdale S4 E14 “How to Get Away with Murder”
The Masked Singer S3 E05 “Mask-Matics: Group B Playoffs”

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