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10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge LIST THREAD.(April 1-30, 2019)

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10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge LIST THREAD.(April 1-30, 2019)

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10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge LIST THREAD.(April 1-30, 2019)

Discussion thread
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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

1) Carrie the Musical Live performance. *
2) Joe Bob's the Last Drive-in. C.H.U.D. * (Shudder)
3) Joe Bob's the Last Drive-in. Castle Freak * (Shudder)
4) Don't Look Now. * (About to be dropped from Shudder)

April 1:

5: Four Shaolin Challengers 1977 (Kung Fu Theater-ROKU)

April 4:

6: Bummer AKA Rock Hard 1973 * David Friedman produced rock n roll movie. (Full Moon Streaming)
7: Keyholes are for Peeping. 1972 * Doris Wishman (Full Moon Streaming) Last role of Sammy Patrillo
8: The Deadly Mantis * (Blu-ray)
9: The Deadly Mantis (MST3K)

April 5:

10: Joe Bob's The Last Drive-in. Q
11: Joe Bob's the last Drive-in. Society

April 6:

12: Sister Street Fighter * (Blu-ray)
13: Atoll K * (Blu-ray)
14: Atol K Commentary

April 7:

15: American Ninja * (Starz on demand)
16: The Swinging Cheerleaders (Blu-ray)
17: Cutthroat Island * (Starz on demand)

April 8:

18: The Swinging Cheerleaders commentary
19: Kentucky Fried Movie (ShoutTV streaming)
20: MST3K Laserblast * (ShoutTV)

April 11:

21: Spiders * (Roku)
22: Spider Baby (Roku)

April 12:

23: Horror Noire * (Shudder)
24: Joe Bob Deathgasm (Shudder)
25: Joe Bob The Changeling * (Shudder)

April 13:

26: The Street fighter (1974) (Blu-ray)

April 14:

27: Lady Street Fighter * (*TCM)

April 19:

28: Joe Bob Madman* (Shudder)
29: Joe Bob Wolfguy* (Shudder)

April 20:

30, 31: Jesus of Nazareth pt 1 and 2 (Amazon Prime)

April 21:

32: Teaserama (Full Moon Streaming/Something Weird)
33, 34: Jesus of Nazareth pt 3, 4

April 24:

35: Flesh and Blood, the Hammer Legacy * (Amazon Prime)
36: Growing up with I Spit on Your Grave * (DVD)

April 27:

37: ...tick...tick...tick... * (TCM)

April 30:

38: Joe Bob Demon Wind *
39: Joe Bob House of the Devil *

May Birthday celebration:

40: Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show
41: Wizard of Oz in 3D with Dark Side of the Moon multichannel SACD soundtrack
42: Miami Connection with Riff Trax
43: Joe Bob Wolf Cop *

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

2019 Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge

- First time viewing
▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲ - Rating on a 1 to 10 scale

April 1st

April 2nd

April 3rd

April 4th

April 5th

April 6th

April 7th

April 8th

April 9th

April 10th

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

2019 Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge

2010 = 74
2011 = 80
2012 = 105
2013 = 60
2014 = 60
2015 = 62
2016 = 61
2017 = 59
2018 = 107

Final Stats

Total =75 FTV =67 (89.33%)
Media DVD =53 BluRay =10 Streaming =8 VHS =4
By Decade
30's =4 40's =7 50's =7 60's =14 70's =23 80's =13 90's =3 00's =1 10's =0

(Commentary, trailers, and extras not counted in decade totals.)

* = first time viewing
DVD unless otherwise noted

April 1
01. Santo vs. the Zombies (1962) VHS
Dubbed version. Santo battles a hooded scientist who uses radio controlled zombies as henchmen. Early Santo film is pretty standard stuff. The fights with the zombies are bland and repetitive but there are some good sets including the caves which lead to the wonderfully cheesy laboratory hideout. 5/10
02. The Muthers (1976)*
Directed by Cirio H. Santiago. Two female pirates search for the leader's sister who is being held as a slave in a coffee plantation. Basically a women in prison in the jungle movie but kind of a tame one. Quite of bit of stupidity in the plot with frequent flashes of bad acting but the women look good and the action is OK with some fun seagoing scenes. Entertaining but unremarkable. 5/10

April 2
03. Neutron vs. the Death Robots (1962) VHS
Dubbed version. Neutron, the Atomic Superman, once again battles the evil Dr. Caronte who managed to survive the explosion of a neutron bomb. Mexican masked wrestler movie with no wrestling. Neutron has no special powers but looks good and flexes well. Lively and fun. 6/10
04. The Cut-Throats (1969)*
Directed by John Hayes. Near the end of WW2 six GIs go on a mission to supposedly steal German war plans from a country club taken over by Nazis. Mix of very unconvincing war footage alternating with slightly steamy soft core sex scenes with a touch of Nazisploitation. Laughed out loud several times and it turned out the movie kind of had a point. Trashy and entertaining. 4.5/10

April 3
05. Half Human (1958) VHS
Directed by Ishiro Honda, Kenneth G. Crane. John Carradine narrates footage from a 1955 Japanese movie about an abominable snowman type creature living in Japan. He is also featured in American shot scenes where he tells more of his tale to other actors. The American scenes are kind of dull but the original Japanese film looks pretty interesting. 4.5/10
06. The Manster (1959)* Streaming
Directed by George Breakston, Kenneth G. Crane. A Japanese scientist studying evolution injects an enzyme he developed into an unconscious American journalist resulting in a horrible transformation. Very good 50's monster movie filmed in English in Japan. Lead Peter Dyneley does a fine job and although the monster makeup isn't always convincing it works well in a few scenes and other makeup effects are satisfying. 7/10

April 4
07. Bone (1972)* (The Larry Cohen Collection)
Directed by Larry Cohen. A black man invades the home of a dysfunctional Beverly Hill couple and in a short time all three lives change dramatically. Dark satire with a strong script and good acting. I often find movie satires and social commentaries to be too heavy handed but this one worked well for me, humorous at times and always absorbing. 6.5/10

April 5
08. Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987)* (Bullets, Bombs and Babes: The Films of Andy Sidaris)
Directed by Andy Sidaris. American agents, hunky guys and Playboy Playmates of the month, take on diamond and drug smugglers in Hawaii. Nice scenery, lots of toplessness and fun action makes for an entertaining mix. 6/10
09. Girl in Gold Boots (1968)*
Directed by Ted V. Mikels. A waitress from the middle of nowhere heads to LA with a petty crook and a gentle drifter to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional go-go dancer. Drama follows. OK story with lots of OK songs and some OK go-go dancing. The acting of course is not the best. A few chuckles. 5/10

April 6
10. Straight Shooter (1939) VHS
Directed by Sam Newfield. Tim McCoy is a government agent sent to recover a half million dollars of federal bonds in this Sam Katzman production. McCoy is a low key but solid B-western hero. 5/10
11. Roll on Texas Moon (1946)* (Roan Group Roy Rogers Collection 1)
Directed by William Whitney. Roy and Dale are on opposite sides in an escalating cattleman vs. sheep ranchers dispute. Music and comedy to action ratio is a little high for my taste but when it occurs, the action is up to the usual Republic standards. 5.5/10
12. I Spit on Your Corpse aka Girls For Rent (1974)*
Directed by Al Adamson. After being tricked into killing one of her best clients, a hooker goes on the run pursued by two female assassins who leave a trail of bodies in their wake. Starts a little slow with a somewhat contrived setup but once things click it's an entertaining low budget chase picture. 5/10

April 7
13. Dick Tracy (1945)* (VCI Dick Tracy RKO Classic Collection)
Directed by William Berke. Tracy is after a slasher, Splitface, who who seems to be on a random killing spree. High quality, noirish B starts out strong but the resolution is standard fare. Morgan Conway is good as Tracy and the film tries to keep to the spirit of the comic strip. 6/10
14. I Spit on Your Corpse commentary Samuel M. Sherman*
Rambling but interesting commentary covers many aspects of the film including the origins, the actors, production, and some legal issues that followed release. Also some insight into making movies for the drive-in circuit.
15. Dangerous Youth (1957)* Streaming
Directed by Herbert Wilcox. Singer Frankie Vaughan plays the leader of a small gang of JDs who is drafted and ends up getting on the wrong side of both offices and some of his fellow soldiers. Weak British film is missing around 18 minutes on Prime. At least one song is cut as are scenes which explain why he gets into so much trouble in the Army. 4/10

April 8
16. Run Angel Run (1969)*
Directed by Jack Starrett. A biker (William Smith) reveals all the secrets of his gang to a magazine for $10,000 and soon all the biker gangs west of the Rockies are on the lookout with orders to waste him. Slightly different biker movie has a strong love story component which leads to a long slow stretch in the middle of the movie consisting of lover's spats, romantic interludes, and sheep farming. Even the inevitable confrontation is a bit of a letdown. 4.5/10
17. The Thrill Killers (1964)*
Directed by Ray Dennis Steckler. Three murderous escapees from a mental institution and a serial killer from out of state terrorize the area in and around Los Angeles. The beginning seemed to border on the incompetent but I soon got into it and enjoyed the low budget action and violence. 6/10

April 9
18. God's Bloody Acre (1975)*
Directed by Harry E. Kerwin. Three backwoods brothers, tired of being forced to move by encroaching civilization, go on a rampage after accidentally killing a construction worker. The setup is a little awkward but there are some slightly strange moments and a pretty exciting second half. Sometimes lame acting doesn't detract. 6/10
19. Tomcats (1977)*
Directed by Harry E. Kerwin. After a gang of rapists and murderers get off on a technicality, the brother of one the victims takes the law into his own hands. OK movie but the lead just doesn't have the screen presence to be a convincing vigilante. 5/10

April 10
20. Black Caesar (1973)
Directed by Larry Cohen. A Harlem street kid rises through the ranks and becomes the first black mobster recognized by the Mafia. Rise and fall story similar to old Warner Brothers gangster movies but with a more modern perspective. 7/10
21. The St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1967)* Blu-Ray
Directed by Roger Corman. Documentary like story of Al Capon's trap to get Bugs Moran in 1920's Chicago. Well done with some name stars and narration by the great Paul Frees. Had a little trouble keeping track of who was who but still very absorbing. 6.5/10

April 11
22. Hi-Riders (1978)* (VCI Greydon Clark Drive-In Double Feature)
Directed by Greydon Clark. A street racer/ biker gang gets into trouble in a small town after several locals die in an accident during a drag race. Interesting reversal of expectations where the gang are quirky but not that bad while some of the locals are real SOBs. 6/10
23. The Bad Bunch aka Tom (1973)* (VCI Greydon Clark Drive-In Double Feature)
Directed by Greydon Clark. Clark also stars as a white Vietnam vet who brings an unfinished letter to the father of a black buddy who was killed in the war but is immediately hated by the radical younger bother of his friend. Shot in Watts and other LA locations. Heavy handed at times with its message but still entertaining. Helped by a couple of topless scenes featuring Bambi Allen. 6/10

April 12
24. Bloodfist V: Human Target (1994)*
Directed by Jeff Yonis. Don "The Dragon" Wilson plays a man who wakes up in a hospital with no memory and finds himself pursued by murderous thugs. Good entry in the series has a nice plot twist but perhaps goes on one fight too long. 5.5/10
25. The Return (1980)*
Directed by Greydon Clark. A man and two children are zapped by a UFO in a small town and years later the aliens return and bring the three together for some reason. Well known stars add some luster but the plot is kind of a mess. Martin Landau is fun as a quirky marshal. Special effects are mostly weird lights although the UFO does have a vague structure. A light dagger is used for mutilations. 4.5/10

April 13
26. Stage to Blue River (1951)* (Warner Archive Collection Monogram Cowboy Collection Volume 2)
Directed by Lewis Collins. Whip Wilson plays a US Marshal who prevents a stage coach company from being taken over by crooks. Good movie with minimal plot but lots of action. Wilson looks good as the hero and doesn't overuse his whip. 6/10
27. Bandit Ranger (1942)* (Warner Archive Collection Tim Holt Western Classics Collection Volume 1)
Directed by Lesley Selander. Tim is a rancher accused of murder and rustling by a fake Texas Ranger. Standard B-western stuff with some good action. 5/10

April 14
28. Dick Tracy vs. Cueball (1946)* (VCI Dick Tracy RKO Classic Collection)
Directed by Gordon M. Douglas. Tracy searches for some missing diamonds and also the murderous baldheaded Cueball who likes to strangle his victims. Solid crime movie which gives even more of a nod to the quirkiness of the comic strip. I appreciate Morgan Conway's Tracy even more and wish he had stayed with the series. 6.5/10
29. Dynamite Shaolin Heroes (1977)* (Mill Creek Iron Fist Frenzy 50 Movies)
Directed by Godfrey Ho. A secret group dedicated to restoring the Ming Dynasty to power comes under attack but is protected by a strong martial artist known as "Lotus Man". Pretty good. The plot makes sense even with some complications but the fights begin to seem the same after a while. Filmed in South Korea with mostly Korean actors. Image: Good. 5/10
30. Shaolin Invincible Guys aka Shaolin Deadly Hands (1977)* (Mill Creek Iron Fist Frenzy 50 Movies)
Directed by Raymond Lui. A pickpocket and a country boy, both with excellent king fu, are hired by a security company and become involved in a plot to steal twelve huge pearls. More interesting story than above and more interesting and varied fights including a very exciting final battle. Made in Taiwan. Image: Good to Fair. 6/10

April 15
31. Ozploitation Trailer Explosion (2014)* (Intervision)
First half about 82 minutes.
32. Wonder Women (1973)* Blu-Ray
Directed by Robert O'Neil. A female scientist develops a formula to safely transplant any organ and uses her army of beautiful women to obtain raw material. Shot in the Philippines this starts out strong but bogs down a little in some overly long chase scenes. Still Vic Daiz, Sid Haig, a super cheesy laboratory, and of course the women keep it fairly entertaining. 4.5/10
33. Sweet Sugar (1972)* Blu-Ray
Directed by Michel Levesque. Sugar, a hooker with an attitude, is set up for a drug bust and cops a plea to work two years on a sugar plantation instead of waiting years for a trial. Standard women in prison plot but with less brutality than some and a little comic relief. Sadistic Dr. John and his bizarre experiments and a fast moving story help a lot. 6/10

April 16
34. Ozploitation Trailer Explosion (2014)* (Intervision)
Second half about 82 minutes.
35. Hell Up in Harlem (1973)
Directed by Larry Cohen. Sequel to Black Caesar continues the story of Tommy Gibbs as he regains his power in Harlem. More action, a wilder plot, and more fun than BC. I liked this one at least as much and maybe just a little more. 7/10
36. The Man With Two Heads (1972)* Blu-Ray
Directed by Andy Milligan. Jekyll/Hyde story although the evil one is called Danny and not Hyde. Surprisingly OK. Dennis De Marne as Jekyll/Danny does a decent job but the movie can't really escape its low budget. 4/10

April 17
37. The Naked Bunyip (1970)* (Oz-Ploitation Boxset Vol. 1 R4)
Directed by John B. Murray. Long documentary on sexual attitudes in Australia including sex in advertising and art, abortion, homosexuality, and prostitution. Interesting and the occasional comedy bits that pop up are not bad. The over two hour length was a bit daunting but turned out not to be a problem. 5/10
38. The Naughty Stewardesses (1974)* (Blazing Stewardesses Two-Disc 30th Anniversary Edition)
Directed by Al Adamson. The sexual adventures of four stewardesses and what happens when they get involved with a horny old man. The movie took a dark turn that I didn't expect and turned out to be quite entertaining. The acting, especially from the lead actress, is pretty bad but the pacing is good. 5.5/10

April 18
39. Cavegirl (1985)* (Mill Creek Too Cool For School Collection)
Directed by David Oliver. A nerdy (and kind of old looking) high school student is somehow sent back in time and hooks up with a really cute cave girl (Cindy Ann Thompson). I expected to hate this but it turned out to be a pleasant time waster. I got a couple of laughs out of it and Cindy Ann Thompson kept my attention. 5/10
40. Coach (1978)* (Mill Creek Too Cool For School Collection)
Directed by Bud Townsend. A female Olympic star is hired to coach a losing high school basketball team and faces the expected problems. Just OK, the best part is looking at Cathy Lee Crosby. A couple of plot points would be roundly condemned in today's climate such as her relationship with one of the players. 4.5/10
41. Harlequin (1980)* (Oz-Ploitation Boxset Vol. 1 R4)
Directed by Simon Wincer. A politician's young son is cured of cancer by a seeming faith healer who insinuates himself into the family. Well made supernatural thriller doesn't have any scares and some effects are just awful but the story is interesting and it is well acted. 6/10

April 19
42. Operation Warzone (1988)* Streaming
Directed by David A. Prior. During the Vietnam War, the remnants of an American patrol find themselves in the middle of a covert operation and can't be sure who they can trust. Twisty plot doesn't make much sense even after all is revealed and the plentiful action gets a little samey after a while but still a reasonably entertaining low budget action movie. 4.5/10
43. Godmonster of Indian Flats (1973)* Streaming
Directed by Fredric Hobbs. A scientist raises a prehistoric mutated sheep while the nearby town of Comstock is facing a power struggle about mining rights. It's hard to describe the strangeness of this film which is actually fairly well paced and not at all a chore to watch. 4.5/10
44. Womaneater (1958)* Streaming
Directed by Charles Sanders. A scientist brings a tentacled tree back from the jungles of South America which consumes young women and then produced a chemical which can revive the dead. British film is very slow at times and never scary but the monster looks good in a cheesy kind of way and the climax is kind of exciting. 4/10

April 20
45. Where the North Begins (1947)* (VCI Royal Canadian Mounted Police 4 Movie Collection)
Directed by Howard Bretherton. Two mounties track down a gang who is trading liquor for furs with Indians. OK but nothing special. 5/10
46. Night Raiders (1952)* (Warner Archive Collection Monogram Cowboy Collection Volume 2)
Directed by Howard P. Bretherton. Two marshals are called in to investigate a series of nighttime raids on buildings where nothing seems to be taken. Not a lot of action but an interesting mystery situation. Something a little bit different. 5.5/10
47. Super High Me (2007)* Streaming
Directed by Michael Blieden. Documentary about stand up comic and admitted pothead Doug Benson who first doesn't smoke or drink for 30 days and then gets stoned from dawn to dusk for the next thirty days while continuing his gigs and undergoing a series of tests. Some funny bits from the stand up clips. I got more laughs out of the stuff when he was not smoking than when he was. 6/10

April 21
48. Dick Tracy's Dilemma (1947)* (VCI Dick Tracy RKO Classic Collection)
Directed by John Rawlins. Ralph Byrd returns to the Dick Tracy role as the detective faces off against a thug known as The Claw who is responsible for a fur theft. Always nice to see Byrd in action but this is only and average entry in the series. 5/10
49. The Cavalier aka Dancing Kung Fu (1978)* (Mill Creek Iron Fist Frenzy 50 Movies)
Directed by Joseph Kuo. Two brothers, working to overthrow the Ching Dynasty, are chased by the Ching forces and an old man and his granddaughter who want one of the brothers to marry the girl. Decent fights in the beginning and a good free for all at the end but the middle drags, especially some long boring scenes in a brothel. The story is all over the place with new characters popping up all the time. Image: Good. 4.5/10
50. Battle for the Lost Planet aka Galaxy (1986)* Streaming
Directed by Brett Piper. A man returns from space five years after an alien attack on Earth and discovers that he has the secret to destroy the invaders. The stop motion effects are crude although there is one good monster design. I usually enjoy low budget SF but this failed to click with me. 4/10

April 22
51. Hunk (1987)* (Mill Creek Too Cool For School Collection)
Directed by Lawrence Bassoff. A computer nerd makes a deal with the devil so he can become a rich yuppie hunk. Bland comedy with some nice looking bodies of both sexes and not too many laughs. The acting is OK for the most part but there are a few annoying characters. 4.5/10
52. It's Alive (1974)
Directed by Larry Cohen. Police pursue a mutant killer baby while it's parents try to deal with the situation. Great movie has good acting, a very effective score, and an intelligent script. The way Cohen only gives us glimpses of the baby is terrifying. 8/10

April 23
53. 18 Shaolin Riders aka 18 Swirling Riders (1977)* (Mill Creek Iron Fist Frenzy 50 Movies)
Directed by Lin Fu-Ti. A Robin Hood type group of thieves confront an evil martial arts master who obtains some super weapons. Not whole bunch of action, the fights aren't that good, and a very confusing plot. Image: Fair 3.5/10

April 24
54. The Human Tornado (1976)* Blu-Ray
Directed by Cliff Roquemore. Dolemite is back and goes to LA to escape a murder charge and while there helps a friend whose club has been closed by the mob. OK, I got a few chuckles from the funk fu that Dolemite uses and also from the general silliness. 5/10

April 25
55. The Sin Syndicate (1965)* (SWV A Sinful Triple Feature)
Directed by Michael Findlay. The stories of how four women became zero girls or hookers for the mob. Lots of skin, dubbing that has no relation to lip movements, a failed attempt at artiness, and stock footage of the Cuban Revolution and WW2 as part of the backstory of two of the girls. Bad but watchable. 4/10
56. Sin Magazine (1965)* (SWV A Sinful Triple Feature)
Directed by Al Mitchel. An unstable writer, a horndog photographer, and an obsessed businessman, all brothers, publish a sex magazine out of a house in the country. Not bad, especially compared to the other two films on this disk. The acting is awful and there isn't much nudity but the story is kind of interesting. 5/10
57. She Came on the Bus (1969)* (SWV A Sinful Triple Feature)
Directed by Harry Vincent. Five JDs invade a home and abuse two women, then they hijack a bus and abuse two more women, then they go back the the house, then they get on the bus again. The End. Some nasty scenes in this awful film but the rest is just plain boring. No dialog, only narration. Lots of nudity. 3/10

April 26
58. It Lives Again (1978)
Directed by Larry Cohen. The story of the mutant babies continues as factions form, some wanting to destroy them and some wanting to protect them. Good movie but not as consistently tense as the first. It's interesting how Cohen the different attitudes people have. 7/10
59. Blastfighter (1984)* Blu-Ray
Directed by Lamberto Bava. After being released from prison a former big city cop tries to find peace in rural Georgia where he grew up but instead runs into trouble from red neck poachers and their friends. Solid action flick basically predictable but with some variation on the revenge theme. 6/10

April 27
60. The Trusted Outlaw (1937)* (VCI Bob Steele Classic Western Collection)
Directed by Robert N. Bradbury. Steele plays the son of an outlaw who returns to the town were he grew up and finds both trouble and a chance to prove he's an honest man. A few little twists and some good action (mostly hard riding) keep things moving. 5.5/10
61. The Last Gun (1964)* (Mill Creek Spaghetti Western Double Feature) Blu-Ray
Directed by Sergio Bergonzelli. A brutal outlaw and his gang dominate a small town while waiting for a gold shipment. The sheriff is powerless but a mysterious masked rider helps out. There are some over the top characters and some brutal action but it all feels kind of bland. 5/10
62. 4 Dollars of Revenge (1966)* (Mill Creek Spaghetti Western Double Feature) Blu-Ray
Directed by Jamie Jesus Balcazar. A former cavalry officer, framed for treason, escapes from prison and tries to find out who framed him and take revenge on them. straightforward stuff without much quirkiness but there are some great outdoor locations and an entertaining story. 5.5/10
63. Horrors of Spider Island aka It's Hot in Paradise (1960)* (SWV)
Directed by Fritz Bottger. After a plane crash a manager and several dancers that he hired find an uncharted island where the manager is bit by a large spider and turns into a blood thirsty killer while the girls frolic around in various states of undress. The man-monster mask is OK but the oversized spider is almost cute. There is way more cheesecake than monster action but there were enough laughs to keep me entertained. 4/10

April 28
64. Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (1947)* (VCI Dick Tracy RKO Classic Collection)
Directed by John Rawlins. A brutal gangster takes over a gang who is planning on using a new paralyzing gas to commit a bank robbery. Karloff plays Gruesome and is always a joy to see and hear. There is more action in this one and a bit more comedy. Not bad but not my favorite movie in the series. 5.5/10
65. Footsteps in the Night (1957)* (Warner Archive Collection Bill Elliott Detective Mysteries)
Directed by Jean Yarbrough. A gambling addict is hunted for the murder of his neighbor when the man is found dead in his apartment. Last of these Bill Elliot detective films is as entertaining as the others even if the solution to the crime is a little far fetched. 6/10
66. Kelly of the Secret Service (1936)* (Sinister Cinema Poverty Row Studio Collection Victory Pictures Vol. 1)
Directed by Bob Hill. A secret service agent investigates the theft of plans for a new remote controlled bomb. There's a lot of sneaking around and too many comedy spots by two dim guards. Agent Kelly isn't too bright himself but there is hypnosis, the lab scenes are adequate as is our one look at the bomb in action. 4.5/10
67. Shadow of Chinatown (1936)* (Sinister Cinema Poverty Row Studio Collection Victory Pictures Vol. 1)
Directed by Bob Hill. Feature version of serial with Bela Lugosi playing a madman who is hired to destroy certain Chinese merchants but has his own evil plans. Has the usual problems of plot jumps and and a general choppy feeling. Also it doesn't seem that the serial was all that good. 4/10
68. Bloodsuckers from Outer Space (1984)* Blu-Ray
Directed by Glen Coburn. An invisible force from space takes over people after getting rid of all their blood and then they must suck blood from others to survive. Competently made Ok horror comedy got a few laughs out of me and had some clever touches along with some annoying performances. 5/10

April 29
69. Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules (1962)* (Sinister Cinema)
Directed by Guido Malatesta. During the Ice Age Maxus (aka Maciste) helps the Sun people in their battle with the evil cave dwelling Moon Tribe and also fights several cheesy looking monsters. OK but featured too many mass battles and not enough amazing feats of strength. Also Reg Lewis just looked downright odd with his weird hair style.4.5/10
70. Mutant War (1988)* Streaming
Directed by Brett Piper. Sequel to Battle for the Lost Planet has our hero battling mutants who are kidnapping young women for breeding purposes. Marginally better than the first film, the stop motion animation is smoother and there is a bit more of it but still not enough. A lame fifth rate gang doesn't help and Cameron Mitchell looks like a stuffed sausage in his silly suit. 4.5/10

April 30
71. It's Alive III: Island of the Alive (1987)
Directed by Larry Cohen. After an impassioned plea from one of the fathers, a judge orders that the five existing mutant babies be moved to a secret location where they can live out their lives. An intelligent script and lots of suspense make this very enjoyable. 7.5/10
72. Beyond the Seventh Door (1987)*
Directed by B.D. Benedikt. Upon being released from prison an thief talks his former girlfriend into helping with a heist at the mansion where she works but instead of alarms they run into a series of traps. Tension is not always as high as I think it could have been but some of the traps are pretty good. Nice twist at the end. 5/10
73. Biohazard: The Alien Force (1994)*
Directed by Steve Latshaw. A monster created by genetic manipulation goes around killing everyone who donated tissue samples to the project that created it. Then it wants to get laid. Starts out pretty strong and the monster looks good but we see it too often. Movie becomes just a series of similar monster kills and bad acting. 4.0/10
74. Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn (1983)* Blu-Ray
Directed by Charles Band. A ranger is out to stop a powerful madman who is trying to incite the mutant Cyclopians to go to war. Standard post Mad Max world but a twist is added by the use of magic by the bad guy Jared-Syn. Actually pretty good but the climax is disappointing and obviously a setup for a sequel that never happened. 6/10
75. Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1992)* (Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume 6)
Joel and the bots take on Teenagers From Outer Space from 1959 and directed by Tom Graeff. Episode 404. Bad movie but some decent riffing.

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

2019 Drive In Challenge
March 31

1. Drums Across The River - Grit

April 1

2. Gangster Land - The Movie Channel
3. The Back-Up Plan - The Movie Channel Xtra

April 4

4. Girl In The Box - Lifetime

4.33 The Three Stooges: Cash And Carry - AMC

April 5

5.33 John Carpenter’s Escape From LA - EPIX 2

April 7

6.33 The Cold Light Of Day - The Movie Channel Xtra

April 10

6.66: The Three Stooges: They Stooge To Conga - DVD
7.66 The Amazing Mr. X - The Film Detective

April 13

8.66 Godzilla And Other Movie Monsters - DVD

April 14

9.66 The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen -

April 18

10.66 Canyon River - Grit
11.66 The Transporter - Encore Suspense

April 19

12.66 Wild Hearts - Pixl

April 23

13.66 Jonah Hex - HBO

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

April 01:
01. Alien 3000 (aka Unseen Evil 2) (2004) ☼ - Roku: Grindhouse Grit

April 02:
02. Hired To Kill (1990) ☼ - Roku: Midnight Pulp

April 03:
02.5. Eli Roth's History of Horror: 3. Slashers, Part 1 (2018) ☼ - Roku: Shudder

April 05:
03.5. Little Evil (2017) ☼ - Netflix (on Surface on plane)

April 06:
04.5. Pet Sematary (2019) ☼ - Theatre
05.5. Pet Sematary (1989) ☼ - TV

April 07:
06.5. Wild Things (1998) ☼ - TV

April 09:
07.5. The Hitch-Hiker (1953) ☼ - Theatre

April 13:
08.5. The House That Dripped Blood (1970) ☼ - Roku:
09.5. The Last Woman On Earth (1960) - Roku:Mermaid

April 14:
10.5. Poltergeist (1982) ☼ - TV

April 17: National Canadian Film Day
11.5. Happy Birthday To Me (1981) ☼ - Canada - Theatre

April 20:
12.5. The Roommates (1973) ☼ - Amazon Prime
13.5. Behind Convent Walls (1978) ☼ - Roku: Grindhouse Grit Ultra

April 21:
14.5. Lovely Molly (2011) ☼ - Roku: Shudder
15.5. Life of Brian (1979) UK - Theatre

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

1. Death Wish (2018)*

2. Death Wish (1974)*

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

2019 Drive-In/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge

DVD | Blu-ray | TV/DVR | Theater

☼ = First time viewing

March 31
01. Badges of Fury (2013)

April 1
02. Going Steady (1979)

April 2
03. The Sex Thief (1973)

April 3
04. Croczilla (2012)

April 5
05. The Lazarus Syndrome (1978)

April 6
06. Nabonga (1944)

April 7
07. Tunnel Vision (2013)

April 8
08. The Island Monster (1954)

April 9
09. Coffy (1973)

April 10
10. Navy Seals vs. Zombies (2015)

April 13
11. Hellboy (2019)
12. Quiet Days in Clichy (1970)

April 14
13. Blue Money (1972)
14. Double Exposure (1982)

April 15
15. Formosa Betrayed (2009)

April 18
16. Girls on the Road (1972)

April 20
17. The Ecstasies of Women (1969)
18. Black Love (1971)

April 21
19. The Curse of La Llorona (2019)
20. Linda and Abilene (1969)
21. Hunt to Kill (2010)

April 23
22. Separate Ways (1981)

April 24
23. Night Club (1989)

April 27
24. Burning Daylight (2010)
25. Bloodlust Zombies (2011)

April 28
26. Pet Sematary (2019)
27. Hot Target (1985)
28. FDR: American Badass! (2012)

April 29
29. Click: The Calendar Girl Killer (1990)

April 30
30. Crosshairs (2013)

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

1TV=First Time Viewing
1. Joe Bob's Last Drive-In (C.H.U.D.)
2. Joe Bob's Last Drive-In (Castle Freak)
(1TV) 3. Hellhole (1985)-Got off to a nice start, I must say! Then again, any movie that has a nekkid shower catfight will be gold no matter what! (Roku-Free Grindhouse movies tonight)
(1TV)4. The Girls of Thunder Strip (1970)-It took nearly an hour for me to figure out what the main plot was. Inept and uneven, but it's got some so-bad-it's-good charm here & there. (Prime)
(1TV)5. Bloody Friday (1973)-German crime flick that keeps you interested thanks to it's energy. Now it's time to seek out the restored version. (Roku-Grindhouse Connection)
(1TV)6. Within The Rock (1996)-Sci Fi dud that I knew was gonna suck. At least I got something like this quickly out of the way. (DVD)
(1TV)7. Bad, Black and Beautiful (1975)-As with Girls/Thunder Strip, lots of incompetence to behold here as well Yet it's still impossible for me to hate on something so badly made. (Epix(1TV)8. Dragon Against Vampire (1985)-It’s straightforward, compared to other Godfrey Ho films, but I was expecting much more zaniness and more Kung fu. Only the funny bickering between Master and pupil prevents this from being a total bore. (YouTube)
(1TV)9. Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde (2003)-Aside from often being on the pretentious side, I'm really starting to like these early Seduction Cinema releases. Before things got TOO goofy with the parodies. (CP(1TV)10. The Huns (1960)-I'm making Chelo Alonso one of my "Stars of the month" and chose this sword/sandal flick with her. This felt very long, but it has a lot more bloodshed than you're used to seeing from this type of film from that era. It was also nice to see Alonso in a big, leading role. (Prime)
(1TV)11. Firehouse (1987)-I guess the only notable thing about this (Mostly) unfunny T&A comedy is it's Julia Roberts film debut. Too bad I didn't spot her. (Epix(1TV)12. How To Kill A Judge (1975)-Good plot, but too long and talky (Which is what I feared) (DVD)
(1TV)13. The House of Lost Dolls (1974)-Spy film mixed with roughie White Slavery sequences. It doesn't flow quite well, but I still had fun with this. I just loved (In the English dub) how all the henchmen sounded like Pro-Wrestlers. (CPU

(1TV)14. Truckin' Man (1975)-Saw this under the title of "Trucker's Woman" (Which was meant to sell a few more tickets) This isn't too bad. I got a kick out of Truckin' Man's fight choreography. (Prime)
(1TV)15. Big Tits Zombie (2010)-Yet another movie that went through a different title (Original was "Blue Dragon" or something) Aside from a few cute kills, this didn't do a whole lot for me. (DVD)
(1TV)16. Mated (1952)-Mostly standard early Sex-Ed film. It’s huge (Nude) photo gallery is what sets it apart from the rest. (CPU)
(1TV)17. Invasion of the Star Creatures (1962)-Painful spoof to get through. The film becomes tolerable only when the Star Babes appear onscreen. (Epix)
(1TV)18. Devil In The Flesh (1998)-Odd, lame ending. But I seemed to love everything else! (DVD)
(1TV)19. Teenage Gang Debs (1966)-Well, I always thought this was a harmless girl-Gang movie, instead it’s more like a predecessor to The Roughies. But don’t let that get your hopes up. This could have used about 40 minutes of editing. (YouTube)
(1TV)20. Boy, What a Girl! (1947)-Probably one of the more unique Race films you're likely to see thanks to one of the actors being in drag for the entire movie! (youtube)
(1TV)21. Crime Boss (1972)-Ok Italian mob/action flick. It gets better towards the end. (DVD)
(1TV)22. Promises! Promises! (1963)-Best known as Jayne Mansfield's nudie film. A little more cutesy than expected. (Prime)
(1TV)23. Redneck (1973)-Telly Savalas (Dubbed, no less) as a redneck who terrorizes Italy with Franco Nero as his partner? An odd one for sure, but I did like the originality it seemed to bring. (DVD)
24. Joe Bob’s Last Drive-In/Q (Roku-Shudder)
25. Joe Bob’s Last Drive-In/Society (Roku-Shudder)
(1TV)26. 666 The Beast (2007)-Suuucked. Only one part towards the end prevented me from quickly forgetting this. (Roku-Tubi)
(1TV)27. Exterminators of the Year 3000 (1983)-It peaks early, but this blatant Road Warrior-ripoff just had so much lovable cheese in it. (Roku-Shout!)
(1TV)28. Beyond Bengal (1930)-Sort Of a Mondo-Adventure in the jungle. I know animals were harmed during the making, but I’m not too sure if humans were as well! They did a good job faking, if so. (Epix)
(1TV)29. Shadowzone (1990)-Very Little happens. At least seeing Louise Fletcher and James Hong together was cool. (DVD)
(1TV)30. L.A. Bounty (1989)-Sybill Danning looking good & kicking ass. Too bad that everything else occurs around her drags. (CPU)
(1TV)31. Night of the Serpent (1969)-Refreshing spaghetti western that plays out more like a murder mystery. (Prime)
(1TV)32. The Survivalist (2015)-Wasn't sure if this would count, but it's a Shout Factory release. Somewhat of a good companion piece to another gritty Apocalyptic flic, THE ROAD.(DVD)
(1TV)33. Bamboo House of Dolls (1973) It took me forever to finally get a hold of this one. Very much worth the wait! (CPU)
(1TV)34. London in the Raw (1964)-A little too much song & dance for my tastes. (Epix)

(1TV)35. Cop Killers (1973)-I've never heard of any positive things concerning this one so I've always avoided it. Shame on me for doing so because I had some fun with this! (Roku-Cinema Epoch)
(1TV)36. Let’s Do it! (1982) (YouTube)
(1TV)37. Creepozoids (1987) (Tubi)
(1TV)38. If He Hollers, Let Him Go (1968) (CPU)
(1TV)39. Run Like Hell (1995) (DVD)
(1TV)40. City Cops (1989) (youtube)
(1TV)41. Sexbomb (1989) (DVD)
(1TV)42. Dusk to Dawn Drive-In Trash-O-Rama Show Vol. 1 (1996) (The Corpse Collective)
43. Drunken Master (1978) (DVD With Audio Commentary

(1TV)44. Wild Gypsies (1969) (Epix)
(1TV)45. Exterminator City (2005) (DVD)
(1TV)46. The Sexorcist (1974) (CPU)
(1TV)47. The Specialist (1975) (Prime)
48. Joe Bob's Last Drive-In/Deathgasm (Shudder)
(1TV)49. Busted (1997) (B-Movie TV)
(1TV)50. Shadows Run Black (1984) (youtube)
(1TV)51. Blood of 1000 Virgins (2013) (CPU)
(1TV)52. Dr. Orloff's Invisible Monster (1970) (CPU)
(1TV)53. Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet (1965) (Epix)
(1TV)54. Cold Eyes of Fear (1971) (DVD)
(1TV)55. What's The Matter With Helen? (1971) (DVD)
(1TV)56. Wolf Devil Woman (1982) (Prime)
(1TV)57. Eye In The Labryinth (1972) (youtube)
(1TV)58. Au Pair Girls (1972) (Epix)
(1TV)59. Not Tonight, Henry (1960) (Prime)
(1TV)60. Hot Skin, Cold Cash (1965) (Prime)
(1TV)61. Malatesta's Carnival of Blood (1973) (CPU)
(1TV)62. Jacqueline Hyde (2005) (DVD)
(1TV)63. Lifespan (1974) (DVD)
(1TV)64. Sex and Buttered Popcorn (1989) (CPU)
65. Black Magic (1975) (DVD)
(1TV)66. Molly & The Ghost (1991) (DVD)
67. Joe Bob's Last Drive-In/Madman (Shudder)
68. Joe Bob's Last Drive-In/Wolf Guy (Shudder)
69. Maniac (1934) (Rifftrax) (Pluto TV)
(1TV)70. The Swap And How They Make It (1966) (DVD)
(1TV)71. Mansion of the Doomed (1976) (CPU)
(1TV)72. Ring Around The World (1966) (DVD)
(1TV)73. Necropolis (1987) (Tubi)
74. Marihuana (1936) (With Audio Commentary) (youtube)
(1TV)75. Terminal Force (1989) (DVD)
(1TV)76. Haunts (1976) (youtube)
77. Krull (1983) (DVD)
(1TV)78. Stranger From Venus (1954) (Prime)
(1TV)79. The Insatiable Iron Babe (2008) (Epix)
(1TV)80. Fantasm Comes Again (1977) (CPU)
(1TV)81. Up From The Depths (1979) (Prime)
(1TV)82. The Last Hunter (1980) (DVD)
(1TV)83. Forbidden Jungle (1950) (Prime)
(1TV)84. Gun Girls (1957) (Roku)
(1TV)85. Bare Witness (2002) (DVD)
(1TV)86. Damaged Lives (1933) (Epix)
(1TV)87. Giovannona: Long Thigh (1973) (DVD)
88. Joe Bob's Last Drive-In: Demon Wind
89. Joe Bob's Last Drive-In: House of the Devil
(1TV)90. Gladiator Eroticvus: The Lesbian Warriors (2001)
(1TV)91. Deadline Auto Theft (1983) (DVD)
(1TV)92. Class of '74 (1972) (Prime)
(1TV)93. King Kung Fu (1976) (DVD)
(1TV)94. The Wife Killer (1976) (CPU)
(1TV)95. Six Swedish Girls in a Boarding School (1979) (CPU)
(1TV)96. Black Oak Conspiracy (1977) (Prime)
(1TV)97. Femme Fontaine: Killer Babe from The C.I.A. (1994) (CPU)
(1TV)98. Drunken Dragon (1985) (Epix)
(1TV)99. Camp Fear (1991) (DVD)
(1TV)100. Sin in the Suburbs (1964) (DVD)
(1TV)101. Hot Connections (1972) (DVD)

(1TV)102. The Hitter (1979) (CPU)
(1TV)103. Killers on Wheels (1976) (CPU)

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

List is finalized

First Time View - ¤

Total 35
First Time Views - 20


1950 2
1960 5
1970 4
1980 6
1990 6
2000 5
2010 7

1958 1
1959 1
1960 1
1967 1
1968 3
1970 1
1972 1
1973 1
1974 1
1980 1
1983 1
1984 2
1987 2
1992 1
1994 1
1995 2
1997 2
2000 2
2001 1
2004 1
2006 1
2017 3
2018 3
2019 1

B&W 4
Color 32

Blu 1
Dvd 1
Stream 33

CN 1
FR 1
HK 5
IT 3
JP 4
KR 1
US 20

01. For A Few Previews More, 2004,, Trailers, Stream, US, Color, ¤
  • Savage Guns
  • Gunfighters of Casa Grande
  • Bullet in the Flesh
  • Gunman of Rio Grande
  • The Texican
  • 7 Guns for the McGregors
  • Up the McGregors
  • The Hellbenders
  • The Hills run red
  • Navajo Joe
  • Renegade Gunfighter
  • For a few dollars less
  • Magnificent Texan
  • Duel in the Eclipse
  • Rio Hondo
  • A minute to pray, a second to die
  • Devil was an Angel
  • I'll die for Vengeance
  • Payment in Blood
  • Kill the Wickeds
  • Once Upon a time in the West
  • Shotgun
  • 100 Rifles
  • Garringo
  • A name that cried Revenge
  • The Specialist
  • Man called Sledge
  • The Deserter
  • A Fistful of Dynamite
  • Matalo
  • Brother Outlaw
  • 7 Devils on Horseback
  • Ban Man's River
  • Fast Hand is still my Name
  • Man called Noon
  • Insurgent Mexico

02. Truck Turner, 1974, Jonathan Kaplan, Movie, Stream, US, Color, ¤

03. The Devil's Mirror, 1972, Sun Chung, Movie, Stream, HK, Color,

04. Taxi 2, 2000, Gérard Krawczyk, Movie, Stream, FR, Color,

05. Nemesis, 1992, Albert Pyun, Movie, Stream, US, Color,

06. G-Men From Hell, 2000, Christopher Coppola, Movie, Stream, US, Color, ¤

07. Animal World, 2018, Yan Han, Movie, Stream, CN, Color, ¤
08. Adios, Sabata, 1970, Gianfranco Parolini, Movie, Stream, IT, Color, ¤

09. Up the Creek, 1984, Robert Butler, Movie, Stream, US, Color,
10. Hot Dog... The Movie, 1984, Peter Markle, Movie, Stream, US, Color,

11. Wild Thing, 1987, Max Reid, Movie, Stream, US, Color, ¤

12. Danger: Diabolik, 1968, Mario Bava, Movie, Stream, IT, Color,

13. Burning Paradise, 1994, Ringo Lam, Movie, Stream, HK, Color,

14. Drive-In Delirium: ’60s and ’70s Savagery, "The '60's", 2017,, Trailers, Blu, US, Color/B&W, ¤

Own - *
  • The Pleasure Girls
  • Peeping Tom
  • The Fall of the House of Usher *
  • The Mask
  • Burn, Witch, Burn *
  • The Brain That Wouldn’t Die *
  • The Long Hair of Death
  • Island of Terror *
  • Corruption
  • The Conqueror Worm (aka Witchfinder General) *
  • Eye of the Cat
  • Dracula: Prince of Darkness *
  • The Plague of the Zombies *
  • The Devil’s Own (aka The Witches) *
  • Quatermass and the Pit *
  • The Mummy’s Shroud
  • The Devil’s Bride (aka The Devil Rides Out) *
  • The Lost Continent *
  • Code 7 Victim 5 (aka Victim 5)
  • The Quiller Memorandum
  • Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die
  • Five Golden Dragons
  • Deadlier Than the Male *
  • The File of the Golden Goose
  • The Big Switch
  • Machine Gun McCain
  • The Secret Invasion
  • The Big Gundown
  • Guns of the Magnificent Seven
  • Gorgo *
  • Jason and the Argonauts *
  • The First Men in the Moon *
  • Robinson Crusoe on Mars *
  • The Satan Bug
  • Fantastic Invasion of Planet Earth (aka The Bubble)
  • Thunderbird 6 *
  • Barbarella *
  • Latitude Zero *
  • The Bedsitting Room *
  • Wild in the Streets *
  • Head *

15. Full Moon High,, 1987, Larry Cohen, Movie, Stream, US, Color, ¤

16. Guava Island,, 2019, Hiro Murai, Movie, Stream, US, Color, ¤
17. Godzilla vs. Destoroyah,, 1995, Takao Okawara, Movie, Stream, JP, Color, ¤

18. Drive-In Delirium: ’60s and ’70s Savagery, "The '70's" (first half), 2017,, Trailers, Stream, US, Color, ¤

Own - *
  • Trouble Man *
  • Black Caesar
  • Slaughter
  • Scream Blacula Scream *
  • Sugar Hill *
  • Frogs
  • Wicked, Wicked
  • Hannah: Queen of the Vampires
  • Seizure
  • Deranged
  • The Reincarnation of Peter Proud
  • The Town That Dreaded Sundown
  • Death Trap (aka Eaten Alive) *
  • Grizzly
  • Dogs
  • Rabid
  • Audrey Rose
  • Blue Sunshine
  • Empire of the Ants
  • Shock Waves *
  • The Hills Have Eyes
  • Halloween
  • Savage Weekend
  • ’Salem’s Lot *
  • Psychic Killer
  • Carrie
  • Jennifer
  • The Fury
  • Patrick *
  • Long Weekend *
  • Hatchet for a Honeymoon
  • Amuck
  • The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave *
  • Baron Blood *
  • The Lady in Red Kills Seven Times *
  • Carnal Violence (aka Torso)
  • Andy Warhol’s Dracula (aka Blood for Dracula)
  • Count Dracula’s Great Love
  • Vampyres *
  • Strip Nude for Your Killer
  • Zombie (aka Zombi 2) *
  • Vampire Circus *
  • Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb *
  • Hands of the Ripper *
  • Twins of Evil *
  • Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter *
  • Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell
  • The Man Who Haunted Himself
  • Scream and Scream Again *
  • The Abominable Dr. Phibes *
  • Dr. Phibes Rises Again *
  • 10 Rillington Place

19. Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone,, 1983,, Movie, Stream, US, Color,

20. Out Cold,, 2001, The Malloys, Movie, Stream, US, Color, ¤

21. Thunderbolt,, 1973, Law Chi, Movie, Stream, HK, Color, ¤

22. If You Meet Sartana... Pray for Your Death,, 1968, Gianfranco Parolini, Movie, Stream, IT, Color, ¤

23. Bells of Death, 1968, Yueh Feng, Movie, Stream, HK, Color,

24. Drive-In Delirium: ’60s and ’70s Savagery, "The '70's" (Second half), 2017,, Trailers, Stream, US, Color, ¤
  • Horror Express
  • What the Peeper Saw
  • Don’t Look Now
  • Tales That Witness Madness
  • The Mutations
  • Madhouse
  • The Flesh and Blood Show
  • House of Whipcord
  • Terror
  • Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
  • The Lickerish Quartet
  • Salon Kitty
  • Massage Parlor Hookers
  • Sugar Cookies
  • Eskimo Nell
  • Bloody Mama
  • Boxcar Bertha
  • Act of Vengeance (aka Rape Squad)
  • Assault on Precinct 13
  • Moon (aka Man of Violence)
  • Live Like a Cop
  • Die Like a Man
  • When Eight Bells Toll
  • Vanishing Point
  • The Mechanic
  • Scorpio
  • McQ
  • The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
  • Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
  • Killer Force
  • Vigilante Force
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Hardcore
  • The Warriors
  • The Man from Hong Kong
  • Stunt Rock
  • The Boys from Brazil
  • The Magnificent Seven Ride
  • Bite the Bullet
  • Keoma
  • Shoot the Sun Down
  • The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant
  • Son of Blob (aka Beware! The Blob)
  • Sleeper
  • Schlock
  • Futureworld
  • Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger
  • The Incredible Melting Man
  • Damnation Alley
  • Mad Max
  • Capricorn One
  • Star Crash
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • Avalanche

25. The Alligator People,, 1959, Roy Del Ruth, Movie, Stream, US, B&W,

26. Beverly Hills Ninja,, 1997, Dennis Dugan, Movie, Stream, US, Color,

27. Mystery Science Theater 3000, "Ator, the Fighting Eagle", 2018,, TV, Stream, US, Color,

28. Drive,, 1997, Steve Wang, Movie, Stream, US, Color,

29. Gamera: Guardian of the Universe,, 1995, Shűsuke Kaneko, Movie, Stream, JP, Color,

30. Take Aim at the Police Van,, 1960, Seijun Suzuki, Movie, Stream, JP, B&W, ¤

31. Sleepy Eyes of Death: A Trail of Traps,, 1967, Kazuo Ikehiro, Movie, Stream, JP, Color, ¤

32. Dragon Tiger Gate,, 2006, Wilson Yip, Movie, Stream, HK, Color, ¤

33. Revenger,, 2018, Seung-Won Lee, Movie, Stream, KR, Color, ¤

34. War of the Satellites,, 1958, Robert Corman, Movie, Stream, US, B&W, ¤

35. Galaxina,, 1980, William Sachs, Movie, Dvd, US, Color,

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

Present and Reporting for Duty

Total Watches- 46 | Blu Ray- 43 | DVD- 2 | Streaming- 1 |

First Time Watches *** 39

April 1st, 2019

1. The Blood Stained Butterfly (1971) -
Giallo whose story-line is played via a court proceeding. The wrap up ending is a bit over the top. 6/10. Blu Ray ***

2. Battle for the Lost Planet (1986) - micro budget independent film by brett piper. Post apocalyptic tale that overstays its welcome at 100 minutes. 4/10 Blu Ray ***

3. The Man With 2 Heads (1972) - Low budget schlock take on the Dr. Jekyll story. Bad camera work , horrible editing. Only bright spot was Denis DeMarne. Denis DeMarne gave a good performance as the doctor. 4/10 Blu Ray ***

4. Spontaneous Combustion (1990) - Tobe Hooper warning of the danger of nuclear technology is lifted up considerably by Brad Dourif's presence in an otherwise run of the mill film. 6.5/10 Blu Ray ***

April 2nd

5.The Tale of the Dean's Wife (1970)
- softcore nudie cutie with no plot and not alot of dialogue, but alot of tits. 4/10 Blu Ray ***

6. The Velvet Trap (1968) - 60s nudie cutie that at 75 minutes is too long. lots of tease, no payoff. 5/10 Blu Ray ***

7. Hot Nights on the Campus (1966) - Nudie Cutie tale of a blonde that has two boyfriends at the same time. mildly entertaining. 5.5/10 Blu Ray ***

8. Vampire's Kiss (1988) - Nicolas Cage tour de force portrayal as a business executive turned crazed vampire. 7.5/10 Blu Ray ***

April 3rd

9. High Spirits (1988)
- Lots of future stars in this haunted castle comedy. Another horror comedy that misses the mark. 6/10 Blu Ray ***

10. Marcy (1969) - Painfully slow and the musical score will test ur patience like no other. 3/10 Blu Ray ***

April 4th

11. Sex and the College Girl (1964)
- One long, painful cocktail party. 3/10 Blu Ray ***

12. Shut Up and Deal (1969) - soft core sexploitation romp with lots of tits and no storyline. 5/10 Blu Ray ***

13. God's Bloody Acre (1975) - 70's Hicksploitation. Alternating between boredom and sleaze. 5/10 Blu Ray ***

14. So Sad About Gloria (1975) - By the numbers "scare the wife for the inheritance" tale. 5/10 Blu Ray ***

April 5th - No Watches

April 6th

15. SuperVan (1977)
- solar powered van that looks like a cheap AMC pacer. Kind of a smoky and the bandit rip off. 5.5/10 Blu Ray ***

16. Mama's Dirty Girls (1974) - Mama and her sexy daughters troll men for their money. Good story, decent acting. 6/10 Blu Ray ***

17. Piranha, Piranha (1972) - Piranha? What Piranha? One hour in of this drama we finally get a small bit of Piranha, which amounts to an underwater bubble machine. Only redeeming feature of this one is William Smith. 5/10 Blu Ray ***

18. Chaos (2005) - Modern retelling of the Last House on the Left story. Unfortunately, nobody compares to David Hess. 4/10 Blu Ray ***

April 7th

19. Steel Arena (1973)
- 70s car crash derby film. Short on story, but a fun watch. 6/10 Blu Ray ***

20. Critters (1986) - Decent, but not as entertaining as Gremlins. Little fur balls with teeth terrorize a small town. Critters appears to made as a cash in to the popularity of Gremlins. 6/10 Blu Ray ***

April 8th

21. Critters 2 (1988)
- Little fur balls with teeth were left on earth from the first film. mayhem ensues. Same basic plot as first film.6/10 Blu Ray ***

22. It's Alive (1974) - A 70's drive in classic from larry cohen that always entertains. I first saw the film at the drive in with my parents and i still remember the impact the hospital scene had on me. this film is loaded with iconic set pieces and great acting. 8/10 Blu Ray

23. It Lives Again (1978) - A more than decent follow-up to the first film with a compelling story, good acting and better special effects.7.5/10 Blu Ray

April 9th

24. it's Alive III: island of the Alive (1987)
- Fun final film in the trilogy. The babies are now adults and stuck on an island based on a court order, but escape to attack again. 7/10. Blu Ray.

25. Critters 3 (1991) - The Critters are back and terrorizing a young leonardo dicaprio and his family. 6/10 Blu Ray. ***

26. Critters 4 (1992) - Critters in space, a typical slant in franchises of this type. Brad Dourif helps the movie considerably. 5/10 Blu Ray ***

April 10th

27. The Fifth Floor (1978)
- Supposedly based on a true story. A young disco dancing woman is committed to a psychiatric facility by mistake and terrorized by Bo Hopkins.7/10 Blu Ray ***

28. Toxic Shark (2017) - SyFy channel shark that spews green toxic goo ala linda blair. Ridiculous, but fun one time watch. 5/10 DVD ****

April 11th

29. Sharks in Venice (2008)
- Tepid SyFy shark tail. Stephen Baldwin sleep walks through this one. 3/10 DVD ***

30. Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary (1975) - interesting grindhouse 70's vampire flick with John Delorean's wife and John Carradine as her father. A bit slow in places, but overall a good film. 6.5/10 Blu Ray ***

April 12th

31. Teenage Tramp (1973) - Alisha Fontaine stars as a young teen runaway who returns to disrupt here older sister's relationship. Fun, sleazy 70s film. 6.5/10 Blu Ray ***

32. Screams of a Winter Night (1979) - Rare anthology flick from 1979. I watched the 114 minute director's cut. A real chore to sit through. The hype on this film is not justified. 5.5/10 Blu Ray ***

April 13th

33. Brides of Blood (1968)
- A classic hemisphere philippines shlock horror film with a great story and good acting. I have a huge soft spot for these films. 7.5/10 Blu Ray

34. Terror is a Man (1959) - Excellent Philippine version of the Island of Dr. Moreau story with Francis Lederer. Recommended. 7.5/10 Blu Ray

35. The Black Gestapo (1975) - Awesome "Blacksploitation" flick from the wonderful 1970s. Vigilante mobs fight with a group of Black Nazis. Wild fun. 7.5/10 Blu Ray ***

April 14th - No Watches

April 15th

36. The Blood Drinkers (1964)
- A forgotten hemisphere pictures classic vampire film. Very effective use of tinting and great story. 7.5/10 Blu Ray. ***

37. Cruisin High (1976) - High School hooligans fight with a rival gang. overstays its welcome at 100 minutes. 5/10 Blu Ray ***

April 16 and 17

38. Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1969)
- The second of the Hemisphere Blood Island trilogy and arguably the best. Another variant of the Island of Dr. Moreau story. A mad doctor creates green chloropyll monsters. 8/10 Blu Ray

39. Beast of Blood (1970) - Third and final in the Blood Island Trilogy. This film is a direct sequel to the second film and picks up where the last film ended. More of an action adventure film then a horror film, but still entertaining. 6/10 Blu Ray

April 18th

40. Torture Dungeon (1970)
- A Tower of London story that is not much better than watching a high school costume play. Painfully boring watch. 2/10 Blu Ray ***

41. Shakma (1990) - A computer game turns bad when a baboon attacks the players. Baboon scenes were good, but the film falls apart with alot of filler scenes of actors creeping down corridors. Way too long at 100 minutes. 5/10 Blu Ray ***

April 19th

42.The Great Alligator (1979)
- Italian "Jaws" ripoff with a large alligator terrorizing a resort. Not one of Sergio Martino's better efforts. 5/10 Blu Ray ***

43. Wacko (1982) - listened to the commentary track which was very good. 6/10 Blu Ray ***

April 20th

44. Forced Entry (1975) -
serial rapist film with Tanya Roberts. Ron Max did a good job as the crazy mechanic rapist. 6.5/10 Blu Ray ***

45. The Devil's Nightmare (1971) - Perhaps Erika Blanc's best performance. She plays a Succubus that kills a group of people staying at her family's castle. Creepy and effective. 7.5/10 Blu Ray ***

46. The Meg (2018) - I love shark movies, even the SyFy cgi ones. Starring Jason Stathem, who I really enjoy, this film about a Megladon is silly and has alot of CGI, but still a fun one time watch. 6.5/10 Streaming ***

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

Title in BLACK = From my own personal DVD collection.
Title in RED = Seen on NETFLIX or other online streaming service.
Title in TAN = Seen on Youtube.
Title in BLUE = Seen in movie theater during current run.
Title in GREEN = Seen on TV during normal programming.


1. Mortal Kombat (USA / 1995) Street Fighter had come a year before so this one follows the trend. A loose plot based around a tournament whose winner determines the fate of mankind. Decent action and fight scenes with the characters looking like their video game counterparts which is cool. Of note is the four-armed character, Goro who looks pretty damn impressive.
2. Solomon Kane (USA / 2009) Based on the pulp character created by Robert E. Howard (of Conan fame), Solomon Kane is a cursed loner who seeks redemption by battling demons. Tends more towards the horror than adventure but still entertaining.

3. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li (2009) Unlike the original movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme which had the characters looking like their video game counterparts, this one doesn't, much to the fans' chagrin. However, Kristen Kreuk is pretty good as Chun Li and is nice to look at.

4. Shaolin Soccer (China / 2001) Totally over-the-top comedy about a group of disgraced Shao-Lin practitioners who use their skills to form a soccer team. Especially funny is the one that imitates Bruce Lee.

5. Tai Chi Zero (China / 2012) Combining martial arts, steampunk and comedy, this movie is about a village that tries to stop a railway from destroying their town.

6. Wild Hearts Can't be Broken (USA / 1991) Sentimental favorite of mine about a girl that tries horse-diving (literally riding a horse that dives off a platform into a pool of water) in the 1930's. Supposedly based on a true story. The lovely Gabrielle Anwar stars.

April 6
7. The Born Losers (USA/ 1967) Seen with commentary by Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor. The first Billy Jack movie and maybe the best because it lacks the preaching that marred the sequels. A cast of amateur actors together with some professionals tell a story about bikers that kidnap and rape women. Reluctant hero, Billy Jack steps in to confront them. Tom Laughlin (Billy Jack) stars, directs and writes this movie as well as it's sequel, Billy Jack.

April 7
8. Billy Jack (USA / 1971) Seen with commentary by Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor. What many remember as a martial arts movie with kick-ass action is anything but, as stated by actor/writer/director Tom Laughlin (Billy Jack) and his wife Delores Taylor who he tricked into starring as his leading lady. What this movie really is is a heavy-handed, holier-than-thou preachy flick about the rights of Native Americans. There are two - yes only two - fight scenes in this movie, one in the ice cream shop and another in the park which most people remember best as the "I'm gonna take this right foot and I'm gonna whop you in that side of your face" scene, which admittedly is iconic and pretty damn cool. But it's all downhill from there as we get endless improvised scenes that go nowhere and the aforementioned preaching.

April 8
9. Bermudas: Cueva de Tiburones AKA Cave of Sharks
(Mexico / 1978) Mexican hunk Andrés García stars as a diver hired to locate a downed plane in the Bermuda waters. Strange goings-on abound such as strange lights, hallucinations and sleeping sharks who seem to await someone's command. Swedish actress Janet Agren co-stars and boy is she hot! Worth the price of admission right there.

April 9
10. Triángulo Diabólico de las Bermudas AKA The Bermuda Triangle
(Mexico / 1978) Andrés García stars in two Bermuda Triangle movies in the same year, this time joined by Hugo Stiglitz and John Huston! Mexican director René Cardona Jr gets in on the Bermuda fad with this pretty decent film about a ship where strange occurrences during its voyage. A strange doll found adrift seems to be connected to the events but it's not clear how.

April 10
11. Chanoc en la Isla de los Muertos (Chanoc in the Island of the Dead)
(Mexico / 1977) Based on the Mexican comic book character Chanoc who is an adventurer and hero along with his trusty comic-relief sidekick, Tsekub. This time they get stranded on an island inhabited by cannibals, not much action, really but still good enough to watch.

April 11
12. Elephant Boy
(USA / 1937) Based on a Rudyard Kipling book (he of The Jungle Book) this jungle movie filmed in India is about a boy who is a crack elephant trainer.

April 12
13. El Complot Mongol
(Mexico / 2019) Crime story with bits of comedy and stylized to pay homage to hard-boiled thrillers. Very talky but still somewhat interesting.

April 13
14. Car Wash
(USA / 1976) A series of comedy situations loosely stringed together about a bunch of car wash workers. An excellent ensemble cast that each have their own funny moments. Richard Pryor cameos as a rich preacher.

April 14
15. A Deadly Vision
(USA / 1997) Kristin Davis stars as a psychic who has a link with a killer. Made for TV so it's low key.

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)


GOAL: 100 (REALISTIC GOAL: 50 - 75)

1. The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs Presents C.H.U.D. (1984/2019) STREAM/VOD
2. The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs Presents Castlefreak (1995/2019) STREAM/VOD

Monday, April 1st
3. Die Brut des Bösen [Roots of Evil] (1979) BD
4. The Cut-Throats (1969) BD
5. Cotton Comes to Harlem (1970) BD

Tuesday, April 2nd
6. Riot on 42nd Street (1987)
7. Bad Girls Dormitory (1986)
8. The Visitants (1986) BD

Wednesday, April 3rd
9. Jessi's Girls (1975) STREAM/VOD
10. Mondo Bizarro (1966) BD
11. Oasis of the Lost Girls [L'oasis des filles perdues] (1982) STREAM/VOD

Thursday, April 4th
12. Naked Massacre (1976) STREAM/VOD
13. Vampire Hookers (1978) BD
14. Mondo Freudo (1966) BD

Friday, April 5th
15. The Forbidden (1966) BD
16. The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs Presents Q: The Winged Serpent (1982/2019) STREAM/VOD
17. The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs Presents Society (1989/2019) STREAM/VOD

Saturday, April 6th
18. Macon County Line (1974) BD
19. The Street Fighter [Gekitotsu! Satsujin ken] (1974) BD
20. Acapulco Gold (1976) BD
21. Road Train (aka "Road Kill") (2010) STREAM/VOD
22. Pets (1973) BD
23. Return of the Street Fighter [Satsujin ken 2] (1974) BD

Sunday, April 7th
24. Don't Mess with My Sister! (1985) STREAM/VOD
25. 1990: The Bronx Warriors [1990: I guerrieri del Bronx] (1982) BD
26. Sexina: Popstar P.I. (2007) STREAM/VOD

Monday, April 8th
27. Teenage Seductress (1975) BD
28. Alien Private Eye (1987) STREAM/VOD
29. Gas Pump Girls (1979) STREAM/VOD

Tuesday, April 9th
30. The Hitchhikers (1972) STREAM/VOD
31. Rifftrax: CyberTracker (1994) STREAM/VOD
32. The New Barbarians (aka "Warriors of the Wasteland") [I nuovi barbari] (1983) BD

Wednesday, April 10th
33. Women's Prison Massacre [Blade Violent - I violenti] (1983) BD
34. Seven (1979) BD
35. The Streetfighter's Last Revenge [Gyakushű! Satsujin ken] (1974) BD

Thursday, April 11th
36. Devil Woman [She yao jing] (1970) BD
37. Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels (2016) BD
38. Battle for the Lost Planet (aka "Galaxy") (1986) BD

Friday, April 12th
39. Texas Detour (1978) BD
40. The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs Presents Deathgasm (2015/2019) STREAM/VOD
41. The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs PresentsThe Changeling (1980/2019) STREAM/VOD

Saturday, April 13th
42. Sudden Fury (1975) BD
43. Last Plane Out (1983) BD
44. The Bushwhacker (1968) BD
45. Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide - Disc 2 ~ The Final 39 Trailers (2010)
46. Wonder Women (1973) BD
47. The Erotic Adventures of Candy (1978) BD

Sunday, April 14th
48. Cut-Throats Nine [Condenados a vivir] (1972) STREAM/VOD
49. Adventures of Captain Marvel - Episodes 1 - 6 (1941) BD
50. The Sword and the Claw [Kiliç Aslan] (1975) BD

Monday, April 15th
51. Trucker's Woman (1975) BD
52. Fleshpot on 42nd Street (1973) BD
53. Hot Potato (1976) BD

Tuesday, April 16th
54. The Adventures of Captain Marvel - Episodes 7 - 12 (1941) BD
55. The Take (1974) BD
56. Mutant War (1988) BD

Wednesday, April 17th
57. Sixteen (1973) STREAM/VOD
58. Bonnie's Kids (1972) STREAM/VOD

Thursday, April 18th
59. The Ravager (1970) BD 👍
60. Black Gunn (1972) BD 👍
61. Death Rides a Horse [Da uomo a uomo] (1967) STREAM/VOD 👍

Friday, April 19th
62. White Line Fever (1975) BD 👍
63. The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs Presents Madman (1981/2019) STREAM/VOD 👍
64. The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs Presents Wolfguy: Enraged Lycanthrope [Urufu gai: Moero ôkami-otoko] (1967/2019) STREAM/VOD 👍

Saturday, April 20th
65. Ninja Busters (1984) BD 👍
66. Candy Goes to Hollywood (1979) BD 👍

Sunday, April 21st
67. Weapons of Death [Napoli spara!] (1977) BD 👍
68. River of Death (1989) BD 👍
69. Doberman Cop [Doberuman deka] (1977) BD 👍

Monday, April 22nd
70. Teenage Tramp (1973) STREAM/VOD 👍
71. Sweet Dirty Tony (aka "Cuba Crossing") (1980) BD 👍
72. Robot Ninja (1989) BD 👍

Tuesday, April 23rd
73. Hollywood High (1976) STREAM/VOD 👍
74. Blood of 1000 Virgins (2013) STREAM/VOD 👍
75. Willie Dynamite (1974) BD 👍

Wednesday, April 24th
76. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet - Mac and Me (1988/2019) STREAM/VOD 👍
77. C.C. and Company (1970) STREAM/VOD 👍
78. Percy's Progress (aka "It's Not the Size That Counts") (1974) BD 👍

Thursday, April 25th
79. The Orgy at Lil's Place (1963) BD 👍
80. Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide ~ Disc 3 - The Final 33 Trailers (1970) 👍
81. Two Female Spies with Flowered Panties [Ópalo de fuego: Mercaderes del sexo] (1980) BD 👍

Friday, April 26th
82. Lightning Bolt [Operazione Goldman] (1966) BD 👍
83. The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs Presents Demon Wind (1990/2019) STREAM/VOD 👍
84. The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs Presents The House of the Devil (2007/2019) STREAM/VOD 👍

Saturday, April 27th
85. Vigilante Force (1976) BD 👍
86. 2019: After the Fall of New York [2019 - Dopo la caduta di New York] (1983) BD 👍
87. Trouble Man (1972) BD 👍
88. Screwballs (1983) BD 👍
89. Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991) BD 👍
90. Baby Rosemary (1976) BD 👍

Sunday, April 28th
91. Death Kiss (2018) STREAM/VOD 👍
92. Kill or Be Killed (aka "Karate Killer") (1976) BD 👍
93. Let the Corpses Tan [Laissez bronzer les cadavres] (2017) BD 👍

Monday, April 29th
94. Shaolin Mantis (aka "The Deadly Mantis") [Tang lang] (1978) STREAM/VOD 👍
95. Kill and Kill Again (1983) BD 👍
96. Swedish Gas Pump Girls (1983) STREAM/VOD 👍

Tuesday, April 30th
97. Moonshine County Express (1977) STREAM/VOD 👍
98. Sister Street Fighter [Onna hissatsu ken] (1974) BD 👍
99. Machete Maidens Unleashed! (2010) BD 👍
100. Tunnel Vision (1976) STREAM/VOD 👍




= First Time Viewing
BD = Blu-ray
4KUHD = 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray
STREAM/VOD = Streaming -or- Video on Demand
TCMU = TCM Underground
No Symbol = DVD

First Time Viewings Total: 94/100 (94%)

Box Sets & Streaming Services Used:
Vinegar Syndrome - 5 Films ~ 5 Years: Volume 4: Horror and Exploitation
We Dare You to See... The Mad Mondo Movies of Bob Cresse and Lee Frost
Post- Apocalyptic Collection
4 Film Collection: Urban Action Collection
The Street Fighter Blu-ray Collection
Vinegar Syndrome - 5 Films ~ 5 Years: Volume 3: Golden Age Erotica
B-Movie TV
Night Flight
Sister Street Fighter Blu-ray Collection


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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

indiephantom's 10th Annual Drive-In/
B-Movie/Exploitation Schlock-a-Thon!!

Welcome to my MAN-CAVE

Rating System
Gold ticket or 100% purely splendid fromage
I'd buy that for a dollar
Cool sh*t!
Watchable...grab me another beer (probably T&A or good action)
Meh...move along

If a category is listed as "Optional", it does not need to be
filled to "complete" the checklist. There are 10 free spots you may apply to non-Optional categories.
As with other checklists, titles can count for multiple categories.

Some of these categories are so obscure we're giving 10 free spots of your choosing to fill in the list.

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
* 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
* 1900 -(optional)
* 1910 -(optional)
* 1920 -(optional)
* 1930 -
* 1940 -
* 1950 -
* 1960 -
* 1970 -
* 1980 -
* 1990 -
* 2000 -
* 2010 -
Watch a film for each rating:
* G - (optional)
* PG -
* PG-13 - (optional)
* R -
* X (or NC-17) -
* Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) -

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
* First format, (insert format), (insert title).
* Second format, (insert format), (insert title).
* Third format, (insert format), (insert title).

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:

Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
* Giallo
* Sword & Sandal
* Spaghetti Western
* Cannibal Film
Martial Arts film:
* Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.)
* Hong Kong (or other Asian) film
* American film
* Any "Ninja" film
* Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film
Asian Action Film
Biker Film
Stoner Film
Carsploitation Film
* Any type
* Nudie Cutie
* Roughie
* 70s Porn
* Emmanuelle Film
* Teen Sex Comedy
Rape/Revenge Film
Vigilante Film
Women in Prison
Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation)
Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films
Juvenile Delinquent Film
60s Beach Movie
Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor)
* *Bonus* Elvis film
Mexican Wrestling Film
Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema)
Eco-Terror Film
Pre-90s Post-Apocalyptic film
"Mondo" Film
Documentary ABOUT Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production
Video Nasty
Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or IMDB Bottom 100 {Bottom 100 archive})
Financial Bomb
Razzie Winner or Nominee
MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film

Watch 3 Paycheck films, A.K.A. Nick Cage memorial. Films with once respected actors fallen on hard times.
* 1
* 2
* 3

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
* 1
* 2
* 3
* 4
* 5
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
* 1
* 2
* 3
* 4
* 5
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10
Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
* 1
* 2
* 3
* 4
* 5

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

April 1st
1. Ghoulies
2. Commentary for Ghoulies (FTV)

April 3rd
3. Ghoulies 2

April 4th
4. Stryker (FTV)

April 6th
5. Raiders Of Atlantis (FTV)
6. Best Of The Worst Episode 38 (the one where they talk about Raiders Of Atlantis)

April 7th
7. Ghost Town (FTV)

April 9th
8. Rolling Vengeance (FTV)

April 13th
9. Super Mario Bros.

April 15th
10. Q: The Winged Serpent

April 16th
11. Commentary For Q: The Winged Serpent

April 17th
12. The Willies

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

Mr. Cellophane's 2019 Drive-In / Exploitation / B-Movie
Challenge List

*= first time viewing
blue= personal BluRay
purple= personal DVD
green= streaming
orange= theatrical presentation
red= borrowed or rented BD/DVD

March 31st
01. Shao Lin da peng da shi (a.k.a. Return to the 36th Chamber) (dir. Chia-Liang Liu)*
1980 / Hong Kong / Cantonese with English subtitles / 99 minutes / Netflix / Marital Arts

In Which a young scoundrel travels to the Shaolin Temple in order to learn marital arts so he can protect the oppressed workers (one sporting horrible fake teeth) of his village and finds himself bumbling through a comedic training section. Enjoyable but a step down from the original film.

April 1st
02. Mr. Mean (dir. Fred Williamson)*
1977 / United States, Italy / 77 minutes / Blaxploitation

In Which Mr. Mean is hired to take out a sleazy Italian mobster with bad hair and finds himself in a confusing series of adventures exacerbated by bad acting, a small budget, and a beautiful Italian woman. Boring and not as thrilling as Williamson's earlier directorial efforts.

03. Gojira no gyakushű (a.k.a. Godzilla Raids Again) (dir. Motoyoshi Oda)
1955 / Japan / Japanese with English subtitles / 81 minutes / Kaiju

In Which scientists are replaced with pilots and existential crises are replaced with Anguirus, a monster that Godzilla must battle, which accounts for most of the amazing miniature work. Obviously not as thematically engaging as the first film, and I could have done without the escaped criminals plot line.

04. The Terror of the Tongs (dir. Anthony Bushell)*
1961 / United Kingdom / 76 minutes / Hammer Film

In Which a British sea captain stationed in Hong Kong swears revenge on the Tong syndicate after they murder his teenage daughter, and Christopher Lee dons yellowface to portray the stoic head of the Tongs. The film has a few gruesome murders that you'd expect from Hammer Films.

05. Crash! Che botte... strippo strappo stroppio (a.k.a. Supermen Against the Orient) (dir. Bitto Albertini)*
1973 / Italy, Hong Kong / English dub / 102 minutes / B-Movie TV (Roku) / Martial Arts

In Which a CIA agent teams up with two bumbling thieves and a martial arts master to... thwart someone's evil plan? or take down a gang? I'm sure they're doing something besides boring and confusing me. I was amused by the Italian filmmaker's vision of the American ambassador's American wife (mistress?), a money-hungry, blonde bimbo.

April 2nd
06. I Can Make You Love Me: The Stalking of Laura Black (dir. Michael Switzer)*
1993 / United States / with commercials / 104 minutes / YouTube / Made-for-TV Movie

In Which Richard Thomas becomes obsessed with coworker Brooke Shields and stalks her, aided by his position in the company, misogyny, and a ton of victim blaming. Honestly, this movie was terrifying, and the commercial bumps for local news coverage of multiple shootings didn't help.

07. Black Mama White Mama (dir. Eddie Romero)*
1973 / United States, Philippines / 87 minutes / Women in Prison

In Which two women, a revolutionary and a prostitute, escape from a brutal prison while chained together and are forced to work together to overcome the army, bandits, gangs, and Sid Haig's wardrobe. Fun movie! I watched the Arrow BD which looks awesome and includes several great interviews.

08. Cyborg 2087 (dir. Franklin Adreon)*
1966 / United States / 86 minutes / B-Movie Sci-Fi

In Which a cyborg travels from the future to kidnap a scientist and avert an apocalyptic future, throwing Everytown, U.S.A. into a tizzy. Pretty standard low-budget science fiction fare that recycles sets, props, and themes - including using an old West set for a showdown. I enjoy such things, but your mileage may vary.

April 3rd
09. Mary Higgins Clark's Before I Say Goodbye (dir. Michael Storey)*
2003 / United States / 90 minutes / YouTube / Made-for-TV Movie

10. The Beach Bum (dir. Harmony Korine)*
2019 / United States, Switzerland / 95 minutes / Stoner Movie

April 4th
11. Mystery Science Theater 3000: Here Comes the Circus / The Day the Earth Froze*
1993 / United States, Finland / 90 minutes / Netflix / MST3K episode

12. Vice Raid (dir. Edward L. Cahn)*
1959 / United States / 71 minutes / Film Noir

April 5th
13. Atlas Shrugged: Part I (dir. Paul Johansson)*
2011 / United States / 97 minutes / AmazonPrime / Critical Bomb

14. Wild Weed (a.k.a. She Shoulda Said 'No') (dir. Sam Newfield)
2011 / United States / 70 minutes / Cautionary Movie

15. Wake in Fright (dir. Ted Kotcheff)*
1971 / Australia / 109 minutes / AmazonPrime / Ozploitation

April 6th
16. Hao xia (a.k.a. Last Hurrah for Chivalry) (dir. John Woo)*
1979 / Hong Kong / Cantonese with English subtitles / 106 minutes / Criterion Channel / Marital Arts

17. Joshua (dir. Larry G. Spangler)*
1976 / United States / 80 minutes / B-Movie Western

18. Dolemite (dir. D'Urville Martin)
1975 / United States / 90 minutes / Blaxploitation

19. The Woman Condemned (dir. Dorothy Davenport)*
1934 / United States / 66 minutes / kanopy / Women's Film

April 7th
20. The Ape Man (dir. William Beaudine)
1943 / United States / 64 minutes / B-Movie Horror

21. Shin Godzilla (dir. Hideaki Anno & Sinji Higuchi)
2016 / Japan / Japanese with English subtitles / 120 minutes / Kaiju

22. Woo fook (a.k.a. Foxbat) (dir. Po-Chih Leong)*
1977 / Hong Kong / 107 minutes / Hong Kong Action

April 8th
23. My Name Is Julia Ross (dir. Joseph H. Lewis)*
1945 / United States / 65 minutes / Criterion Channel / Film Noir

Short: Fireworks (dir. Kenneth Anger)*
1947 / United States / 15 minutes / BD / Shocksploitation

April 9th
24. This Rebel Breed (a.k.a. The Black Rebels) (dir. Richard L. Bare & William Rowland)*
1960 / United States / 94 minutes / YouTube / Juvenile Delinquent

25. Night Key (dir. Lloyd Corrigan)
1937 / United States / 68 minutes / B-Movie Thriller

April 10th
26. Pet Sematary (dir. Kevin Kölsch & Dennis Widmyer)*
2009 / United States / 101 minutes / Dolby / Modern B-Movie

April 11th
27. Hotline (dir. Jerry Jameson)*
1982 / United States / 96 minutes / YouTube / Made-for-TV Movie

28. So Dark the Night (dir. Joseph H. Lewis)*
1946 / United States / 71 minutes / Criterion Channel / Film Noir

29. The Human Tornado (dir. Cliff Roquemore)*
1976 / United States / 96 minutes / Blaxploitation

April 12th
30. Still Smokin (dir. Tommy Chong)*
1983 / United States / 91 minutes / kanopy / Stoner Movie

April 14th
31. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (dir. Rob Cohen)
2008 / United States / 112 minutes / Critical Bomb

April 15th
32. Locusts (dir. Richard T. Heffron)*
1974 / United States / 75 minutes / YouTube / Eco-Terror

33. Upgrade (dir. Leigh Whannell)*
2018 / United States / 100 minutes / BD / Modern B-Movie

April 16th
34. Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story (dir. Jeffrey Schwarz)*
2007 / United States / 82 minutes / kanopy / Documentary

35. The Tingler (dir. William Castle)*
1959 / United States / 82 minutes / Hoopla / B-Movie Horror

April 17th
36. La regina dei tartari (a.k.a. The Huns) (dir. Sergio Grieco)*
1960 / Italy / English dub / 82 minutes / AmazonPrime / Sword & Sandal

37. Homicidal (dir. William Castle)
1961 / United States / 88 minutes / B-Movie Horror

April 19th
38. Sudden Fear (dir. David Miller)
1952 / United States / 110 minutes / Film Noir

39. Long men kezhan (a.k.a. Dragon Inn) (dir. King Hu)*
1967 / Taiwan / Mandarin with English subtitles / 111 minutes / Criterion Channel / Martial Arts

April 26th
40. Bad Samaritan (dir. Dean Devlin)*
2018 / United States / 110 minutes / Modern B-Movie

April 28th
41. Fiend Without a Face (dir. Arthur Crabtree)
1958 / United Kingdom / 74 minutes / Criterion Collection / B-Movie Science Fiction

April 30th
42. Tomorrow's Child (dir. Joseph Sargent)*
1982 / United States / 100 minutes / YouTube / Made-for-TV Movie

43. Ghost Warrior (dir. J. Larry Carroll)*
1984 / United States / 81 minutes / B-Movie Action

Watch one film from every decade of film history
--- 1890 - (optional)
--- 1900 - (optional)
--- 1910 - (optional)
--- 1920 - (optional)
-x- 1930 - The Woman Condemned
-x- 1940 - My Name Is Julia Ross
-x- 1950 - Gojira no gyakushű (a.k.a. Godzilla Raids Again)
-x- 1960 - Cyborg 2087
-x- 1970 - Crash! Che botte... strippo strappo stroppio (a.k.a. Supermen Against the Orient)
-x- 1980 - Hotline
-x- 1990 - I Can Make You Love Me: The Stalking of Laura Black
--- 2000 -
-x- 2010 - Shin Godzilla

Watch a film for each rating
--- G - (optional)
--- PG -
-x- PG-13 - Mary Higgins Clark's Before I Say Goodbye
-x- R - Pet Sematary
--- X (or NC-17) -
--- Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) -

Watch films in at least three formats - Completed
-x- On the Big Screen - The Beach Bum
-x- Streaming - So Dark the Night
-x- Blu-Ray - Upgrade

Watch a film in the following genres
--- Giallo
-x- Sword & Sandal - La regina dei tartari (a.k.a. The Huns)
--- Spaghetti Western
--- Cannibal
--- Bruce Lee-sploitation
-x- Hong Kong - Shao Lin da peng da shi (a.k.a. Return to the 36th Chamber)
--- American martial arts
--- "Ninja"
--- Actual Bruce Lee movie - (optional)
-x- Asian Action - Woo fook (a.k.a. Foxbat)
--- Biker
-x- Stoner - Still Smokin
--- Carsploitation
--- FADsploitation
-x- Blaxploitation - Mr. Mean
--- Sexploitation
--- Nudie Cutie
--- Roughie
--- 70s Porn
--- Emmanuelle
--- Teen Sex Comedy
--- Nunsploitation
--- Shocksploitation
--- Rape/Revenge
--- Vigilante
--- Women in Prison
--- Nazisploitation
--- Eschploitation
--- Hixploitation
-x- Roadshow Exploitation / "Cautionary" - Wild Weed (a.k.a. She Shoulda Said 'No')
-x- Juvenile Delinquent - This Rebel Breed (a.k.a. The Black Rebels)
--- 60s Beach Movie
--- Film starring a musician (that did not become a legit actor)
--- Elvis movie - (optional)
-x- Ozploitation - Wake in Fright
--- Mexican Wrestling
--- Foreign "Ripoff"
-x- Eco-Terror - Locusts
--- Pre-90s Post-Apocalyptic
--- "Mondo"
-x- Documentary - Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story
--- Video Nasty
-x- Critical Bomb - The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
-x- Financial Bomb - Atlas Shrugged: Part I
--- Razzie Winner / Nominee
-x- MST3K / RiffTrax / Cinematic Titanic: MST3K: Here Comes the Circus / The Day the Earth Froze

Watch 3 Paycheck films aka The Nic Cage Memorial
--- 1
--- 2
--- 3

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list
-x- Christopher Lee - The Terror of the Tongs
-x- Mamie Van Doren - Vice Raid
-x- Fred Williamson - Joshua
-x- D'Urville Martin - Dolemite
-x- Boris Karloff - Night Key
-x- Rudy Ray Moore - The Human Tornado
-x- Vincent Price - The Tingler
-x- Joan Crawford - Sudden Fear
--- 9
--- 10

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list
-x- Eddie Romero - Black Mama White Mama
-x- William Beaudine - The Ape Man
-x- Kenneth Anger - Fireworks
-x- William Castle - Homicidal
--- 5
--- 6
--- 7
--- 8
--- 9
--- 10

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list
-x- Hong Kong Legends - Hao xia (a.k.a. Last Hurrah for Chivalry)
-x- Shaw Brothers - Long men kezhan (a.k.a. Dragon Inn)
--- 3
--- 4
--- 5

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

April 2019 Cult/B-movie Challenge

Trevor's Personal Challenge Checklist
(a monthly checklist to help justify collections and subscriptions)
* items marked such are not necessarily Challenge-compliant

Adult Swim
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!; s1e1-2; DVD

Amazon Prime
Arachnia, Rifftrax

Amazon Video
Chevelle: Any Last Words

Justice League vs. The Fatal Five, DCU

80s Trailer Trauma 3: Horrorthon, disc 1

Jeepers Creepers 3

Comic Book
Batman: Gotham Knight, Vudu

Commentary Track
A Clockwork Orange, BD
Tim and Eric, s1e1

Multiple Maniacs, BD

DC Universe
Doom Patrol s1e7-10

A Clockwork Orange, BD

Disney - disc
Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups, BD

Disney - stream
Mickey Mouse, s1e1, No Service; YouTubeTV

MST3K, Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell

30 for 30, Robbed

Full Moon Streaming
13 Nights of Elvira, Seedpeople

Godzilla/King Kong
Godzilla vs Destroyah, Vudu

Batman Ninja

Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

Jingle All the Way 2, YouTube TV

Being from Another Planet (Time Walker), MST3K version, DVD

I Kill Giants

For the Love of Spock

Monty Pythonesque
Monty Python’s Flying Circus, s1e1, Netflix

Movies Anywhere
Speed 2

Teenage Caveman, DVD

The Muppet Show, Brooke Shields, DVD

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Gary Shandling

Peanuts, s1e67, Go to School!

King David
C.H.U.D. 2

The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs, C.H.U.D.
The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs, Castle Freak
The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs, Q: The Winged Serpent
The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs, Society
King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen
The Stuff

special feature
Making of featurette, A Clockwork Orange, BD
multiple featurettes on MST3K discs

Star Trek
The New Voyages, pilot, DVD-R

Drop Dead Fred

The Da Vinci Code, BD

2036 Origin Unknown

Avengers: Endgame

Nurse, BD

TV Show - disc
12 to the Moon, MST3K, DVD

Vudu - free
Masters of the Universe

Vudu - owned
Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme


YouTube TV
Between Two Ferns, several episodes
Cobra Kai, season one

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)


TOTAL : 44


April 1
1. Let the Corpses Tan (2017, Hélčne Cattet & Bruno Forzani) Blu-ray

April 2
2. Ms. 45 (1981, Abel Ferrara) Blu-ray
3. Gun Crazy (1950, Joseph H. Lewis) Blu-ray

April 3
4. Sudden Fury (1975, D. Brian Damude) Blu-ray

April 4
5. Revenge (2017, Coralie Fargeat) DVD
6. Mandy (2018, Panos Cosmatos) DVD

April 5
7. Female Trouble (1974, John Waters) Blu-ray

April 6
8. Assault on Paradise (1977, Richard Compton) Blu-ray
9. Top of the Heap (1972, Christopher St. John) Blu-ray

April 7
10. Rabid Dogs (1974, Mario Bava) Blu-ray

April 8
11. Zombie (1979, Lucio Fulci) Blu-ray

April 9
12. Tales That Witness Madness (1973, Freddie Francis) Blu-ray

April 10
13. Sleepaway Camp (1983, Robert Hiltzik) Blu-ray

April 11
14. Opera (1987, Dario Argento) Blu-ray
15. Suspiria (1977, Dario Argento) Blu-ray

April 12
16. Drive-In Delirium: The New Batch (2017, Trailer Collection) Blu-ray

April 13
17. Impulse (1984, Graham Baker) Blu-ray

April 14
18. The Night Stalker (1972, John Llewellyn Moxey) Blu-ray
19. The Night Strangler (1973, Dan Curtis) Blu-ray
20. Trilogy of Terror (1975, Dan Curtis) Blu-ray

April 15
21. Creepshow (1982, George A. Romero) Blu-ray
22. Creepshow 2 (1987, Michael Gornick) Blu-ray

April 16
23. Fiend Without a Face (1958, Arthur Crabtree) DVD

April 17
24. The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962, Joseph Green) Blu-ray
25. The Frozen Dead (1966, Herbert J. Leder) DVD

April 18
26. Horror Express (1972, Gene Martin) Blu-ray

April 19
27. Project X (1968, William Castle) Blu-ray

April 20
28. Quelli che contano aka Cry of a Prostitute (1974, Andrea Bianchi) Blu-ray

April 21
29. Paranoiac (1963, Freddie Francis) Blu-ray
30. Maniac (1963, Michael Carreras) DVD

April 22
31. Shoot First, Die Later (1974, Fernando Di Leo) Blu-ray

April 23
32. The Grissom Gang (1971, Robert Aldrich) DVD

April 24
33. Homicidal (1961, William Castle) DVD

April 25
34. The Shuttered Room (1967, David Greene) DVD

April 26
35. Sitting Target (1972, Douglas Hickox) DVD

April 27
36. Flesh for Frankenstein (1973, Paul Morrissey) DVD
37. Blood for Dracula (1974, Paul Morrissey) DVD

April 28
38. The Fifth Cord (1971, Luigi Bazzoni) DVD

April 29
39. Horror of Dracula (1958, Terence Fisher) Blu-ray
40. Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966, Terence Fisher) Blu-ray
41. Dracula Has Risen from the Grave (1968, Freddie Francis) DVD
42. Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970, Peter Sasdy) DVD

April 30
43. The Playgirls and the Vampire (1960, Piero Regnoli) Streaming/Fandor
44. The Vampire and the Ballerina (1960, Renato Polselli) Streaming/YouTube

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

The 10th Annual Drive-in / Exploitation / B-Movie Challenge

April 1
1. Keoma*

April 3
2. The Grand Duel*

April 9
3. Mystery Science Theater 3000 - "Blood Waters of Dr. Z"*

April 11
4. RiffTrax Live! Plan 9 from Outer Space

April 13
5. Danger: Diabolik
6. One Cut of the Dead*

April 14
7. The Guilt Trip*

April 15
8. Hard Ticket to Hawaii*

April 18
9. RiffTrax Live! Octaman*

April 20
10. The Harder They Come Kanopy*

April 21
11. John Carter*
12. What Have You Done to Solange?

April 22
13. Geostorm*

April 24
14. Hercules in the Haunted World Amazon Prime*

April 25
15. What Have They Done to Your Daughters?*

April 27
16. Zombie

April 28
17. Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four Amazon Prime*

April 29
18. Mondo Cane Amazon Prime*

April 30
19. Die Screaming, Marianne

* - first-time views
Titles in Blue - Blu-Ray

Total - 19
First-time views - 14

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
* 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
* 1900 -(optional)
* 1910 -(optional)
* 1920 -(optional)
* 1930 -
* 1940 -
* 1950 -
XXX 1960 - Danger: Diabolik 1968
XXX 1970 - Keoma 1976
XXX 1980 - Hard Ticket to Hawaii 1987
* 1990 -
* 2000 -
XXX 2010 - One Cut of the Dead 2017

Watch a film for each rating:
* G - (optional)
* PG -
XXX PG-13 - The Guilt Trip
XXX R - Keoma
* X (or NC-17) -
* Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) -

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
XXX Keoma Blu-Ray
XXX Danger: Diabolik streaming
XXX The Guilt Trip DVD

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:

Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
XXX Giallo What Have You Done to Solange?
XXX Sword & Sandal Hercules in the Haunted World
XXX Spaghetti Western Keoma
* Cannibal Film
Martial Arts film:
* Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.)
* Hong Kong (or other Asian) film
* American film
* Any "Ninja" film
* Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film
Asian Action Film
Biker Film
Stoner Film
Carsploitation Film
* Any type
* Nudie Cutie
* Roughie
* 70s Porn
* Emmanuelle Film
* Teen Sex Comedy
Rape/Revenge Film
Vigilante Film
Women in Prison
Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation)
Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films
Juvenile Delinquent Film
60s Beach Movie
XXX Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor) The Harder They Come
* *Bonus* Elvis film
Mexican Wrestling Film
Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema)
Eco-Terror Film
Pre-90s Post-Apocalyptic film
XXX "Mondo" Film Mondo Cane
XXX Documentary ABOUT Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four
XXX Video Nasty Zombie
XXX Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or IMDB Bottom 100 {Bottom 100 archive}) Geostorm
XXX Financial Bomb John Carter
XXX Razzie Winner or Nominee The Guilt Trip
XXX MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film Mystery Science Theater 3000 - "Blood Waters of Dr. Z"

Watch 3 Paycheck films, A.K.A. Nick Cage memorial. Films with once respected actors fallen on hard times.
* 1
* 2
* 3

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
XXX 1 The Grand Duel Lee Van Cleef
XXX 2 Hercules in the Haunted World Christopher Lee
* 3
* 4
* 5
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
XXX 1 Keoma Enzo G. Castellari
XXX 2 Danger: Diabolik Mario Bava
XXX 3 Hard Ticket to Hawaii Andy Sidaris
XXX 4 Zombie Lucio Fulci
* 5
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
XXX 1 Keoma Mill Creek Entertainment
XXX 2 Zombie Blue Underground
XXX 3 Die Screaming, Marianne Redemption
* 4
* 5

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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

I'm in.
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Re: LIST THREAD 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge.(April 1-30, 2019)

*indicates first time viewing

1. Slender Man* (Sylvain White, 2018, OnDemand) 0/10
2. Terminal Invasion* (Sean S. Cunningham, 2002, DVD) 3/10
3. Ganja & Hess* (Bill Gunn, 1973, Shudder) 5/10
4. My Uncle John Is A Zombie* (John Russo, 2017, Convention Screening) 3/10
5. Chubbies* (Mike Hartman, 2014, Blu-ray) 6/10
6. Beyond The Valley Of Belief vol 1* (Brian Papandrea, 2017, Blu-ray) 6/10
7. The Silence* (John R. Leonetti, 2019, Netflix) 3.5/10
8. Pet Sematary* (Kevin Kolsch/Dennis Widmyer, 2019, Theater) 3.5/10
9. Creep 2* (Patrick Brice, 2017, Netflix) 2/10
10. Beyond The Valley Of Belief vol 2* (Brian Papandrea, 2018, Blu-ray) 7/10
11. Bad, Bad Gang* (Jon Donne, 1972, DVD) 5/10
12. Grindhouse Nightmares* (Richard Driscoll, 2018, DVD) 1/10
13. Psychopaths* (Mickey Keating, 2017, Shudder) 4/10
14. Hagazussa* (Lukas Heigelfeld, 2017, Blu-ray) 7/10
15. The Suckling* (Francis Teri, 1990, Blu-ray) 7/10
16. Invasion Of The Blood Farmers (Ed Adlum, 1972, Blu-ray) 6/10
17. Tarantula (Jack Arnold, 1955, Blu-ray) 8/10
18. Kiss Of The Tarantula (Chris Munger, 1976, Blu-ray) 5/10
19. Basket Case (Frank Henenlotter, 1982, Drive-In) 8/10
20. The Toxic Avenger (Lloyd Kauffman, 1984, Drive-In) 8/10
21. Slithis (Stephen Traxler, 1978, Drive-In) 5/10
22. The Fog (John Carpenter, 1980, Drive-In) 8/10

23. Creepshow (George Romero, 1982, Drive-In) 8/10

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Re: 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge LIST THREAD.(April 1-30, 2019)

April 1
1. 6-Headed Shark Attack (2018). FTV. Streamed. 1.5/5.

April 2
2. The Nobodies (2017). FTV. Watched on DVD from Troma. 2/5.

April 3
3. The Immoral Three (1975). FTV. Streamed. 2.5/5.
4. Dead American Woman (2010). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2/5.

April 4
5. Taste Me: Death-Scort Service Part 3 (2018). FTV. Watched on Blu-ray. 2.5/5.

April 5
6. Sweet Sugar (1972). FTV. Streamed. 2.5/5.
7. To Kill With Intrigue (1977). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5

April 6
8. Maggots (2017). FTV. Streamed. 1.5/5.
9. Swamp Girl (1971). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
10. Robinson And His Wild Slavegirls (1972). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2/5.
11. Swamp Country (1966). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
12. Pussy Kills (2017). FTV. Streamed. 2/5.
13. 18 Bronze Girls Of Shaolin (1983). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
14. Shoot The Girls (2001). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2/5.
15. 18 Golden Destroyers (1985). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2/5.

April 7
16. Cruel Tango (2012). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
17. Nam Angels (1989). FTV. Streamed. 2.5/5.
18. Satanic Meat Cleaver Massacre (2017). FTV. Streamed. 1.5/5.
19. The Sword And The Claw (1975). FTV. Watched on Blu-ray. 3/5.
20. Scars Of Xavier (2017). FTV. Streamed. 2.5/5.
21. Ice Twisters (2009). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2/5.
22. Panic (1982). FTV. Watched on Blu-ray. 2/5.

April 8
23. Death Squad (2014). FTV. Watched on DVD. 1.5/5.
24. Shocking Dark (1989). FTV. Streamed. 2.5/5.
25. The Angry Red Planet (1959). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.

April 9
26. Infrasexum (1969). FTV. Streamed. 2/5.
27. Beyond The Time Barrier (1960). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
28. Star Slammer (1986). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2/5.
29. Silent Predators (1999). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2/5.
30. Starcrash (1978). FTV. Streamed. 2/5.
31. The Hellbenders (1967). FTV. Watched on DVD. 3/5.
32. Ryde Or Die (2018). FTV. Streamed. 2/5.
33. Cry Blood, Apache (1970). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2/5.

April 10
34. Mankillers (1987). FTV. Watched on Blu-ray. 2/5.
35. The Silent Force (2001). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2/5.
36. Intimate Games (1976). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
37. The Return Of Captain Invincible (1983). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
38. Four Riders (1972). FTV. Watched on DVR. 3/5.

April 11
39. Snowmageddon (2011). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
40. Hand Of Death (1962). FTV. Streamed. 2.5/5.
41. Stagecoach Outlaws (1945). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
42. Pool Party Massacre (2017). FTV. Streamed. 2.5/5.
43. Hostile (2017). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
44. Punk Vacation (1990). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2/5.
45. The Snake Woman (1961). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.

April 12
46. Scary Story Slumber Party (2017). FTV. Streamed. 2/5.
47. The Face Of Marble (1946). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
48. The Mini-Skirt Mob (1968). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2.5/5.
49. Assholes (2017). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
50. Tarzoon Shame Of The Jungle (1975). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2.5/5.
51. Steel Sharks (1997). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2/5.
52. Mark Of The Lash (1948). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2.5/5.

April 13
53. Another Son Of Sam (1977). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2/5.
54. I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle (1990). FTV. Watched on Blu-ray. 2.5/5.
55. Space Boobs In Space (2017). FTV. Streamed. 1/5.
56. It Conquered The World (1956). FTV. Streamed. 2.5/5.

April 14
57. Jaguar Lives! (1979). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2/5.
58. Vice Girls (1997). FTV. Streamed. 1.5/5.
59. SheBorg Massacre (2016). FTV. Streamed. 2.5/5.
60. Vampire Strangler (1999). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2/5.
61. Just For The Hell Of It (1968). FTV. Streamed. 2.5/5.

April 15
62. Blood Of Redemption (2013). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
63. Metamorphosis The Alien Factor (1990). FTV. Streamed. 2/5.

April 16
64. Au Pair Girls (1972). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2.5/5.
65. Teenape Vs The Monster Nazi Apocalypse (2012). FTV. Streamed. 2/5.

April 17
66. The Magnetic Monster (1953). FTV. Streamed. 3/5.
67. Pet Graveyard (2019). FTV. Streamed. 1.5/5.

April 18
68. Savage Abduction (1973). FTV. Streamed. 1.5/5.
69. Rockabilly Zombie Weekend (2013). FTV. Streamed. 2/5.

April 19
70. Buddhist Shaolin Avengers (1973). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
71. Video Vixens! (1974). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2.5/5.
72. Johnny Gruesome (2018). FTV. Streamed. 2/5.
73. Last House On Massacre Street (1973). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2.5/5.
74. Superbeast (1972). FTV. Streamed. 1.5/5.

April 20
75. The G.I. Executioner (1971). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2/5.
76. Rolling Kansas (2003). FTV. Watched on DVD. 3/5.
77. Jailbait (2014). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.

April 21
78. Female Teacher: In Front Of The Students (1982). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
79. Flowers (2015). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2.5/5.
80. Mr. Cleaver (2018). FTV. Streamed. 2/5.
81. The Cyclops (1957). FTV. Streamed. 2/5.

April 22
82. Living Venus (1961). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2.5/5.
83. Planet Of The Vampire Women (2011). FTV. Streamed. 2/5.

April 24
84. I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu (2019). FTV. Streamed. 2/5.

April 25
85. 8 Ball Clown (2018). FTV. Streamed. 1.5/5.
86. Texas Legionaires (1943). FTV. Streamed. 2.5/5.

April 26
87. Wicked Memoirs Of Eugenie (1980). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2/5.
88. High On The Hog (2019). FTV. Streamed. 2.5/5.
89. The Astounding She-Monster (1957). FTV. Streamed. 2/5.

April 27
90. The 72 Desperate Rebels (1978). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
91. Slay Belles (2018). FTV. Streamed. 2/5.
92. Ninja Kids (1982). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
93. Evil Bong 420 (2015). FTV. Streamed. 2/5.

April 28
94. Foresight Killer Instinct (2013). FTV. Streamed. 2.5/5.
95. Geo-Disaster (2017). FTV. Watched on DVD. 1.5/5.
96. Swamp Freak (2017). FTV. Streamed. 1/5.
97. Utah (1945). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.
98. Night Vision (1997). FTV. Watched on DVR. 2/5.
99. The Last Riders (1992). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2.5/5.

April 29
100. Killing Twice: A Deadhunter Chronicle (2007). FTV. Watched on DVD. 2/5.
101. The Plumber (1979). FTV. Watched on DVR. 3/5.

April 30
102. I Am Sartana Your Angel Of Death (1969). FTV. Watched on DVR. 3/5.
103. Ghastlies (2016). FTV. Streamed. 1/5.

Total watched is 103 with 103 first time views.

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Re: 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge LIST THREAD.(April 1-30, 2019)

April First
1. Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker(Asher, 1981) 5/10
April Second
2. Video Dead
April Third
3. Malibu Express
April Fourth
4. Missing in Action 2

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Re: 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge LIST THREAD.(April 1-30, 2019)

10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge
Bold = First Time View
1. April Fool's Day (1986) My DVD
2. Megafault (2009) Syfy On Demand
3. American Ninja (1985) Starz Encore On Demand
4. American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (1987) Starz Encore On Demand
5. American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (1989) Starz Encore On Demand
6. Office Uprising (2018) Download
7. American Ninja 4: The Annihilation (1991) Starz Encore On Demand
8. The Black Cat (1966) My DVD
9. Uninvited (1988) My DVD
10. Svengoolie ''House Of Dracula'' (1945/2019) MeTV
11. Avenging Force (1986) Starz Encore On Demand
12. Ouija: Origin Of Evil (2016) FXM On Demand
13. Demons (1985) YouTube
14. Demons 2 (1986) YouTube
15. Country Music Holiday (1958) YouTube
16. The Lullaby Of Bareland (1964) YouTube
17. Campfire Tales (1997) Online
18. Convict Women (1974) YouTube
19. Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (1977) YouTube
20. Hellblock 13 (1999) YouTube
21. Rocktober Blood (1984) YouTube
22. The Cave (2005) My DVD
23. The Hoolihan & Big Chuck Show ''Scared To Death'' (1947/1976) YouTube
24. The Employer (2013) El Rey On Demand
25. Swap Meet (1979) YouTube
26. Svengoolie ''The Son Of Dr. Jekyll'' (1951/2019) MeTV
27. Majin, The Monster Of Terror (1966) YouTube
28. Pink Force Commando (1982) YouTube
29. She (1982) YouTube
30. Star Odyssey (1979) My DVD
31. Dirty Tricks (1981) YouTube (in 9 Parts)
32. Prisoners Of The Lost Universe (1983) My DVD
33. Arctic Predator (2010) Syfy On Demand
34. Tourist Trap (1979) My DVD
35. Duck! The Carbine High Massacre (1999) YouTube
36. Exit Speed (2008) El Rey On Demand
37. MST3K KTMA (Cinema Edition) ''Superdome'' (1978/1989) YouTube
38. Svengoolie ''Valley Of The Dragons'' (19/2019) MeTV
39. Broadway Jungle (1955) YouTube
40. Doctor Blood's Coffin (1961) My DVD
41. Orgy In The Psycho House (1969) YouTube
42. Bill And Coo (1948) YouTube
43. Eggshells (1969) YouTube
44. Dog Soldiers (2002) YouTube
45. No Escape Room (2018) Syfy On Demand
46. Terror Is a Man (1959) TCM
47. Collision Earth (2011) Syfy On Demand
48. New Orleans Uncensored (1955) YouTube
49. Janie (1970) YouTube
50. Bucky And The Squirrels (2018) Online
51. Journey To The Center Of The Earth (1988) Movieplex On Demand
52. The Remains (2016) YouTube
53. Svengoolie ''The Blob'' (1959/2019) MeTV
54. Frogs (1972) My DVD
55. Heebie Jeebies (2013) Syfy On Demand
56. Attack Of The Giant Leeches (1959) My DVD
57. The Twilight People (1972) My DVD
Total = 57
38 First Time Views

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Re: 10th Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge LIST THREAD.(April 1-30, 2019)

2010 B-Movie/Exploitation/Drive-in Movie Challenge List - 104
2011 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 105
2012 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 100
2013 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 100
2014 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 64
2015 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 86
2016 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 98
2017 Drive-in/Exploitation Challenge List - 109
2018 Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 101


1) Beyond the Law (Al di lŕ della legge)(1968) - Lee Van Cleef and his two partners steal a mine's payroll and end up staying in the mining town and helping the miners fight a second group of thieves.
2) The Proud and Damned (1972) - Five ex-Confederate soldiers end up somewhere in South America following the Civil War, and are asked to join the civil war starting there. Had high hopes for this one, because Chuck Connors and Cesar Romero were in it, but it took me three tries to get through it.
3) Crash! Che botte... strippo strappo stroppio (Supermen Against the Orient) (1973) [B-Movie TV]- Italian Super Hero flick mashed-up with a chop-socky movie, resulting in an unwatchable mess. Secret Agent doing spy-stuff joins with two idiots out to steal some money. Took nearly an hour to get to the bullet-proof red long johns.


4) Rainbow Valley (1935) - John Wayne runs into Gabby Hayes and gets recruited to help the citizens of Rainbow Valley build a new road so the sheriff can get there from the county seat and run a group of bad guys out of the valley.
5) Kentucky Rifle (1955) - After a wagon carrying a piggyback load of Kentucky Rifles in a wagon train breaks down due to the additional weight, Chill Wills, Sterling Holloway, and a few others stick around to repair the wagon while the wagon train goes on ahead, and spend most of the time fighting amongst themselves when they aren't fighting marauding Indians.
6) Pioneer Woman (1973) - In this made-for-TV movie, Joanna Pettet plays an Indiana housewife who becomes a pioneer woman when her husband, store clerk William Shatner, decides on the spur-of-the-moment to pack up his family and his big ol' mustache and move to Nebraska to grow wheat.
7) The Sleep of Death (1980) [B-Movie TV] - Period piece set in France after Napoleon's exile. Not much going on in this one; just people in silly costumes, sitting around talking until it finally ended.


8) The Young Land (1959) - Dennis Hopper kills a man after provoking him into a gunfight and is arrested by sheriff Patrick Wayne and tried for murder. Nothing special, but I liked it.
9) Randy Rides Alone (1934) - John Wayne enters a bar and finds a few dead bodies littering the floor. The local sheriff shows up a few minutes later and arrests him for murder. Later, he escapes and goes looking for the real killers. Nothing extraordinary. Typical B oater -only notable for a clean-shaven Gabby Hayes playing the main bad guy.


10) Revenge of a Gunfighter (The Mercenary, Il mercenario) (1968) - Mercenary Franco Nero is hired to escort a shipment of silver from a mine in Mexico to the U.S., but when he gets to the mine, he finds that the miners have become "revolutionaries" and have taken over the mine. The "revolutionaries" hire him as a military advisor, and proceed to spread their "revolution" (which mostly consists of robbing banks) across Mexico, with the Mexican army and Jack Palance in pursuit.
11) King of the Cowboys (1943) - During WWII, Singing Cowboy Roy Rogers is hired by the governor of Arkansas to stop a gang of saboteurs responsible for a series of explosions.
12) Red Blood Yellow Gold (Professionals for a Massacre, Professionisti per un massacro) (1967) - Edd Byrnes is one of three Confederate soldiers who steal a wagon full of rifles, then sell them to some Union soldiers who they then blow up. The Confederate general in charge of the area sends a colonel with a wagon full of gold to Mexico to buy more rifles, but the colonel and his men kill the other soldiers escorting the wagon and steal the gold and head toward Mexico. Kookie and his buddies are recruited to retrieve the gold.
13) There's a Noose Waiting for You...Trinity! (A Noose Is Waiting for You Trinity, Il ritorno di Clint il solitario) (1972) - Trinity, wanted for murder and with a $5,000 bounty on his head after killing the guy who killed his brother, returns home to his wife and kids, and hangs up his guns, hoping to retire and work on his ranch. The local bad guys and bounty hunter Klaus Kinski make it hard for him to quit.
14) The Star Packer (1934)- John Wayne becomes sheriff of a small town terrorized by a gang after the gang kills the old sheriff. Another flick with a clean-shaven Gabby Hayes playing a bad guy. I guess they weren't as rare as I had assumed.
15) Savage Encounter (1980) [B-Movie TV] - A man and his wife are in their isolated home at night somewhere in South Africa when two snaggletoothed hicks break in and beat and tie up the husband, then rape the wife. The next morning, they throw the husband into a canoe and go upstream a little ways, dragging the canoe behind their boat. The husband escapes and makes his way back to his house, grabs a shotgun, then goes hunting for the two hicks. That description makes the movie sound better than it was.


16) Little Moon & Jud McGraw (Gone with the West) (1974) - Aldo Ray's gang holds up a stagecoach driven by James Caan and steals some money. Caan goes to prison for some reason, then escapes and goes after the gangmembers. He hides out in the rocks near a small town where he joins up with Stefanie Powers and carries out an oddly labor-intensive revenge consisting of building three catapults to throw rocks at the buildings, and later, a large box kite he uses to drop dynamite on the town. Meanwhile, 'cause why not?, Sammy Davis Jr. skulks around, dressed in black leather, looking like he's about to break out in song or start dancing at any minute.
17) Lights of Old Santa Fe (1944) - Dale Evans owns a failing rodeo that Gabby Hayes runs for her. Roy Rogers is hired by their competitor, but quits after the guy says he only wants him to sing in the rodeo, and gets hired by Gabby, which drives the competitor to try to sabotage the show. Some pretty good trick riding in this, but that was quickly overshadowed by the insane, frantic chariot race (of all things) that popped up unexpectedly midway through the movie.
18) Bruce Lee: The Man, the Myth (1976) [B-Movie TV] - Bruce Lee biopic starring Bruce Li. Apparently Bruce Lee exercised a lot, when he wasn't being challenged to a fight by some random guy. I had seen this one before.
19) Grunt! The Wrestling Movie (1985) [B-Movie TV] - A movie about wrestling. I've never been a wrestling fan, and I had a tough time staying awake through this one.


20) Long Live Your Death (Don't Turn the Other Cheek, ˇViva la muerte... tua!) (1971) - Lynn Redgrave plays an Irish reporter who wants to start a revolution in Mexico, so she pays to help a Mexican revolutionary escape from prison. Unfortunately, for her, he died six months before, and she gets a common crook, Eli Wallach, and a con man, Franco Nero, instead.
21) Sagebrush Trail (1933) - John Wayne, wrongly sent to prison for murder, escapes to find the real killer. He joins up with a gang of outlaws hiding in the Bronson Canyon caves, and ends up befriending the real killer.


22) Trinity and Sartana Are Coming (Trinitŕ e Sartana figli di...) (1972) - Two outlaws battle other crooks for gold. Nearly unwatchable. Took several tries to make it through this steaming pile.
23) She Came to the Valley (1979) - Dean Stockwell and his wife welcome drifter Scott Glenn into their home, then later move to south Texas, because of his stories about how nice it was, and open a general store. Soon after moving there, Glenn gets them involved in gun running for his buddy, Pancho Villa (Freddy Fender). Yeah, nothing else in the movie made any sense either.


24) Raiders of Old California (1957) - A marshall and a judge show up in California to investigate a gang (including Lee Van Cleef) who took possession of most of the land making up Califonia from a Mexican officer in excahnge for his life at the and of the Mexican-American war. Not very interesting. Took me a few tries to make it through.
25) Any Gun Can Play (Vado... l'ammazzo e torno) (1967) - Edd Byrnes is a banker accompanying a load of gold on a train. The gold is stolen, then buried, and several people (among them, a bounty hunter who calls himself the Stranger) go looking for it. I saw this one a few years ago, but didn't remember too much of it (other than the train robbery and Kookie bouncing around like Zorro to escape a half dozen gangsters), so it wasn't a total waste.
26) Dan Candy's Law (Alien Thunder) (1974) - Donald Sutherland and Kevin McCarthy are best friends who are Mounties who arrest an Indian for killing a cow. The Indian escapes and kills McCarthy, then Sutherland hunts him down, and before long it escalates into a small war.
27) Boot Hill (La collina degli stivali) (1969) - Terence Hill gets shot and hides in a circus. After he recovers from the gunshot, he and Woody Strode go get Bud Spencer, and the three of them, along with the circus performers fight the bad guys, led by Victor Buono, who are trying to take over all the gold mines in the area.
28) The Fatal Flying Guillotines (Vier stahlharte Fäuste, Yin yang xie di zi) (1977) [B-Movie TV] - Old guy has a set of flying guillotines that he calls "the Lightning Strike." An evil prince wants to get them, so a bunch of people go to the "Valley of No Return" where the old guy lives and fight the old guy. There's also a magic book involved.


29) The Law of 45's (1935) - PRC cheapie. An old British guy goes to a lawyer, looking to buy a few ranches in the area. The lawyer kidnaps him and locks him in his basement, then he starts killing ranchers, and buying their ranches cheap. A cowboy rides in on a cattle drive and helps the latest target avoid getting killed, and falls for the target's daughter, so he helps catch the bad guy lawyer.
30) Yuma (1971) - Clint Walker is a U.S. Marshall who rides into Yuma to be the new lawman. He ends up shooting a troublemaker who draws on him, and locking up that guy's brother. Later, two men help the guy escape jail, and one of them shoots the guy in the back, thinking people will blame Walker. Walker investigates and finds that the quarter master at the local Army fort is a crook.
31) Day of the Wolves (1971) - A bearded man, calling himself "Number One," recruits six crooks from across the U.S., all with beards, and assigns numbers to each of them too. He plans for them to take over a small town in the desert and steal over a million bucks. Meanwhile, the town's city council has fired their police chief for daring to arrest a councilman's JD son.
32) The Enchanted (1984) [B-MovieTV] - Young fellow moves back to the land he inherited from his dad in Florida to raise cattle. His old friend and neighbor warns him to not get too close to the weird people who live in the swamp nearby, but he ends up falling in love with their oldest daughter and she moves in with him. Meanwhile "some kind of huge dog" is killing his cows.


33) God's Gun (Diamante Lobo) (1976) - A Golan-Globus production with Lee Van Cleef as a priest and a retired gunfighter, Jack Palance as the leader of a gang of crooks that takes over a town, and Richard Boone as an old, ineffectual sheriff who doesn't do much of anything.


34) Deadwood '76 (1965) -Arch Hall Jr. is a young guy named Billy who's pretty good with a gun who joins up with a cat herder going to Deadwood. After he kills two guys in a gunfight, people start to think he's Billy the Kid, who the townspeople are expecting to have a gunfight soon with Wild Bill Hickok.


35) Deadly Silver Angels (Yan zhi hu) (1981) [B-Movie TV] - After a criminal boss is murdered, his daughter takes over the gang and surrounds herself with female minions (including a five girl gang with bird tattoos). Mix in an undercover kung fu cop, a pair of long-lost brothers, and a bunch of kung fu fights.
36) Four Rode Out (1970) - Pernell Roberts, Sue Lyon, and Leslie Nielsen ride out into the desert in pursuit of a man wanted for bank robbery. They find him, then head back to civilization, fighting each other, and thirst and the desert heat all the way.


37) Billy the Kid's Range War (1941) Some bad guys trying to stop the construction of a new road kill a guy, and Bob Steele is framed for the murder and has to bring the real killers to justice.
38) Joshua (1976) - Just after the Civil War ends, Joshua (Fred Williamson) arrives home to find that, just a few hours before he got there, five men rode through and killed his mother and kidnapped a woman, so he immediately rides off and hunts and kills them one by one.
39) Kid Vengeance (Vengeance) (1977) - Another Golan-Globus production. This one with Lee Van Cleef (dressed as a pirate for some reason) as the leader of a gang who kills Leif Garrett's parents and kidnaps his sister. Then Leif Garrett joins up with gold prospector Jim Brown (after the gang steals his gold) and they go looking for vengeance. icheckmovies says I'd seen this a few years ago, but I didn't remember it. It's not the first time that's happened.
40) This Man Can't Die (Long Days of Hate, I lunghi giorni dell'odio) (1968) - Investigator takes on one last job for the Army to shut down a gang selling rifles to Indians. The bad guys kill his parents and take his family hostage, making this last job personal.


41) The Dirty Mind of Young Sally (1973) [B-Movie TV] - Sally (Sharon Kelly) and Buck Flower run a pirate dirty radio station out of the back of a van in this Harry Novak Presentation, directed by Bethel Buckalew. Yeah, I've seen it before, and I own it on DVD, but I decided to watch it because I was awake and it was coming on.
42) Dead Aim (Arde baby, arde) (1971) - A woman carrying a baby through a desert collapses and dies. Soon after an undertaker happens by an saves the baby from a rattlesnake. He adopts the baby boy, and trains him as an apprentice as he grows older. Sometimes, when business is slow, the younger guy will drum up some business by shooting a few people. Then, the movie introduces an ex-prostitute and her boyfriend, who are wanted for bank robbery, who rob an armored wagon carrying a load of gold, and a black Army deserter who doesn't get to do much of anything. Eventually, all the stories collide into a messy whole.
43) Rawhide (1938) - Baseball legend Lou Gehrig plays baseball legend Lou Gehrig, who has decided to retire from baseball and take it easy and move out West to be a cowboy on his sister's ranch. Unfortunately, the local Rancher's Protection Association is running a protection racket on all the ranchers in the area. Luckily, the local crusading, fist-fighting, gun-slinging, singing attorney is ready to help Lou and his sister out.
44) Savage Guns (His Name Was Sam Walbash, But They Call Him Amen, Era Sam Wallash!... lo chiamavano... E Cosě Sia) (1971) - A guy is enjoying a drink in a bar when a group of masked gunmen break in and shoot everyone. The one guy survives, and goes after the gang for revenge.
45) Savage Journey (1983) - The story of the early days of the Mormon Church. We see Brigham Young looking for a church he likes; watching a fire-and-brimstone preacher, a preacher calling poverty a punishment for ungodliness, a congregation howling like animals, until he eventually meets and befriends Joseph Smith (Richard Moll) and moves west with his congregation. First to Missouri, then to Illinois, and finally settle in what would become Utah.


46) The Hanged Man (1974) - A man is hanged for a murder he probably didn't commit, but he doesn't die. Looking for some purpose in his new lease on life, he ends up helping a widow and her son keep bad guy Cameron Mitchell and his gang from taking her desert ranch/mine.
47) Cry Blood, Apache (1970) - Some guys are dancing with a small group of Indians when one of them steps on a clay pot and sees some gold nuggets inside, so they massacre all but one of the Indians, then ask the one still alive to take them to the source for the gold. Later, an Indian who had been off hunting returns to the camp, sees what happened, and follows them for revenge.
48) Seven Steps of Kung Fu (Kung Fu of Seven Steps, Qi bu mi zong) (1979) - Tiger is a kung fu fighter and a petty thief and pickpocket. One day, while stealing an apple from a stranger, his mark drops a medallion which Tiger picks up. His teacher later sees it and recognizes it as a symbol of the Five Hands Gang, and tells Tiger to let him know if he sees any other strangers in town. Soon a member of the Five Hands Gang attacks Tiger and Tiger kills him, then three members attack his teacher and kick his ass, so the teacher teaches Tiger the seven steps of kung fu so they can defeat the gang.


49) Ninja Fist of Fire (The Fist That Kills, Duo ming quan wang) (1972) - A young prince is kidnapped, and a swordswoman, an old guy, and a guy with a spear join together to get him back. Mostly swordplay in this one, which makes the "Fist" titles even stranger.
50) The Hereafter (1983) [B-Movie TV] - After his cantankrerous father dies, Neville inherits his house and land, and the family sawmill. He moves into the old house with his wife, and before long starts to see what he thinks is his dad's ghost.


51) 18 Fatal Strikes (Shi ba luo han quan) (1980) - A monk gets his ass kicked by the bad guy, and runs away (there's a surprising amount of running away in this movie). Soon, two idiots stumble upon the wounded monk in the woods, and take him back to their house to recover. After he gets better, he feels sorry for the two morons and teaches them kung fu. Then they go after the bad guy.


52) 5-Pattern Dragon Claws (Solimsa yongpali) (1983)- In this Godfrey Ho flick, Dragon Lee and his friends are accepted into a kung fu school, but the head teacher is killed and bad guys from a rival school start causing trouble.
53) The Crane Fighter (San dou hao guan yin) (1979) / - The Shaolin Temple has been burnt down and the monks are hunted criminals. One has settled in a village with his daughter and become a tofu dealer. He refused to teach his daughter kung fu, but she has secretly learned Crane Style. One day while helping a friend in a fight, she's seen by authorities. They alert the village chief, who decides the best way to take care of her is to make her marry his hunchbacked, idiot son. Instead of agreeing to this match, her father decides to hold a contest and the man who can beat her in a fight is the man she will marry. A chop socky rom-com.
54) American Commando Ninja (1988) [B-Movie TV] - A ninja is sent to Taiwan to find and retrieve a germ warfare weapon created by a Japanese scientist during World War II. This movie's Day-Glo pallette was a little hard on the eyes.


55) Wu Tang Magic Kick (Shen tui) (1977) - Guy is a master of the Magic Kick, but his wife makes him promise to never use it again, and he agrees. Soon, a younger guy shows up who wants to fight him and see if the Magic Kick is really all that. Later, some bad guys capture and lock up the first guy and torture him, and the younger guy steals his wife.
56) Tiger at Top (Tigers at the Top, E tu) (1975) - A guy and a girl help some other guy who has some gold hidden in a saddle that some other people want to get. Plus there's kung fu fighting involved. The only thing memorable about this one was the "Beef! It's what's for dinner." music on the soundtrack.


57) Flesh Eating Bastards (2013) [B-Movie TV] - A group of friends are driving across North Carolina going to a trailer park recently purchased by one member of the group's father. They run into some fat hicks, one girl gets bitten by something, there's a bunch of sitting around talking, eventually the girl turns into a zombie and some zombie shit happens. I wish I could've shot this movie in its head and ended it sooner.
58) Tai Chi Shadow Boxing (Feng shi guai tu) (1979) - Two small time crooks try to rob an old guy, then he teaches them kung fu.
59) Drunken Tai Chi (Siu Tai Gik) (1984) - Goofy slapstick chop socky movie. Two rich-boy troublemakers go around town, causing trouble. One night, one of them plans to attack the other guy with a bunch of fireworks, but the other guy and his brother fight off the attackers, and the one guy is injured by the fireworks. This angers the injured boy's rich father, who hires a killer to kill the other boy and his family. The other guy is away from home when the killer kills his dad and his brother, so he isn't killed, and he moves in with a puppeteer and his wife. The killer is still after the guy, so the puppeteer teaches him tai chi.


60) Craczy Horse & Intelligent Monkey (Crazy Horse and Intelligent Monkey, Dian ma ling hou) (1981) - That's not my typo, it says "craczy" on the copy I watched. A petty thief gets thrown out of a casino and is being beaten by four bouncers when a kung fu expert just happens to walk by and gets drawn into the fight. After the fight, the thief joins the kung fu expert on his journey to find his mother. On the way, they meet a girl kung fu expert who they think is a guy for some reason. They eventually find out that the kung fu expert's mother is dead and that the girl is his cousin, and that the bad guy killed his mother and his aunt and uncle, so they start training with the girl's teacher. Well over an hour into the movie, the thief learns monkey kung fu, and the other guy creates horse-style kung fu after watching a drunken horse.


61) The Phantom Kung Fu (These Hands Destroy, You ling shen) (1979) - Bad guy uses the "Palm of Death" technique to kill a bunch of people, but one guy who allegedly knows "Magic Spiritual Kung Fu" appears to come back from beyond the grave to fight him again and again, getting killed three times over the course of the movie.
62) Mantis under Falcon Claws (Mantis Vs the Falcon Claws) (1983) - Silk salesman sneaks into Shaolin temple to learn kung fu.
63) Ninja in the Killing Fields (1984) [B-Movie TV] - Godfrey Ho Ninja movie about a guy infiltrating a gang of drug smuggling ninjas with help from a ninja named Stephen. I watched this thing twice, and it didn't make any more sense the second time through, so - typical Godfrey Ho ninja flick.


64) Shadows of the Mind (1980) [B-Movie TV]
- A woman who had been in an asylum for twelve years following the murder of her father and step-mother is released and goes back to the family home. Her step-brother and her psychiatrist and his girlfriend show up at the house and there's lots of talking, plus a few people get killed.
65) 42nd Street Forever: XXX-Treme Special Edition (2007) - Two plus hours of porn trailers - kinda like fast forwarding through someone's porn collection.


66) Phii hua khaat (Headless Hero) (2002) [YouTube] - Thai comedy horror flick starts with three goofballs and their goofball "Master" in a graveyard, hoping to get a love potion from a freshly exhumed corpse, but the Master uses the wrong page of his spell book and resurrects all the corpses in the graveyard instead. They must've filmed this just to get a few zombie shots for the trailer, because those zombies don't show up again in the movie. Then a young stranger comes to town. He meets a girl, and has several fights with a rich kid loan shark who is harassing villagers. They compete in a buffalo race and a boxing match, then some crooks steal the head off a Buddha statue and some other stuff. The young stranger is decapitated by the rich kid, and his re-animated corpse (with detachable head) seeks revenge. Took way too long getting to the headless hero stuff.


67) Phii hua khaat 2 (Headless Hero 2) (2004) [YouTube] - Another goofy Thai horror comedy. This one starts with two grave robbers busting into a crypt. One guy steals a gold necklace from a corpse, waking up the corpse (which the movie shows us with a few seconds of film from the first movie was a minor character who was beheaded by the headless hero in the previous flick), who then chases the guy around the graveyard, surfing on a coffin lid. Then, cut to a boat race, which the re-animated corpse wins. Then a white haired wizard (I guess the same character who was in the first movie for a few minutes) stops the corpse and cuts off his head. Then the movie jumps ahead 25 years and we meet a bunch of goofy new characters. Two of them go to the graveyard to get a love potion from a corpse, and one of them frees a ghost who becomes his slave and helps him humiliate a romantic rival. After a while the headless corpse wakes up and looks for his head, then he finds it and becomes a vampire ghost, or something, and goes looking for his necklace. What a confusing mess. Took me several tries to make it through this one.
68) U.S. Catman - Lethal Track (1990) [B-Movie TV] - Two guys stop a heist and one gets scratched by a radioactive cat; causing him to gain super powers. He puts on a costume and fights an evil Priest/Spy/Master Criminal in this Godfrey Ho mash-up of new "Catman" footage with stuff from an older Thai (?) film (some stuff about a bald bad guy with an eye patch and a girl everyone thinks is a guy riding around on a motorcycle). I don't even think he tried to tie the films together this time. I fell asleep the first time through, and had to change the time on the Roku to catch it a second time to finish it.


69) Riot in the Streets (Riot) (1997) [B-Movie TV] - Showtime movie about various groups of people during L.A. riots starring Mario and Melvin Van Peebles, Mako, and Luke Perry. I was pretty sure I'd seen it before, but I hadn't checked it on icheckmovies, so I watched it again in case I hadn't checked it off because I had missed part of it.
70) U.S. Catman 2 - Boxer Blow (Catman in Boxer's Blow) (1993) - Godfrey Ho patchwork sequel. In the Thai part of the movie, a woman is after a "uranium starter," some guy escaped from prison, a bad guy wants him for a "mission," and everyone is fighting in almost every scene. In the new Ho part of the movie, Catman and his buddy are after the woman in the Thai film who's after the "uranium starter." They're barely in the movie, so their part doesn't really matter.


71) Paris interdit (Forbidden Paris) (1970) - French mondo flick set in Paris. Covers the usual stuff: nudity, sex, blood, religion, animals slaughtered and butchered, etc.
72) The Farmer's Other Daughter (1965) - A sheriff and his deputy ride up to a farm to take a farmer's farming equipment as payment for unpaid taxes. Just then, a traveling salesman shows up. A banker comes by and offers the farmer a million dollars if the farmer will make his daughter marry the rich man's dim-witted son. I was hoping to see a dirty joke of a movie, but instead I got a PG movie with jokes about government bureaucracy , and how the U.S. government pays farmers not to plant crops, and how it would rather send aid to foreign countries than to help American farmers.
73) The Firing Line (1988) [B-Movie TV] - Reb Brown is fighting another war in another jungle. I think he's somewhere in South America working as a mercenary or a military adviser. He runs into Shannon Tweed, gets arrested by authorities, is tortured, then escapes and grabs Shannon Tweed, and they run off into the jungle and join the rebels, giving Reb lots of opportunities to yell, shoot at people, and blow stuff up.
74) Zui xia Su Qi Er (The Story of Drunken Master) (1979) - A guy loses all his money in a casino, then tries to pawn his old shoe and gets in a fight with the pawnshop owner. The Drunken Master happens by, and since the pawnshop owner happens to be one of his students, he helps him fight the troublemaker. He recognizes that the troublemaker uses "Grasshopper" style kung fu, which he had encountered in a fight with the troublemaker's brother years before. The troublemaker runs off to his rich brother for help, and the brother comes to town and starts buying up businesses and starting trouble, hoping to get revenge on the Drunken Master for beating him in the fight years before.


75) Country Cuzzins (1970) [B-Movie TV] - Another Harry Novak Presentation, directed by Bethel Buckalew, that I've seen a few times and own on DVD, but decided I might as well watch again since it was on. Rene Bond and John Tull and all their cousins have a reunion on the farm, then go visit their wealthy cousin in the city. Also stars Buck Flower and Debbie Osborne.
76) Summer School (Mag Wheels) (1978) - A Bethel Buckalew flick I hadn't seen before. Steve is the leader of a gang of teenage boys who drive around in customized vans (customized by George Barris no less, who was one of the film's producers). Their main rivals are a group of girls who drive around in customized four wheel drive pickup trucks. Anita, the new girl in town, meets Steve at the beach one day. Unfortunately for Steve, his girlfriend, Donna (played by Buck Flower's daughter, Verkina), is jealous, and batshit crazy. She follows Anita home from work one night, and tries to run her off the road, and when that doesn't rid her of her competition, she calls the cops on Steve, reporting him as a cocaine dealer. Then she convinces Steve that Anita turned him in, so Steve chases down Anita and tries to rape her.
77) Revenge of Drunken Master (Revenge of the Drunken Master) (1984) - There's no Drunken Master to be seen. There is a new, younger guy, who they call "the Drunken Kid" who is an acupuncturist who can make people laugh. A bounty hunter is after him for making the governor laugh nonstop. Meanwhile, the "Blood Ninjas" are trying to kill all the "Drunken Fist" fighters. Why? It's a Godfrey Ho movie. Don't ask.


78) Kung Fu Massacre (Meng hu dou kuang long) (1974) - Guy comes home to discover his family was murdered, then he becomes a suspect and is wanted for the murders, so he runs off to find the real killers. Seems like that has happened in a lot of movies I've watched this month.
79) Ying zhao tie bu shan (The Invincible Armour) (1977) - A general sees a guy fighting four or five other guys, and invites him to meet a minister and get hired to fight for the emperor. The guy meets the minister, and while they are sparring, he stabs the minister and flees, leaving the general behind. The general is accused of the murder, so he runs off to find the real killer. While on the road, he meets a kid who knows the "Invincible Armor" technique, which makes you nearly invulnerable to all attacks, and the kid teaches him the "Iron Finger" technique, which is the only way to defeat someone who knows the "Invincible Armor" technique.


80) Caribbean Papaya (Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals, Papaya dei Caraibi) (1978) - Joe D'Amato movie about a guy who goes to an island where his company wants to build a nuclear reactor and runs into an old girlfriend, a reporter on vacation. They meet a woman who calls herself Papaya, a voodoo priestess, or something, who doesn't want the reactor to be built.
81) I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight (1976) - British sex comedy, loaded with boobs and double entendres. Barry Andrews is a janitor/inventor working at a sex research institute who builds an "audio aphrodisiac" machine which makes people horny. This film predates Milo Manara's Click! by several years.
82) City of Blood (1987) [B-Movie TV] - A South African medical examiner investigates a series of murders of prostitutes.
83) The Ridge (2005) [B-Movie TV] - A group of friends go to a super-fancy house in the woods near where a killer called the "Ridge Runner" was said to have killed a bunch of people some years before.


84) Valley of the Dragons (1961)

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