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Hill Sreet Blues Shout and IFPI codes

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Hill Sreet Blues Shout and IFPI codes

Hello everyone. First time poster but long time reader.
I have bought the Shout Factory complete series release of Hill Street Blues off a guy on Ebay.

The trouble is I think it might be counterfeit but the guy swears it isn't. I know all the things to look for to spot fakes but I was wondering about the IFPI/SID codes. There is a severe printing error on one of the discs and they are region free when the cover says 1 and no encryption.

More tellingly, the discs are all single layer discs clocking in at 4.68GB each which I immediately viewed as suspicious. Why only put 4 episodes per disk if you could just use dual layer and fit 8. It is obvious they are compressed down to fit.

The trouble is they look genuine because they have their IFPI/SID codes but this is where it gets weird! They have codes for two layers yet it is clear the discs only have one. DVDL-5659320A1 and DVDL-5659320B1

Have the pirates copied the codes to make it look authentic visually while compressing down to a cheaper single layer disc?

Is it possible for a DVD to have two layer IFPI codes yet only have one layer or is this evidence that this is a pirate?
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Re: Hill Sreet Blues Shout and IFPI codes

I understand IFPI codes but am not sure about the other numbers. I've checked a few dual layer disks here and some do list two DVDL's but many list two completely different strings.

But I think you're overthinking this. In 2018, a company like Shout Factory isn't going to cram 4 hours of media onto a single layer DVD. Nor are they likely to leave their disks unencrypted. I've encountered several pirate sets myself and one additional clue is to see if the silkscreening rubs off. We've all trained ourselves to not over-handle the disks, but if it's a pirate set with a printing error on one disk already, then why not?

If you want a really authoritative answer, though, just contact Shout Factory. I did this once and they responded probably within 24 hours. (It was a pirate set.)


And welcome to the board!
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