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bboisvert 06-01-17 04:53 PM

The Marcel Perez Collection: volume 2 (rare silent film DVD, kickstarter)

Link to order: http://kck.st/2rRCL1g
This Kickstarter will fund a project that brings 8 rare Marcel Perez silent comedy shorts to DVD, made from 1907-1922, selected by Ben Model and by silent comedy film historian Steve Massa. The films that will be on the DVD will be seen in new digital scans of archival 35mm materials preserved by the Library of Congress and by the Museum of Modern Art Department of Film, and will be scanned by the Library of Congress' lab. Ben Model will create a brand new custom musical score for each film.

Some of the films will require time making exposure adjustments and new intertitles or main titles. Two of the films** come from two different prints, and Steve Massa and Ben Model will be reconstructing them utilizing a shot-by-shot description of the films submitted to the Library of Congress for copyright for their original release.

The DVD box art will be created by professional graphic designer and silent era aficionado Marlene Weisman. The DVDs will be professionally authored and they will be made available for sale on Amazon.com via Amazon's CreateSpace publishing-on-demand service, which Ben has been using successfully for nearly all 12 DVD releases, and will be publicized.

This Kickstarter covers all production costs for the DVD's production and release, as well as of the making of and shipping of backer DVDs.

Films scheduled to be on the DVD:
•The Short-Sighted Cyclist (1907)
•Lend Me Your Wife (1916)
•Some Hero (1916)
•A Scrambled Honeymoon (1916)
•Oh! What a Day (1918)**
•Chickens in Turkey (1919)**
•Pinched (1921)
•Wild (1921)
•Friday the 13th (1923) - fragment only

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