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Old 05-15-17, 06:11 AM   #1
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What Are You Watching This Week? (5/15/2017 - 5/21/2017)

On Deck...
- Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Thanks to CHAD for the table inspiration

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

The Gambler
Club Dread

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Re: What Are You Watching This Week? (5/15/2017 - 5/21/2017)


Long Range Pursuit: Long Range Muzzleloader Elk In New Mexico
Fifty Places To Fly Fish Before You Die: Islamorada
The Hunt: The First Kill
Wild Fish Wild Places
Americana Outdoors: Bass Anglers For Saltwater Conservation
Secrets: Stonehenge Mystery
Frozen Planet: The Last Frontier
Canadian Grizzly Hunt
Fred Bear Polar Bear Hunt
5th Dimension: Exorcism


River Monsters: Africa's Deadliest
Thousand Islands Open: Day 2
NBA Gametime
Rock Legends: Pearl Jam
Hunting Adventures With Mountain Dan: Gun Dogs And Pigeons
Whitetail Reign: Velvet Crush
Midwest Outdoors: #1628
Commander Life: Arkansas Fin And Fur
Saltwater Experience
MASK: Highway To Terror
Frozen Planet: On Thin Ice
Snapped: Killer Couples: Suzan Carson & Michael Carson
Gun Dog TV: Meet Joey
Fear No Evil: Mossy Oak & Grigsby
Hunting The Country: Going Native
Driven With Pat & Nicole: An Epic Journey Begins
Primos Truth About Hunting: Web Footed Swamp Gobblers


Adventures North: Fall Pike With Bobby Hull
Canada In The Rough: Conquering Tundra Caribou
Jalen & Jacoby
NBA Gametime
Rolex Spirit Of Yachting
The High Road With Keith Warren: Hunting Monster Michigan Whitetails
Ram Outdoorsman: Once In A Lifetime
Ducks Unlimited Television: Sub-Zero Divers


Air Disasters: The Final Push
The Life By Film The Hunt: Kody And Kentucky
Angler West TV
The Hunt: Pronghorn Hunting In Wyoming
Fishing With Roland Martin: Pitching & Flipping
A-Way Outdoors: Lloyd Lake Fishing
Gary Lewis' Frontier Unlimited: Smoke On The Rails
Cabela's Fisherman's Handbook: Port O'Connor, Texas
Bob Izumi's Real Fishing
Fishing With Joe Bucher
Hook N' Look: Autumn Uprising
The Next Bite TV
Grand Slam Fishing
Miss Wildgame: Bucks And Bikini Paddle-Board Bass Fishing
Formula E


Sport Fishing Television: Get Me Off This Rock
American Archer: Barnes Keith Bucks Pt 2
World Of Adventure
Resident Evil
Resident Evil (Audio Commentary)
All Cheerleaders Die


The Twilight Zone: The Howling Man
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Jar
Resident Evil: Apocalypse
Ghost Adventures: Old Lincoln County Hospital
Xtreme Crappie Angler: Shooting Docks In Texas
Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing: Grandpa And Grandson Fun In Ontario
The Hunt: Turkey Hunting
The Hunt: Deer Hunting In Idaho


Pro Team Journal: KVD Peachy Keen
Animal Rescue
Precision Outdoors: Whacking Whitetails
Gridiron Outdoors: Running The Pigskin
Gangsters: America's Most Evil: Timothy McGhee
Off Road Racing: Lucas Oil Series: Lucas Oil Winter Nationals - Ocala
Centers Of The Universe
UFC Fight Night: Mousasi vs Hall 2
2017 October Horror Challenge

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Re: What Are You Watching This Week? (5/15/2017 - 5/21/2017)

UFC 211
Taken S1 E06 "Hail Mary"
Taken S1 E07 "Solo"
Taken S1 E08 "Leah"
Taken S1 E09 "Gone"
Taken S1 E10 "I Surrender"

Superstore S2 E18 "Glenn's Kids"
Superstore S2 E19 "Spring Cleaning"
Superstore S2 E20 "Cheyenne's Wedding"
Superstore S2 E21 "Tornado"
The Mick S1 E12 "The Wolf"
The Mick S1 E13 "The Bully"
The Mick S1 E14 "The Heater"
The Mick S1 E15 "The Sleepover"
The Mick S1 E16 "The Implant"
The Mick S1 E17 "The Intruder"

Blue Bloods S7 E18 "A Deep Blue Goodbye"
Blue Bloods S7 E19 "Love Lost"
Blue Bloods S7 E20 "No Retreat No Surrender"

Blue Bloods S7 E21 "Foreign Interference"
Blue Bloods S7 E22 "The Thin Blue Line"
Making History S1 E06 "The Godfriender"
Making History S1 E07 "Night Cream"
Making History S1 E08 "The Duel"
The Last Man on Earth S3 E15 "Name 20 Picnics...Now!"
The Last Man on Earth S3 E16 "The Big Day"
Kevin Can Wait S1 E21 "Kenny Can Wait"
Kevin Can Wait S1 E22 "Quiet Diet"

The Last Man on Earth S3 E17 "When the Going Gets Tough"
The Last Man on Earth S3 E18 "Nature's Horchata"
Kevin Can Wait S1 E23 "Sting of Queens: Part One"
Kevin Can Wait S1 E24 "Sting of Queens: Part Two"

Superior Donuts S1 E10 "Painted Love"
Superior Donuts S1 E11 "Wage Against the Machine"
Superior Donuts S1 E12 "Art for Art's Sake"
Superior Donuts S1 E13 "Secrets and Spies"
The Great Indoors S1 E16 "Aaron Wolf"
The Great Indoors S1 E17 "Cubicles"
The Great Indoors S1 E18 "Party Paul"
The Great Indoors S1 E19 "Ricky Leaks"
The Great Indoors S1 E20 "The Heartbreaker"
The Great Indoors S1 E21 "Roland's Secret"
The Great Indoors S1 E22 "The Company Retreat"
Criminal Minds S12 E20 "Unforgettable"
Criminal Minds S12 E21 "Green Light"
Criminal Minds S12 E22 "Red Light"

blackish S3 E20 "What Lies Beneath"
blackish S3 E21 "Sister, Sister"
blackish S3 E22 "All Groan Up"
blackish S3 E23 "Liberal Arts"
blackish S3 E24 "Sprinkles"
The Big Bang Theory S10 E22 " The Cognition Regeneration"
The Big Bang Theory S10 E23 "The Gyroscopic Collapse"
The Big Bang Theory S10 E24 "The Long Distance Dissonance"
Chicago Med S2 E15 "Lose Yourself"
Chicago Med S2 E16 "Prisoner's Dilemma"
Chicago Med S2 E17 "Monday mourning"
Chicago Med S2 E18 "Lesson Learned"
"Bottom shelf has the bond films and the porn."

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Re: What Are You Watching This Week? (5/15/2017 - 5/21/2017)

Supergirl - "Resist"
Twin Peaks - "The Orchid's Curse"

iZombie - "Dirt Nap Time"

WWE: 205 Live - "Aries vs. TJP"
WWE NXT - "Countdown to WWE NXT TakeOver: Chicago"

Twin Peaks - "Demons"

WWE UK Championship Special
Kurt Angle: Oh It's True It's True

WWE 24 - "Finn Balor"
This Week in WWE - "Episode #9.20"
WWE NXT TakeOver: Chicago Pre-Show
WWE NXT TakeOver: Chicago
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad
Alien: Covenant

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - "Kimmy Gets Divorced?!" Netflix Instant
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - "Kimmy's Roommates Lemonade!" Netflix Instant
WWE Backlash 2017 Kickoff
WWE Backlash 2017
WWE Talking Smack - "WWE Backlash 2017"
"My name is Luke Cooper. I love cinema. My favorite movies are Citizen Kane and The Boondock Saints."

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Old 05-17-17, 12:20 AM   #5
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Re: What Are You Watching This Week? (5/15/2017 - 5/21/2017)

Superman III (1983)

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

Alien: Covenant (2017)
Creepshow (1982)
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Re: What Are You Watching This Week? (5/15/2017 - 5/21/2017)


Adam-12: Season One

Episode 10 - "Log 132: Producer"
Episode 11 - "Log 111: Snake in the Trunk"


Adam-12: Season One

Episode 12 - "Log 61: The Runaway"
Episode 13 - "Log 122: Christmas--The Yellow Dump Truck"


Suits: Season Three

Episode 7: "She's Mine"
Episode 8: "Endgame"
Episode 9: "Bad Faith"
Episode 10: "Stay"


Suits: Season Three

Episode 11: "Buried Secrets"
Episode 12: "Yesterday's Gone"
Episode 13: "Moot Point"


Suits: Season Three

Episode 14: "Heartburn"
Episode 15: "Know When to Fold 'Em"
Episode 16: "No Way Out"
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