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The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

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The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

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The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge
May 1-31, 2017

This thread is for lists only.
For discussion, go to the May 2017 Make-Your-Own Challenge Discussion Thread.

May is just over a week and a half away, so it's time, once again, to take a look at your dusty, unopened box sets, your unwatched stacks of Blu-rays, DVDs, HD-DVDs, LDs, VHS or Beta tapes, your DVR, your Netflix queue, etc., etc., and decide what you think you should spend 31 days watching. Now's your chance to finally watch all the stuff that didn't fit, or that you just didn't get around to, during the other Challenges.

Since you choose your own Challenge theme, you make the rules.

There are however a few guidelines which everyone should follow.

Challenge Guidelines:

The Challenge runs from May 1 through May 31.

Sure, you can do your May MYOC in September if you want, but the list thread will only be stickied during May, so if you want anyone else to see what you're up to, please try to do it near those dates.

Please state your challenge theme and your challenge goal and rules (if any) at the top of your list(s) in the list thread so others can tell what you're doing.

Please don't duplicate an existing "Official" DVD Talk Challenge.

This guideline is mainly here so we don't subtract from participation in any of the other Challenges, and to encourage participants to focus on genres not already covered by a Challenge, but since everyone's "need to watch" list is different, and you're able to watch stuff that qualifies for one or more of the other Challenges during every other Challenge, you're free to narrow the focus of one of the broader "Official" Challenges.

For example; Say you only collect horror, then you could make your Challenge to watch just horror films, or just horror TV shows, or just zombie films, etc. Or if you have lots of unwatched Sci-Fi, then your MYOC could be just watch Sci-Fi movies, or watch Star Trek shows, or watch TOS, etc.

Here's Trevor's handy-dandy list of Challenges from his "Official" DVDTalk Challenges Compendium thread:

DVDTalk Challenge Schedule

Month-long Challenge
Partial Month Challenge
JanuaryTVHoliday ends on the 1st; varying Academy Award
Februarynonevarying Academy Award
MarchAction/Adventure/Crimevarying Academy Award
JuneHistorical Appreciationnone
NovemberComedyHoliday starts week of Thanksgiving

Since we already have Monthly "Unwatched Media Pile" Threads, please do not use that as a theme.

During past MYOCs, people weren't happy with this being used as a theme, and I tend to agree that it is a little lazy. So how about giving a little thought to the theme and coming up with something a little more creative, please?

Check out the previous threads for ideas:
2010 discussion thread.
2010 list thread.
2011 discussion thread.
2011 list thread.
2012 discussion thread.
2012 list thread.
2013 discussion thread.
2013 list thread.
2014 discussion thread.
2014 list thread.
2015 discussion thread.
2015 list thread.
2016 discussion thread.
2016 list thread.


Free stuff!

provided by

In keeping with the spirit of the Make-Your-Own Challenge, three winners will pick their own prizes from HamiltonBook.com.

Thanks again, GoldenWheels!


On June 1st, three winners will be randomly chosen from the Challenge participants (using Random.org).

Prize selection will be limited to items priced $25 or less.

You must have a US mailing address to receive a prize.

Any unclaimed prize opportunities will be re-gifted on June 4.

I will announce the prizes chosen so we can all be envious and/or amused by the selections.

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

List of Participants and their Challenges:


Dimension X3D Film Challenge
lisadorisBuffy the Vampire Slayer Seasons 1-3 / Angel The Complete Series Challenge
pacaway"Remembering Bill Paxton" Challenge
shadokitty"Action Adventure/Sports/Documentary Challenge Mk II"
davidh777Musicals Challenge
coyoteblueAsian Challenge
malazar"Letterboxd Watchlist Challenge"
mrcellophane"'Forget the United State's Problems' Foreign Film Challenge"
omike"The British Are Coming! Challenge"
BobO'Link"What about Bob?" Challenge
Indy24LAGolden Globes Challenge
SterlingBen"A to Z Movie Challenge"
LJG765"Classic Disney, both animated and live action" Challenge
Cardsfan111""The Alphabet Challenge - Part 2""
TheBigDave"Back to the '80s Challenge" Part 2
numbercrunchFirst In First Out Challenge
Greg MacGuffin"Classic Film Challenge"
Trevor"Let's Sing, Sing a Song!" Challenge
ChadDavid Lynch Challenge
jacob_bFirst Time Viewings Challenge
GilesSports Themed Challenge
Mondo KaneAudio Commentary Challenge
ross_rDisney Movies Challenge
KaBluieCharlie Chan Challenge
jmsmath"Comic Book / Superhero Challenge"
Surfinhank"Personal Picks: My All-Time Favorite Flicks" Challenge
wishbone"Swords, Sandals, & Swashbucklers" Challenge
pagefrance"THE LIST IN THE STONE: Movies with a King Arthur theme" Challenge
DarkgodProfessional Wrestling Challenge
HyperWeather"Baseball and Nostalgia" Challenge
JennandTheCats"Unfinished Business" Challenge
BladzComic Book Movie Challenge
lrend"Just Can't Get Enough" Challenge
ntnon"Up the Amazon" Challenge
ororama"Around the World in 31 Days" Challenge
orlmac"Streaming ('Hulu, Netflix, CW and CBS') TV Challenge"

If you notice any errors in this list, please let me know.

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

My 2010 MYOC - "Directed by Alfred Hitchcock" Challenge
My 2011 MYOC - "James Bond/Pink Panther-palooza" Challenge
My 2012 MYOC - "Commentary Track Challenge"
My 2013 MYOC - "Son of Commentary Track Challenge"
My 2014 MYOC - "Something Weird Video Challenge"
My 2015 MYOC - "Directed by John Ford Challenge"
My 2016 MYOC - "Four Color Adventures Challenge"

Goals: Watch at least 31 3D feature films.
Rules: Any feature-length 3D film will count as one entry. Two, or more, films may be watched on the same day.


1) Comin' at Ya! (1981)


2) Monsters University (2013) + The Blue Umbrella (2013)
3) Rogue One (2016)


4) Frozen (2013) + Get a Horse! (2013)


5) Dragonfly Squadron (1954)


6) Gnomeo & Juliet (2011)


7) Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010) + Coyote Falls (2010)


9) Man in the Dark (1953)
10) Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)


11) I, Frankenstein (2014)


12) Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn (1983)


13) Spiders 3D (2013)


14) Gog (1954)


15) Brave (2012) + La Luna (2011)


16) The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (2011)
17) Epic (2013)


18) Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)


19) The Avengers (2012)
20) Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)


21) Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)


22) Captain America: Civil War (2016)


23) Suicide Squad (2016)
24) Bait (2012)


25) Doctor Strange (2016)


26) Piranha (2010)
27) Piranha 3DD (2012)
28) The Lego Movie (2014)


29) Hotel Transylvania (2012)
30) Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seasons 1-3

May 1
1. Buffy S1 "Welcome to the Hellmouth"
2. Buffy S1 "The Harvest"
3. Buffy S1 "Witch"
4. Buffy S1 "Teacher's Pet"

May 2
5. Buffy S1 "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date"
6. Buffy S1 "The Pack"
7. Buffy S1 "Angel"
8. Buffy S1 "I, Robot...You, Jane"

May 3
9. Buffy S1 "The Puppet Master"
10. Buffy S1 "Nightmares"

May 4
11. Buffy S1 "Out of Mind, Out of Sight"
12. Buffy S1 "Prophecy Girl"

May 5
13. Buffy S2 "When She Was Bad"
14. Buffy S2 "Some Assembly Required"
15. Buffy S2 "School Hard"
16. Buffy S2 "Inca Mummy Girl"

May 6
17. Buffy S2 "Reptile Boy"
18. Buffy S2 "Halloween"
19. Buffy S2 "Lie to Me"
20. Buffy S2 "Dark Ages"

May 7
21. Buffy S2 "What's My Line Pt 1"
22. Buffy S2 "What's My Line Pt 2"
23. Buffy S2 "Ted"
24. Buffy S2 "Bad Eggs"

May 13
25. Buffy S2 "Surprise"
26. Buffy S2 "Innocence"

May 14
27. Buffy S2 "Pangs"
28. Buffy S2 "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered"

May 15
29. Buffy S2 "Passion"
30. Buffy S2 "Killed By Death"
31. Buffy S2 "I Only Have Eyes For You"
32. Buffy S2 "Go Fish"

May 16
33. Buffy S2 "Becoming Pt 1"
34. Buffy S2 "Becoming Pt 2"

May 17
35. Buffy S3 "Anne"
36. Buffy S3 "Dead Man's Party"
37. Buffy S3 "Faith, Hope, Trick"

May 18
38. Buffy S3 "Beauty and the Beasts"
39. Buffy S3 "Homecoming"
40. Buffy S3 "Band Candy"
41. Buffy S3 "Revelations"
42. Buffy S3 "Lovers Walk"

May 19
43. Buffy S3 "The Wish"
44. Buffy S3 "Amends"
45. Buffy S3 "Gingerbread"

May 20
46. Buffy S3 "Helpless"
47. Buffy S3 "The Zeppo"
48. Buffy S3 "Bad Girls"
49. Buffy S3 "Consequences"

May 21
50. Buffy S3 "Doppelgangland"
51. Buffy S3 "Enemies"
52. Buffy S3 "Earshot"
53. Buffy S3 "Choices"
54. Buffy S3 "Prom"
55. Buffy S3 "Graduation Day, Part 1"
56. Buffy S3 "Graduation Day, Part 2"

Angel The Complete Series
May 22
57. Angel S1 "City of" / "Lonely Hearts"
58. Angel S1 "In the Dark" / "I Fall To Pieces"
59. Angel S1 "RM w/a VU"

May 23
60. Angel S1 "Sense & Sensitivity" / "The Bachelor Party"
61. Angel S1 "I Will Remember You"

May 24
62. Angel S1 "Hero" / "Parting Gift"
63. Angel S1 "Somnambulist" / "Expecting"
64. Angel S1 "She" / "I've Got You Under My Skin"
65. Angel S1 "The Prodigal"

May 25
66. Angel S1 "The Ring" / "Eternity"
67. Angel S1 "Five by Five" / "Sanctuary"
68. Angel S1 "War Zone" / "Blind Date"
69. Angel S1 "To Shanshu in L.A."

May 26
70. Angel S2 "Judgment" / "Are You Know Or Have You Ever Been?"
71. Angel S2 "First Impressions" / "Untouched"
72. Angel S2 "Dear Boy"

May 27
73. Angel S2 "Guise Will Be Guise" / "Darla"
74. Angel S2 "The Shroud of Rahmon" / "The Trial"
75. Angel S2 "Reunion" / "Redefinition"
76. Angel S2 "Blood Money" / "Happy Anniversary"
77. Angel S2 "The Thin Dead Line" / "Reprise"

May 28
78. Angel S2 "Epiphany" / "Disharmony"
79. Angel S2 "Dead End" / "Belonging"
80. Angel S2 "Over the Rainbow" / "Through the Looking Glass"
81. Angel S2 "There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb"

May 29
82. Angel S3 "Hearttrob" / "That Vision Thing"
83. Angel S3 "That Old Gang of Mine" / "Carpe Noctem"
84. Angel S3 "Fredless" / "Billy"
85. Angel S3 "Offspring" / "Quickening"
86. Angel S3 "Lullaby" / "Dad"

May 30
87. Angel S3 "Birthday" / "Provider"
88. Angel S3 "Waiting in the Wings" / "Couplet"
89. Angel S3 "Loyalty"

May 31
90. Angel S3 "Sleep Tight" / "Forgiving"
91. Angel S3 "Double or Nothing" / "The Price"
92. Angel S3 "A New World" / "Benediction"
93. Angel S3 "Tomorrow"


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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/zq0OsPZIlgw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

"I took a fish head,
out to see a movie...
I didn't have to pay
to get it in"

Remembering Bill Paxton (1955 - 2017)
Thank for 40 years of great entertainment!
From Fish Heads (1977) to The Circle (2017)

"Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen!"

Streamed - Jeffflix

May 01:
01. Big Love: Pilot S01E01 (2006) ☼
02. Big Love: Viagra Blue S01E02 (2006) ☼
03. Big Love: Home Invasion S01E03 (2006) ☼
04. Big Love: Eclipse S01E04 (2006) ☼
05. Big Love: Affair S01E05 (2006) ☼

May 02:
06. Big Love: Roberta's Funeral S01E06 (2006) ☼
07. Big Love: Eviction S01E07 (2006) ☼
08. Big Love: Easter S01E08 (2006) ☼
09. Big Love: A Barbeque For Betty S01E09 (2006) ☼

May 03:
10. Predator 2 (1990)
11. Big Love: Baptism S01E10 (2006) ☼

May 07:
12. Frailty (2001) ☼
13. Haywire (2011) ☼
14. Big Love: Where There's a Will S01E11 (2006) ☼

June 06:
15. Parkland (2013) Library copy ☼ - [1963] co-produced by Bill Paxton who, at 8 years of age, was a spectator of motor brigade and appears in a famous photo from the day.

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

My Action Adventure/Sports/Documentary Challenge Mk II

April 28

1. Predator Pursuit: Rancho Del Gringo Pt 2 - Sportsman Channel
2. Florida Adventure Quest (Unknown Episode) - World Fishing Network
3. Ultimate Catch TV: Lake Poinsett Panfish - World Fishing Network
4. In The Crosshairs Hunting: Pheasant With A Bow - Wild Television
5. Backwoods Life: Midwest Whitetail Madness - Carbon TV
6. Xtreme Bass Angler: French River Bassin' - World Fishing Network
7. Volvo Ocean Race (Unknown Episode) - Outside Television
8. In The Zone (Unknown Episode) - Outside Television
9. MTB Heroes (Unknown Episode) - Outside Television
10. Ancient Aliens: Alien Encounters - History Channel
11. Pulse Factor TV: Wyoming Mule Deer - Pursuit Channel
12. Fish TV: Ritchie's End Of Trail Walleye - World Fishing Network

April 29

13. Wild Europe: Life Below Zero - NWI
14. Wild Europe: Europe's Green Heart - NWI
15. Westcoast Sporting Journal: Offshore Chinook Techniques - World Fishing Network
16. The Obsession Of Carter Andrews: The Miami Connection - Outdoor Channel
17. Sports Scene (4/29/2017) - CGTN
18. Nature Untamed: The Rise Of Black Wolf - DVD
19. Gargoyles: Outfoxed - DVD
20. Federation Angler: 2016 NABC Lake Wissota - Pursuit Channel
21. Zona's Awesome Fishing Show (Unknown Episode) - World Fishing Network
22. Innerloc's Out There: Dream Buck - Wild Television On Demand
23. Cast Northwest With Captain Quinn: Life On The River - World Fishing Network
24. Focused (Unknown Episode) - Outside Television
25. Gargoyles: Revelations - DVD
26. Tekkaman Blade: The Mysterious War Correspondent - DVD
27. Cape Epic (Unknown Episode) - Outside Television
28. Beer Money (Unknown Episode) - SportsTime Ohio
29. Coyote Country: Up A Tree - Pursuit Channel
30. What On Earth?: Inside El Chapo's Escape - Science
31. What On Earth?: Strangest Things - Science
32. Murder Comes To Town: The Cost Of Competition - Investigation Discovery
33. Forensic Files: Deadly Formula - HLN
34. Forensic Files: Beaten By A Hair - HLN

April 30

35. Forensic Files: Innocence Lost - HLN
36. Forensic Files: Till Death Do Us Part - HLN
37. Forensic Files: Postal Mortem - HLN
38. Tekkaman Blade: Save The Jupiter Crew! - DVD
39. Naked And Afraid XL: Heart Of Darkness - Discovery Channel
40. Texas Boys Outdoors: Heroes On The Gulf - Pursuit Channel
41. Hired To Hunt: Redemption Day - Pursuit Channel
42. Forensic Files: Broken Bond - HLN
43. Forensic Files: Out Of The Ashes - HLN
44. Forensic Files: Southside Strangler - HLN
45. Forensic Files: The Wilson Murder - HLN
46. Louisiana Outdoor Adventures TV: The Trout Are Back In Venice - Pursuit Channel
47. The Ultimate Fighter: History In The Making - Hulu
48. Pro vs Joe (Unknown Episode) - Pursuit Channel
49. Precision Outdoors: New Mexico Bulls Pt 1 - Pursuit Channel
50. Sportsman's Adventures: Kingfish And Mahi On The Line - Pursuit Channel
51. Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures: Deer Hunting Chateau - Outdoor Channel

May 1

52. Disappeared: Into The Night - Investigation Discovery
53. Scene Of The Crime With Tony Harris: Mystery At Chimney Rock - Investigation Discovery
54. Wild Europe: Europe's Living Waters - NWI
55. Out Da Bayou: River Walking - Sportsman Channel
56. Heartland Waterfowl: T.A.W. - Outdoor Channel
57. Collegiate Bass Fishing Series: Cabela's Big Bass Bash - Pursuit Channel
58. Realtree Outdoors: Graycen's First Buck - Outdoor Channel
59. Fishing With Roland Martin: Top Water Bass - DVR
60. The Ultimate Fighter: Ladies First - Hulu
61. The Ultimate Fighter: Stick And Move - Hulu
62. FIA World Rally: Argentina: Stage 13 - WatchESPN
63. Pac-12 Sports Report (5/1/2017) - Pac-12 Network
64. Rock Legends: Bon Jovi - Axs TV On Demand
65. The MudbuMs: It's That Time Of Year Pt 2 - Pursuit Channel
66. Love Of The Hunt (Unknown Episode) - Pursuit Channel

May 2

67. British Truck Racing Championship: Round 1 Pt 2 - Motorsports.TV
68. 100,000 Cameras: Talladega - FS2 On Demand
69. Dirty Missions: Rio Olividado - World Fishing Network
70. Wild Fish Wild Places: The Fishing Is So Good We Stayed - World Fishing Network
71. Bass 2 Billfish (Unknown Episode) - World Fishing Network
72. Kayak Bassin: Kayak Bass Fishing Open - World Fishing Network
73. NFL Live (5/2/2017) - ESPN2
74. Arctic Secrets: Land Of Extremes - Smithsonian Earth
75. Highly Questionable (5/2/2017) - ESPN2
76. Pardon The Interruption (5/2/2017) - ESPN2

May 3

77. Fishing & Hunting Texas: Lake Naconiche - Pursuit Channel
78. NHL Tonight: 2017 Playoff Edition (5/2/2017) - NHL Network
79. The Express Xtra (5/2/2017) - Bein Sports
80. Pac-12 Football In 60: Pac-12 Football Championship - Pac-12 Washington
81. Obsession: Dark Desires: SOS SMS - Investigation Discovery
82. MASK: The Deathstone - DVD
83. Africa: Kalahari - DVD
84. Africa: Savannah - DVD
85. Mossy Oak Country Roots: The Legend Of Pencil Beard - Pursuit Channel
86. The Best Of The West: Yukon Times Two - Pursuit Channel
87. MASK: The Star Chariot - Amazon Instant Video
88. Fishing With Roland Martin: Ontario's Lac La Croix - DVR
89. UFO Hunters: USOs - History Channel On Demand

May 4

90. Swamp People: Big Head Bites It - History Channel On Demand
91. Focused (Unknown Episode) - Outside Television
92. Celebrated: Gwyneth Paltrow - Reelz
93. Celebrity Legacies: Marlon Brando - Reelz
94. Celebrity Legacies: Elizabeth Taylor - Reelz
95. San Francisco 2.0 - HBO 2
96. Facts Of Fishing: Niagara Bar Lake Trout With Paul Castellano - World Fishing Network
97. Cabela's Fisherman's Handbook: Popping Corks - World Fishing Network
98. The Herd With Colin Cowherd (5/4/2017) - FS2
99. Maximum Outdoors TV: Close Encounters - Pursuit Channel
100. Crappie Masters TV: Crappie Masters 2016 Ozark Rods Open - Pursuit Channel
101. Avian-X TV: Talkin' Turkey - Keystone Quake - Sportsman Channel On Demand
102. In Search Of Aliens: The Hunt For Atlantis - History Channel On Demand
103. Expedition Unknown: The Lost Colony Of Roanoke - Travel Channel On Demand
104. Saltwater Experience: Sandy Key Monsters - DVR
105. Forensic Files: Skin Of Her Teeth - HLN
106. Africa: Congo - DVD

May 5

107. The Sky At Night: Secrets Of The Whirlpool Galaxy - YouTube
108. NHRA Drag Racing: NHRA Four-Wide Nationals At Concord, NC - FS1
106. Louisiana Outdoor Adventures TV: Shrimpin' With Sal - Pursuit Channel
107. Angler West TV (Unknown Episode) - World Fishing Network On Demand
108. Big Coast Sportfishing: Northern Chinook & Hail - World Fishing Network
109. A-Way Outdoors: Canadian Moose - Wild Television On Demand
110. Pulse Factor TV: More Wyoming Elk Hunting - Pursuit Channel
111. Fish TV: West Arm Lodge - World Fishing Network
112. Sport Fishing On The Fly: Fall Drift On The Columbia - World Fishing Network
113. College Baseball: Washington vs Washington State - Pac-12 Washington
114. College Baseball: Washington vs Arizona - Pac-12 Washington

May 6

115. The Obsession Of Carter Andrews: Back To Baja - Outdoor Channel
116. Hook N' Look: Wally's World - Outdoor Channel
117. Max Kellerman Face Off (5/6/2017) - HBO 2
118. Modern Fishing With Jared Jeffries: Southern Island Adventure - Outdoor Channel
119. Pac-12 Shorts (Unknown Episode) - Pac-12 Network
120. Forensic Files: A Voice From Beyond - HLN
121. Forensic Files: Photo Finish - HLN
122. The Seahunter: Fishing On A Prayer - Outdoor Channel
123. Wild Billz: Sailfish 400 Finale - Outdoor Channel
124. Hey Rookie, Welcome To The NFL: 2017, Part 4 - ESPN2
125. Majesty Outdoors: Hackberry Rod & Gun - Pursuit Channel
126. The Scott Martin Challenge: National Take Your Momma Fishing Day - World Fishing Network
127. Africa: Cape - DVD

May 7

128. Africa: Sahara - DVD
129. FLW: Kentucky Lake - Gilbertville, KY - World Fishing Network
130. Sports Scene (5/7/2017) - CGTN
131. Jimmy Houston Outdoors: Pichachos Big Bass - Destination America
132. Backwoods Angler TV: Pennsylvania Rivers - Amazon Prime
133. Americana Outdoors: Catching Giant Bass By Flipping And Jerking - Pursuit Channel
134. Fifty Places To Fly Fish Before You Die: Puget Sound / Deschutes River - World Fishing Network On Demand
135. Babe Winkelman's Outdoor Secrets: Newfoundland Moose And Caribou - Amazon Prime
136. Down South: Lucky Dog - Sportsman Channel
137. Africa: The Future - DVD
138. Wild Africa: Deserts - Amazon Instant Video

May 8

139. Africa: Interviews: Sir David Attenborough - DVD
140. Africa: Interviews: Michael Gunton - DVD
141. Animal Fight Night: Clash Of Titans - Nat Geo Wild On Demand
142. Nightmare On Everest - Smithsonian Channel
143. Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Series: Cabela's Big Bass Bash Pt 2 - DVR
144. Bass 2 Billfish: Steinhatchee - World Fishing Network On Demand
145. Africa: Interviews: James Honeyborne - DVD
146. Wild America: All-American Animals - Amazon Prime
147. Africa: Interviews: Martyn Colbeck - DVD
148. Africa: Interviews: Richard Matthews - DVD
149. Africa: Outtakes - DVD
150. Rock Legends: Dusty Springfield - Axs TV On Demand
151. Rock Legends: Pink Floyd - Axs TV On Demand
152. The Perfect Murder: Horror In Harlem - Investigation Discovery
153. Walking With Monsters: Episode 1 - CuriostyStream
154. Australia's Deadly Monsters: Stone Cold Killers - Nat Geo Wild On Demand
155. Africa: Deleted Scenes: Harenna Forest - DVD
156. Africa: Deleted Scenes: Salt Lakes In Djibouti - DVD
157. Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child: An Unearthly Child - BritBox
158. Saltwater Experience: Chasten's Sharks And Permit - DVR

May 9

159. Kayak Bassin': Kayak Fishing Florida - World Fishing Network
160. Big Coast Sportfishing: Great Bear Trails - World Fishing Network
161. Sportscenter (5/9/2017) - ESPN
162. Commander Life: Georgia On Our Minds - Outdoor Channel
163. Addicted To The Outdoors: Wisconsin: Rutty Bucks Up North - Outdoor Channel On Demand
164. Tom Miranda's Territories Wild: Wolly Ice - Outdoor Channel
165. Secrets: Great Pyramid - Smithsonian Channel
166. Earth: The Biography: Volcanoes - DVD
167. Earth: The Biography: Atmosphere - DVD
168. Reel Rock (Unknown Episode) - Outside Television
169. XPT (Unknown Episode) - Outside Television
170. Hunting The Country: Saving The Habitat And The Hunt Pt 2 - Outdoor Channel
171. Driven With Pat & Nicole: Montosa Mania - Outdoor Channel
172. Tennis: Match Of The Day - Bein Sports

May 10

173. Sportscenter (5/9/2017) - ESPN
174. Winchester And Drury's Natural Born: The Freshman Of The Farm - Pursuit Channel
175. MLB: Tampa Bay vs Toronto (9/12/2016) - MLB.TV
176. Scentblocker Most Wanted: A Canadian Two-fer - Outdoor Channel
177. Tracks Across Africa: Buddies, Bullets & Buffalo Bulls - Outdoor Channel
178. Whitetail Freaks: Jason's Traveler - Outdoor Channel
179. Earth: The Biography: Ice - DVD
180. Indians Live Pregame (5/10/2017) - SportsTime Ohio
181. Earth: The Biography: Oceans - DVD
182. Earth: The Biography: Rare Planet - DVD

May 11

183. Frozen Planet: To The Ends Of The Earth - Blu Ray
184. Fishing 411: Tipping Back At The Niagara Bar

May 16

185. Fear No Evil: Mossy Oak & Grigsby - Outdoor Channel
186. Hunting The Country: Going Native - Outdoor Channel
187. Driven With Pat & Nicole: An Epic Journey Begins - Outdoor Channel
188. Primos Truth About Hunting: Web Footed Swamp Gobblers - Outdoor Channel

May 17

189. Adventures North: Fall Pike With Bobby Hull - Wild Television On Demand
190. Frozen Planet: Science At The End Of The Earth - Blu Ray
191. Canada In The Rough: Conquering Tundra Caribou - Sportsman Channel
192. Jalen & Jacoby (5/16/2017) - ESPNEWS
193. NBA Gametime (5/17/2017) - NBA TV
194. Rolex Spirit Of Yachting (Unknown Episode) - Outside Television
195. Frozen Planet: Production Video Diaries: To The Ends Of The Earth: Capturing Antarctica From The Air - Blu Ray
196. Frozen Planet: Production Video Diaries: To The Ends Of The Earth: How To Track A Killer Whale - Blu Ray
197. The High Road With Keith Warren: Hunting Monster Michigan Whitetails - Pursuit Channel
198. Ducks Unlimited Television: Sub-Zero Divers - Pursuit Channel
199. NASA X (5/17/2017) - NASA TV

May 18

200. Air Disasters: The Final Push - Smithsonian Channel
201. The Life By Film The Hunt: Kody And Kentucky - Sportsman Channel
202. Angler West TV (Unknown Episode) - World Fishing Network On Demand
203. The Hunt: Prongs Hunting In Wyoming - Amazon Prime
204. Fishing With Roland Martin: Pitching & Flipping - DVR
205. Sportscenter (5/18/2017) - ESPN
206. A-Way Outdoors: Lloyd Lake Fishing - Wild Television On Demand
207. Gary Lewis' Frontier Unlimited: Smoke On The Rails - Pursuit Channel
208. NASA X (5/18/2017) - NASA TV
209. Cabela's Fisherman's Handbook: Port O'Connor, Texas - World Fishing Network
210. Bob Izumi's Real Fishing (Unknown Episode) - World Fishing Network
211. Fishing With Joe Bucher (Unknown Episode) - World Fishing Network
212. Hook N' Look: Autumn Uprising - World Fishing Network
213. The Next Bite TV (Unknown Episode) - World Fishing Network
214. Grand Slam Fishing (Unknown Episode) - World Fishing Network
215. Miss Wildgame: Bucks And Bikini Paddle-Board Bass Fishing - Outdoor Channel
216. Formula E (5/18/2017) - Bein Sports

May 19

217. Hook N' Look: A Matter Of Size - Outdoor Channel
218. Sport Fishing Television: Get Me Off This Rock - Pursuit Channel
219. American Archer: Barnes Keith Bucks Pt 2 - Outdoor Channel On Demand
220. World Of Adventure (Unknown Episode) - Outside Television
221. Resident Evil - DVD
222. Resident Evil (Audio Commentary) - DVD
223. Resident Evil: The Making - DVD

May 20

224. Xtreme Crappie Angler: Shooting Docks In Texas - Sportsman Channel
225. Babe Winkelman's Good Fishing: Grandpa And Grandson Fun In Ontario - DVR
226. The Hunt: Turkey Hunting - Amazon Prime
227. The Hunt: Deer Hunting In Idaho - Amazon Prime

May 21

228. Jackie Bushman Show Classics: Iowa/Illinois/TX/AL - Sportsman Channel
229. Pro Team Journal: KVD Peachy Keen - Outdoor Channel
230. Precision Outdoors: Whacking Whitetails - Pursuit Channel
231. Gridiron Outdoors​: Running The Pigskin - Outdoor Channel
232. Gangsters: America's Most Evil: Timothy McGhee - Reelz
233. Off Road Racing: Lucas Oil Series: Lucas Oil Winter Nationals - Ocala - CBS Sports Network
234. Centers Of The Universe (Unknown Episode) - NBA TV
235. UFC Fight Night: Mousasi vs Hall 2 - UFC Fight Pass

May 22

236. College Track And Field: B1G Outdoor Track And Field Championship - Big Ten Network
237. Sports Scene (5/22/2017) - CGTN
238. Top Ten Weather Inventions - The Weather Channel
239. River Monsters: Aquatic Aliens - Animal Planet
240. MASK: Video V.E.N.O.M. - Amazon Instant Video
241. MASK: Dinosaur Boy - Amazon Instant Video
242. Shark Gordon: Ultimate Predator - Amazon Prime
243. Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Series (Unknown Episode) - DVR

May 23

244. Dirty Missions: Dirty Missions Untold - World Fishing Network
245. Wild Fish Wild Places: Alaskan Stream Fishing - World Fishing Network
246. Frozen Planet: Production Video Diaries: To The Ends Of The Earth: Birth Of An Ice Monster - Blu Ray
247. Frozen Planet: Production Video Diaries: To The Ends Of The Earth: Filming In The Arctic's Roughest Seas - Blu Ray
248. SportsNation (5/23/2017) - ESPNEWS
249. ECW: Barely Legal - WWE Network
250. Wild Africa: Coasts - Amazon Instant Video
251. Galapagos: Born Of Fire - Blu Ray
252. Bob Redfern's Outdoor Magazine: Shenandoah Bass Fishing - Pursuit Channel

May 24

253. A-Way Outdoors: Bears And DIV - Wild Television On Demand
254. Angler & Hunter Television (Unknown Episode) - Wild Television
255. Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Series: Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Open Pt 2 - DVR
256. Sportscenter (5/24/2017) - ESPN
257. WWE NXT: Takeover: Chicago - WWE Network
258. Galapagos: Islands That Changed The World - Blu Ray
259. Skull Bound TV: Spot And Stalk Bruins - Sportsman Channel

May 25

260. Dominant Bucks: Swamp Hunter - Sportsman Channel
261. Babe Winkelman's Outdoor Secrets: X5 Archery Elk - Amazon Prime
262. Steve's Outdoor Adventures: Annual Burris Elk Hunt - Sportsman Channel
263. Sportscenter (5/25/2017) - ESPN
264. Dreampoint Outdoors' Game Of Inches: Early Season Success - Sportsman Channel
265. Prime Revolution: South Of The Border Pt 1 - Sportsman Channel
266. Galapagos: Forces Of Change - Blu Ray
267. Winchester And Drury's Natural Born: Tom's Heavy Burden - Pursuit Channel
268. Tak Driver TV: May 2017, Week 9 - Pursuit Channel
269. Angler & Hunter Television: Lake Erie Bass - Wild Television On Demand
270. Focused: Bruce Arena - Fox Sports Ohio
271. Ganges: Daughter Of The Mountains - DVD
272. Xtreme Bass Angler: Ottawa Valley Bass Blast - World Fishing Network

May 26

273. Ganges: River Of Life - DVD
274. Ganges: Waterland - DVD
275. Kingdom Of Apes: Clash Of Kings Pt 1 - Nat Geo Wild
276. SportsNation (5/26/2017) - ESPNEWS
277. Dispatches (Unknown Episode) - Outside Television
278. Sportfishing With Dan Hernandez: Freelance - Bass Fishing - Roku
279. Big Coast Sportfishing (Unknown Episode) - World Fishing Network
280. Fishing With Roland Martin: Heart Tail Monsters - DVR
281. Bike World (5/26/2017) - Motorsports.TV
282. Sportfishing With Dan Hernandez: Diamond Valley - Roku
283. North America: Born To Be Wild - DVD
284. Reel Animals Fishing Show (Unknown Episode) - World Fishing Network
285. North America: No Place To Hide - DVD
286. Sport Fishing On The Fly: Spring Bows On The Columbia - World Fishing Network

May 27

287. TMZ Sports (5/27/2017) - FS1
288. 90 In 30: Bologna vs Juventus - Bein Sports

May 28

289. America's Game: 1975 Steelers - NFL Network
290. NASA X (5/28/2017) - NASA TV
291. Wild Billz: Jimmy Johnson's National Billfish Championship - World Fishing Network
292. NASCAR Race Day (5/28/2017) - FS1

May 29

293. Xtreme Crappie Angler: Clear Water Crappie - Sportsman Channel
294. Quick Pitch (5/29/2017) - MLB Network
295. The High Road With Keith Warren: Gettin' Lucky In North Dakota - Pursuit Channel
296. Wild America: The Eyes Have It - Amazon Prime
297. Angler & Hunter Television: A New Dawn - Wild Television On Demand
298. Blitz TV: Southern Indiana - Wild Television
299. North America: The Savage Edge - DVD
300. North America: Outlaws And Skeletons - DVD

May 30

301. Alaska Outdoors TV: Alaska Mountain Goat - Outdoor Channel
302. NBA: The Jump (5/30/2017) - ESPN
303. SportsNation (5/30/2017) - ESPN
304. Rugby Rising (Unknown Episode) - NBC Sports Network
305. North America: North America Revealed - DVD

May 31

306. Forensic Files: Shear Luck - HLN
307. Rolex Spirit Of Yachting (Unknown Episode) - Outside Television
308. NBA Gametime (5/31/2017) - NBA TV
309. MTB Heroes (Unknown Episode) - Outside Television
310. Emerald Tails: May 2017, Week 10 - Pursuit Channel
311. The Hunt: Deer Hunting In Washington - Amazon Prime
312. Addictive Fishing Television: Tampa Chums - Roku
313. Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Booby Trap - Amazon Prime
314. Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Countdown - Amazon Prime

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge


2016: Make Mine Marvel, 31 items
2015: Musicals, 21 items
2014: Finish Unwatched TV and Watch Warner Archive MOD and Marvel/Avengers Mini-Challenge, 34 items
2013: Buffy, 5 items
2012: Buffy/Avengers, 12 items
2011: The Totally Awesome Chuck Challenge, 15 items

*First-time viewing


Spring Awakening stage musical, Second Story Repertory, Redmond, WA

1. Mrs. Henderson Presents* (Netflix DVD)

2. Shrek the Musical* (Netflix)

3. La La Land (BD)

Liz Callaway at the Triple Door, Seattle, WA

An American in Paris stage musical*, Broadway at the Paramount, Seattle, WA

4. Julie's Greenroom season 1 ep 1* (Idina Menzel, singing)
5. Julie's Greenroom season 1 ep 2* (Chris Colfer, storytelling)
6. Julie's Greenroom season 1 ep 3* (Alec Baldwin, acting)
7. Julie's Greenroom season 1 ep 4* (Tiler Peck and Robert Fairchild, dance)
8. Julie's Greenroom season 1 ep 5*
9. Julie's Greenroom season 1 ep 6* (Sara Bareilles, writing)

10. Little Shop of Horrors

Seattle Symphony: Broadway Rocks with the Seattle Men's Chorus, Benaroya Hall

11. Sing (2016)*

12. Great Performances: Company (2006)*
13. An American in Paris (1951) (BD)

14. Newsies (1992) (DVD)

15. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg*

16. Rent (2005)

17. Julie's Greenroom season 1 ep 7* (Ellie Kemper, improv)
18. Julie's Greenroom season 1 ep 8* (Joshua Bell, orchestra and instruments)
19. Carousel (1956)

20. Newsies The Broadway Musical (2016)
21. Mamma Mia! (2008)
22. My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 1 ep 1*

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**


First time view - ☼

01. Ouran High School Host Club, "Big Brother is a Prince!", 2006, JP, Stream, TV

02. The Great Horror Family, "The Horror! The Cursed Imawano Family", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV, ☼

03. The Great Horror Family, "The Horror! The World Osamu Doesn't Know About", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV, ☼

04. The Great Horror Family, "Horrifying! Kiwa's Tea Drinking Friend", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV, ☼

05. The Great Horror Family, "The Horror! The Cursed Portrait", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV, ☼

06. The Great Horror Family, "The Horror! The Alien You Prefer", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV, ☼

07. The Great Horror Family, "Ghost Story! Red Light Spirit Tsuyako", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV, ☼

08. The Great Horror Family, "Grotesque! The Cursed Gothic Lolita", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV, ☼

09. The Great Horror Family, "True Story! Afterlife of Honor", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV, ☼

10. The Great Horror Family, "Escape! The Imawano Family and the Cursed Maze", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV, ☼

11. The Great Horror Family, "The Horror! Kiyoshi's Cursed Countdown", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV, ☼

12. The Great Horror Family, "Extreme! Kiyoshi's Family and the World Over There", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV, ☼

13. Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor, "The Unmotivated Bastard", 2017, JP, Stream, TV, ☼
14. Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor, "Just the Slightest Bit of Motivation", 2017, JP, Stream, TV, ☼
15. Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor, "The Fool and Death", 2017, JP, Stream, TV, ☼

16. Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor, "The Magic Competitioni", 2017, JP, Stream, TV, ☼

17. Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor, "The Queen and the Princess", 2017, JP, Stream, TV, ☼
18. Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor, "The Evil Being", 2017, JP, Stream, TV, ☼

19. The Great Horror Family, "Bizarre! ...the original Great Family", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV, ☼
20. The Great Horror Family, "A Bizarre! ...and Great Family", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV, ☼

21. Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor, "The Sea of Falling Stars", 2017, JP, Stream, TV, ☼

22. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 1", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼

23. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 2", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼
24. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 3", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼

25. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 4", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼
26. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 5", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼
27. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 6", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼
28. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 7", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼
29. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 8", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼

30. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 9", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼
31. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 10", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼
32. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 11", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼
33. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 12", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼

34. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 13", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼
35. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 14", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼

35. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 15", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼
36. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 16", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼

37. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 17", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼

38. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 18", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼
39. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 19", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼

40. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 20", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼
41. Candle in the Tomb, "Episode 21", 2016, CN, Stream, TV, ☼

42. Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor, "The Fool and the Star", 2017, JP, Stream, TV, ☼

43. Blame,, Hiroyuki Seshita, 2017, JP, Stream, TV, Color, ☼

44. Tales of Phantasia, "Episode 1", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV,
45. Tales of Phantasia, "Episode 2", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV,
46. Tales of Phantasia, "Episode 3", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV,
47. Tales of Phantasia, "Episode 4", 2004, JP, Dvd, TV,

48. Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor, "The Reason to Live", 2017, JP, Stream, TV, ☼

49. Antartic Journal,, Yim Pil-sung, 2005, KR, Stream, TV, Color, ☼
50. My Hero Academia, "Izuku Midoriya: Origin", 2016, JP, Stream, TV, ☼
51. My Hero Academia, "What It Takes to Be a Hero", 2016, JP, Stream, TV, ☼
52. My Hero Academia, "Roaring Muscles", 2016, JP, Stream, TV, ☼
53. My Hero Academia, "Start Line", 2016, JP, Stream, TV, ☼
54. My Hero Academia, "What I Can Do For Now", 2016, JP, Stream, TV, ☼

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

malazar's Letterboxd Watchlist Challenge

My Watchlist of random stuff I want to see

2016 - Black Sails Challenge - 36 items
2015 - Eurocrime Challenge - 18 items
2014 - 30 for 30/JoJo's/Criterion Challenge - 68 items

Goal: Watch 20 films from my Letterboxd Watch List Completed

*Denotes First Time Watch
First Time Watches - 29/29 (100%)

Black=DVD - 17 films
Red=Streaming - 12 films

April 30 - after dusk
1. Chosen Survivors (Sutton Roley, 1974)*

May 1
2. Dial 1119 (Gerald Mayer, 1950)*

May 2
3. T-Force (Richard Pepin, 1994)*

May 3
4. Payday (Daryl Duke, 1973)*

May 4
5. How to Steal a Million (William Wyler, 1966)*

May 5
6. Special Forces (Isaac Florentine, 2003)*

May 6
7. Extreme Prejudice (Walter Hill, 1987)*

May 7
8. The Silence (Baran bo Odar, 2010)*

May 8
9. Lone Star (John Sayles, 1996)*

May 9
10. Andersonville (John Frankenheimer, 1996)*

May 10
11. Time After Time (Nicholas Meyer, 1979)*

May 11
12. They Call Me Macho Woman! (Patrick G. Donahue, 1991)*
13. When Strangers Appear (Scott Reynolds, 2001)*

May 12
14. I Met Him in Paris (Wesley Ruggles, 1937)*

May 13
15. Chopper (Andrew Dominik, 2000)*

May 14
16. The Last Hard Men (Andrew V. McLaglen, 1976)*

May 15
17. Darktown Strutters (William Witney, 1975)*

May 16
18. Walking the Edge (Norbert Meisel, 1985)*

May 17
19. Detention (Joseph Kahn, 2011)*

May 18
20. Little Odessa (James Gray, 1994)*

May 19
21. The Alamo (John Lee Hancock, 2004)*

May 23
22. The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (Tommy Lee Jones, 2005)*
23. Prime Cut (Michael Ritchie, 1972)*

May 25
24. Baba Yaga (Corrado Farina, 1973)*
25. Flashpoint (William Tannen, 1984)*

May 27
26. Maximum Overdrive (Stephen King, 1986)*

May 28
27. Badge 373 (Howard W. Koch, 1973)*

May 31
28. Bright Future (Kiyoshi Kurosawa, 2002)*
29. The Attorney (Yang Woo-seok, 2013)*

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge
Mr. Cellophane's "Forget the United States' Problems" Foreign Film Challenge

*= first time viewing
blue= personal BluRay
black= personal DVD
green= streaming
orange= theatrical presentation
purple= borrowed or rented BD/DVD

May 1st
1. Kiki's Delivery Service (Majo no takkyŻbin) (Hayao Miyazaki, 1989 / Japan)
--- Instead of contemplating how a genocidal slaveholder could have averted the Civil War, I watched a cute Studio Ghibli film about a young witch coming-of-age and learning her trade.
2. Sunrise/Sunset (Rassvet/Zakat. Dalai Lama 14) (Vitaliy Manskiy, 2008 / Russia)*
--- Instead of pondering how praying for the oil industry and cutting corporate taxes will help Oklahoma's alarming budget deficit, I watched a Russian documentary that follows the daily routine of the Dalai Lama.

May 2nd
3. Monsieur Hulot's Holiday (Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot) (Jacques Tati, 1953 / France)
--- Sure, I could have continue to contemplate the ramifications of giving a jingoistic paranoid an even bigger military budget, but I decided to bury my head in one of my favorite comedies, Jacques Tati's lackadaisical meditation on everyday delights and nuisances.

May 3rd
4. The Masseur (Masahista) (Brillante Mendoza, 2005 / Philippines)*
--- FBI Director Comey spoke to a Congressional committee, but instead of reading the transcript to see what insights I could glean, I watched a coming-of-age film about a young man who gets sucked into the world of sex work.

May 4th
5. Cezanne et moi (Daniele Thompson, 2016 / France)*
--- Yes, an Ayn Rand-loving frat boy and a bunch of rich people are closer to destroying healthcare, but instead of thinking about that, I watched an examination of the tumultuous friendship between Cezanne and Emile Zola.
6. By the Time It Gets Dark (Dao khanong) (Anocha Suwichakornpong, 2016 / Thailand)*
--- Instead of delving further into understanding the hellscape that is North Carolina's legislative coup, I was confused by an Thai experimental film about history and the nature of fiction.

May 6th
7. Seeds of Yesterday (Shawn Ku, 2015 / Canada)*
--- While I was tempted to read Ivanka's new book to see if it offered insight into her very normal family, I decided to watch an adaptation of a V.C. Andrews' novel all about an incestuous family threatened by a potent mixture of religion and insanity.

May 7th
8. Les Vampires: Episode 2 - "The Ring That Kills" (1915 / France / DVD)*
9. Les Vampires: Episode 3 - "The Red Codebook" (1915 / France / DVD)*

May 9th
10. Osama (Siddiq Barmak, 2003 / Afghanistan)*
--- I cannot bring myself to say anything jokey about watching this one. It's a terrifying exploration of life under the repressive Taliban, especially how terribly women are treated.

May 10th
11. Les Vampires: Episode 4 - "The Spectre" (1916 / France / DVD)*

May 11th
12. Doctor Who: 1.1, "Rose" (2005 / United Kingdom / AmazonPrime)
13. Doctor Who: 1.2, "The End of the World" (2005 / United Kingdom / AmazonPrime)

May 12th
14. Doctor Who: 1.3, "The Unquiet Dead" (2005 / United Kingdom / AmazonPrime)
15. Summer Interlude (Sommarlek) (Ingmar Bergman, 1951 / Sweden)*
--- Russians, you say? Possible obstruction of justice? Sean Spicer in the bushes? I dismissed all that and enjoyed this devastating drama about a ballerina who relives the past when she receives a former lover's diary.

May 14th
16. Les Vampires: Episode 5 - "Dead Man's Escape" (1916 / France / DVD)*
17. Les Vampires: Episode 6 - "Hypnotic Eyes" (1916 / France / DVD)*

May 15th
18. Les Vampires: Episode 7 - "Satanas" (1916 / France / DVD)*

May 17th
18. Les Vampires: Episode 8 - "The Thunder Master" (1916 / France / DVD)*

May 25th
19. American Honey (Andrea Arnold, 2016 / United Kingdom / AmazonPrime)*

May 28th
20. Doctor Who: 2.9, "The Satan Pit" (2006 / United Kingdom / AmazonPrime)

--- Afghanistan: 1
--- Canada: 1
--- France: 2
--- Japan: 1
--- Philippines: 1
--- Russia: 1
--- Sweden: 1
--- Thailand: 1
--- United Kingdom: 1

Serial / Television Episodes
--- France: 7
--- United Kingdom: 5

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

omike's The British Are Coming! Challenge

2011: Special Features / Japanese Movie Challenge (19 items)
2012: American Movies of the 30's, 40's, and 50's Challenge (30 items)
2013: Fantastic Heroes From Comics, Pulps, and Radio Challenge (38 items)
2014: Made In Japan Challenge (44 items)
2015: The Exploring Poverty Row Studios Challenge (50 items)
2016: Made In Japan Challenge Raids Again (40 items, extended 62)

Movies and TV shows produced in the United Kingdom

Some goals:
Finish Blake's 7 (4 ep. left) Done!
Finish Stingray (6 ep. left) Done!

Broadchurch Series 1 (8 ep.) Done!
Life On Mars Series 1 (8 ep.) Done!
Life On Mars Series 2 (8 ep.) Done!
Survivors Series 1 (13 ep.) Done!
Survivors Series 2 (13 ep.)
Survivors Series 3 (12 ep.)
Thriller Series 1 (10 ep.)
One Foot in the Grave Series 3 (6 ep.) Done!
The Vicar of Dibley Series 1 (6 ep.) Done!

Miscellaneous episodes of Poirot, Midsomer Murders, and The Saint Done!

Icons of Suspense (6 Hammer suspense movies) Done!

Traditional counting system. Commentaries count. Special features count (90+ minutes = 1).

May 01
00.50 Dr. Who (2017) S:10 E:3 Thin Ice* Streaming
01.00 Life On Mars (2006) S:1 E:1*

May 02
01.50 Life On Mars (2006) S:1 E:2*
01.75 One Foot in the Grave (1992) S:3 E:1 Monday Morning Will Be Fine*

May 03
02.25 Life On Mars (2006) S:1 E:3*
02.75 Survivors (1975) S:1 E:1 The Fourth Horseman*

May 04
03.25 Life On Mars (2006) S:1 E:4*
03.75 Survivors (1975) S:1 E:2 Genesis*

May 05
04.25 Life On Mars (2006) S:1 E:5*
04.50 The Vicar of Dibley (1994) S:1 E:1 Arrival*

May 06
04.75 Stingray (1965) E:30 A Nut for Marineville*
05.00 Dr Who (1976) S:13 E:17 The Brain of Morbius Part One
05.25 The Tomorrow People (1973) S:1 E:1 The Slaves of Jedikiah Episode One*
05.50 The Nightmare Man (1981) E:1*
06.00 Survivors (1975) S:1 E:3 Gone Away*
06.50 Life On Mars (2006) S:1 E:6*
06.75 The Vicar of Dibley (1994) S:1 E:2 Songs of Praise*

May 07
07.00 The Tomorrow People (1973) S:1 E:2 The Slaves of Jedikiah Episode Two*
07.50 Blake's 7 (1981) S:4 E:10 Gold*
08.00 Agatha Christie's Poirot (1991) S:3 E:4 The Plymouth Express* Blu Ray
08.50 Life On Mars (2006) S:1 E:7*
09.50 Midsomer Murders (1999) S:3 E:1 Death of a Stranger*

May 08
10.00 Dr. Who (2017) S:10 E:4 Knock Knock* Streaming
10.50 Survivors (1975) S:1 E:4 Corn Dolly*
11.00 Life On Mars (2006) S:1 E:8*
11.25 One Foot in the Grave (1992) S:3 E:2 Dreamland*

May 09
11.50 The Protectors (1972) S:1 E:1 2,000 Ft to Die*
12.00 The Saint (1962) S:1 E:5 The Loaded Tourist*

May 10
12.50 Life On Mars (2007) S:2 E:1*
13.00 Planet Earth (2007) E:9 The Shallow Seas*

May 11
13.50 Life On Mars (2007) S:2 E:2*
13.75 The Vicar of Dibley (1994) S:1 E:3 Community Spirit*

May 12
14.00 The Protectors (1972) S:1 E:2 Brother Hood*
14.50 Life On Mars (2007) S:2 E:3*

May 13
14.75 Stingray (1965) E:31 Trapped in the Depths*
15.00 Dr Who (1976) S:13 E:18 The Brain of Morbius Part Two
15.25 The Tomorrow People (1973) S:1 E:3 The Slaves of Jedikiah Episode Three*
15.50 The Nightmare Man (1981) E:2*
16.50 The Vengeance of She (1968)* (Hammer Collection Double Feature)
Fun lost civilization story with touches of psychic phenomena and the supernatural.
16.75 The World of Hammer (1994) E:3 Lands Before Time* (On The Vengeance of She disk)
17.75 Stop Me Before I Kill! (1960)* (The Icons of Suspense Collection Hammer Films)
After he recovers from a serious accident he had on the way to his honeymoon, a race car driver begins to feel the urge to murder his wife. Very good thriller plays out about how you expect but is well done and kept me in suspense.
18.25 Life On Mars (2007) S:2 E:4*
18.50 One Foot in the Grave (1992) S:3 E:3 The Broken Reflection*

May 14
18.75 Stingray (1965) E:23 Eastern Eclipse*
19.25 Blake's 7 (1981) S:4 E:11 Orbit*
19.75 Survivors (1975) S:1 E:5 Gone to the Angels*
20.25 Survivors (1975) S:1 E:6 Garland's War*
20.75 Survivors (1975) S:1 E:7 Starvation*
21.25 Planet Earth (2007) E:10 Seasonal Forests*
21.75 Agatha Christie's Poirot (1991) S:3 E:5 Wasps' Nest* Blu Ray
22.75 Midsomer Murders (2000) S:3 E:2 Blue Herrings*

May 15
23.25 Dr. Who (2017) S:10 E:5 Oxygen* Streaming
23.75 Life On Mars (2007) S:1 E:5*

May 16
24.25 Life On Mars (2007) S:1 E:6*
24.75 Survivors (1975) S:1 E:8 Spoil of War*

May 17
25.25 Life On Mars (2007) S:1 E:7*
25.50 One Foot in the Grave (1992) S:3 E:4 The Beast in the Cage*

May 18
26.00 Life On Mars (2007) S:1 E:8*
26.25 The End of Life On Mars (Extra in Life on Mars Series 2 set)

May 19
27.25 Take a Look at the Lawman; Get Sykes; The Music of Life on Mars (Extras in Life on Mars Series 1 set)
The Return of Life on Mars (Extra in Life on Mars Series 2 set)

May 20
27.50 Stingray (1964) E:12 A Christmas to Remember*
27.75 The Tomorrow People (1973) S:1 E:4 The Slaves of Jedikiah Episode Four*
28.00 Dr Who (1976) S:13 E:19 The Brain of Morbius Part Three
28.25 The Nightmare Man (1981) E:3*
29.25 Cash On Demand (1961)* (The Icons of Suspense Collection Hammer Films)
A criminal comes up with a very clever plan to rob a bank. Nice thriller. Peter Cushing does a great job as the cold, distant bank manager.
30.25 The Snorkel (1958)* (The Icons of Suspense Collection Hammer Films)
A greedy husband comes up with a clever way to murder his wife in this flat, very slow moving film. Misses a chance for a great EC comics type finish.
30.50 The Vicar of Dibley (1994) S:1 E:4 The Window and the Weather*

May 21
31.00 Blake's 7 (1981) S:4 E:12 Warlord*
31.25 Stingray (1965) E:16 The Lighthouse Dwellers*
31.50 The Tomorrow People (1973) S:1 E:5 The Slaves of Jedikiah Episode Five*
32.00 Survivors (1975) S:1 E:9 Law and Order*
32.50 Agatha Christie's Poirot (1991) S:3 E:6 The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor* Blu Ray
33.50 Midsomer Murders (2000) S:3 E:3 Judgement Day*

May 22
34.00 Dr. Who (2017) S:10 E:6 Oxygen* Streaming
34.50 Broadchurch (2013) S:1 E:1*

May 23
35.00 The Saint (1962) S:1 E:6 The Pearls of Peace*
36.00 The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) (The James Bond Collection) Blu-Ray

May 24
36.50 Broadchurch (2013) S:1 E:2*
37.00 Broadchurch (2013) S:1 E:3*

May 25
37.50 Broadchurch (2013) S:1 E:4*
38.00 Broadchurch (2013) S:1 E:5*

May 26
38.50 Broadchurch (2013) S:1 E:6*
39.00 Broadchurch (2013) S:1 E:7*

May 27
39.25 Dr Who (1976) S:13 E:20 The Brain of Morbius Part Four
39.75 Getting a Head; Designs on Karn; Set Tour; Photo and Sketch Galleries (Extras on The Brain of Morbius disk)
40.00 The Nightmare Man (1981) E:4*
40.50 Survivors (1975) S:1 E:10 The Future Hour*
41.00 Survivors (1975) S:1 E:11 Revenge*
41.50 Blake's 7 (1981) S:4 E:13 Blake*

May 28
42.50 The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959) Blu Ray
Hammer version of the classic story is fine with Peter Cushing and Andre Morell as Holmes and Watson paticularly good.
43.00 Broadchurch (2013) S:1 E:8*
43.25 Broadchurch: Behind the Scenes Featurette (Extra in Broadchurch Series 1 set)
44.25 Maniac (1963)* (The Icons of Suspense Collection Hammer Films)
Good thriller takes it's time to get going but ends up very suspenseful with some nice twists.
45.25 Midsomer Murders (2000) S:3 E:4 Beyond the Grave*
45.75 Agatha Christie's Poirot (1991) S:3 E:7 The Double Clue* Blu Ray

May 29
46.00 Stingray (1965) E:39 Aquanaut of the Year*
46.50 Survivors (1975) S:1 E:12 Something of Value*
47.00 Survivors (1975) S:1 E:13 A Beginning*
48.00 Zulu (1964)* Blu Ray
49.00 One of Our Aircraft Is Missing (1942)* Blu Ray

May 30
49.50 Dr. Who (2017) S:10 E:7 The Pyramid at the End of the World* Streaming
49.75 One Foot in the Grave (1992) S:3 E:5 Beware the Trickster On the Roof*
50.75 Never Take Candy from a Stranger (1960)* (The Icons of Suspense Collection Hammer Films)
Intense story about a new high school principal in a small Canadian town who discovers that an old man gave his nine year old daughter candy so she would undress and dance for him. When the family presses charges they discover the man is the eldest member of the powerful family who founded the town.
51.00 The Vicar of Dibley (1994) S:1 E:5 Election*

May 31
51.50 The Saint (1962) S:1 E:7 The Arrow of God*
51.75 One Foot in the Grave (1992) S:3 E:6 The Worst Horror of All*
52.75 These Are the Damned (1962)* (The Icons of Suspense Collection Hammer Films)
Starts out as a JD movie but then heads off in a strong SF direction. Very entertaining.
53.00 The Vicar of Dibley (1994) S:1 E:6 Animals*

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

What about Bob?

Movies/TV shows with stars or guests named Bob

April 30th
1. Newhart (1982): S5E1
2. Newhart (1982): S5E2
3. Newhart (1982): S5E3
4. Newhart (1982): S5E4
5. Newhart (1982): S5E5
6. Newhart (1982): S5E6

May 1st
7. Newhart (1982): S5E7
8. Newhart (1982): S5E8
9. Newhart (1982): S5E9
10. Newhart (1982): S5E10
11. Newhart (1982): S5E11
12. Newhart (1982): S5E12
13. Newhart (1982): S5E13
14. Newhart (1982): S5E14

May 2nd
15. Newhart (1982): S5E15
16. Newhart (1982): S5E16
17. Newhart (1982): S5E17
18. Newhart (1982): S5E18
19. Newhart (1982): S5E19
20. Newhart (1982): S5E20

May 3rd
21. Newhart (1982): S5E21
22. Newhart (1982): S5E22
23. Newhart (1982): S5E23
24. Newhart (1982): S5E24
25. Newhart (1982): S6E1
26. Newhart (1982): S6E2
27. Newhart (1982): S6E3
28. Newhart (1982): S6E4

May 4th
29. Newhart (1982): S6E5
30. Newhart (1982): S6E6
31. Newhart (1982): S6E7
32. Newhart (1982): S6E8
33. Newhart (1982): S6E9
34. Newhart (1982): S6E10
35. Newhart (1982): S6E11
36. Newhart (1982): S6E12

May 5th
37. Newhart (1982): S6E13
38. Newhart (1982): S6E14
39. Newhart (1982): S6E15
40. Newhart (1982): S6E16
41. Newhart (1982): S6E17
42. Newhart (1982): S6E18
43. Newhart (1982): S6E19
44. Newhart (1982): S6E20

May 6th
45. Newhart (1982): S6E21
46. Newhart (1982): S6E22
47. Newhart (1982): S6E23
48. Newhart (1982): S6E24
49. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E1
50. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E2
51. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E3
52. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E4

May 7th
53. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E5
54. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E6
55. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E7
56. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E8
57. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E8
58. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E10
59. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E11
60. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E12

May 8th
61. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E13
62. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E14
63. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E15
64. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E16
65. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E17
66. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E18

May 9th
67. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E18
68. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E20
69. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E21
70. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E22
71. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E23
72. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E24

May 10th
73. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E25
74. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E26
75. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E27
76. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E28
77. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E29
78. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E30

May 11th
79. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E31
80. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E32
81. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E33
82. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E34
83. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E35
84. Gilligan's Island (1964): S1E36

May 12th
85. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E1
86. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E2
87. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E3
88. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E4
89. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E5
90. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E6

May 13th
91. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E7
92. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E8
93. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E9
94. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E10
95. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E11
96. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E12
97. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E13
98. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E14
99. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E15
100. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E16
101. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E17
102. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E18

May 14th
103. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E19
104. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E20
105. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E21
106. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E22
107. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E23
110. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E24
111. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E25
112. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E26

May 15th
113. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E27
114. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E28
115. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E29
116. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E30
117. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E31
118. Gilligan's Island (1964): S2E32

May 16th
119. Newhart (1982): S7E1
120. Newhart (1982): S7E2
121. Newhart (1982): S7E3
122. Newhart (1982): S7E4
123. Newhart (1982): S7E5
124. Newhart (1982): S7E6

May 17th
125. Newhart (1982): S7E7
126. Newhart (1982): S7E8
127. Newhart (1982): S7E9
128. Newhart (1982): S7E10

May 18th
129. Newhart (1982): S7E11
130. Newhart (1982): S7E12
131. Newhart (1982): S7E13
132. Newhart (1982): S7E14
133. Newhart (1982): S7E15
134. Newhart (1982): S7E16

May 19th
135. Newhart (1982): S7E17
136. Newhart (1982): S7E18
137. Newhart (1982): S7E19
138. Newhart (1982): S7E20
139. Newhart (1982): S7E21
140. Newhart (1982): S7E22

May 20th
141. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E1
142. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E2
143. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E3
144. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E4
145. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E5
146. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E6
147. M*A*S*H (1972)
148. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E7
149. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E8
150. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E9
151. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E10
152. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E11
153. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E12
154. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E13
155. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E14
156. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E15
157. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E16
158. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E17
159. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E18

May 21st
160. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E19
161. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E20
162. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E21
163. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E22
164. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E23
165. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E24
166. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E25
167. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E26
168. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E27
169. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E28
170. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E28
171. Gilligan's Island (1964): S3E30

May 22nd
172. Newhart (1982): S8E1
173. Newhart (1982): S8E2
174. Newhart (1982): S8E3
175. Newhart (1982): S8E4
176. Newhart (1982): S8E5
177. Newhart (1982): S8E6
178. Newhart (1982): S8E7
179. Newhart (1982): S8E8

May 23rd
180. Newhart (1982): S8E9
181. Newhart (1982): S8E10
182. Newhart (1982): S8E11
183. Newhart (1982): S8E12
184. Newhart (1982): S8E13
185. Newhart (1982): S8E14
186. Newhart (1982): S8E15
187. Newhart (1982): S8E17

May 24th
188. Newhart (1982): S8E18
189. Newhart (1982): S8E19
190. Newhart (1982): S8E20
192. Newhart (1982): S8E21
193. Newhart (1982): S8E22
194. Newhart (1982): S8E23
195. Newhart (1982): S8E24

May 25th

May 26th

May 27th

May 28th
196. The Benny Hill Show (1969) (w/Bob Todd): S11/E1
197. The Benny Hill Show (1969) (w/Bob Todd): S11/E2

May 29th
198. The Benny Hill Show (1969) (w/Bob Todd): S11/E3

May 30th

May 31st

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

Indy24LA's 8th Annual Make-Your-Own Challenge

Golden Globes Challenge

2016 Movies With Athletic Supporters
2015 The Spies Like Them Challenge
2014 The 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon Movie Challenge
2013 I Love the 80s Movie Challenge
2012 All Challenges Challenge
2011 Comedy A to Z Challenge
2010 Comic Book Movies Challenge

* denotes first time viewing

1. Moonlight*

2. Sherlock Holmes S4 E1: The Six Thatchers*
3. Cheers S1 E17: Diane's Perfect Date
4. Cheers S1 E18: No Contest

5. Trainwreck

6. Cheers S1 E19: Pick a Con... Any Con

7. Cheers S1 E20: Someone Single, Someone Blue
8. Cheers S1 E21: Show Down: Part 1
9. Cheers S1 E22: Show Down: Part 2
10. Rebel Without a Cause

11. Rio Bravo*
12. Sherlock Holmes S4 E2: The Lying Dectective*
13. Sherlock Holmes S4 E3: The Final Problem*

14. Hidden Figures*

15. Cheers S2 E1: Power Play
16. Cheers S2 E2: Little Sister, Don't Cha
17. Cheers S2 E3: Personal Business

18. Philadelphia

19. Cheers S2 E4: Homicidal Ham
20. Cheers S2 E5: Sumner's Return
21. Cheers S2 E6: Affairs of the Heart
22. Cheers S2 E7: Old Flames
23. Cheers S2 E8: Manager Coach
24. Cheers S2 E9: They Called Me Mayday

25. Cheers S2 E10: How Do I Love Thee?... Let Me Call You Back
26. Cheers S2 E11: Just Three Friends

27. Cheers S2 E12: Where There's a Will...
28. Cheers S2 E13: Battle of the Exes
29. Cheers S2 E14: No Help Wanted
30. Cheers S2 E15: And Coachie Makes Three
31. Cheers S2 E16: Cliff's Rocky Moment

32. Pride

33. Cheers S2 E17: Fortune and Men's Weight

34. 20th Century Women*

35. Deadpool
36. Cheers S2 E18: Snow Job
37. Cheers S2 E19: Coach Buries a Grudge
38. Cheers S2 E20: Norman's Conquest
39. Cheers S2 E21: I'll Be Seeing You: Part 1
40. Cheers S2 E22: I'll Be Seeing You: Part 2
41. Cheers S3 E1: Rebound: Part 1
42. Cheers S3 E2: Rebound: Part 2
43. Cheers S3 E3: I Call Your Name

44. The Hangover

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

SterlingBen's A to Z Movie Challenge

Rules: Any movie can be watched so long as it's title starts with the next letter in the alphabet (first movie must have a title that starts with A). In the event that titles watched surpasses letters of the alphabet the challenge shall restart with an 'A' title.

May 1st

May 3rd

May 4th

May 5th

May 6th

May 8th

May 10th

May 11th

May 14th

May 16th

May 17th

May 18th

May 19th

May 20th

May 21st

May 26th

May 27th

May 28th

May 29th

May 30th

May 31st


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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge

Challenge: Classic Disney, both animated and live action

2016's list

May 1
1. Summer Magic

May 2
2. Parent Trap (Hayley Mills version)

May 3
3. Parent Trap II

May 4
4. Saludos Amigos
5. Three Caballeros
6. Don Donald
7. Contrary Condor
8. The Sword in the Stone
9. A Knight for a Day (cartoon short)
10. Brave Little Tailor (cartoon short)

May 5
11. Robin Hood
12. Ye Olden Days (cartoon short)

May 6
13. The Princess Diaries

May 12
14. Nifty Nineties (cartoon short)
15. Pollyanna
16. In Search of the Castaways

May 20
17. The Moon-Spinners

May 21
18. The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
19. That Darn Cat!

May 28
20. Sea Salts (Donald cartoon short)
21. Swiss Family Robinson
22. Treasure Island
23. Treasure Planet

May 29
24. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
25. Grand Canyonscope (cartoon short)

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

"The Alphabet Challenge - Part 2"

The Goal: I am duplicating a challenge I performed in 2012, which is to watch a film and a television show starting with each letter of the alphabet.

Films (22/26):


A - Anomalisa (2015) [BD]

B - Brotherhood (2010) [BD]

C - Carol (2016) [BD]

D - Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (2017) [Theater]

E - Ex Machina (2014) [BD]

F - The Founder (2016) [DVD]

G - Going the Distance (2010) [BD]

H - Hail, Caesar! (2016) [BD]

I - Is Anybody There? (2008) [BD]

J - JCVD (2008) [BD]

K - Keeping Up With the Joneses (2016) [DVD]

L - La La Land (2016) [DVD]

M - Music and Lyrics (2007) [BD]

N - Nerve (2016) [DVD]

O - The Other Guys (2010) [BD]

P - Point Blank (2010) [BD]

Q -

R - Return to Mayberry (1986) [DVD]

S - Seeking Justice (2011) [BD]

T - This is Where I Leave You (2014) [BD]

U - Unleashed (2005) [BD]

V -

W -

X - XIII: The Conspiracy (2008) [BD]

Y -

Z - Zootopia (2014) [BD]

Television Shows (23/26):


A - The Andy Griffith Show (30 episodes) [DVD]

B - Breaking Bad (2 episodes) [BD]

C - Coach (2 episodes) [DVD]

D - Dexter (1 episode) [BD]

E - Everybody Hates Chris (1 episode) [Streaming]

F - Fixer Upper (1 episode) [Streaming]

G - Gomer Pyle, USMC (1 episode) [DVD]

H - Hawaii Five-O (23 episodes) [BD]

I - The Incredible Hulk (1 episode) [DVD]

J - Jeopardy (1 episode) [Streaming]

K - King of Queens (1 episode) [DVD]

L - Last Man Standing (1 episode) [Streaming]

M - M*A*S*H (22 episodes) [DVD]

N - NCIS: Los Angeles (1 episode) [BD]

O - O.J.: Made in America (1 episode) [Streaming]

P - Parks and Recreation (4 episodes) [DVD]

Q - Quantum Leap (1 episode) [Streaming]

R - Rosewood (1 episode) [Streaming]

S - Survivor (4 episodes) [Streaming]

T - That 70's Show (18 episodes) [DVD]

U -

V - The View (1 episode) [Streaming]

W - The Wonder Years (6 episodes) [DVD]

X -

Y - You're the Worst (1 episode) [Streaming]

Z -

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

"The forgotten movies will be forgotten no longer"

To watch "the forgotten movies" from the 1980's. Films that haven't gotten any attention in the past 20+ years. Movies that were well-known in the 80's, but probably haven't been seen by anyone born after 1990.


48 Hrs. (1982) [B+]
A hard-nosed cop and a wisecracking convict team up to catch a cop killer. Eddie Murphy's film debut. It started the "buddy cop" genre and was a big inspiration for other 80's movies like Beverly Hills Cop and Lethal Weapon.
Starring: Nick Nolte, Eddie Murphy, Annette O'Toole

Above the Law (1988) [C]
A former Special Ops vet, now a Chicago cop, investigates a drug ring that's being covered up by the CIA. Back in the 80's, everyone was blown away by Seagal's unique violent fighting style.
Starring: Steven Seagal, Pam Grier, Sharon Stone, Henry Silva

Bloodsport (1988) [C-]
A US soldier travels to Hong Kong to compete in a violent underground martial arts tournament. WTF is up with all the cat meowing during the fight scenes?
Starring: Jean-Claude Van Damme and the guy that played Ogre in Revenge of the Nerds

Invasion U.S.A. (1985) [D+]
Chuck Norris is a one man wrecking crew against a Soviet terrorist and his army of Communist guerrillas who are attacking southern Florida.
Starring: Chuck Norris, Richard Lynch, Billy Drago

Running Scared (1986) [B+]
A funny buddy-cop movie. After almost being killed on the job, two Chicago detectives decide to retire to Key West. But first, they have to put away a dangerous drug dealer.
Starring: Billy Crystal, Gregory Hines

Shanghai Surprise (1986) [D]
In 1930's China, a sleazy con man tries to help a beautiful missionary find pain-killing opium, which gets them in trouble with gangsters and smugglers. The action is boring, the jokes fall flat, and the acting is awful.
Starring: Madonna, Sean Penn

Tango & Cash (1989) [C]
Two narcotics cops are framed for murder, escape from prison, and get revenge on the drug lord that set them up. This was the last film to be released in the 1980's.
Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell, Jack Palance, Teri Hatcher

Tank (1984) [C]
James Garner wreaks havoc on a small town run by a corrupt sheriff using his vintage Sherman tank.
Starring: James Garner, Shirley Jones, C. Thomas Howell, James Cromwell

Victory (1981) [B+]
During WWII, Allied POWs train for an exhibition soccer game against German soldiers, where they plan to escape with help from the French resistance.
Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine, Max von Sydow. Pele


9 to 5 (1980) [B]
Three overworked and underappreciated secretaries get revenge on their "sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot" boss.
Starring: Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, Dabney Coleman

Baby Boom (1987) [B]
An overworked NY businesswoman inherits a young infant who turns her life upside down. When everything falls apart, they move to a home in the country where she turns her homemade babyfood into a booming business.
Starring: Diane Keaton, Harold Ramis, Sam Shepard, Pat Hingle, James Spader, Victoria Jackson

Bustin' Loose (1981) [C]
An foul-mouthed ex-con is forced by his parole officer to drive a busload of troubled orphans across the country. In 1987, it was turned into a short-lived TV show with Jimmy Walker.
Starring: Richard Pryor, Cicely Tyson

From the Hip (1987) [B+]
A young lawyer gains noteriety for his outrageous courtroom antics. But gets in over his head when he's assigned an unwinnable murder case. This film script gave David E Kelley his big break in Hollywood.
Starring: Judd Nelson, Elizabeth Perkins, John Hurt, Ray Walston, Darren McGavin, David Alan Grier

Six Pack (1982) [B]
A race car driver becomes a reluctant guardian to six wisecracking orphans on the run from a corrupt redneck sheriff. Using their skills to quickly strip cars, the kids become his pit crew.
Starring: Kenny Rogers, Diane Lane, Erin Gray, Anthony Michael Hall, Barry Corbin

Stakeout (1987) [B-]
While on a stakeout to catch an escaped convict, two buddy-cops play pranks on their co-workers and one falls in love with the woman they're watching.
Starring: Richard Dreyfuss, Emilio Estevez, Madeleine Stowe, Aidan Quinn, Forest Whitaker

Stroker Ace (1983) [B-]
A popular, womanizing NASCAR driver tries seduce a voluptuous Sunday school teacher and get out of his ridiculous contract with a fried chicken mogul. A funny movie, despite being nominated for multiple Razzie awards.
Starring: Burt Reynolds, Loni Anderson, Jim Nabors, Ned Beatty, Parker Stevenson, Bubba Smith, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira)

Switching Channels (1988) [B]
An overworked cable news reporter gets engaged to a handsome millionaire and plans to retire. Her boss/ex-husband does everything he can to get her to stay. A hilarious modern-day remake of The Front Page and His Girl Friday.
Starring: Kathleen Turner, Burt Reynolds, Christopher Reeve, Ned Beatty

Three Fugitives (1989) [C+]
Just out of prison, a former bank robber gets tangled up with a desperate father and his mute daughter on the run from the cops following a bungled heist.
Starring: Nick Notle, Martin Short, James Earl Jones, Alan Ruck, Bruce McGill


Lean On Me (1989) [B+]
Based on a true story, a strict principal cleans up New Jersey's worst public high school by kicking out all the drug dealers and delinquents.
Starring: Morgan Freeman, Beverly Todd, Robert Guillaume

The Manhattan Project (1986) [C+]
A young genius steals plutonium from the local nuclear weapon laboratory, and builds a dirty bomb for his high school science fair. I enjoyed this movie when I was a teen, but now it seems completely ridiculous.
Starring: Christopher Collet, John Lithgow, Cynthia Nixon, Jill Eikenberry, John Mahoney, Robert Sean Leonard

Max Dugan Returns (1983) [B]
A long-lost father visits his grown daughter, announces that he's dying and offers her a suitcase full of cash to improve her life.
Starring: Marsha Mason, Jason Robards, Matthew Broderick, Donald Sutherland, Kiefer Sutherland

Places in the Heart (1984) [A]
A widow tries to save her family's farm by growing cotton with help from a black drifter in a small Texas town during the Great Depression.
Starring: Sally Field, Lindsay Crouse, Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, John Malkovich, Danny Glover, Terry O'Quinn

Things Change (1988) [B]
A poor immigrant agrees to take the rap for mob hit in exchange for money to buy his dream fishing boat, and a low-level mobster escorts him on a final weekend of freedom before going to prison.
Starring: Don Ameche, Joe Mantegna, Robert Prosky, Ricky Jay, William H. Macy


Deadtime Stories (1986) [D+]
A anthology of three fairy tales given a horror twist. Stories include Peter & the Witches, Red Riding Hood & a Werwolf, and homicidal Goldi Lox & the criminal Baer family. Not too scary with some stupid slapstick comedy. But has some cool 80's practical effects.
Starring: Scott Valentine, Melissa Leo


Legal Eagles (1986) [B]
When the beautiful daughter of a famous artist is charged with stealing a painting, the charismatic prosecutor and sympathetic defense attorney team up to find the truth. A light rom/com mystery with a great cast.
Starring: Robert Redford, Debra Winger, Daryl Hannah, Brian Dennehy, Terence Stamp, Christine Baranski

Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery (1989) [B-]
While on vacation in Barbados, Miss Marple suspects that a military man's natural death was actually murder, and the killer may be planning more.
Starring: Joan Hickson, Donald Pleasence, Sophie Ward


Chances Are (1989) [C+]
A newlywed husband is in a deadly accident and gets reincarnated as a baby. 20 years later, the young man meets his former wife and their daughter. And memories of his previous life resurface. A mildly humorous rom/com saved by a charming cast.
Starring: Cybill Shepherd, Robert Downey Jr, Ryan O'Neal, Mary Stuart Masterson, Christopher McDonald

Murphy's Romance (1985) [B-]
A divorced mother moves to a small town to start over. A budding romance with the local pharmacist gets complicated when her deadbeat ex-husband shows up.
Starring: Sally Field, James Garner, Corey Haim, Carole King

Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) [A]
The former prom queen who married her high school boyfriend is now an unhappy housewife on the brink of divorce. At her 25th high school reunion, she's magically transported back to 1960 with a chance to do everything over.
Starring: Kathleen Turner, Nicolas Cage, Catherine Hicks, Joan Allen, Jim Carrey, Helen Hunt


D.A.R.Y.L. (1985) [B-]
A young boy with amnesia is adopted by a new family, and seems to be incredibly gifted at anything he does. Turns out he's a robot created by the government, and the military wants him back.
Starring: Barret Oliver, Mary Beth Hurt, Michael McKean, Kathryn Walker, Colleen Camp

Heavy Metal (1981) [C]
An animated anthology of various sci-fi/fantasy stories from Heavy Metal magazine. Lots of graphic violence and nudity. Features a great soundtrack from Cheap Trick, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Devo, Sammy Hagar and others.
Voice Actors: John Candy, Eugene Levy, Harold Ramis

Iceman (1984) [C+]
Arctic researchers discover a Neanderthal man frozen in ice. The scientists revive him, and place him in an artificial environment to study his behavior.
Starring: Timothy Hutton, Lindsay Crouse, David Strathairn, Danny Glover


52 Pick-Up (1986) [C+]
A Los Angeles industrialist with a wife running for city council is blackmailed by masked men with a videotape of him and his young girlfriend. When he refuses to pay them, the situation gets deadly. Based on a novel by Elmore Leonard.
Starring: Roy Scheider, Ann-Margret, Kelly Preston, Vanity, John Glover

Cloak & Dagger (1984) [B]
A young boy on the run from assassins gets help from his imaginary friend, a James Bond-style secret agent, when he comes in possession of a stolen top-secret microchip.
Starring: Henry Thomas, Dabney Coleman

Sharky's Machine (1981) [C+]
An Atlanta vice cop falls in love with a high class call girl who's involved with a powerful politician and a dangerous mobster.
Starring: Burt Reynolds, Brian Keith, Charles Durning, Henry Silva, Rachel Ward

Tuff Turf (1985) [C]
A troubled kid transfers to a new high school, crosses paths with the local gang of delinquents, and falls in love with the leader's girlfriend. The goofy song and dance scenes seem out of place with the violent theme.
Starring: James Spader, Kim Richards, Robert Downey Jr

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

reserved. i think ill do a first in first out..;

May 1st through May 3rd

1. Battle of Britain - 1940s war documentary that was part of a Medacy Box set called the Great Battles of World War II. Purchased in 2000.

2. D-Day Battle for the Beach 940s war documentary that was part of a Medacy Box set called the Great Battles of World War II. Purchased in 2000.

3. Battle of Russia . Frank Capra's academy award nominated documentary in two parts.part of a Medacy Box set called the Great Battles of World War II. Purchased in 2000.

4. Battle of the Volga . Russian directed documentary covering the battles of Leningrad and Stalingrad.part of a Medacy Box set called the Great Battles of World War II. Purchased in 2000.

May 5th

5. The Maltese Falcon (1941). John Huston's directorial debut. A well deserved classic film noir that put Humphrey Bogart and John Huston on the map. 10/10. Purchased in 2000.

May 7th

6. One Flew Over a Cuckoo's Nest (1975). A star studded cast headed up by Jack Nicholsen in one of his finest roles. 10/10. Purchased in 2000.

May 9th

7. The Eiger Sanction (1975) 8/10. Clint Eastwood directed and lead film about a hitman that climbs the Eiger mountain. One of my favorites. George Kennedy is fantastic in this one. purchased in 2000

May 10th

8. The Brain that Wouldn't Die (1960) 7/10. A childhood favorite b grade horror movie. Purchased in 2001.

9. W. C. Fields 6 shorts including the dentist and the golfer. Medacy box set purchased in 2001.

May 11th

10. The KGB Sex Files - Documentary on KGB methods of extorting and recruiting spies. hosted by Roger Moore. I think this box set is out of print. purchased in 2001.

May 12th

11. Heat (1995) 9/10. Michael Manns cops and robbers masterpiece. I bought this in 2001

May 13th

12. The Secret KGB Paranormal Files. Documentary on KGB methods of tapping into paranormal methods hosted by Roger Moore. I think this box set is out of print. purchased in 2001.

May 14th

13. The Secret KGB Abduction Files . Alien Visitation and project ISIS which focuses on the pyramids of Giza purchased in 2001.

14. The Secret KGB JFK Files. JFK assassination conspiracy theories. purchased in 2001.

15. The Secret KGB UFO Files. KGB files on UFO sightings and possible abductions in Russia. Purchased in 2001.

May 15th

16. The Beast (1988) 7/10. An under rated movie about the Soviet invasion of Afganistan. purchased in 2001

May 16th

17. North By Northwest (1959) 9/10. Alfred Hitchcock's innovative masterpiece. I also listened to the commentary track. Purchased in 2001

May 18th

18. M (1931) 10/10. Fritz Langs masterpiece that made Peter Lorre a star. must viewing. Criterion DVD purchased in 2001

May 19th

19. Teenagers from Space (1959) 3/10 rock bottom low budget sci fi flick. purchased in 2001

May 20th

20. Phantom from Space (1953) 5/10. 50s Sci Fi pot boiler along the lines of Robot Monster. purchased in 2001

May 21st

21. The Whip and the Body (1963) 10/10. Probably my favorite Bava Film. A masterpiece whodunnit, ghost story.

22. Killers from Space (1954). 4/10. Peter Graves 50s cheese fest with alien that have ping pong balls for eyes

May 25th

23. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) 10/10. Monty Python spoof of King Arthur's search for the Holy Grail. A Classic. purchased in 2002.

May 26th

24. The Human Monster aka Dark eyes of London (1939) 7/10. One of Bela's most under rated roles. He plays a double role here as a blind caretaker and a slimy insurance broker. recommended. purchased in 2002.

May 27th

25. The Wasp Woman (1959) 6/10. one of Roger Corman's early films that he directed and produced. he even has a cameo . purchased in 2002

26. Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959) 6/10. Cheezy 50s sci fi action with playboy playmate Yvette Vickers. purchased in 2002.

May 28th

27. The Return of Chandu (1934). 5/10. an early serial that followed from the popular Chandu film. purchased in 2002

May 30th

28. The Ghoul (1933) 7/10. Lost film for over 30 years, this Boris Karloff film is a loose retelling of the Mummy story. Purchased in 2002

May 31st

29. The Manster (1959) 7/10. A camp classic. this may be the first film to feature a two headed monster. purchased in 2002.

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

Greg MacGuffin's 2017 Classic Film Challenge

May 1
1. Dr. Strangelove

May 6
2. Runaway Train

May 10
3. Saturday Night Fever

May 12
4. High Plains Drifter

May 14
5. New Tale of Zatoichi

May 20
6. The Golden Voyage of Sinbad

May 24
7. Network

May 25
8. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1920 (with live score)

May 26
9. Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger

May 27
10. Kids from Shaolin Netflix Instant

May 28
11. Reservoir Dogs
12. The Whip and the Body

May 31
13. Norma Rae

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

Let's Sing, Sing a Song!

Trevor's Personal Challenge Checklist
(a monthly checklist to help justify collections and subscriptions)

Amazon Prime - Gimme Danger
Animation - Odyssey into the Mind's Eye DVD
BD - The Sound of Music
Comic Book - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Criterion - The Music Room (1958) BD
Digibook - Elvis on Tour (1972) BD
Disney - Mary Poppins 40th Anniversary DVD
The Muppets Wizard of Oz DVD
DVD - The McCartney Years
Godzilla/King Kong - Godzilla the Musical, youtube
Godzilla vs Mothra DVD
HBO - The Music in Me: A Family Special
Holiday - Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol
Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas
Horror - Rocky Horror Picture Show
MST3K - Swing Parade Rifftrax DVD
Netflix - History of the Eagles
Roku - multiple
Shudder - Deathgasm
Star Trek - Lessons, STTNG s6e19, DVD
3D - A Monster in Paris BD
Vudu - Adele: Someone Like Me - documentary, free with ads

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

David Lynch: A Month of Wonderful & Strange.

1 - 30. Twin Peaks: The Complete Original Series (1990 - 1991)

31. Eraserhead (1977)
32. The Elephant Man (1980)
33. Dune (1984)
34. Blue Velvet (1986)
35. Wild at Heart (1990)
36. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (+ "The Missing Pieces") (1992)
37. Lost Highway (1997)
38. The Straight Story (1999)
39. Mulholland Drive (2001)
40. Inland Empire (2006)

41. Eraserhead Stories (2001)
42. Mysteries of Love (2002)

43 - 46. Twin Peaks: The Return (Episodes 1 - 4) (2017)

47. David Lynch: The Art Life (2017)

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

First Time Viewings (aka, sit on my ass and watch the stack of DVDs and Blu Rays I've bought as blind buys or because I heard good things about but have yet to actually watch)

1. The Wedding Ringer
2. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
3. L.A. Confidential
4. My Cousin Vinny
5. Top Gun
6. It Came From Outer Space
7. Taxi Driver
8. Joy
9. The Raven
10. Pan's Labyrinth
11. Passengers
12. Jackie
13. Fear Inc.
14. When the Bough Breaks
15. Man of Steel
16. The Night Before

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

01. Goon / 5-12

02. Happy Valley / 5-15
-----[Football - Documentary film about coach Jerry Sandusky]

03. Team Foxcatcher / 5-20
-----[Wrestling - Documentary film about the life of Dave Schultz and John du Pont]

04. Cool Runnings / 5-24
-----[Bobsledding - inspiration of the Jamaica national bobsleigh team / 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada]

05. Hitler's Olympics / 5-26
-----[documentary on the 1936 Berlin Olympics]

06. Trophy Kids / 5-28
-----[Documentary film about juvenile athletes and their parents]

07. Rocky / 5-30
-----[Boxing - inspired by Chuck Wepner boxing career]

08. Queens and Cowboys / 5-31
-----[LGBT Rodeo Circuit]

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

Audio Commentary Challenge

1TL=First Time Listen

(1TL)1. Creepshow (1982) Commentary by George Romero, Tom Savini & Michael Felsher
-This might have been the liveliest I've ever heard Romero be in a commentary. I never knew about the special ash tray seen in the movie (And boy, do the commentators let you know about it)
(1TL)2. Crash (1996) Commentary by David Cronenberg
-Cronenberg does a fine job of mixing the technicalities, source material and controversy all into one good package. My favorite bit of trivia was hearing how the film crew got a police escort for filming the on-road sex scene.
(1TL)3. Dog Day Afternoon (1975) Commentary by Sydney Lumet
-The first of a trio of Lumet commentaries I plan on listening to. For claiming he hasn't seen the movie since he made it, his memory remained super sharp. It was interesting to hear about the difference between California Extras between New York Extras. Along with all the moments that were mostly improvised by Pacino.
(1TL)4. Each Dawn I Die (1939) Commentary by Haden Guest
-Aside from some segments where both re-writes And demands from the Breen office (aka the censorship board) there wasn't a lot of behind-the-scenes stories to share. Just mostly deep analyzation.
(1TL)5. Jennifer's Body (2009) Commentary by Karyn Kusama and Diablo Cody
-I don't know why, but I was expecting Diablo to do most of the talking here (Turned out to be the other way around) I haven't seen the movie in a real long time, but this track made me appreciate the film a wee bit more.
(1TL)6. She Devils on Wheels (1968) Commentary by Herschell Gordon Lewis, Mike Vraney and "Jim"
-Muffled audio in the early going, but that's soon corrected. It's too bad we didn't get to hear more info about "The Man-Eaters". That's my main complaint about this commentary. Other than that, I chuckled loudly about Herschell's recollection of trying to finally find the solution to get his infamous blood off of clothing.
(1TL)7. Frailty (2001) Commentary by Brent Hanley
-This may be the first Writer's commentary I've heard where the Writer appears to have been on set every single day. It's a loose and relaxed track with Hanley sharing tons of info on earlier versions on the stories. It's too bad he hasn't written more things because more commentaries with him would be fun.
(1TL)8. Gunga-Din (1939) Commentary by Rudy Behlmer
-Not much to say other than Behlmer gives hefty information on the careers (And often private lives) of much of the cast and crew. I'm at least glad he brought up the comparisons between this and TEMPLE OF DOOM.
(1TL)9. Risky Business (1983) Commentary by Tom Cruise, Paul Brickman and Jon Avent
-It's a video commentary as well. Starts out as quite a fun conversation between the trio, but the track seems to get too serious when the themes of the film become the main focus.
(1TL)10. Tusk (2014) Commentary by Kevin Smith
-(Watched in honor of Michael Parks' passing) A bulk of Smith's commentary is spent on the idea of how this movie got made. At least there's some good moments he shares where the actors (Long & Parks) indicated how they wanted to play specific scenes...And Kevin's potty-mouth is ever apparent whenever he introduces his family members onscreen.
(1TL)11. Vertigo (1958) Commentary by Herbert Coleman, Robert A. Harris and James C. Katz
-(There were lots of others who popped up occasionally with other stories, but I'm only focusing on the trio's comments) Since Harris & Katz worked on the film's restoration, you would think the track would only would mostly cover that, but Coleman (Who was heavily-involved with the making of the film) gives a nice balance to the commentary.
(1TL)12. Iron Man 3 (2013) Commentary by Shane Black & Drew Pearce
-I thought Black would be the humorous one. But once again, it's the writer who seems the most witty. Too bad we didn't get to hear more of why Shane Black loves to set his films at Christmas.
(1TL)13. Black Legion (1937) Commentary by Patricia King Hanson and Anthony Slide
-Most of the commentary is spent on discussing the actors (Very little on the filmmakers) and the commentators don't shy away from poking fun at the movie here and there.
(1TL)14. CBGB (2013) Commentary by Randall Miller, Jody Savin and Brad Rosenberger
-It's not much of a team-commentary (Miller does the most talking) but this still managed to be my favorite commentary thus far in this challenge. Though one can get tired of hearing of which scenes were filmed in New York and which scenes were filmed in Georgia, I loved how nearly every single scene in the movie had it's own bit of trivia. Never noticed that (The character of) Annie Golden appeared in this movie, btw.
(1TL)15. Apocalypse Now (1979) Commentary by Francis Ford Coppola-For being one of the most troubled film productions ever, I was surprised how minimal of it is said from Coppola. From his comments, you get the sense that deciding the film's ending was the biggest problem during filming...That is, until Brando arrived on set....
(1TL)16. Relax....It's Just Sex (1997) Commentary by Steve Wolf, Jennifer Tilly and Lori Petty-Some funny remarks scattered throughout, but this track might leave you very drained--Thanks to Tilly's motormouth.
(1TL)17. Pieces (1982) Commentary by Jack Taylor and Collum Wadell-Very little scene-specific comments here. But if you're a big Euro-cult fan, you might get a little joy when Taylor recalls working with Jess Franco, Amando de Ossorio, Leon Klomivsky and Paul Naschy.
(1TL)18. 'G' Men (1935) Commentary by Richard Jewell-Since the FBI is in the news, why not do this one? I've listened to two other commentaries by Jewell and he still sounds like a nervous teenager, but at least he appeared more enthusiastic here. It was interesting to hear the differences between the REAL events that inspired scenes for this movie and their "Hollywood" results.
(1TL)19. Lifeforce (1985) Commentary by Tobe Hooper and Tim Sullivan-Sullivan fanboys hard over this movie and never once does it get annoying. Very fun and lively conversation between the two. Contains the best "Final thoughts" I've yet to hear in my commentary-thon.
(1TL)20. Sinister (2012) Commentary by Scott Derrickson-I didn't get to fully listen to this track (Million other things going on) what I did notice was that Derrickson hardly ever took a breath and that he unexpectedly gave mention to the 70's horror flick, Devil Times Five. I really should try to give this another listen.
(1TL)21. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid (1969) Commentary by George Roy Hill, Hal David, Robert Crawford and Conrad Hill-I could've swore I only heard three guys in this, but oh well. Mostly dull track that focuses a lot on the photography. I wanted to hear more about the actual characters.
(1TL)22. The Rules of Attraction (2002) Commentary by Carrot Top-Wow I've heard a lot about this commentary over the years and it did not disappoint one bit. I lost track of how many spit takes I did. Undoubtedly, one of the most funniest things I've ever listened to.
(1TL)23. The Running Man (1987) Commentary by Paul Michael Glaser and Jeff McKay-And from the best commentary I've heard in this challenge, to the worst (Or more like most disappointing) To begin with, I never knew that "Starsky" directed this movie. And as it turns out, the commentary lets the viewer know about ALL the other films that he's directed and ALL the other projects he's acted in. Though it was nice to hear about the lengthy career he's had, this was the wrong place to talk about it.
(1TL)24. La La Land (2016) Commentary by Damien Chazelle and Justin Hurwitz-Since it sounds like Hurwitz (The music composer) was in every step of the way during the filming with Director Chazelle, this ended up being a smooth commentary. My favorite moment was when Hurwitz described making a faux background song that sounded like it was made by The Cure.
(1TL)25. Repo Man (1984) Commentary by Alex Cox and a crap load of other people-Though I was only able to identify about 3 of the 6 voices heard in this commentary, it still ended up being a fun track. It was amusing to hear about the mishaps that occur near the end of the movie.
(1TL)26. Phantasm (1979) Commentary by Director Don Coscarelli and actors A. Michael Baldwin, Angus Scrimm and Bill Thornbury-Coscarelli does a good job with the scene specifics. The only problem was that the audio tends to be low...All except for Angus Scrimm--Who's booming voice reflects The Tall Man well.
(1TL)27. After Hours (1985) Commentary by Martin Scorsese, Griffin Dunne, Amy Robinson, Thelma Schoonmaker, and Michael Ballhaus-Since it's a selected-scene commentary, this makes the movie much more shorter. To my surprise, I was most pleased by Ballhaus's comments. Rather than just talking about "How I did this scene", he goes on to talk about the transitions of working with Fassbinder and Scorsese. I didn't mind hearing that at all.
(1TL)28. Ladies and Gentleman, The Fabulous Stains (1981) Commentary by Diane Lane and Laura Dern-It's a fun track with the gals basically treating this film as home movies.
(1TL)29. 31 (2016) Commentary by Rob Zombie-Say what you will about Zombie's films, but he always does a fine commentary.
(1TL)30. Heat (1995) Commentary by Michael Mann-Mann gives very little info as as the technical side of things go, but instead, it was refreshing to hear him go into the backstories of the characters and their psychology.
(1TL)31. Before The Devil Knows You're Dead (2007) Commentary by Sydney Lumet, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Ethan Hawke-Though it tends to be a tough listen since Lumet and Hoffman are gone, this is worth listening to if you want to know about an actor's craft.
(1TL)32. One Crazy Summer (1987) Commentary by Savage Steve Holland, Bobcat Goldthwait and Curtis Armstrong-As a longtime fan of the movie, it was cool to hear about all the deleted scenes. It's no surprise that Bobcat's comments provide most of the laughs, but things really got funny to hear during the boat race.
(1TL)33. The Legend (of Fong Sai Yuk) (1993) Commentary by Bey Logan-As usual, it's your usual martial arts Logan commentary with background information of the actors and filmmakers delivered with rapid fire speed. Yet another impressive track from the master.
(1TL)34. Summer of Sam (1999) Commentary by Spike Lee and John Leguizamo-There's a youtube video out there that has nothing but F-bombs said in the movie. Someone now needs to do one that features nothing but Lee's obnoxious cackling from this track.

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Re: The Eighth Annual May Make-Your-Own Challenge - May 1-31, 2017 **List Thread**

Disney Movies
1) Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008) DVD - 05/02
2) The Horse Without A Head (1963) DVD - 05/03
3) Race to Witch Mountain (2009) DVD - 05/04
4) Space Buddies (2009) DVD - 05/05
5) Third Man on the Mountain (1959) DVD - 05/07
6) 101 Dalmatians (1961) VHS - 05/10
7) Muppet Treasure Island (1996) DVD -05/12
8) Oliver & Company(1988) VHS - 05/15
9) A Goofy Movie (1995) VHS -05/20
10) Lilo & Stitch (2002) VHS - 05/27
11) Peter Pan (1953) VHS - 05/29

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