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DVD Talk Forum Thread Wiki: 6th Annual DVDTalk Action/Adventure/Crime/Mystery Discussion Thread March 2017
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Re: 6th Annual DVDTalk Action/Adventure/Crime/Mystery Discussion Thread March 2017

Originally Posted by BobO'Link View Post
Hey! Where've you been hiding? Or maybe I should say you've been more quiet than usual...

When first reading your post that first line came in as: "...and it totally sucked..." and I did a mental "Whaaaat!?!?! It didn't pull me in as much as I'd have liked the first time but it didn't 'suck'!" and then got the " in." part. Whew! I thought you'd gone off the deep end for a moment there!

I have a copy of Civil War and will likely watch it sometime in the next week or so. I'm about to start X-Men: Days of Future Past. While I enjoy the X-Men part of the Marvelverse I like The Avengers branch much more. The two Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor films, which mostly set the stage for The Avengers, were all very good. The third Iron Man was OK but not as good as those first two. So far, Hulk films have pretty much been a bust but he's also a character I've never much cared for anyway so it would take a exceptional film for me to get invested. Banner gets "angry," becomes the Hulk, smashes things, turns back into Banner. OK... I get it. But the character, in both films and comics, seems to swing back and forth from "brainless monster" to "brainless monster who can think if necessary or it suits the story" so much that I just don't see the point. Anyway... he works in The Avengers as he's the "brainless monster who can think if necessary" and did inject a few nice comic moments:

Hulk, after thrashing Loki about a bit: "Puny god..."
Life's been a bit crazy the past month or two so I haven't been getting a lot of watches in. Taking this month off as I don't participate in the Drive-in Challenge, but I probably will be back for the MYOC. I did get in some watches though, even a couple first time viewings!

Ha! No, I didn't go off the deep end, I really enjoy the Marvel Universe, though the first phase is my favorite of them all. The sequels (Looking at you, Iron Man 2!) have not been as good for me, but they are definitely still watchable. I don't really count the two stand-alone Hulk movies in the universe other than to kind of give his backstory. I didn't enjoy either of them, but I do prefer Mark Ruffalo to Ed Norton. I'm interested in seeing how he does with a heavier part in the next Thor movie.

I also agree that another directer other than Joss Whedon would have made the movies a LOT different. I think that since he has his thumb on fandom's pulse, that he really tries to honor that for the viewers. Look what he did with Buffy and Firefly.

That Hulk quote is one of my favorites from the movie. I mean, I love the last like 30 minutes, but that whole scene with Loki is great.

Originally Posted by ntnon View Post
I thought so, but obviously not... There's ITEM 47 about the aftermath of Avengers; Agent Carter; and 'A Funny Thing Happened..' with Agent Coulsen. There's one about Sir Ben's Mandarin... which one's the Hulk one?

Yes... and they do have Stark point out that they were tracking energy signatures and those died out. But in the real world, they had radar and sonar by that point; in the alternate world of tesseracts, super soldiers and Stark thinking about Arc Reactors and flying cars... I know why they did it (and WWII as a setting was necessary - thanks, Mark Millar), but it much more plausible to find and dig him out in the 60s than 'now'.
Hmm, to be honest, I'm not sure where that short is...let me go see if I can find it: Google tells me it was a cut scene from The Incredible Hulk.

And to the other-well, they are movies! Sense doesn't always win! Isn't there some comic alternative verse where Cap was found in the '60s? That seems familiar to me... Also, remember flying cars never did get off the ground-well, figuratively at least!
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Re: 6th Annual DVDTalk Action/Adventure/Crime/Mystery Discussion Thread March 2017

Since I'm only participating in the Drive In Challenge a little at a time, I'm still working on this Challenge unofficially. Been thinking about watching Tekkaman Blade lately, since so far I've never got past the first disc. Want to watch Knight Rider, the original, and Star Trek too, along with continuing both versions of Battlestar Galactica.
2017 October Horror Challenge
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