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Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 2015)

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Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 2015)

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Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 2015)

This thread is for lists only.

Discussion thread is HERE.

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

43 total, 31 first time view

April 1

1: My Best Friend (*) Shout Factory TV on Roku. Fascinating documentary on Klaus Kinski by Werner Herzog. Kinski was one mad dude.
2: The Manitou. DVR from TCM-HD. Fun Avco-Embassy 70s release. Tony Curtis and Michael Ansara fighting a fetus in fetu.

April 2

3: One Million B.C. (*) TCM-HD. Original Victor Mature and Lon Chaney Jr. caveman flick. Lot of fun.

April 3

4: The Brittany Murphy Story. (*) Lifetime Movie Channel. Had this on the DVR since September.
5: Gone with the Pope (*) Blu-ray. Duke Mitchell's bizarre and meandering epic. Some parts good, some parts a slog. Ultimately pointless.

April 4

6: The Dead Zone. EpixHD on demand.
7: Bone (*) TCM-HD. Dir Larry Cohen with Yaphet Kotto. Larry Cohen is the master of films you can describe in 1 sentence. Always interesting.
8: Miami Connection (*) Blu-ray.

April 5

9: Machete Kills (*) Netflix HD.
10: Rolling Vengeance (*) MGMHD

April 6

11: Jive Turkey (*) SnagFilms on Roku

April 8

12: Q the Winged Serpent. (*) Openelec/KODI stream. Not sure how I avoided this for 33 years.
13: Swearnet the Movie. (*) Netflix.
14: Devil's Rejects. Netflix

April 9

15: Massacre Mafia Style. Blu-ray. Enjoying this more than the first time I watched this.
16: Batman serial episode 1, 2 and 3 (*) TCM-HD

April 10

17: Trouble Man (*) Openelec/KODI stream.
18: Pink Flamingos. VHS! Original Soundtrack and Open Matte!

April 11

19: Cat O' Nine Tails (*) TCM-HD
20: Gravestoned (*) Grindhouse Channel on Roku
21: If There Be Thorns (*) Lifetime Movie Channel

April 12

22: Legend of Drunken Master (*) Netflix. Good Jackie Chan flick.
23: Sinful Nuns of St Valentine (*) Netflix
24: Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story (*) TCM-HD

April 14

25: 20 Best Blaxploitation Films (Youtube. 1 hour compilation of Blax trailers)
26: Seeds of Yesterday (*) Lifetime Movie Channel
27: The Sorcerer and the White Snake (*) Amazon Prime

April 15

28: Carry On Emmannuelle (*) Download.
29: The Telephone Book. (*) Netflix

April 16

30: The Apple (*) Netflix
31: Batman serial episode 4, 5 and 6 (*) TCM-HD

April 17

32: The Hunger TCM-HD

April 21

33: Let it Ride (WC)
34: Rocking in the Rockies (*) Blu
35: Time out for Rhythm (*) Blu
36: Have Rocket, Will Travel Blu

April 25

37: Tusk (*) Amazon Prime
38: Spermula (*) Grindhouse Channel on Roku
39: Long Weekend (*) Blu

April 28

40: Coffy Blu
41: Foxy Brown Blu

April 29

42: Rapture-paluza (*) Epix

April 30

43: The Harder They Come DVD

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

asianxcore's 6th Annual Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List

* = First Time Viewing
**= Wild Card
BLUE= Blu-Ray
ORANGE= Netflix

Personal Goal: 100
2015 Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge Total: 102
2011 Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge Total: 52
2010 Drive In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge Total: 9
# Of First Time Viewings: 63/102 (61%)
# Of Viewings on DVD: 62/102 (60%)
# Of Viewings on Blu-Ray: 22/102 (21%)
# Of Viewings on Netflix: 18/102 (17%)


Best 1st Time Viewings:
Rituals (1977)
Journey To The Seventh Planet (1962)
Switchblade Sisters (1975)
Ninja III: The Domination (1984)
Rabid Dogs (1974)

Best Repeat Viewings:
The Raid: Redemption (2011)
Ms. 45 (1981)
Rolling Thunder (1977)
Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003)
Two-Lane Blacktop (1971)

Best Overall Gore:
Visceral: Between The Ropes of Madness (2012)
Planet Terror (2007)
Headless (2015)
Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003)
Aftermath (1994)

Biggest Disappointments:
The Man With The Iron Fists 2 (2015)
Bone Sickness (2004)
The Butcher (2009)
Das Komabrutale Duell (1999)
Doc Of The Dead (2014)

Best "WTF" Moments:

'Eye Scene' (Visceral: Between The Ropes of Madness)
'Locker Surprise!' (Massacre at Central High)
'Stumps!' (Headless)
'Theme Song?' (Death Game)
'Is That a Maggot?' (Galaxy Of Terror)

Sleaziest Directors:

John Miller ($kumbagz)
Nacho Cerda (Aftermath)
Felipe Eluti (Visceral: Between The Ropes Of Madness)
Daisuke Yamanouchi (Muzan-e)
Kazuo Komizu (Entrails Of A Virgin)

Worst Films:
The Man With The Iron Fists (2015)
Bone Sickness (2004)
The Butcher (2009)
Das Komabrutale Duell (1999)
Doc Of The Dead (2014)

Funniest Film Moments:
'The Entirety of 'Hard Ticket To Hawaii' (Hard Ticket To Hawaii)
'Jacuzzi Meetings' (Savage Beach)
'Crying Over Split Milk' (Planet Terror)
'Are They Talking About The Mini-Copter?' (Fit To Kill)
'Detachable Breasts' (Samurai Princess)

April 1st

1. Ninja III: The Domination (1984) *
2. Double Dragon (1994)
3. Hobo With A Shotgun (2011)

April 2nd

4. Nail Gun Massacre (1985) *
5. Das Komabrutale Duell (1999) *
6. All Hell Breaks Loose (2014) *
7. El Mariachi (1992)
8. Lucker the Necrophagous (1986) *

April 3rd

9. Samurai Princess (2009) *
10. The Butcher (2009) *
11. Tank Girl (1995)
12. Hard Ticket To Hawaii (1987)
13. Muzan-e (1999)
14. Savage Beach (1989) *

April 4th

15. Planet Terror (2007)
16. Time To Kill (2014) *
17. The Last House On The Beach (1978) *
18. Fit To Kill (1993) *
19. Ms. 45 (1981)
20. Aftermath (1994)
21. Genesis (1998) **

April 5th

22. The Awakening (1990) *
23. City of Rott (2006) *
24. The Guyver (1991)
25. Hard Hunted (1992) *
26. Bad Lieutenant (1992)
27. The Guest (2014) **

April 6th

28. Tumbling Doll of Flesh (Niku Daruma) (1998) *
29. Just Before Dawn (1981) *
30. Forbidden World (1982)
31. Malibu Express (1985) *
32. Entrails of a Virgin (1986) *

April 7th

33. Manborg (2011)
34. Bone Sickness (2004) *
35. Dead Hooker in a Trunk (2009) *
36. Headless (2015) *

April 8th

37. Female Convict Scorpion: Beast Stable (1973) *
38. Female Convict Scorpion: Grudge Song (1973) *
39. Necrophile Passion (2013) *
40. Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 (1972) *

April 9th

41. Machete Kills (2013)
42. Machete (2010)
43. Bohachi Bushido: Code Of The Forgotten Eight (1973) *

April 10th

44. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)
45. Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)
46. Cut and Run (1985) *

April 11th

The Sadist (1963) *
48. Syngenor (1990) *
49. Death Proof (2007)
50. Switchblade Sisters (1975) *
51. The Man With The Iron Fists (2012)

April 12th

52. Savage Streets (1984)
53. Pervert! (2005) *
54. Rabid Dogs (1974) *

April 13th

55. Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! (2009)
56. Faces of Death II (1981) *
57. The Worst of Faces of Death (1987) *
58. Massacre At Central High (1976) *

April 15th

59. Black Sabbath (1963) *
60. Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman (2012) *
61. Birth of the Living Dead (2013) *
62. Nightmare Factory (2011) *

April 16th

63. $kumbagz (2015) *
64. Death Wish (1974)
65. The Man With The Iron Fists 2 (2015) *
66. White Zombie (1932) *

April 17th

67. New York Ripper (1982) *

April 18th

68. The Deadly Duo (1971) *
69. Bloodsport (1988)
70. Journey to the Seventh Planet (1962) *

April 19th

71. Rodan (1956)
72. The Amazing Transparent Man (1960) *
73. The Living Ghost (1924) *
74. Pharaoh's Curse (1957) *
75. Doc of the Dead (2014) *

April 20th

76. Invisible Invaders (1959) *

April 21st

77. 1334 (2012)
78. Pig (1998)
79. Cyborg (1989) *
80. Fight For Your Life (1977)

April 22nd

81. Doll Boy (2010)
82. Death Game (1977) *
83. Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior (2003) *
84. The Raid: Redemption (2011)
85. Lethal Force (2001) *
86. Galaxy of Terror (1981) *
87. Visceral: Between The Ropes Of Madness (2012) *

April 23rd

88. The Bunny Game (2010)
89. Deep Rising (1998) *
90. Two-Lane Blacktop (1971)

April 24th

91. Rage of Honor (1987) *
92. Taeter City (2012)
93. They Live (1988)

April 25th

94. Revenge of the Ninja (1983)
95. Godzilla's Revenge (1969) *
96. 7th Day (2012) *
97. The Cemetery (2013) *

April 26th

98. The Flight That Disappeared (1961) *
99. The Exterminator (1980)
100. Rolling Thunder (1977)

April 27th

101. Rituals (1977) *

April 28th

102. Undisputed III: Redemption (2010)

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

First Time Views - *

FTV Total - 54
Streaming: 22
DVD/BD: 35
TV: 51

Mar 31

1. His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th - Amazon Video

April 1

2. The Disappearing Forest - El Rey Network *
3. And God Created Woman - Epix Drive In *
4. Stooge Snapshots - DVD

April 2

5. Law and Order - Encore Westerns *
6. Ride 'Em Cowboy - Encore Westerns *
7. Death Kappa - Amazon Video
8. Odysseus: Voyage to the Underworld - SyFy *
9. Pegasus vs Chimera - SyFy *
10. No Brother of Mine - LMN *
11. Have Rocket, Will Travel - DVD
12. The Outlaws is Coming - DVD
12.33 The Three Stooges: Woman Haters - DVD
12.66 The Three Stooges: Punch Drunks - DVD
13.66 Hellraiser - DVD

April 3

14.66 Monte Walsh (2003) - Encore Westerns *
15. The Three Stooges: Men in Black - DVD
16. Assignment: Outer Space - Roku *
17. Godzilla: King of the Monsters - DVD

April 4

18. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Audio Commentary) - DVD
19. Hands of Death - Roku *
20. Hyenas - Chiller *
21. Little Odessa - Epix Drive In
22. Gigantis the Fire Monster - DVD
23. Gigantis the Fire Monster (Audio Commentary) - DVD
24. Atomic Rulers of the World - Roku *

April 5

25. The Expendables 3 - Epix 1
26. Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies - SyFy *
26.33 The Three Stooges: Three Little Pigskins - DVD
27.33 Wyoming Renegades - Encore Westerns *
28.33 The Texican - Encore Westerns *
29.33 The Beguiled - Encore Westerns *
30.33 Yakuza vs Ninja - Prime *

April 6

31.33 The Crater Lake Monster - DVD
32.33 Land of the Minotaur - DVD *
33.33 Croczilla - NWI
34.33 The Road Warrior - El Rey Network *

April 7

35.33 Ice Road Terror - SyFy *
36.33 More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead - Youtube
37.33 Unknown World - Roku *
38.33 The Vengeance of Ursa - DVD *
39.33 Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops - *

April 8

40.33 Stealth - AMC
41.33 Family in Hiding - LMN *
42.33 Nature Unleashed: Avalanche - DVD
42.66 The Three Stooges: Horses' Collars - DVD
43. The Three Stooges: Restless Knights - DVD
44. Godzilla and Other Movie Monsters - DVD

April 9

45. Apache Ambush - Encore Westerns
46. Bruce, The King of Kung Fu - Roku *
47. Attack From Space - Roku *

April 10

48. Kung-Fu - The Invisible Fist - DVD
49. The Toxic Avenger - Epix Drive In *
50. Kung Fu Fever - DVD

April 11

51. Corsair - Roku *
52. The Lost Boys - Esquire Network
52.33 The Three Stooges: Three Little Beers - IFC

April 12

53.33 Rodan - DVD
54.33 Rollerball (1975) - Cinemax *
54.66 The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom - IFC
55. Superman (1948) Chapter 1: Superman Comes to Earth - Roku
55.33 The Three Stooges: Pop Goes the Easel - DVD
55.66 The Three Stooges: Uncivil Warriors - DVD
56.66 The Kung-fu Instructor - El Rey *
57.66 The Vampire Bat - DVD
58.66 The Ape - DVD

April 13

59.66 Enter the Dragon - Amazon Video
60.66 Bloodfight - DVD *

April 14

61.66 The Sorcerer and the White Snake - Prime *
62.66 Undertow - Epix Drive In
63.66 The Monster Maker - DVD *

April 15

64.66 The Giant Gila Monster - DVD
65.66 Monster Madness: The Golden Age of the Horror Film - Hulu *
66.66 The Black Knight Returns - NWI

April 16

67. Superman (1948): Depths of the Earth - Roku

April 17

68. Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules - DVD

April 18

69. Revolver - Encore Suspense *
69.33 Superman (1948) Chapter 3: The Reducer Ray - Roku
70.33 Ninja Champion - Roku *
71.33 Priest - Chiller
72.33 House of Flying Daggers - Hulu *

April 20

73.33 Bloodwork - Chiller
73.66 The Three Stooges: No Census No Feeling - AMC
74.66 Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy - NWI
75. The Three Stooges: Pardon My Scotch - DVD
76. Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams - NUVO *

April 21

77. Going Overboard - Epix1
78. Beautiful - MoviePlex *

April 22

79. Gunplay - Encore Westerns *
80. Goliath and the Sins of Babylon - DVD *
81. The Avenger - DVD *
82. That's My Boy - FXX *

April 24

83. Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid - movieplex *
84. Frankenstein (1931) - DVD

April 25

85. Cursed - Encore Suspense
86. The Woman in Green - Encore Suspense *
87. Clue - Encore Suspense
88. City of the Living Dead - El Rey Network *
89. Zombie - El Rey Network *
90. Frankenstein (1931) (Audio Commentary) - DVD

April 26

91. The Hollow - TMC
92. The Dead Zone - Epix Drive In
93. 30 Days of Night: Dark Days - Fuse *

April 27

94. Shaolin Intruders - El Rey Network *
95. Duel - El Rey Network
96. The Undefeated - Encore Westerns *

April 28

97. Saw V - Chiller

April 29

98. Enter the Ninja - Amazon Video *
99. Leprechaun - Epix Drive In

April 30

100. Gunfighters - Encore Westerns *
101. Ten Wanted Men - Encore Westerns *
102. The Silver Trail - Digital Drive In *
103. Jedi Junkies - NWI

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

(Work in progress) Every movie watched:
Every movie watched:

Acting Out
Adiós Amigo
A Dog Called… Vengeance
After Mein Kampf
Alice In Wonderland: An Adult Musical Comedy
The Alcove
The Alien Factor
All the Sins of Sodom
The Alley Tramp
Alvin Purple
Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story
The Amazons
American Grindhouse
American Kickboxer
Anatomy of a Psycho
And God Said to Cain
An Eye for an Eye
Angel of Destruction
Angel Guts:Red Porno
Angels Hard as They Come
Angry Joe Bass
Another Son of Sam
The Anonymous Heroes
The Arena (1974)
The Ark of the Sun God
Assignment: Outer Space
The Astounding She-Monster
A Sweet Sickness
A Taste of Hell
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
Atomic Rulers of the World
Autopsy (1975)
Avenging Angel
Avenging Eagle
The Awful Dr. Orlof
The Baby
Bad Girls Dormitory
Bandh Darwaza
Barbed Wire Dolls
Barbarian Queen
The Baron
Battle Beyond the Stars
Battle Creek Brawl
Beach Ball
The Beach Bunnies
The Beach Girls
The Beast of Borneo
The Beast That Killed Women
The Beautiful, The Bloody, and The Bare
Behind Convent Walls
Behind Locked Doors
Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla
Below the Belt (1971)
Big Bad Mama
The Big Bust Out
The Big Snatch
Bikini Beach
The Bizarre Ones
The Black Bunch
Black Cobra Woman
The Black Connection
Black Emanuelle
Black Eye
The Black Godfather
Black Heat
Black Samurai
A Black Veil for Lisa
Blast-Off Girls
Blind Fury
Blind Rage
Blood, Boobs & Beast
Blood of the Dragon
Blood Orgy of the She-Devils
Blood Voyage
The Bloody Fists
The Bloody Judge
Bloody Monkey Master
Blue Summer
Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw
The Bod Squad
The Body
Bonnie's Kids
Bottoms Up
Bowery at Midnight
Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo
Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave
Bruce Lee in New Guinea
A Bullet for a Stranger
The Burning Hell
Burnt Offerings
Bury Me An Angel
Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker
C.B. Hustlers
C.C. and Company
Caged Fury
Caged Hearts
Caged Island Women
Call of the Blonde Goddess
The Candy Snatchers
Cannibal Terror
Cargo of Love
Carry on Spying
The Case of the Bloody Iris
Catalina Caper
Cat-Women of the Moon
The Cave of the Silken Web
Chained Girls
The Champions of Justice
Cherry, Harry & Raquel!
Chesty Anderson, U.S. Navy
The Chicken Chronicles
Chinatown Kid
The Chinese Boxer
Chinese Hercules
Chopper Chicks in Zombietown
The Christine Jorgensen Story
Cinderella (1977)
Cinderella 2000
Circus of Horrors
Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown
The Class Reunion
The Clones of Bruce Lee
The Coming of Sin
Common Law Cabin
Confessions of a Vice Baron
Confessions of the Sex Slaves
Cool Breeze
The Cop in Blue Jeans
Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel
Corvette Summer
Cover Girl Models
The Cosmic Monster
Crazy Mama
The Creeping Flesh
Crimson, The Color of Blood
Cry of a Prostitute
Cry Uncle
Cult of the Damned
The Curse of Her Flesh
Curse of the Crying Woman
The Cut-Throats
Cut-Throats Nine
Daddy's Deadly Darling (aka PIGS)
Dagmar's Hot Pants, Inc.
Damaged Goods
Dance Hall Racket
Darker Than Amber
Date Bait
Daughters of Lesbos
Day of the Animals
Day of the Panther
Day of the Nightmare
Day of the Warrior
Dead-End Drive In
Deadly Weapons
Dear God No!
Death Bed: The Bed That Eats
Death Dimension
Death Game
Death Promise
Death Race 2000
Death Rage
Death Riders
Death Shock
Death Walks at Midnight
Death Warmed Up
Death Will Have Your Eyes
Death Wish 4: The Crackdown
Delinquent Girl Boss: Worthless to Confess
Delirium (1979)
Devil Dynamite
Devil in Miss Jones
The Devil's 8
The Devil’s Express
Devil's Harvest
Diamonds of Kilimandjaro
Die Sister, Die!
Dinosaur Valley Girls
The Dirt Gang
Dirty O'Neil
A Dirty Western
Disciples of the 36th Chamber
Disco 9000
The Divine Enforcer
Django Kill... If You Live, Shoot!
The Doll Squad
Dr. Sex
The Dragon Dies Hard
Dragon Lord
Dragon Missle
Dragstrip Girl
Dragstrip Riot
Drive-In Madness!
Drop Out Wife
Drunken Wu-Tang
The Dungeonmaster
Eat My Dust
Electronic Lover
El Puro
Emanuelle in the Country
Emmanuelle on Taboo Island
Emanuelle:Queen of Sados
Empire of the Ants
Enemy Territory
The Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio
Escape from the Bronx
The Escapees
Eugenie... the Story of Her Journey Into Perversion
The Evictors
Evil Bong II: King Bong
Evil Face
The Executioner II: Karate Inferno
Executioners from Shaolin
The Exotic Dreams of Casanova
The Exterminator
Eye of the Tiger
Fade to Black
Fairy Tales
Fangs of the Living Dead
Fast Company
The Fatal Flying Guillotine
Fatal Games
Father's Day
Fear City
The Female Bunch
Female Chauvinists
Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion
Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters
Ferocious Monk of Shaolin
The Fiend of Dope Island
Fighting Back
Final Exam
Fist of Fury
Fist of Fury 3
Fists of Bruce Lee
5 Dolls for an August Moon
Five Minutes to Live
Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders
Flying Guillotine II
The Flying Serpent
Foxy Brown
The Freakmaker
From Hell It Came
Future War
Gambling with Souls
Game of Death
Gammera the Invincible
Gamera vs Gaos
Get Christie Love!
Giant from the Unknown
Girl Boss: Crazy Ball Game
The Girl from S.I.N.
Girl Gang
The Girl with the Hungry Eyes
Girls of the Road
Give Us Our Daily Sex
Glen or Glenda
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
Godzilla vs. Megalon
Gone in 60 Seconds (1974)
The Great American Girl Robbery (aka CHEERLEADERS' WILD WEEKEND)
The Great Texas Dynamite Chase
The H-Man
Hamburger: The Motion Picture
Hands of Steel
The Hanging Woman
Hanna D.: The Girl from Vondel Park
Hard Sensation
Hawk the Slayer
Hell Behind the Bars
Hell on Wheels
Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II
Hells Angels Forever
Hell's Belles
Hell's Wind Staff
Henry's Night In
Hercules Against the Moon Men
The Heroin Busters
High Priestess of Sexual Witchcraft
High School Caesar
High School Hellcats
Hitler--Dead or Alive
Hollywood After Dark
Honey Britches
Horror of the Blood Monsters
The Hot Box
Hot Ice
Hot Potato
Hot Rod Rumble
Hot Summer in Barefoot County
House of the Black Death
The House Where Evil Dwells
House with the Windows That Laugh
Human Experiments
Human Lanterns
The Hypnotic Eye
I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?
Ilsa, the Tigress of Siberia
Immoral Tales
The Impossible Kid of Kung Fu
The Inconfessable Orgies of Emmanuelle
The Incredible Petrified World
Indecent Desires
In Hot Blood
In God We Tru$t
Inn of the Damned
Invincible Armour
Iron Warrior
Island of Terror
I Spit on Your Corpse!
The Italian Stallion
Jackson County Jail
Jail Bait
The Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio
The Jesus Trip
Juke Joint
Jungle Warriors
Just for the Hell of It
Justine De Sade
Just The Two of Us
Karzan, Jungle Lord
The Kid with the Golden Arm
The Kill (1968)
Kill Or Be Killed
Kill Squad
Killer Elephants
Killer Fish
Killer's Delight
Killers from Space
Killing Car
Kingdom of the Spiders
Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects
KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park
Kiss of Death (1973)
The Klansman
Knights of the City
Kung Fu Kids Break Away
L.A. Streetfighters
Lady Gangster
The Lady in Red
Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance
Land of Death
Land of the Minotaur
Las Vegas Serial Killer
Laser Mission
Last Woman on Earth
The Legend of Ni99er Charley
Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural
Let My Puppets Come
The Lickerish Quartet
Life of Ninja
Light the Fuse... Sartana Is Coming
Lightning Swords of Death
Lips of Blood
Little Laura and Big John
Loose Screws
The Love Cult
The Love Garden
Love Me Deadly
Love Slaves
Luana, the Girl Tarzan
Lunch Wagon
Luther the Geek
The Madmen of Mandoras
Mad Monkey Kung Fu
Mad Youth
Magnum Cop
Malibu Beach
Malibu Express
Man Friday
The Man from Hong Kong
The Martial Club
Massacre at Central High
Massacre Mafia Style
Massacre in Dinosaur Valley
The Masked Avengers
The Meatrack
Mega Piranha
Miami Connection
The Mighty Gorga
The Miracle Fighters
Mom and Dad
Mona: The Virgin Nymph
Mondo Hollywood
Mondo Topless
Mondo Trasho
The Monkey Hu$tle
The Monster of Camp Sunshine
Monster Zero
Moon over Harlem
Mr. Hercules Against Karate
Mundo depravados
Murders in the Rue Morgue
Muscle Beach Party
The Mutilator
Mystics in Bali
Naked and Cruel
The Narcotics Story
Necromania: A Tale of Weird Love!
The New Barbarians
The New One-Armed Swordsman
New York Nights
Night Call Nurses
Night of the Cat
Night of the Cobra Woman
Night of the Ghouls
Night of the Seagulls
Nightmare in Badham County
Nightmare in Wax
Night Trap
Ninja Champion
Ninja in the Deadly Trap
Ninja in the Dragon's Den
Ninja Terminator
The Ninja Wars
No Blade of Grass
No Retreat, No Surrender
No Retreat, No Surrender 2
Norman... Is That You?
Not of This Earth (1957)
The Notorious Cleopatra
Nude For Satan
The Nudist Story
The Nuns of Saint Archangel
A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell
Office Love-in, White-Collar Style
The Occultist
The Octagon
Olga's Dance Hall Girls
Omega Doom
One Down, Two to go
One Million AC/DC
One Million Years B.C.
Orgasmo Nero
Orgy of the Dead
Our Man in Jamaica
Over 18... and Ready!
Pagan Island
Pajama Party
Panic in Year Zero!
Penitentiary III
The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak
The Perverse Countess
The Phantom Empire
Phantom from Space
Pick-up (1975)
The Pig Fucking Movie
Pit Stop
A Place Called Today
Platoon Warriors
Pleasure Shop on the Avenue
Prehistoric Women
Prison Girls
Problem Girls
Prostitution Pornography USA
The Protector (1985)
Psychic Killer
Psycho a Go-Go
Queen of the Amazons
Quiet Days in Clichy
Rabid Grannies
Radioactive Dreams
Rage of Honor
Rape! 13th Hour
Rats: Night of Terror
The Ravager
Rebellious Daughters
Reckless Decision
The Red Headed Corpse
The Red Nights of the Gestapo
Reform School Girls
The Return of Ringo
Revenge of the Ninja
Revenge of the Virgins
The Road to Ruin
Robo Vampire
Robot Jox
Rock Baby - Rock It
Roger Corman: Hollywood's Wild Angel
Rolling Thunder
Rolling Vengeance
Rope and Skin
The Rotten Apple
Run Swinger Run!
Sacred Flesh
Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny
Santo vs. la hija de Frankestein
Santo y el aguila real
Satan's Cheerleaders
Satan's Sadists
Savages from Hell
The Scavengers (1969)
Schlock! The Secret History of American Movies
Schoolgirl Hitchhikers
Scorpion Thunderbolt
The Scorpion with Two Tails
Scream of the Butterfly
The Screaming Tiger
The Secret of Magic Island
Seven (1979)
Sexcapade in Mexico
Sex Club International
Sex Ritual of the Occult
Sex Wish
Shanty Tramp
The Shark Hunter
Sheba Baby
She Demons
She Devils of the SS
She Gods of Shark Reef
She-Man: A Story of Fixation
Shocking Africa
Shocking Asia II: The Last Taboos
Shoot First... Ask Questions Later
Shriek of the Mutilated
The Sidehackers
The Sin of Nora Moran
Sin, You Sinners
The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine
The Sinister Urge
Sins of Rachel
The Sisterhood
Sisters in Leather
The Slams
Sleazy Rider
Smoke and Flesh
Smokey Bites the Dust
Snake: Crane Secret
Snake Woman's Curse
Sometime Sweet Susan
Sorority Girl
Soul Hustler
The Soul of Ni99er Charley
Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama
South Seas Massacre
Southern Comforts
Space Is the Place
Space Mutiny
Space Thing
SS Camp-Women's Hell
SS Girls
Stateline Motel
Steele Justice
Sticks and Stones
The Stepmother
The Stöned Age
The Strange Vengeance of Rosalie
Street Girls
Street Law
Stripped to Kill
Stunt Rock
Suburbia Confidential
Successive Slidings of Pleasure
The Suckers
Summer in the City
Super Gun Lady: Police Branch 82
Swedish Wildcats
Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song
Sweet Georgia
Sweet Savior
The Swinging Barmaids
200 Motels
2019: After the Fall of New York
2020 Texas Gladiators
The Taking of Christina
The Taming of Rebecca
A Taste of Blood
Tarzana, the Wild Woman
Tarzoon-Shame of the Jungle
Tattooed Hit Man
Teenage Bride
Teenage Hitchhikers
Teenage Thunder
Teenagers Battle The Thing
Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here
Tender and perverse Emanuelle
Terminal Island
The Terror Beneath the Sea
Terror in the Midnight Sun
Terror of Mechagodzilla
Texas Adios
The Three Musketeers of the West
Three on a Meathook
Thriller-A Cruel Picture
Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives
Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann
Tony Arzenta
Too Hot to Handle
Top Sensation
Torture Me, Kiss Me
Tougher Than Leather
Tourist Trap
The Toy Box
Treasure of the Four Crowns
Turkey Shoot
Turkish Superman
Twins of Evil
Two-Gun Man from Harlem
Two Roses and a Golden Rod
Up the Creek
Van Nuys Blvrd
Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape
Video Nasties: Draconian Days
Vigilante Force
The Violent Years
Village of the Giants
A Virgin in Hollywood
Virgin Witch
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women
Wadd: The Life & Times of John C. Holmes
Walking Tall
Walking Tall Part II
Warrior Queen
Watcher in the Attic
The Weird Man
The Weird World of LSD
The Werewolf and The Yeti
White Cannibal Queen
White Pongo
White Slaves of Chinatown
Wide Open
Wildcat Women
Wild Rebels
The Wild Ride
The Wild,Wild World of Jayne Mansfield
Witchcraft '70
With Death on Your Back
Women Behind Bars
The Woman Hunt
Women in Cell Block 7
Women in Fury
Women of the World
Women Unchained
World of the Drunken Master
Wrong Way
X312 - Flight to Hell
X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes
X: The Unknown
The Yakuza Papers, Vol. 3: Proxy War
Yeti: A Love Story
The Zebra Killer
Zero Woman-Red Handcuffs
Zeta One
Zombi 3
Zone Troopers

Automatic Safe list:
    (Some more theatrical ones, with samples of their output) 

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
* 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
* 1900 -(optional)
* 1910 -(optional)
* 1920 -(optional)
* 1930 -Ingagi (x)
* 1940 -Juke Joint (x)
* 1950 -Dragstrip Riot (x)
* 1960 -The Bizarre Ones (x)
* 1970 -Black Cobra Woman (x)
* 1980 -Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (x)
* 1990 -Night Trap (x)
* 2000 -Naked Avenger (x)
* 2010 -Father's Day (x)
Watch a film for each rating:
* G - Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (x)
* PG -Kill or Be Killed (x)
* PG-13 -Blues Brothers 2000 (x)
* R -Enemy Territory (x)
* X (or NC-17) -Let My Puppets Come (x)
* Unrated (post-MPAA 1968)-Cheeky (x)

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
* First format, youtube, Malpertuis (x)
* Second format, Blu Ray, Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (x)
* Third format, DVR, The Weird Man (x)

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:
A Token Science Fiction B-Movie: Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (x)
A Token Horror B-Movie: From Hell It Came (x)
Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
* Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs) Carry On Spying (x)
* Giallo Death Will Have Your Eyes (x)
* Sword & Sandal The Amazons (x)
* Spaghetti Western A Bullet for a Stranger (x)
* Cannibal Film Cannibal Terror (x)
* Mafia/Gangster Film The Cop in Blue Jeans (x)
Martial Arts film:
* Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.) The Clones of Bruce Lee (x)
* Hong Kong (or other Asian) film The Masked Avengers (x)
* American film Kill Squad (x)
* Any "Ninja" film Ninja Champion (x)
* Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film
Biker Film Bury Me an Angel (x)
Stoner Film Evil Bong II: King Bong (x)
Carsploitation Film Smokey Bites the Dust (x)
Blaxploitation The Black Connection (x)
* Any type Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders (x)
* Nudie Cutie The Nudist Story (x)
* Roughie Cargo of Love (x)
* 70s Porn High Priestess of Sexual Witchcraft (x)
* Emmanuelle Film The Inconfessable Orgies of Emmanuelle (x)
* Teen Sex Comedy Hamburger: The Motion Picture (x)
Nunsploitation Sacred Flesh (x)
Shocksploitation After Mein Kampf (x)
Rape/Revenge Film Jackson County Jail (x)
Vigilante Film The Divine Enforcer (x)
Women in Prison Women in Cell Block 7 (x)
Nazisploitation Torture Me, Kiss Me (x)
Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation) Left Behind (x)
Hixploitation/Moonshiners Shanty Tramp (x)
Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films Confessions of a Vice Baron (x)
"Hood" Film ("Gangsta") Get Rich or Die Tryin' (x)
Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era) Woman on the Run (x)
Juvenile Delinquent Film Problem Girls (x)
60s Beach Movie Catalina Caper (x)
Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor) Steel Justice (x) (The Desert Rose Band got high billing in the credits!)
* *Bonus* Elvis film
Ozploitation Bloodmoon (x)
Mexican Wrestling Film Santo vs. la hija de Frankestein (x)
Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema) Supermen dönüyor (x)
Bollywood Film (actual, not a Hollywood pastiche) Bandh Darwaza (x)
Eco-Terror Film Bug (x)
"Mondo" Film Shocking Africa (x)
Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production Schlock! The Secret History of American Movies (x)
Video Nasty Exposé (x)
TV-Movie Scream, Pretty Peggy (x)
* Lifetime Channel Movie The Watch (x)
Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film" Blues Brothers 2000 (x)
Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or IMDB Bottom 100 {Bottom 100 archive}) From Justin to Kelly (x)
Financial Bomb Son of the Mask (x)
Razzie Winner or NomineeSon of the Mask (x)
MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film Catalina Caper (x)

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
* 1 Shannon Tweed Steele Justice (x)
* 2 Shô Kosugi Rage of Honor (x)
* 3 William Smith Scorchy (x)
* 4 Angelo Rossitto AND Dick Miller Smokey Bites The Dust (x)
* 5 Mamie Van Doren Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (x)
* 6 John Saxon The Scorpion with Two Tails (x)
* 7 Cameron Mitchell Kill Squad (x)
* 8 Laura Gemser Black Cobra Woman (x)
* 9 Jan-Michael Vincent,Robert Z'dar AND Jim Brown The Divine Enforcer (x)
* 10 David Carradine AND Claudia Jennings Deathsport (x)

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
* 1 Shaw Bros Flying Guillotine II (x)
* 2 Al Adamson The Female Bunch (x)
* 3 Fred Olen Ray Alienator (x)
* 4 Andy Sidaris Day of the Warrior (x)
* 5 Joe D'amato Black Cobra Woman (x)
* 6 Roger Corman Not of This Earth (x)
* 7 Jess Franco The Inconfessable Orgies of Emmanuelle (x)
* 8 Joe Sarno All the Sins of Sodom (x)
* 9 Ray Dennis Steckler Las Vegas Serial Killer (x)
* 10 Herschell Gordon Lewis A Taste of Blood (x)

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
* 1 Blue Underground Justine De Sade (x)
* 2 Tokyo Shock Godzilla vs. Megalon (x)
* 3 Shout! Factory Battle Creek Brawl (x)
* 4 Troma I Spit on Your Corpse (x)
* 5 Full Moon Evil Bong II: King Bong (x)

1TV=First Time Viewing

(1TV)1. From Hell It Came (1957)-As far as cheestastic 50's monster movies go, I actually thought this was above average. A lot of lovely comical happiness occured for me when the monster starts strutting around. youtube
(1TV)2. Steele Justice (1987)-I've always liked Martin Kove. But to see him lead a movie like this just didn't work. Two big 80's highlights for me: The music video shoot and the "Vengeance montage" set to "FIRE WITH FIRE!" DVR
(1TV)3. Bloodmoon (1989)-An okay Oz slasher. A lot of that melodrama that occurs within the first hour slows things down. But at least the boobage-meter kept rising. DVD
(1TV)4. The Amazons (1973)-For awhile there, I thought the dialogue would've made up for it's light action, but this sure jumped up a notch with that epic nude catfight towards the end! youtube
(1TV)5. Blues Brothers 2000 (1998)-My Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film" pick. That sure was one LONG two hours right there. Only highlights for me were the car-crash fest & Blues ensemble at the end. DVR
(1TV)6. Confessions of a Vice Baron (1943)-A convicted prisoner makes several confessions before his execution----And those confessions are all lengthy clips taken from other earlier exploitation films. Even though this doesn't flow well all together (As one would expect) I still wasn't bored. youtube
(1TV)7. Carry on Spying (1964)-My "Eurospy" pick. This is only the 2nd "Carry On" movie I've ever seen, so I don't know how it stacks up. Interestingly enough, Kenneth Williams' constantly crazed gaze and shrill voice never got on my nerves. DVR
(1TV)8. Flying Guillotine II (1978)-Even though these movies don't appear to be entirely related, I still perfer the first movie just because of it's better storyline. The incredibly abrupt ending seen here didn't seem to help matters either. DVR
(1TV)9. The Watch (2008)-My Lifetime Channel pick. Mediocre stuff about a troubled girl doing a firewatch stint in a cabin that may or not be haunted. DVR
(1TV)10. Justine De Sade (1972)-Even though I still preferred this "Justine De Sade" film over Jess Franco's version, this greatly overstayed it's welcome. Poor Alice Arno. Getting tortured and sexually roughed up over and over and over...DVD
(1TV)11. Rage of Honor (1987)-These were the dark times when Sho Kosugi had abandoned his ninja outfit and was given way too many lines to speak. At least the long action-climax contains a few fun moments. DVR
(1TV)12. Woman on the Run (1950)-My "Noir" pick. For a "woman on the run", Ann Sheridan sure does a lot of stopping and talking. youtube
(1TV)13. The Female Bunch (1971)-Despite seeing this on an unsatisfactory stream, I actually didn't mind this. I'll even go so far to say that this might be top 5 material from Al Adamson! Still though, it was really sad to Lon Chaney Jr. so close to his deathbed here. youtube
(1TV)14. Ingagi (1930)-See Post #290
(1TV)15. Left Behind: The Movie (2000)-My "Eschploitation" pick. I admit to doing a little house-cleaning while this was on. youtube
(1TV)16. The Nudist Story (1960)-A British nudie cutie! I never knew such a thing existed! And with a musical interlude to boot! CPU
17. Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (1977)-Watched it with the audio commentary. Whatever you do, don't get the director started on dreams. Blu Ray
(1TV)18. Alienator (1990)-By the time this ended, I actually wished that the whole movie took place in space. Seeing PJ Soles and Joe Pilato side by side was a thing of beauty. DVR
(1TV)19. Son of the Mask (2005)-My "Financial bomb/Razzie" pick. The dog was my favorite thing of the movie....Until he put the mask on. DVR
(1TV)20. Juke Joint (1947)-This had the production value of a stage play. Thank goodness this was only an hour long. youtube
(1TV)21. Father's Day (2011)-Even though it went way, WAY over-the-top from what I was expecting, I still didn't mind it. DVD
(1TV)22. After Mein Kampf (1961)-Not sure if I watched the "Real" thing here. It's descriptions say that it delves into concentration-camp footage, but this mini-documentary is nothing more than a "Prelude-to-war" film. youtube
(1TV)23. Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1968)-After seeing the laughable segment of this on Corman's World, I knew this entry just had to be part of this challenge. And in that regard, this didn't really disappoint. youtube
(1TV)24. The Masked Avengers (1981)-This felt like Five Deadly Venoms but with a LOT more blood and lots of staff-fighting. DVR
(1TV)25. Scorchy (1976)-This seemed to get gradually better as it went along. You can't buy Connie Stevens as an action heroine at all, but that's what helps makes it charming. This also has a very fun buggy-dirtbike chase through the city! youtube
(1TV)26. From Justin to Kelly (2003)-My "Critical Bomb" pick. Yeah, it's bad, but it actually wasn't as painful to get through unlike Son/Mask. DVR
(1TV)27. Sacred Flesh (2000)-My nunsploitation pick. The good news: It's under 85 minutes and has got some good skin. The bad news: Everything else. Netflix-streaming
28. Schlock! The Secret History of American Movies (2001)-I felt like revisiting this one again. It only covers three genres (AIP's teen/monster era,nudie cuties and roughies) but they're all covered well. CPU
(1TV)29. Problem Girls (1953)-Despite being one of the more darker 50's reform films I've seen, there was too much time spent on the adults instead of the "Problem girls". youtube
(1TV)30. Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2005)-My Hood pick. A few good moments here and there, but it's mostly flat and cliche'd. DVR
(1TV)31. Day of the Warrior (1996)-A little too much plot (For an Andy Sidaris film) Gerald Okamura as Elvis Fu was my most favorite thing of the movie. youtube
(1TV)32. Bury Me an Angel (1972)-I've never heard good things about this one and I'll agree with it's problems: Sloppy directing,writing and acting. Yet it was still hard for me to not nod off. These 70's films just carry that certain magic for me. youtube
(1TV)33. Bandh Darwaza (1990)-A Bollywood take on Dracula. I admit to fast-forwarding through those last two songs. DVD
(1TV)34. Dragstrip Riot (1958)-I always seem to run into one of these 50's teen flicks that I surprisingly like in every marathon I do. This appears to be this year's winner. So ridiculously enjoyable. youtube
(1TV)35. Kill or Be Killed (1976)-Peculiar South African karate movie. It's got a hectic pace, but ultimately comes off as annoying. youtube
(1TV)36. Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973)-My first time seeing this all the way through (I had only seen the last half-hour of it MST3K) Interestingly, that's about as long as it takes for Big G to finally show up. DVR
(1TV)37. Grindhouse Universe (2008)-As I was watching this, I noticed that some of the new trailers that were added to the 42nd Street Forever Blu-Ray came from this compilation. Wonder what the deal with that was. I might listen to audio commentary later in the month. DVD
(1TV)38. Smokey Bites the Dust (1981)-Good ol' carsploitation zaniness. The only thing I liked was it's cast (Janet Julian---Who I always had a crush on. William Forsythe---Looking like Gary Busey in a few shots) and a couple of insane stunts. youtube
(1TV)39. Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders (1990)-Can't say that I completely loved this, but as far as the ideas and production values go, this was a very worthy sequel. DVD
(1TV)40. Torture Me, Kiss Me (1970)-Since this had to be one of the earliest entries in nazisploitation, I'll be very generous and give this one a slight pass. And at least this one didn't feature WiP elements or nazi prostitutes in it's structure. CPU
(1TV)41. Night Trap (1993)-Robert Davi vs Michael Ironside in a (Mostly standard) supernatural-pursuit thriller. A very bland 3rd act, but I didn't mind what preceded it. DVR
(1TV)42. Malpertuis (1971)-This movie definetly lived up to it's wtf? reputation. youtube
(1TV)43. Battle Creek Brawl (1980)-Really not as bad as I was always led to believe. Does the sound always appear that muffled? DVD
(1TV)44. Naked Avenger (2008)-My first and (Hopefully) last shot-on-video "Movie" that I'll watch this month. This was only an hour, but believe me, it felt WAY longer. CPU
(1TV)45. The Black Connection (1974)-Never before have I seen a movie that's spent so much on people who are talking on telephones. The only saving grace for this was that some of the ladies are nude while delivering their dialogue. youtube
(1TV)46. Bug (1975)-A tad bit long, but modestly fun movie about "Fire bugs". CPU
(1TV)47. The Scorpion with Two Tails (1982)-Dull Sergio Martino movie about an ancient being that twists peoples' necks around. Not as cool as it sounds. DVD
(1TV)48. Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988)-It is what it is. My main complaint was that George "Buck" Flower scene just went on FOREVER. youtube
(1TV)49. Scream, Pretty Peggy (1973)-My "TV movie" pick. I wonder if this was an influence of Ti West's House of the Devil. youtube
(1TV)50. The Weird Man (1983)-It takes a while to get going, but this eventually becomes an entertaining outing from Chang Cheh. DVR
51. I Spit on Your Corpse (1974)-Watched with the audio commentary. A huge amount of information gets delivered from Sam Sherman. I just wish there was more emphasis on the it's infamous title-change. DVD
(1TV)52. The Bizarre Ones (1968)-Typical roughie oddity. I thought the DP, Arthur Marks was the same Arthur Marks who directed many exploitation films of the 70's. Doesn't appear to be. CPU
(1TV)53. Santo vs. la hija de Frankestein (1972)-I'm pretty sure that this might be the first gothic Santo movie I've ever seen (I wished more of them looked like this) It was also kinda cool to see Santo fight a "Bloody Ape"! CPU
(1TV)54. Kill Squad (1982)-Finally! A good bad movie! This is probably as close to a Miami Connection-clone that I'll encounter this challenge. youtube
(1TV)55. Catalina Caper (1967)-Watched the MST3K version. Not one of their better "Experiments" I've seen. Mostly because, in the 2nd half, the audio by Joel and the bots seemed to be drowned out by the film. youtube
(1TV)56. Black Cobra Woman (1976)-Quite light on the sleaze factor (Considering that we've got D'amato and Gemser here) it still kept my attention though....Despite it's slowness. DVD
(1TV)57. The Divine Enforcer (1992)-Even though it's shot on video and slows down near the end, I still managed to have fun with this priest-vigilante flick! CPU
(1TV)58. Not of This Earth (1957)-This actually seemed like the most mature of Corman's monster movies. Wonder how the remake is. youtube
(1TV)59. Hamburger: The Motion Picture (1986)-Just a little over-the-top than your average raunchy 80's comedy. I never laughed, but (Strangely) I didn't mind it that much. youtube
(1TV)60. The Beast of Borneo (1934)-Worth watching just for the hilariously-dubbed sounds that the "Orang-utan" makes. youtube
61. American Grindhouse (2010)-Gah. I didn't plan on re-watching another exploitation documentary, but I just felt like watching this as soon as I woke up this morning. CPU
(1TV)62. Shocking Africa (1982)-WAY too much circumsisions for my taste! CPU
(1TV)63. Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny (1972)-Wow. That was quite a difficult 95 minutes to endure. I'm even hesitant to hear the Rifftrax version. youtube
64. Jackson County Jail (1976)-Watched with audio commentary. Kinda dry, but some good tidbits here and there. DVD
(1TV)65. The Inconfessable Orgies of Emmanuelle (1982)-This seemed to move a little faster than your average Jess Franco erotica fest. Did he really direct this one? youtube
(1TV)66. The Cop in Blue Jeans (1976)-I don't know if this movie's related to Syndicate Sadists (In which Tomas Milian plays a similar-looking cop) but this wasn't too bad. It's got an unsatisfactory ending, but at least the action-climax that preceded it had a few cool stunts. youtube
(1TV)67. Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters (1982)-I never knew that Troma had their own What's Up, Tiger Lily? Though this didn't get plenty of LOL moments from me, I still found it amusing enough. youtube
(1TV)68. Exposé (1976)-How dare they dub Udo Kier! Aside from the silly ending, this ended up being one of the more better movies I've watched this challenge. CPU
(1TV)69. Evil Bong II: King Bong (2009)-I didn't think this could be worst than the previous one.....It is. DVD
(1TV)70. The Incredible Petrified World (1957)-Never expected that a "Petrified World" was underwater. Thank goodness this was only an hour long. youtube
(1TV)71. A Bullet for a Stranger (1971)-These middle-to-bottom tiers of spaghetti westerns just don't ever seem to do it for me anymore. I couldn't really find a lot to like about this one. youtube
(1TV)72. The Anonymous Heroes (1971)-Very refreshing to see a Chang Cheh movie that features gunplay and minature trains crashing. This reminded me a little of Savage Five (Also starring David Chiang and Ti Lung) but this was a bit better.DVR
(1TV)73. All the Sins of Sodom (1968)-I haven't see a whole lot of Joe Sarno's work, but this is already my favorite of his B&W (American) films. DVD
(1TV)74. Lady Gangster (1942)-Not only was I not expecting it to mostly be a women-in-prison movie, but this sure was one massively short movie. Features an early appearance by Jackie Gleason. youtube
(1TV)75. Video Nasties: Draconian Days (2014)-The main complaint that I had with "Part 1" was that there was barely any discussion about the actual films. This installment corrected that. DVD
(1TV)76. Las Vegas Serial Killer (1986)-Just another Steckler stinker that has long pointless sequences (Parties,rodeos) for filler and repetitive kill scenes. It should've also been renamed "The Las Vegas Serial Killer meets The Purse-Snatchers". CPU
(1TV)77. Enemy Territory (1987)-This is like the much tamer version of Tenement. I was expecting more. youtube
(1TV)78. Rock Baby - Rock It (1957)-Extremely low on plot, but you get treated to plenty of unknown 50's rock acts. youtube
(1TV)79. Manborg (2011)-No comment. CPU
(1TV)80. A Taste of Blood (1967)-I finally decided to check this one out. Yes, it's about 30-minutes too long, but I didn't think it was as bad as I was led to believe. Mostly because of the cast. That lead actress was a cutie and it's always nice to see Bill Kerwin pop up. DVD
(1TV)81. Death Will Have Your Eyes (1974)-Not even a lot of killing for a giallo. Very boring, actually. It was more like a soap opera. CPU
(1TV)82. Let My Puppets Come (1976)-I thought this would overstay it's welcome in the early-going, but it manage to hold my attention all the way through. Only the musical segments just fell flat. youtube
(1TV)83. Deathsport (1978)-Ah, so good to finally run into some good ol' Apocalyptic cheese! The lines, the special fx, the sound fx, the explosions, the grat-nudity, the funky score....This just hit all the right notes for me. youtube
(1TV)84. The Clones of Bruce Lee (1980)-The 2nd most bizarre Bruceploitation movie I've ever seen (Second to the one and only, Dragon Lives Again) Even though I didn't know what the heck was going on most the time, I still had fun with this. Those fights near the end were actually pretty good. youtube
(1TV)85. Disco 9000 (1976)-On youtube, almost the entire music soundtrack has been eliminated. The movie's still watchable, but you'll be seeing one of the most quiet films ever. youtube
(1TV)86. High Priestess of Sexual Witchcraft (1973)-Well, I got two other "Witchcraft" movies lined up. I won't be surprised if both are better than this. CPU
(1TV)87. Women in Cell Block 7 (1973)-More complicated and dreary than your usual old school WiP. CPU
(1TV)88. An Eye for an Eye (1981)-For awhile there, I was beginning to think that this was more dull than The Octagon. But the climax was able to save this from being Chuck Norris' worst of the early 80's. CPU
(1TV)89. Ape (1976)-I didn't know if this was a parody or trying to be serious. It failed either way. youtube
(1TV)90. Dinosaur Valley Girls (1996)-I had meant to watch a different 90's Dinosaur B-movie (Only now do I find out that it's Dinosaur Island---Which I still might be able to watch soon) but this wasn't as painful as I thought. Highlights include a music video(?) and a cameo by William (Blacula) Marshall. CPU
(1TV)91. Whirlpool (1970)-As with other movies by José Ramón Larraz, this is another slow-moving one. Yet it's bound to hold your attention. This is also the 2nd movie I've seen by him where a very mature woman shares love scenes with a much younger person. Loved the score by Stelvio Cipriani. CPU
(1TV)92. Cheeky (2000)-Let's see....I think the last Tinto Brass movie I saw was The Key. Needless to say, I can't remember one thing about it. This movie on the other hand! DVD
(1TV)93. The Narcotics Story (1958)-It never gets old to see "The facts" about pot....Early 20th century style. youtube
(1TV)94. Jungle Warriors (1984)-Even though I saw the heavily-edited version, I can't say that I was still disappointed with what I saw. Mostly because of the cast....And that opening song. Still though, the uncut version will have to be watched some day. youtube
(1TV)95. Supermen dönüyor (1979) (aka Turkish Superman)-Just as brilliant as I expected it to be. youtube
(1TV)96. Shanty Tramp (1967)-A sloppy conclusion, but there's some good moments leading up to it. It's also too bad that an editor's scissors was obviously used in taking out slurs and certain sequences. CPU
(1TV)97. Platoon Warriors (1988)-No "Platoon Warriors" are hardly ever seen, but hey, Godfrey Ho's involved. What do ya expect? It's two movies edited into one. Neither are particularly enjoyable. CPU
(1TV)98. Cargo of Love (1968)-I didn't really mind it, but it's a snoozer......If that makes any sense. CPU
(1TV)99. Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker (1982)-Coolest title ever. Enjoyed the movie too. Didn't expect the movie to end like that! CPU
(1TV)100. The Cult (The Manson Massacre, Töchter des Satans) (1971)-Post #643 youtube
(1TV)101. Zaat (1971)-Easily, the most stupidest movie I've seen so far in this marathon, but boy did I like it! Can't wait to see the MST3K episode. youtube
(1TV)102. X312 - Flight to Hell (1971)-Despite slowing down here and there, I still thought this was one of the more solid storylines to be found in a Jess Franco film. CPU
(1TV)103. Ninja Champion (1985)-No "Ninja Champions" are hardly ever seen, but hey, Godfrey Ho's involved. What do ya expect? It's two movies edited into one. Neither ar......Wait a minute. Didn't I just say the same exact thing yesterday? youtube
(1TV)104. Cannibal Terror (1980)-Yup. It's as awful as they all say it is. CPU
(1TV)105. Vanessa (1977)-Halfway through it, I realized that I had seen some of this movie before many years ago at a friend's house on late night cable. The good ol' days. DVD
(1TV)106. Night of the Cat (1973)-This came very close to becoming a Z-grade masterpiece. It's just too bad a lot of slow sequences and missed opportunities got in the way. Still though, it was very hard to not wipe the smile off my face during the climax. CPU
(1TV)107. Girl Gang (1954)-Wow. This just might be the most risque exploitation film I've ever seen from the 50's! This almost had everything in it. But I was most surprised by all the rampant drug use. youtube
(1TV)108. The Grasshopper (1970)-I've long known about this since it's often listed in blaxploitation guides. It's not a bad movie, it's just there's very little blaxploitation elements to be found here. CPU
(1TV)109. The Class Reunion (1972)-Repetitive, but at least it has some personally-favorited starlets to keep things interesting. I wondered how the gay scene played to the straight crowds in theaters. CPU
(1TV)110. Night of the Seagulls (1975)-Finally decided to check out this last "Blind Dead" movie. Not as good as the first two, but WAY better than the 3rd. DVD
(1TV)111. Killing Car (1993)-Absurdly laughable at times. Oddly compelling at others. Netflix-streaming
(1TV)112. Lunch Wagon (1981)-Barely above average 80's T&A comedy. I just could've done without those two Italian stooges. CPU
(1TV)113. Witchcraft '70 (1970)-Mostly a dud. A large majority of stuff shown isn't even "witchcraft". youtube
(1TV)114. The Kill (1968)-I guess the best way to describe this is if the same guy who made Dracula, The Dirty Old Man made a crime movie. youtube
(1TV)115. The Strange Vengeance of Rosalie (1972)-Even though I wasn't a fan of the ending, I've yet to truly dislike any film I've seen by Jack Starret. youtube
(1TV)116. Mankillers (1987)-Definetly one of the more laughable movies I've watched for this marathon. Bad stuff here, but hardly a dull moment to be found. youtube
(1TV)117. The Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio (1971)-Not nearly as bad as I was led to believe. Mostly because it kept on reminding me on what a good Andy Milligan movie could look like. CPU
(1TV)118. Caged Hearts (1996)-I remember seeing bits and pieces of this back in the mid-90's. A tad bit long, but still engaging enough. Carrie Genzel just might be the most prettiest actress I've seen (So far) in this marathon. youtube
(1TV)119. Mom and Dad (1945)-At long last, I finally got to see the world's first exploitation blockbuster. Shocked to say that it was actually worth the wait. youtube
(1TV)120. Immoral Tales (1974)-Obviously, the Bathory segment is what steals the show here. CPU
(1TV)121. Confessions of the Sex Slaves (1977)-Starts out icky but gets kind of light-hearted later on. By now, I'm sure I've now seen enough skin to last five lifetimes! CPU
(1TV)122. Super Gun Lady: Police Branch 82 (1979)-It's kind of like a pinky violence remake of French Connection II. Always nice to run into one of these types of movies for this challenge. CPU
(1TV)123. The Three Musketeers of the West (1973)-As soon as this spaghetti western comedy started, I said to myself, "This looks like the type of movie that's gonna have a food fight in it." It only took 6 minutes for it to happen. DVD
(1TV)124. Angel of Destruction (1994)-This is just the first Cirio Santiago 90's film I've ever seen....And already it's the best! youtube
(1TV)125. The Phantom Empire (1988)-I've seen worse Fred Olen Ray movies, but I just got real restless towards this one. Could be challenge fatigue at this point. DVD
(1TV)126. Delirium (1979)-I always assumed this movie was about a lone, deranged killer. The whole secret society addition just ruined it all. Still worth watching just for the hilariously bad Vietnam flashbacks. CPU
(1TV)127. Roseland (1971)-A long and exhaustive bad trip. At least I finally got to see where the legendary "You Can Not Fart Around With Love" music clip comes from. CPU
(1TV)128. Scorpion Thunderbolt (1988)-Godfrey Ho strikes again. But believe it or not, I actually had some fun with this one! Both the original movie that's used in this and the added-Richard Harrison scenes never caused me to nod off. DVD
(1TV)129. Top Sensation (1969)-I didn't know what to expect with this one. And even though not a whole lot of stuff happened, this still managed to be one of the more original movies I've seen this month. CPU
(1TV)130. A Dog Called… Vengeance (1979)-I enjoyed the first half of it way more than the 2nd half. This almost turned into an unintentional comedy. DVD
(1TV)131. Street Girls (1975)-I was really looking forward to this one. Instead it ended up causing me to fall asleep. Sooo slow and tedious. CPU
(1TV)132. Sex Ritual of the Occult (1970)-Well, I certainly could've done without the soundtrack having the SAME moaning & groaning on constant repeat (Even on the male/male sequence, a female's voice is heard!) Regardless, there's some gif-worthy shots that I might create (Did I say that outloud?) CPU
(1TV)133. Death Shock (1981)-Not much on horror, but (As far as this challenge is concerned) it delivered elsewhere! CPU
(1TV)134. Curse (1987)-I didn't understand what was going on here. Something about a reincarnated love triangle----With lots of snakes. DVD
(1TV)135. Penitentiary III (1987)-I only liked the movie whenever "Midnight Thud" appeared. It was also nice seeing an early appearance by Danny Trejo. youtube
(1TV)136. The Bloody Fists (1972)-There was some pretty good choreography here for 1972 standards. Then again, Yuen Woo Ping was involved. youtube
(1TV)137. The Ark of the Sun God (1984)-ZZZzzzz. There's always at least one thing that I remember about Margheriti's movies. I wasn't able to spot one here. DVD
(1TV)138. Seven (1979)-Okay, I admit to taking a little nap during the middle of this (Hey! I was up all night watching these movies!) but I still liked what I saw. Mostly because this was way before Andy Sidaris did all those latter spoofs. I thought he did well here. I'll have to re-visit this one again sometime down the road....Without sleeping this time. youtube
(1TV)139. Sexcapade in Mexico (1973)-I don't know what it is about them, but I just love these badly made, badly acted, badly shot and (Most of all) badly deteriorated roughie skin flicks! CPU
(1TV)140. Call of the Blonde Goddess (1977)-Aside from his trademark out-of-focus shot, this actually felt more like a Joe D'amato film than a Jess Franco film. Regardless, I loved it. I'm a sucker for erotically-charged voodoo films and this is already near the top of the bunch for me. CPU
141. The Hard Ride (1971)-See Post #735 Netflix-stream
(1TV)142. The Sisterhood (1988)-Well, it tried. But as far as Apocalyptic cheese goes, it sure is tough to follow Deathsport. CPU
(1TV)143. Spermula (1976)-I saw the dubbed, edited version which was almost a complete mess. I'm curious to see the original cut, but I'm in no hurry whatsoever. youtube
(1TV)144. Land of Death (2004)-If you've ever wanted to see a shot-for-shot remake of both Cannibal Holocaust and Predator, look no further. DVD
(1TV)145. Sisters in Leather (1969)-I'm so used to seeing these type of movies that has sound/dialogue added later. So it was kind of a shock to see that live sound was used. Is that all I have to say about it? I guess! CPU
(1TV)146. Successive Slidings of Pleasure (1974)-Even though I got lost towards the end, it was still refreshing to encounter an offbeat flick like this. I loved the opening-credits sequence. CPU
(1TV)147. Tarzana, the Wild Woman (1969)-I'm sure I would've liked this more if it was about 25 minutes shorter. Some highlights include the final scene when a certain character flashes Tarzana (Whoa!) And two allied-characters who were named "Fred" and "Kruger". youtube
(1TV)148. The Protector (1985)-I actually didn't really mind this---Until the slow-clap scene occurred. And I was actually really surprised by the nudity. Which is strange to say considering that I've seen well over 100 naked chicks in this marathon! DVD
(1TV)149. Atomic Rulers of the World(1965)-It was nice to finally see where that imagery of those bizarre moon beings comes from. youtube
(1TV)150. Wonder Women (1973)-Visually, this was the perfect movie to end my marathon. Good score, Great chase scene, Sid Haig, Vic Diaz, dungeon monsters, and hefty chunk of fine-looking women who are often seen shooting guns. Can't ask for much more than that! youtube
150 films watched
144 were first time views
61 viewings from youtube/TV
24 viewings on DVD
15 viewings from DVR
44 viewings on CPU
3 viewings from Netflix-stream
1 Blu Ray vewing

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

I'll "B" Here...


- First time viewing
▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲ - Rating on a 1 to 10 scale

March 31st
1. Pharaoh's Curse (1957) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 1st
2. The Amazing Adventure (1936) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
3. Borderline (1950) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 2nd
4. Cavegirl (1985) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
5. Coach (1978) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 3rd
6. Jocks (1986) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
7. My Tutor (1983) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 4th
8. The Beach Girls (1982) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
9. Hunk (1987) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 5th

April 6th

April 7th

April 8th

April 9th

April 10th
10. The Pom Pom Girls (1976) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
11. The Van (1977) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
12. My Chauffeur (1986) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 11th
13. Malibu Beach (1978) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
14. Tomboy (1985) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
15. Weekend Pass (1984) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
16. Enter the Dragon (1973) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
17. The Three Stooges Meet Hercules (1962) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
18. Sabata (1969) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 12th
19. Adios Sabata (1970) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
20. The Return of Sabata (1971) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
21. La cage aux folles II (1980) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 13th

April 14th

April 15th

April 16th
22. Carnival of Crime (1962)) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
23. The Teacher (1974) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 17th
24. The Babysitter (1969) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
25. Swing Parade of 1946 (1946) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 18th
26. Battle of the Worlds (1961) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
27. Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the American Drive-in Movie (2013) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
28. A Man Called Django (aka W Django!) (1971) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
29. Drive-In Movie Memories (2001) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
30. Don't Give Up the Ship (1959) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
31. The Lion of Thebes (1964) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 19th
32. Django and Sartana's Showdown in the West (aka Django and Sartana Are Coming... It's the End) (1970) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
33. Journey to the Seventh Planet (1962) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
34. Rodan (1956) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
35. Man from Nowhere (1966) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
36. Minnesota Clay (1964) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
37. White Comanche (1968) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 20th
38. China 9, Liberty 37 (1978) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
39. It Can be Done, Amigo (1972) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 21st
40. God's Gun (1976) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
41. The Fighting Fists of Shangai Joe (1973) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 22nd
42. Between God, The Devil, and a Winchester (1968) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
43. The Living Ghost (1942) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
44. Visit to a Small Planet (1960) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
45. The Sad Sac (1957) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
46. Angel on My Shoulder (1946) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 23rd
47. Beat the Devil (1953) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
48. Catch Me a Spy (1971) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
49. That Uncertain Feeling (1941) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 24th
50. Rescue from Gilligan's Island (1978) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
51. Broadway Limited (1941) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
52. Eternally Yours (1939) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
53. Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven (1948) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 25th
54. Earthworm Tractors (1936) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
55. Lovers and Liars (1979) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
56. Ginger in the Morning (1974) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
57. Love Laughs at Andy Hardy (1946) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 26th
58. Carry on Cruising (1962) ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲

April 27th

April 28th

April 29th

April 30th

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201


Goals for the Challenge
1) Beat last year's 39 films total ACHIEVED AT 2:14pm on APRIL 28
2) Minimum of one film per day (mostly FTW)
3) attempting as much as I can from the CHECKLIST
Last year's stats: 39 total films (39 first-time watches)
Movies are graded on a scale of 1 to 10. Grades are more applied to entertainment value than for artistic merit.
T&A denotes tits and ass. The film features nudity to some degree.
I will indicate whether it's MILD (standard T&A; boobs & butt shots), HOT (sex scenes, copious T&A, full frontal), or X-TRA SPICY (full frontal and lots of sexy stuff)
I'll indicate if something is a REPEAT VIEWING and I'll review COMMENTARY tracks if I listen to any.

April 1
01. The Gunman (Pierre Morel, 2015) NO T&A Cineplex Charlottetown Auditorium 7
Sean Penn recruits the director ofTaken in what appears to be a shameless attempt to reinvent himself in the Liam Neeson or Denzel Washington action mold. Penn is excessively buffed and some of the action is solid, but his navel-gazing self seriousness is both tiresome and laughable. He's seldom been the kind of actor to invite audience identification, but I think he overestimated his appeal a bit this time. Penn's not above making interesting films, though, as This Must Be the Place recently proved. 5.4/10

April 2
02. Grindhouse Universe (Various, 2008) MILD T&A The Horror Charnel
Decent trailer compilation from the UK that had enough unusual titles and sleazy gems to get me excited for the overall challenge. Should have marked down a few more titles as I watched this. 7.4/10

April 3
03. Killer Fish (AKA: Deadly Treasure of the Piranha; Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony M. Dawson), 1979) MILD T&A Blu-ray
Decent genre cast in an entertaining heist flick with some deadly piranhas. There's only the briefest female nudity as Lee Majors tosses Margaux Hemingway into a pool, but it's such a killer wet-blouse shot that I had to mention it. Too bad that's all we get because Karen Black and Marisa Berenson were also looking good. 6.5/10

04. Screwball Hotel (Rafal Zielinski, 1988) MILD T&A Pass the Popcorn
Rafal Zielinski is the unsung Godfather of the softcore screwball comedies of the eighties. Not up (or down) to the level of the previous Screwballs flicks, which are quite a nice pair indeed. However, there's enough T&A to check-in for a quickie. 5.8/10

05. Nanny Cam (AKA: Sitter Cam; Nancy Leopardi, 2014) NO T&A Pass the Popcorn
India Eisley pours on her bad babysitter charms in another glorious Lifetime original. Despite not having any language or onscreen nudity this manages to feel trashier than most R-rated films these days, and that's a recommendation! 6.4/10

06. Action Jackson (Craig R. Baxley, 1988) MILD T&A Hollywood Suite On Demand
I don't think Vanity really deserved her Razzie nomination for Worst Actress. I mean it's Vanity, and she gets topless. Joel Silver knew what he was looking for in action films of the eighties. This one didn't leave the same lasting impression as most of those, but it still delivers with its absurdly gratuitous action sequences. 6.7/10

April 4
07. Laserblast (Michael Rae, 1978) NO T&A Cinemageddon
I kind of love the IMDb bottom 100; I swear it's got more hidden gems than the top 250. The laser blast destruction scenes are impressive and I think the f/x hold up, including the charming dinosaur aliens. There's also Eddie Deezen playing against type. He's involved in an attempted rape! 5.8/10

08. Deadly Weapon (Michael Miner, 1989) NO T&A Cinemageddon
From one of the writers of Robocop we get this sort of sequel to Laserblast that isn't nearly as fun. Another kid finds an alien ray gun and wreaks havoc. The flick is all over the place and characters come and go with random ineffectiveness. Animal activists won't appreciate the sight of a dog getting clubbed to death, but it was one of the film's only noteworthy shocks. 2.9/10

April 5
09. Monster (AKA: Humanoids From the Deep; Barbara Peeters-Jimmy T. Murakami (uncredited), 1980) MILD T&A Blu-ray
Thankfully, second unit director Jimmy Murakami was hired to add in more effective monster rapes and nudity. At its best this plays like a pervy remake of The Creature From the Black Lagoon with some of the slimiest rubber suit monsters ever, courtesy of Rob Bottin. 6.6/10

10. The Big Bird Cage (AKA: Women's Penitentiary II; Jack Hill, 1972) MILD T&A Blu-ray
An early Roger Corman production shot in the Philippines with some of the most familiar names in exploitation. There's some good nudity from the attractive female cast, but the film is pretty flat and slow-moving otherwise and Hill doesn't show much flair for cinematic action. 3.2/10

11. Scavenger Hunt (Michael Schultz, 1979) NO T&A REPEAT VIEWING Cinemageddon
I remembered my parents taking me to this when I nine and what I remembered was that Dirk Benedict was in it and there were some people wearing paper bags on their heads a la "the Unknown Comic". Glad I saw this again because it's the big screen debut of my guilty pleasure star Willie Aames. It was also a decently dumb treasure hunt flick with some Easter eggs in the form of celebrity cameos. 6.1/10

April 6
12. Santa Claus (René Cardona, 1959) NO T&A RIFFTRAX: LIVE Kickass Torrents
The "Sugar & Spice" craft-making short is priceless stuff and there's a good deal of brilliant riffing through the feature, but the boys lose their sugar rush toward the end. 6.4/10

13. Babes in Toyland (Clive Donner, 1986) NO T&A MGM Channel
Not sure why I was in the mood for Christmas themed movies today, but I sure as hell paid for it. With all the walking and preening stuffed animals in Toyland, this dreadful musical version of the classic family story must be like hardcore porn for "furries". Give me Toontown instead. It only goes to show that I'll watch anything with Jill Schoelen...once. 2.2/10

14. Body Count (AKA: Camping del terrore; Ruggero Deodato, 1987) MILD T&A Pass the Popcorn
A late-cycle entry to the backwoods slasher genre from the director of Cannibal Holocaust. It wastes little time getting down and dirty with a showcase of impressively gruesome kills, and that's exactly what the audience wants from this kind of flick. 7.4/10

April 7
15. Babyface (Alex DeRenzy, 1977) X-TRA SPICY T&A Cinemageddon
A boundary pushing feature from porn's glory days. Lots of perversion is lovingly on display, but I wish the plot had revolved more around Priscilla's exploits. The opening scene where she teases her teacher is never really paid off, and many of the sex scenes are as random and trivial as latter day porn. I expected more from this one based on its reputation among blue film connoisseurs. 4.2/10

April 8
16. Gutshot Straight (Justin Steele, 2014) MILD T&A YTS
Low key Vegas neo noir flick would benefit from a punchier script and, I'm sorry, but shooting digitally just makes everything look so damn cheap. Take any mediocre DTV thriller from the nineties and will have more mood and atmosphere just because it was shot on film. CSI's George Eads doesn't fair too well as the lead; he's upstaged by nearly every co-star including Ted Levine and Steven Seagal. Tia Carrere is still looking good in her brief cameo as a jilted stripper. 5.5/10

April 9
17. Of Unknown Origin (George P. Cosmatos, 1983) NO T&A Pass the Popcorn
Rats have proven to be formidably talented screen villains. I love Stephen King's Graveyard Shift and Deadly Eyes and had been hearing great things about this one for years. Peter Weller is hilarious as a man who wages war with a greasy, toothy little home invader. 7.9/10

April 10
18. The Mechanic (Michael Winner, 1972) NO T&A AXN Movies
Michael Winner has always been good to me during these challenges. As far as I'm concerned, the man can't make a boring film. This is one of his best collaborations with Bronson. The Statham remake was an okay flick, but it lacks the craftsmanship on display here. No dialogue necessary during the tense and unforgettable opening sequence where we see Bronson's character work his trade magic. That's film-making. 9.3/10

April 11
19. A Million Ways to Die in the West (Seth MacFarlane, 2014) NO T&A AXN Movies
Seth MacFarlane is gunning to be the next Mel Brooks and I'm rootin' for him. There are wildly outrageous dirty jokes and some unexpectedly cool cameos. With its scenic western landscapes, it's also one of the most impressively photographed comedies in recent memory. 6.8/10

20. Playing God (Andy Wilson, 1997) NO T&A REPEAT VIEWING Blu-ray
David Duchovny is a shamed former LA surgeon with some inherent vices that lead him into temptations from bad influence Timothy Hutton. Director Andy Wilson offers some diverting (and distracting) pulp flourishes with his penchant for distorted images and rapid cuts. Angelina Jolie's lips are featured in a supporting role, but John Hawkes steals more attention as a tempered, trigger-happy surfer. 6.4/10

April 12
21. Dream Lover (Alan J. Pakula, 1986) NO T&A Cinemageddon
Alan J. Pakula assembled a good team including cinematographer Sven Nykvist for this piece of pseudo science fiction. This material would have probably been stronger in the hands of dark art masters Brian DePalma or Wes Craven, as Pakula eschews the sleazy elements that would made for a more memorable film. Still, he manages some unsettling atmosphere and a few creepy dream sequences and Kristy McNichol reminded me of Natalie Portman at times. 5.7/10

22. Careful What You Wish For (Elizabeth Allen, 2015) HOT T&A YTS
It's risky business when wild thing and former Decepticon Isabel Lucas seduces a gullible boy toy into doing bad things. A character references Skinemax early on and this thriller cheekily flaunts its inspirations. If you're a fan of the nineties erotic cable thriller, you'll have some some fun with this. Looks like Paul Sorvino has been hitting the pasta buffets heavy as his waistline threatens to expand beyond the frame. 7.3/10

April 13
23. The Big Bang (Tony Krantz, 2011) MILD T&A Blu-ray
It's style over substance in that noir cool aesthetic that critics seem to loathe, but I'm a sucker for. Sam Elliot is hilarious explaining his "big bang theory". 6.4/10

April 14
24. Dolan's Cadillac (Jeff Beesley, 2009) NO T&A Blu-ray
Weak and uninspired direction hurt this adaptation of Stephen King's popular short story. I'm not sure who thought that a director of the Canadian sitcom Corner Gas was the right man for the job. Nevertheless, Christian Slater is fun to watch. Was there a moment inspired by the famous late night call that Stanley Kubrick made to King when he asked the writer if he believed in God? 5.6/10

April 15
25. Jaws 3-D (Joe Alves, 1983) NO T&A REPEAT VIEWING AMC
A veritable smorgasbord of shark-jumping. Will Jurassic World be as much fun for the family as Sea World? 5.7/10

April 16
26. The Boy Next Door (Rob Cohen, 2015) MILD T&A YTS
Jenny from the block gets taken by some younger cock as Razzie hopeful Ryan Guzman steps up to tap that booty. There's a lot of J-Lo ass grabbing, but the only genuine T&A comes from another actress. Ripe for riffing on all fronts, but I can't deny the appeal of this surfeit of tastelessness. 5.9/10

April 17
27. The Search for Weng Weng (Andrew Leavold, 2014) NO T&A The Horror Charnel
Andrew Leavold's love letter to Weng Weng is a personal journey to learn more about the tragically exploited Filipino legend. I've only seen Weng Weng's most famous 007 spoof and after watching the clips I desperately must seek out those westerns. 9.2/10

April 18
28. Texas Lightning (Gary Graver, 1981) MILD T&A Cinemageddon
This redneck hixsploitation film starts out as a lightly comedic affair with a group of ignorant lowlifes heading out for a road trip of rabbit hunting and sexual debauchery. Cameron Mitchell is determined for his (real life) son to become a man and not to end up a "pansy". After an inspired wet t-shirt contest at a famed Texas Tavern, the boys get drunker and things go way south from there. 8.1/10

April 19
29. Hollywood Dreams (Rafe M. Portilo (as Ralph Portillo), 1994) HOT T&A The Horror Charnel
Hardbodies and softcore are like a head massage (pun unintended) and just what I needed for a Sunday afternoon. 4.8/10

30. The Midnight Meat Train (Ryûhei Kitamura, 2008) MILD T&A Blu-ray
Curious only for seeing Bradley Cooper in an early starring role. This seemed much cooler when it was just an unseen horror title sitting on my shelf. Horribly dated effects and that ugly green filtering that trended so heavily in the Saw zeitgeist. 2.6/10

April 20
31. Troll (John Carl Buechler, 1986) NO T&A AXN Movies
So Troll 2 is one of those rare sequels that's superior to the original. Sonny Bono's character would have had more fun in Nilbog, too. 2.8/10

April 21
32. Rushlights (Antoni Stutz, 2013) NO T&A Blu-ray
Another middling film soleil with some beautiful locations that suffers from routine plot twists and an overly pat ending. Not much of a rush, but it's cool to see Beau Bridges and Aidan Quinn stealing scenes from the younger, blander leads. 5/10

April 22
33. Pretty Maids All in a Row (Roger Vadim, 1971) MILD T&A Cinemageddon
Rock Hudson is a high school guidance counselor enjoying the perks of the student body. Vadim populates the film with a plethora of nubile young skin. There's also a sexy turn by Angie Dickinson as a seductive substitute teacher. The film is an unsung prototype for the high school slasher and horror comedies that would become so popular a decade later. 8.7/10

April 23
34. Secret Sins (AKA: Melissa; Steve Binder, 1995) MILD T&A Cinemageddon
Nicole Eggert is one hot tomato, but she cannot dance to save her life and this flick asks her to do it a lot. Surprisingly, she delivers an effective dramatic monologue later in the film that redeems her performance somewhat. A very young Michelle Trachtenberg appears briefly before she became "almost famous". 4.4/10

April 24
35. Vigilante (William Lustig, 1995) MILD T&A Blu-ray
William Lustig offers up the kind of arthouse exploitation that the earlier Abel Ferrara films did; stylishly capturing the gritty urban decay and injustices of the Big Apple in unfriendlier times. 8.6/10

April 25
36. Out of Bounds (Richard Tuggle, 1986) NO T&A Cinemageddon
Not as dark and moody as Richard Tuggle's Eastwood thriller Tightrope, and this overlooked gem was severely maligned upon its release. Audiences weren't ready to see Anthony Michael Hall in a serious role, but I found him goofily charming especially in his romantic moments with Jenny Wright. 7.4/10

April 26
37. Unfriended (AKA: Cybernatural, 2015) NO T&A WILD CARD Cineplex Charlottetown Auditorium 1
This might be considered among to be the web generation's answer to Carrie or Prom Night. It succeeds in terms of innovation. The bullying and voyeuristic potential of YouTube and Skype is scarier than the supernatural ramifications threatening the characters. I need to sit down and finish Open Windows which employed a similar stylistic technique. 6.8/10

April 27
38. Flowers in the Attic (Deborah Chow, 2014) NO T&A Pass the Popcorn
I'm sort of stunned that Ellen Burstyn got an Emmy nomination for this. The better performance came from Kiernan Shipka. This is apparently a more faithful adaptation of the V.C. Andrews megaseller, but I found it pretty boring and anticlimactic. It's clearly just the first installment and the ending didn't satisfy as a standalone. Damn, I usually have a lot more fun with Lifetime Originals. 4.3/10

April 28
39. Relentless (William Lustig, 1989) MILD T&A Pass the Popcorn
Judd Nelson is the second Breakfast Club alumni that I'm seeing in a grittier eighties thriller, following Anthony Michael Hall in Out of Bounds. William Lustig transfers to LA for this directorial effort and he seems equally inspired by the seediness in the California sunshine. Great stuff. 8.3/10

40. Dead On: Relentless 2 (Michael Schroeder, 1992) NO T&A Pass the Popcorn
Direct-to-video sequel isn't as good as the first, but there's some decent suspense and Leo Rossi is a good fit for the headstrong detective Deitz demonstrating continuity within the character arc that is too often neglected in sequels. 5.8/10

41. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (Andy Fickman, 2015) NO T&A Cineplex Charlottetown Auditorium 3
What's most impressive about Kevin James is his ability to use his size to his advantage; he's a physical comedian capable of grace and swagger. This Vegas vacation is a decent goof, but I'd actually like to see Bart back on his own turf. With retail shopping in trouble, malls are on the decline and it would be interesting for the next sequel to address Blart's position in that fading atmosphere. 5.6/10

April 29
42. Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life (Tom McLoughlin, 2005) NO T&A Pass the Popcorn
A cautionary tale about porn addiction; Lifetime delivers a film that feels like an ABC Afterschool Special for the internet generation. And that's a good thing, because I loved those shows as a kid. Jeremy Sumpter is an engaging young talent and deserved the recognition he got for this one. 7.8/10

April 30
43. Furious Seven (AKA:Furious 7 James Wan, 2015) NO T&A WILD CARD Cineplex Charlottetown Auditorium 4
The car carnage could fuel J.G. Ballard's wet dreams, but the focus on the dull central characters their trivial relationships continues to kill any momentum. Director James Wan fails to steer this in any new directions. 4.9/10


If a category is listed as "Optional", it does not need to be
filled to "complete" the checklist. There are 10 free spots you may apply to non-Optional categories.
As with other checklists, titles can count for multiple categories.

Some of these categories are so obscure we're giving 10 free spots of your choosing to fill in the list.

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
* 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
* 1900 -(optional)
* 1910 -(optional)
* 1920 -(optional)
* 1930 -
* 1940 -
* 1950 - Santa Claus
* 1960 -
* 1970 - Killer Fish
* 1980 - Screwball Hotel
* 1990 - Playing God
* 2000 -
* 2010 - The Gunman
Watch a film for each rating:
* G - (optional) Babes in Toyland
* PG -
* PG-13 - (optional) Deadly Weapon
* R -
* X (or NC-17) - Babyface
* Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) -

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
* First format, Blu-ray, Killer Fish
* Second format, (insert format), (insert title).
* Third format, (insert format), (insert title).

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:
A Token Science Fiction B-Movie: Laserblast
A Token Horror B-Movie: Monster
Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
* Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs)
* Giallo
* Sword & Sandal
* Spaghetti Western
* Cannibal Film
* Mafia/Gangster Film
Martial Arts film:
* Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.)
* Hong Kong (or other Asian) film
* American film
* Any "Ninja" film
* Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film
Asian Action Film
Biker Film
Stoner Film
Carsploitation Film
* Any type: Screwball Hotel
* Nudie Cutie
* Roughie
* 70s Porn Babyface
* Emmanuelle Film
* Teen Sex Comedy
Rape/Revenge Film
Vigilante Film Vigilante
Women in Prison The Big Bird Cage
Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation)
Hixploitation/Moonshiners Texas Lightning
Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films
"Hood" Film ("Gangsta")
Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era)
Juvenile Delinquent Film
60s Beach Movie
Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor)
* *Bonus* Elvis film
Mexican Wrestling Film
Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema)
Bollywood Film (actual, not a Hollywood pastiche)
Eco-Terror Film
Pre-90s Post-Apocalyptic film
"Mondo" Film
Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production
Video Nasty
TV-Movie Babes in Toyland
* Lifetime Channel Movie Nanny Cam
Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film"
Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic: The Gunman or IMDB Bottom 100 Laserblast {Bottom 100 archive})
Financial Bomb
Razzie Winner or nominees Vanity - Action Jackson
MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film Santa Claus

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
* 1 David Hess, Body Count
* 2 Pam Grier, The Big Bird Cage
* 3 Steven Seagal, Gutshot Straight
* 4 Shannon Tweed, Of Unknown Origin
* 5 Jan-Michael Vincent, The Mechanic
* 6 Eddie Deezen, Laserblast
* 7 Cameron Mitchell, Texas Lightning
* 8 Fred Williamson, Vigilante
* 9
* 10

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
* 1
* 2
* 3
* 4
* 5
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10
Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
* 1
* 2
* 3
* 4
* 5


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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

Ash Ketchum's Sixth Annual B-Movie/Drive-in/Exploitation Challenge

* - first-time viewing

April 1, 2015
1. *THE OUTLAW STALLION (1954/U.S., 64 min., color, western/Columbia) VHS
Dir.: Fred F. Sears. Cast: Philip Carey, Dorothy Patrick, Billy Gray, Roy Roberts. Excellent horse western about a wild white stallion and various parties’ attempts to catch and tame him. Beautifully staged and shot, with a superb cast, esp. child actor Billy Gray, who would join the cast of “Father Knows Best” right afterwards.

2. *UTAH (1945/54 min., b&w, western/Republic) DVD (Mill Creek Gunslinger Classics set)
Dir.: John English. Cast: Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Grant Withers. Dale Evans as a blond Chicago showgirl who wants to sell the ranch where Roy works. The two are antagonists for much of the film. Culminates in a big fight and chase at the “Chicago” stockyards.

April 2, 2015
3. DAY OF THE WOLVES (1971/U.S., 91 min., color, crime thriller) DVD (Mill Creek Gunslinger Classics set)
Dir.: Ferde Grofé Jr. Cast: Richard Egan, Jan Murray, Rick Jason, Martha Hyer. A team of robbers cuts off an Arizona town from the outside world and sets out to plunder it until the recently fired chief of police picks up a shotgun and goes after them. Good idea undone by extremely low budget.

4. *MIRAI SENTAI TIMERANGER VS. GO GO V (2001/Japan, 41:32, color, sci-fi sentai superhero video/Toei) VHS (in Japanese with English subs.)
Cast: Masaru Nagai, Shinji Kasahara, Ryuichiro Nishioka, Mika Katsumura, Mike Maki. Made-for-video spinoff featuring the casts of the 1999-2000 sentai series, “Timeranger” and “Go Go V,” teaming up to fight monsters from the future.

April 3, 2015
5. *NORTHWEST STAMPEDE (1948/U.S., 74 min., Cinecolor, western/Eagle-Lion) YouTube
Dir.: Albert Rogell. Cast: Joan Leslie, James Craig, Jack Oakie, Chill Wills. Beautifully shot horse western filmed in bright Cinecolor on location in Alberta, Canada, with lots of footage of the Calgary Rodeo serving as a backdrop. A ranch owner and his female foreman, both rodeo champs in their own right, battle over the future of the ranch and the capture of a wild horse, before recognizing they're in love.

6. *CAPTAIN CALAMITY (1936/U.S., 62 min., color, south seas adventure) YouTube
Dir.: John Reinhardt. Cast: George Houston, Marian Nixon, Vince Barnett, Movita. Unusual seagoing adventure shot on Catalina Island in a two-color process that looks like Cinecolor but is labeled “Hurlicolor” in the credits. Not much of a plot (a sea captain is broke, but he parlays a Spanish doubloon that a passenger gave him into a story of finding a pirate’s treasure) and the print on YouTube is incredibly choppy, but it’s a really interesting curio.

April 4, 2015
7. *FURY AT GUNSIGHT PASS (1956/U.S., 68 min., b&w, western/Columbia) Seen on Encore Western-HD.
Dir.: Fred F. Sears. Writer: David Lang. Cast: David Brian, Neville Brand, Richard Long. Tight, well-plotted western about a hunt for missing loot as a group of outlaws take over a town during a sandstorm after a botched bank robbery. The outlaws are led by David Brian and Neville Brand who can do this kind of thing in their sleep.

April 5, 2015
8. *WYOMING RENEGADES (1954/U.S., 73 min., color, western, Columbia) Seen on Encore Western-HD.
Dir.: Fred F. Sears. Cast: Philip Carey, Martha Hyer, Gene Evans, William Bishop, Douglas Kennedy, Roy Roberts. Evans and Bishop play Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and their gang is the Wild Bunch. Carey’s an ex-gang member trying to go straight. Another tough, compact, action-packed western from the Sears unit at Columbia.

April 9, 2015
9. *STATE DEPARTMENT: FILE 649 (1949/U.S., 87 min., color, thriller, Film Classics) VHS
Dir.: Peter Stewart (aka Sam Newfield). Cast: William Lundigan, Virginia Bruce, Richard Loo, Philip Ahn.
A consul officer in northern China is held hostage along with other Americans by a Chinese warlord at odds with the "central government." No mention of Mao Tse-Tung or the Communists, who would take over in October 1949. An odd B-thriller shot in Cinecolor and attempting to be topical without employing any topical details. At least Asian actors play the main Asian roles.

10. *BLACK HORSE CANYON (1954/U.S., 81 min., color, western/Universal) YouTube
Dir.: Jesse Hibbs. Cast: Joel McCrea, Mari Blanchard, Race Gentry. Excellent horse western about an older cowboy, a young cowboy wannabe and a voluptuous ranch woman who all want to break a wild horse, amidst love triangle melodramatics. Great location shooting in Arizona.

April 10, 2015
11. SLAUGHTER TRAIL (1951/U.S., 77 min., Cinecolor, western/RKO) VHS
Dir.: Irving Allen. Cast: Brian Donlevy, Gig Young, Virginia Grey, Andy Devine. Standard cavalry-vs.-Indians western with wanted outlaws thrown into the mix to stir up trouble with the Navajos. Has a running song describing the narrative playing throughout the film and it gets incredibly annoying.

12. *THE TALL STRANGER (1957/U.S., 81 min., color, western/Allied Artists) YouTube
Dir.: Thomas Carr. Cast: Joel McCrea, Virginia Mayo, Barry Kelley, Michael Ansara, Leo Gordon. After the Civil War, a wagon train of ex-rebels tries to cross land owned by a hard-nosed cattle baron. The cattle baron’s estranged brother, played by Joel McCrea, an ex-Yankee officer, intervenes to try to prevent bloodshed. Lots of action, many plot twists, and a solid cast of old hands who know how to play this.

April 11, 2015
13. *APACHE AMBUSH (1955/U.S., 68 min., b&w, western/Columbia) VHS
Dir.: Fred F. Sears. Script: David Lang. Cast: Bill Williams, Richard Jaeckel, Alex Montoya, Movita. 5th western I’ve seen in last month directed by Sears and written by Lang. Army scout has to get cattle from Texas to Abilene on orders from President Lincoln despite conflicts between ex-rebels and Yankees and attacks by Apaches and Mexican bandits. Overstuffed plot relies way too much on stock footage from bigger-budgeted westerns.

14. *THE GIANT CLAW (1957/U.S., 75 min., b&w, sci-fi monster movie/Columbia) DVD
Dir.: Fred F. Sears. Cast: Jeff Morrow, Mara Corday, Morris Ankrum, Robert Shayne, Edgar Barrier. Ludicrous script, idiotic dialogue, laughable special effects. Old pros in the cast, though. Uses a lot of stock footage from other movies. This is really best seen with an audience primed to laugh.

15. *GOKE, BODY SNATCHER FROM HELL (1968/Japan, 84 min., color, horror-sci-fi/Shochiku) DVD (from Criterion’s When Horror Came to Shochiku set)
Dir.: Hajime Sato. Cast: Teruo Yoshida, Tomomi Sato, Kathy Horan, Eizo Kitamura.
Odd, stylized horror film about plane crash and the fate of the survivors as an alien entity seeks to possess some of them while drinking the blood of the others. Way too talky and heavy-handed for my tastes.

16. DUEL OF THE 7 TIGERS (1979/Hong Kong, 96 min., color, kung fu adventure/Goldig) VHS (English-dubbed)
Dir.: Yeung Kuen. Cast: Cliff Lok, Yeung Pan Pan, Phillip Ko, Pomson Shi, Han Ying Chieh. The last forty minutes are great, one long series of fights and training scenes. The build-up to it takes too long, though. But a good showcase for Cliff Lok and Phillip Ko.  

April 12, 2015
17. *SCALPLOCK (1966/U.S., 79 min., color, western/Columbia) Seen on Encore Western-HD.
Dir.: James Goldstone. Cast: Dale Robertson, Diana Hyland, Lloyd Bochner. TV movie pilot for “The Iron Horse” TV series, with Dale Robertson as a con man who gets control of a railroad and is determined to finish its construction in the 1860s.

18. *AKO-JO DANZETSU (THE FALL OF AKO CASTLE, aka SWORDS OF VENGEANCE, 1978/Japan, 159 min., color, samurai drama/Toei) DVD (in Japanese with English subs.)
Dir.: Kinji Fukasaku. Cast: Kinnosuke Yorozuya, Sonny Chiba, Tetsuro Tamba, Toshiro Mifune. Expert retelling of the 47 Ronin and their mission of revenge for the death of their lord. Arguably Fukasaku's most formally beautiful work.

19. *LAW AND ORDER (1953/U.S., 80 min., color, western/Universal) VHS
Dir.: Nathan Juran. Cast: Ronald Reagan, Dorothy Malone, Preston Foster, Russell Johnson, Alex Nicol, Dennis Weaver, Jack Kelly. Loose remake of the Wyatt Earp story but with different names and no counterpart for Doc Holliday. Reagan cleans up the town pretty much like he did everything else in his career—effortlessly and with no ambiguity. The cast includes Bart Maverick, McCloud and the Professor (Gilligan’s Island).

April 14, 2015
20. *BATTLE OF ROGUE RIVER (1954/U.S., 71 min., color, western/Columbia) VHS
Dir.: William Castle. Cast: George Montgomery, Richard Denning, Martha Hyer. Not bad cavalry-vs.-Indians western set in Oregon. Montgomery is a newly assigned cavalry commander with orders to solve the Indian conflict one way or the other, but it soon becomes evident that his Indian opponents want peace but have suffered too much betrayal at the hands of the whites. Montgomery sets out to earn their trust.

21. *IRON ANGELS (aka ANGEL, 1987/Hong Kong, 93 min., color, kung fu crime thriller) DVD (in Cantonese with English subtitles)
Directors: Raymond Leung, Ivan Lai, Teresa Woo. Cast: Moon Lee, Elaine Lui, Yukari Oshima, Alex Fong, Hideki Saijo, David Chiang. Cult favorite that set off the girls-guns-and-fu HK movie craze in the late '80s/early '90s. Most of the subsequent films in this subgenre had far more action than this one.

April 16, 2015
22. THEY RODE WEST (1954/U.S., 84 min., color, western/Columbia) YouTube
Dir.: Phil Karlson. Cast: Robert Francis, Donna Reed, May Wynn, Phil Carey. Liberal western about an army doctor branded a traitor for trying to stop a malaria epidemic affecting both cavalry and Indians while the cavalry is fighting the Indians.

April 17, 2015
23. *THE GIANT OF MARATHON (1959/Italy-France, 84 min., color, historical spectacle/MGM) DVD (English-dubbed)
Directors: Jacques Tourneur, Mario Bava. Cast: Steve Reeves, Mylene Demongeot, Sergio Fantoni. Above-average sword-&-sandal epic with Reeves as Philippides, hero of the Battle of Marathon, who guides Athens’ efforts to fend off the invading Persians. Bigger-budgeted than usual, with scenes of armies clashing on land and then switching to a sea battle, including extensive underwater action. Quite satisfying.

April 18, 2015
24. *DEATH RING (1983/Hong Kong, 91 min., color, kung fu drama) DVD (English-dubbed)
Directors: Chang Cheh, Lu Feng. Star: Lee Chung-Yat. Guest stars: Ti Lung, Chen Kuan Tai, Chen Sing, Lu Feng. A kung fu fighter goes to Thailand to search for his father who fled China before he was born, after killing a rival, and winds up involved in the world of Thai boxing. An odd film with much discontinuity, but still very watchable. The name actors in it all have glorified cameos.

25. DUEL TO THE DEATH (1983/Hong Kong, 86 min., color, kung fu adventure/Golden Harvest) Seen at Anthology Film Archives, Manhattan in Digital Cinema Projection. (In Cantonese with English subs.)
Dir.: Ching Siu-Tung. Cast: Damian Lau, Norman Chu, Eddy Ko, Flora Cheung.
Part of Subway Cinema’s Old School Kung Fu Festival: Enter the Ninjas. Ching Siu-Tung's directorial debut and quite pioneering in its use of wire work.

26. RIKI-OH, Parts 1 & 2 (1989-90/Japan, 94 min., color, animated action fantasy) VHS (in Japanese with English subs.)
Dir.: Satoshi Dezaki. Made-for-video ultraviolent anime about a super-powerful prisoner named Riki who lashes out at corrupt guards and prison officials. In Part 2, he discovers a secret nuke power plant where they stage modern gladiatorial contests. Part 1 was later remade as a live-action Hong Kong gorefest called THE STORY OF RICKY.

27. *RED RIVER ROBIN HOOD (1942/U.S., 57 min., b&w, western, RKO) DVD
Dir.: Lesley Selander. Cast: Tim Holt, Cliff Edwards, Barbara Moffett. Tim Holt made tons of B-westerns. In this one he plays a rancher cheated out of his property who puts on a black cape and mask to play Robin Hood against the land baron who did the cheating.

April 19, 2015
28. *47 RONIN (2013/U.S., 118 min., color, samurai adventure-fantasy/Universal) DVD
Dir.: Carl Rinsch. Cast: Keanu Reeves, Hiroyuki Sanada, Rinko Kikuchi, Ko Shibasaki. Big-budget fantasy redo of the tale of the 47 Ronin, shot in English with a mostly Japanese cast. Not bad, but the whole venture is somewhat misguided. I would have preferred a wholly original storyline instead of a distortion of this famous historical event.

29. *THE WALKING HILLS (1949/U.S., 78 min., b&w, western/Columbia) Seen on Encore Western-HD.
Dir.: John Sturges. Cast: Randolph Scott, Ella Raines, William Bishop, John Ireland, Arthur Kennedy. Tough, gritty, modern-day western about motley crew of poker players in a border town who go digging for a reputed buried shipment of gold in Death Valley. Tensions develop among the group when one turns out to be a cop on the trail of one of the others, although they’re all guilty of something. Kind of a knock-off of TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE although it has its own unique pleasures. Celebrated blues-folk singer Josh White is part of the group and sings four songs.

30. LAST ACTION HERO (1993/U.S., 130 min., color, action fantasy-comedy/Columbia) Blu-ray
Dir.: John McTiernan. Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Austin O’Brien, Charles Dance, Robert Prosky. Witty ideas abound in action comedy-fantasy that employs location shooting on 42nd Street sites dressed up to look like they did in the bad ol’ days. O’Brien’s wide-eyed adolescent movie fan makes it work.

April 20, 2015
31. *TRAGIC HERO (1987/Hong Kong, 92 min., color, crime drama) VHS (in Cantonese with English subs.)
Dir.: Taylor Wong. Cast: Chow Yun-Fat, Alex Man, Andy Lau, Carina Lau, Danny Lee.
Sequel to RICH AND FAMOUS (1987), this time focusing on Chow’s character, an ethical Triad boss who becomes the target of a young upstart (Man), one of the pair of brothers whom he hired in the first movie. Eventually, he has to enlist the help of the other brother (Lau) in a bloody showdown with the upstart. Not as over-the-top as a John Woo movie from this period, but marked by interesting characters, a good script and an excellent central performance from Chow.

April 24, 2015
32. 8 KAMEN RIDERS VS. GALAXY KING (1980/Japan, 45 min., color, sci-fi superhero adventure/Toei) VHS (in Japanese with no subs.)
Movie spin-off of “Kamen Rider” TV series with eight Kamen Riders uniting to fight alien menace Galaxy King and his robot minions who have kidnapped a young man, woman and child, all siblings.

April 25, 2015
33. TEN WANTED MEN (1955/U.S., 80 min., color, western/Columbia) Seen on Encore Western-HD.
Dir.: Bruce Humberstone. Cast: Randolph Scott, Richard Boone, Leo Gordon, Lee Van Cleef. Solid Scott western with Scott and Boone as rival ranchers facing off when Boone’s beautiful Mexican ward runs off with Scott’s nephew. Boone hires an army of gunmen, including Leo Gordon and Lee Van Cleef, guys who know how to make this kind of plot zing.

34. *THREE HOURS TO KILL (1954/U.S., 77 min., color, western/Columbia) Seen on Encore Western-HD.
Dir.: Alfred Werker. Cast: Dana Andrews, Donna Reed, Dianne Foster, Stephen Elliott. Looks forward to Clint Eastwood’s HANG ’EM HIGH in its tale of a wronged man who survives an attempted hanging and goes after the lynching party, only this time he wants to uncover the identity of the man who committed the killing he’s accused of.

April 26, 2015
35. *MASSACRE CANYON (1954/U.S., 66 min., b&w, western/Columbia) Seen on Encore Western-HD.
Dir.: Fred F. Sears. Screenplay: David Lang. Cast: Phil Carey, Audrey Totter, Douglas Kennedy, Jeff Donnell, Guinn Williams, Ross Elliott. Tough western about motley crew of soldiers and good-time girls trying to get a wagon full of repeating rifles through hostile Indian territory to the nearest army fort. This is the 6th film directed by Sears that I’ve seen for this challenge--and David Lang wrote five of them.

36. FEARLESS FIGHTERS (1971/Hong Kong-Taiwan, 83 min., color, kung fu adventure) DVD (English-dubbed)
Dir.: Wu Min-Hsiung. Cast: Yuen Yi, Ching Ching Chang, Wu Ming Hsia, Chi Ma, Chen Hung Lieh. When members of his clan steal a gold shipment and frame him for the robbery, a swordsman goes on the run to clear his name and get back the gold. Lots of action, but not the best of its type.

37. WRATH OF THE NINJA: THE YOTODEN MOVIE (1989/Japan, 86 min., color, anime ninja fantasy) DVD (in Japanese with English subs.)
Dir.: Osamu Yamasaki. Movie compilation of the “Yotoden” original anime series, in which survivors of three defeated ninja clans band together to fight a monstrous menace decimating Japan’s ninja world.

April 28, 2015
38. *SIX ASSASSINS (1971/Hong Kong, 79 min., color, swordplay adventure/Shaw Bros.) DVD (in Mandarin with English subs.)
Dir.: Cheng Chang Ho. Cast: Ling Yun, Lily Li, Fang Mien. Shaw Bros. swordplay movie set in Ancient China and involving a revenge plot aimed at a cruel lord who happens to be the brother of the Emperor. A Hong Kong remake of the Japanese samurai film, ELEVEN SAMURAI (1967), a follow-up to the original 13 ASSASSINS (1963). My first Shaw Bros. movie for this challenge.

April 29, 2015
39. *THE RAID: REDEMPTION (2011/Indonesia-U.S.-France, 101 min., color, action thriller) Blu-ray (In Indonesian with English subs.)
Dir.: Gareth Evans. Cast: Uko Iwais, Joe Taslim, Pierre Gruno. An Indonesian SWAT team launches a raid on a drug dealer's apartment building HQ and then gets trapped inside, with heavy losses on both sides. Lots of well-staged action, but little in the way of meaningful plot or characters we care about. Just a lot of Third World Asians getting battered and bloodied right and left. The ending is particularly weak.

April 30, 2015
40. *THE PALOMINO (1950/U.S., 73 min., color, western/Columbia) VHS (taped of Encore Western)
Dir.: Ray Nazarro. Cast: Jerome Courtland, Beverly Tyler, Joseph Calleia, Roy Roberts. Another horse western with lovely location cinematography, but it could have used more charismatic leads than relative unknowns Courtland and Tyler. I saw Courtland in one other film for this challenge, THE WALKING HILLS (see #29). The plot is similar to THE OUTLAW STALLION (1954), a much better film and the one I started this challenge with.

Personal Checklist:
40 films
29 first-time viewings
19 westerns

U.S.: 25
Hong Kong: 7
Japan: 6
Italy: 1
Indonesia: 1

1930s: 1
1940s: 5
1950s: 16
1960s: 2
1970s: 5
1980s: 7
1990s: 1
2000s: 1
2010s: 2

DVD: 13
VHS: 12
Seen on cable TV: 7
YouTube: 5
Blu-ray: 2
Digital Projection: 1

Fred F. Sears: 6
Others (1 each):
Lesley Selander
Kinji Fukasaku
Nathan Juran
William Castle
Chang Cheh
Ching Siu-tung
John Sturges
Phil Karlson
Jacques Tourneur
Mario Bava

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

* first time viewing
cable tv/dvr/on demand
netflix streaming
top secret

★★★★★ Awww yeah!
★★★★ Excellent
★★★(+) Very Good, I enjoyed it
★★★(-) Good, I didn't dislike it
★★ Sucked
★ Made me angry

Trope Sitch:
Can You Hear Me Now? = No cell service
Not Muffy! = Pet death
Let's Get Outta Here! = Someone says "Let's get outta here"
I Feel Dirty = Shower scene
I'm Gonna Hurl = Someone pukes

Cheer when you hear the name of the movie!

Mar 31
1. Frankenstein's Army (2013) ★★★★
Definitely an experience, almost exhausting. Inspired creatures.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 (although for the time period, their signal was jammed) / Not Muffy: X / Let's Get Outta Here: X / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: X

Apr 1
2. Intruder* Director's Cut (1988) ★★★(-)
Some idiot on Amazon gave away a key plot point that doesn't occur until 67 minutes in. Don't know how much that colored my opinion of this film. Ultimately a pretty standard slasher with a few camera tricks.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: 0
3. Humongous* Uncut (1982) ★★★(+)
Damn motor went oot.
Good, intriguing story for a cheap Canadian horror flick.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: X / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: 0
4. The Human Centipede UR (2009) ★★★(-)
For some reason, I decided to give this another chance. Is this a new genre - The horror procedural? Plenty of shock value, and the doctor is genuinely creepy, but not particularly well-written.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: X / Not Muffy: X / Let's Get Outta Here: X / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: X (and I almost did)

5. Malibu Express* (1985) ★★★(+)
Let's get that turkey with the broad!
Showers, showers, showers, plenty of showers. This guy made how many movies?! Cool as a cucumber, Cody Abilene has everyone throwing their tits at him. But he's never too busy to get into a race with some backwoods hicks.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: X / I Feel Dirty: X / I'm Gonna Hurl: 0

Apr 3
6. Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers* UR (1988) ★★★(+)
Someone was into Letterman's old NBC show, back when he was bitter and cranky. My favorite show of all time.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: 0
7. Big Tits Zombie in 3D Uncut (2010) ★★★(-)
More chainsaw mayhem. I liked this a lot more the first time around. Gets bonus points for some crazy 3D effects.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: 0

Apr 5
8. VANish* UR (2015) ★★★(+)
Practically the entire film takes place in a shitty van! Tony Todd plays a crazy, badass cop.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 (the phones worked perfectly fine, for a change) / Not Muffy: X (a made-up story, but the alternate endings make the story true) / Let's Get Outta Here: X / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: X

Apr 6
9. Hatchet UR (2006) ★★★★
I went on a haunted Vegas tour that felt about as low rent as the one seen in this movie. This is a good retro slasher, with some great gruesome effects.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: X / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: X
10. Bad Taste* UR (1988) ★★
A sausage fest. I got bored. Endless gun battles are not exciting.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: X / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: X

Apr 7
11. Dead Season* UR (2012) ★★★(+)
Elvis and Tweeter stumble upon a community, post-zombie apocalypse. Let's see, where have I seen this? Decent character-driven drama, but you'd be better off sticking with The Walking Dead. The deleted scenes taught me a lot of people got cut from this movie.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: X / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: 0

Apr 9
12. Killer Joe* UR (2011) ★★★(+)
I enjoyed Gina Gershon's merkin, but could do without Matthew McConaughey's ass. I am a sucker for claustrophobia in a film.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: X / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: X

Apr 10
13. Night of the Demons UR (1988) ★★★★★
The perfect 80's haunted ho... er, demonic possession movie.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: 0

Apr 12
14. Night of the Demons 2* (1994) ★★★(+)
From the director of Leprechaun 4: In Space! This was one slow sequel, and slightly goofy. The first one was downright creepy, this one, not so much.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: X / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: X

Apr 13
15. The Voices* (2014) ★★★(-)
I'm not a peasant, Mr. Whiskers.
Quite dark. To be honest, I had a hard time laughing at this real psychiatric disorder. Maybe I'm a buzzkill.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: X / I'm Gonna Hurl: X

Apr 14
16. Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama* (1988) ★★★(+)
Ludicrously long shower scene! Horrible soundtrack! Complimentary imp! Might be the most poorly lit movie I've seen.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: X / I Feel Dirty: X / I'm Gonna Hurl: X
17. The Babadook* UR (2014) ★★★★
A woman goes mad. Some weird and disturbing imagery. Kind of harrowing at times. That's a good thing.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: X / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: X

Apr 15
18. The Thaw* (2009) ★★★(+)
A Bloated Val Kilmer version of The Thing. Coincidentally, it sits right next to my copy of The Thing on the shelf. Pet death, LGOH, and someone hurls all within about a minute of each other.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: X / Let's Get Outta Here: X / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: X

Apr 16
19. Prince of Darkness (1987) ★★★★★
The "dream" is f-ed up! Maybe the creepiest movie I've ever seen. Maybe my favorite John Carpenter movie, which is saying a lot. I am envious of Jameson Parker's stylish moustache.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: X

Apr 18
20. Lord of Illusions Director's Cut* (1995) ★★★★
Who fucking dug up Scott Bakula? Clive Barker, that's who!
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: X / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: 0

Apr 20
21. Raze* (2014) ★
Chicks kicking ass. Claustrophobic setting. All elements I like. But it's pretty painfully pointless. How's that for alliteration? Has the absolute thinnest of plots with no character development. They're fighting for their families and/or loved ones... who we never meet. I don't think I've seen Sherilyn Fenn since Twin Peaks.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: 0
22. Tokyo Decadence* (1992) ★★★(-)
As with all the best Japanese movies, I have to ask myself at some point, What the fuck just happened? This one's about a call girl who specializes in S&M. I was really into "Mistress Saki". She can humiliate me any time! If someone can please explain to me what happened in the last half hour or so, I'd appreciate it.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: 0 (activity around showers, but none actually shown) / I'm Gonna Hurl: 0

Apr 21
23. Prince of Darkness audio commentary* ★★★★
We should have Quatermass here so we could ask him!

Apr 23
24. Wildcard American Pimp* (1999) ★★★★
Guess I'm a square? A documentary about exploitation. I figure that's a wildcard.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: X
25. Night of the Demons You're Invited: The Making of Night of the Demons* ★★★★
Angela is a little nutty in real life!

Apr 27
26. The Perfect Host (2010) ★★★★
Niles is still anally retentive, but he's gone off the deep end here. This movie was unpredictable. Ended a good 10 minutes after I thought it would.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: 0
27. Sex Bomb* UR (1989) ★★★(+)
Pro-writer, anti-producer flick. I Rip Your Flesh With Pliers and Werewolves in Heat are great titles. I'd see them both. I could swear there was an Estevez in this cast.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: 0
28. Punisher: War Zone* (2008) ★★★★
Newman supplies his weapons?! The Jigsaw character here seriously predates the Saw character. I had to look it up. Now I have to check out the other movies.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: X / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: X

Apr 28
29. Open Grave* (2013) ★
I need answers.
Serious as a heart attack. And fucking stupid. The premise is pretty much a knockoff of Cube. Keeps you in the dark for far too long. It's just people yelling at each other, people screaming. Really, the plot isn't revealed until the very end.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: X / I'm Gonna Hurl: X
30. Freaked (1993) ★★★★
And from their ashes, you'll rise, like a mighty phoenix, only a lot uglier.
★★★★ movie, easily ★★★★★ creature and special effects. I'm becoming a big fan of Steve Johnson. He did the makeup effects for Night of the Demons, as well (never mind working on Ghostbusters, etc). They had fine taste for putting Larry "Bud" Melman in their flick.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: X / Let's Get Outta Here: X / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: X

Apr 29
31. Shocker* (1989) ★★
I've already seen A Nightmare on Elm Street, Wes. The kid has all the screen charm as a wet bag of snails in Smell-o-Vision. Did I really wait 26 years to see this POS?
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: X / Let's Get Outta Here: X / I Feel Dirty: X / I'm Gonna Hurl: 0
32. Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman* UR (2012) ★★★★
A hot chick kicking ass? Sign me up. Although it is ludicrous that she can drive a standard in those heels. Liked the Grand Theft Auto parodies.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: X / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: 0
33. Wildcard Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story* (2014) ★★★★★
Fascinating. But quite frankly, I was a little offended that the nudity was censored (all nudity was shown in rapid-fire fragments of seconds), yet they DWELLED on graphic shots of Larry Flynt after he was shot. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. A+ on the soundtrack. Someone is a fan of old school punk.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: X / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: X / I'm Gonna Hurl: 0

Apr 30
34. Banshee!!!!* (I added the extra exclamation point) UR (2008) ★★
There's a CGI banshee!!! in the woods. That is all. Have to agree with my man Lake, here, "Life is all about the ass." Actually he's not "my man," he was a major douche. In the 86 minute running time, no one in the cast figured out that the banshee!!! shape-shifted.
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: X / Not Muffy: X / Let's Get Outta Here: X / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: X
35. Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead* (2014) ★★★★★
At least I went out with a bang. Sloppy zombie sex. This was absolutely the funniest horror comedy I've seen in years. Using someone's intestines to siphon gas? Pure genius. I didn't care much for the first movie. Maybe I need to revisit that. It had basically the same premise as Leprechaun!
Scorecard: Can You Hear Me Now: 0 / Not Muffy: 0 / Let's Get Outta Here: 0 / I Feel Dirty: 0 / I'm Gonna Hurl: X

Total: 35
Total movies: 33
FTV movies: 25

Total Scorecard Stats
Cell phone: 3/33 9% (granted, I watched a lot of 80's movies)
Pet death: 11/33 33%
LGOH: 15/33 45%
Shower: 6/33 18%
Barf: 18/33 55%

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

The Sixth Annual Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge

2014: 11 items

2013: 2 items

2012: 13 items

2011: 11 items

*First-time viewing

Total viewings: 17
Total first-time viewings: 8

1. And God Created Woman (1988) (Prime)
2. The Case of Unfaithful Klara (2008)* (Prime)

3. Deathstalker (Corman Classics Sword and Sorcery two-DVD collection)
4. Deathstalker II (Corman Classics Sword and Sorcery two-DVD collection)

5. My Tutor (Mill Creek Too Cool for School collection)

6. Coach* (Mill Creek Too Cool for School collection)
7. Cave Girl* (Mill Creek Too Cool for School collection)

8. The Ice Pirates* (Netflix DVD)

9. Modesty Blaise (1966)* (DVD)
10. King Boxer Five Fingers of Death (1972)* (Shaw Brothers DVD)

11. The Story of O (1975) (DVD)
12. Poison Ivy (1992) (Poison Ivy New Line Triple Feature)
13. Poison Ivy 2 (1995) (Poison Ivy New Line Triple Feature)

14. Poison Ivy: The New Seduction (1998) (Poison Ivy New Line Triple Feature)
15. Beach Blanket Bingo (1965) (Frankie & Annette Movie Legend Collection)
16. How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965)* (Frankie & Annette Movie Legend Collection)
17. Death Race* (2008)

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

1. Punisher: War Zone
2. Doctor Mordrid
3. KRAA! The Sea Monster
4. Oblivion
5. Dragonworld
6. Backlash: Oblivion 2
7. Everything Is Terrible: The Rise and Fall of God
8. Everything Is Terrible Holiday Special
9. Rifftrax: Alien Outlaw
10. Rifftrax: Behave Bernard
11. Born Losers
12. The Capture of Bigfoot
13. Trucker's Women
14. His Name Was King
15. Django Kill!... If You Live, Shoot!
16. Basket Case
17. Hot Tub Time Machine 2
18. Evilspeak
19. The Dungeonmaster
20. Maniac Cop 2
21. Mister Deathman
22. Rifftrax: Anaconda
23. Rifftrax Live: Santa Claus
24. Rifftrax: Wonder Women
25. Rifftrax: Kiss of the Tarantula
26. Rifftrax: Hideous Sun Demon
27. Intruder
28. Ecstasies Of Women
29. Maniac Cop 3
30. Nightmare
31. The Octagon
32. Evil Bong 420
33. Pieces
34. Of Human Bondage
35. Red Scorpion
36. Revenge!
37. Rituals
38. Shaft
39. Silent Night, Deadly Night
40. Sole Survivor
41. Buddy Goes West
42. Strip Nude For Your Killer
43. Sweet Sixteen

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

In for a couple.

The Last Exorcism 2
The Crater Lake Monster
The Crater Lake Monster Rifftrax
Zombie MST3K

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

2015 Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge

01. Furious 7 4-7
02. Zardoz / Jeff Bond, Joe Fordham and Nick Redman commentary track / BD 4-16
03. Bad Milo! / 4-26
04. Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead / 4-27
05. The Babadook / 4-27
06. It Follows / 4-28
07. Strip Nude for Your Killer / 4-30

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

2015 Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge

2010 = 74
2011 = 80
2012 = 105
2013 = 60
2014 = 60

Final Stats

Total =62 FTV =61 (98.4%)
Media DVD =52 BluRay =3 VHS =2 Streaming =5
By Decade
30's =2 40's =4 50's =8 60's =18 70's =17 80's =7 90's =5 00's =0 10's =1

Hmmm, maybe I'll try for 60 this year.

* = first time viewing
DVD unless otherwise noted

March 31
01. 'Gator Bait (1974)*
Sheriff Joe Bob Thomas and his son join the Bracken clan in searching for the swamp dwelling Desiree Thibodeau (Claudia Jennings) who they think murdered the youngest Bracken boy. They don't find her, but they do find her brother and sister after which the hunters become the hunted. Pretty good revenge picture although the action is not really all that intense. The actors generally do a good job with the bad guys, especially Douglas Dirkson as Leroy Bracken. There is lots of swamp scenery on display but I didn't mind although some might think it slowed things down too much. 5.5/10

April 01
02. Unholy Rollers (1972)* (4 Cult Movie Marathon Volume 1)
Karen Walker (Claudia Jennings) quits her factory job and joins the local roller derby team, The Avengers. Basically a rise and fall story, this AIP movie starts out as a comedy but takes a nasty turn before it's over. I liked a lot of the humor especially the TV commercials and the play-by-play during the matches. The announcers have some great, almost surreal lines. The darker turn kind of sneaks up on you and it took me a little time to adjust. Pretty good stuff though. 6/10

April 06
03. Vicious Lips (1986)* (4 Cult Movie Marathon Volume 1)
In the far future, an all-girl band crash lands on a desert planet while on the way to a huge gig. They survive, but something horrible is lurking on the wrecked ship. The humor is broad and the acting isn't very good but I enjoyed the first 30 minutes or so despite some eye wrenching quick edits. I liked the songs and the low budget effects aren't bad at all. The middle of the movie really dragged and while things seemed to pick up a bit in the last part, that's sabotaged by my least favorite type of ending. On the other hand, the film does conclude with possibly my favorite tune in the movie, "Lunar Madness". So really this one is all over the place but without the music, it would have gotten a much lower rating. Directed by Albert Pyun. 5.5/10
04. The Devil's 8 (1969)* (4 Cult Movie Marathon Volume 1)
A federal man (Christopher George) recruits seven prisoners to help him capture a well connected moonshiner. The cons get trained in driving, shooting, fisticuffs, and male bonding. There are some nice 1950's cars on display. This isn't a bad movie but it's not very good either, just kind of average with uninspired action scenes. An AIP production. 5/10

April 07
05. Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)* (4 Cult Movie Marathon Volume 1)
A federal agent teams up with a local sheriff to investigate an ever increasing number of men dying from a heart attack during a sexual encounter. Pretty well made movie structured like a classic 1950's monster movie but with lots of bare breasts and unfortunately a story that makes less sense than any of those older films. We find out the who but never really the how or the why and the finale lacks any kind of pseudo-scientific fun at all. A high point is a bizarre lab/transformation scene where we witness the creation of a Bee Girl. 6.5/10

April 08
06. Invasion of the Star Creatures (1962)*
An incompetent group of soldiers investigate a cave revealed by an atomic blast and discover two busty alien amazons who are studying Earth to prepare for an invasion. And yes, there are plant-men involved as well. A film that clearly intended to be as stupid as it turned out to be. Cheap sets and monster suits (the plant-men look like big headed scarecrows) and some of the stupidest humor around should have made me hate this with a passion. But I didn't. It was soooo stupid that I actually smiled a few times and it wasn't that much of a chore to watch. Still can't give it more than a 3/10.
07. Laserblast (1978)*
A somewhat troubled teen finds an alien weapon in the desert and has fun blowing things up, but it also causes strange changes in his body. I liked this one a lot. The makeup and the stop motion animation were decent and the acting was good enough not to detract. The story lost momentum near the end and I wish some of the time wasted on not very interesting things blowing up had been spent on just a little more plot. It would have been nice to know why the government man was there (had this kind of thing happened before) and have a few other dangling plot lines resolved. Still kept me interested from start to finish. 7/10

April 09
08. Creepozoids (1987)*
In 1998, six years after a nuclear holocaust, five survivors take shelter in a mysterious building in order to escape from an acid rain storm. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. You could think Alien with a lot of crawling through a really big tunnel and running down a really dull hallway, but it's way better than that. Instead think pile of steaming cheesy goodness with lame acting, stuffed giant rats, Alien clone with mandibles, a killer mutant baby, and Linnea Quigley's boobs. AND lots of black gunk spewing all over the place. There is just so much insanity here I couldn't help but love it. VERY entertaining. 7.5/10

April 10
09. Dragstrip Girl (1957)* Streaming amctv
The new girl in town loves hot rods and gets involved with a spoiled rich kid and a poorer boy trying to win a scholarship in a hot rod contest. Predictable story but lots of neat drag racing action, dancing, and fake teen lingo. The acting is pretty solid and the characters are not all typical of this kind of movie. A fun drive-in flick from AIP. Early role for Frank Gorshin and the first movie role for Fay Spain and John Ashley. 7/10
10. Pin-Down Girl (aka Racket Girls) (1951)* (SWV Wrestling Women USA)
Oily Umberto Scalli (Timothy Farrell) is a women's wrestling promoter as a front for his bookmaking, drug selling, and general no goodness. He's also been cheating Mr. Big out of his cut and payment is due. Lots of tepid wresting and workout action doesn't leave much room for what plot there is. The acting is pretty bad but no worse than the script. There are a few probably unintentional laughs which makes it watchable. Produced by George Weiss. 4/10

April 11
11. Santo in Witches Atack (1964)*
Santo must save himself and a young couple from the clutches of witches who want to sacrifice them to The Lord of Shadows. Luckily the witches are not old crones but hot babes in mini-skirts. Only one wrestling match (but a good one) and a bunch of fisticuffs outside the ring. The movie starts out strong but all the fights look the same after a while and the story is just someone gets captured, Santo goes to rescue them, Santo gets pummeled, Santo escapes, repeat. There are some atmospheric sets but even they are overused and lose their charm. Just an OK Santo film. 5/10
12. Blood at Sundown (1966)* (Sartana: The Complete Saga)
Johnny, imprisoned for a murder he didn't commit, returns home to deal with his psycho-cowboy brother, Sartana, and their mother. Supposedly the first movie to use the name Sartana but not the same character. The actor who plays Sartana, Gianni Garko, is a bit over the top at times but it works in the context. The fort they use as a HQ is pretty cool looking. Exciting action along with dysfunctional family dynamics. Good western, intense at times, kept me interested all the way through. Not a great image though, breaks up several times. 7/10
13. Horrors of the Red Planet (aka The Wizard of Mars) (1965)* VHS
The first expedition to Mars is forced to crash land on the planet and the crew must make a long desperate journey to get to a radio in order to summon help. Starts out OK and there are some imaginative touches although they are not always well executed. Most of the story involves a really boring hike through some spectacular caves that quickly become routine. This is followed by a muddled but long speech by John Carradine and an interesting but not terribly satisfying finish. The key word is is boring. Almost deep hurting boring. Directed and written by David L. Hewitt. 3/10
14. Gallery of Horrors (1967)*
This David L. Hewitt effort is an anthology film consisting of five horror stories ranging from WTF (the first) to OK (the last) with the three middle ones ranking as kind of lame. None of the stories are great and the direction and acting are lackluster at best. Still, it's watchable and didn't nearly bore me to death. 4/10
15. Journey to the Center of Time (1967)* VHS
A group of researchers trying to view different time periods are hurled through time after an accidental power surge. Low budget but not bad Hewitt directed picture based on story he co-wrote for The Time Travelers. The acting is adequate for the most part and the costumes and sets show some imagination. A young Lyle Waggoner has a small part. 5/10

April 12
16. The Trap (1946)* (TCM Spotlight Charlie Chan Collection)
Charlie helps a Highway Patrolman (played by Kirk (Superman) Alyn) figure out who killed some showgirls in exotic Malibu Beach, CA. Definitely lesser Chan. The solution makes little sense, many of the characters are annoying, and there's way too much skulking around. Charlie seems kind of surly and even Mantan Moreland can't do much to make this entertaining. 4/10
17. The Mighty Gorga (1969)* (SWV Prehistoric Double Feature)
The owner of a small circus, facing bankruptcy, decides to try to find a legendary giant ape in Africa in order to use it as his new main attraction. Clearly inspired by King Kong this film is full of cheesy goodness. Gorga looks kind of silly at times and at one point fights the worst ever T-Rex in motion pictures. Also, the native medicine man who can summon Gorgo is just an awful actor. Things almost become boring at one point (too much jungle hiking and rock climbing) but just in the nick of time something happens. An entertaining effort from director David L. Hewitt. 5/10
18. The Tormentors (1971)*
A man infiltrates a Nazi motorcycle gang in order to get revenge on those who raped and murdered his fiancee. Meanwhile the Nazis try to eliminate a religious profit who they belief is preventing the flower children from joining their club. There are a few acting issues but nothing too bad. I liked the way the local Nazi leader turned his German accent on and off depending on whether he was in public or private. 5.5/10
19. The Lucifer Complex (1978)* (Mill Creek Suspense Classics 50 Movie Pack)
In the near future, the Nazi Party is on the rise again and an intelligence agent finds a deadly secret hiding in a South American jungle. This is a strange one. The first 25 minutes or so is a stock footage filled history lesson beginning with WW I. The whole movie is told as recorded history viewed by a mysterious figure on a computer. There's an exciting but lengthy battle between a guy in a tank and some newly armed female prisoners against a bunch of Nazis. There are also clones who look like skinny guys wearing Groucho glasses, laser beams, and a pretty vague ending. All in all there was enough madness here to keep me very entertained. 6/10

April 13
20. Flesh and the Spur (1956)* Streaming Youtube
John Agar plays a farmer searching for the escaped convict who killed his brother and stole his gun and horse. His brother's unusual gun is the only means he has to identify the murderer. Slow moving western take a while to get going and the action like most of the rest of the movie isn't that engaging. There is a fun gunfight among some rocks but the plot is contrived and the script is way too talky. A little tough to get through. 4/10
21. Fugitive of the Plains (1943)* (VCI Buster Crabbe Classic Westerns)
A reformed Billy the Kid (Buster Crabbe) and his partner Fuzzy (Al St. John) try to clear Billy's name when he is suspected of leading a series of holdups in the border towns. Buster Crabbe seems too clean cut to be even a former outlaw but he looks good in a cowboy suit and has decent chemistry with bumbling Fuzzy. Average B western could have used a bit more action. The identity of the bandit leader is a bit unusual. 5/10

April 14
22. A Man Called Django! (aka W Django aka Viva! Django) (1971)* (Django! Double Feature 66006)
Django (Anthony Steffen who also starred in Blood at Sundown) is hunting the men who murdered his wife. In order to find them all he becomes involved with gun runners supplying weapons to revolutionaries in Mexico. Pretty good with lots of gun play, betrayals, and some OK humor. Django can routinely take down a dozen men and if he has a partner watch out! He often sets up clever if somewhat improbable tricks to overcome his foes. 6/10
23. Western Cyclone (1943)* (VCI Buster Crabbe Classic Westerns)
Billy the Kid and sidekick Fuzzy are back and Billy is framed for murder in order to discredit his pal the governor. A mediocre PRC western with too much comic relief from Fuzzy and a pretty lame plot. I like Buster Crabbe in serials and as Capt. Gallant but so far he just hasn't done it for me in these westerns. Glenn Strange plays the guy behind it all and Charlie King, Jack Ingram, and Kermit Maynard are some of the gang. 4.5/10

April 15
24. Flowers in the Attic (2014)* Streaming Lifetime
After her husband suddenly dies a women turns her four children over to their witch of a grandmother who proceeds to lock them in a attic. Mom puts up with this so she can get back on her father's good side and back into his will. It's complicated. I'm not familiar with the source material but I remember when it came out the paperback was all over the book racks. I thought it was a ghost story. It's not. Very sordid and very entertaining. I had to keep reminding myself that this takes place in the 50's. Today the kids could have just escaped and sued everyone, probably getting all of the estate. 7/10

April 16
25. If You Meet Sartana ... Pray for Your Death (1968)* (Sartana: The Complete Saga)
An elaborate plan to sneak stolen gold out of the territory is disrupted when Sartana enters the picture. The story is confusing with multiple betrayals and entire gangs being wiped out and then new gangs showing up although I guess it does kind of hang together at the end. Sartana is a cool character and has a few gadgets and tricks up his sleeves. Klaus Kinski has smallish part as a knife wielding killer. 6/10
26. The Hookers (1967)* (SWV Sin City Double Feature)
Anthology movie about how three women become hookers: a black secretary takes revenge for a past rape by charging white guys for a good time; an innocent young dancer finds out what it means to be "real nice"; and a suburban housewife needs to earn money to pay off gambling debts. None are particularly well done but the Samoan Fire Dance that pops up for no particular reason in the middle of the second story isn't too bad. 5/10
27. Prostitutes Protective Society (1966)*(SWV Sin City Double Feature)
Some cheap hoods try to muscle in on an prostitution ring. Lots of awful acting, wandering around the streets of Times Square and topless lounging by the ladies. Some pretty good laughs come up once the hookers strike back! Wonderfully inept movie making by Barry Mahon is an easy watch. 4.5/10

April 17
28. Swamp Women (1956)* Streaming Youtube
Checking out an oil well in the middle of the swamp geologist Bob (Mike Conners) and his bayou babe run into four escaped female convicts (one an undercover policewoman) searching for stolen diamonds. The three real convicts are all played well, especially the feisty gun loving Vera (Beverly Garland). Carole Mathews makes a wooden policewoman though. Good early Corman movie has few slow spots and some good swampy perils. 5.5/10
29. Man Beast (1956)* (Jerry Warren Collection Volume 1)
An expedition in the Himalayans searches for the Yeti and a woman's missing brother. Low budget but with well used stock footage, decent acting and script, effective snowy locations, and pretty good looking monsters. Reminded me a little of early Corman films involving a small group of people trapped in a stressful situation. I liked how the Yeti would lurk in holes dug in the snow. Definitely enjoyable. 6/10
30. Terror of the Blood Hunters (1962)*
The warden's daughter helps two prisoners escape from Devil's Island but her plan fails and they are forced to flee into the cannibal infested jungle. Another Jerry Warren epic has adequate B-level acting (including one of my favorites, Robert Clarke) and well integrated, although too much, stock footage. The only blood hunters we see during the first hour of the film are some good looking babes in jungle bikinis performing rituals. Real natives appear courtesy of some other film near the end. Lots of travel scenes but I was never bored. 5/10

April 18
31. Neutron vs. The Manic (1965)* (Sinister Cinema)
Neutron, the atomic super-man, takes on a sinister knife wielding masked killer who is somehow associated with a well known sanitarium. Neutron is more of a superhero, complete with secret identity, than a masked wrestler. The only match in the film doesn't even involve our hero. Most of the movie plays like a mystery and Neutron is mostly present in his secret ID. There are some eerie scenes, especially in the first part of the film but the story wanders a bit before the final revelation which I thought was pretty clever. 4.5/10
32. Ten Nights in a Barroom (1931)* (Mill Creek Cult Classics 20 Movie Pack)
Respectable non-drinker Joe is convinced to have a drink by a wily bar owner, then another and another. Within a year, Joe has lost his business and has turned into a barfly. Very melodramatic but well done in that style, especially by William Farnam as Joe. Amazing bar wrecking fistfight wraps things up on an exciting note. 5.5/10
33. Sex Madness (1938)* (Mill Creek Cult Classics 20 Movie Pack)
"Public service" film made in order to promote open discussion about the dangers of VD and syphilis in particular through the several stories about youthful indiscretions. Damn burlesque, damn loose showgirls and damn quack doctors! 5/10
34. The Clones of Bruce Lee (1977)* (Mill Creek Martial Arts 20 Movie Pack Disk 3)
After his death, an intelligence agency creates three clones of Bruce Lee to use as agents. Many fights and quite a bit of insanity follow. The clones take out a gold smuggler and two mad scientists and face off against hordes of lackeys including deadly bronze skinned warriors. Starring Dragon Lee, Bruce Li, Bruce Lai and Bruce Thai among others. 5/10
35. Love After Death (aka Unsatisfied Love) (1968)* (SWV Triple Feature)
A mousey guy suffering from catalepsy is accidentally on purpose buried alive. Shortly after his burial he manages to free himself and goes on a rampage of peeping, nookie, and revenge. A stinker with lots of nudity and little dialog. There are unintentional laughs and I have to admit the end surprised me but it was a chore to get through. 2/10

April 19
36. The Chinese Ring (1947)* (TCM Spotlight Charlie Chan Collection)
Charlie Chan investigates the murder of a Chinese princess who was killed in his own (San Francisco) home. Roland Winters first film as Chan. I guess Charlie and Number Two Son have a place in SF where they can get some peace and quiet and escape the rest of the Chan Clan in Hawaii. OK mystery but a lot of time is spent with an aggressive cop and an even more aggressive female reporter. Still Winters brings more life to Charlie than Sidney Toler did in the other movies in this set. 5/10
37. Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops (1961)* (Retromedia Hercules Collection)
Maciste (as they refer to him in the movie) tries to protect a baby who is the last descendant of Ulysses from an evil queen, descended from Circe, and the last cyclops. Slow moving at times and generally not very exciting although there are plenty of feats of strength on display. The cyclops looks OK. Gordon Mitchell plays a naive (some would say dim) Maciste. Faded color. 4/10
38. Ring of Fire (1991)* (Ring of Fire The Complete Collection)
A surfer gang vs. a Chinatown gang in illicit kickboxing matches. Racial tensions rise while the brother of one of the Chinese fighters tries to keep things from exploding while romancing the sister of one of the surfers. It feels like there's more kissy-face than action and Don "The Dragon" Wilson doesn't really get going until the end and that big fight should have been much better. 4/10
39. The Doll Squad (1973)*
A rogue agent threatens the US space program so a team of skilled female agents (he has mommy issues) is chosen to take him down. Kind of had the feel of a TV movie, maybe because of the PG rating. Cool soundtrack and fun to watch but the name promised more than it delivered. 5/10
40. The Incredible Petrified World (1957) (SWV Triple Feature)
An experimental diving bell fails on its first mission. The four crew members escape but find themselves in a strange underground world of caves and tunnels. Better than I remembered, more build up and not as much hiking around the caves as I recall. Interesting story but kind of lame finish. Damn volcanoes. 5/10

April 20
41. Weed (1972)* (SWV Turned-on Double Feature)
Documentary about marijuana made to provide a contrasting view to the federal Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse. Director Alex de Renzy interviews law enforcement officers, users, dealers, growers, and lawyers and visits Missouri, the San Diego area, Vietnam, Cambodia, Canada, and Nepal. Gives an idea of how some things were in the early 70's. Very interesting. 7/10
42. The Acid Eaters (1968)* (SWV Turned-on Double Feature)
A bunch of nine-to-fivers (actually they only work until 3pm) head out on their motorcycles for a weekend of sex and drugs. A strange movie, trying to be psychedelic from the outside looking in. Lots of bare breasts and heavy petting take some of the load off a nonsensical plot and lame humor but what makes the movie tolerable is that it's short and you don't have any idea what they're going to come up with next. Very colorful. 4/10

April 21
43. The Final Sanction (1990)* Streaming Youtube
After a limited nuclear exchange, the US and USSR agree to have a soldier from each side battle it out in order to avoid a total atomic holocaust. Hey, it worked on [b]Star Trek[b]. Kind of an improbable idea gets taken in a distinctly stupid direction. Predictable story (unitl it gets totally ridiculous), unresolved plot lines, and dumb dialog add to the fun. For some reason I had a great time watching this, possibly due to the two leads Ted Prior as the American choice and Robert Z'Dar as the Soviet killing machine. Cheesy Russian accents didn't hurt either. 6/10
44. Samurai Cop (1991)*
Two tough police detectives go up against the Katana gang, lead by Japanese gangster Fujiyama. This is a classic so bad it's good movie. Except for Robert Z'Dar and Gerald Okamura as two of the baddies, the acting is abysmal and the script ranges from silly to stupid but I got a ton of laughs out of this turkey. The action scenes weren't too bad. Very entertaining. 6/10

April 22
45. Ring of Fire 2: Blood and Steel (1992)* (Ring of Fire The Complete Collection)
Kickboxing Dr. Johnny is back with all his buds who survived the first film. They have to face off against a series of bizarre gangs lurking in the tunnels beneath LA in order to rescue Johnny's girlfriend. Think Mad Max in the sewers. What a difference from the first movie! This one is wall to wall action and was just what I needed after a pretty frustrating day. 6/10
46. Cotton Comes to Harlem (1970)*
Two cops in Harlem try to find $87,000 which went missing after a bungled theft. Early blaxploitation with a mix of comedy, drama and action left me a little cold. I liked the leads, especially Godfrey Cambridge, but the humor didn't do much for me and the action seemed like standard stuff. Maybe I was a little too tired. Some interesting shots of Harlem though. 5/10

April 23
Took a break.

April 24
47. Angels Brigade (1979)*
Seven women with different talents band together to destroy a drug precessing plant. Action comedy has some silliness but in general is a lot of fun. No nudity or gore (rated PG) but many explosions. Lots of cameos by aging stars. 6/10
48. Cry Wilderness (1986)* (Vinegar Syndrome Drive-In Collection Double Feature)
A boy runs away from school after Bigfoot tells him that his father, a forest ranger, is in danger and the boy must go save him. Obviously aimed for children, the acting still could have been much better and the script could have been tighter. The biggest flaw, at least for this adult viewer, was that the father would not have been in any danger if the kid hadn't showed up. The outdoor locations were magnificent though and really helped the viewing experience. 5/10
49. The Search for Bigfoot (1975)* (Vinegar Syndrome Drive-In Collection Double Feature)
A documentary about one summer in the life of Bigfoot seeker Bob Morgan who searches for the elusive creature every year with a group of specialists. Interesting but not very exciting since nothing much really happens. There are some good interviews about Bigfoot encounters and some foot prints are discovered but this is a straightforward account of a frustrated plan to find the beastie. Still a good addition to my Bigfoot collection. 5/10

April 25
50. Ninja in the U.S.A. (1985)* (Tai Seng Ninja Six 6-DVD Box Set)
A drug kingpin recruits fighters from all over the world in order to form a secret ninja army. His plans are disrupted when he kidnaps a reporter whose husband turns out to be a powerful ninja. The story is pretty comprehensible and the fights are OK although usually sped up just a little. Tacky. 5/10
51, Gravedigger (1983)
A young man whose father is killed for his gold is taken in by a coffin maker who trains him so he can get revenge. Martial arts comedy throws some robot like zombies into the mix. A little tough to sit through at first although the coffin-fu is kind of fun. The big fights at the end are OK but nothing special. 4/10
52. Teenage Bad Girl (1957)* (Sinister Cinema)
A proper teenaged girl studying to become a secretary learns how to jive and her life goes to hell. British film like a traditional drama with a good dose of teenploitation. Lots of time spent on mother-daughter relationship but also plenty with the teens, especially the scummy boyfriend. Still, the title promised so much more. 4/10
53. Teenage Wolf Pack (1956)* (Sinister Cinema)
A troubled teen, thrown out of his home by his father, leads a tough gang and plans a holdup. Now this is more like it. Absorbing German film hits all the right notes for a JD movie with a European twist. The dubbing is a little off at times but otherwise a fine job. 6/10
54. The Pink Angels (1972)* (BCI Drive-In Cult Classics Vol. 3)
Comedy about a gay motorcycle gang on the way to a drag ball. Almost like a series of sketches each one less funny than the last and the early ones aren't that good. The nasty ending took me by surprise. I didn't really care for this very much. 3/10
55. Blood Mania (1970)* (BCI Drive-In Cult Classics Vol. 3)
A doctor who is being blackmailed tries to get money for the payoff but this leads to disastrous consequences. Lots of bare breasts can't save this slow moving, poorly acted turkey. Very hard to get through. The end is a bit of a shock, mainly because it doesn't make any sense. 2/10

April 26
56. Face of the Screaming Werewolf (1964)*
A scientist using hypnotic regression to explore a woman's past lives uses information from her to discover a hidden chamber in an Aztec pyramid where he finds a mummy and a preserved werewolf. One of Jerry Warren's mash-ups (apparently from House of Terror and The Aztec Mummy (aka Attack of the Aztec Mummy)) seems to go longer than it's hour running time. You'd think it would be possible to come up with a more coherent story line but that may be tough if you don't want too much dialog or narration. I wouldn't mind seeing the werewolf film this was partially based on which actually had Lon Chaney in it. 4/10
57. Good Morning ... and Goodbye! (1967)* (The Russ Meyer Collection R2)
Story about a husband and wife whose sexual problems impact several other people. Presented as a study of the deeply complex issues of modern marriage. Right. Odd Russ Meyer movie has the problems resolved by a brief trip to the supernatural. Narration and much of the dialog a little off beat. Lead actress seems to be channeling Mae West at times. Very strange. 5/10
58. Miami Connection (1987)* BluRay
A bar band becomes a key factor in undermining a large drug syndicate. Martial arts, ninjas, motorcycle gangs, ninjas on motorcycles, rock and roll, bare boobs, this movie has it all. Predictable with low level acting but a whole lot of fun. 6.5/10
59. Massacre Mafia Style (1974)* BluRay
The son of an exiled Mafia patron returns to the US and tries to take over gambling and prostitution in Los Angeles. There are some plot holes but this if full of low budget violence and a strong sense of Italian culture from a particular time. It's totally absorbing. I really liked this. 8/10

April 27
60. Raw Force (aka Kung Fu Cannibals) (1982)* BluRay
Members of a martial arts club take a cruise which is scheduled to stop at Warriors Island where many of the best martial arts warriors are said to be buried. The cruise ship sinks but they still make it to the island. Mayhem follows. Another 'kitchen sink' low budget movie with lots of healthy nudity, martial arts, women in cages, monks, zombies and so much more. The pace never lets up and I loved every minute of it. 7/10

April 28
Worked late - no movie

April 29
61. Ring of Fire 3: Lion Strike (1994)* (Ring of Fire The Complete Collection)
Kickboxing Dr. Johnny returns for a third time, a widower with a young son who is endangered by the Mafia and the Russian mob which have teamed up to sell nuclear weapons. His wife's death in a car accident leaves Dr. J available for a little romance, this time with an ex-army forest ranger. Better than number 1 but not nearly as good as the insane number 2, this one has more standard action movie stuff like explosions and helicopters (and yes, exploding helicopters). 5/10

April 30
62. Cover Girl Models (1975)* (Roger Corman's Cult Classics Lethal Ladies Collection 2)
Three models and their horndog photographer go to Hong Kong and Singapore for a fashion show and photo shoots. Along the way they become involved with spies who are after some microfilm. Quite a few scenes of topless models. To say the plot becomes muddled is being kind. Even Vic Diaz, who has too little screen time, can't help this. 4/10


By the decades
* 1890 -
* 1900 -
* 1910 -
* 1920 -
* 1930 - 11
* 1940 - 1111
* 1950 - 11115111
* 1960 - 111151111511115111
* 1970 - 11115111151111511
* 1980 - 1111511
* 1990 - 11115
* 2000 -
* 2010 - 1

If a category is listed as "Optional", it does not need to be
filled to "complete" the checklist. There are 10 free spots you may apply to non-Optional categories.
As with other checklists, titles can count for multiple categories.

Some of these categories are so obscure we're giving 10 free spots of your choosing to fill in the list.

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
* 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
* 1900 -(optional)
* 1910 -(optional)
* 1920 -(optional)
* 1930 -
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Watch a film for each rating:
* G - (optional)
* PG - Laserblast
* PG-13 - (optional)
* R -
* X (or NC-17) -
* Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) -

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
* First format, (insert format), (insert title).
* Second format, (insert format), (insert title).
* Third format, (insert format), (insert title).

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:
A Token Science Fiction B-Movie:
A Token Horror B-Movie:
Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
* Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs)
* Giallo
* Sword & Sandal
* Spaghetti Western
* Cannibal Film
* Mafia/Gangster Film
Martial Arts film:
* Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.)
* Hong Kong (or other Asian) film
* American film
* Any "Ninja" film
* Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film
Asian Action Film
Biker Film
Stoner Film
Carsploitation Film
* Any type
* Nudie Cutie
* Roughie
* 70s Porn
* Emmanuelle Film
* Teen Sex Comedy
Rape/Revenge Film
Vigilante Film
Women in Prison
Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation)
Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films
"Hood" Film ("Gangsta")
Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era)
Juvenile Delinquent Film
60s Beach Movie
Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor)
* *Bonus* Elvis film
Mexican Wrestling Film
Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema)
Bollywood Film (actual, not a Hollywood pastiche)
Eco-Terror Film
Pre-90s Post-Apocalyptic film
"Mondo" Film
Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production
Video Nasty
* Lifetime Channel Movie
Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film"
Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or IMDB Bottom 100 {Bottom 100 archive})
Financial Bomb
Razzie Winner or Nominee
MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
* 1 Claudia Jennings - 'Gator Bait
* 2 Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith - Laserblast
* 3 Linnea Quigley - Creepozoids
* 4 Santo - Santo in Witches Atack
* 5 Robert Vaughn - The Lucifer Complex
* 6 John Agar - Flesh and the Spur
* 7 Chelo Alonso -Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops
* 8 Maria Ford - Ring of Fire
* 9 Robert Z'Dar - The Final Sanction
* 10 Don 'The Dragon' Wilson - Ring of Fire 2 Blood and Steel

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
* 1 Albert Pyun - Vicious Lips
* 2 George Weiss - Pin-Down Girl (aka Racket Girls)
* 3 David L. Hewitt - The Mighty Gorga
* 4 Barry Mahon - Prostitutes Protective Society
* 5 Jerry Warren - Man Beast
* 6 Ted V. Mikels - The Doll Squad
* 7 William Beaudine - The Chinese Ring
* 8 Russ Meyer - Good Morning ... and Goodbye!
* 9 Roger Corman - Swamp Women
* 10 Greydon Clark - Angels Brigade
Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
* 1 AIP - The Devil's 8
* 2 PRC - Fugitive of the Plains
* 3 Monogram - The Trap
* 4 Crown International Pictures - Blood Mania
* 5 MPM - Invasion of the Bee Girls

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201


Total = 79
First Time Views = 72

GOAL: 100 (REALISTIC GOAL: 50 - 75)

Tuesday, March 31st
1. Trailer War (2012) BD
2. Necromania: A Tale of Weird Love (1971)

Wednesday, April 1st
3. Teenage Mother (1967)
4. Leprechaun 4: In Space (1996) BD

Thursday, April 2nd
5. White Rat (1972)
6. Django and Sartana's Showdown in the West (aka "Django and Sartana Are Coming... It's the End") (1970)
7. Killer Tomatoes Eat France! (1991)

Friday, April 3rd
8. Challenge the Dragon (Meng hu chuang guan) (1974)
9. Ninja (2009) BD
10. She-Man: A Story of Fixation (1967) STREAM/VOD

Saturday, April 4th
11. Dollman (1991) BD
12. Project A (A' gai wak) (1983) BD
13. Godzilla vs. King Ghodorah (Gojira vs. Kingu Gidorâ) (1991) BD

Sunday, April 5th
14. Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel (2012) BD
15. Death Race (2008) BD

Monday, April 6th
16. Hollywood Boulevard (1976)
17. Contamination .7 (aka "The Crawlers") (1993)
18. Teenage Mother w/ Cinema Head Cheese commentary (1967)

Tuesday, April 7th
19. Wacky Taxi (1972)
20. Armour of God 2: Operation Condor (Fei ying gai wak) (1991) BD

Wednesday, April 8th
21. The Brick Dollhouse (1967) STREAM/VOD
22. Captain America (1990) BD

Thursday, April 9th
23. The Hard Ride (1971) STREAM/VOD
24. Voodoo Dolls (1991)

Friday, April 10th
25. Cop Killers (1973)
26. The Being (1983)
27. Fit to Kill (1993)

Saturday, April 11th
28. Heroes Two (Fang Shiyu yu Hong Xiguan) (1974) BD
29. Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth (Gojira vs. Mosura) (1992) BD
30. Savage Streets (1984) BD

Sunday, April 12th
31. Ninja II: Shadow of a Tear (2013) STREAM/VOD
32. American Ninja 2: Ninjas in Paradise (aka "The Confrontation") (1987) STREAM/VOD
33. Alice in Wonderland (1976)

Monday, April 13th
34. Jive Turkey (aka "Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes") (1974)
35. Leprechaun 5: In the Hood (2000) BD

Tuesday, April 14th
36. The Amazing Mister Bickford (1987)
37. Magical Mystery Tour (1967) BD

Wednesday, April 15th
38. Supervan (1977)
39. The Room (2003) BD
40. Viva! Django (aka "A Man Named Django!") (W Django!) (1971)

Thursday, April 16th
41. SuperArgo and the Faceless Giants (L'invincibile Superman) (1968)
42. SuperSonic Man (1979)
43. Girl Gang (1954) STREAM/VOD

Friday, April 17th
44. Drive-In (1976)
45. Jailbait Babysitter (1977)
46. Moonlight Sword and Jade Lion

Saturday, April 18th
47. Hobo with a Shotgun (2011) BD
48. Leprechaun 6: Back to Tha Hood (2003) BD
49. Night Visitor (1989)

Sunday, April 19th
50. Women in Cellblock 9 (aka "Tropical Inferno") (Frauen für Zellenblock 9) (1978)
51. Hamburger: The Motion Picture (1986)

Monday, April 20th
52. Evil Bong: 420 (2015) STREAM/VOD
53. The Silent Flute (aka "Circle of Iron") (1978) BD

Tuesday, April 21st
54. Cry Your Purple Heart Out (aka "How to Score with Girls") (1976)
55. Missing in Action (1984) BD

Wednesday, April 22nd
56. The Protector (1985) BD
58. Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman (Tráiganme la cabeza de la mujer metralleta) (2012) STREAM/VOD

Thursday, April 23rd
59. Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swan (1982) BD
60. Sex Madness (1938) STREAM/VOD

Friday, April 24th
61. BadAssMothaFuckas! (2013) STREAM/VOD
62. Nazithon (2013) STREAM/VOD

Saturday, April 25th
63. Tokyo Drifter (Tôkyô nagaremono) (1966) BD
64. Hanging for Django (Una lunga fila di croci) (1969) BD
65. Raw Force (aka "Kung Fu Cannibals") (1982) BD
66. Miami Connection (1987) BD

Sunday, April 26th
67. Australia After Dark (1975)
68. Three the Hard Way (1974)
69. Prometheus' Garden (1988) STREAM/VOD WILD CARD

Monday, April 27th
70. The Mad Dog Killer (aka "Beast with a Gun") (La belva col mitra) (1977) STREAM/VOD
71. Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (1947)

Tuesday, April 28th
72. Time Out for Rhythym (1941)
73. Spring Break USA (aka "Lauderdale") (1989)

Wednesday, April 29th
75. Missing in Action 2: The Beginning (1985) BD
76. French Quarter (1978)
77. Mad Monkey Kung Fu (Feng hou) (1979)

Thursday, April 30th
78. Gamera vs. Guiron (Gamera tai daiakuju Giron) (1969) BD
79. Cheerleaders Wild Weekend (aka "The Great American Girl Robbery" or "Bus 17 Is Missing"
or "Cheerleader's Naughty Weekend ") (1979)


First Time Viewings Total: 72/79

Box Sets & Streaming Services Used:
Leprechaun: The Complete Movie Collection
Django! Four Film Collection
Netflix Watch Instantly
Full Moon Streaming
Dangerous Babes
Drive-In Movie Classics
Gamera 4-Movie Collection Volume 2 Blu-ray
The Three Stooges Triple Feature Volume 1 Blu-ray
4 Film Favorites: Martial Arts
Girls, Guns and G-Strings
Chuck Norris Triple Feature Blu-ray
Various Code Red "Exploitation Cinema" DVD Double Features



= First Time Viewing
BD = Blu-ray
STREAM/VOD = Streaming, VOD
TCMU = TCM Underground
No Symbol = DVD


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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

List is finalized.

☼ - FTV

01. Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx,, 1972, Kenji Misumi, Movie, Blu, JP, Color, ☼

02. Home,, 2015, Tim Johnson, Movie, Drive-in Theater, US, Color, ☼
03. Cinderella,, 2015, Kenneth Branagh, Movie, Drive-in Theater, US, Color, ☼

04. Drive-In Delirium Volume 3: Retro Rampage,"Disc 1",, Various, Trailers, Dvd, AU, Various, ☼

1 Destination Moon
2 When Worlds Collide
3 Forbidden Planet
4 The Invisible Boy
5 It: The Terror From Beyond Space
6 Queen of Outer Space
7 The Angry Red Planet
8 Jouney to the 7th Planet
9 First Men In The Moon
10 Robinson Crusoe On Mars
11 Barbarella
12 Countdown
13 Earth II

14 The Man from Planet X
15 Invaders from Mars
16 War of the Worlds
17 It Came From Outer Space
18 Kronos
19 Devil Girl From Mars
20 This Island Earth
21 Earth Vs The Flying Saucers
22 Invasion of the Body Snatchers
23 Fiend Without a Face
24 The Blob
25 The Brain Eaters
26 The Invisible Invaders
27 Invasion of the Star Creatures
28 Day of the Triffids
29 Dr. Who and the Daleks
30 Snow Devils
31 Invasion UFO

32 Five
33 The Day the World Ended
34 The World the Flesh and the Devil
35 Panic in Year Zero
36 The Earth Dies Screaming
37 The Andromeda Strain
38 The Omega Man
39 Chosen Survivors
40 Damnation Alley


41 The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms
42 Them
43 It Came from Beneath the Sea
44 Tarantula
45 20 Million Miles to Earth
46 The Black Scorpion
47 The Giant Claw
48 War of the Colossal Beast
49 Monster from Green Hell
50 The Giant Behemoth
51 Equinox

52 The 7th Voyage of Sinbad
53 Captain Sindbad
54 The Golden Voyage of Sinbad
55 Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger
56 Atlantis – the Lost Continent
57 Jason and the Argonauts
58 Clash of the Titans
59 Journey to the Center of the Earth
60 Valley of the Dragons
61 5 Weeks in a Balloon
62 Mysterious Island
63 Captain Nemo and the Underwater City
64 Fabulous Journey to the Center of the Earth
65 Mystery on Monster Island
66 The Lost World
67 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
68 War Gods of the Deep
69 City Beneath the Sea
70 Tom Thumb
71 The Time Machine
72 The 3 Worlds of Gulliver
73 Jack the Giant Killer
74 7 Faces of Dr. Lao
75 Fantastic Voyage
76 Mad Monster Party

05. Drive-In Delirium Volume 3: Retro Rampage,"Disc 2",, Various, Trailers, Dvd, AU, Various, ☼

1 Creature With the Atom Brain
2 The Mole People
3 The Werewolf
4.1 Daughter of Dr. Jekyll
4.2 Voodoo Woman
5 From Hell It Came
6 The Zombies of Mora-Tau
7 How to Make a Monster
8 She Demons
9 Corridors of Blood
10 Frankenstein 1970
11 Return of the Fly
12 The Alligator People
13 The City of the Dead
14 The Fiendish Ghouls
15 The Village of the Damned
16 Children of the Damned
17 The Innocents
18 Carnival of Souls
19 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
20 House of the Damned
21 The Haunting
22 Séance on a Wet Afternoon
23 The Flesh Eaters
24 Devil Doll
25 Devils of Darkness
26 Night of the Living Dead

27 Macabre
28 The Tingler
29 House on Haunted Hill
30 13 Ghosts
31 Mr. Sardonicus
32 Zotz
33 13 Frightened Girls
34 The Old Dark House
35 Straight-jacket
36 I Saw What You Did
37 Black Sunday
38 Hercules in the Haunted World
39 Black Sabbath
40 Kill Baby Kill!
41 Knives of the Avenger
42 Carnage
43 Psycho
44 The Birds
45 Frenzy
46 Family Plot


47 House of Usher
48 Pit and the Pendulum
49 The Raven
50 Tales of Terror
51 The Premature Burial
52 Twice Told Tales
53 The Haunted Palace
54 The Masque of the Red Death
55 The Tomb of Ligeia
56 The Oblong Box
57 The Dunwich Horror

58 It Conquered the World
59 Attack of the Crab Monsters
60 Not of This Earth
61 War of the Satellites
62 Creature from the Haunted Sea
63 The Intruder
64 X: The Man With X-Ray Eyes
65 The Secret Invasion
66 Bloody Mama
67 Von Richthofen and Brown
68 The Velvet Vampire
69 Lady Frankenstein
70 Jackson County Jail
71 Fighting Mad
72 Moving Violation
73 Deathsport
74 Guns, Sin and Bathtub Gin
75 Smokey Bites the Dust
76 Forbidden World
77 The Terror Within
78 Frankenstein Unbound

06. Mr. Wong, Detective,, 1938, William Nigh, Movie, Stream, US, B&W, ☼
07. Kill and Kill Again,, 1981, Ivan Hall, Movie, Dvd, ZA, Color, ☼

08. Evil Hits Evil,, 1983, Peng Kong, Movie, Dvd, TW, Color,

09. Shanghai Chest,, 1948, William Beaudine, Movie, Dvd, US, B&W, ☼

10. Sleepy Eyes of Death: Sword of Fire,, 1965, Kenji Misumi, Movie, Dvd, JP, Color ☼

11. That Fiery Girl,, 1968, Yan Jun, Movie, Dvd, HK, Color ☼

12. Drive-In Delirium Volume 3: Retro Rampage,"Disc 3",, Various, Trailers, Dvd, AU, Various, ☼

1 House of Wax
2 Horrors of the Black Museum
3 Blood and Roses
4 Circus of Horrors
5 Peeping Tom
6 A Study in Terror
7 The Sorcerors
8 Theatre of Death
9 Astro Zombies
10 Blood of Fu Manchu
11 Castle of Fu Manchu
12 The Haunted House of Horror
13 Beast in the Cellar
14 Night of the Blood Monster
15 Fragment of Fear
16 Point of Terror
17 Horror Express
18 Blood Suckers
19 A Reflection of Fear
20 Nothing But The Night
21 Bram Stoker’s Dracula
22 Horror High


23 X – The Unknown
24 Enemy From Space
25 Quatermass and the Pit
26 The Snorkel
27 Hell is a City
28 Stop Me Before I Kill
29 Curse of Frankenstein
30 Revenge of Frankenstein
31 The Evil of Frankenstein
32 Frankenstein Created Woman
33 Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
34 Horror of Frankenstein
35 Horror of Dracula
36 Brides of Dracula
37 Dracula: Prince of Darkness
38 Dracula Has Risen From The Grave
39 Taste the Blood of Dracula
40 The Scars of Dracula
41 Lust for a Vampire
42 Vampire Circus
43 Twins of Evil
44 The Mummy
45 Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb
46 The Mummy’s Shroud
47 Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb
48 Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas
49 The Stranglers of Bombay
50 The Hound of the Baskervilles
51 The Two Faces of Dr. Jeckyll
52 Terror of the Tongs
53 Scream of Fear
54 Curse of the Werewolf
55 Paranoiac
56 These are the Damned
57 The Pirates of Blood River
58 Maniac
59 The Gorgon
60 Hysteria
61 The Plague of the Zombies
62 The Reptiles
63 Rasputin
64 A Challenge for Robin Hood
65 One Million Years B.C.
66 Prehistoric Women
67 The Viking Queen
68 The Vengeance of She
69 The Lost Continent
70 The Anniversary
71 The Devil’s Bride
72 Straight on ‘Til Morning
73 Fear in the Night
74 Demons of the Mind
75 Shatter
76 The Lady Vanishes

13. BMX Bandits,, 1983, Brian Trenchard-Smith, Movie, Dvd, AU, Color, ☼

14. Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart to Hades,, 1972, Kenji Misumi, Movie, Blu, JP, Color, ☼

15. The Mystery of Mr. Wong,, 1939, William Nigh, Movie, Stream, US, B&W, ☼

16. A Pearl in Command,, 1969, Wen Shiling, Movie, Dvd, HK, Color, ☼

17. Split Second,, 1992, Tony Maylam, Movie, Dvd, UK, Color,

18. Zontar: The Thing From Venus,, 1966, Larry Buchanan, Movie, Dvd, US, Color,

19. Invasion of the Saucer Men,, 1957, Edward L. Cahn, Movie, Stream, US, B&W,
20. Earth vs the Spider,, 1958, Bert I. Gordon, Movie, Stream, US, B&W,

21. Warlords of the 21st Century (aka Battletruck),, 1982, Harley Cokeliss, Movie, Stream, US, Color,

22. Cyclone,, 1987, Fred Olen Ray, Movie, Stream, US, Color, ☼

23. The Night Caller,, 1965, John Gilling, Movie, Stream, GB, B&W, ☼

24. The Golden Eye,, 1948, William Beaudine, Movie, Dvd, USA, B&W, ☼

25. Crawlspace,, 2012, Justin Dix, Movie, Stream, AU, Color, ☼

26. My Name is Nobody,, 1973, Tonino Valerii, Movie, Dvd, IT, Color,

27. The Magnetic Monster,, 1953, Curt Siodmak, Movie, Dvd, US, B&W,

28. White Lightning,, 1973, Joseph Sargent, Movie, Dvd, US, Color,
29. Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman,, 2013, Ernesto Díaz Espinoza, Movie, Stream, CL, Color, ☼

30. Bounty Killer,, 2013, Henry Saine, Movie, Stream, US, Color, ☼

31. Bitch Slap,, 2009, Rick Jacobson, Movie, Blu, US, Color, ☼

32. Crash and Burn,, 1990, Charles Band, Movie, Dvd, US, Color,

33. Road House,, 1989, Rick Jacobson, Movie, Theater, US, Color, ☼

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

2010 B-Movie/Exploitation/Drive-in Movie Challenge List - 104
2011 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 105
2012 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 100
2013 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 100
2014 Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List - 64


1) Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore (2010) - Pretty good documentary. Features interviews with Herschell Gordon Lewis and David F. Friedman (who are always fun to listen to), and a few people who worked with Lewis, as well as comments from Joe Bob Briggs, John Waters, and Frank Henenlotter (I would've liked to have seen Mike Vraney on camera too - I'm sure he could've added more to it than Henenlotter did).
2) Living Venus (1961) - The second film produced by, and first film directed by H.G. Lewis. After getting fired from a bride's magazine, editor Bill Kerwin, talks photographer, Harvey Korman (yes, that Harvey Korman), into starting a girlie magazine. Pretty good flick. Easy to see that Harvey Korman was going places.
3) Untamed Women in Nature in the Raw (Boin-n-g) (1963) - Nudie cutie with Bill Kerwin and another guy (too lazy to look up his name right now) who, after seeing Nature's Playmates and Daughter of the Sun, decide that anyone could make those kinds of pictures, so they rent a camera and get some girls and start filming.
4) This Nude World (This Naked Age) (1933) - Travelogue/nudist camp film. The filmmakers travel to New York, France, and Germany and film naked people, from behind, mostly doing naked, synchronized calisthenics.


5) A Life in Dirty Movies (2013) (Hulu) - Very good documentary about Joe Sarno and his wife, Peggy. I'd only heard one or two commentary tracks with them before, so it was nice to hear more.
6) 'Necromania': A Tale of Weird Love! (1971) - Boring Ed Wood porno full of bad dialogue and bad acting. I give it points for being a pre-implants Rene Bond flick.
7) The Vigilante (1947) Chapter 1: "The Vigilante Rides Again," Chapter 2: "Mystery of the White Horses," Chapter 3: "Double Peril!" - After watching the two Superman serials last month, I decided to start this month with another Columbia serial based on an Action Comics character. Matinee idol/singing cowboy/government agent/costumed hero, Greg Sanders (The Vigilante), and four others each receive a white "Arabanian" horse as a gift from an "Arabanian" prince. The bad guy, called X-1, sends out his henchmen to steal the horses.
8) The Vigilante (1947) Chapter 4: "Desperate Flight," Chapter 5: "In the Gorilla's Cage," Chapter 6 : "Battling the Unknown," Chapter 7: "Midnight Rendezvous" - The bad guys keep trying to steal the horses. The Vigilante usually stops them.
9) The Deadly Knives (Fists of Vengeance) (1972) - Guy and his fiancée return home to find her family working with Japanese crooks to try to take his family's timber land. Not bad.


10) Monkey Kung Fu (Stroke of Death) (1979) - Guy goes to prison and is given half a medallion by fellow prisoner who tells him to go look for the other half. He soon escapes with another prisoner. Eventually they learn Monkey-style Kung Fu. I'm pretty sure this was supposed to be a comedy. There were some funny moments, here and there. Not a fan of the overly-rhythmic (don't know how else to describe it) fight choreography used in this film (I've seen it in a couple other Shaw Brothers movies too). It looks too much like dancing. Didn't like this one.
11) Legendary Weapons of China (1982) - A few martial artists are hunting for a guy who left their group. Mostly just time-filler leading up to the big, long fight at the end between two guys using all the different "legendary weapons." Not bad.
12) The Vigilante (1947) Chapter 8: "Blasted to Eternity," Chapter 9: "The Fatal Flood," Chapter 10: "Danger Ahead," Chapter 11: "X-1 Closes In" - The bad guys keep stealing horses.


13) The Vigilante (1947) Chapter 12: "Death Rides the Rails," Chapter 13: "The Trap that Failed," Chapter 14: "Closing In," Chapter 15: "The Secret of the Skyroom" - And it's done. Not bad, overall, but nothing special.
14) The Boxer from Shantung (1972) - Young fighter moves up in the ranks in Shanghai's underworld. Damned good flick with a great fight scene at the end.
15) Man of Iron (1972) - I saw somewhere that this was a sequel to The Boxer from Shantung, but it wasn't a direct sequel, just the same star in a similar film (young fighter moves up the ranks in Shanghai's underworld). Nowhere near as good as the previous film, and suffered a bit from some crappy incidental music, but not bad.


16) Blackhawk (1952) Chapter 1: "Distress Call from Space!," Chapter 2: "Blackhawk Traps a Traitor!," Chapter 3: "In the Enemy's Hideout," Chapter 4: "The Iron Monster!" - Another Columbia Kirk Alyn Comic Book serial. Foreign spies replace one of the Blackhawks with his twin, then kidnap a scientist and steal his raygun.
17) Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) - A group of hippies in a bus stop somewhere in a desert (quite possibly near, or on, a military base of some kind) and put on a musical Passion Play. I'm not a big fan of musicals, and this one didn't change my mind.


18) Blackhawk (1952) Chapter 5: "Human Targets!," Chapter 6: "Blackhawk's Leap for Life!," Chapter 7: "Mystery Fuel!", Chapter 8: "Blasted from the Sky!" - The commie spies are now after a new experimental fuel. The narrator tells us at the start of each chapter that the Blackhawks have "no weapons but their strong fists and alert minds," but they sure aren't above taking a pistol off a bad guy and using it. Blackhawk even used a pistol he just happened to have to fire at Lex Luther's flying saucer in Chapter 8.
19) Blackhawk (1952) Chapter 9: "Blackhawk Tempts Fate!," Chapter 10: "Chase for Element X!," Chapter 11: "Forced Down!," Chapter 12: "Drums of Doom!" - Chapter 9 started with the worst kind of cliffhanger cheat. I don't mind seeing the hero go over a cliff in a car at the end of one chapter and then they show him jump out of the car at the beginning of the next, but I hate it when the next chapter starts and the car doesn't go over the cliff at all.


19.75) Blackhawk (1952) Chapter 13: "Blackhawk's Daring Plan," Chapter 14: "Blackhawk's Wild Ride," Chapter 15: "The Leader Unmasked!" - The Blackhawks continue battling spies. The female leader of the spies (Carol Forman) also played the Spider Lady in Superman. I mostly enjoyed this one.
20) Captain America (1944) Chapter One: "The Purple Death"
21) Daggers 8 (1980) - Watching Shaw Brothers movies (even dubbed) seems like a bit of a cheat, so I grabbed this one out of my to-watch pile. Young guy runs away from home and meets various characters who each become his Kung Fu teacher, before being killed by a hired killer who uses daggers. This one was surprisingly good, in all its full frame, dubbed glory.


22) Captain America (1944) Chapter Two: "Mechanical Executioner," Chapter Three: "Scarlet Shroud," Chapter Four: "Preview of Murder," Chapter Five: "Blade of Wrath" - D.A. Grant Gardner, sometimes disguised as Captain America, fights the Scarab. I tried to watch this one once before many years ago, but only made it through a few chapters before I quit. It's pretty obvious that, as many have speculated, this was an unused script Republic had laying around, and they just changed the hero to Captain America.
23) The 8 Masters (1977) - When his father is killed, a kid is left at a Shaolin temple, where he grows up learning kung fu. When he gets old enough, he leaves the temple to find his mother, and eventually has to fight eight kung fu masters. This flick had so much going on it seemed like almost a parody of kung fu movies. Just when I thought they'd run out of tropes,
out of nowhere, hopping vampires!

24) The Four Hands of Death (The Wily Match) (1977) - Slacker kung fu expert gets a job watching a rich dude's idiot man-child. They get in fights and have wacky adventures.


25) Miami Connection (1986) - Taekwando black belts/college students/musicians sing goofy songs and fight ninjas.
26) Nature's Playmates (1962) - Early H.G. Lewis - Dave Friedman nudist camp flick. Woman hires a detective (and his female assistant) to go to Florida and find her missing husband. Of course, they find him in a nudist camp.
27) Bell, Bare and Beautiful (1963) - Another Lewis-Friedman nudist camp film. This time, Bill Kerwin keeps dreaming about a woman, so he places an ad to find her. Eventually he finds stripper Virginia Bell, and follows her to a nudist camp. This must've been an almost lost film. The SWV version is B&W, and according to their site is from a Super-8 print. Attached to the end of the flick is most of a reel (in color) from the middle of the film.
28) Black Love (1971) - H.G. Lewis' only hardcore movie (I thought Lewis just handled the camera on this, but according to IMDb he directed it). Narrator talks about "black love" while people cavort onscreen. Excruciatingly boring. Only watch it if you're a Lewis completist.
29) A Touch of Genie (1974) - Joe Sarno's only hardcore movie. Guy who runs an antique store finds a "jar" (looked like a vase to me) which contains a genie who grants him five wishes. He uses the wishes to relive porn flicks he watched on 42nd street.
30) Let My Puppets Come (1977) - A musical comedy puppet porn film, with a couple of commercial parodies thrown in. When they lose a gangster's money, a group of puppet businessmen decide to shoot a porn film in a day to make some money to pay him back. I saw Alan Silvestri's name in the credits (he orchestrated the music).


31) Executioners from Shaolin (1977) - After the destruction of his temple, a Shaolin monk trains for twenty-odd years to get revenge. After he's killed, his son takes his place.
32) Clan of the White Lotus (1980) - Sort of sequel to the last film, but the hero of the last one is now two guys. The villain from the last film has a brother, and he wants revenge.
33) Captain America (1944) Chapter Six: "Vault of Vengeance," Chapter Seven: "Wholesale Destruction," Chapter Eight: "Cremation in the Clouds," Chapter Nine: "Triple Tragedy" - Still a little hard to get used to Captain America without a shield, and it seems like a waste to make a Captain America film during WWII and have him chasing art thieves instead of battling Nazis, but once you get past that, it's really not a bad serial.
34) The Savage Five (1974) - A group of bank robbers carrying a stolen safe ride into a small town and terrorize the townsfolk. Eventually a small group of guys fight back. Pretty cool Spaghetti Western-style Kung Fu flick.


35) Captain America (1944) Chapter Ten: "The Avenging Corpse," Chapter Eleven: "The Dead Man Returns," Chapter Twelve: "Horror on the Highway," Chapter Thirteen: "Skyscraper Plunge"
35.5) Captain America (1944) Chapter 14: "The Scarab Strikes," Last Chapter: "The Toll of Doom"


36) Congo Bill (1948) Chapter 1: "The Untamed Beast," Chapter 2: "Jungle Gold," - Congo Bill is working for a circus. If a missing heiress can be found, the circus will be hers, otherwise it'll go to the guys who now run it.
37) Congo Bill (1948) Chapter 3: "A Hot Reception," Chapter 4: "Congo Bill Springs a Trap," Chapter 5: "White Shadows in the Jungle," Chapter 6: "The White Queen" - Congo Bill goes to Africa to find the white queen of a missing tribe who he suspects could be the missing heiress. Pretty typical jungle adventure stuff.
38) The Big Showdown (The Grand Duel) (1972) - Lee Van Cleef helps out a guy framed for murder. Nothing special, but not bad either.
39) Keoma (1976) - Turns out I've seen this one before, and not too many years back. Franco Nero plays a half-breed who returns to his hometown and battles his half-brothers and some other bad guys. Would have been a lot better without the terrible music narrating the onscreen action.


40) Congo Bill (1948) Chapter 7: "Black Panther," Chapter 8: "Sinister Schemes," Chapter 9: "The Witch Doctor Strikes," Chapter 10: "Trail of Treachery" - Congo Bill's fighting bad guys who are looking for gold.


41) Congo Bill (1948) Chapter 11: "A Desperate Chance," Chapter 12: "The Lair of the Beast," Chapter 13: "Menace of the Jungle," Chapter 14: "Treasure Trap"
41.25) Congo Bill (1948) Chapter 15: "The Missing Letter"


42.25) Mom and Dad (1945) - Kroger Babb's legendary "hygiene" film. After a high school girl gets pregnant and moves away to have the child, her high school decides to have sex education classes. The girls watch a couple of "birth of a baby" films, then Perry White shows the boys a VD movie. Surprisingly good film.
43.25) Skatetown U.S.A. (1979) - "Introducing Patrick Swayze as Ace." Chachi, Arnold Horshack, and Marcia Brady show up at Flip Wilson's roller-disco to take part in a disco roller skating contest.
44.25) Miss Nymphet's Zap-In (1970) - Another H.G. Lewis film I hadn't seen before. Just a bunch of short "comedy" skits. Not very good, but I'm always happy to see Debbie Osborne.

45.25) Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (2014) - Really good documentary about Cannon films. Makes me want to revisit a bunch of those movies (and seek out a few I haven't seen, or at least don't remember).
46.25) Dad Made Dirty Movies (2012) - Documentary about Stephen C. Apostolof (A.C. Stephen). I didn't know much about him before, so I found it mostly interesting.
47.25) Suburban Roulette (1968) YouTube - And yet another H.G. Lewis film I hadn't seen before. Guy and his wife and daughter move to the suburbs and his wife starts to cheat on him with the neighbors. Fun little soap opera with Bill Kerwin, and a few other familiar faces. The YouTube version I watched is copied from Joe Bob Briggs' VHS series "The Sleaziest Movies in the History of the World," so that was an added bonus.


48.25) Challenge of the Masters (1976) - Hot-headed son of a kung fu teacher goes off into the woods to train with the father's old teacher, where he learns both kung fu and discipline.
49.25) Mad Monkey Kung Fu (1979) - Much better than the last monkey kung fu movie I watched. A kung fu master is framed for rape, and has his his hands crushed as punishment. Eventually he teaches a guy monkey style kung fu and he gets his revenge.
50.25) Love Feast (Pretty Models... All in a Row) (1969) - Ed Wood plays a horny old guy who calls modeling agencies to get models to come over to his house to undress for him. For some reason several women (and a few guys) come over to his place and end up rolling around on the bed.


51.25) Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse (1977) - British sex comedy about a young girl, who because of her fondness for doctor shows on TV, decides to go to nursing school.
52.25) Pinocchio (The Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio) (1971)YouTube - Boring sex comedy version of the famous fairy tale. Not even having Debbie Osborne, Monica Gayle, and Dyanne Thorne in it could save this mess.


53.25) Töchter des Satans (The Cult, The Manson Massacre) (1971) YouTube - This German dubbed version seems to be the only version left. Guy and a group of hippie chicks hang out chanting and having black and white flashbacks. Eventually they steal an old hearse and drive over to some rich dude's house, have a little simulated sex, and kill some people.


54.25) The Weird World of LSD (1967) - "Documentary" about the effects of LSD.
55.25) Vixen! (1968) -


56.25) Supervixens (1975)
57.25) The Imp-Probable Mr. Weegee (1966)
58.25) Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel (2011)


59.25) Drive-in Movie Memories (2001)
60.25) Drive-In (1976)


61.25) Heroes Two (1974)
62.25) Heroes Shed No Tears (1980)


63.25) American Grindhouse (2009)
64.25) Supervan (1976)
65.25) Jailbait Babysitter (1977)
66.25) Damaged Lives (1933)
67.25) Curse of the Swamp Creature (1966)
68.25) Riot on Sunset Strip (1967)
69.25) Boogievision (1977)


70.25) Guilty Parents (1934)
71.25) Joysticks (1983)
72.25) Love Camp 7 (1968)


73.25) Mondo cane oggi: L'orrore continua (Savage World Today) (1985)
74.25) Deep Throat Part II (1974)
75.25) Inga (1968)


76.25) The Seduction of Inga (1972)
76.5) A Film on Hitchhiking (1974)
76.75) Linda's Film on Menstruation (1974)
77) Hitchhiking: The Road to Rape (1972)
78) Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941) Chapter One: "Curse of the Scorpion," Chapter Two: "The Guillotine," Chapter Three: "Time Bomb"
79) Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941) Chapter Four: "Death Takes the Wheel," Chapter Five: "The Scorpion Strikes," Chapter Six: "Lens of Death," Chapter Seven: "Human Targets"
80) Myra Breckinridge (1970)


81) Let Me Die a Woman (1978)
82) Enter the Ninja (1981)
83) Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941) Chapter Eight: "Boomerang," Chapter Nine: "Dead Man's Trap," Chapter Ten: "Doom Ship," Chapter Eleven: "Valley of Death"
83.25) Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941) Last Chapter: "Captain Marvel's Secret"
83.75) Sex Hygiene (1941) archive.org
84) Sex Hygiene (1942)


85) Shaolin Prince (1982)
86) Massage Parlor Murders! (1973)

First Time Views: 79

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

2015 Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge

First-Time Viewing: 11 | Blu-Ray: 3 | DVD: 6 | TV: 6 | Streaming: 10 | Commentaries Listened To: 1

April 3
1. Blacula (1972)-Blu-Ray
With commentary: Blacula's directorial and screenplay flaws aside, it is rescued by William Marshall's sublimely tragic performance in the lead role.
2. Scream, Blacula, Scream (1973)-Blu-Ray
A step down in quality, but the sequel has Pam Grier along with William Marshall.
3. Countess Dracula (1971)-Blu-Ray
Continuing with the vampire theme, although there are no fangs here. The story here is semi-historical, in which Ingrid Pitt plays the real-life murderess Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who slaughtered peasant girls to bathe in their blood in a vain hope to restore her youth. In the film, of course, the blood bath works.
4. Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)-DVD
A little something for Good Friday

April 4
5. Let My Puppets Come (1976)-Streaming
Not too many movies can make my jaw drop, but this puppet porno musical from the director of Deep Throat is the weirdest thing I have ever seen.
6. Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell (1976)-TV
Everything about this sequel says, "We're just getting a paycheck." No creativity, terrible acting. and the actor playing the Djinn is nowhere near as good as Andrew Divoff.

April 5
7. Deadlier than the Male (1967)-Streaming
Another Swingin' 60s Bond knockoff, this espionage flick features a pair of curvaceous female assassins vs the handsome Bulldog Drummond. All the elements of a terrific thriller are here, but somehow they only add up to better than average.
8. Can't Stop the Music (1980)-DVD
Aptly labeled by one critic as "the Dawn of the Dead of movie musicals", Can't Stop the Music is so gawdawful that it's a total delight. Every aspect of this film is just so wretchedly conceived, and yet it works as a bizarre time capsule of gay NYC in the 70s.

April 6
9. The 49th Man (1953)-TV
Who knew suitcase nukes were a worry in the 50s? This Cold War procedural from Fred Sears is low-budget, but it was well worth watching as John Ireland hunts down Commies trying to import pieces of a nuclear weapon into the US.

April 7
10. Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon (1964)-Streaming
The muscular guy from Mission Impossible in a run of the mill peplum.
11. The Great Smokey Roadblock (1977)-Streaming
You have to wonder how few scripts must have been coming Henry Fonda's way that he would consent to act in this 70s trucker dramedy.

April 9
12. The Cocaine Fiends (1935)-Streaming
More cops vs criminals than lurid foray into drug dens
13. Escort Girls (1941)-Streaming
i'm guessing "escort" is code for "prostitution", but we don't really see anything more salacious than women in lingerie, until the burlesque insert.

April 10
14. Shock Treatment (1981)-DVD-Richard O'Brien should write more musicals.
15. The Big T.N.T. Show (1965)-Streaming
This sequel to The T.A.M.I Show features a more eclectic lineup, starting with Ray Charles and finishing up with Ike and Tina Turner.

April 11
16. The Philadelphia Experiment II (1993)-TV-This low-budget sequel is a lot more fun than it should be, plus I'm a sucker for alternate history flicks.
17. The Fan (1981)-TV-Enjoyably campy trash about an insane fan (a young pre-Terminator Michael Biehn) stalking a Broadway star (the awesome Lauren Bacall). This was released 6 months after the murder of John Lennon, so there was a very ripped-from-the-headlines vibe, but the movie is just so bad .
18. The Sorcerers (1967)-TV-Another movie with an old school movie star trying to fit into a younger scene. In one of his last films, Boris Karloff plays a hypnotist who with his greedy wife controls a young man's mind and urges him to commit crimes.

April 14
19. Mr. Moto Takes a Chance (1938)-TV
Hollywood never knew what to do with Peter Lorre. As B-pictures go, this was pretty good, and only somewhat racist.
20. Airline Disaster (2010)-DVD
My first Asylum viewing for the challenge. It's the usual pile of nonsense about a neo-Nazi gang trying to extort the President by hijacking an airplane with student film production values.

April 15
21. Wolfcop (2014)-Streaming
An alcoholic cop who is on the verge of getting canned from the department gets turned into a lycanthrope by an evil cult of shapeshifting lizard people, and becomes, you know. I really enjoyed this.

April 16
22. Serpent of the Nile (1953)-TV
William Castle directed this historical epic before he became a horror schlockmeister. Raymond Burr plays Marc Antony, so you know what kind of movie it is.

April 17
23. Caltiki-The Immortal Monster (1960)-Streaming
An Italian ripoff of The Blob, the story involves archaeologists digging up Mayan ruins in Mexico and discover Caltiki, a giant blob monster. They bring back a sample attached to one of the team, and hijnks ensue.

April 18
24. Coonskin (1975)-Streaming
Despite the title, the era, and the use of racial caricatures, Coonskin is not in any way a blacksploitation film. It's Ralph Bakshi's howl of rage against the inhumanity of life at the bottom, of trying to beat poverty, corrupt cops, pimps, and drug dealers.
25. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club (1978)-DVD
RT has this at 15%, but I really like its 70s reinterpretations of Beatles songs.
26. Trog (1970)-DVD
I can imagine Joan sitting in her trailer after a day's shooting on Trog, clutching her Oscar and saying over and over again, "Nobody can take you from me, my precious!"
27. Howard the Duck (1986)-DVD
For fans of the comic, this movie is a wretched misinterpretation of the Marvel character. I think it's aged well as a kitschy 80s artifact.
28. Gymkata (1986)-DVD
More 80s cheese, this time with muscles. I never realized how tiny Kurt Thomas was.

April 19
29. The Three Stooges Meet Hercules (1962)-Streaming
Easily the best of the Three Stooges' feature films, this one also has Samson Burke as Hercules and the smokin' hot Quinn Redeker as the geeky inventor who buffs up.

April 20
30. Reefer Madness (1936)-Streaming
The granddaddy of all exploitation films. Tell the children!

April 21
31. The Devil's Rain (1975)-Streaming
One of the goofiest and most entertaining of the 70s devil movies.

April 21
32. SHE (1966)-DVD
Somebody should really have told Ayesha about going into the flame twice.
33. The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (1966)-DVD
I have fond memories of this from Saturday afternoons of my childhood.
Somebody should really have told Ayesha about going into the flame twice.

April 22
34. Fortress (1992)-DVD
I bought several Echo Bridge DVDs a couple of years ago when Rite-Aid sold them for $.99, and I finally got around to cracking them open. Fortress is much better than it should be, given that so much of it is ripped off from other films.
35. Cypher (2002)-DVD
Another film from the same echo Bridge DVD. I really liked this one. It played with the audience's expectations and the storyline didn't always make sense, but it was throughly enjoyable. Lucy Liu and Jeremy Northam should be much bigger stars.

April 24
36. Death Wish (1974)-TV
Death Wish, like Dirty Harry, is a right-wing revenge fantasy based on the premise "if we didn't have these laws that protect people's rights. I could go out and kill punks". Bernie Goetz must have watched this a few times.

April 25
37. Rise: Blood Hunter (2007)-TV
Lucy Liu needs to fire her agent because this movie is garbage.
38. Rodan (1964)-TV
I'll take Ghidrah or Mothra over Rodan. Tedious film.
39. The Rig (2010)-TV
What a trainwreck. Total fail on every level. Avoid at all costs.

April 26
40. What's the Matter with Helen? (1971)-DVD
The ending was poorly done. The reveal should have been the last shot.
41. Men of War (1994)-DVD
Excellent action picture.

April 28
42. Mr. Moto in Danger Island (1939)-TV
The villain is given away early, but the fun is watching Peter Lorre.
43. Ghoulies (1985)-TV
Was this supposed to be scary?
44. The Wraith (1986)-TV
I get that Charlie Sheen is supposed to be a ghost who looks nothing like he did in life, but why does a ghost need a futuristic race car and firesuit?

April 29
45. Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy fulfilled (1939)-TV
The Wishmaster sequels seems boringly repetitive: blonde finds the jewel, and then spends the rest of the film running from the jinn.
46. The Mechanic (1972)-DVD
Another satisfying Michael Winner-Charles Bronson action film, with the exceptionally handsome Jan-Michael Vincent. The last scene is one of the best surprise endings of all time.
47. Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972)-DVD
Hammer goes Mod as Dracula is revived in Swinging London. At least Christopher Lee gets some lines in this sequel.

April 30
48. The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974)-DVD
Peter Cushing in a vampire film without Christopher Lee makes no sense. Still, this is an enjoyably weird martial arts and vampires collaboration between Hammer and the Shaw Brothers.
49. Coffy (1972)-DVD
I can see why this is one of Tarantino's favorite films. It's a blaxploitation classic that, underneath the sex and violence, is a feminist tale of resistance to a sexist, racist society.
50. The Purge: Anarchy (2014)-TV
Given the events in Baltimore this past week, the theme of the rich exterminating the poor should resonate more, but it is so clumsily handled and the film's story is so pedestrian that the subtext is just lost.

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

List is finalized

Total - 52
First Time Views - 46

Reviews of each day's viewings at Celluloid Terror!

* = First time viewing

Dusk/April 1
1. The Island* (Michael Ritchie, 1980, Blu-ray) 4.5/10
2. Brutes And Savages* (Arthur Davis, 1977, DVD) 2/10
3. A Better Place* (Vincent Pereira, 1997, DVD) 5/10
4. Black Oak Conspiracy* (Bob Kelljan, 1977, DVD) 4/10
5. A Candle For The Devil* (Eugenio Martin, 1973, Blu-ray) 4.5/10

Day 1 Reviews

April 2
6. Day Of Anger* (Tonino Valeri, 1967, Blu-ray) 8.5/10
7. Death Of A Snowman* (Christopher Rowley, 1978, DVD) 4.5/10
8. Cyclone* (Rene Cardona Jr., 1978, DVD) 5.5/10

Day 2 Reviews

April 3.
9. Animal* (Brett Simmons, 2014, Netflix) 1/10

Day 3 Reviews

April 4
10. Camp* (Ainosuke Shibata, ?, DVD) 4.5/10
11. Hitch-Hike* (Ainosuke Shibata, ?, DVD) 4/10
12. Effects* (Dusty Nelson, 1980,DVD) 4/10
13. The Toxic Avenger (Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz, 1984, Blu-ray) 8.5/10

Day 4 Reviews

April 5
14. Exterminators Of The Year 3000 (Guiliano Carnimeo, 1983, Blu-ray) 7/10
15. Eve Of Destruction* (Duncan Gibbins, 1991, Blu-ray) 6/10

Day 5 Reviews

April 6
16. Dumbland* (David Lynch, 2002, DVD) 6/10
17. Mediatrix* (Cory Udler, 2011, DVD) 3/10

Day 6 Reviews

April 7
18. Incest Death Squad* (Cory Udler, 2009, DVD) - 5/10
19. Incest Death Squad 2* (Cory Udler, 2010, DVD) - 5/10
20. IDS Rising* (Cory Udler, 2012, DVD) 5/10

Day 7 Reviews

April 8
21. The Brain That Wouldn't Die* (Joseph Green, 1959, DVD) 5/10
22. Hanzo The Razor: Sword Of Justice* (Kenji Misumi, 1972, DVD) 7.5/10
23. Hanzo The Razor: The Snare* (Yasuzo Masumura, 1973, DVD)

Day 8 Reviews

April 9
24. Hanzo The Razor: Who's Got The Gold?* (Yoshio Inoue, 1974, DVD) 7.5/10
25. Supersoul Brother* (Rene Martinez Jr, 1978, DVD) 6.5/10

Day 9 Reviews

April 10
26. Roadside* (Eric England, 2013, DVD) 4.5/10

Day 10 Reviews

April 11
27. Little Miss Innocence* (Chris Warfield, 1972 DVD) 6/10
28. Teenage Seductress* (Chris Warfield, 1975 DVD) 5/10
29. Invaders From Mars (Tober Hooper, 1986, Blu-ray) 8/10

Day 11 Reviews

April 12
30. Rolling Vengeance* (Steven H. Stern, 1987, TV) 5.5/10

Day 12 Reviews

April 13
31. Red Nights Of The Gestapo* (Fabio De Agostini, 1977, DVD) 4/10
32. The Man With The Iron Fists 2* (Roel Reine, 2015, Blu-ray) 5/10

Day 13 Reviews

April 14
33. Trancers 2: The Return Of Jack Deth* (Charles Band, 1991, Blu-ray) 7/10
34. Boss* (Jack Arnold, 1975, DVD) 6/10

Day 14 Reviews

April 15
35. Long Weekend* (Colin Eggleston, 1978, Blu-ray) 6.5/10
36. Amuck!* (Silvio Amadio, 1972, DVD) 7/10

Day 15 Reviews

April 16
37. Super Stooges vs The Wonder Women* (Alfonso Brescia, 1974, DVD) 6/10
38. Angels From Hell* (Bruce Kessler, 1968, DVD) 5/10

Day 16 Reviews

April 17
No movies were watched.

April 18
39. A Reason To Live A Reason To Die* (Tonino Valerii, 1972, DVD) - 6.5/10
40. Fedra West* (Joaquin Luis Romero Marchent, 1968, DVD) 3/10

April 19
41. The Screaming Skull* (Alex Nicol, 1958, VHS) 6/10

April 20
42. Steel Dawn* (Lance Hool, 1987, VHS) 4/10

April 21
43. Lisztomania* (Ken Russell, 1975, DVD) 6/10

April 22
44. Savage Beach* (Andy Sidaris, 1989, DVD) 6/10
45. Gestapo's Last Orgy* (Cesare Canevari, 1977, DVD) 8/10

April 23
46. The Toxic Avenger 2 (Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz, 1989, Blu-ray) 7/10

April 24
47. Terrifying Girls Classroom: Lynch Law Classroom* (Norifumi Suzuki, 1973, DVD) 7.5/10

April 25
48. Girl Boss Guerilla* (Norifumi Suzuki, 1972, DVD) 8/10
49. Escape From New York (John Carpenter, 1981, Blu-ray) 8/10

April 26
50. The Warriors (Walter Hill, 1980, Blu-ray) 8/10

April 27
51. Jonah Lives* (Luis Carvalho, 2012, DVD) - 5/10

April 28
No movies were watched

April 29
52. Delinquent Girl Boss: Worthless To Confess* (Kazuhiko Yamaguchi, 1971, DVD)

April 30
No movies were watched

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

Sixth Annual Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge

Personal goal 30

1. March 31: Hard Ticket to Hawaii 1987, R, YouTube
"This ain't no hula!"
Woah this is amazing. Two sexy drug enforcement agents with throwing stars in their boots protecting Hawaii from bad guys. There is a poisonous snake subplot and lines like "If brains where birdshit you guys would have clean cages". We also get sex scenes on the beach that are the epitome of the 80's white wine, white thongs, white pants and feathered blonde mullets. It's also nice to see that there is always time for making out just after the uzi's are loaded and the nunchucks are polished.

2. April 2: Shogun Assassin 1980, R, DVD
"It's impossible to keep a body count"
Woah this is some sick swording. It does seem a bit stitched together in the editing at times. I would slice my arm off to have seen this in a drive-in or grindhouse theater back in the day. The music is the definition of ominous. Until seeing this I thought ninjas where badass, Lone Wolf crushes ninjas.

3. April 2: Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death 1989, PG-13, Hulu+
"These women are serious about their taste in men!"
This seems like it would have been a lot funnier if i was a 38 year old watching it back in 89. I'm not gonna lie watching it late at night the 13 year old in me was hoping for a lot more boobs and a whole lot more cannibalism than politics and feminist jokes. I'm going back to my rule of avoiding most PG-13 movies.

4. April 3: The Street Fighter 1974, X, DVD
"If you've got to fight....fight dirty!"
Okay I thought Bruce Lee made some wild noises and faces while fighting but Sonny Chiba may have him beat. After watching The Shogun Assassin bust heads open with swords it's somehow refreshing to see The Street Fighter do it with his fists. Another classic if anyone hasn't seen this they should.

5. April 5: Trancers 1984, PG-13, Hulu+
"Jack Deth is home...and he has been here before. "

6. April 6: Ms .45 1981, X, Amazon Prime
"No man will ever be safe again."

7. April 7: Maniac Cop 1988, R, Hulu
"You have the right to remain silent...forever!"

8. April 8: The Sarnos: A Life in Dirty Movies 2013, NR, Netflix

9. April 10: The Beach Babes 1981, R, Hulu+
"Look Who just invaded Uncle Carl's beach house..."
The acting in this is awful, but there are enough boobs and sexcapades to keep the teenager in me watching. Some dumb jokes and more than a few bumbling doofuses. I feel like if they worked a little harder on the jokes and added a little more plot other than one constant party this could have been a lost classic instead it's just lost. Still you could do worse.

10. April 11: Hanzo The Razor: Sword of Justice 1972, R, Hulu+
This is off the wall. I had no idea Hanzo was packing "2" deadly weapons. Cop samurai who would have thunk. Highly recommended.

11. April 13: The Killer Shrews 1959, R, Hulu+
"Your skin will crawl with fear at their nearness!"
Pretty decent B-Horror/Monster flick. I loved the drunk scientist and they accomplish a lot here with a pretty bare bones set. I would love to rewrite this as a stage play.

12. April 14: The Beyond 1981, X, Hulu+
What the? Why would anyone hang out in this place?

13. April 15: Lockout 2012, PG-13, Bluray
"Take no prisoners."

14. April 18:the Last Stand 2013, R, Prime
"Retirement is for sissies."

15. April 22: Journey To The Seventh Planet 1962, NR, Netflix
"Have they terrifying powers of mind over matter?"

16. April 24: The Thing 1982, R, DVD
"What you fear most...is among you."

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
* 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
* 1900 -(optional)
* 1910 -(optional)
* 1920 -(optional)
* 1930 -
* 1940 -
* 1950 -
* 1960 - Journey to the Seventh Planet
* 1970 -
* 1980 - Shogun Assassin
* 1990 -
* 2000 -
* 2010 - Lockout 2012
Watch a film for each rating:
* G - (optional)
* PG -
* PG-13 - (optional)
* R - The Thing
* X (or NC-17) -
* Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) -

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
* First format, (Streaming), (Hanzo the Razor: Sword of Justce).
* Second format, (insert format), (insert title).
* Third format, (insert format), (insert title).

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:
A Token Science Fiction B-Movie: Trancers
A Token Horror B-Movie: The Killer Shrews
Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
* Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs)
* Giallo
* Sword & Sandal
* Spaghetti Western
* Cannibal Film Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death
* Mafia/Gangster Film
Martial Arts film:
* Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.)
* Hong Kong (or other Asian) film
* American film
* Any "Ninja" film
* Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film
Biker Film
Stoner Film
Carsploitation Film
* Any type
* Nudie Cutie
* Roughie
* 70s Porn
* Emmanuelle Film
* Teen Sex Comedy The Beach Babes
Rape/Revenge Film Ms .45
Vigilante Film
Women in Prison
Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation)
Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films
"Hood" Film ("Gangsta")
Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era)
Juvenile Delinquent Film
60s Beach Movie
Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor)
* *Bonus* Elvis film
Mexican Wrestling Film
Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema)
Bollywood Film (actual, not a Hollywood pastiche)
Eco-Terror Film
"Mondo" Film
Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production The Sarnos: A Life in Dirty Movies
Video Nasty
* Lifetime Channel Movie
Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film"
Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or IMDB Bottom 100 {Bottom 100 archive})
Financial Bomb
MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
* 1 The Street Fighter Sonny Chiba
* 2 Maniac Cop Bruce Campbell
* 3
* 4
* 5
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
* 1 Hard Ticket to Hawaii Andy Sidaris
* 2 The Beyond Lucio Fulci
* 3
* 4
* 5
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
* 1
* 2
* 3
* 4
* 5


DVDTalk Annual Drive-In/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge
2014 2013 2012 2011 2010

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

60 Movies


* = FTV

Wife's Thoughts In Blue
- March 31st -
Shaolin Drunkard (1983) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Defiantly a very WTF film to start the challenge out with. This Chinese magician horror comedy boasts mutant frog monsters, extensive marienette play, aggressive women that want to settle down, vampires, and some fake buck teeth that an any other film would be extremely racist. I have a hard time connecting with Chinese comedies and this is no exception, being an older film though it at least played somewhat interesting while a lot of more current offerings just strike me as annoying. Not a good movie but it delivers on the weird. For those interested you can watch it here.
(2.5 out of 5)
- April 1st -
Alien Species (1996) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Yikes, that is some bad CG. Horrible movie is horrible. Well at least the alien hive is colorful in a Killer Klowns sort of way... Ok, this bland bargain bin b-movie bust has one actor you will recognize, you won't know his name but you will recognize him, and is otherwise a complete waste of time. Most of the time I just wished I was watching a Roger Corman movie. I did think it was interesting that Mill Creek was so worried that someone would try to steak this piece that they decided that they had to watermark it. Ok, it's time to start drinking.
(1.5 out of 5)
Black Emanuelle 2 (1976) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: This was the last of a batch of Black Emanuelle titles I bought from Severin years ago. I had been avoiding it since it did not star the delectable Laura Gemser but I do have to admit that this girl had the assets to play Emanuelle. And surprisingly this was one of the better scripted Emanuelle movies! In this one Emanuelle has gone crazy and is in a super loose restrictions mental hospital, staffed of course by a bevy of attractive persons. It did have that fun travelog feel that these movies tend to have, this time focusing mainly on New York (where Rollerball is playing in theaters). There were a few parts in the third acts that dragged a little but this was overall a pleasant surprise.
(4 out of 5)
My Wife's Thoughts: It's just feel like too long, they should do better storywise. And I don't care for the ending; "Goodbye everyone!" Hmm. But black one... black emmanuelle has a great body.
(3 out of 5)
- April 2nd -
A Man Called Django (1971) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Django rips off The Man With No Name saga with surprisingly good results. Easily one of the best Django followups I have ever seen. That is right until they jump the shark and bring in a car, there are no cars in the old west! There are lots of cool old west fight concepts here though like strapping dynamite to a wagon wheel and rolling it at people or taking a couple of bullets out of your gun so it seem like you ran out, I wonder how many of those were stolen too... Aside from being a huge rip off this was a good spaghetti western.
(4 out of 5)
- April 3rd -
The Occultist (1988) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: It felt like this movie didn't really know what it wanted to be. It is about a security specialist who is hired to protect the Caribbean president from rebels on his trip to New York. Only he's a cyborg, the rebels are a voodoo cult and they use ninjas. It was a slurry of 80's cliches that is watchable if unfocused.
(3 out of 5)
- April 4th -
Super Fuzz (1980) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Hey it's a Terrance and Bud movie, just replace Bud with Ernest Borgnine. Same just over the top ridiculousness and catchy themes, I just can't not like these movies somehow! I brought this one into the fold due to it's mention on one of the Hot Fuzz commentaries. It's a buddy cop comedy about a police officer getting super powers and solving crimes in an overly wholesome sort of way. Not a good movie but highly enjoyable.
(4 out of 5)
From China With Death (1974) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Two swarthy anti-heroes come together to rob a bank. There are double crosses all around and some decent kung fu-ery. Also I enjoyed the use of humor in this movie much more than Shaolin Drunkard. Not exceptional but a decent little flick.
(3 out of 5)
- April 5th -
Massacre Time (1966) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Pictureboxed! Franco Nero, the original Django, returns to his home town only to find that it has been completely taken over by a rich corrupt family. There is fighting and gunplay and a weird Chinese blacksmith and while that would all seem to bode well for a spaghetti western, there was just no panache to this. Likable at parts but it had a real hard time holding my attention.
(2.5 out of 5)
- April 6th -
Hellbound (1994) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: This cheesy 90's direct to video action trash has only escaped being lost to the ages by the puzzling continued popularity of its title character; Chuck Norris. In this movie Norris plays a hard nosed Chicago cop whose case takes him to Israel where he must fight a very corporeal demon. Essentially it is Chuck Norris vs The Devil. A passable bad movie, even if Chuck and his wise-cracking black sidekick are just phoning it in.
(3 out of 5)
Star Odyssey (1979) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Wildly uneven Star Wars ripoff that that goes from full outer space sci-fi sets in one scene to black and white public domain footage in another. It was at times interesting enough to hold my attention, especially in regards to their ridiculous suicidal droids, but that is about all.
(2.5 out of 5)
Slaughter (1972) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Ah, now this was the breath of fresh air I needed. Excellent blaxploitation flick, hits all the staples; evil white guys, naked chicks, revenge, ect. Jim Brown fits these rolls to a T. Also I love how one of the major plot points of this movie revolves around a computer punch card. And someone actually says 'that house doesn't have enough power to run a computer'. Top shelf blaxploitation.
(4.5 out of 5)
- April 7th -
Bulletproof (1988) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: I was still riding a little high on Busey schlock since the last challenge and the amazing Eye Of The Tiger. This unfortunately was no Eye Of The Tiger. Movie starts out a little Lethal Weapon and goes Rambo III when super-cop McBain (yes, like the Simpsons character) has to go to Mexico to retrieve a new top of the line tank and of course save the girl. It was very run of the mill but I do have to tip my hat to the amount b movie regulars that made an appearance.
(3 out of 5)
SS Hell Camp (1977) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: This is essentially 2 films, one a disappointing rebels vs Nazi affair (that uses scenes from yet another movie inter spliced into it's bigger action scenes), the other a sleazy Illsa style evil Nazi dominatrix type thing. The whole time I could tell they were different movies but frustratingly couldn't quite see where the seams were between the two. Not till later when I went to research the title a little bit did I find out that the director hired people from the first movie to film little insert scenes so that they would connect! A genius b movie move. Aside from this little bit of interesting and a lot of nudity this did not have much going for it. It got a score bump for the new content and I got to check Video Nasties off my list but otherwise kind of dissapointing.
(2.5 out of 5)
My Wife's Thoughts: Ahhh, Full Moon Ne? Thats why it sucks... Very violent not every each story connected. I do not care for that so many violence. You should pick better movie, gah I should know that Full Moon movie.
(2 out of 5)
- April 8th -
They (1974) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: While I kind of dug the setting and the initial set up for this movie it. It started out with a weird God Told Me To / The Thing vibe (in a super low budget sort of way). It very quickly put me to sleep with it's blandness. One thing I will admit to though is that that the VHS cover to this (featuring the Enterprise) is especially perplexing. But ultimately aside from viewing the VHS case I cannot recommend this for any reason.
(1.5 out of 5)
Hidden Beauties: The Awakening (1999) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Admittedly just one of those rental store Skin-A-Max style films but it was oddly a nice pallet cleanser. There was some sort of past life, lets go to Europe plot... maybe... But really just boobs, lots and lots of boobs. I have redacted part of this review (keyword: Nostalgia).
(3.5 out of 5)
- April 9th -
Warriors Of The Rainbow (2011) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: What does $1.88 get you at Big Lots? An epic, surprisingly. The movie focuses around Japan's occupation of Taiwan during WWII and the aboriginal counter offensive. A surprisingly good movie for $1.88 but obviously one that would have a hard time getting any traction abroad because of a very unpleasant mother/child mass suicide scene. I had to bring this up with my wife even; why Asian people would rather kill their child as well as opposed to the more European approach of 'you can kill me just spare the child'. Strong Last Samurai/Dances With Wolves vibes with this one, not quite as good as either but a well above average movie. I bet this movie was well received in countries that saw Japanese occupation... (I am much more open to Japanese occupation, in fact there is a Japanese occupying my kitchen right now that makes me sandwiches).
(4 out of 5)
Django and Sartana's Showdown in the West (1970) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: I have never seen a Sartana movie so lets hope this is not a good representation of what to expect. Especially since I have a 10 movie pack dedicated to the character in my 'to watch' pile. There is very little in the way of meaningful interactions between the two icons and the overall story is about as run of the mill western as you can get. This is like something my grandfather would watch on TV.
(2.5 out of 5)
- April 10th -
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987) (DVD)
My Thoughts: I don't know why but I am compelled to revisit this ever few years. It takes my brain half a decade or so to scour this movie from the memory banks and every time it does I re-inflict it on myself. For years this movie was an atrocity to me but my opinion on it now has mellowed to where I finally enjoy it as a so bad it's good experience. In fact as I watched it I was thinking to myself that maybe I should acclimatize my daughter to this so that some day she can show this 'awesome' movie to someone and they will think she is crazy. It screams 80's, there is horrible animatronic heads placed on midgets based on a trading cards that are spoof of a now defunct toy. It is a bizarre tragedy of pop culture that is oddly enticing. I wonder if anyone ever jammed out to the soundtrack to this movie... Anyway if anyone is also bummed about the lack of any special features on this, now cult masterpeirce, then you may want to check out this great interview with star and hobbit brother Mackenzie Astin.
(3.5 out of 5)
- April 11th -
Blind Beast vs Killer Dwarf (2001) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: This movie was just weird for the sake of being weird. And not in a more cohesive Takeshi Miike sort of way but in an art school drop out sort of way. I did appreciate the abundance of Japanese female forms (and that did give this a .5 bump) but otherwise this one annoyed me a bit. At least I got to make fun of my wife for this being from her home country.
(2 out of 5)
My Wife's Thoughts: Well… it is extremely creepy but I found the authors name i was expecting the creepy movie. I bet this is pretty old movie because I don’t know anyone in the movie. I can give 2.5 star, it is way too creepy.
(2.5 out of 5)
- April 12th -
War Of The Robots (1978) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: I was watching this and thinking, that is really odd that those blond aliens looks just like the ones in Star Odyssey and then they start using the same lightsaber knock offs and I was like hey wait a minute! Turns out that this is one of 4 movies that Italian director Alfonso Brescia made in '78 to capitalize on the success of Star Wars. They aren't really sequels per se, just set in the same universe? Or at the very least reuse props and visuals. This one feels a lot more epic in scope than Star Odyssey set wise, lots and lots of star ship/alien planet sets. But it is defiantly the lesser of the two. Really those weird droids in Star Oddest are what saved it from being a total loss. This is basically rubbish but interesting to look at for the sets/effects.
(2 out of 5)
Chinese Hercules (1973) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: This movie is unfortunately not about the Chinese Hercules. It is about a man who accidentally kills the brother of the woman he loves and vows never too fight again. Then of course he later gets pushed to far and must fight again. This is where the muscle-y Chinese guy from Enter The Dragon comes in. It was a fairly standard chop-socky film, in fact it almost felt like there was too much fighting. Not bad but does not live up to that cover.
(3 out of 5)
- April 13th -
Warriors Of The Wasteland (1983) (DVD)
My Thoughts: Well I thought I had struck another unseen gem in this Mill Creek 20 pack but the longer I watched it the more and more it looked familiar. After a little research it seems that I had bought this film before, about a decade ago and in much better quality by the name of The New Barbarians. Anyway this is of of the better 'crappy' Road Warrior rip offs. I loved the feel of this universe even if it did skew ridiculous frequently. Some great cheese here and Fred Williamson and that little blond Italian kid who was in so many movies in the 80's. Also how did the bad guys keep their whites so white in the post-apocalypse? This seems like an awesome genre for someone to tribute to. Just get some old cars, add some bubbles to the top and some crazy 80's clothing (someone needs to Black Dynamite this genre).
(4 out of 5)
Dark Angel (1990) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: This was an amazing swan song to 80's sci-fi action movies. It rips off everything from Terminator to Robocop to Predator, with about every 80's cop movie cliche you can think of thrown in the mix. And they do it all with Dolph Lundgren to boot! Man I really want to watch the original Punisher now. Top notch cheese and currently the high point of the challenge for me. And to think I have avoided this movie for years because I was always disappointed that it was a non-Jessica Alba related Dark Angel!
(5 out of 5)
My Wife's Thoughts: Ending is better than I expected. But I did not... I wasn’t sure why they want to collect those liquid and what they wanted to maked. I want to get that weapon from space. I like that gun… fire...I give 3.5 Star.
(3.5 out of 5)
- April 14th -
Slaughter's Big Rip-Off (1973) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: This time they messed with the wrong brother. Slaughter's Big Rip-Off is good but really just more of the same from last time. Investigation, revenge and naked chicks. One thing that really intrigued me was at the end where they set it up for the next Slaughter movie to be Slaughter in Paris. Now that is a sequel that should have been made.
(3.5 out of 5)
Blindman (1971) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: The Zatoichi formula as a spaghetti western. Now I pride myself on my suspension of disbelief but this was a hard pill to swallow. A blind man with a sword is one thing but a blind man with a gun? Riding his horse all over the west? Trying to get back 50 women that were stolen from him that he was charged with delivering to miners? It is a bit of a stretch. That aside it was an enjoyable film even with such a half backed premise.
(3.5 out of 5)
- April 15th -
Fatty Drives The Bus (1999) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: I have known about this movie about half of my life. I knew only the title and that it was related to Troma. I kind of had an idea what this sick twisted Troma title must be like and that was apparently completely wrong. This is actually a tongue-in-cheek comedy about the devil trying to convince a Chicago tour bus full of weirdos to sigh their souls over to him. And while it seems at first that it is going to be a really bad comedy, there is actually quite a bit of amusing stuff here. It could have been presented or acted better but I was pleasantly surprised.
(3 out of 5)
Operation Nam (1986) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Hey, not bad! I was beginning to get a little worried about this collection after those first 3 movies. Some unappreciated Vietnam vets go back to free POWs and kill a lot of Vietnamese people. Halloween's Dr. Loomis makes an appearance as a French priest and there is plenty of ridiculous Rambo-esk action. A glimmer of hope for the Mercs Grindhouse set.
(3.5 out of 5)
- April 16th -
Killer Clans (1976) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Wow, I have never seen an older Kung Fu movie in such clarity, it's beautiful. Maybe they all are and I am just watching shitty prints from grind house movie sets? I have always wanted to get some of these Dragon Dynasty discs but it has always been either the wrong time (in a products life cycle) or the wrong price (too high). But when I started seeing them at Big Lots for $3 a pop I loaded up. And this movie was surprisingly amazing. It was an endless stream of assassin and trick weaponry as two clans work to kill the others matriarch. I know I am blending histories here but it felt like a mixture of Shogun and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. My only complaint about this film is that none of the hits looked real, there was no weight behind any punch or sword swing, it all felt like they were filming the practice rehearsal. Aside from that one caveat this one is still well worth the time.
(4 out of 5)
- April 17th -
MST3k: Ninja Master I (1984) (Internet)*
My Thoughts: I remember thinking 'thats weird it sort of feels like everything is finished' about half way into this 'movie'. And apparently I was right as this is actually as it appears that the main event here was actually a short lived TV show poorly edited into a feature. Even so I actually really dug it. It had a playful A-Team/Kung Fu feel to it and several 80's staple actors. One of those times where you surprisingly try to tune out the MST3k guys from time to time.
(3.5 out of 5)
- April 18th -
Homework (1982) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Arg, come on VCI, your better than picture boxing! Decent teen sex comedy with lots of nudity. Nothing super amazing here but it was a pleasant enough watch and you did get some mom seducing daughter's boyfriend action. The best part though was the sassy black woman at the VD clinic, I would love a whole movie of that woman just sassing people around.
(3.5 out of 5)
- April 19th -
The Day The Sky Exploded (1958) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Meh. A black and white version of Armageddon with no asteroid mission. Lot of interesting ideas in this movie, especially for the time period but quality is very uneven and the movie failed to really engage me. One thing I did like was pre-1969 space flight inaccuracies. Also, interesting fact, Mario Bava was the cinematographer on this movie.
(2.5 out of 5)
- April 20th -
Dynamo (1978) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Not only is this movie Bruce Lee-sploitation but it's about Bruce Lee-sploitation. Upon Bruce Lee's death an advertising agency spots Bruce Li beating up some taxi thieves and hire him on the spot. They send him to train with this asshole that is always smoking and randomly attacking and beating the crap out of him. Then they send him around the word where a rival advertising company has apparently hired a stereotype in each country to try to kill him. It was easily the best Bruce Lee-sploitation I have seen to date, and the best movie out of the Martial Arts Essentials Vol 4 movie pack. The name and cover art for Dynamo are pretty misleading though, there is no electric martial arts action, if you were hoping for something a little like Big Trouble In Little China, just one scene where the use those electric muscle stimulators. Good movie though.
(4 out of 5)
- April 21st -
Troma's World Famous Coming Distractions (2004) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: One thing I loved about watching Troma movies on VHS when I was growing up was that there were always 10-15 minutes of trailers, interviews and other little featurettes that would proceed each feature. This was an experience that was lost in the transition to dvd, sure they are all still there in the special feature section but it's not quite the same. So when i saw this title I thought 'great, Troma has taken a page out of 42nd Street Forever's handbook and released a trailer compilation movie!' But unfortunately that is not the case. Yes there are 71 trailers and several featurettes but you have to select them one at a time. Big disappointment but there is of course a lot of Troma gold here. I defiantly rewatched a few of these, added a few to my 'to buy' list and a few more to my 'maybe that wasn't crap, let's revisit' list. But man, that presentation, this could have been a 4 or even a 4.5 movie if it was done right, are you listening Troma?
(3.5 out of 5)
The Bounty Killer (1967) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Very little spaghetti in this spaghetti western. Some decent music and scenery but everything else is by the numbers. Might as well have been watching a regular western. Meh.
(3 out of 5)
Gymkata (1985) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: This movie was so weird. So this tiny backwards country (that just so happens would be a good place to install the now defunct Star Wars defense system) holds a seemingly daily death triathlon. And the winner gets to ask a favor of the king. The US recruits an olympic gymnast to complete in said death triathlon, an event that his father died doing yet for some insane reason he still says yes... Ok so even there maybe I can get behind this movie but then they cast an actual gymnast for the role and he just plays the part so weird. He rocks a mullet, has a slightly effeminate voice and can't act his way out of a card board box. It was a perfect embodiment of this challenge. I am still baffled as to how this even got made.
(4 out of 5)
- April 22nd -
Shaolin (2011) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Man, Big Lots is killing it with the quality asian titles. This was an epic tale of the villain redeeming himself and joining with the people to fight against tyranny. Shades of The Last Samurai, amazing visuals, fights and just enough Jackie Chan to be awesome without it actually being a Jackie Chan movie. This is by far the best movie I have watched this month. Can't believe $1.88 can buy a 5/5 movie! I must be really out of the loop as it seemed like just a few years ago I was ontop of the amazing coming out of China, now it is always a surprise. Don't let the generic title and cover art fool you, this is a must see.
(5 out of 5)
- April 23rd -
The G.I. Executioner (1971) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Not the Executioner ripoff I was expecting, this was actually a 70's travelog thriller that was rebranded in the 80's to take advantage of the crazed Vietnam vet fad. And it was actually really good, remake it today with Bradley Cooper and tone down the nihilism a little and you would have a hit. I loved the setting, the Singaporean whores the slow speed chases, it was just a fun movie. And from Troma, of course!
(4 out of 5)
Death Beach (1972) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: The evil Japanese come and want to take over some local dojo, I feel like I have seen this movie before. Sure there were a few new ripples but it was just so ordinary. I will give it one nod for actually having blood and that is about it, well that and it stole some musical stings from the James Bond franchise. In the end though I was bored and that is the most gravest of movie sins.
(2 out of 5)
- April 24th -
Agent 077: Mission Bloody Mary (1965) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: This was my first delve into the Eurospy subgrenre and I am almost not sure I see the point. Sure you have a passible bond facsimile and he is doing less cooler stuff but maybe seeing more boob. I just wasn't super into it. Now I must add that the copy of this I watched was VHS sourced and defiantly on the lower end, quality wise, even considering just other titles from this challenge, and that can really bum you out on a movie. It is still my belief that Killer Tongue didn't play well on the OHMC before last due primarily to a bad transfer. All that being said I am open to more Eurospy movies, I know it's a genre that can rock.
(2.5 out of 5)
- April 25th -
Robot Jox (1989) (VHS)
My Thoughts: There is something about that 90's giant robot trilogy that I have always loved. Perhaps it feels more real, more tactile. Modern robot movies like Pacific Rim and Real Steel, while still enjoyable, just don't hold the same appeal. They are to slick, too fast, it just docent seem like you could actually build them, no one would but you could build the robots from Robot Jox. Also I love the 80's take on dystopian futures. An indisputable classic and something I am looking forward to upgrading to Blu-Ray later this year. On a release note, this VHS looks better than a lot of the DVDs I have watched this challenge.
(4.5 out of 5)
Bamboo Gods & Iron Men (1974) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Kind of takes the teeth out of a blaxploitation to have the lead be married. This is your classic bad guys hide stuff in your luggage and then try to get it later story. I liked the Hong Kong setting but the villain was a bit to outlandish and toothless. Also it oddly felt very tame, you might even think it was a PG/PG-13 movie if not for a naked massage parlor scene. Interesting enough and easily worth half a star more for the setting and the more feminine scenery but it just misses the mark for good blaxploitation.
(3 out of 5)
- April 26th -
The Hitman (1991) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Ok, you got me, I am now officially on board the Chuck Norris wagon if its going to be like this! In this one replays a cop (who is basically immune to bullets) that goes undercover with the mob and turns them another rival mobs against each other. He does still take time to help his inner city neighbor boy and teaches him and us that racism is bad. It is suck a cornball play in what is essentially a mob war movie. That wonderful asshole who plays the sheriff in Kill Bill Vol 2 is a villain, it is just a super enjoyable trashy movie.
(4.5 out of 5)
Buhachi Bushido: Code Of The Forgotten Eight (1973) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: This bizarre nihilistic samurai tale seems much more just an excuse nudity than a genuine period piece effort. Ah, there now that I got the smarts out, boooobs! Lots and lots of them, naked lesbian kung fu, prostitution, public shaming and of course lots of sword play (actually sword play, I can see how maybe in the context of that sentence that that last big might be somewhat misconstrued). It has been awhile since I have partaken in a Pinky Violence film and that is something that I really need address more often. I personally like the present day variety pinky films as opposed to the period ones but it was at the very least an interesting novelty.
(3.5 out of 5)
My Wife's Thoughts: Too much nude. And I was so surprised the main actor looks so young. I do not like ending at all its sucks, they need to make better than that. If ending is better I can give 4 star but ending sucked.
(3 out of 5)
- April 27th -
The Close Encounters of Vampire (1986) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: This fucking movie, where do I start? Well, first off it is a dark horrible VHS transfer, there is actually a part about 1 minute in where it completely fuzzes over and you can see them stop the movie and rewind it! Then there are the subtitles which are burnt in English/Chinese but they are burnt into a widescreen frame and this is presented full screen so one must frequently guess what the middle of the sentence on screen means. And finally there was the movie it's self which is about those damn hopping vampires and focuses on a group of pretty annoying children. On the other hand it at least wasn't boring so I will give it some credit for that. This movie did have one of the biggest WTF moments in the challenge for me though. Where the children, under the impression that the blood of a fully black dog will harm a vampire, capture this little dog and cut to them throwing a bucket of blood at a creature of the night, like way too much blood for this dog to have survived. There is a scene a little latter of the dog running off with a bandage around his midsection but still.
(2.5 out of 5)
- April 28th -
Forced Vengeance (1982) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Another American action movie set in Hong Kong. This one used the setting much better than Bamboo Gods and Iron Men and was overall a much more visceral experience. Also you get Chuck Norris speaking Cantonese! I am 30 and have always held this Chuck Norris thing as just some lame internet meme, the only example of his work that I knew prior to this challenge was Walker Texas Ranger. And while it is not something I like doing I have to admit that I was wrong, these movies are extremely satisfying. Would I have though the same 5-10 years ago? I don't know. But this Chuck Norris 3 pack was defiantly worth the $3.59 I paid for it.
(4 out of 5)
- April 29th -
Yakuza Weapon (2011) (Blu-Ray)*
My Thoughts: I bought this expecting something like Full Metal Yakuza, but that was unfortunately not my fate. This was more of the same slick/low budget/ridiculous plot/bad CG tripe that seems to be dominating the Japanese cinema import market as of late. I enjoy exploitation as much as the next guy but this was just stupid, at least things like Attack Girls Swim Team Vs. The Undead have a lot of nudity. I am going to have to scrutinize my Japanese titles closer here in the future, lest I get more of these Japanese equivalents to Sharknado.
(2 out of 5)
Trackdown (1976) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Wow. The movie takes a familiar plot and just keeps spinning it and spinning it until it becomes epic. It starts out a little soft, sort of like Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring then starts to turn more into Hardcore and then goes all out Thriller: A Cruel Picture with a pinch of Die Hard thrown in for good measure. A fun cautionary tale that I can't wait to watch with my daughter someday. This alone is worth the price of the Shout Factory's Action Packed Movie Marathon Vol 2.
(4.5 out of 5)
- April 30th -
Minnesota Clay (1964) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: Staring that guy that you'll recognize but not be exactly sure from what... I got a bit jazzed when I saw that that this was referenced in Quentin Tarantino's Django but really didn't find much enticing here. A man escapes a prison camp, only to find himself in the middle of a town that he must Yojimbo (movie's as verbs, lets make that a thing), the only problem is that he is going blind. I will give this one the nod as being much more realistic than the other blind man western I watched earlier in the challenge and the odd man out that must turn two factions against each other is a classic plot thread but otherwise I was meh on this title.
(3 out of 5)
Scorchy (1976) (DVD)*
My Thoughts: A somewhat disappointing ending to both the challenge and the Shout Factory Action Packed Movie Marathon Vol 2. Scorchy was at best luke warm, it was a very tame and relatively a crappy movie built around a moderately attractive woman. Connie Stevens plays an undercover officer... or actress... or detective, it is somewhat unclear, who is working on taking down an international drug dealer. The move meanders here and there and implies that there will be sexy times but does not deliver. The one saving grace of this film is a surprisingly good cross city chase scene that takes place between a motorcycle and a dune buggy. It felt distractingly out of place in what is otherwise a dud, and secured this property a half star bump. And thus ends another challenge. Lets hope next years holds a bit more of the old ultra violence and unnecessary nudity.
(2.5 out of 5)

Each Participant Has 10 Free Spots.

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
--- 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
--- 1900 -(optional)
--- 1910 -(optional)
--- 1920 -(optional)
--- 1930 -
--- 1940 -
-x- 1950 - The Day The Sky Exploded (1958)
-x- 1960 - Massacre Time (1966)
...............The Bounty Killer (1967)
...............Agent 077: Mission Bloody Mary (1965)
...............Minnesota Clay (1964)
-x- 1970 - Black Emanuelle 2 (1976)
...............A Man Called Django (1971)
...............From China With Death (1974)
...............Star Odyssey (1979)
...............Slaughter (1972)
...............SS Hell Camp (1977)
...............They (1974)
...............Django and Sartana's Showdown in the West (1970)
...............War Of The Robots (1978)
...............Chinese Hercules (1973)
...............Slaughter's Big Rip-Off (1973)
...............Blindman (1971)
...............Killer Clans (1976)
...............Dynamo (1978)
...............The G.I. Executioner (1971)
...............Death Beach (1972)
...............Bamboo Gods & Iron Men (1974)
...............Buhachi Bushido: Code Of The Forgotten Eight (1973)
...............Trackdown (1976)
...............Scorchy (1976)
-x- 1980 - Shaolin Drunkard (1983)
...............The Occultist (1988)
...............Super Fuzz (1980)
...............Bulletproof (1988)
...............Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987)
...............Warriors Of The Wasteland (1983)
...............Operation Nam (1986)
...............MST3k: Ninja Master I (1984)
...............Homework (1982)
...............Gymkata (1985)
...............Robot Jox (1989)
...............The Close Encounters of Vampire (1986)
...............Forced Vengeance (1982)
-x- 1990 - Alien Species (1996)
...............Hellbound (1994)
...............Hidden Beauties: The Awakening (1999)
...............Dark Angel (1990)
...............Fatty Drives The Bus (1999)
...............The Hitman (1991)
-x- 2000 - Blind Beast vs Killer Dwarf (2001)
...............Troma's World Famous Coming Distractions (2004)
-x- 2010 - Warriors Of The Rainbow (2011)
...............Shaolin (2011)
...............Yakuza Weapon (2011)

Watch a film for each rating:
--- G - (optional)
-x- PG - Super Fuzz
............Garbage Pail Kids Movie
............Robot Jox
--- PG-13 - (optional)
-x- R - From China With Death
..........Hidden Beauties: The Awakening
..........Chinese Hercules
..........Warriors Of The Wasteland
..........Dark Angel
..........Slaughter's Big Rip-Off
..........The G.I. Executioner
..........Bamboo Gods & Iron Men
..........The Hitman
..........Forced Vengeance
--- X (or NC-17) -
-x- Unrated (pre-MPAA 1968) - Massacre Time
............................................The Day The Sky Exploded
............................................Agent 077: Mission Bloody Mary
............................................Minnesota Clay
-x- Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) - Shaolin Drunkard
..............................................Alien Species
..............................................Black Emanuelle 2
..............................................A Man Called Django
..............................................The Occultist
..............................................Star Odyssey
..............................................SS Hell Camp
..............................................Warriors Of The Rainbow
..............................................Django and Sartana's Showdown in the West
..............................................Blind Beast vs Killer Dwarf
..............................................War Of The Robots
..............................................Fatty Drives The Bus
..............................................Operation Nam
..............................................Killer Clans
..............................................MST3k: Ninja Master I
..............................................Troma's World Famous Coming Distractions
..............................................Death Beach
..............................................Buhachi Bushido: Code Of The Forgotten Eight
..............................................The Close Encounters of Vampire
..............................................Yakuza Weapon

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
-x- First format, (DVD), (Shaolin Drunkard).
..................................(Alien Species)
..................................(Black Emanuelle 2)
..................................(A Man Called Django)
..................................(The Occultist)
..................................(Super Fuzz)
..................................(From China With Death)
..................................(Massacre Time)
..................................(Star Odyssey)
..................................(SS Hell Camp)
..................................(Hidden Beauties: The Awakening)
..................................(Warriors Of The Rainbow)
..................................(Django and Sartana's Showdown in the West)
..................................(Garbage Pail Kids Movie)
..................................(Blind Beast vs Killer Dwarf)
..................................(War Of The Robots)
..................................(Chinese Hercules)
..................................(Warriors Of The Wasteland)
..................................(Slaughter's Big Rip-Off)
..................................(Fatty Drives The Bus)
..................................(Operation Nam)
..................................(Killer Clans)
..................................(The Day The Sky Exploded)
..................................(Troma's World Famous Coming Distractions)
..................................(The Bounty Killer)
..................................(The G.I. Executioner)
..................................(Death Beach)
..................................(Agent 077: Mission Bloody Mary)
..................................(Bamboo Gods & Iron Men)
..................................(The Hitman)
..................................(Buhachi Bushido: Code Of The Forgotten Eight)
..................................(The Close Encounters of Vampire)
..................................(Forced Vengeance)
..................................(Minnesota Clay)
-x- Second format, (Blu-Ray), (Dark Angel).
.......................................................................(Yakuza Weapon)
-x- Third format, (Internet), (MST3k: Ninja Master I).
-x- Fourth format, (VHS), (Robot Jox).

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:
-x- A Token Science Fiction B-Movie: Alien Species
....................................................Star Odyssey
....................................................War Of The Robots
....................................................Warriors Of The Wasteland
....................................................Dark Angel
....................................................The Day The Sky Exploded
....................................................Robot Jox
--- A Token Horror B-Movie:

Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
-x- Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs) - Agent 077: Mission Bloody Mary
--- Giallo
--- Sword & Sandal
-x- Spaghetti Western - A Man Called Django
..................................Massacre Time
..................................Django and Sartana's Showdown in the West
..................................The Bounty Killer
..................................Minnesota Clay
--- Cannibal Film
-x- Mafia/Gangster Film - The Hitman

Martial Arts film:
-x- Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.) - Dynamo
-x- Hong Kong (or other Asian) film - Shaolin Drunkard
.....................................................From China With Death
.....................................................Chinese Hercules
.....................................................Killer Clans
.....................................................Death Beach
.....................................................Buhachi Bushido: Code Of The Forgotten Eight
-x- American film - MST3k: Ninja Master I
--- Any "Ninja" film
--- *Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film

-x- Asian Action Film - Warriors Of The Rainbow
................................Killer Clans
................................Death Beach
................................Buhachi Bushido: Code Of The Forgotten Eight
................................Yakuza Weapon

--- Biker Film
--- Stoner Film
--- Carsploitation Film
-x- Blaxploitation - Slaughter
...........................Slaughter's Big Rip-Off
...........................Bamboo Gods & Iron Men

-x- Any type - Black Emanuelle 2
....................Hidden Beauties: The Awakening
....................Buhachi Bushido: Code Of The Forgotten Eight
--- Nudie Cutie
--- Roughie
--- 70s Porn
-x- Emmanuelle Film - Black Emanuelle 2
-Homework- Teen Sex Comedy - Homework
--- Nunsploitation
-x- Shocksploitation - Buhachi Bushido: Code Of The Forgotten Eight
--- Rape/Revenge Film

--- Vigilante Film
--- Women in Prison
-x- Nazisploitation - SS Hell Camp
-x- Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation) - Hellbound
.................................................................................................... ...Fatty Drives The Bus
--- Hixploitation/Moonshiners
--- Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films
--- "Hood" Film ("Gangsta")
--- Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era)
--- Juvenile Delinquent Film
--- 60s Beach Movie
-x- Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor) - Ringo Star in Blindman
--- *Bonus* Elvis film
--- Ozploitation
--- Mexican Wrestling Film
--- Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema)
--- Bollywood Film (actual, not a Hollywood pastiche)
--- Eco-Terror Film
-x- Pre-90s Post-Apocalyptic film - Warriors Of The Wasteland
--- "Mondo" Film
--- Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production
-x- Video Nasty - SS Hell Camp
--- TV-Movie
--- Lifetime Channel Movie
--- Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film"
-x- Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or IMDB Bottom 100 {Bottom 100 archive}) - Garbage Pail Kids Movie
--- Financial Bomb
--- Razzie Winner or Nominee
-x- MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film - MST3k: Ninja Master I

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
-x- 1 - Terrance Hill Super Fuzz
-x- 2 - Chuck Norris Hellbound
.............................The Hitman
.............................Forced Vengeance
-x- 3 - Jim Brown Slaughter
.........................Slaughter's Big Rip-Off
-x- 4 - Fred Williamson Warriors Of The Wasteland
-x- 5 - Dolph Lundgren Dark Angel
-x- 6 - Lee Van Cleef MST3k: Ninja Master I
-x- 7 - Bruce Li Dynamo
-x- 8 - Jeffery Combs Robot Jox
-x- 9 - Cameron Mitchell Minnesota Clay
--- 10

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
-x- 1 - Lucio Fulci Massacre Time
-x- 2 - Enzo G. Castellari Warriors Of The Wasteland
-x- 3 - Shaw Brothers Killer Clans
-x- 4 - Lloyd Kauffman Troma's World Famous Coming Distractions
-x- 5 - Charles Band Robot Jox
-x- 6 - Sergio Corbucci Minnesota Clay
--- 7
--- 8
--- 9
--- 10

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
-x- 1 - Mill Creek Entertainment (Alien Species)
.............................................(Star Odyssey)
.............................................(War Of The Robots)
.............................................(Warriors Of The Wasteland)
.............................................(The Day The Sky Exploded)
-x- 2 - Severin (Black Emanuelle 2)
-x- 3 - Full Moon (The Occultist)
........................(SS Hell Camp)
-x- 4 - Cannon Films (Hellbound)
-x- 5 - American International Pictures (Slaughter)
......................................................(Slaughter's Big Rip-Off)
-x- 6 - Shout Factory (Bulletproof)
..............................(Dark Angel)
-x- 7 - Panik House (Blind Beast vs Killer Dwarf)
-x- 8 - Troma (Fatty Drives The Bus)
...................(Troma's World Famous Coming Distractions)
...................(The G.I. Executioner)
-x- 9 - VCI Entertainment (Homework)
-x- 10 - Empire Pictures (Robot Jox)
Best Title Watched:
Runner Up:
Dark Angel

Wife’s Best Title Watched:
Dark Angel

Worst Title Watched (Honorary Full Moon Award):

Wife’s Worst Title Watched:
SS Hell Camp

Award for Most Badassery:
Chuck Norris in The Hitman

Most Off-puttingly Awkward Lead:
Kurt Thomas in Gymkata

The 'Why do I keep re-watching this?' Award:
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

Unparalleled Anatomy (Of The Female Variety):
Shulamith Lasri in Black Emanuelle 2

WTF Award (Honorary Alejandro Jodorowsky award)
Buhachi Bushido: Code Of The Forgotten Eight
Additional Statistics
Number of 1st time viewings:
45 out of 48 (94%)

Number of titles watched with wife:
5 out of 48 (10%)

Most Watched From Decade:
1. 1970 - 20 out of 48 (42%)
2. 1980 - 13 out of 48 (27%)
3. 1990 - 6 out of 48 (13%)

Most Watched By Rating:
1. Unrated (Pre & Post MPAA) - 25 out of 48 (52%)
2. R - 20 out of 48 (42%)
3. PG - 3 out of 48 (6%)

Most Watched By Format
1.) DVD - 45 out of 48 (93%)
2.) Blu-Ray – 2 out of 48 (4%)
3.) Internet - 1 out of 48 (2%)
3.) VHS - 1 out of 48 (2%)

Highest Rated 1st Time Viewings:
(4.5 out of 5 or better)
Slaughter (4.5)
Dark Angel (5)
Shaolin (5)
The Hitman (4.5)
Trackdown (4.5)

Wife's Highest Rated Of The Challenge:
(3.5 out of 5 or better)
Dark Angel (3.5)

My Lowest Rated Titles Of The Challenge:
(1.5 out of 5 or lower (1 being the lowest possible score))
Alien Species (1.5)
They (1.5)

My Wife's Lowest Rated Titles Of The Challenge:
(2.5 out of 5 or lower (1 being the lowest possible score))
SS Hell Camp (2)
Blind Beast vs Killer Dwarf (2.5)

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

[Not much of a participant this go round]

April 17
1. Don't Answer the Phone

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

malazar's Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge List

2014: 72

40 films Completed
Checklist Completed

Total Films: 49
First Time Watches: 49 (100%)
*Denotes first time watch

Red=Streaming - 29 Films
Black=DVD - 9 Films
Blue=Blu-ray - 8 Films
Orange=TV/On Demand/DVR - 2 Films
Silver=Theater - 1 Film

April 1
1. 88 (April Mullen, 2014)*

April 2
2. Mercenaries (Christopher Ray, 2014)*

April 3
3. Revelation Road 3: The Black Rider (Gabriel Sabloff, 2014)*

April 4
4. Bone (Larry Cohen, 1972)*
5. The Doll Squad (Ted V. Mikels, 1973)*

April 6
6. The Wild One (Laslo Benedek, 1953)*

April 7
7. Hot Potato (Oscar Williams, 1976)*
8. To Be Twenty (Fernando Di Leo, 1978)*

April 8
9. Arena (Peter Manoogian, 1989)*
10. Eliminators (Peter Manoogian, 1986)*

April 9
11. Narcotic (Dwain Esper, 1933)*
12. Outcast (Nick Powell, 2014)*

April 10
13. Furious 7 (James Wan, 2015)*

April 11
14. Rage (Paco Cabezas, 2014)*

April 12
15. The Prowler (Joseph Losey, 1951)*

April 13
16. Gang War in Milan (Umberto Lenzi, 1973)*

April 14
17. Frogs (George McCowan, 1972)*
18. MST3K Version - The Mad Monster (Sam Newfield, 1942)*
19. Cotton Comes to Harlem (Ossie Davis, 1970)*

April 15
20. Ring of Fire 3: Lion Strike (Rick Jacobson, 1994)*
21. BMX Bandits (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1983)*

April 16
22. Diary of a Nudist (Doris Wishman, 1961)*

April 19
23. Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (Paris Barclay, 1996)*
24. A Real American Hero (Lou Antonio, 1978)*
25. Hatchet for the Honeymoon (Mario Bava, 1970)*
26. Ichi the Killer (Takashi Miike, 2001)*

April 22
27. America 3000 (David Engelbach, 1986)*
28. The Time Guardian (Brian Hannant, 1987)*
29. Female Teacher: In Front of the Students (Yasuaki Uegaki, 1982)*

April 23
30. Showgirls (Paul Verhoeven, 1995)*
31. Code Name: Jaguar (Maurice Labro, 1965)*
32. Beach Party (William Asher, 1963)*
33. Not Another Teen Movie (Joel Gallen, 2001)*
34. Django (Sergio Corbucci, 1966)*

April 24
35. Parole, Inc. (Alfred Zeisler, 1948)*
36. The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine (Sergio Grieco, 1974)*
37. The Last House on the Left (Wes Craven, 1972)*

April 26
38. I, Frankenstein (Stuart Beattie, 2014)*
39. Bust Out AKA Convicts Women (John Hayes, 1973)*

April 27
40. UHF (Jay Levey, 1989)*
41. Nazis at the Center of the Earth (Joseph J. Lawson, 2012)*
42. And Baby Will Fall (Bradley Walsh, 2011)*

April 28
43. The Giant of Marathon (Jacques Tourneur, Mario Bava, 1959)*
44. American Ninja (Sam Firstenberg, 1985)*

April 29
45. Return of the Tiger (Jimmy Shaw, 1979)*
46. Flash Point (Wilson Yip, 2007)*

April 30
47. Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! (Mark Hartley, 2008)*
48. Girls in Prison (John McNaughton, 1994)*
49. 6 Bullets (Ernie Barbarash, 2012)*

If a category is listed as "Optional", it does not need to be
filled to "complete" the checklist. There are 10 free spots you may apply to non-Optional categories.
As with other checklists, titles can count for multiple categories.

Some of these categories are so obscure we're giving 10 free spots of your choosing to fill in the list.

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
* 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
* 1900 -(optional)
* 1910 -(optional)
* 1920 -(optional)
* 1930 - Narcotic (1933)
* 1940 - The Mad Monster (1942)
* 1950 - The Wild One (1953)
* 1960 - Diary of a Nudist (1961)
* 1970 - Bone (1972)
* 1980 - Arena (1989)
* 1990 - Ring of Fire 3: Lion Strike (1994)
* 2000 - Ichi the Killer (2001)
* 2010 - 88 (2014)
Watch a film for each rating:
* G - (optional)
* PG - The Doll Squad
* PG-13 - Arena
* R - Bone
*X (or NC-17) - Showgirls
*Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) - Mercenaries

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
* First Format - Streaming - 88
* Second Format - TV/DVR - Bone
* Third Format - Blu-ray - The Doll Squad

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:
A Token Science Fiction B-Movie: Arena
A Token Horror B-Movie: The Mad Monster
Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
* Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs) Code Name: Jaguar
* Giallo Hatchet for the Honeymoon
* Sword & Sandal The Giant of Marathon
* Spaghetti Western Django
* Cannibal Film *Free Spot 1*
* Mafia/Gangster Film Gang War in Milan
Martial Arts film:
* Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.) Return of the Tiger
* Hong Kong (or other Asian) film Flash Point
* American film Hot Potato
* Any "Ninja" film American Ninja
* Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film
Asian Action Film Ichi the Killer
Biker Film - The Wild One
Stoner Film Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
Carsploitation Film Furious 7
Blaxploitation Cotton Comes to Harlem
* Any type Female Teacher: In Front of the Students
* Nudie Cutie Diary of a Nudist
* Roughie To Be Twenty
* 70s Porn Bust Out AKA Convicts Women
* Emmanuelle Film *Free Spot 2*
* Teen Sex Comedy Not Another Teen Movie
Nunsploitation The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine
Shocksploitation Ichi the Killer
Rape/Revenge Film The Last House on the Left
Vigilante Film Rage
Women in Prison Girls in Prison
Nazisploitation Nazis at the Center of the Earth
Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation) Revelation Road 3: The Black Rider
Hixploitation/Moonshiners A Real American Hero
Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films Narcotic
"Hood" Film ("Gangsta") Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era) Parole, Inc.
Juvenile Delinquent Film BMX Bandits
60s Beach Movie Beach Party
Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor) - UHF (Weird Al Yankovic)
* *Bonus* Elvis film
Ozploitation BMX Bandits
Mexican Wrestling Film *Free Spot 3*
Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema) *Free Spot 4*
Bollywood Film (actual, not a Hollywood pastiche) *Free Spot 5*
Eco-Terror Film Frogs
Pre-90s Post-Apocalyptic film America 3000
"Mondo" Film *Free Spot 6*
Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!
Video Nasty The Last House on the Left
TV-Movie A Real American Hero
* Lifetime Channel Movie And Baby Will Fall
Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film" *Free Spot 7*
Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or IMDB Bottom 100 {Bottom 100 archive}) Showgirls (Metascore 16)
Financial Bomb I, Frankenstein
Razzie Winner or Nominee Showgirls
MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film The Mad Monster

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
* 1 Michael Ironside - 88
* 2 Cynthia Rothrock - Mercenaries
* 3 Jim "The Dragon" Kelly - Hot Potato
* 4 Lilli Carati - To Be Twenty
* 5 Jason Statham - Furious 7
* 6 Don "The Dragon" Wilson - Ring of Fire 3: Lion Strike
* 7 Vincent Price - Beach Party
* 8 David Hess - The Last House on the Left
* 9 Steve Reeves - The Giant of Marathon
* 10 Michael Dudikoff - American Ninja

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
* 1 Larry Cohen - Bone
* 2 Ted V. Mikels - The Doll Squad
* 3 Charles Band - Eliminators
* 4 Dwain Esper - Narcotic
* 5 Umberto Lenzi - Gang War in Milan
* 6 Joseph Merhi - Ring of Fire 3: Lion Strike
* 7 Doris Wishman - Diary of a Nudist
* 8 Takashi Miike - Ichi the Killer
* 9 Mario Bava - Hatchet for the Honeymoon
* 10 Sergio Corbucci - Django

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
* 1 The Asylum - Mercenaries
* 2 Vinegar Syndrome - The Doll Squad
* 3 Shout Factory - Eliminators
* 4 VCI - The Prowler
* 5 Tokyo Shock - Ichi the Killer

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Re: Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge List Thread (April 1-30, 201

Sixth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-movie Challenge

*= first time viewing
blue= personal BluRay
black= personal DVD
green= streaming
orange= theatrical presentation
purple= borrowed or rented BD/DVD

March 31st
1. Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke (Lou Adler & Tommy Chong, 1978 / United States / Netflix Instant)

April 1st
2. The Prodigal Planet (Donald W. Thompson, 1983 / United States / YouTube)*
3. Hong Kong Confidential (Edward L. Cahn, 1958 / United States / Netflix Instant)*

April 2nd
4. He Walked By Night (Alfred L. Werker & Anthony Mann, 1948 / United States / Netflix Instant)*

April 4th
5. Donovan's Brain (Felix E. Feist, 1953 / United States / Netflix Instant)*

April 5th
6. Scandal Sheet (Phil Karlson, 1952 / United States)

April 6th
7. Mesa of Lost Women (Ron Ormond & Herbert Tevos, 1953 / United States / YouTube)*
8. The Amazing Mr. X (Bernard Vorhaus, 1948 / United States / YouTube)*
9. Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla (William Beaudine, 1952 / United States)*
10. Legend of the Eight Samurai (Satomi hakken-den) (Kinji Fukasaku, 1983 / Japan)*
11. Freshman Orientation (Ryan Shiraki, 2004 / United States / Netflix Instant)*

April 7th
12. The Apple (Menahem Golan, 1980 / United States / Netflix Instant)*
13. Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (Gamera daikaijû kuchu lessen) (Shûsuke Kaneko, 1995 / Japan)
14. Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion (Gamera 2: Region shurai) (Shûsuke Kaneko, 1996 / Japan)*

April 8th
15. Swamp Women (Roger Corman, 1956 / United States / YouTube)*
16. Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (Gamera 3: Iris kakusei) (Shûsuke Kaneko, 1999 / Japan)*
17. Smart Money (Alfred E. Green, 1931 / United States)*

April 9th
18. Viva Las Vegas (George Sidney, 1964 / United States)*
19. Island of Lost Souls (Erle C. Kenton, 1932 / United States)
--- Interview: Richard Stanley (2011)
20. Brotherhood of Death (Bill Berry, 1976 / United States / Netflix Instant)*

April 10th
21. No One Would Tell (Noel Nosseck, 1996 / United States / YouTube)*
22. Flowers in the Attic (Deborah Chow, 2014 / United States / Lifetime streaming)*
23. Olga's Girls (Joseph P. Mawra, 1964 / United States / YouTube)*

April 11th
24. Poseidon (Wolfgang Petersen, 2006 / United States)* - financial bomb
25. The Telephone Book (Nelson Lyon, 1971 / Netflix Instant)*

April 12th
26. Adventures of the Queen (David Lowell Rich, 1975)*
27. Super Fly (Gordon Park Jr., 1972 / United States)*

April 13th
28. Hunchback of Notre Dame II (Bradley Raymond, 2002 / United States)* - Disney direct-to-video schlock
29. Mystery Science Theater 3000: 10.1, "Soultaker (Michael Rissi, 1990)" (1999 / United States / YouTube w/ annotations)*
30. The Angry Red Planet (Ib Melchior, 1959 / United States / Amazon Prime)*
31. The Purchase Price (William A. Wellman, 1932 / United States)*

April 14th
32. Assassin of Youth (Elmer Clifton, 1937 / United States / YouTube)*
33. Petals on the Wind (Karen Moncrieff, 2014 / United States / Lifetime streaming)*

April 15th
34. Fog Island (Terry O. Morse, 1945 / United States / YouTube)*
35. Bride of the Monster (Edward D. Wood Jr., 1955 / United States / Hulu)*

April 16th
36. Coffy (Jack Hill, 1973 / United States)*
37. Little Caesar (Mervyn Leroy, 1931 / United States)
38. Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical (Andy Fickman, 2005 / United States)

April 17th
39. They Saved Hitler's Brain (David Bradley, 1968 / United States / YouTube)*

April 18th
40. The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Jim Sharman, 1975 / United States)

April 20th
41. The Brain That Wouldn't Die (Joseph Green, 1962 / United States / YouTube)*
42. G.I. Samurai (Sengoku jieitai) (Kôsei Saitô, 1979 / Japan)*

April 21st
43. Starcrash (Luigi Cozzi, 1978 / Italy / YouTube)*

April 22nd
44. Dressed to Kill (Eugene Forde, 1941 / United States / Netflix Instant)*
45. Killers Are Challenged (A 077, sfida ai killers) (Antonio Margheriti, 1966 / Italy / YouTube)*

April 24th
46. Perseus Against the Monsters (Perseo l'invincibile) (Alberto De Martino, 1963 / Italy / Netflix Instant)*
47. Wing Chun (Woo-Ping Yuen, 1994 / Hong Kong / Netflix Instant)*
48. Flash Gordon (Mike Hodges, 1980 / United States)*

April 25th
49. Beyond the Time Barrier (Edgar G. Ulmer, 1960 / United States / Netflix Instant)*
50. Never Take Sweets from a Stranger (Cyril Frankel, 1960 / United Kingdom)*

April 26th
51. Death Race 2000 (Paul Bartel, 1975 / United States / YouTube)*
52. Death Race (Paul W.S. Anderson, 2008 / United States)*

April 27th
53. Baadasssss! (Mario Van Peebles, 2003 / United States)*

Shorts & Trailers
1. The Monster (Le monstre) (Georges Méliès, 1903 / France / YouTube / 2 min.)*
2. Trailer: Muscle Beach Party (1964)
3. Trailer: Bikini Beach (1964)
4. Trailer: Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962)
5. Trailer: Jailhouse Rock (1957)
6. Trailer: Viva Las Vegas (1964)
7. The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scotts (Alfred Clark, 1985 / United States / YouTube / 1 min.)*
8. The X-Ray Fiend (George Albert Smith, 1897 / United Kingdom / YouTube / 1 min.)*
9. Trailer: Rollerball (1975)
10. Trailer: The Pink Angels (1972)

Watch one film from every decade of film history
-X- 1890 - The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scotts (1895)
-X- 1900 - The Monster (Le monstre) (1903)
--- 1910 - (optional)
--- 1920 - (optional)
-X- 1930 - Smart Money (1931)
-X- 1940 - Dressed to Kill (1941)
-X- 1950 - Scandal Sheet (1952)
-X- 1960 - Never Take Sweets from a Stranger (1960)
-X- 1970 - Adventures of the Queen (1975)
-X- 1980 - Flash Gordon (1980)
-X- 1990 - Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (Gamera daikaijû kuchu lessen) (1995)
-X- 2000 - Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical (2005)
-X- 2010 - Flowers in the Attic (2014)

Watch a film for each rating
-X- G - Hunchback of Notre Dame II
--- PG -
--- PG-13 - (optional)
-X- R - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
--- X (or NC-17) -
--- Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) -

Watch films in at least three formats
-X- BD - Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (Gamera 3: Iris kakusei)
-X- DVD - The Purchase Price
-X- Streaming (Netflix) - Beyond the Time Barrier

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in - (optional)

Watch a film in the following genres
-X- Token Science Fiction B-Movie - Donovan's Brain
--- Token Horror B-Movie -
-X- Asian Action film - G.I. Samurai (Sengoku jieitai)
--- Biker film
-X- Stoner film - Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke
-X- Carsploitation film - Death Race 2000
-X- Blaxploitation film - Super Fly
--- Nunsploitation film
--- Shocksploitation film
--- Rape/Revenge film
-X- Vigilante film - Coffy
--- Women in Prison
--- Nazisploitation film
-X- Eschploitation film - The Prodigal Planet
-X- Hixploitation/Moonshiners film - Brotherhood of Death
-X- Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films - Assassin of Youth
--- "Hood" Film
-X- Hollywood Gangster film - Little Caesar
--- Juvenile Delinquent film
--- 60s Beach movie
--- Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor)
-X- Elvis film - Viva Las Vegas
--- Ozploitation film
--- Mexican Wrestling film
-X- Foreign "Ripoff" film - Starcrash, basically Italian Star Wars
--- Bollywood film
--- Eco-Terror film
--- Pre-90s Post-Apocalyptic film
--- "Mondo" film
--- Documentary
--- Video Nasty
-X- TV-Movie - Petals on the Wind
-X- Lifetime Channel Movie - No One Would Tell
--- Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film"
--- Critical Bomb
-X- Financial Bomb - Poseidon
--- Razzie Winner or Nominee
-X- MST3K/RiffTrax/Cinematic Titanic - MST3K: Soultaker

Italian (or European) films
-X- Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs) - Killers Are Challenged (A 077, sfida ai killers)
--- Giallo
-X- Sword & Sandal - Perseus Against the Monsters (Perseo l'invincibile)
--- Spaghetti Western
--- Cannibal film
--- Mafia/Gangster film

Martial Arts film
--- Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.)
-X- Hong Kong (or other Asian) film - Wing Chun
--- American film
--- "Ninja" film
--- Actual Bruce Lee film

-X- Any type - The Telephone Book
--- Nudie Cutie
-X- Roughie - Olga's Girls
--- 70s Porn
--- Emmanuelle film
-X- Teen Sex Comedy - Freshman Orientation

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the safe list
-X- Allison Hayes (Elena Martine) stars in Hong Kong Confidential
-X- Whit Bissell (Paul Reeves) stars in He Walked By Night
-X- Richard Carlson (Martin Abbott) stars in The Amazing Mr. X
-X- Beverly Garland (Vera) stars in Swamp Women
-X- Bela Lugosi (Sayer of the Law) stars in Island of Lost Souls
-X- George Zucco (Leo Grainer) stars in Fog Island
-X- Jason Statham (Jensen Ames) stars in Death Race
--- 8
--- 9
--- 10

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the safe list
-X- Ron Ormond directs Mesa of Lost Women
-X- William Beaudine directs Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla
-X- Kinji Fukasaku directs Legend of the Eight Samurai (Satomi hakken-den)
-X- Menahem Golan directs/produces The Apple
-X- Edward D. Wood Jr. directs/produces Bride of the Monster
--- 6
--- 7
--- 8
--- 9
--- 10

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list
-X- Mill Creek - Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion (Gamera 2: Region shurai)
-X- American International Pictures - The Angry Red Planet
-X- VCI - They Saved Hitler's Brain
-X- Synapse - The Brain That Wouldn't Die
--- 5

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