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joshboy 06-09-14 10:59 PM

vcd talk
youtube . com/watch?v=8UT1lRYle9A

i just love to collect vcd movies i only get official one not bootleg ones i will pick up a bootleg one here and there if the shop is having 4cds for $1 and i cant find any other vcds

every vcd i have ever bought from second hand stores have never been scratched at all they all have looked like new :)

my fave vcd i own would be cdn.kaskus .com/images/2013/10/06/5248256_20131006073800.jpg

i watch them on my old crt tv 21inch and they look and sound find only downside is there are subtitles on most of the movies and some are pan and scan but hey that really does not bother me

so do you collect vcd movies what is your fave one you own comment below

manicsounds 06-10-14 07:24 PM

Re: vcd talk
You already started a thread here over a year ago on the same topic. The US never had VCD releases like Southeast Asia did.

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