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BTSMGL 12-10-13 11:38 PM

"Gladiator" Sapphire Series replacement disc
Hello everyone,

So back in 2010 we had "Gladiator" released on Blu-ray under the Sapphire Series banner, but the video quality was subpar. A replacement disc with better quality was quickly made, and you could replace the old one with the new one.

Unfortunately, I was in the middle of moving when this happened, and never got around to it.

Now, aaaaaalmost 4 years later, I'm kinda/sorta wondering if anyone knows the chances that I could still get the new disc... and if so, how could I go about acquiring it?

Thanks in advance!

The Man with the Golden Doujinshi 12-11-13 09:57 AM

Re: "Gladiator" Sapphire Series replacement disc
Look up who people contacted back then and then try contacting the same way.

pacaway 12-11-13 12:18 PM

Re: "Gladiator" Sapphire Series replacement disc
My email reply back from Paramount said this...

"Thank you for contacting us regarding the Gladiator Blu-ray. Please call us at 888-889-9456.
Look forward to speaking with you"

That was August 13 2010.

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