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List thread for Fourth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge April 1-30 2013

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List thread for Fourth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge April 1-30 2013

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Re: List thread for Fourth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge April 1-30

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
* 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
* 1900 -(optional)
* 1910 -(optional)
* 1920 -(optional)
* 1930 -
* 1940 -
* 1950 -The Tingler(1959)
* 1960 -Curious Dr. Humpp(1967)
* 1970 -Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974)
* 1980 -Deadbeat At Dawn(1988)
* 1990 -Terror Firmer(1999)
* 2000 -Manson Family(2003)

Watch a film for each rating:
* G - (optional)
* PG -The Baby(1973)
* PG-13 - Freaked
* R -Death Race 2000
* X (or NC-17) -Pink Flamingos
* Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) - Texas Chainsaw Massacre II

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
* First format, TV- They Shoot Divas Don't They
* Second format, VHS- Mystery Science Theater: The Movie
* Third format, DVD- Messiah Of Evil

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:
A Token Science Fiction B-Movie:
A Token Horror B-Movie: Messiah Of Evil
Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
* Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs) Danger: Diabolik
* Giallo
* Sword & Sandal
* Spaghetti Western
* Cannibal Film
* Mafia/Gangster Film
Martial Arts film:
* Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.)
* Hong Kong (or other Asian) film
* American film
* Any "Ninja" film
* Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film
Biker Film-Wild Angels
Stoner Film-Blood Freak
Carsploitation Film-Death Race 2000
Sexploitation: Curious Dr. Humpp
* Any type
* Nudie Cutie
* Roughie
* 70s Porn
* Emmanuelle Film
* Teen Sex Comedy
Rape/Revenge Film- Deadbeat At Dawn
Vigilante Film- Vigilante
Women in Prison
Eschploitation- Lords Of Salem
Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films
"Hood" Film ("Gangsta")
Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era)
Juvenile Delinquent Film
60s Beach Movie
Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor)
* *Bonus* Elvis film
Mexican Wrestling Film-Night of the Bloody Apes
Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema)
Eco-Terror Film
"Mondo" Film- Killing Of America
Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production-The VanBebber Family(2003)
Video Nasty-Texas Chainsaw Massacre
* Lifetime Channel Movie-They Shoot Divas Don't They?
Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film"
DirectToVideo sequel Citizen Toxie: Toxic Avenger IV
Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or IMDB Bottom 100 {Bottom 100 archive}) Troll II
Financial Bomb
MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film Brain That Wouldn't Die
Non-MST3K version of a film featured on MST3K (or CT)

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
* 1
* 2
* 3
* 4
* 5
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
* 1
* 2
* 3
* 4
* 5
* 6
* 7
* 8
* 9
* 10

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
* 1 Something Weird DVD Sampler
* 2 The Child
* 3 Blood Freak
* 4 Carnival Of Blood
* 5 Curious Dr. Humpp

First time viewing*

April 1st

1. *They Shoot Divas Don't They(2002)-Lifetime Film-TV- Jennifer Beals, David Bowe, Traci Lords. Wow, if you would've told me the First movie I'd watch for this challenge would be a Lifetime flick co-starring Weird Al's sidekick from UHF, I would've said "your crazy" but it was an entertaining enough flick and Jennifer Beals is still sexy as hell. 2/5

2. *Room 237(2012) On Demand- Very interesting documentary on the various hidden messages in The Shining. It made me really want to see the Shining again and I really want to see it in a theater where they play the film forwards and backwards at the same time. 3.5/5

April 2nd

3. Deadbeat At Dawn(1988)-dvd-Jim VanBebber, Marc Pittman. I love this flick, it has amazing 80's gang fashion, a cool Carpenter like score, Nunchucks, and some damned good stunts. 4/5

4. The Manson Family(2003)-dvd-Jim VanBebber, Marc Pittman, Leslie Orr. I thought the work print version of Charlie's Family was much better than the released version. 3/5.

5. The VanBebber Family(2003)-dvd-Jim VanBebber, Andy Kopp, Marc Pittman. It's incredible that not only did VanBebber finish The Manson Family but that it also played in theaters. 4/5

April 3rd

6. Something Weird Extra Weird DVD Sampler(2002)-DVD- What a great way to sell your product. I used to love going to Borders Books and checking out what new Something Weird DVD's they'd gotten in. Favorite trailers: Fat Black Pussycat, Bad Girls Go To Hell, Kiss Me Quick!, The Child, Pigkeeper's Daughter. 5/5

7. The Child(1977)-DVD-Rosalie Cole, Frank Janson, P: Harry Novak- Not a bad little horror film. Kind of slow at times, but it has a unique atmosphere and some unexpected gore. Would be a perfect film to revisit for the Halloween Horror Challenge. 2.5/5

8. Freaked(1993)-DVD- Alex Winter, William Sadler, Randy Quaid- Huge fan of Alex Winter and Tom Stern, I wish they'd work more. Loved the Idiot Box on MTV and I love this flick. I'm looking forward to watching with the Directors' Commentary. 3.5/5

April 4th

9. From Dusk Till Dawn(1996) TV- George Clooney, Havey Keitel, Cheech Marin. I remember when this movie was coming out, everyone was so excited, QT is making a horror film! It's gonna change the genre, FOREVER! Sadly, that didn't happen, what was made, was an enjoyable flick, that's perfect late night watching after you've had a few beers and just wanna lay on the couch and be entertained. 2.5/5

10. Evil Dead(1981) DVD-Bruce Campbell. What really needs to be said? Getting ready for the remake, I remember watching this on Up All Night. It scared me half to death. One of my favorites. 4/5

11. Evil Dead II(1987) DVD-Bruce Campbell. Fun, fun movie, I hope the remake is at least entertaining. 4/5.

12. Army Of Darkness(1992) DVD-Bruce Campbell. I saw this during it's original release back in the day. I was in Jr. high, my date and I skipped school and took a Bus to get to the theater. We had a great time and I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Army Of Darkness. 4/5

April 5th- All Roger Corman films in honor of his Birthday.

13. Born To Kill AKA Cockfighter(1974) VHS-Warren Oates, Harry Dean Stanton, Millie Perkins. How can you not love a movie with this tagline, "He came into town with his cock in hand, and what he did with it was illegal in 49 states." Warren Oates gives an extraordinary performance. I'm still kicking myself for not picking up the OOP Anchor Bay DVD. 4/5

14. Death Race 2000(1975) DVD-David Carradine, Sylvester Stallone, Martin Kove. Fun, fun film. Every time I watch it, I'm always entertained. RIP Paul Bartel. 5/5

15. Hollywood Boulevard(1976) DVD-Dick Miller, Candice Rialson, Mary Woronov, Paul Bartel. Another film I've watched dozens of times, and each time I'm always entertained. 4/5

16. Corman's World(2011) DVD- Even though I enjoyed this Documentary, I thought it could've been much longer. It seemed to skip over some vital areas of Corman's film history. 3/5

April 6th

17. Frakenhooker(1990) DVD-James Lorinz, Louise Lasser. Big fan of Frank Henenlotter. With his performance in this and Street Trash it's a shame James Lorinz doesn't work more often. Didn't like this film as much as Basket Case or Brain Damage but it was still an awful lot of fun. 3/5

18. Brain Damage(1987) DVD-Rick Herbst. It was great to finally see an uncut version of this film. I remember, reading about all the cut scenes in Gorezone back in the day. Fun little film. 3.5/5

19. Basket Case(1981) DVD-Kevin Van Hentenryck, Beverly Bonner. One of my faves, the effects may be crude, but it just adds to the enjoyment of the film. 4/5.

April 7th- Troma day!

20. Terror Firmer(1999) DVD-Will Keenan, Trent Haaga, Debbie Rochan. Oh man, it may be stupid as shit, but I love Terror Firmer. 4/5

21. Making of Terror Firmer(1999) DVD- Note to self, never work on a Troma film. 4/5

22.Citizen Toxie: Toxic Avenger IV(2000)-DVD- Very much like T.F. it's stupid as hell but I laughed my ass off. 3.5/5

23. Apocalypse Soon: Making of Citizen Toxie(2000)-DVD- I think I like the documentaries more than the films themselves. 4/5

24. Combat Shock(1986)-DVD- Rick Giovinazzo- One of my all time favorite films. I'm very much looking forward to Buddy's new film A Night of Nightmares. 5/5

April 8th-It's all about the Trolls

25.Troll(1985) DVD-Michael Moriarty, Sonny Bono, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I'm not sure why everyone kneels down to Troll II. I enjoyed Troll much more, I almost died laughing when Moriarty lip synched Summertime Blues! 3/5

26. Troll II(1991)-DVD-George Hardy. Don't get me wrong, Troll II is damned entertaining. I just enjoyed the First Troll more. 2.5/5

27. Best Worst Movie-DVD-George Hardy, Claudio Fragasso. I thought this was a tad overrated. I was really turned off when George was shitting on the Horror Convention and the people at the convention. 2.5/5.

April 9th

28. *Evil Dead(2013) Theater-Lou Taylor Pucci, Jane Levy. Oh man, I'm not sure how "good" this film is, but it scared the shit out of my GF. We've seen just about every horror film, released into theaters the last few years. I've never seen her so scared. It was an amazing theater experience, that I'll never forget. 3.5/5.

29. *I Can See You(2008)-DVD-Benjamin Dickinson, Duncan Skiles. Not a bad little horror film. Loved the very slow burn and the music. Not a classic by any means, but I enjoyed it and wouldn't mind watching it again. 3/5.

April 10th-Something Weird Madness!!

30. Night Of the Bloody Apes(1969)-DVD- I can't believe how amazing the picture looks on this DVD. The colors really pop, this film has Female wrestling, gorillas, open-heart surgery, A crappy-looking monster, and gratuitous nudity. A true trash classic. 4/5

31. Curious Dr. Humpp(1967)-DVD- "Sex Dominates the world and now I dominate sex!" I love this very strange sexpolation classic. 4/5

32. Blood Freak(1972)-DVD-Steve Hawkes. If your going to watch any Something Weird dvd, I recommend this ahem, "turkey". I can't really do justice to everything that's going on in this film. Do yourself a favor, if you don't watch it, for the challenge. Check it out, on Thanksgiving next year. 5/5

33. Carnival Of Blood(1972)-DVD-Burt Young. Great footage of the Boardwalk way back when. Also, an early performance from the great Burt Young. 3/5.

April 11th

34. *Wild Angels(1966)-DVD- Peter Fonda, Bruce Dern, Nancy Sinatra. Wasn't my favorite biker film, but it was enjoyable. Anything with Bruce Dern is worth watching. 2.5/5

35. Danger: Diabolik(1968)-DVD-John Phillip Law, Marisa Mell. I fucking love this movie! The soundtrack and costumes are wonderful. 4/5

36. *The Killing Of America(1981) DVD- Damn, this was very good and surprisingly timely documentary about violence in America. It's very sad, 30 years later and it seems not much has changed. Highly recommended. 4/5

April 12th-Mariana Hill double feature!

37. The Baby(1973)-DVD-Mariana Hill, Ruth Roman, David Manzy as BABY- Strange, strange film. If you haven't checked out this slice of 70's weirdness. I encourage you to do so. 3.5/5

38. Messiah Of Evil(1973)-DVD- Mariana Hill, Royal Dano. Very Lovercraftian, a young women drives to a seaside town to discover the reason for her father's developing madness. It's kind of slow in parts, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. And I always enjoy seeing Mariana Hill! 3.5/5

April 13th-Ti West Triple Feature!

39. The Roost(2005)-DVD- Tom Noonan. Fun little killer bat film, loved the wraparound segments with the highly talented Tom Noonan. Felt a little too long, but I had fun with it. 3/5.

40. House of the Devil(2009)-DVD-Tom Noonan, Mary Woronov, Dee Wallace. Oh man, I love this flick. As you may have noticed from my post above, I'm a huge Tom Noonan fan, ever since Manhunter. He and Mary Woronov are excellent, as is the whole cast. Would make a great double feature with Kill List. 4/5

41. The Innkeepers(2011)-DVD- Sara Paxton, Pat Healy, Kelly McGillis. Another film I really enjoy, a classic old fashioned haunted hotel film. I thought Sara Paxton was adorable and I could easily relate to the Pat Healy character. 3.5/5

April 14th More Ti West Madness!

42. VHS(2012)-DVD- Adam Wingard, Joe Swanberg, Enjoyed all of the segments, my faves being: STRANGE THING THAT HAPPENED TO EMILY and AMATEUR NIGHT. 3.5/5.

43. The ABC's Of Death(2012)-Burned DVD- Lee Hardcastle, Dallas Malloy. Very hit or miss film, but I enjoyed most of the segments. My faves being: D is for Dogfight, L is for Libido,P Is for Pressure, X Is for XXL, and Y Is for Youngbuck. 3/5

April 15th Sleaze Fest

44. Last House of the Left(1972)-DVD-David Hess, Martin Kove, Fred Lincoln. Started off the evening with Last House. Even after 40 years this film still packs quite the punch. David Hess and Fred Lincoln were didn't seem to be acting. 4/5

45. Maniac(1980)-DVD-Joe Spinell, Caroline Munro. Amazing special effects from Tom Savini. And a whacked out, sweaty performance from Joe Spinell. 3/5.

46. Don't Go In the House(1980)-DVD- Dan Grimaldi, Bill Ricci. Sleazy as fuck, I really needed a shower after watching these last Three flicks. 3/5

April 16th-MST-3000 fest!

47. MST-3000: Manos: Hands of Fate(1998)-VHS- I needed something light after the sleaze fest. MST-3000 is perfect! I couldn't imagine watching Manos without funny commentary. 4/5.

48. MST-3000:Brain That Wouldn't Die(1996)-VHS- Now this film on the other hand, I've enjoyed with or without the commentary. It really is a true oddity. 4/5.

49. MST-3000: The Movie(1995)-VHS- I remember watching this, in an empty theater way back when. It was funny as hell then and remains so. 4/5.

April 17th- It's all about the Chainsaw.

50. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974)-DVD- Gunnar Hansen, Marilyn Burns, Jim Siedow. What can you say about this classic film? It's easily one of my favorite films of all time. 5/5

51. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II(1986)-DVD- Dennis Hopper, Caroline Williams, Bill Moseley. Huge fan of this underrated film. Tremendous comedic performances from Bill Moseley and Jim Siedow. 4/5

52.*The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Family Portrait, Revisited(2000)-DVD- Tremendous documentary on the making of TCM. Highly recommended. 4/5

April 18th

53. The Hills Have Eyes(1977)-DVD- Michael Berryman, Robert Houston. Damn, much like Last House on the Left this little film holds up incredibly well. 4/5

54. Vigilante(1982)-DVD- Robert Forster, Fred Williamson, Joe Spinell. What a great tag line "The best law firm in America is Smith & Wesson". Great little film, with a great cast of character actors. 3.5/5

April 19th- Vincent Price madness!

55. The Abominable Dr. Phibes(1971)-DVD- Vincent Price, Joseph Cotten, Hugh Griffith, I had completely forgotten that Joseph Cotten was in this classic. Fun film, great sets, great music and a great performance from the great Vincent Price. 4/5

56. Dr. Phibes Rises Again(1972)- Vincent Price, Robert Quarry, Peter Cushing Fun sequel, didn't enjoy it as much as the original, but I was definitely entertained. 3/5

57. The Tingler(1959)- Vincent Price, Judith Evelyn. Wonderfully surreal horror classic from William Castle. Love it and could watch it over and over. 4/5

April 20th- Celebrating John Waters' Birthday a little early! Perfect for 4/20

58. Female Trouble-(1974)- Divine, David Lochary, Mink Stole. My all time favorite Waters' film. So deranged, so perfect. 5/5

59. Pink Flamingos-(1972)- Divine, Mink Stole, Mary Vivian Pierce. Enjoyed this film, but I always thought it was overrated. I enjoy Desperate Living and Female Trouble much more. Funny story, when I was 16, I was trying to find and watch all of Waters' early films. Now, this is before the internet, luckily I had about 7 Mom and Pop video stores within a half hours drive, I had found all of them except Pink Flamingos. One day, my friend said there was a video store about an hour away that had a copy of Pink Flamingos. So, I drove out into the middle of Bumfuck, WV in search of this mythical Video Store. I find it and it's one of those Drug Stores/Video Stores. I desperately search the Videos for PF, I didn't see it, I ask the clerk if they had Pink Flamingos, she said, "why yes, they are in aisle 7" I desperately dash to aisle 7, and what do I find? Actual Pink Flamingos for the lawn, they didn't have the film, but the trip wasn't a complete loss. They did have Eating Rauol and Death Race 2000, two films I'd been looking for. Sometimes, I miss those days of driving all around to various Video Stores and not knowing what you'd find.

April 21st-More Waters's goodness

60. Desperate Living(1977)- Mary Vivian Pierce, Mink Stole, Liz Renay. So many great lines, one of the greatest beginnings in trash cinema history. 4/5

61. Polyester(1981)- Divine, Tab Hunter, Edith Massey. Everyone seems to hate this film. I really enjoy it, it's not Female Trouble or Desperate Living, but that's okay. 4/5

April 24th

*62. Lords Of Salem(2012)-R-Theater, Sherri Moon Zombie, Ken Foree, Meg Foster, Dee Wallace. Wow, can't believe I watched this in a chain movie theater. It was something, could have done without the King Diamond lookalike, but the final 15 minutes was bonkers. Also, loved the soundtrack. 3/5.

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Re: List thread for Fourth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge April 1-30

Total: 76 films, 120 shorts
First viewing: 44 films, 5 shorts

Blue = First time viewing

Week One: April 1-6
1. Thomas Edison Electrocutes an Elephant (1903)
2. Hercules in the Haunted World (1961)
3. Bride of the Monster (1955)
4. Cat Women of the Moon (1953)
5. The Brain From Planet Arous (1957)
6. Giant Monster Duel: Gamera Versus Barugon (1966)
7. The Three Stooges: Woman Haters/Punch Drunks/Men In Black/Three Little Pigskins/Horses' Collars
8. The Three Stooges: Restless Knights/Pop Goes The Easel/Uncivil Warriors/Pardon My Scotch/Hoi Polloi
9. The Three Stooges: Three Little Beers/Ants In The Pantry/Movie Maniacs/Half-Shot Shooters/Disorder In The Court
10. The Three Stooges: A Pain In The Pullman/False Alarms/Whoops, I'm an Indian/Slippery Silks/Mummy's Dummies
11. Charlie Chan in London (1934)
12. The Chinese Cat (1944)
13. Dead Men Tell (1941)
14. Murder Over New York (1940)
15. Giant from the Unknown (1958)
16. Invasion of the Star Creatures (1962)
17. The Three Stooges: Crime on Their Hands/Grips, Grunts and Groans/Dizzy Doctors/Three Dumb Clucks/Back to the Woods
18. The Three Stooges: Goofs and Saddles/Cash and Carry/Playing the Ponies/The Sitter Downers/Termites of 1938
19. The Three Stooges: Wee Wee Monsieur/Tassels in the Air/Flat Foot Stooges/Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb/Violent is the Word for Curly
20. The Three Stooges: Three Missing Links/Mutts to You/Three Little Sew and Sews/We Want Our Mummy/A Ducking They Did Go
21. The Three Stooges: Yes, We Have No Bonanza/Saved by the Belle/Calling All Curs/Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise/Three Sappy People
22. Orgy of the Dead (1965)
23. Blaze Starr Goes Nudist (1962)
24. Sex Madness (1938)
25. Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)

Week Two: April 7-13
26. The Three Stooges: You Nazty Spy!/Rockin' Thru the Rockies/A Plumbing We Will Go/Nutty But Nice/How High is Up?
27. The Three Stooges: From Nurse to Worse/No Census, No Feeling/Cookoo Cavaliers/Boobs in Arms/So Long Mr. Chumps
28. The Three Stooges: Dutiful But Dumb/All the World's a Stooge/I'll Never Heil Again/An Ache in Every Stake/In the Sweet Pie and Pie
28. The Three Stooges: Some More of Samoa/Loco Boy Makes Good/Cactus Makes Perfect/What's the Matador?/Matri-Phony
29. The Three Stooges: Three Smart Saps/Even as IOU/Sock-a-Bye Baby/They Stooge to Conga/Dizzy Detectives
30. Killer Constable (1980)
31. King Cat (1967)
32. Lady with a Sword (1971)
33. The Three Stooges: Spook Louder/Back from the Front/Three Little Twirps/Higher Than a Kite/I Can Hardly Wait
34. The Three Stooges: Dizzy Pilots/Phony Express/A Gem of a Jam/Crash Goes the Hash/Busy Buddies
35. The Three Stooges: The Yoke's on Me/Idle Roomers/Gents Without Cents/No Dough, Boys/Three Pests in a Mess
36. The Three Stooges: Booby Dupes/Idiots Deluxe/If a Body Meets a Body/Micro-Phonies/Beer Barrel Polecats
37. The Three Stooges: A Bird in the Head/Uncivil War Birds/The Three Troubledoers/Monkey Businessmen/Three Loan Wolves
38. The Three Stooges: G.I. Wanna Home/Rhythm and Weep/Three Little Pirates/Half-Wits Holiday/Fright Night
39. The Three Stooges: Out West/Hold That Lion!/Brideless Groom/Sing a Song of Six Pants/All Gummed Up
40. The Three Stooges: Shivering Sherlocks/Pardon My Clutch/Squareheads of the Round Table/Fiddlers Three/The Hot Scots
41. The Three Stooges: Heavenly Daze/I'm a Monkey's Uncle/Mummy's Dummies/Crime on Their Hands
42. Troll (1986)
43. Troll 2 (1990)
44. Best Worst Movie (2009)
45. Journey to the Seventh Planet (1962)
46. Space Amoeba (1970)
47. Ted Healy and His Stooges: Nertsery Rhymes/Plane Nuts/Beer and Pretzels/tThe Big Idea/Hollywood on Parade #B-9
48. Rockin' in the Rockies (1945)
49. Holy Flame of the Martial World (1983)
50. Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo (1937)
51. Charlie Chan in Paris (1935)

Week Three: April 14-20
52. Mondo Cane 2 (1963)
53. Invisible Invaders (1959)
54. The Clones of Bruce Lee (1981)
55. Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991)
56. Charlie Chan in Rio (1941)
57. Charlie Chan in Shanghai (1935)
58. The Magic Blade (1976)
59. The Flag of Iron (1980)
60. Five Element Ninjas (1982)
61. The Deadly Breaking Sword (1979)
62. Shaolin Intruders (1983)
63. Castle in the Desert (1942)
64. The Cape Canaveral Monsters (1960)
65. Sleazy Rider (1973)
66. Terror from the Year 5000 (1958) MST3K Version
67. Beginning of the End (1957)
68. Boy! What a Girl! (1947)
69. Tall, Tan, and Terrific (1946)
70. The Immoral Mr.Teas (1959)
71. Last Hurrah for Chivalry (1979)

Week Four: April 21-27
72. Vampire Strangler (1999)
73. The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak (1984)
74. Barbarian Queen (1985)
75. Dawna of the Dead (2008)
76. Barbarian Queen II: The Empress Strikes Back (1990)
77. The Bells of Death (1968)
78. Killer Clans (1976)
79. The Phantom Planet (1961)
80. Six Assassins (1971)
81. Sword Stained with Royal Blood (1982)
82. The Sinister Urge (1961)
83. Gang Master (1982)
84. The Creeping Terror (1964)
85. The She Creature (1956)
86. Batman (1966)
87. The Jade Tiger (1977)
88. Judgement of an Assassin (1977)
89. The Wild World of Batwoman (1966)
90. The Deadly Mantis (1957)
91. Eight Diagram Pole Fighter (1984)
92. The Thing that Couldn't Die (1958)

Week Five: April 28-30
93. The Beast of Yucca Flats (1961)
94. King Dinosaur (1955)
95. The Phantom Creeps (1939)
96. Five Fingers of Death (1972)
97. Batman & Robin (1997)
98. The Trap (1946)
99. City in Darkness (1939)
100. Lost Continent (1951)


Watch one film from every decade of film history
* 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
*Thomas Edison Electrocutes an Elephant (1903)
* 1910 -(optional)
* 1920 -(optional)
*Charlie Chan in London (1934)
*The Chinese Cat (1944)
*Bride of the Monster (1955)
*Hercules in the Haunted World (1961)
*Lady With A Sword (1971)
*Troll (1986)
*Troll 2(1990)
*Best Worst Movie (2009)

Watch a film for each rating
* G - (optional)
* PG -
*PG-13 - Godzilla: Final Wars (2004)
* R -
*X (or NC-17) - Sleazy Rider (1973)
*Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) -Blaze Starr Goes Nudist (1962)

Watch films in at least three formats
*Streaming, Bride of the Monster (1955)
*DVD, Giant Monster Duel: Gamera Versus Barugon (1966)
*Blu-ray, Batman & Robin (1997)

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in
* (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres
A Token Science Fiction B-Movie - Cat Women of the Moon (1953)
A Token Horror B-Movie - Bride of the Monster (1955)
Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
*Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs)
*Sword & Sandal - Hercules in the Haunted World (1961)
*Spaghetti Western
*Cannibal Film
*Mafia/Gangster Film
Martial Arts film:
*Brucesploitation - The Clones of Bruce Lee (1981)
*Hong Kong (or other Asian) film - Killer Constable (1980)
*American film
*Any "Ninja" film
*Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film
Biker Film - Sleazy Rider (1973)
Stoner Film
Carsploitation Film
*Any type - Blaze Starr Goes Nudist (1962)
*Nudie Cutie - Orgy of the Dead (1965)
*70s Porn
*Emmanuelle Film
*Teen Sex Comedy
Rape/Revenge Film
Vigilante Film
Women in Prison
Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation)
Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films - Sex Madness (1938)
"Hood" Film ("Gangsta")
Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era)
Juvenile Delinquent Film
60s Beach Movie
Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor)
*Bonus* Elvis film
Mexican Wrestling Film
Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema)
Eco-Terror Film
"Mondo" Film - Mondo Cane 2 (1963)
Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production - Best Worst Movie (2009)
Video Nasty
*Lifetime Channel Movie
Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film" - Batman & Robin (1997)
Direct-to-Video sequel - Barbarian Queen II: The Empress Strikes Back (1990)
Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or IMDB) Bottom 100 (Bottom 100 archive)
Financial Bomb
MST3K/RiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film - Terror from the Year 5000 (1958)
Non-MST3K version of a film featured on MST3K (or CT) - Gamera Versus Barugon (1966)

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list
Adam West
Allison Hayes
Angelo Rossitto
Annie Belle
Arch Hall Jr
Audie Murphy
Barbara Steele
Bela Lugosi
Beverly Garland
Bill Goldberg
Billy Blanks
Blue Demon
Boris Karloff
Brinke Stevens
Bruce Campbell
Bruce Dern
Bruce Lee (Le, Li, etc.)
Buck Flower
Cameron Mitchell
Casper Van Dien
Chelo Alonso
Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith
Christina Lindberg
Christopher Lee (except his newer films)
Chuck Conners
Chuck Norris
Clint Howard (ex: his brother's films)
Corey Feldman
Corey Haim
Cynthia Rothrock
Charles Bronson
Claudia Jennings
Daniel Bernhardt
David Bradley
David Carridine
David Hess
Dennis Hopper (ex: Speed)
Dick Miller
Dolores Fuller
Dolph Lundgren (ex: Rocky IV)
Don “The Dragon” Wilson
Don Johnson
Dona Speir
Donald Pleasence
Doug McClure
D'Urville Martin
Dyanne Thorne
Eddie Deezen
Eddie Parker
Eduardo Cianelli
Edwige Fenech
Elisha Cook Jr
Elizabeth Russell
Ernest Borgnine
Faith Domergue
Fred Williamson
Gary Daniels
Geofrrey Lewis
George Kennedy
George Zucco
Harry Reems
Harvey Lembeck
Hulk Hogan
J. Carrol Naish
Jack Elam
Jack Nicholson (pre-1975)
Jack Palance
Jackie Coogan
James Arness
James Karen
Jan-Michael Vincent
Jason Statham
Jayne Mainsfield
Jean-Claude van Damme
Jeff Conaway
Jeff Speakman
Jeff Wincott
Jeffery Combs
Joan Crawford
Joe Don Baker
Joe Spinell
John Agar
John Bloom
John Carradine
John Saxon
Karin Schubert
Klaus Kinski
Lana Clarkson
Laura Gemser
Lee Van Cleef
Lili Carati
Lina Romay
Linnea Quigley
Lionel Atwill
Lon Chaney Jr
Lorenzo Lamas
Lou Ferrigno
Mädchen Amick
Maila Nurmi
Mamie Van Doren
Mantan Moreland
Maria Ford
Maria Ouspenskaya
Mariangela Giordano
Marjoe Gortner
Martin Kosleck
Mary Mendum (aka Rebecca Brooke)
Mary Woronov
Maureen O'Sullivan
Michael Berryman
Michael Dudikoff
Micheal Gough
Micheal Ironside
Misty Mundae
Olivia Pascal
Olivier Gruner
Paola Senatore
Pam Grier
Patrick Swayze
Peter Cushing
Peter Graves
Peter Lorre
Phil Fondacaro
Pierre Kirby
PJ Soles
Randolph Scott
Reiko Ike
Rena Riffel
Richard Carlson
Richard Harrison
Richard Johnson
Richard Norton
Robert Vaughn
Robert Z'dar
Roddy McDowall
Roddy Piper
Roger Watkins
Rondo Hatton
Rudy Ray Moore
Russ Tamblyn
Shannon Tweed
Shannon Whirry
Shô Kosugi
Sid Haig
Simon Oakland
Soledad Miranda
Sonny Chiba
Steve Railsback
Steve Reeves
Steven Seagal
Sybil Danning
Sylvia Kristel
Ted Prior
The Amazing Criswell
Tom Atkins
Tor Johnson
Traci Lords
Tura Santana
Udo Kier
Uschi Digard
Victor Buono
Vincent Price
Virginia Leith
Warren Oates
Whit Bissell
William Shatner (except Star Trek)
William Smith
Zoe Trilling
1. Bride of the Monster (1955) Tor Johnson
2. The Brain From Planet Arous (1957) John Agar
3. The Chinese Cat (1944) Mantan Moreland
4. Orgy of the Dead (1965) The Amazing Criswell
5. Bride of the Monster (1955) Dolores Fuller
6. Invisible Invaders (1959) John Carradine
7. The Clones of Bruce Lee (1981) Bruce Le
8. Vampire Strangler (1999) Misty Mundae
9. Barbarian Queen (1985) Lana Clarkson
10. Batman (1966) Adam West

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list
* Al Adamson
* Albert Pyun
* Andreas Schnaas
* Andy Milligan
* Andy Sidaris
* Barry Mahon
* Bill Rebane
* Brian Yuzna
* Bruno Mattei
* Carl Monson
* Charles Band
* Cirio H. Santiago
* Danny Steinman
* Dario Argento
* David A. Prior
* David E. Durston
* David F. Friedman
* David L. Hewitt
* Don Coscarelli
* Don Dohler
* Don Edmonds
* Doris Wishman
* Dwain Esper
* Eddie Romero
* Edward D. Wood, Jr.
* Eli Roth
* Enzo G. Castellari
* Frank Henenlotter
* Fred Olen Ray
* George A. Romero
* George Weiss
* Giovanni "Tinto" Brass
* Godfrey Ho
* Greydon Clark
* Harmony Korine
* Harry Novak
* Herschell Gordon Lewis
* Ishirô Honda
* Jack Hill
* Jack Smith
* Jamaa Fanaka
* Jean Rollin
* Jeff Lieberman
* Jess Franco
* Jim Wynorski
* Joe D'Amato
* Joe Sarno
* John Carpenter
* John Waters
* José Mojica Marins (Coffin Joe)
* José Ramón Larraz
* Joseph Merhi
* Juan Piquer Simón
* Kinji Fukasaku
* Larry Cohen
* Lindsay Shonteff
* Lloyd Kaufman
* Lucio Fulci
*Mario Bava
* Melvin Van Peebles
* Michael and Roberta Findlay
* Nico Mastorakis
* Olaf Ittenbach
* Paul Morrissey
* Quentin Tarantino
* Radley Metzger
* Ray Dennis Steckler
* Richard Rush
* Rob Zombie
* Robert Rodriguez
* Roger Corman
* Ron Ormond
* Ruggero Deodato
* Russ Meyer
* Samuel Fuller
* Samuel Z. Arkoff
* Sean Weathers
* Sergio Corbucci
* Shaw Brothers
* Stephen Apostolof
* Takashi Miike
* Ted V. Mikels
* Tobe Hooper
* Umberto Lenzi
* Uwe Boll
* Wes Craven
* William "One Shot" Beaudine
* William Castle
* William Girdler
* William Lustig
* Walerian Borowczyk
* Zebedy Colt
* Roger Watkins
* Alejandro Jodorowsky
* Kenneth Anger
* Andrea Bianchi
* Menahem Golan
* Yoram Globus
1. Hercules in the Haunted World (1961) Mario Bava
2. Invasion of the Star Creatures (1962) Samuel Z. Arkoff
3. Orgy of the Dead (1965) Stephen Apostolof
4. Blaze Starr Goes Nudist (1962) Doris Wishman
5. Sex Madness (1938) Dwain Esper
6. Bride of the Monster (1955) Edward D. Wood, Jr.
7. Killer Constable (1980) Shaw Brothers
8. Troll (1986) Charles Band
9. Space Amoeba (1970) Ishiro Honda
10. The Immoral Mr.Teas (1959) Russ Meyer

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list
* Troma Entertainment
* Something Weird Video
*American International Pictures (A.I.P.)
* Boxoffice International Pictures
* Crown International Pictures
* Independent International Pictures
* Hammer Film Productions
* Amicus
* Sunn Classic Pictures
* The Asylum
* BCI/Eclipse
* Mill Creek Entertainment
* Blue Underground
* Dark Sky Films
* Full Moon
* New Concorde
* Concorde-New Horizons
* Toe Tag Pictures (August Underground)
* Panik House
* Code Red
* Grindhouse Releasings
* Shriek Show
* No Shame
* Mondo Macabro
* Seduction Cinema/Retro Seduction Cinema
* Synapse
* Academy
* Adness
* Alpha Blue
* Artsmagic
* Asia Pulp Cinema
* Critical Mass
* Cult Epics
* Discotek
* Fantoma
* Hong Kong Legends
* Imperial
* Redemption
* Severin Films
* Sub Rosa
* Tokyo Shock
* Unearthed
* Shout Factory
* Cannon Films

(Some more theatrical ones, with samples of their output)
After Dark Films (The Abandoned, Captivity, Frontier(s))
Audubon Films (I a Woman, The Lickerish Quartet, Therese and Isabelle)
Bryanston Distributing (Coonskin, Deep Throat, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre)
Cambist Films (Anita, The Crazies, Ilsa)
Chancellor Films (Confessions of a Psycho Cat. The Diary of Knockers McCalla, Submission)
Commonwealth United (99 Women, The Blood of Fu Manchu , The Girl Who Knew Too Much)
Dimension Pictures (Boss N----r, Dolemite, Gator Bait)
Empire Pictures (Creepozoids, Re-Animator, Troll)
Eve Productions (Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, Mondo Topless, Vixen!)
Film Ventures International (Anthropophagus, Ator the Invicible, Pieces)
The Filmgroup (Creature from the Haunted Sea, Little Shop of Horrors, The Wasp Woman)
Greycat Films (The Dark Backward, Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer, Meet the Feebles)
Grove Press (I am Curious, Mr. Freedom, Week End)
J.E.R. Pictures(Diary of a Nudist, The Ghastly Ones, Nude on the Moon)
Jack H Harris Enterprises (Dark Star, Equinox, Schlock)
Joseph Brenner Associates (Cuban Rebel Girls, Deep River Savages, Shock Waves)
MPM (Invasion of the Bee Girls, Virus, Savage Streets)
Magnet Releasing (Chocolate, Let the Right One In, Ong Bak 2)
Maron Films (Godzilla - Monster Zero, Godzilla's Revenge, War of the Gargantuas)
Millimeter Films (Hardware, The Return of the Swamp Thing, Stepfather II)
Sherpix (Pink Narcissus, Punishment Park, The Stewardesses)
Trans American Films (The Cycle Savages, Salon Kitty, Shivers)
Trans World Entertainment (The Curse, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Maniac Cop)
UFDC (1990 - The Bronx Warriors, Dawn of the Dead, Sleepaway Camp)
World Northal (The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, The Children, Slaughter in San Francisco)
1. Giant Monster Duel: Gamera Versus Barugon (1966) American International Pictures (A.I.P.)
2. The Chinese Cat (1944) Monogram
3. Troll (1986) Empire Pictures
4. Orgy of the Dead (1965) Crown International Pictures
5. Mondo Cane 2 (1964) Blue Underground

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Re: List thread for Fourth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge April 1-30

I'm new to the forum and this is my first time doing this exact challenge.

My goal is to get atleast 50, my record in a monthly challenge so far is 56.
I also want to watch atleast 25 films that I haven't seen.

*First time viewing
Mar 31st
1. Alice Goodbody*- (Code Red Dvd)- This is a funny parody of the movie business where a girl named Alice tries to bed her way up through the industry.
2. Death by Invitation*- (Vinegar Syndrome) I really don't see what Vinegar Syndrome sees in this film, had good atmosphere but it was pretty dull and boring.
3. Help Me... I'm Possessed*- (Code Red Dvd) A fun regional flick shot in Texas where a crazed doctor lives in a castle which is a mental institution and performs experiments on his patients to try to rid them of evil.

Apr 1st
4. Chainsaw Sally*- (NETFLIX)- Really low budget flick shot on digital video where a meek librarian transforms herself into a chainsaw wielding maniac at night. Not sure why this one is so well known, its pretty crappy all around.
5. Superchick*- (Amazon Instant)- A blonde bombshell disguised as a mild mannered stewardess travels acround the US where she has three different men that she sees. Was expecting more with this one, but it was still quite watchable.

6. Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer*- (NETFLIX Instant) Finally got around to seeing this, it wasn't nearly as disturbing as I thought I had heard but I really enjoyed it. Michael Rooker is amazing in it and it was a real shock to see a skinny Tom Towles.
7. Demon Witch Child*- (Code Red Dvd) This is a Spanish Exorcist rip off directed by Amando De Ossorio(Tombs of the Blind Dead) and I really enjoyed it. Seeing the young girl Susan that is possessed say the profane things that she said really cracked me up, not to mention the dubbing was the worst for her character which made it even funnier.

8. Eaten Alive- (Dark Sky Dvd) I love killer croc movies and this is probably my favorite even though the croc isn't featured alot and it looks pretty fake.
9. Mark of the Witch*- (NETFLIX) This movie didn't start off too badly but man did it go downhill fast, a total borefest.

10. Strip Nude For Your Killer- (Blue Underground Blu-Ray) Over the years this has become one of my favorite giallos.

5th and 6th was at a wedding all weekend so I wasn't able to watch anything.

11. Contamination- (Blue Underground ) A fun semi Alien rip off by Luigi Cozzi starring Ian McCulloch, does this guy have bad luck when he travels or what?
12. Bobbie Jo and The Outlaw*- (NETFLIX Instant) A AIP drive in version of Bonnie and Clyde starring Lynda Carter, how can you go wrong with that combo?

13. Swinging Sorority*- (Code Red Dvd) Somewhere between softcore and hardcore porno where sorority girls screw football players and a plot doesn't exist.
14. Machete Maidens Unleashed- (NETFLIX Instant) A great documentary on Filipino exploitation films by Mark Hartley.


15. The Suckers*- (Vinegar Syndrome) This is a drive-in sexploitation version of The Most Dangerous Game. There is a whole lot of softcore sex and not much hunting going on but I still found it enjoyable.
16. Massage Parlor Murders*- (Vinegar Syndrome) Really dug this movie, although its really low budget it has everything one can hope for in an exploitation film: naked women, blood, a car chase, and wacky humor.
17. Sweet Sixteen*- (NETFLIX) The first half of this was pretty dull but somehow I really got into this the second half. Really wished the kills were better and there was more blood although I liked the ending.

18. The House of Insane Women*- (Code Red Dvd) Was pretty bored by this movie, every time the tension started to build and it seemed to be getting good it just stopped and went back to being pretty boring.

19. Horror High*- (Code Red Dvd) I have been waiting to see this movie for years and finally got a copy and really enjoyed it. It's basically a drive in version of Jekyll and Hyde set in a high school.
20. Hot Moves*- (Code Red Dvd) This was like an 80s version of American Pie where a group of friends makes a pact to all lose their virginity. It was pretty enjoyable and had some great laughs.

21. Private Resort- (Sony dvd) This movie is an absolute riot. I can't believe Rob Morrow (this is his film debut) got higher billing in this movie than Johnny Depp. This was Johnny Depp's second film and came out a year after A Nightmare on Elm Street. Look for a really young Michael Bowen as the long blonde haired hotel staff member that is always hitting on the waitress Rob Morrow's character likes. Andrew Dice Clay is in this as well and gets a credit as "Andrew Clay." I came up with a drinking game for this movie that will probably send you to the hospital haha, here goes: Take a drink anytime Rob Morrow smiles, anytime there's a chase scene (and take another drink around every 30 seconds until its over), anytime Andrew Dice Clay slaps or hits anyone, anytime Hector Elizondo says "diamond," "barber," or fires a gun. (Before they were famous count 2)
22. The Night of 1000 Cats*- (Code Red Dvd) This was a pretty out there movie with a really short running time of 63 minutes. Hugo Stiglitz stars as Hugo a millionaire that lives in an old monastery/castle and collects human heads and has a pit of the most cats I've ever seen in one location. He flys his helicopter around town and looks for more women that he can romance and add their heads to his collection. Very strange but quite enjoyable and it goes pretty fast given the short runtime.
23. Blood Sisters*- (Shriek Show) This was part of the bloody school girls triple feature set that I basically just got so I could see Girls Nite Out aka The Scaremaker, so I wasn't really expecting much from the two other films. I thought this had a good title but still wasn't expecting much, until I see that Roberta Findlay directed it. Then I get excited and immediately my expectations go up and they were definitely not met at all. This movie was pretty damn boring, there was quite a bit of t 'n' a but that is really the only pro of this film.

24. The Fifth Cord- (Blue Underground ) Franco Nero stars as an alcoholic reporter investigating a series of murders, the photography in this is absolutely brilliant and Franco Nero gives his A game as always.
25. Translyvania 6-5000*- (Amazon Instant) Jeff Goldblum and Ed Begley Jr. are reporters that go to Translyvania to find Frankenstein. This started out with nothing but laughs and then sort of went downhill. It was still a good movie with quite a bit of laughs, but it dragged a little in some parts.
26. Mandinga*- (VHS rip from a friend) This is an Italian film that capitalizes on the success of Mandingo. Although I haven't seen Mandingo I know it has to do with slavery just like this film. This is a pretty good drama and I don't think there are many Italian movies out there like this.
27. The Love Garden*- (Vinegar Syndrome) A writer falls in love with his lesbian neighbor and tries to win her over. I really enjoyed this one.


28. John Dies at the End- (Magnet) This is one of the most out there movies I have ever seen. It is such a fun movie and only Don Coscarelli could make it like this.
29. American Scary*- (NETFLIX Instant) This is a documentary that focuses on the tv horror hosts. It was pretty interesting but I wish they spent more time on Elvira and Joe Bob Briggs.

30. Mardi Gras Massacre*- (Code Red Dvd) Really sleazy low budget 70s movie about a crazy rich guy who likes to sacrifice the most "evil" prostitutes he can find to an Aztec god. I have been wanting to see this for a long time now, after reading some negative reviews I had my expectations set pretty low but I really liked this.
31. Wild Malibu Weekend*- (Code Red Dvd) A bunch of hot women in bikinis compete to win 10 grand and a movie role in a tv show contest. Lots of t 'n' a and mindless fun.
32. Creep Van*- (NETFLIX Instant) A pretty cheesy movie but still worth a watch.

33. Messiah of Evil*- (Code Red Dvd) Not really sure what to think about this one, I didn't really like it and on the other hand I didn't dislike it. It had some great scenes that seemed like nightmares I've had but there was a lot of padding in between them. I will have to watch this one again and hopefully I will really like it when I do.

34. Drive (Blu Ray)- I'm putting this as my first wild card just to be on the safe side, although it can be argued that it counts due to its violence and exploitation film influences.

35. Sugar Hill* (NETFLIX Instant)- This movie was so much fun, I loved the look of the zombies (the silver eyes were a nice touch) and needless to say Sugar was smokin.
36. Dagmar's Hot Pants, Inc.* (NETFLIX Instant)- A lot of skin in this one and quite a few laughs.
37. Number One With A Bullet* (NETFLIX Instant)- Always great seeing Robert Carradine in a starring role, after seeing this I was wishing that he made a slew of vigilante films in the 80s.
38. The Lords of Salem* (Theater)- I really enjoyed this movie, it is definitely a movie to see in theaters. However there were quite a few things that bugged me about the film.


39. The Demon* (VCI)- A horror/thriller about a killer that hates beautiful women and goes around killing them. Pretty light on the blood/gore quotient and not enough Cameron Mitchell screen time, but still pretty good.

40. Dust Devil* (NETFLIX Instant)- Great movie by the amazing Richard Stanley. He said he got the idea for it when in South Africa and heard about a vicious serial killer and also after watching a triple feature of western movies on acid. I've been wanting to see this for years and hopefully someday I'll get to see the director's cut.
41. The Evil* (Shout! Factory)- Pretty good haunted house movie, was cool to see Robert Viharo (Bare Knuckles) it in even if his part was kind of small.

42. Don't Go in the Woods...Alone*- (Code Red Dvd) aka Don't Watch this Movie... At all.

43. Screwballs- (Severin Blu-Ray) Roger Corman's answer to Porky's, a non-stop laugh fest.

44. Joshua Tree*- (Shout! Factory Blu-Ray) great action flick starring Dolph Lundgren, directed by stuntman Vic Armstrong.
45. Fight For Your Life- (Blue Underground ) classic 70s exploitation movie that pits a trio of convicts against a black family. They don't make em like this anymore.
46. Confessions*- (Vinegar Syndrome) this is an adult film from the golden era of 70s adult films directed by Anthony Spinelli about a woman that is unhappy with her marriage and decides to seek out other men.
47. From Dusk Til Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money- (NETFLIX Instant) When I first saw this I watched it right after the original From Dusk Til Dawn and was pretty disappointed. After a second viewing I really enjoyed it and forgot why I was so underwhelmed, Robert Patrick was amazing and it has all the crazy laughs and camera angles that I love from Scott Spiegel films.

48. Surf II- (VHS rip)- great slice of cheezy 80s comedy that features a young Eric Stolz before he was famous.

49. Black Samson*- (Warner Brothers) Really cool 70s blaxploitation with Rockne Tarkington as the title character, the always impressive William Smith co-stars. My favorite part was that Samson had a real pet lion that would hang out in his bar.
50. Rituals- (Code Red Dvd) The first time I saw this it was chopped into 10 parts on youtube, I'm so glad I got a copy of this and was able to see it straight through. This movie is a real gem.

51. The Vampire Lovers*- (Shout! Factory Blu-Ray) There is really no loving going on in this movie, just light foreplay but it still had a lot of atmosphere and was thoroughly enjoyable.

52. Manborg*- (Dark Sky) This was a pretty impressive movie for the tiny budget it was made on, I never really grew up on cheap sci-fi movies so I didn't really catch many references. I love the Astron-6 guys and they were all great in this especially Conor Sweeney who takes on an Australian accent haha and Adam Brooks is always steals the scene when he shows up. It was a nice treat to see a trailer for Bio-Cop after the credits which looks beyond ridiculously awesome and I really hope it gets made.
53. Cannibal Ferox- (Grindhouse Releasing) I decided to finish with one of my all time favorites.

I beat my goal of 25 first time viewing with 39 first time viewings and beat my total goal by 3.

The worst first time viewings I watched were Death By Invitation and House of Insane Women.

My favorite first timers were Massage Parlor Murders, Mardi Gras Massacre, Black Samson, Sugar Hill and The Vampire Lovers (in no particular order).

I had a great time doing this challenge and will hopefully do one again in the next few months.

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Re: List thread for Fourth Annual Drive-in/Exploitation/B-Movie Challenge April 1-30

Okay! First timer and late to the game. I will shoot for 30? Most first time (*). Will give me a chance to watch many of my DVD/Blu-rays for the first time!
DVD unless otherwise indicated.


Watch one film from every decade of film history.
* 1890 - (insert film title here)(Optional)
* 1900 -(optional)
* 1910 -(optional)
* 1920 -(optional)
* 1930 - The Lost Jungle
* 1940 - Cat People
* 1950 - The Alligator People
* 1960 - King Kong vs. Godzilla
* 1970 - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
* 1980 - Parasite
* 1990 - Carnosaur
* 2000 - Octopus 2: River of Fear

Watch a film for each rating:
* G - The Apple Dumpling Gang
* PG - Cannonball Run II
* PG-13 - The Avengers (1998)
* R - Clonus
* X - Cindy and Donna
* Unrated (post-MPAA 1968) - Dinosaur Valley Girls

Watch films in at least three formats (DVD, BD, HD DVD, Laserdisc, TV, online, Streaming Netflix type, UMD, theater, iPod, VHS-sourced{VHS transferred to DVD-+R is fine}).
* First format, HDDVD, Tremors.
* Second format, iPod, Mildred Pierce.
* Third format, Crackle.com, Homicidal.
Fourth format, iPad, Snakes on a Plane
Fifth format, YouTube, Killdozer
Sixth format, TV, Death Race
Seventh format, BD, Mega-Shark vs. Giant Octopus
Eighth format, DVD, tons!

Watch a film in an actual Drive-in. (optional) (insert title)

Watch a film in the following genres:
A Token Science Fiction B-Movie: Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women
A Token Horror B-Movie: Galaxy of Terror
Italian (or European) films of the following Genres:
* Eurospy (James Bond ripoffs)
* Giallo - The Black Belly of the Tarantula
* Sword & Sandal
* Spaghetti Western
* Cannibal Film
* Mafia/Gangster Film - Crazy Joe (Italian)
Martial Arts film:
* Bruce Lee-sploitation (Starring any variation on Bruce Li, Le, etc.)
* Hong Kong (or other Asian) film - High Kick Girl! and The Sanctuary
* American film
* Any "Ninja" film
* Bonus* Actual Bruce Lee film
Biker Film - Trip With the Teacher
Stoner Film
Carsploitation Film - Death Race, The Gumball Rally and Cannonball Run II
Blaxploitation - Get Christie Love!
* Any type - The Teacher
* Nudie Cutie
* Roughie
* 70s Porn
* Emmanuelle Film
* Teen Sex Comedy - Joysticks, Private Lessons
Rape/Revenge Film
Vigilante Film
Women in Prison
Eschploitation (religious end times, or general religious exploitation)
Roadshow Exploitation/30s-40s "Cautionary" films
"Hood" Film ("Gangsta")
Hollywood Gangster film (Film Noir era)
Juvenile Delinquent Film
60s Beach Movie
Film starring Musical Group or Music Star (that did not become a legit actor)
* *Bonus* Elvis film
Mexican Wrestling Film
Foreign "Ripoff" film (such as Turkish cinema)
Bollywood Film (actual, not a Hollywood pastiche)
Eco-Terror Film - The Avengers (1998)
"Mondo" Film
Documentary ABOUT B-Movies/Exploitation/Drive-ins or those involved in their production
Video Nasty
TV-Movie - Killdozer
* Lifetime Channel Movie
Bad Sequel to a "Well regarded film" - Piranha Part Two: The Spawning
END OF THE WORLD film - War of the Worlds (Asylum) or maybe Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!?
Critical Bomb (Less than 20% Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic or IMDB Bottom 100 {Bottom 100 archive}) - The Avengers (1998)
Financial Bomb - Willard (2003)
MST3KRiffTrax (or Cinematic Titanic) version of a film - The Wild World of Batwoman and Women of the Prehistoric Planet
Non-MST3K version of a film featured on MST3K (or CT) - The Amazing Transparent Man and Parts: The Clonus Horror

Watch 10 films starring anyone from the actors safe list.
* 1 Adam West (Monster Island)
* 2 Allison Hayes (Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman)
* 3 Bela Lugosi (Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein)
* 4 Beverly Garland (The Alligator People)
* 5 Casper Van Dien (Python)
* 6 Christopher Lee (The Creeping Flesh)
* 7 Clint Howard (Carnosaur)
* 8 Corey Feldman (The 'Burbs)
* 9 Ernest Borgnine (Escape From New York, Laser Mission)
* 10 Jayne Mansfield (Dog Eat Dog!)

Watch 10 films Directed/Produced by anyone from the directors/producers safe list.
* 1 John Carpenter (Escape From New York)
* 2 Roger Corman (She Gods of Shark Reef)
* 3 Wes Craven (Swamp Thing)
* 4 Roger Corman (Galaxy of Terror)
* 5 Jim Wynorski (Return of the Swamp Thing)
* 6 Jeff Lieberman (Blue Sunshine)
* 7 Greydon Clark (Joysticks)
* 8 Ron Ormond (Mesa of Lost Women)

* 9
* 10

Watch 5 films from those in the Studio/Distributor safe list.
* 1 American International (The Amazing Transparent Man, She Gods of Shark Reef)
* 2 Synapse (Blue Sunshine)
* 3 Crown International (The Sister-in-Law)
* 4 The Asylum (HG Wells' War of the Worlds, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus)
* 5 Blue Underground (The Black Belly of the Tarantula)
* 6 Dark Sky (Dog Eat Dog!)

Viewing List:

April 1: --
April 2: --

April 3:
01. Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (1974) * (Elvira DVD) (reminds me, this is a good reason to watch Freaks again!)
02. The Mighty Peking Man (1977) *
03. The Bad Seed (1956) *
04. The Alligator People (1959) *
05. The Avengers (1998) (rotten tomatoes 16%/18%)

April 4:
06. Mesa of Lost Women (1952) *
07. The Lost Jungle (1934) * (awesome animal circus act... outlawed now, I'm pretty sure)
08. Laser Mission (1989) * (Brandon Lee (how is he not on the safe list?), Ernest Borgnine)

April 5:
09. Assignment: Outer Space (1960) *
10. ants! (aka It Happened at Lakewood Manor) (1977) * (TVM)
11. The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane (1976)

April 6:
12. Mega-Shark vs. Giant Octopus (2009) (Blu-ray) * (Asylum, DTV)
13. Sand Serpents (2009) (TV) * (Tremors in Afghanistan. Had been sitting on my PVR for months)
14. Clonus (aka Parts: The Clonus Horror) (1979) (movie ripped off by The Island)
15. She Gods of Shark Reef (1958) *
16. The Amazing Transparent Man (1960) *
17. Dog Eat Dog (aka When Strangers Meet) (1964) * (Dark Sky, Jayne Mansfield)

April 7:
18. Cat People (1982) (HDDVD)
19. Tremors (1990) (HDDVD) (had to clear my brain of yesterday's rip off)
DNQ. Jurassic Park 3D (1993) (IMAX)
20. The 'Burbs (1989) * (bad ending but fun ride there)

April 8:
21. Parasite (1982) (80's 3D. Creature design by Stan Winston? Yikes! BTWF: Demi Moore)
22. Cannibal Women in the Avacado Jungle of Death (1989) (Shannon Tweed, Adrienne Barbeau)
23. Dinosaur Valley Girls (1996) (ouch! Audition reel was better than movie. Stop motion wasn't too bad, surprisingly!)
24. Escape From New York (1981) started (Needed a good classic after these others, no matter how late it was)

April 9:
24. Escape From New York (1981) finished
25. Cat People (1942)
26. The Curse of the Cat People (1944) * (What??? No cats at all!! What the heck??)

April 10:
27. Mildred Pierce (1945) * (iPod from a DVD rip)
28. Cannonball Run II (1984) * (Oh my word! Makes the first one look like comic genius!)
29. The Gumball Rally (1976) * (Thank goodness this was on the other side!)

April 11:
30. Galaxy of Terror (1981) (iPad from BR rip) (Joanie Cunningham, Freddie, My Favorite Martian and the king of the world all rolled into one movie! Thanks Mr. Corman!)
31. H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds (2005) * (DTV, Asylum)
32. Arachnia (2003) (DTV, Giant stop motion rubber spiders)
33. Monster Island (2004) * (MTV TVM) (Adam West, Carman Electra)

April 12:
34. C.H.U.D. (1984) *
35. Frankenfish (2004) * (TVM)

April 13:
36. The Duplicate (aka Deuces) (2001) *
37. Piranha Part Two: The Spawning (1981) (Cameron definitely was NOT the king of the world yet! )
38. Road House (1989) (iPod ripped from BD)
39. I Married a Monster From Outer Space (1958) *

April 14: -- travel day

April 15:
40. Starcrash (1978) (iPad ripped from BD)
41. Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1968) * (Best one yet! I was laughing through the whole thing. MST3K must have done an episode with this one! I'll have to try and find out)
42. Killdozer (1974) (TVM) (YouTube, thanks for finding this for me guys! Last time I saw this was on TV in 1974!)

April 16:
43. Swamp Thing (1982) * (portable DVD Player while on the road)
44. Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot (1977) (also PDVDP, fake documentary of search for Bigfoot. Saw this at the theater with my family when I was 12!)
45. Snowbeast (1977) * (TVM, figured I might as well make it a double feature)

April 17:
DNQ. Killdozer (1974) (found a better quality, longer cut)
46. High Kick Girl! (2009) *
47. The Sanctuary (2009) *
48. The Return of Swamp Thing (1989) *
49. Black Belly of the Tarantula (1971) (Blue Underground, Giallo)
50. Octopus 2: River of Fear (2001) *

April 18:
51. The Sister-in-Law (1974) * (Crown International)
52. The Stepmother (1971) * (Crown International)

April 19:
53. Crazy Joe (1974) * (Crackle, Italian gangster, BTWF: Henry Winkler)
54. El Mariachi (1992) * (Crackle, Mexican gangster)
55. Score: A Hockey Musical (2010) * (iPod ripped from DVD)
56. Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster (aka Hedora) (1971) *

April 20:
57. Cindy and Donna (1970) * (Crown International)
58. Malibu High (1979) * (Crown International)
59. Macabre (1958) * (TV, TCM)
60. Kaw (2007) * (TV, Space, TVM?)
61. Women of the Prehistoric Planet (1966) * (MST3K, unfortunately not the same as Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women)
DNQ. Brave (2012) *
62. Super (2010) *

April 21:
63. Aeon Flux (2005) * (HDDVD, RT: 10%)
64. Orca (1977) (RT: 15%, BTWF: Bo Derek)
65. One Million Years B.C. (1966) *
DNQ. Oblivion (2013) * (IMAX)
66. Get Christie Love! (1974) * (TVM, the only blaxploitation I have!)

April 22:
67. Blue Sunshine (1977) * (Synapse, what? That's how it ends??)
68. King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962) * (ok, so Godzilla is bad in this one. I get so confused)
69. The Wild World of Batwoman (1966) * (MST3K)
70. Insecticidal (2005)

April 23:
71. Joysticks (1983) * (I loved classic arcade games before watching this movie. now, not so much)
72. Willard (2003) (for some reason, a box office failure)
73. King of Kong Island (1968) * (no kong, no island. I'm noting a trend in these movies!)

April 24:
74. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948) * (surprisingly good special effects!)
75. The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988) * (TVM, Hulk and Thor! Nice surprise too!)
76. Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion (1950) * (can't believe how well these movies have been restored!)

April 25:
77. King of Comedy (1982) * (iPod ripped from DVD. Scorsese and De Niro bomb out. Don't know why because I liked it a lot.)
78. Best Friends (1975) * (Crown International)
DNQ. Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Best of Both Worlds (1990) (One time only theatrical presentation of the combined two part episode)

April 26:
79. Small Town Murder Songs (2010) * (iPod, ripped from DVD)
80. Trip With the Teacher (1975) * (Crown International,biker flick)
81. Pick-Up (1975) * (Crown International)
82. The Teacher (1974) * (Crown International)
83. Carnosaur (1993) * (New Horizon)
84. Zontar, the Thing From Venus (1966) * (parodied on SCTV 30 years ago. Finally seen it!)

April 27:
85. Bride of the Gorilla (1951) * (not much gorilla but I liked it)
86. Zardoz (1975) (really thought I'd understand this better after a second viewing. Apparently not)
87. Private Lessons (1981) (with commentary *)
88. Kiss Daddy Goodnight (1987) * (BTWF: Uma Thurman, Steve Buscemi?)
89. Python (2000) * (TVM?)
90. Attack of the 50 ft. Woman (1958) (always looking for a reason to watch this again!)
91. Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde (1995) *
92. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978) *

April 28:
93. Snakes on a Plane (2006) * (iPad, ripped from BD)
94. Invaders From Mars (1953)
95. The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975)
96. Death Race (2008) * (TV, MovieTime)
97. Comic Book Villains (2002) * (DTV)
98. Homicidal (1961) * (Crackle. A 45 second "fright break" right before the climactic scene! Hilarious!)

April 29:
99. Candy Stripers (2006) * (Crackle)
100. The Creeping Flesh (1973) * (Crackle. Hammer)
101. Oppai Chanbara (2008) * (Crackle)
102. UHF (1989)

April 30: --

After 102:
Owned: 85 DTV: 4 TV Movie: 9 First Views: 75 MST3K: 2
DVD: 79 BD: 1 HDDVD: 3 iPod: 5 iPad: 3 TV: 4 YouTube: 1 Crackle: 6
Before They Were Famous (5):
Demi Moore
Henry Winkler
Bo Derek
Uma Thurman
Steve Buscemi

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