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formula72 12-03-10 02:47 PM

Flashdance & Footloose (special collectors editions)
I currently have both titles on DVD. I only have footloose in special edition. My question is, what is the average bitrate of SE FlashDance vs standard wide-screen edition?

Non SE FlashDance is 6.3mbps on average

SE footloose is 7.53mbps on average

I'm looking for the best transfer of coarse...

bboisvert 12-03-10 03:11 PM

Re: Flashdance & Footloose (special collectors editions)
If you want the best transfer, you want to get the SE:

formula72 12-03-10 04:00 PM

Re: Flashdance & Footloose (special collectors editions)
Thanks M8.....but....I'm still curious what the transfer bitrate is for the Special edition vs standard WS.
I know the SE has more special features / trailers / extras.....but.....

I do wish these reviewers would add a little technical spec to there DVD reviews vs there soul opinion on picture & audio quality.......because you are taking their word on it...., and not actually seeing a technical stance for comparison results.

I like DVD beaver reviews, but he does not review a lot of modern main stream DVD's....like Flashdance for instance. What I like is how technical he gets and compares certain screen shots with A vs B concept.

With more households owning HDTV's, quality transfers are more important on DVD now then ever.

formula72 12-26-10 09:20 PM

Re: Flashdance & Footloose (special collectors editions)
Well, for those techies like me who are interested in the average bitrate of the Special Collectors edition (SE) of Flashdance, look no further my friends, it is 7.21mbps. This is superbit territory!!!

I would say, it is worth it.....Now if only we can get the Bluray version of Footloose & Flashdance....

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