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Old 01-17-10, 04:24 AM   #1
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Hero: Who owns the extended cut and transfer concern.

I finally snagged a used copy of the original Miramax "Hero" release as the double-dip is the same transfer, but drops the DTS track.

Honestly, the video quality is very lackluster, especially for how beautiful the movie looked in theaters. It's a very soft looking transfer with minimal detail.

This leads me to my next question, who owns the rights to the extended cut? I've heard Miramax still has them and isn't interested, but on the other hand, I heard the Weinstein's retained rights to them, while Miramax can only release the theatrical cut.

Has there been any talk of a future extended cut release? I'd say Miramax doesn't own them, considering they dumped the same transfer on a cash-grab double dip and the Blu-Ray was the theatrical cut as well.

So, if I want a significantly better looking copy of the movie, is the Blu-Ray a dramatic upgrade (I know their Zatoichi disc wasn't mind blowing compared to the DVD) or should I look to international sources (for either cut)?
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Re: Hero: Who owns the extended cut and transfer concern.

I guess Miramax owns the rights to the film itself in America, and so they must own the rights to the extended cut.

Just to say, the Extended Cut actually works against the movie. I guess I should say that it was the "original" cut, as it was the first cut which didn't test well with the Weinsteins, and for once, they were right. It's best to see as a curiosity, but I would hate for that cut to be released in a superior version on its own....
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Re: Hero: Who owns the extended cut and transfer concern.

Back then, Miramax liked to filter their transfers for what ever reason making them look very soft and with a lack of detail, other titles include Cold Mountain and the 2 kill bill movies.
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