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Seventh Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards Ballot - GO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES

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Seventh Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards Ballot - GO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES

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Seventh Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards Ballot - GO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES




This year's awards are dedicated to the memory and legacy of Forrest J Ackerman,

the World's No. 1 Monster Fan


1. Best Movie of 2008 (Pick one)


-- Or write in another choice:

2. Best Television Presentation

-- BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?' Sci-Fi Channel, 5.16.08. Adama and fleet consider an alliance with Cylon rebels. 'The one human flaw, mortality, is the one thing that makes you whole.'

-- DOCTOR WHO, 'Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead,' BBC, 5.31.08-6.6.08. A 51st Century library has every book ever written. 'Look at me, I'm old and thick, head's too full of stuff. I need a bigger head.'

-- FRINGE, 'The Arrival,' Fox, 9.30.08. A large cylinder, and an Observer, emerge from beneath the streets of New York City. 'You still think just because someone's dead, they're gone?'

-- HEROES, 'The Eclipse, Parts 1 and 2,' NBC, 11.24.08-12.1.08. Solar mayhem causes heroes and villains to lose their powers. 'I never thought I'd be able to hurt again. It sucks but it's wonderful.'

-- LOST, 'There's No Place Like Home, Parts 1 and 2,' ABC, 5.15.08-5.29.08. Time twists as six escape and Ben 'moves' the island. 'We have to go back.'

-- SUPERNATURAL, 'In the Beginning,' WB, 10.2.08. Dean goes back in time to warn his mother of death in her future. 'No matter what you hear or see, promise me you won't get out of bed.'

-- TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, Fox, 3.3.08. Birthdays and family complicate the battle to stop the future. 'You fool yourself. Then you remember what this place'll look like when it's on fire.'

-- TORCHWOOD, 'Exit Wounds,' BBC, 4.4.08. Death and time travel as the team saves the city. 'Give me one good reason why I shouldn't keep bloody screaming.'

-- TRUE BLOOD, 'Cold Ground,' HBO, 10.12.08. Escape from the blood proves elusive. “Our killer seems to be targeting women who have associated with vampires.'

-- Or write in another choice:

3. Best Classic DVD

-- THE HAUNTED CASTLE (Murnau; Alpha version)
-- THE MUMMY (75th Anniversary)
-- PHASE IV (Saul Bass insect fear)

-- 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD (DVD and Blu-Ray)
-- STANLEY (Special edition)
-- VAMPYR (Criterion)

-- Or write in another choice:

4. Best Classic DVD Collection

-- CHARLIE CHAN COLLECTION Vol. 4 and 5 (Sidney Toler era)
-- FOX HORROR CLASSICS Vol. 2 (Chandu the Magician, Dragonwyck, Dr. Renault's Secret)

-- HOUDINI THE MOVIE STAR (Kino collection of films and serials)
-- ICONS OF ADVENTURE: Stranglers of Bombay, Terror of Tongs, Pirates of Blood River, Devil- Ship Pirates
-- ICONS OF HORROR: THE HAMMER COLLECTION: Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll, Scream of Fear, The Gorgon, Curse of Mummy's Tomb
-- PLANET OF THE APES (First five films, Blu-Ray set)
-- RAY HARRYHAUSEN COLLECTIBLE DVD GIFT SET (Colorized and B/W of It Came from Beneath the Sea, Earth vs. Flying Saucers, 20 Million Miles to Earth)

-- Or write in another selection:

5. Best DVD TV Collection

-- DOCTOR WHO: The Complete Fourth Series
-- HILARIOUS HOUSE OF FRIGHTENSTEIN: Gory Gory Transylvania. Vol. 2 (nine more episodes)
-- THE INVADERS (Season One)

-- NIGHT GALLERY: Season Two (Rod Serling's classic)
-- THE STARLOST (Rare 1973 series with Keir Dullea)
-- SUSPENSE: THE LOST EPISODES (Vol. 1 of early TV anthology)
-- TORCHWOOD: Complete Second Season.

-- Or write in another selection:

6. Best Restoration (or video upgrade)

-- CHANDU THE MAGICIAN (Bright and detailed, Fox Horror Classics Vol. 2)
-- DEAD MEN TELL (Much improved version in Charlie Chan set, Vol. 5)
-- THE GREEN ARCHER (Restored Serials version)
-- HOUDINI: THE MAN FROM BEYOND (Restored Serials version, also on Blu-Ray)

-- THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (Technicolor sequences sparkle, splices gone)
-- RODAN (Japanese version)
-- THE SKULL (finally widescreen)
-- TWO FACES OF DR. JEKYLL (uncensored)
-- VAMPYR (Criterion)
-- WORLD WITHOUT END (Cinemascope)

-- Or write in another choice:

7. Best DVD Extra

-- ADVENTURES IN SPACE: Space Patrol's Ralston Rocket Giveaway promotional film from 1954.
-- CHARLIE CHAN COLLECTION Vol. 4: Chan's Killer Actress: Feature on Kay Linaker.
-- THE MUMMY (1932): 'He Who made Monsters,' documentary on Jack Pierce.
-- NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 40th Anniversary Edition: 'One for the Fire' documentary brings cast members back to cemetery.
-- PSYCHO SPECIAL EDITION: Episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents: 'Lamb to the Slaughter.'
-- 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD: 'Remembering the 7th Voyage of Sinbad,' Harryhausen talks about the special effects.

-- STANLEY: 'The Dark Side of Eden: The Making of Stanley.' Includes new interviews, behind-scenes footage.

-- Or write in another choice:

8. Best DVD Commentary

-- Rick Baker, Scott Essman, Bob Burns, Steve Haberman, Brent Armstrong, THE MUMMY (1932)
-- Bill Condon, Michael Murphy, Dan Shor, STRANGE BEHAVIOR Special Edition.
-- Ray Harryhausen, Phil Tippett, Steven Smith, Arnold Kunert, Randall Cook, 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD
-- Angela Lansbury with Steve Haberman, THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY
-- John Morgan, Steven Smith, William Stromberg, and Nick Redman on Bernard Herrmann, DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL

-- Jeff Miller, HOLD THAT GHOST (Universal box set)
-- Tony Rayns, VAMPYR (Criterion)
-- James K. Shea, Fred Olen Ray, three animators, PLANET OF DINOSAURS 30th Anniversary Edition
-- Tom Weaver, Richard Scrivani, ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (Universal box set)

-- Or write in another choice:

9. Best Independent Production (film, documentary or short)

- BLIND DATE OF COFFIN JOE (Ray Castile uncannily channels the unholy one in search of the superior woman)
-- CARTOON ADVENTURES OF MAJOR MARS (Bob Burns' cartoon series as it might have been)
-- THE DUNGEON OF DR. DRECK (Horror hosts abound in this fun look at a TV station takeover).
-- EDGAR ALLAN POE'S THE RAVEN (Christopher Walken reads, Gustave Dore decorates in this Len Hart animated short)
-- FANEX FILES: SAMUEL Z. ARKOFF (Documentary and interview with AIP's no-nonsense vice president)

-- SPINE-TINGLER: THE WILLIAM CASTLE STORY (Feature-length documentary about the maestro of ballyhoo)
-- TERROR IN THE PHAROAH'S TOMB (Latest sendup of public domain footage by Sue Svehla)
-- THIRTY SECOND DOOM (Short parody of sci-fi serials, Rocketman and all)
-- TRAIL OF THE SCREAMING FOREHEAD (Sci-fi lunacy from Larry Blamire, Dan Roebuck and gang)
-- WATCH HORROR FILMS: Keep America Strong (Documentary about San Francisco's Creature Features)
-- ZOMBIE HUNTERS: CITY OF THE DEAD (Crispy online episodes)

-- Or write in another choice:

10. Best Book of 2008

-- THE BOOK OF LISTS: HORROR, edited by Amy Wallace, Del Howison and Scott Bradley. Notables including Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Tim Lucas and others pick bests and worsts.

-- THE CINEMA OF TOD BROWNING, edited by Bernd Herzogenrath. Scholars dissect the director's work.

-- CLAUDE RAINS: An Actor's Voice, by David J. Skal with Jessica Rains. Based on unrevealed interviews and a daughter's recollections, a look at one of horror's finest.

-- THE GREAT MONSTER MAGAZINES, by 'Bobb' Cotter. A look at the black-and-white monster and comic magazines of the 50s, 60s, 70s.

-- HOMEMADE HOLLYWOOD: Fans Behind the Camera, by Clive Young. From fake Little Rascals in the 20s to backyard Batman, a look at the tribute film craze.

-- HORROR 101, edited by Aaron Christensen. The essentials and more outlined by 78 writers.

-- I TALKED WITH A ZOMBIE, by Tom Weaver. Interviews with 23 horror and science fiction personalities, including Ann Carter, Eric Braeden and Lee Meriwether.

-- THE MONSTER HUNTER IN MODERN POPULAR CULTURE, Heather L. Duda. From Van Helsing to Buffy, a look at those who fight back.

-- 100 EUROPEAN HORROR FILMS, by Stephen Jay Schneider. A screen guide for films from Caligari to today.

-- RAY HARRYHAUSEN: MASTER OF THE MAJICKS, Volume 2: The American Films, by Mike Hankin. From Mighty Joe to the Cyclops.

-- SHADOWS OVER NEW ENGLAND by David and Scott T. Goudsward. A guide to the locales of the region's scariest legends, Dark Shadows included.

-- TWILIGHT ZONE: Unlocking The Door to a Television Classic, by Martin Grams. Through interviews and production notes, every episode submitted for your approval.

-- VIDEODROME, by Tim Lucas. Finding the secrets hidden behind the knobs of David Cronenberg's classic.

-- YOU'RE NEXT: Loss of Identity in the Horror Film, edited by Anthony Ambrogio. From alien takeovers to brain-swaps, who's next?

-- Or write in another choice:

11. Best Magazine of 2008

-- Famous Monsters of Filmland
-- Filmfax
-- G-FAN
-- Horror Hound
-- Little Shoppe of Horrors
-- Mad Scientist
-- Monster Bash
-- Monsters from the Vault
-- Phantom of the Movies' VideoScope
-- Rue Morgue
-- Scarlet
-- Scary Monsters
-- Screem
-- Shock Cinema
-- Starlog
-- Video Watchdog

-- Or write in another choice:

12. Best Article of 2008 (PLEASE PICK TWO)

-- 'Amy and Her Friends: The Ann Carter Interview,' by Tom Weaver, VIDEO WATCHDOG #137. A career retrospective with the young star of a Val Lewton classic.

-- 'Beverly Washburn: from Superman to Spider Baby,' by Donald Vaughan, VIDEOSCOPE #68. Interview with actress who appeared with George Reeves, Old Yeller, Lon Chaney and Captain Kirk.

-- 'Bewitching Hazel,' by David Del Valle, VIDEO WATCHDOG #140. Remembrance of late Hammer star Hazel Court.

-- 'California Gothic: The Corman/Haller Collaboration,' roundtable with Roger Corman, Daniel Haller, Joe Dante, moderated by Lawrence French, VIDEO WATCHDOG #138. Tales from the sets of the Poe films and more.

-- 'Cinematographer Gary Graver: The Man Who Shot Everything,' by Gary Graves, PENNY BLOOD #11 (online). One of last interviews with man behind the lens of Dracula vs. Frankenstein and Naschy films.

-- 'Coffin Joe Resurrected.' by Scott Gabbey and Jovanka Vuckovic, RUE MORGUE #85. Career retrospective on notorious Brazilian filmmaker Jose Mojica Marins.

-- 'Color Them Monsters,' by Mark Thompsen, STARLOG #370. Four pages of colorized Universal stills, from the Phantom to the Creature.

-- 'The Curse of the Cat People: A Production Diary,' by Greg Mank, MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT #25. Everything about the haunting Robert Wise classic.

-- 'El Vampiro Speaks,' by Bryan Senn, Richard Sheffield and Jim Clatterbaugh, MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT #24. Rare interview with Mexican horror star German Robles.

-- 'A Eulogy for Charles B. Griffith,' by Justin Humphreys, VIDEO WATCHDOG #141. A friend remembers the touching final days of the eccentric writer behind AIP classics.

-- 'Harry Redmond Jr.: Last Survivor of Skull Island,' by Mark F. Berry, VIDEO WATCHDOG #146. Interview and revelations from last production veteran of King Kong and other RKO Cooper-Schoedsack-O'Brien classics.

-- 'Head Scratchers Explained,' by Prof. Anton Griffin, SCARY MONSTERS #66. Filling in some of the monstrous plot holes in Universal's classic films.

-- 'Intruding on William Shatner,' by Dan Lybarger, FILMFAX #117. Insights into the controversial 1962 Roger Corman film.

-- 'Jamie Lee Curtis and the Virginity Myth,' by Mark Allan Gunnells, MIDNIGHT MARQUEE #76 (online). Retracing Curtis' gritty heroines in Halloween, The Fog and other films.

-- 'Lost Nightmare: The Mystery of the Missing Spider Pit Sequence,' by Gary Vehar. FILMFAX #118-119. Rounding up everything known about King Kong's lost scene.

-- 'Manly P. Hall: Dracula and the Complexities of the Classic Horror Film Sequel,' by Gary Don Rhodes, MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT #25. How the sequel to Dracula might have been very different.

-- 'Of Dogs and Monsters,' by Deborah Painter, SCARY MONSTERS #65. Sniffing out the hounds of hell and heroism in the monster movies.

-- 'The Prisoner: A New Order,' by Tim Lucas, VIDEO WATCHDOG #142. Making new sense of the village by reshuffling the episodes.

-- 'Remembering John Brahm,' by Marty Baumann, MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT #24. Director's daughter recalls his work on The Lodger, Outer Limits and more.

-- 'Scare News,' by John Skerchock, SCARY MONSTERS. Fandom's insider column, appearing regularly.

-- 'Scream and Scream Again: The Uncensored History of Amicus Productions,' by Philip Nutman, LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS #20. Deep examination of the studio that emerged from Hammer's shadows.

-- 'Special Effects Wizard John P. Fulton,' by daughter Joanne Fulton Schaeffer as told to Tom Weaver, MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT #24. Growing up with the genius behind Universal's horrors.

-- 'Spine Tingler,' by Greg Goodsell, SCREEM #16. A ghost-viewer look at William Castle's career through the new documentary.

-- 'Stan Winston Remembered,' by Scott Essman, FANGORIA #276. Tribute to the late makeup master.

-- 'Sullivan's Travels in Hollywood,' by Paul and Donna Parla, additional material by Anthony DiSalvo and Lawrence Fultz Jr., SCARY MONSTERS #67. Career retrospective on the man who tamed the Gila Monster.

-- 'Suspense: The Lost Episodes,' reviewed by Kim Newman, VIDEO WATCHDOG #140. Episodes from dawn of TV described in kinoscopic detail.

-- 'The Ubiquitous Dabbs Greer,' by M.J. Simpson, VIDEO WATCHDOG #144. The character actor interviewed about House of Wax, body snatchers and more.

-- 'Video Invasion,' by Matt Moore, HORROR HOUND #12-14. Reconstructing the gory-movie VHS boom of the 80s, clamshell boxes and all.

-- -- 'Who Saved Hitler's Brain: The Making and Re-Making of Madman of Mandoras,' by Brian Albright, FILMFAX #118. Proof that every picture has a backstory.

-- Or write in another choice:

Remember, please pick TWO articles from the list above. One will win.
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Re: Seventh Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards Ballot - GO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOR

13. Best Magazine Cover

14. Best Website (Online magazine, message board or tribute site)

Classic Horror Film Board, sponsor of Rondos, is not eligible

-- Atomicmonsters.com (Fun look at 50s scifi)
-- Creepy Classics (Monster Bash and latest product news)
-- Deadbooks.com (A rich multimedia serial based on the sci-fi series)
-- Eccentric-cinema (One of earliest cult sites)

-- E-gor's Chamber of TV Horror Hosts (amazing)
-- Film Noir Foundation (For fans of long inky shadows)
-- Gallery of Monster Toys (The source)
-- Horrorhosts.com (Home of horror host rebirth)

-- Latarnia: Fantastique International (all things Euro and more)
-- Lugosiphilia Yahoo Group (Just Bela)
-- The Many Faces of the Frankenstein Monster (like it says)
-- Midnight Marquee (online magazine)
-- Monster Kid Online Magazine
-- Monster-Mania Forum (monster conventions)

-- Serialsquadron.com (Cliffhangers, restored serials and talk)
-- Shriekfreak Quarterly (online magazine)
-- Themonsterclub.com (Still excited about monsters and thrills)
-- Thethunderchild.com (Online magazine)
-- Trailers from Hell (Joe Dante, pros comment on trailers)
-- Universal Monster Army (Toys, masks and more)
-- Witch's Dungeon (Home of the monstrous Hollywood tributes)

-- Or write in another website:

15. Best Horror Blog

-- Blogue Macabre (Strange musings with Gary D.)
-- Cinema Dave (Quick-footed movie blog)
-- Cinema-suicide (Smart look at modern films; soundtracks, too)
-- The Drunken Severed Head (Max Cheney's unique blog about it all)
-- Final Girl (A voice that must be heard)

-- Frankensteinia (If it didn't exist it would have to be invented)
-- Gary J. Svehla: Midnight Marquee/Mad About Movies Blog (Magazine lives)
-- The Good, the Bad, and Godzilla (August Ragone's G-blog)

-- Gorillamen.com (Blog goes ape)
-- Groovy Age of Horror (Not for faint-hearted)
-- HorrorHostGraveyard.com (All host news, all the time)
-- The Horrors of it All (Horror in the comics and more)
-- Monsterama.blogspot.com (Friendly creeps from Jay Stevens)

-- Monstermoviemusic.blogspot.com (Music is just the start)
-- Obscure Hollow (The look of horror)
-- Secret Fun Blog (childhood reveries from creator of Flip!)
-- Vault of Horror (Blog for every era of horror)
-- Video Watchblog (Tim Lucas goes deeper than even his magazine dares)
-- Zombos' Closet of Horror Blog (John Cozzoli's generation next)

-- Or write in another blog of your choice:

16. Best Convention of 2008

-- B-MOVIE CELEBRATION (Franklin, Ind.)
-- CHILLER (Meadowlands)
-- DRAGONCON (Atlanta)
-- G-FEST (Chicago)
-- HORROR-FIND (Baltimore)

-- HORROR HOUND WEEKEND (Indianapolis)
-- IT'S ALIVE ZOMBIE FEST (Pittsburgh)
-- MONSTER BASH (Pittsburgh)
-- MONSTER FEST (Chesapeake, Va.)
-- MONSTER-MANIA (Cherry Hill, N.J.)
-- SERIAL FEST (Pennsylvania)

-- SCHLOCKTOBER (NYC film fest)
-- SCREAMFEST (Orlando)

-- SPOOKY MOVIE: International Horror Film Festival (Washington, D.C.)
-- WONDERFEST (Louisville)

-- Or write in another choice:

17. Best Fan Event

-- Addams Family Meets the Munsters: Q&A with Lisa Loring, Pat Priest, Felix Silla and surprise visit from Grandpa Munster (Ron Chamberlain), at Monster Bash.

-- Blob panic reenactment of moviegoers fleeing, held at actual theater where movie was filmed in Phoenixville, Pa. (Blobfest)

-- Dr. Gangrene's Chiller Theater Live! at WonderFest features midnight madness with Bob Burns, John Goodwin, Frank Dietz and Nurse Moan-Eek!

-- Godzilla-suit actor Haruo Nakajima receives 'Mangled Skyscraper Award' at G-FEST XV.

-- Klaatu Barada Ohio: Patricia Neal speaks at 25th Annual Ohio Sci-Fi Film Festival, a 24-hour marathon held outside Columbus.

-- Paul's Brain Trust charity event at Dark Delicacies in L.A., featuring Blade Runner reunion with Ridley Scott to benefit producer and video store legend Prischman.

-- Spellbound: Reunion of Ray Bradbury's 'The Jar' on Alfred Hitchcock Presents with director Norman Lloyd, cast members and Bradbury by phone at the University of Northern Alabama. Hosted by Terry Pace.

-- Universal Monster Army monster toy exhibit, including rare toys from 50s and 60s, at WonderFest.

-- Witches' Dungeon Classic Movie Museum. Startling recreations of full-sized classic monsters, open at Halloween in Bristol, Conn.

-- World Zombie Day included zombie walks and charity events in Monroeville, Pa., Grand Rapids, Mich., and 40 cities.

-- Or write in another choice:

18. Favorite Horror Host of 2008

Who is following in the tradition of Vampira and Zacherley? It is of course impossible to list them all, but here are ghostly hosts to choose from. If your favorite is missing, please write them in.

-- THE BONE JANGLER. (Illinois)
-- KARLOS BORLOFF (Suburban Washington, D.C.)
-- COUNT GORE DE VOL (Washington, D.C. area)
-- DR. GANGRENE (Nashville)
-- DR. PUREBLOOD (Smyrna, Tenn.)
-- GHOUL A GO GO (NYC area)
-- GRAVELY MacCABRE and GRIZELDA. (Pennsylvania, West Virginia)

-- MR. LOBO (California)
-- ORMON GRIMSBY (North Carolina)
-- PENNY DREADFUL (New England)
-- REMO D (California)

-- SON OF GHOUL (Ohio)
-- SVENGOOLIE (Rich Koz; Chicago)

-- There are plenty of others, so if your favorite isn't listed, write in another choice:

19. Best Audio Horror Site or Podcast (Web only)

-- Cult Radio a Go-Go. Talk, reviews, interviews.
-- Deadpit.com: Bloody talk.
-- The Monster Club's Old Time Horror Radio: Horror stories and more.
-- Monster Movie Music 1950-1969 (A blog, too)
-- Old Time Radio Network at Podshow
-- RadioHorrorHosts.com: Guide to the spooky voices of the past.

-- Rotting Flesh Radio: The Haunt Industry's Top Podcast
-- Rue Morgue Radio. Latest from the splatter world.
-- Science Monster Radio Library. Being rebuilt, but a prime resource.
-- Uncanny Radio, talk for the paranormal.

-- Universal Horror Sounds. Essentials are here.
-- Voices-in-the-Dark: Devoted to audio from Price, Lorre, Karloff, Lugosi and others.
-- Without Your Head Horror Radio: genre talk shows and more.

-- Or dial in another choice:

20. Best CD (Soundtrack, novelty or band)

-- THE BLOB (and other scifi), score by Ralph Carmichael, production by David Schecter. (Monstrous Movie Music)
-- CREEPING CRUDS: Tennessee Bloodbath (horror rock)
-- THE DEAD MATTER: Cemetery Gates (Sounds of horror, based on film)
-- DEATHMOBILE: Deathmobile (horror rock)
-- DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN, William Lava score (Elysee)
-- THE HORRORPOPS: Kiss Kiss Kill Kill (Horror rock)
-- GHOULTOWN: Life After Sundown (western/horror rock)
-- THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD by Miklos Rozsa (Prometheus)

-- MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND, original 1969 tapes by Tito Arevalo. (Elysee Productions)
-- THE MOON-RAYS, 'Swingin' at the Seance' (horror rock)
-- NIGHTMARE REVISITED, tribute to 'Nightmare Before Christmas'
-- THE OUTER LIMITS, by Dominic Frontiere, 3-CD set from La-La Land
-- SHE, Max Steiner soundtrack by John Morgan, William Stromberg, Anna Bonn (Tribute)

-- Or write in another choice:

21. Best Horror Comic Book

-- ASTOUNDING SPACE THRILLS (Collecting stories by Steve Conley)
-- ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN. Robert Kirkman.
-- CITY OF OTHERS. Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson.
-- THE GOON. Eric Powell.
-- GRAPHIC CLASSICS: AMBROSE BIERCE. Revised with 70 new pages.
-- HELLBOY: In the Chapel of Moloch, by Mike Mignola.

-- LOCKE AND KEY: WELCOME TO LOVECRAFT (Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez)
-- THE TRAP-DOOR MAKER (Collecting Peter Bregman Phantom prequel; new cover by Gogos).
-- WULF AND BATSY (Bryan Baugh)

-- Or write in another choice:

22. Best Toy, Model or Collectible
Nominees developed with help from the Universal Monster Army!

23. Count Alucard's Controversy of the Year

-- Is classic horror Blu? Classic monsters and science fiction are missing in the excitement over the new Blu-Ray format.

-- London After Midnight, or on the LAM? An L.A. fan claims to have held the missing Chaney classic in his hands, igniting a firestorm that would have made MGM proud.

-- Too many Famous Monsters? Legal battles multiply as two publishers insist they own the Famous Monsters trademark.

-- Can monster mags survive? Chain stores closing, mags go online, Diamond Distributors cuts back.

-- What would Jason do? Endless remakes draw big receipts but ...

-- Or add your own dispute:


24. Classic Most in Need of Restoration

Which classic horror film, either released or unreleased, do you think most deserves a restoration?

25. Writer of the Year (for 2008)

Who do you think did the best published (or online) work in 2008 to advance the state of classic horror research?

26. Artist of the Year (for 2008)

Not your favorite all-time artist (although they might be the same), but which painter, illustrator, sculptor, model-maker or designer did the best published (or online), work in 2008?

27. Favorite DVD reviewer

A new category. Which DVD reviewers are most engaging, most reliable? This is a way to honor some of the genre's critical heroes. Who is your favorite?

28. Monster Kid of the Year

Who deserves to be named 'Monster Kid of the Year' for efforts beyond the call of duty to build a better world of gods and monsters?

29. Monster Kid Hall of Fame

Who should be this year's inductees into the Monster Kid Hall of Fame?

Past inductees: Bob and Kathy Burns, Forrest J Ackerman and James Warren, Zacherley and Vampira, Ray Harryhausen, Ray Bradbury, Alex and Richard Gordon, William K. Everson, Rick Baker, Basil Gogos, Roger Corman, Dick Klemensen, Gary and Sue Svehla, James Bama, Bobby 'Boris' Pickett, Paul and Jackie Blaisdell, Joe Dante, Don Glut, Jack Davis, German Robles and Frank Frazetta. And last year: Bernie Wrightson, Ben Chapman, Cortlandt Hull and Dennis Vincent, Ed 'Big Daddy Roth, Archie Goodwin and Ghoulardi.

Tell us your suggestions. We'll pick six more.

Whew! That's it!!!

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Re: Seventh Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards Ballot - GO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOR

Some cool new dvd categories for the year. Feel free to write in your favorite dvd talk critic as well under the new category.

Check out rondoaward.com, and please share who your voting for. You can check out previous dvd talk conversations on past Rondo awards at http://forum.dvdtalk.com/search.php?searchid=2908469

I would really appreciate the votes for Monster Kid Of The year (as suggest by Frank Dietz) Check out my little project and read below for details.

Rondo Awards Go Green With Dr. Gangrene

New Valiant Film Makers Nominated For Monster Kid Of The Year

Nashville, TN (02.15.09) New Valiant film makers Cameron McCasland and Michael Creason have been nominated alongside Larry Underwood and Linda Wylie for the 2008 Monster Kid Of The Year at the Seventh Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards for their work on the "Go Green With Dr. Gangrene" campaign.

The fan voted event is sponsored by The Classic Horror Film Board and administered by USA TODAY front page editor David Colton, and a panel of professionals in the film and publishing industries. The "Monster Kid Of The Year" is a special (write in only) award given to the person who most "helped keep classic monsters alive" in the preceding year.

The New Valiant Crew was nominated by two time Rondo Award winner, and Disney Animator Frank Dietz. Dietz said of the project, "Talk about using classic horror to improve the world! Their PSA has brought attention to the genre by providing an important message about cleaning up our ailing planet. It was a brilliant idea, executed perfectly. It makes the classic horror community look good. I'm proud of them all for this important achievement."

Trash Day Of The Dead writer & director Cameron McCasland was happy to hear of the nomination. He stated, "I am amazed to see the outpouring of affection for this project. I adore classic horror movies, like Frankenstein and the Wolfman. To be nominated for the Rondo Award is about the biggest honor we could receive, as the people who vote for them are truly the keepers to the kingdom on all things to do with classic monsters. My vision of the project was to get a modern message through in the form of something that looked like an old horror movie. I'm glad it connected with Rondo voters, as they truly make this a better world of gods and monsters."

Larry Underwood also picked up his second nomination for "Best Horror Host" for his portrayal of Dr. Gangrene on WNAB CW58's Creature Feature which just celebrated its tenth year on the air. He also picked up his fifth nomination for "Best Fan Event" for his Wonderfest Live Show. Nashville Rockers, The Creeping Cruds picked up a nomination for 'Best CD" for their album Tennessee Blood Bath. Dr. Gangrene featured the Cruds on his show with their music video for "Come Out Neville" live from the Horror Hootenanny which was shot by McCasland, and Edited by Larry Underwood.

The Rondo Awards now in their seventh year are a completely fan voted event. To place your vote for the "Go Green With Dr. Gangrene" crew, and all of the other deserving Rondo nominees, simply visit rondoaward.com and choose your favorites in as many or few categories as you want. Cut and paste the ballot into an email to [email protected]. You can write in The Go Green With Dr. Gangrene crew for Monster Kid Of The year towards the bottom of the ballot.

Voting for the Rondo Hatton Classic horror awards ends on Saturday March 22, 2009. For more information and to view the full ballot visit rondoaward.com or contact David Colton by email at [email protected] .

For more information on the Go Green With Dr. Gangrene campaign visit gogreencrusade.com

New Valiant Productions is based in Nashville, TN and is owned and operated by Michael Creason & Cameron McCasland. For more information go to www.newvaliant.com

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Re: Seventh Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards Ballot - GO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOR

You can count on us, Cam!
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