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toddly6666 01-23-09 09:08 AM

The DVD/HDTV trend barely exists in what countries?
Does anyone know of any countries in which the HDTV/DVD trend has not taken off? In those countries, people may be sticking with watching movies online, bootlegs, VCDs or VHS...

I have a feeling that it hasn't taken off in Middle Eastern countries, because it's almost impossible to find an Arabic DVD online store, and when I do find them, it's a very small selection.

Travis McClain 01-23-09 11:42 AM

Re: The DVD/HDTV trend barely exists in what countries?
According to the documentary Tropic Thunder, they're still using VHS in Vietnam.

emachine12 01-23-09 11:06 PM

Re: The DVD/HDTV trend barely exists in what countries?
Thailand has replaced VHS tapes with VideoCDs. You can buy DVD versions but most folks prefer the lower cost VCD over DVD.

When I was there last August to see my family, I noticed a lot of newer widescreen TVs BUT they 90% of them were not 1080 or even 720. To keep costs low on these TVs, they are 480p widescreen TVs. Yep. Its a cost savings of nearly 10000 to 30000 baht when its 480p. That's about $800 US max in savings.

DVDs are dropping in price, I got two releases from Rose Video for around $1.50 US. The VCDs were about $0.50 so most Thai nationals would take that savings since thats about 37 baht more in their pocket.

Blu-ray Disc prices are high though in Thailand since most titles are imported either from the US or Hong Kong. The Hong Kong discs are about 100 to 200 baht less than the US ones. I got Almost Famous and the uncut Kung Fu Hustle for about $32 US each. I just checked Boomerang (the only store that offers BDs besides the Sony store), and it looks like Universal is the first studio to offer Thai local BDs which give a much more substantial savings.

blued888 01-24-09 12:32 AM

Re: The DVD/HDTV trend barely exists in what countries?
HDTV signals aren't available in the Philippines.

We are updated with DVD releases (sometimes we even get releases earlier. i.e. Speed Racer and Horton Hears a Who) but the packaging quality isn't anything close to R1, the covers are sometimes washed out reprints and the casings' quality are awful.

VCDs are also still being sold which means they still have a big market here, probably even more so in the provincial areas. A VCD movie would cost anywhere from $2 to $4.

VHS are virtually non-existent here already.

Blu-rays are available but at extremely cheap prices, B&M stores sell them for $33 each. And selection is pretty slim also. Alternative to Blu-ray purchasing would be a local forum, somewhat similar to DVDTalk. :)

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