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DVD watching with new baby

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Re: DVD watching with new baby

I have 2 girls. One is just turning 2 and the other is 5 months. My appetite for dvds has not decreased I do view a lot less of them. Primarily because both kids aren't in bed until about 9 PM and if we try to start any movie at that time, my wife will be asleep before the end and I feel guilty continuing without her and therefore stop it to be resumed the following evening around 9 PM. So about 75% of movies we watch over 2 days(which is killing my online rental cost per dvd average). However, there are days of the week when "her shows" are on and movie watching is out. My DVD viewing has dropped from at least 3 down to 1, maybe 2 per week if I'm lucky. It doesn't sound like much but over the course of the 2 years this routine has been in place, it adds up.
What I have discovered is that when I am up with my youngest in the middle of the night, Time Warner's free on demand channels for shows and movies are great fix that cost me nothing. I recently discovered the free on-demand movies channel which is mostly stuff my wife wouldn't want to watch anyway. FEARnet movies like Night of the Creeps and IFC movies like Oldboy have helped pass many a midnight feeding time(at least until I think my little sponge may start absorbing more of that crap but hopefully she'll be sleeping through the night by then like her older sister).

Oh yeah... Congratulations!
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Re: DVD watching with new baby

Originally Posted by Darth Maher View Post
When the kids slept, we slept... or cleaned.
true dat
We have a 4 yr. old and a 2 yr. old now and there is rarely anything non-kid related on the TV anymore. My Halloween/Holiday/Academy Awards Challenge Lists are proof of that.
We just have one, almost 3 YO, who goes to bed around 8 - 8:30, so yeah, there's still lots of clean up to do after that, but generally by no later than 9 our fat asses are on the couch. Of course if I want to watch my type of movies I generally can't start them till about 11, which gets difficult. Hasn't stopped me trying though.
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Re: DVD watching with new baby

I remember with my 2nd daughter who is 8 now, i got a lot more dvd watching in during the middle of the night. During the stage where she would wake up every 2-3 hours to be fed, i'd take her in the family room and start a movie. She'd fall asleep around 15-20 minutes into it, i'd watch the rest of the dvd, then by the time it was over it would usually be time for her to wake up again so i'd feed her again and then go back to bed and usually she wouldn't wake back up till it was time for my wife to get up.
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Re: DVD watching with new baby

This is why I am a guy and will never have kids.
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Re: DVD watching with new baby

haha, funny thread...I'm still waiting for the day I can use my home theater system to its full potential again ever since having a child (he's 3 now)...

This is what you may have to settle for:

wireless DD 5.1 surround headphones
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Re: DVD watching with new baby

Our viewing was actually decent for the first several months, as our little one would sleep like a log. We'd keep the volume down and turn on the subtitles. Nowadays, we don't get a lot of movies watched. We do Redbox rentals, but often end up keeping them for 3-4 days (which is still only $3-4). Now though, it's either his videos or short stuff like TV shows. But, as noted we have to be careful of the shows.
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