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pbishop69 01-04-09 04:11 AM

spaghetti western question
Hello Friends!!

Gotta quick question regarding spaghetti westerns on dvd: If the dvd gives u an option of listening to the English or Italian sountrack (w/ English Subtitles)....how do u decide on which one to listen to?

For example, people over at netflix who have seen DJANGO on dvd say its absolutely necessary to listen to the Italian soundtack instead of the English.

I want to watch FOUR OF THE APOCALYPSE, DJANGO and THE COMPANEROS from netflix. All dvds give u both options. Is it just a personal preference or is it absolutely necessary to listen to them in Italian if giving the option.


Kundun 01-04-09 05:58 AM

I always try (if possible) to buy dvds with the original language tracks for everything, not just spaghetti westerns. So, if I have the option to watch a movie with the original language track, that will be my choice.

I don't really like dubbed stuff anyways.

Subgeniusguy 01-04-09 07:10 AM

I tend to watch the English soundtrack on spaghettis because all the soundtracks are dubbed. Italian films at that time were dubbed after shooting and into various languages. None of the audio is recorded at the time of shooting. So all of Clint Eastwood's Leone westerns were dubbed by Eastwood after shooting. That's why the deleted scenes for TGTBATU had no audio and were dubbed for the extended release recently. A lot of the actors did not even speak the same languages. You frequently had English, German, Spanish and Italian actors all within the same film. There are few cases where I prefer the Italian soundtrack. One is Django which as you know has a horrible English dub. The movie was not released theatrically in America and I'm sure if it was shown in Britain it was probably cut. The financial incentive to get a decent dub probably didn't exist. Most foreign films I watch in their native tongue but with spaghettis it's kosher to watch in English but it's nice to have the option of other audio tracks when the dub is just too poor.

If you watch a spaghetti western in any language, you are watching it with a dubbed soundtrack.

Cameron 01-04-09 10:30 AM

^nailed it on the head^

Its a dub no matter which track you listen to. And the better version varies movie to movie.

SethDLH 01-04-09 01:10 PM

Originally Posted by Cameron (Post 9173659)
^nailed it on the head^

Its a dub no matter which track you listen to. And the better version varies movie to movie.

Exactly, while the Italian track on Django is superior, that is not always the case.

Groucho 01-04-09 01:12 PM

Depends on the native language of the principal actor(s). For example, English is a no-brainer for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly because its what the three main characters are speaking.

Mondo Kane 01-04-09 02:06 PM

As with the case of giallos (Italian slashers) and polizios (Crime/Action thrillers), if most of the principal actors are American or British, I'll give the english dub a listen. But if it's a mostly Italian/spanish cast, I'll listen to the Italian track (If it's available)

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