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Disc-Flipper 12-31-08 01:53 PM

1. Sell off my other-region DVDs which I have Region 1 counterparts for
2. Go another year without buying Blu-Ray
3. Transfer my remaining VHS to DVD
4. Dispose of all my transferred VHS; become a VHS-free household
5. Transfer my accumulated PVR recordings to disc
6. Better organize my DVD collection by genre
7. Arrange lesser-watched DVDs to the back shelf
8. Do not blind-buy any movies
9. Watch only discs in my un-watched pile
10. Finish watching various TV series (eg. Star Trek Voyager)

DJariya 12-31-08 01:58 PM

1) Only buy stuff that has replay value.

2) Stop buying $5-6 titles that I don't need.

3) If possible, hold off on purchasing a new release until it drops in price.

4) Don't automatically upgrade to a "Special Edition" unless it's a title that I really like and care about and has replay value.

5) Start watching more of my unwatched pile.

6) Rent more. Netflix has helped alot.

7) Only buy DVD's when I can actually afford to.

critterdvd 12-31-08 02:15 PM

Yeah, like everyone else mine is to stop buying so much. I'm going to ask myself "will I really watch this atleast 3 times in the next year" before I purchase anything.

And TV shows I'm going to stop buy outright all together. I'm going to netflix the discs and wait for the complete series for the ones I really want.

Trevor 12-31-08 02:25 PM

I'm going to resolve pretty much the same things I did in our thread from last year.

With the big addition of renting more and buying less.

Sessa17 12-31-08 03:49 PM

Originally Posted by DarthVong (Post 9165043)
1) Expand my Blu-Ray collection

2) Reduce my SD collection

This was my DVD resolution last year. Done a damn good job of it too.

This year trying to focus more on only buying movies that I know I will watch numerous times or share with others.

Also a lot less blind buying of TV shows & netflixing them first. Sarah Conner Chronicles, Chuck, been burned way to many times stupidly blind buying these shows & being dissapointed in them.

starseed1981 12-31-08 03:53 PM

I'm eliminating purchasing movies on dvd. I honestly, simply, don't have the time to watch anything more than once. I'm going to be sticking with MMA / TV sets throughout 2009.

William Fuld 12-31-08 03:56 PM

Originally Posted by macnorton (Post 9166089)
6. Use Netflix more (I have a membership but the same three DVD's have been on my pile for three months now...got to get on that)

You can put your account on hold without cancelling it. You aren't charged and you don't lose your queue.

My Other Self 12-31-08 04:14 PM

My DVD spending has been way cut back lately. I think I'm good on this end. ;)

hotsexyboi 12-31-08 05:08 PM

Buy DVDs that I know I will like and not just buy them just because and have them sit there and collect dust..lol

NoirFan 12-31-08 05:18 PM

1. No double-dips on studio titles - wait for the eventual Blu.
2. Purchase a region-free Blu-ray player.
3. Continue saving for Sony BRAVIA 46" 1080p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV, with an expected April purchase.

comanche_doyle 12-31-08 08:33 PM

1. Try to keep it under $100 per month.
2. Finish gathering the dragon dynasty releases I need.
3. Be more patient with tv sets I want. I shouldn't pay full price at walmart.
4. Finally get the Royal Rumble Anthology.


Well I hope to get two projects underway sometime in 2009.

1) Installing HDTV in my bedroom wall

2) Figuring a clever way to store my DVD's and have easy access to them (possibly customizing shelves, closet, etc.) My collection isnt anywhere near what I've seen here, thus more purchases are in order.

Sparrow 12-31-08 09:59 PM

I have two:

1) I'll no longer purchase SD DVDs unless it's a must have TV show or import
2) Only purchase must-have BDs with a relatively high replay value

I've been placed on a DVD/BD budget for 2009 ;) by the family.

PHMustang2000 12-31-08 11:19 PM

Next payday I am gonna buy a PS3 and focus on rebuilding my DVD Collect. Collect mainly blu-ray but get some favorite shows on DVD too.

snorlaxnut 01-01-09 12:20 AM

1. Buy just one movie a month until my unwatched pile is gone.
2. Buy more Uwe Boll movies!

Doctor Gonzo 01-01-09 01:09 PM

1. Refuse to go Blu-Ray

2. Take more advantage of deals posted on the deals forum here and through Columbia House rather than just grabbing what I want off the rack at my local Walmart

DeepBlue 01-01-09 03:59 PM

1. No Blu-Ray in 2009

2. Limit my purchases to things I will watch repeatedly

3. Wait for price drops (unless it's something like a new Pixar movie :))

Nth Power 01-01-09 04:21 PM

My resolutions are mainly based around space issues- I'm running out of it!

1) No more big box collector sets (action figures, replica stuff, etc.)
2) Get most of my collection into sleeves.
3) Minimize buying new releases. I'll rent first and if I like it enough to buy, wait for a sale.

Travis McClain 01-01-09 04:31 PM

I dunno. Redbox, Netlflix, Half Price Books, the library and the sales forum on this site have become key weapons in our arsenal this past year. We've seen several titles we wanted to see, but didn't want to buy to do so, and we've added quite a lot of titles this past year while paying a fraction of what the new MSRP value is. I have a handful of titles left on my wish list I plan to get at some point, but I feel bad about making any kind of resolution to buy things. I really can't say I've got any particular bad habits left to break with regards to DVD collecting.

I have decided as of last night that I want to watch our entire library with every commentary track. I used to only get to do this when my wife wasn't home because she had no interest, but I've begun doing this at night when we go to bed. She falls asleep long before I do, so she's given up caring what I watch so long as I'm in bed, too. She's started watching (and listening) to more of these, even picking out the last one (Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle). Not bad for a woman who, when we got together, used full screen on a DVD player connected with a coaxial cable!

MichaelMeyers 01-01-09 05:00 PM

1.) Continue to curb my spending. I cut back last year over what I spent the year before and plan to cut back even further this year.

2.) Only purchase Blu-ray titles with the exception of TV on DVD.

3.) Further trim the existing DVD Collection and eliminate dead weight.

4.) Continue trying to Netflix new releases first before buying

Chad 01-01-09 05:08 PM

-Try and keep the Blu-ray upgrades from SD counterparts to a minimum and stick primarily to films I don't currently own.
-Make an attempt to build some shelves.
-Never buy films for completest reasons.
-Consider going the other-region route more.
-Stop trying to impress women with the size of my collection.
-Don't feel pressured to always buy on release day ...wait for price drops.
-Rid the collection of films that don't have replay value. This specifically refers to a few Criterion titles.
-Try and get in the habit of viewing more supplemental material on the day the film is viewed.
-Let common sense prevail when blind-buying.
-Be more selective when purchasing Blu/DVDs with collectible packaging.
-NEVER let lack of space become an issue. Remove furniture if need be!
-Free up more time to watch more!

shyguy1083 01-01-09 06:13 PM

- Curb overall spending on DVD/BD. I haven't compared final 2008 numbers with 2007, but I'm pretty sure I cut total amount by at least a third.
- Buy BDs that have high replay value, not just because it's a good deal
- Start working through my unopened titles, particularly television seasons
- Avoid the lure of cheap DVDs at Big Lots/WM/wherever just because it's cheap... make sure I actually want them in my collection and have replay value

that's all i can think of for now

majorjoe23 01-01-09 08:04 PM

I'm planning to continue holding out for sales, and even then very specific titles.

asianxcore 01-01-09 09:22 PM

1) Buy a lot less DVD's compared to 2008 (spent a lot of money from Oct-Dec)
2) Watch the DVD's I bought from Oct-Dec

darkhawk 01-02-09 03:25 PM

Buy strickly from Big Lots or Walmart's bargin bin

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