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The 4th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***LISTS GO HERE!***

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The 4th Annual "October Horror Movie Challenge" (10/1 - 10/31) ***LISTS GO HERE!***

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Feel free to click on my Horror Challenge Blog below for a review of every movie I'm watching.

Personal Goal: 200

October 1

1. Basket Case
2. House of the Long Shadows
3. You’ll Find Out
4. The Black Castle
5. The Fearless Vampire Killers
6. Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror
7. Killdozer

October 2

8. Willard
9. The Prophecy
10. Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde
11. Zombies of Mora Tau
12. The Werewolf
13. Creature with the Atom Brain
14. The Giant Claw
15. Shadow of the Vampire

October 3.

16. Trauma
17. Tenebre
18. Do You Like Hitchcock?
19. The Card Player
20. Phenomena
21. Suspiria

October 4

22. Opera
23. Bride of the Monster
24. White Zombie
25. A Nightmare on Elm Street
26. Fright Night
27. Race with the Devil
28. Cemetery Man

October 5

29. Bowery at Midnight
30. The Ape Man
31. Scared to Death
32. Masters of Horror: Dance of the Dead
33. Masters of Horror: Haeckel’s Tale
34. Masters of Horror: Chocolate
35. Masters of Horror: Incident on and off a Mountain Road
36. Masters of Horror: Dreams in the Witch House
37. Masters of Horror: The Screwfly Solution
38. Masters of Horror: Family
39. Night of the Living Dead

October 6

40. Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell
41. The Flesh and the Fiends
42. The Gorgon
43. Circus of Horrors
44. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - Wildcard #1
45. The Shining
46. Return of the Killer Tomatoes

October 7

47. Return to Horror High
48. Bad Taste
49. The Beast Must Die
50. The Wicker Man
51. The Revenge of Frankenstein
52. Murders in the Rue Morgue
53. The Black Cat
54. Re-Animator
55. Tales of Terrors
56. Masters of Horror: The Black Cat

October 8

57. The Raven
58. The Invisible Ray
59. Black Friday
60. Creepshow
61. The Hand
62. Dr. Giggles
63. Horror Hotel
64. Creature from the Black Lagoon
65. Revenge of the Creature
66. The Creature Walks Among Us

October 9

67. MST3K: The Unearthly
68. MST3K: The Corse Vanishes
69. MST3K: The Slime People
70. Return of the Vampire
71. The Monster Club
72. House on Haunted Hill
73. The Last Man on Earth
74. The Devil’s Rejects

October 10

75. To the Devil a Daughter
76. The Pit
77. Hellgate
78. Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter
79. Night of the Demon
80. Eyes of a Stranger
81. MST3K: The Mad Monster
82. Waxwork
83. Waxwork II: Lost in Time
84. Rosemary’s Baby

October 11

85. Spider Baby
86. The Wasp Woman
87. Night Fright
88. The Return of Dracula
89. The Vampire
90. Chandu the Magician
91. Dr. Renault’s Secret
92. Mark of the Vampire
93. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
94. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

October 12

95. Beast From Haunted Cave
96. Rattlers
97. Lazarus Syndrome
98. The Legend of Bigfoot
99. A Candle in the Dark
100. Demon Slaughter
101. Masters of Horror: Cigarette Burns
102. Freaks
103. MSt3K: Black Scorpion

October 13

104. Dark Eyes of London
105. Friday the 13th

October 14

106. The Wolf Man
107. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

October 15

108. Blood Feast
109. Color Me Blood Red
110. Two Thousand Maniacs
111. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
112. Werewolf of London
113. She-Wolf of London
114. MST3K: It Conquered the World
115. Claw of Terror
116. Wrestlemaniac

October 16.

117. MST3K: War of the Colossal Beast
118. MST3K: Attack of the Giant Leeches
119. MST3K: Killer Shrews
120. MST3K: Fire Maidens of Outer Space
121. The Abominable Dr. Phibes
122. Dr. Phibes Rises Again
123. Theatre of Blood
124. Madhouse
125. MST3K: Manos - The Hands of Fate

October 17.

126. Twice-Told Tales
127. Witchfinder General
128. Targets
129. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
130. Transylvania 6-5000
131. The Initiation
132. The Exorcist: The Version You’ve Never Seen Before
133. The Exorcist II: The Heretic

October 18.

134. Exorcist III
135. Hammer House of Horrors: The Silent Scream - Wildcard #2
136. Hammer House of Horrors: Rude Awakenings - Wildcard #3
137. The Invisible Man
138, The Invisible Man Returns
139. The Invisible Woman
140. Tales that Witness Madness

October 19.

141. The Black Room
142. Hard
143. MST3K: The Human Duplicators

October 20.

144. Ghostbusters
145. Ghostbusters 2
146. The Phantom of the Opera (1943)
147. Kingdom of Shadows
148. MST3K: Attack of the Eye Creatures
149. The Man Who Could Cheat Death
150. April Fool’s Day

October 21.

151. The Ghoul
152. Night Key
153. Tower of London
154. The Climax
155. The Devil Comands
156. The Thing
157. Jack Ketchum’s The Lost

October 22.

158. Die, Monster, Die
159. Mad Love
160. Devil Doll
161. Dr. X
162. The Return of Dr. X
163. Mask of Fu Manchu
164. Evil Dead
165. Evil Dead II
166. MST3K: The Creeping Terror

October 23.

167. Isle of the Dead
168. Bedlam
169. The Seventh Victim
170. Shadows in the Dark: The Val Lewton Legacy
171. Cat People
172. The Curse of the Cat People
173. I Walked with a Zombie
174. The Bodysnatcher
175. Psycho

October 24.

176. MST3K: The Beast of Yucca Flats
177. The Mummy
178. The Mummy's Hand
179. Idle Hands
180: MST3K: The Amazing Transparent Man

October 25.

181. The Last Horror Film
182. Insecticidal
183. Night Fangs
184. The Pit and the Pendulum
185. The Raven
186. Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte

October 26.

187. The Horror of Dracula
188. Soul's Midnight
189. Army of Darkness
190. X The Man with X-Ray Eyes
191. Premature Burial

October 27.

192. Dracula Has Risen From the Grave
193. Taste the Blood of Dracula
194. Dracula A.D. 1972
195. Quick and the Undead
196. The Innocents

October 28.

197. Dawn of the Dead
198. Dracula (1979)
199. Body Snatchers
200. Wolfen
201. Coma
202. Bad Moon
203. Mad Monster Party
204. Dead Heat
205. Black Sunday

October 29.

206. MST3K: King Dinosaur
207. MST3K: The Amazing Colossal Man
208. Masters of Horror: The Damned Thing
209. Masters of Horror: Dream Cruise
210. Masters of Horror: We All Scream for Ice Cream
211. Masters of Horror: The Washingtonians
212. Ghosts on the Loose
213. Son of Kong
214. Masters of Horror: Pro-Life
215: Masters of Horror: Pelts
216. Dracula
217. Masters of Horror: Valerie on the Stairs

October 30.

218. Masters of Horror: The V Word
219. Masters of Horror: Sounds Like
220. Masters of Horror: Right to Die
221. Masters of Horror: Deer Woman
222. Masters of Horror: Jennifer
223. Masters of Horror: Homecoming
224. Masters of Horror: Sick Girl
225. Masters of Horror: Pick Me Up
226. Rogue's Tavern
227. The Devil's Messenger
228. Teenage Zombies
229. Murders in the Zoo
230. Island of Lost Souls
231. The Walking Dead
232. Within the Woods - Wildcard #4
233. Tales of Frankenstein Pilot - Wildcard #5
234. The Veil: The Food's on the Table - Wildcard #6
235. Frankenstein
236. Bloodbath at the House of Death

October 31.

237. Ben
238. Dr. Terror's House of Horrors
239. Theatre of Death
240. House
241. House of Frankenstein
242. House of Dracula
243. Ghost of Frankenstein
244. Phantasm
245. Phantasm II
246. Phantasm III
247. Halloween
248. Bucket of Blood
249. Little Shop of Horrors

Well midnight is gone, I'm kind of sad about it, really thought I could have made it to 250, and frankly, I could have. But no regrets, time to move on.

For me it's been a long, and at times tedious month. But I'm still going strong, I may make it to dawn... time will tell.

250. Hellraiser
251. Hellraiser II
252. Hellraiser III

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2005 -- 85
2006 -- 134
2007 -- 128
2008 Goal: 100
50% first-time views (*)

October 1 -- First Bite
1. Nosferatu
2. Shadow of the Vampire
3. Vampyr*
October 2 -- CronenbergX2
4. Dead Ringers (with commentary)
5. Rabid*
October 3 -- New Non-Classics
6. The Ruins*
7. Midnight Meat Train*
8. I Know Who Killed Me*
October 4 -- Hungry Like the Wolf
9. The Wolf Man
10. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man*
11. Dog Soldiers
October 5 -- Now You See Him...
12. The Invisible Man*
13. The Invisible Man Returns*
14. The Invisible Woman*
15. The Invisible Agent*
16. The Invisible Man's Revenge*
October 6 -- Week of the Living Dead, Day 1
17. Night of the Living Dead
18. Dawn of the Dead (1978)
October 7 -- Week of the Living Dead, Day 2
19. Day of the Dead
October 8 -- Still Living, Still Dead
20. Diary of the Dead*
21. Dawn of the Dead (2004)
October 9 -- And they Return
22. Return of the Living Dead*
23. Return of the Living Dead Part 2*
October 10 -- Still Returning...
24. Return of the Living Dead Part 3*
25. Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis*
26. Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave*
October 11 -- Spare Parts
27. Idle Hands*
28. The Hand*
29. Body Parts*
October 12 -- It's What's for Dinner
30. True Blood Episode 1 (HBO) -- Wildcard #1*
31. True Blood Episode 2 (HBO) -- Wildcard #2*
32. A Bucket of Blood*
33. Night of the Blood Beast (MST3K)
October 13 -- All My Chainsaws Live in Texas
34. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
35. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2*
36. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation*
October 14 -- Mummy Day
37. The Mummy*
38. The Mummy's Hand*
October 15 -- More Mummy
39. The Mummy's Tomb*
40. The Mummy's Ghost*
41. The Mummy's Curse*
October 16 -- The Devil Made Me Do It
42. The Exorcist
43. Exorcist III
October 17 -- The Devil Made Me Do It Again
44. The Exorcism of Emily Rose
45. The XXXorcist*
October 18 -- Vampire Weekend
46. Dracula (with commentary)
47. Dracula, Spanish Version*
48. True Blood Episode 3 (HBO) -- Wildcard #3*
October 19
49. True Blood Episode 4 (HBO) -- Wildcard #4*
50. Near Dark
51. Blacula*
52. Scream Blacula Scream*
October 20 -- DePalma Duo
53. Body Double
54. Sisters*
October 21 -- Criterion Horror
55. Videodrome (with director commentary)
56. Peeping Tom
57. Eyes Without a Face*
October 22 -- High Camp
58. Sleepaway Camp*
59. Sleepaway Camp II -- Unhappy Campers*
60. Sleepaway Camp III -- Teenage Wasteland*
61. Learning Curve*
October 23 -- John Carpenter
62. They Live
63. The Thing
64. Prince of Darkness*
65. John Carpenter: Fear is Just the Beginning*
October 24 -- What If You Say it 6 Times...?
66. Candyman (with commentary)
67. Candyman II: Farewell to the Flesh
68. Candyman 3: Day of the Dead*
October 25 -- Attack of the B- Movies
69. Hellroller*
70. Alone in the Dark*
71. Teenage Zombies*
72. Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead*
October 26 -- Hypochondria Special
73. Coma*
74. Pathology*
75. Ebola Syndrome*
76. Body Bags*
October 27
77. A Nightmare on Elm Street
78. Psycho
79. [REC]*
80. The Halfway House*
October 28
81. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown -- Wildcard #5
82. The Entity*
83. Flight of the Living Dead*
84. Death Bed: The Bed That Eats*
85. The Fan*
October 29
86. Murder Set Pieces*
87. The Wizard of Gore (1970)*
88. The Wizard of Gore (2007)*
89. Pulse 2*
90. The Curse of Frankenstein*
October 30
91. South Park "Pandemic" -- Wildcard #6*
92. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed*
93. Frankenstein Created Woman*
94. The Evil of Frankenstein*
October 31
95. Black Christmas*
96. War of the Colossal Beast (MST3K)
97. The Oozing Skull (Cinematic Titanic)*
98. Halloween

Total: 98 (so close and yet so far)
First time views: 70 (71.4%)

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October 3-5 -
Suspiria (1977) - still the best
Inferno (1980) - not as great, but growing on me
Mother of Tears (La Terza madre) (2007) - good, nasty stuff - welcome back, Dario!
October 20 -
The Strangers (2008)
October 21 -
Feast II:Sloppy Seconds (2008)
October 28 -
Stuck (2007)
October 29 -
Witchfinder General (1968)
October 31 -
Prom Night (2008)

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☼ Denotes first viewing

October 1st:
1. The Unknown (1927)
2. Cat People (1942)
3. Curse of the Cat People (1944)
4. Nightmare on Elm St. (1984)
5. The Student of Prague (1913) ☼
6. The Penalty (1920) ☼
7. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919)
8. Nosferatu (1922)
9. Vampyr (1932)
October 2nd:
10. Faust (1926)
11. Shadow of the Vampire (2000)
12. Waxwork (1924) ☼
October 3rd:
13. I Walked With a Zombie (1943)
14. The 7th Victim (1943)
15. The Body Snatcher (1945)
October 5th:
16. Phantom Ship (1935) ☼
17. Devil Doll (1964) ☼
18. The Invisible Ray (1936) ☼
19. Maniac (1934) ☼
20. Black Friday (1940) ☼
October 6th:
21. Invisible Ghost (1943) ☼
22. Invisible Invaders (1959) ☼
23. The Uninvited (1944) ☼
October 7th:
24. Dracula (1931)
25. The Ghost Train (1941) ☼
26. I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957) ☼
27. It! The Terror from Beyond Space (1958) ☼
28. Dracula's Daughter (1936) ☼
October 8th:
29. The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971) ☼
30. Return of the Vampire (1944) ☼
31. Die! Die! My Darling! (1965) ☼
October 9th:
32. The Whip and the Body (1963) ☼
33. Feast of Flesh (1967) ☼
34. The Nanny (1965) ☼
35. Wizard of Gore (1970) ☼
October 10th:
36. Dementia (1955)
37. Plague of the Zombies (1966) ☼
38. Kwaidan (1964)
October 13th:
39. Death Weekend (1976) ☼
40. Three on a Meathook (1972) ☼
41. Killer Party (1986) ☼
42. Night Monster (1942) ☼
October 14th:
43. Frankenstein (1931)
44. Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)
45. Dracula (Spanish version) (1931) ☼
46. The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945)
47. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931) ☼
48. Satanis (1970) ☼
October 15th:
49. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
50. Rosemary's Baby (1968)
51. Captive Wild Woman (1945) ☼
52. The Picture of Dorian Gray (w/commentary) (Wild card #1)
53. I Drink Your Blood (1970) ☼
54. Sinthia, the Devil's Doll (1968) ☼
October 16th:
55. Freaks (1932)
56. Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
57. Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966) ☼
58. The Legend of Hell House (1973) ☼
59. Axe (1977) ☼
October 17th:
60. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
61. The Last House on the Left (1972)
62. The Funhouse (1981) ☼
63. Tarantula (1955) ☼
64. Grotesque (1988) ☼
October 18th:
65. The Reptile (1966) ☼
66. The Witches (1966) ☼
67. Mad Monster Party (1969) ☼
68. Crawlspace (1972) ☼
69. Alligator (1980)
October 19th:
70. It Happened at Nightmare Inn (1973) ☼
71. Night of the Bloody Apes (1969) ☼
72. The Hand (1981)
73. Night of the Comet (1984) ☼
74. Alice, Sweet Alice (1976) ☼
75. One Dark Night (1983) ☼
October 20th:
76. Scarecrows (1988) ☼
77. Stage Fright (1987) ☼
78. The Last Man on Earth (1964) ☼
79. Jigoku (1960) ☼
80. The Leech Woman (1960) ☼
81. The Man Made Monster(1941) ☼
October 21st:
82. The Invisible Man (1933)
83. The Exorcist (1973)
84. Frogs (1972) ☼
85. Burnt Offerings (1976) ☼

86. From a Whisper to a Scream (1989) ☼
October 22nd:
87. The Wolf Man (1941)
88. The Blob (1958)
89. The Lost Boys (1987)
90. Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural (1973) ☼
91. Xtro (1983) ☼
92. Eaten Alive (1977) ☼
October 23rd:
93. The Mummy (1932)
94. Haxan (1922)
95. The Evil Dead (1981)
96. Frankenstein Created Woman (1967) ☼
97. Vampyr (1931) (w/ Tony Rayn commentary) (Wild Card #2)
October 24th:
98. The Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (1987)
99. Mad Love (1935)
100. Vamp (1986) ☼
101. Love Me Deadly (1973) ☼
October 25th:
102. The Mummy's Curse (1944) ☼
October 26th:
103. Popcorn (1991) ☼
104. Waxwork (1988)
105. Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (1990) ☼
October 27th:
106. The Gate (1987) ☼
107. Waxwork II: Lost in Time (1992) ☼
108. The Car (1977) ☼
109. Quatermass and the Pit (1967) ☼
110. Hell Night (1981)
111. Audrey Rose (1977) ☼
October 28th:
112. Blood From the Mummy's Tomb
113. Hands of the Ripper (1971) ☼
114. Frankenstein (Edison, 1910) ☼
115. Friday the 13th (1980) (uncut) (w/commentary)
116. Death Bed: The Bed that Eats (1977) ☼
117. Rock n' Roll Nightmare
118. Don't Go in the House (1979) ☼
October 29th:
119. Fright Night (1986) (w/commentary track #1)
120. The Exorcist III (1990)
121. Spirits of the Dead (1969) ☼
122. Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II
123. The House on Sorority Row
124. Don't Open Until Christmas
October 30th:
125. Son of Dracula (1974) ☼
126. Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf
127. Final Exam (1981) ☼
128. Who Can Kill a Child? (1976) ☼
129. Fright Night II
130. Blood on Satan's Claw (1969) ☼
October 31st:
131. Halloween 6 (1995) ☼
132. Halloween (2007) ☼
133. Halloween 5 (1989) ☼

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October 1st

1. Blonde Ice
2. Wizard of Gore (2007)

October 2nd

3. Night of the Werewolf
4. Darkwolf

October 3rd

5. Cutting Class
6. Final Exam

October 4th

7. Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave to the Grave
8. Diary of the Dead

October 5th

9. Trog
10. Dawn of the Mummy

October 6th

11. Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat

October 7th

12. Ghost Lake
13. Let's Scare Jessica to Death

October 8th

14. Unhinged
15. Savage Weekend

October 9th

16. Joy Ride 2
17. Feast 2

October 10th

18. Love Object
19. May

October 11th

20. Blood Trails
21. Storm Warning

October 12th

22. Bad Blood
23. Fear No Evil

October 13th

24. Night of the Creeps
25. The Fog (1979)

October 14th

26. All the Kind Strangers
27. Terror At Red Wolf Inn

October 15th

28. Rattlers
29. Carnivore

October 16th

30. Happy Birthday to Me
31. Sweet Sixteen

October 17th

32. Scared to Death
33. Parasite (1982)

October 18th

34. Quarantine
35. Botched (2007)
36. Steel Trap

October 19th

37. Room 205
38. 1408

October 20th

39. No Man's Land: Rise of the Reeker
40. The Strangers

October 21st

41. Beyond the Door
42. The Antichrist

October 22nd

43. Brotherhood of Blood
44. The Devil's Rejects

October 23rd

45. Dark Floors
46. Hospital Massacre

October 24th

47. Pumpkinhead
48. Impulse (1974)

October 25th

49. Saw V
50. Slashers
51. April Fool's Day (1986)

October 26th

52. Forever Evil
53. The Nightmare Never Ends

October 27th

54. Trackman
55. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

October 28th

56. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
57. Slumber Party Massacre 2
58. Sorority House Massacre 2

October 29th

59. Last House in the Woods
60. Pieces
61. Night of the Demons

October 30th

62. The Devil Bat
63. Fright Night
64. The Lost Boys

October 31st

65. RL Stine's The Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It
66. Dead & Breakfast
67. The Dead Hate the Living!
68. Return of the Living Dead Part 2

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October 2
October 6
2. HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (Legend Films with Mike Nelson Commentary)
October 9 (Yom Kippor)
October 10
October 11 (Texas/OU Weekend)
October 13
October 17
October 20
October 21
October 23
October 24
October 25
October 26
October 30

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
--- 1890 - (insert film title here)
--- 1900 -
--- 1910 -
--- 1930 -
--- 1940 -
--- 1980 -
--- 1990 -
--- 2000 - DANTE'S INFERNO

Watch a film for each rating:
--- Unrated (pre-MPAA) - EYES WITHOUT A FACE
--- G -
--- PG -
--- PG-13 -
--- NC-17 -
--- X (not porn; several horror films were rated X) -
--- Unrated (post-MPAA) -

Watch a film starring:
--- Bela Lugosi - (insert film title here)
--- Lon Chaney Sr. -
--- Boris Karloff -
--- Lon Chaney Jr. -
--- Vincent Price - HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL
--- Peter Cushing - THE SKULL
--- Christopher Lee - THE SKULL
--- Robert Englund -
--- Bruce Campbell -
--- Jamie Lee Curtis -

Watch films in at least two languages other than English.
--- First language, French, EYES WITHOUT A FACE
--- Second language, Portugese, AT MIDNIGHT I'LL TAKE YOUR SOUL.

Watch a film in each of the following subgenres/types:
--- Vampire - (insert film title here)
--- Frankenstein -
--- Werewolf -
--- Mummy -
--- Invisible Man -
--- Ghost/haunting - HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL
--- Witchcraft/satanic/religious - AT MIDNIGHT I'LL TAKE YOUR SOUL
--- Zombie -
--- Slasher/psycho/homicidal maniac - TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE
--- Monster/creature feature/Godzilla - THE GOLEM, HOW HE CAME INTO THE WORLD
--- Documentary - HELL HOUSE
--- Musical -
--- Spoof/comedy -
--- Revenge -
--- Killer/evil doll -
--- Killer/evil animal -
--- Killer/evil child -
--- Giallo -
--- J horror -
--- film and its remake -
--- based on a video game -
--- based on a novel - EYES WITHOUT A FACE
--- directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis or Uwe Boll or Ulli Lommel -
--- won an Academy Award -- any category -
--- silent film -
--- Criterion version film - EYES WITHOUT A FACE
--- film and at least two of its sequels -
--- anthology film -
--- takes place on a holiday - AT MIDNIGHT I'LL TAKE YOUR SOUL (Dia de los Muertos)
--- takes place in space -
--- takes place on or under the sea -
--- animated film -
--- called "Night of the ..." -
--- called "Return of the ..." -
--- called "Revenge of the ..." -
--- called "Attack of the ..." -
--- with the words "Living Dead" in the title -

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Pizza vs. October Horror Movie Challenge


Oct. 1

1. Army of Darkness - I finally watched my hd-dvd version of this flick. I was a fan of this film when it was first released and everyone originally hated it. It had opened on my birthday back then and it made for a great day. It also made for a great way to get me started and charged up for this challenge.
Movie rating: 8
Monster rating: 8 - You gotta love talking skeletons

2. Hatchet - After reading the extreme reviews on this film, I had to check it out. I'm in the middle on this one. I didn't like the stupid dialogue and jokes but I did like the monster stuff.
Movie rating: 5
Monster rating: 7

3. Abominable - I watched this one with the wife who kept jumping out of her seat. I'm a sucker for monsters and felt the bigfoot suit had a certain "Lost in Space" charm about it.
Movie rating: 6
Monster rating: 6
The DVD's picture quality looked like crap.

Oct. 2

4. The Return of Dracula - I haven't seen this B&W creeper since I was a kid. I was surprised by the brief edit of full color when Jenny was staked. That ingenious moment made the film for me.
Movie rating: 6
Monster rating: 6 - Dracula has looked better.

5. The Vampire- Another B&W flick I haven't seen since I was a kid. I liked the drug subtext but the flick hasn't aged well.
Movie rating: 3
Monster rating: 2

6. The Strangers - I got an advance screener of this one. Nice atmosphere but there wasn't much story.
Movie rating: 5
Oct. 3

7. 30 Days of Night - I love vampire movies and saw this on opening day at the theater when it was first released. I didn't like it. Just gave it a second chance via DVR. . .still didn't like it.
Movie rating: 3
Monster rating: 6 - Good make-up if a little over the top.

8. Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead - Local indie theater, the Cinematheque, is showing this latest Troma film with Lloyd Kaufman in tow this weekend. Lloyd is funny as always in introducing his film. The flick is typical Troma fare if you know what I mean.
Movie rating: If you're a Troma fan 7 - If not 1
Monster rating: 2 - Come on. They're zombie chickens. How good can that possibly look?
Oct. 4

9. Opera - Finally, I dig into the DVDs that have been sitting on my shelves for a good while unwatched. This is why I decided to join this challenge. I enjoyed this one and was quite impressed with the revelation scene in the opera house.
Movie rating: 7

10. Phantom of the Paradise - Another title sitting around on the shelves. Seemed like this would be a nice double bill with "Opera." Playing a Faust-type character, this is Paul Williams greatest (and possibly only) performance in horror.
Movie rating: 6

11. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Hush - After watching two movies that had subtexts on singing, I thought it'd be fun to watch this classic episode where everyone loses their voice.
Movie rating: 10
Monster rating: 10
Wildcard 1

Oct. 5

12. Bay of Blood - I had to go to a party on Saturday evening. We get home late, my wife goes to bed and I'm tired, but I figure I'd try for a midnight screening with this flick. I had to play it through twice to see the whole thing as I kept falling asleep. I'm going to have to buy some caffeine pills or something. I was surprised at how bloody it was.
Movie rating: 6

13. Black Sunday - With it being Sunday how could I not watch this flick today? Barbara Steele's wide-eyed face with nail holes scared the crap out of me as a kid. The musical score makes a few scenes hokier than they need be. Still, an effective horror film.
Movie rating: 8
Monster rating: 10 - Barbara Steele looks so-o-o-o-o creepy in this.

14. The Howling - It seems like only yesterday when I saw this flick at the theater with my dad. This film contains some of my favorite werewolf effects and make-up. Having the beautiful Dee Wallace scores big points from me, too. Too bad they sold the brand for a bunch of cheapo sequels.
Movie rating:8
Monster rating:10 - My favorite make-up for werewolves.

XX. The Howling/commentary - While typing my reviews of the films I watched today, I turned on the commentary track for The Howling as background noise. After about a half hour I got hooked and had to listen to the entire track. It's a fun chat between director Joe Dante and his cast.

Oct. 6

15. Pit and the Pendulum - Still a classic in my book. I bought the DVD a long time ago and I can't believe it has taken me this long to finally watch it. Vincent Price is at his hammy best. (I must brag how I met and interviewed Price back in the mid seventies. Super nice man.) The film is short but terrific.
Movie rating: 8
The DVD is colorful but non-anamorphic.

Oct. 7

Sadly, I worked over 19 hours today so no movie watching for me. However, I did check the board to see what you guys were watching.

Oct. 8

16. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Cast Reunion Panel - I picked this up Sunday at BB and finally watched it today. If you're a Buffy fan then it's a must have. Audio was bad but the talk was entertaining. No real revelations but it was great to see most of the cast members together again.
Content rating: 6
Wildcard 2.

Oct. 9

17. Basket Case - This was a movie I've meant to catch for the longest time. Now that I have, I'm disappointed. It's got a sleazy vibe to it that I couldn't get past. I found the ending weak. I know this is cult cinema but it wasn't for me.
Movie rating:4
Monster rating:4 - I sort of liked the rubber doll creature but the stop-motion version was lame.

18. Prom Night - I remember being disappointed in this flick back in 1980. Still, that was 28 years ago and when it went on sale for $4 I couldn't resist picking it up. Well, it's still a dull film, but at least now it has unintended laughs thanks in part to leslie Nielsen's acting and Jamie Lee Curtis's amusingly over-the-top teen dance routine.
Movie rating:4
Viewed for laughs:6
The DVD's picture quality is quite poor.

Oct. 10

19. The Duxorcist - Actually, I watched three of the later Looney Tunes that revolve around horror spoofs: The Duxorcist; The Night of the Living Duck; and Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers. Duxorcist is the best of the bunch with Living Duck a close second. Both made me laugh. I can honestly say that Bunny Snatchers is the worst Looney Tunes cartoon I have ever seen. An extremely odd entry that desperately borrows an old gag or two for laughs while spinning an inane plot. At least the title's cool.
My rating is for The Duxorcist.
Movie rating:5
Monster rating:4 - A possessed female duck is undermined by poor design and weak animation.
Wildcard 3

I am off on a trip with my wife. We're driving up to Niagra Falls for our anniversary. She is kind enough to drive (thanks, honey!) and that allows me enough time to woof down two movies via the portable DVD player.

20. Madhouse - I have never seen this Vincent Price movie before and had meant to watch a few years earlier when I bought the DVD. It's starts off rather slow, but I enjoyed the last half hour or so and liked the gimicky ending. Overall, the story needs to be streamlined. There are too many subplots and characters, such as the spider lady.
Movie rating:4
Sadly, the DVD is non-anamorphic, which makes the picture even smaller on my tiny portable..

21. The Tingler - I thought I'd be bored with The Tingler. Instead, I had a giggly good time with it. Sure, it's cheap cheese, but it really hit the spot. I loved the brief but effective use of color. I was also faked out by one twist in the plot.
Movie rating:7
Monster rating:6 - I know it's just a cheap rubber bug, but that is what made it so endearing to me.

Oct. 11

Today is my fifth wedding anniversary. Sorry, but no time for watching movies!

Oct. 12

21. Bad Dreams - I got up early to watch this one and was left very disappointed. The movie has a slick look about it, but the ending is inconsistent with the rest of the story. The alternate ending - that is included on the DVD - felt more in line with the story than the one used.
Movie rating:4
Monster rating:5 - Well done but typical scarred-up face.

22. The Entity - I was surprised at how effective this flick was in delivering suspense. The over-the-top ending that includes robotic arms spraying liquid helium pulls it down a notch. Still, Barbara Hershey is really good in this. The score by Charles Bernstein is powerful and adds big punch to an invisible foe. (The bonus doc on the DVD doesn't help sell the real-life story.)
Movie rating:7

23. The Oblong Box - Not bad Edgar Allen Poe flick that feels more like a Hammer production. Vincent Price is great, as always, but Christopher Lee is given a very weak character to portray. I'd rather he had played the disfigured Edward. Still, a well-done flick.
Movie rating:6
Monster rating:3 - I really liked the simplicity to Edward's red mask but his bland scarred face couldn't support the huge build-up to its unveiling.

Oct. 13

24. [Rec] - I first heard of this flick earlier in the year on the Howard Stern show. Then, I was reading the posting boards here and read how folks were referring to a film by REC. I thought it was the initials of some other film until someone clued me in that it was this flick. So, I watched it last night at midnight. I liked it alot. I found it creepy and atmospheric. Surprisingly, I didn't find it very scary and felt it was slow in spots. It's still well made and definitely worth the time to check out.
Movie rating:7
Monster rating:5 - I wish the camera gave us a better look at the creatures.

25. Quarantine - I'm on vacation this week and had lunch with a longtime chum. Since I was already out and about, I decided to check out the American remake of the above title, [REC]. There's a few changes, but Quarantine stays pretty close to the original. It gets a point less for feeling too slick because films like this and The Blair Witch Project feel more authentic the less flashy they are presented.
Movie rating:6
Monster rating:5 - See comment above for [REC].

26. The Thing - I finally watched the HD of my favorite Carpenter film. I originally saw this at a sneak preview on a Saturday night. It was the summer of ET and the public wanted their aliens to be sweet and cuddly. I still recall how the audience negatively reacted to the film. Even my dear, late dad didn't like it. On the other hand, I loved every minute of it. It was clearly a film ahead of its time and is still a terrific film. The various forms of the thing are awesome, especially that spider head. One of the most creative monster movies out there. I also love the score.
Movie rating:9
Monster rating:10 - There was nothing like it when first released. The monster effects were revolutionary for its time.

Oct. 14

27. The Hills Have Eyes - I have never felt a strong urge to see this flick. I'm not a fan of Wes Craven's first film, "The Last House on the Left," and figured this would be more of the same. (However, I am a huge fan of "Nightmare on Elm Street" and his work that followed.) I was totally blown away by the 2006 remake and thought Alexandre Aja succeeded at making a truly scary flick. I realized I had to see the original and bought the 2 disc set sometime ago. I finally watched it and didn't like it. (I know I'm in the minority.) I do admire its raw horror edge but I give full credit to Michael Berryman's distinctive appearance as being the film's main strength. It is his image on the poster art that makes you want to see this flick.
Movie rating:4
Monster rating:8 - Berryman really deserves a percent of the film's profits for his visual contribution.

28. Mr. Vampire - I didn't know this was a comedy. I had read awhile back that vampires hop in Chinese films. Curious, I picked this title up a few years back to check it out. They do indeed hop. Other novel twists to the folklore include holding your breath to hide from a vampire. Also, sticky rice can stop a victim from turning. Some of the humor is juvenile but is alwasy fun. It has the same comic tone as a Jackie Chan movie only without Chan. I watched the English track with subtitle while occassionally flipping back to the orignal language. For some odd reason, the English dub has the characters refer to the monsters zombies instead of vampires while the subtitles refer to them as vampires.
Movie rating:7
Monster rating:6 - The various vampires look pretty cool.

29. A Tale of Two Sisters - Wow. This is some heavy stuff. You need to watch this movie twice to catch all the details. I replayed several scenes to help grasp what I was watching. Very atmospheric, beautifully photographed, this dark tale slowly presents a complex, cold chiller.
Movie rating:7

Oct. 15

30. The Ghost Galleon - Utter waste of time. Plot features the Blind Dead against swimsuit models. Guess who wins? The flick needed more swimsuit models.
Movie rating:2
Monster rating:4 - The Blind Dead look silly on a boat.
Swimsuit Models rating:6 - They're cute. Wish there were more.

PERSONAL GOAL REACHED 31. Night of the Seagulls - With so much going on in my life at present I really didn't believe I'd be able to reach my flick-a-day goal so quickly. Still, here I am half way through the month and I've made it. As for "Seagulls," I can't believe this is considered the weakest of the Blind Dead films. It's way better than "Galleon" and is a solid creeper.
Movie rating:6
Monster rating:6 - The Blind Dead look better on horses than on a boat.
Swimsuit Models rating:0 - There isn't any, but the actress portraying Lucy is cute.

Oct. 16

32. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Wild at Heart - Another pivotal episode in Buffy that marches the series in a new direction. It's Oz's swan song but what a way to go, finding himself a werewolf in heat.
Movie rating:8
Monster rating:3 - The werewolf make-up in this series never looked good. .
Wildcard 4.

33. Planet Terror - I"m a fan of "Grindhouse" and I'm still surprised at how poorly it did at the box office. There's no real reason why I watched this feature over "Death Proof," which I may watch later this month. I would love to see the missing reel!
Movie rating:7
Monster rating:7

34. The War of the Gargantuas - I don't know why I like this movie, but I always find it fun to watch. I even like the way the Gargantuas look. I watched the original Japanese version, which refers to the monsters as Frankensteins (a reference to "Frankenstein Conquers the World"), I may try to watch the American one later on.
Movie rating:6
Monster rating:7 - I admit the effects and monster costumes are bad, but for some reason it works for me.

35. The Gorgon - I am so glad to finally see this released on DVD because this is one of my favorite Hammer films. It's always great to see Lee and Cushing together. It's also a pleasure to see the very beautiful Barbara Shelley, one of many Hammer ladies of horror.
Movie rating:7
Monster rating:7 - I know the snakes in the hair look fake but I really like the overall design of the Gorgon and is my favorite of the various cinema variations.

Oct. 17

36. The Two Face of Dr. Jeckyll - I've never seen this version of the classic and tale and liked it very much. Just like Jerry Lewis's famous comic take, Hyde is the dashing one of the pair here but still monstrous. Christopher Lee lends a hand as an anti-hero type and, surprise, the red-headed beauty Barbara Shelley is back to add eye candy to the film.
Movie rating:6

37. Battle Royale - A shocking storyline makes this Japanese tale a riveting one to watch. To keep the youth in check, an adult goverment selects one class full of students for a dangerous game of kill or be killed. The game lasts for 3 days and only one can survive. Wild, suspenseful and shocking, this is nothing like the Toho movies many of us grew up watching on TV.
Movie rating:8

38. Vampire Circus - It's back to Hammer and if there is one type of horror genre they did well, it was the vampire movie. This is quite a bizarre (in a good way) one that has a circus of vampires pay a visit to a small town for revenge.
Movie rating:7
Monster rating:7 - The vampire fangs are big and sharp.

39. The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror - The first "Treehouse of Horror" is from the second season and was the third episode. And 1,2,3, it became an instant classic and tradition. Of the three tales here "Hungry Are The Damned" is my favorite.
Movie rating:7
Monster rating:8 - The debut of Kang and Kodos. What more needs to be said?
Wildcard 5

40. Psycho II - I thought they were spitting into the wind when they announced a sequel to the immortal "Psycho." Then, I saw the movie and loved it. It is way underrated. Everyone is great in this. Anthony Perkins is fabulous and Meg Tilly was a perfect complement.
Movie rating:7

41. Dracula: Prince of Darkness - I haven't seen this one in quite a long time despite having three unviewed copies of it on DVD. This is very atmospheric and creepy. Christopher Lee is a scary Count and his resurrection is an eerie delight. This wraps up a long day of movie watching.
Movie rating:7
Monster rating:9 - Lee reinvents the role of Dracula and makes it his own.

Oct. 18

42. Maniac Cop 2 - I actually like this one better than the original. I had to pull out my LD of this as it has yet to see R! DVD release. Maybe I'll break down and get the import. Anyway, this one has more action in it and the fiery finale is pretty good.
Movie rating:6
Monster rating:6

43. Rodan - I watched the original Japanese cut. I wish they had more of Rodan and less of the giant bugs. Still cool to watch vehicles flip from the air current caused by the flap of giant wings. I still don't understand the ending and why they didn't fly off.
Movie rating:6
Monster rating:8

44. Tenebre - I was visiting the in-laws in another state. After a long day I slipped this one in my laptop. Wowzer! I was really knocked out by this great slasher flick. I wasn't sure if I was in the mood for Argento but this one really hit the horror spot.
Movie rating:8

Oct. 19

45. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday - This was the only Jason flick that I haven't seen and was happy to find it at Walmart for $6. I don't think it is as bad as it has been made out to be. I especially love the explosive beginning. The final shot is classic.
Movie rating:5
Monster rating:5

46. Cat People - Nastassja Kinski looks so beautiful in this movie and was the main reason why I wanted to see it back when it was released. I remember being shocked at how sexual the movie was instead of being a simple horror story.
Movie rating:6

Oct. 20

47. Cat People - I must admit that this movie never really impressed me as much as it does everyone else. Great use of atmosphere and black & white photography but the characters and plot just don't grab me. I especially don't like the ending.
Movie rating:5

48. The Curse of the Cat People - I found this movie to be a complete bore.
Movie rating:3

Oct. 21

Another long day at work.

Oct. 22

49. Phase IV - I didn't like this movie much when I saw it on TV a long time ago - mostly because the ants weren't giant mutants - but I must say I really enjoyed watching it today. Intelligent ants are very creepy. (One more to go before hitting the big five-O.)
Movie rating:7

Oct. 23

50. Bride of Frankenstein - I didn't think I'd reach 50 movies watched in this challenge. With that, I felt I should watch a true classic to celebrate. In my opinion, this is one of the greatest horror films ever made. Everything is perfect. I never grow tired watching Boris, Elsa and Colin perform their iconic roles. Director James Whale out did himself as did makeup artist Jack P. Pierce.
Movie rating:10
Monster rating:10 - Pierce's brilliant makeup design created the two most memorable monsters of filmdon.

51. Pumpkinhead - I remember being disappointed in this when I saw it in the theater. I know I loved the monster but thought the story was a bad fit for it. I didn't have that issue this time around. The monster is still cool as hell and I could appreciate the darkness of the story.
Movie rating:6
Monster rating:8

52. Masters of Horror: Dance of the Dead - Maybe I should have stopped after two flicks but I had a hard time trying to get into this. It has a great look but the pacing and the cast just didn't feel right. Some interesting plot points with the gorgeous Jessica Lowndes playing your typical nice girl who's about to cross the line into sexuality despite her over-protective mom. I got a feeling that if I watch this again I'll dig it a lot more.
Movie rating:5

Oct. 24

53. Masters of Horror: Jenifer - Sorry, but I couldn't buy any guy having sex - let along leave his family - with such a hideous looking creature as Jenifer no matter how wonderful her body is. I will say this episode has a major ick factor to it thanks to one key sex scene. The ending is too obvious.
Movie rating:5
Monster rating:7 - There's no denying the creepy factor in jenifer.

54. I, Madman - I completely forgot that I watched this movie on Friday night. I had seen this in the theater and liked it. I can't say the same this time. First, I was very disappointed to discover that the DVD is full frame. I did blow it up, cropping the top and bottom, and the composition looked solid so maybe there is image added to make it 4:3. Anyway, I was kind of bored with it this time. The make-up is pretty good and I always welcome stop-motion monsters. It still didn't have the punch I felt from my initial visit.
Movie rating:5 - Great concept but could have been better executed.
Monster rating:8 - The face of the titled "madman" is cool. Plus, I loved the stop-motion monster.

55. Abbott and Costello meet Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde - I had received an advance copy of the box set of their movies (which is awesome) and couldn't resist to watch a flick or two. I had an 8mm reel of this film and watched it alot as a kid. This is my first chance in seeing the entire film and loved it. I should add that I am a huge Abbott and Costello fan (Boris Karloff, too) so my rating is a bit biased.
Movie rating:7
Monster rating:6

Oct. 25

56. Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein - One of my alltime favorites. In my youth, I would never miss this when it aried on TV. This was a terrific send-off to the Uni monsters. I love this flick.
Movie rating:10
Monster rating:10 - All the great Universal monsters. Nice!

57. Masters of Horror:Homecoming - I love dark satire, especially when it involves zombies. War is hell and has made this the best MOH episode I've seen so far.
Movie rating:7
Monster rating:6

Oct. 26

58. Mad Monster Party - I saw this when it was a weekend matinee. I got in trouble with my mom because I sat through it twice and was late calling her for a ride back home. It was worth it. I watched it twice today as a tribute to that childhood memory. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who loves this animated creature feature.
Movie rating:8
Monster rating:10 - Mad cartoonist Jim Davis' design work is outstanding.

Oct. 27

59. I Come in Peace - Why isn't this availble as an R1 release? I had to break out my LD. I know it's cheese but I really love cheese. Brian Benben (I always trip over his last name) certainly tries hard at playing second banana to Dolph Lundgren. An entertaining flick.
Movie rating:6
Monster rating:5

Oct. 28
18 hours on the job. Nuff said.

Oct. 29

60. Amazing Stories: Go to the Head of the Class - I bought this laserdisc a long time ago for "Family Dog" (I'm a huge animation fan), which is on side 2. On side 1 is this Robert Zemeckis horror comedy that totally surprised me when I first watched it. It still packs a spooky punch to the funny bone. Christopher LLoyd is great, creepy fun.
Movie rating:7
Wildcard 6

Oct. 30

61. Murders in the Rue Morgue - Filled with silly dream sequences, this is one bad dream ndeed. I thought I couldn't lose with a cast that includes Jason Robarbs and Herbert Lom but everyone is lifeless in their performances. The film does have a beautifully atmospheric look to it. The cinemtography is top notch. Too bad it fails in every other area including too many fake endings.
Movie rating:2

62. Cry of the Banshee - I should go to bed but instead I flip over my DVD and watch this Vincent Price ham fest. I saw this when it was in the theaters and recalled it being talky. Still is and good old Vincent really is in over-acting mood. They could have done a better job with the banshee make-up. The ending is the best thing.
Movie rating:3
Monster rating:51

October 31
The Final Day

63. An American Werewolf in London - I worked a half day today to give me a little extra time to watch a couple of movies on this final day of the challenge. I've been saving a few titles, starting with this dark beauty. I always admired this flick and it is still a fabulous film that easily walks between pure horror and black comedy. The cast is perfect (I briefly listened to the commentary track after watching and was surprised to hear that David Naughton and Griffin Dunne didn't do screen tests for their roles) but I have to give extra credit to Jenny Agutter who is the warm counter-balance to the cold horror. I have seen this flick several times in its initial run at the theater and have bought it 5 times on home video (two laserdiscs, two DVDs and one HD-DVD) so John Landis has deservedly made his money off of me.
Movie rating:10
Monster rating:7

64. The Shining - It's funny, but I wasn't wowed by this film the first time I saw it in the theater. Watching a featurette on the HD revealed neither was Steven Spielberg who said the film grew on him over the years. I agree and feel that The Shining was simply ahead of the curve when it first illuminated movie screens in 1980 and it took time for us to catch up to it. I seem to recall reading at the time that it was shortened a week after its release. Good thing I saw it the first day. Redrum! Redrum!
Movie rating:10

65. Psycho - I felt that this would be an appropriate film to end my challenge on. I first saw this at a midnight screening with, I kid you not, King Kong Escapes. I did not know about the now famous twist and was shocked by the first murder. The film remains flawless to this day. I watched the new Special Edition and was pleased that it is anamorphic but thought the picture looked soft. Then again, I just watched two HD DVDs before it so it may be an unfair comment.
Movie rating:10

Final comments: I was going to watch another flick but felt that would only ruin the trio of classic films I just watched (all three were 10s) that made for a nice capper to this challenge. I watched over double the amount of films that I thought I would and had a great time doing it. My sincere thanks to Chad for setting up this event.

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October 1:
1. Bubba Ho-Tep ×
Much better than I expected. I figured it would be silly and fun, but I wasn't expecting it to actually have a message buried in among everything else too.
2. Maximum Overdrive
I can't explain how much I love this movie. It's so cheesy and so much fun. Sure it's not scary, but it's got Emilio Estevez, AC/DC and enough quotable lines to fill a book.
October 2:
3. Dawn of the Dead (2004)
This is actually the first time I've seen this since it was in theatres. I still like it well enough. I'm planning to try and watch the originals before the month is over.
4. Tremors
Time to break out the Tremors set and have a little marathon. I've always really liked the original since I was young and it was new. It still holds up today.
5. Tremors 2: Aftershocks
A direct to video sequel that doesn't suck? Yup. This one actually does a good job picking up where the first left off and adding in enough new twists to make it exciting.
October 3:
6. Tremors 3: Back to Perfection ×
Now things are getting a bit ridiculous. Thank God Michael Gross is back again as Burt, because he's about the only thing this movie has going for it.
7. Tremors 4: The Legend Begins ×
I'm torn. I really wanted to like this one. Take the same monsters we know and transport them to the old west. It should be fun, but somehow it doesn't quite live up to expectations.
8. A Bucket of Blood (1959) ×
In 1959 all the dialogue between the beatniks may have been cool, today it just comes across as corny. Still an interesting premise, and Dick Miller does a good job as an artist descending into madness.
October 4:
9. Mulberry St. ×
Not near as cool as the phrase "were-rats" would lead you to believe.
10. Open Water ×
I remember a lot of hype when this first came out and after finally seeing it, I really don't think it lives up to the hype. It's a great idea for a movie, unfortunately it goes nowhere and the idea ends up being scarier than the movie itself.
11. Carrie (1976)
Obviously a classic. Also the second in a long list of Stephen King movies I'll be watching this month.
12. Idle Hands
I always forget how amazingly hot Jessica Alba is in this. Pretty funny movie too, thanks in large part to Seth Green.
13. Jaws
Now here's a movie that will make you afraid to go in the water.
October 5:
14. Black Sheep (2006) ×
Awesome movie. Not really scary, but has a number of laugh out loud moments. I never thought I'd see a man get eaten by a sheep.
15. Wrong Turn
Another one I haven't seen since theatres. I enjoy it. Good characters, good creatures, plenty of blood and guts and a couple moments to make you jump. Just overlook the fact that its full of cliches.
16. The Mummy (1959) ×
Christopher Lee is an excellent Mummy. I did feel like the movie dragged a bit at times though.
17. Hair-Raising Hare / Broom-Stick Bunny / Hyde & Hare Wildcard #1
Just a little trio of Bugs Bunny shorts to fill a block of time that's too short for a movie. I actually don't think I had ever seen Hair-Raising Hare before.
18. I Know What You Did Last Summer
Wrapping up the night with a Sarah Michelle Gellar double feature. I always did like this movie, except Freddie Prinze Jr. It's no wonder he's completely disappeared.
October 6:
19. The Grudge (2004) ×
Part two of the double feature came shortly after midnight. This one actually made me jump a couple times. I may have to see about getting the original to watch now.
20. Killer Klowns From Outer Space ×
What an absurd movie. Fun though.
21. Anaconda
The special effects in this movie really have not held up, the snake just looks absolutely ridiculous now.
22. The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) ×
I'm really loving these old Roger Corman movies. I need to get some more.
October 7:
23. Saw ×
I'm not sure how I feel about this one. Maybe it's just so many years of hearing how great it was, but I can't help but feel a little let down.
24. Saw II ×
I think I actually liked this better than the first. Still not overly impressed though. Off to part III, I suppose.
25. Saw III ×
This one kind of sucked. Wouldn't a movie like this be more effective if it had at least one sympathetic character in it? I'm done with this series.
Random Thought.
Halfway to my goal and the 7th day isn't even over. Before we started I thought 50 was really pushing it. Now I'm realizing how fast they add up. 50 should be cake. Even 100 might not be completely outside the realm of possibility. I just have to average 3 a day from now to Halloween.
26. Cloverfield
I love this movie. I saw it three times in theatres, multiple times on DVD and tonight I finally watched it on Blu-Ray. I'm still not tired of it and I still find little bits I missed before.
October 8:
27. Night of the Lepus
How do you not love a movie with giant killer rabbits?
28. Young Frankenstein
Sure, it's only my fourth favorite Mel Brooks movie, but it's still a classic. Also, Teri Garr looked damn good in 1974.
October 9:
29. The Brood ×
Very creepy. Very weird. I like it.
30. The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror I / II / III Wildcard #2
The Raven, as narrated by James Earl Jones, from I is great. As is the Child's Play take with a Krusty doll in III. Really it's hard to go wrong with a Treehouse of Horror.
October 10:
31. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) ×
How have I never seen this? Seriously. I was a bit surprised how little blood and gore there was. It has this image of being horribly graphic, but really it's quite tame by today's standard. Still great though, and pretty damn scary.
32. 28 Days Later ×
I really enjoyed this one. I would have liked to see a little more zombie action, but otherwise it was great.
October 11:
33. 28 Weeks Later ×
Not as good as the original, but still pretty damn good.
34. Wolf Creek
I first watched this movie about a year ago and I hated it. I decided to give it a second chance for the challenge anyway. I still hate it. It takes forever before anything happens, and when it does it's nothing particularly interesting or scary.
October 12:
35. The Faculty
How badly does this need a new release? This old, barebones, non-anamophic DVD just doesn't cut it.
36. The Ghoul (1933) ×
Good movie, kind of like The Mummy with a twist. Boris Karloff is great as usual. The DVD looks incredible considering the age, I've seen movies not even half as old that don't look this good.
37. House of Usher ×
It's odd seeing Vincent Price with blonde hair. Maybe not 100% faithful to Poe, but it's a very creepy movie.
38. The Pit and the Pendulum ×
I probably shouldn't have watched these two back to back. They were both good, but they had a lot of similarities. Plus, there's only so much Vincent Price I can take in one sitting.
39. The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror IV / V / VI Wildcard #3
The Shinning from V might be one of my favorite Simpsons moments ever. Terror at 5 1/2 Feet and The Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores are both notable too.
40. Shaun of the Dead
Awesome movie. These guys are brilliant. I'm convinced they could make a movie about paint drying funny.
October 13:
41. Hack! ×
What an awful excuse for a movie. It seems to think it's a clever homage/spoof of past horror movies, but instead it just comes across as lazy and cliche ridden. I gave it a shot because it was free, and it stars Danica McKellar. Turns out she's the only good thing about the movie.
42. The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror VII / VIII / IX Wildcard #4
All very solid episodes. This is where I'm done with these though. Not only is this all I have on DVD, but this is where these episodes and the show itself start to go downhill fast.
43. The Lost Boys
I'm watching this as a warm-up for the sequel I have rented now. Somehow I don't think it will be near as awesome as this one is.
October 14:
44. Lost Boys: The Tribe ×
Wow. It didn't suck. It wasn't great, but it was fun and was pretty faithful to the spirit of the original. What was up with Corey Feldman's voice though? Does he actually sound that way now or did he just want to appear badass?
45. The Eye (2008) ×
This was pretty weak. It's a good idea, but it just felt flat to me. I kept expecting something big to happen and it never did.
October 15:
46. Dark Water (2002) ×
Not bad. Made me jump pretty good once. I've got the US remake lined up for later in the challenge.
47. Psycho (1960)
Classic. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. No one could do suspense like Hitchcock.
48. House of 1000 Corpses ×
That was a weird movie. I mean, I liked it, I'm just not completely sure if I can comprehend what I just watched. This one may require another viewing after the challenge ends.
October 16:
49. Audition ×
Maybe today was just the wrong day, but this movie did absolutely nothing for me. I actually struggled to stay interested and awake at times.
50. Prom Night (1980) ×
Not bad I guess. The killer, and the kills themselves, were pretty weak. Still, there's something about it, I just can't hate it.
Random Thought.
I passed my original goal of 31 way back, now I've hit my second goal of 50 and we're only at the halfway point. I'm revising my goal again and shooting for 100. I'm on a good pace, so if I can keep it up I should be able to make it.
October 17:
51. Sleepaway Camp ×
I can certainly see why this has a cult following. I can honestly say I did not see that ending coming.
52. Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) ×
Santa Claus on a murderous rampage? I love it. Who cares that it's very, very cheesy.
October 18:
53. Prom Night (2008) ×
I can't even think of a positive thing to say. It had no suspense, no mystery, no good gore, the characters were boring and unlikable, it had nothing at all going for it. And can anyone explain how this is a remake? The only similarity between the two movies is they both involve a prom.
54. The Last Man on Earth
I love this movie.
55. Scream
It's a shame this doesn't have a decent release, although the DVD has a surprisingly good transfer for being non-anamorphic. Great movie too, I've always really enjoyed it.
October 19:
56. The Devil's Rejects ×
I actually liked this one more than House of 1000 Corpses. It just seemed to have a more coherent plot.
57. House on Haunted Hill (1959)
Vincent Price is perfect in this doing the sophisticated creepy thing he did so well.
58. Swamp Thing ×
Not too bad. Not much of a horror though, more of an action movie that just happens to have a half-man/half-plant character.
59. The Ruins ×
I'm sure there won't be many agreeing with me, but I actually enjoyed this one a fair bit. It's not perfect, but overall it's pretty well done.
October 20:
60. Grizzly Park ×
This movie is bad. Really bad. I don't just mean average, run of the mill bad either, I'm talking crimes against humanity bad. There really should be a special place in hell for people who make movies this bad.
61. P2 ×
I have to say, this really gets a bad rap. It's not great, but it's not as bad as I've heard. Wes Bentley is pretty good at playing crazy and creepy.
62. Vacancy ×
I have a hard time with Luke Wilson in a serious role, but this isn't a bad movie if you can overlook that.
October 21:
63. The Monster Squad ×
Silly movie, but it was fun to see all the monsters together.
64. Pet Sematary
I can't believe I haven't watched more Stephen King in this challenge. I figured I'd have six or eight at least, but i think this is only number three. I'll have to try and get a few more in before it's over.
October 22:
65. Dance of the Dead ×
Surprisingly good. I wasn't expecting a lot, but it's got some good gore and action, and a few laughs.
66. Beetlejuice
Very funny movie. It's one I remember watching years ago when I was young, I used to watch it all the time. Michael Keaton is perfect in it.
67. Ghostbusters
This is another childhood favorite. I don't think I could ever grow tired of this movie.
68. Ghostbusters 2
Not quite as good as the original, but I still love it.
October 23:
69. Black Christmas (1974) ×
Not bad. I need to give it another viewing later though. I was a bit tired and had some trouble focusing during some of the slower scenes in the middle of the movie. Working and trying to keep up with this challenge can be draining.
70. Frankenstein (1931) ×
It's Frankenstein. I really shouldn't need to say anything else.
October 24:
71. Planet Terror
I actually watched this in it's theatrical double feature version DVRed from Starz HD, but I'm cheating a bit and counting both movies. Anyway, I really like Planet Terror, it's great all around. It's definitely the more challenge appropriate half of Grindhouse too.
72. Death Proof
As much as I like Planet Terror, this is my favorite. I'm just a sucker for a car chase and the one in this movie is awesome. This is my first time seeing the shorter theatrical version, and it's actually better than the extended version. The cuts improve the pace and make the movie less talky. Oh, and how badly does Machete need to be a real movie?
73. A Nightmare on Elm Street ×
I've seen this, but I'm calling it a first time viewing because it was probably 15 years ago and all I remember is being scared by it. It still has a couple good scares in it, and is just very creepy in general.
October 25:
74. Gojira ×
Even without the bad dubbing and with the deeper plot and meaning, this still comes across as fairly cheesy.
75. C.H.U.D. ×
Not too bad, I can understand the cult appeal. It's cheesy and fun. The C.H.U.D. look surprisingly good given the age of the effects too.
76. Cat People (1942) ×
I really enjoyed this one. It does a great job building suspense, and I imagine it was pretty scary for an audience in 1942. I've got the sequel on deck now.
77. The Birds
Only Hitchcock could make a movie about birds and actually have it be suspenseful and a little scary, rather than silly and unintentionally funny.
78. The Curse of the Cat People ×
So even in the 1940s studios were making unnecessary sequels with absolutely nothing in common with the original simply to cash in on the success of an earlier film. And here I thought that was a more recent thing.
October 26:
79. Saturday Night Live: Halloween Special Wildcard #5
Matt Foley, the Coneheads, gay Dracula and two Wayne's Worlds, what's not to like? I think E! cut this though, I would have sworn there was supposed to be an Irwin Mainway sketch with some of his unsafe Halloween costumes.
80. An American Werewolf in London
This is a great movie. It's a perfect mix of comedy and horror. The creature effects are all pretty good too.
81. The Tingler ×
I've always wondered what it would be like to see William Castle's movies in a theatre with the original gimmicks in tact.
82. Count Yorga, Vampire ×
I read that this was originally intended to be a softcore title, then the studio decided to go straight horror instead. That doesn't surprise me, I don't know that they could possibly show any more without just showing nudity.
83. Pulse (2006) ×
Meh. I could see where this was going 10 minutes in, and the ride there never was particularly interesting. At least it had Kristen Bell in it.
October 27:
84. Shutter (2008) ×
I really have to stop watching remakes of Asian horror movies. It seems like every one I watch is worse then the one before.
85. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Wildcard #6
Classic. It just wouldn't be Halloween without watching this at least once.
86. Trailer Park of Terror ×
I'm not sure how I feel about this one. On the one hand it didn't offer anything particularly new, scary or interesting, but on the other it was pretty fun. It was like a zombie My Name is Earl, it even had an appearance by Patty the Daytime Hooker.
87. Isle of the Dead (1945) ×
Great performance by Karloff. Not sure I'd really call the movie horror though, more of a mystery thriller.
October 28:
88. Brotherhood of Blood ×
I'm really indifferent to this. I didn't hate it, but it didn't do a lot for me either.
89. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End ×
This is a worthy follow up to the original. Lots of good gore again. Also, a badass Henry Rollins.
--. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Even though I just watched this last night on DVD I still found myself watching again when it was on ABC tonight.
October 29:
90. The Descent ×
It gets off to a bit of a slow start, but once the action got going I found myself really sucked in.
91. Bedlam (1946) ×
I'm sensing a theme with these Val Lewton movies. They're all listed as horror on imdb, yet most of them are borderline horror at best. At least they've mostly been good.
92. Dracula (1931) ×
This is another I shouldn't even have to comment on.
October 30:
93. 30 Days of Night
I really like the idea of this movie, and I enjoy watching it, but I can't help but feel like something is missing. It just seems like it could have been so much better.
94. I Walked with a Zombie (1943) ×
Another Val Lewton, another barely horror.
95. The Body Snatcher (1945) ×
Of the six Val Lewton films I watched this and Cat People were the best.
October 31:
96. The Host ×
This one was great. The design of the monster is awesome, and unlike most monster movies it actually has a compelling storyline.
97. Child's Play ×
I'm calling this a first time viewing, even though I know I've seen it years ago in all it's full frame, edited for TV, late night USA glory.
98. Friday the 13th ×
Same story as above. I think next year I'll plan on watching some of the sequels as well, because I've never seen any of them.
November 1 Overtime:
99. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
This is a Halloween tradition for me. Every year I either watch the movie or see a stage production. I'll have the songs in my head for days now.
100. Halloween (1978)
This was a good way to end the challenge, go out on a high note. I may watch it again in a few days before I return it though. It was so late I feel like I probably missed stuff here and there.
Well, that was a fun challenge, but in a way I'm glad it's over. I'm not sure how much more I could have taken. I was beginning to burn out on horror movies. Plus I have so many other movies I need to watch, and a DVR loaded with shows I've missed over the last month.

Of course, I'm already thinking toward next year and planning movies I need to make sure I watch, and wondering if I can top myself.

Movies by Decade.
  • 1930s: 3
  • 1940s: 6
  • 1950s: 5
  • 1960s: 6
  • 1970s: 10
  • 1980s: 17
  • 1990s: 8
  • 2000s: 39
Movies by Media Source
  • DVD: 78
  • Blu-Ray: 11
  • Internet: 2
  • Starz HD: 2
  • HD-DVD: 1
Movies by Language.
  • English: 90
  • Japanese: 3
  • Korean: 1
Movies by Director.
  • Roger Corman: 4
  • Wes Craven: 3
  • Darren Lynn Bousman: 2
  • William Castle: 2
  • Alfred Hitchcock: 2
  • Ivan Reitman: 2
  • Mark Robson: 2
  • Robert Rodriguez: 2
  • Jacques Tourneur: 2
  • S.S. Wilson: 2
  • Robert Wise: 2
  • Rob Zombie: 2


Best Movie(s) (First time viewing)
1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
2. The Host
3. 28 Days Later

Worst Movie(s)

1. Grizzly Park
2. Hack!
3. Shutter (2008)

Imagine My Surprise! (aka "holy sh*t, I actually enjoyed that!")
1. The Ruins
2. Lost Boys: The Tribe
3. P2

Biggest Disappointment
1. Mulberry St.
2. Open Water

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Bold- first time viewing

Oct 1:

1. Blame (2008)- (6 films to keep you awake) DVD
2. Spectre (2008 )-(6 films to keep you awake) DVD
3. A real friend (2008) - (6 films to keep you awake) DVD

Oct 2:

4. Snoop Doggs hood of horror (2007) DVD
5. Asylum (2007) DVD

Oct 3:

6. Prom Night (2008) DVD
7. Midnight Meat Train (2008) Fearnet on demand

Oct 4:

8. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) The Nightmare on elm street collection DVD
9. Nightmare on Elm Street 2 (1995) The Nightmare on elm street collection DVD

Oct 5:

10. [REC] (2007) Online Burned Copy
11. To Let (2008) - (6 films to keep you awake) DVD

Oct 6:

12. The Baby's Room (2008) - (6 films to keep you awake) DVD
13. A Christmas tale (2008) - (6 films to keep you awake) DVD

Oct 9:

14. Mirrors (2008) Online Burned Copy
15. Rest Stop (2006) Raw Feed Horror Collection DVD

Oct 12:

16. Zombie Strippers (2008) Online Burned Copy
17. Pathology (2008) Online Burned Copy
18. Otis (2008) Online Burned Copy

Oct 13:

19. The Toxic Avenger (1984) Online Burned Copy

Oct 14:

20. Joyride 2 (2008) DVD
21. Sublime (2006) Raw Feed Horror Collection DVD

Oct 15:
22. Shadow Puppets (2007) DVD

Oct 18:
23. Believers (2006) Raw Feed Horror Collection DVD

Oct 20:
24. Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987) The Nightmare on elm street collection DVD
25. Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988) The Nightmare on elm street collection DVD

Oct 21:
26. The Thing (1982) Collectoris Edition DVD

Oct 22:
27. Night of the Living Dead (1968) 40th Anniversary Edition DVD

Oct 23:
28. Day of the Dead (1985) DVD

Oct 24:
29. 28 Days Later (2003) DVD

Oct 25:
30. 28 Weeks Later (2007) DVD

Oct 26:
31. Quarantine (2008) Movie Theater

Oct 28:
32. Tenebre (1984) 5 Films By Dario Argento DVD
33. Saw IV (2007) DVD
34. Saw V (2008) Movie Theater

Oct 29:
35. The Reaping (2007) Online Burned Copy
36. The Ring (2002) DVD

Oct 30:
37. The Strangers (2008) DVD

Oct 31:
38. Trauma (1993) 5 Films By Dario Argento DVD


I was going in thinking I'll double the movies I watched form last year, 36, As you can see I only did 2 better, 38. I started like most at midnight. Heated my 20 piece of Mcnuggets and was watching Blame, from the 6 films to keep you awake.

I have a few good reasons why I didnt reach my goal which was 62. First, I got word from my job that I will be working 6 days from now on due to short of staff. That would give me one full day to really watch 3 or more movies in one day. Second, I've been dating on my day off, so that cut of my chances to really stack up on my movie viewing. More work hours, dating, going to a haunted house, a Birthday party killed my time to really look at more movies. I did have my brother joining me every night to watch the movies. He enjoyed the horror movie idea. I also had a blast and will do it again next year..

I'll give you my Best and Worse movie I seen this month

Best- Rec
Worse- Prom Night

Also, as I was watching all this unfold, I notice, Plenty of the top movie actresses..take a look

Jolene Blaylock ~ shadow puppets
Hillary Swank ~ The reaping
Alyssa Milano ~ Pathology
Liv Tyler ~ The Stangers
Amy Smart ~ Mirrors
Jennifer Carpenter ~ Quarantine
Meagan Good ~ Saw V
Jenna Jameson ? ~ Zombie strippers

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2008 = 31 --> I've done better the last two years, but this wasn't bad considering how busy I've been this month. Here's to more next year!

2006 = 36
2007 = 50

October 1, 2008
1. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein --> 5/5 I decided to start things off with this classic horror comedy.

October 2, 2008
2. Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy --> 3/5 Not as good as A&C Meet Frankenstein, but it's got its moments.

October 3, 2008
3. Anaconda 3: Offspring --> 2/5 Not all that good, but it does have David Hasselhoff.

October 4, 2008
4. Dead Fury --> 2/5 Interesting unrated animated horror from Frank Sudol - probably should have been a short rather than a feature-length film, though.

October 5, 2008
5. Flu Birds --> 1/5 Bad Sci-Fi Channel creature feature

October 6, 2008
6. Ghouls --> 1/5 Another bad Sci-Fi Channel creature feature

October 7, 2008
7. Bone Eater --> 1/5 Yep. Another bad Sci-Fi Channel creature feature. I sure know how to pick 'em.

October 8, 2008
8. The Evil Woods --> 1/5 Yet another real bad film - this time a purported slasher flick.

October 9, 2008
9. Vipers --> 2/5 Okay Tara Reid creature feature.

October 10, 2008
10. Eye of the Beast --> 3/5 Fairly good entry in the "Maneater Series" Collection

October 11, 2008
11. Croc --> 2/5 Goofy entry in the "Maneater Series" Collection

October 12, 2008
12. Stuck --> 4/5 Weird but good film from Stuart Gordon

October 13, 2008
13. Grizzly Rage --> 1/5 Really bad entry in the "Maneater Series" Collection

October 14, 2008
14. The Chair --> 4/5 It'd be nice if more low-budget horror films were this good.

October 15, 2008
15. Alive or Dead --> 1/5 It'd be nice if fewer low-budget horror films were this bad.

October 16, 2008
16. The Eye --> 3/5 I guess I liked this remake more than most did.

October 17, 2008

17. Trackman --> 2/5 Average slasher film from Russia. Part of the Ghost House Underground collection from Lionsgate.

October 18, 2008
18. Room 205 --> 3/5 Good supernatural flick out of Denmark. Part of the Ghost House Underground collection from Lionsgate.

October 19, 2008
19. No Man's Land: The Rise of Reeker --> 3/5 Halway decent sequel / prequel to Reeker. Part of the Ghost House Underground collection from Lionsgate.

October 20, 2008
20. Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat --> 4/5 Funny horror western comedy hybrid with Bruce Campbell and David Carradine - a bit too long though.

October 21, 2008
21. The Hive --> 2/5 Another dumb but fun entry in the Maneater series.

October 22, 2008
22. Trapped Ashes --> 3/5 Inconsistent modern horror anthology film.

October 23, 2008
23. The Deadly Bees --> 2/5 Had this 1967 film been made today, it'd probably be part of the Maneater series.

October 24, 2008
24. Feast II: Sloppy Seconds --> 2/5 So-so sequel to Feast.

October 25, 2008

25. Thirst --> 3/5 Odd but kind of cool Australian vampire flick from 1978.

October 26, 2008
26. Feast --> 4/5 Seeing the sequel made me watch the original, which is aggressive and fun.

October 27, 2008
27. Pathology --> 3/5 Strangely trashy horror thriller with Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes.

October 28, 2008

28. Vampire Circus --> 2/5 I caught this on Monsters HD. All the vampires were boring except Lalla Ward.

October 29, 2008
29. Saw V --> 3/5 I liked this installment, even though the ending was real obvious.

October 30, 2008

30. The Indestructible Man --> 3/5 I've always liked this Lon Chaney Jr potboiler.

October 31, 2008

31. The Haunting of Molly Hartley --> 2/5 So-so PG-13 teenager horror romp.

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Goal 31

Actual : Whatever I reach
* First Time Viewing

First time viewing count: 38

October 1

1. 12:00 AM: Stephen King's Silver Bullet (1985) DVD
Directed by: Daniel Attias
Thought I'd start the challenge off with some good old Stephen King
2. 2:00 PM: Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995) Chiller
Directed by: Bill Condon
3. 6:00 PM: Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (1992) Chiller *
Directed by: Anthony Hickox
Love the theme to the movie done by Motorhead at the end.
4. 10:30 PM: Christine (1983) DVD
Directed by John Carpenter

October 2

5. 1:30 AM The Descent (2005) DVD
Directed by Neil Marshall
6. 3:00 AM Embrace of the Vampire (1995) DVD
Directed by Anne Goursaud
7. 8:30 AM Dementia 13 (1963) Archive.org *
Directed by Francis Ford Coppola
Never seen this movie before, and it wasn't bad at all. Interesting to see a teamup between Rodger Corman and Coppola, but it seemed to work.
8. 6:00 PM Final Destination 3 (2006) DVD
Directed by James Wong
9. 9:30 PM The Vampire Bat (1933) DVD
Directed by Frank R. Strayer
10. 10:45 PM Tales From The Darkside: The Movie (1990) DVD *
Directed by John Harrison

October 3

11. 12:30 AM The Howling (1981) DVD
Directed by Joe Dante
12. 4:00 PM Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) Chiller
Directed by Tony Randel
Always kind of liked this movie, esp the end with Pinhead vs the Doc
13. 11:00 PM Wishmaster (1997) DVD *
Directed by Robert Kurtzman

October 4

14. 12:30 AM Wicked Wishes: The Making of Wishmaster (wildcard)
15. 1:00 AM Van Helsing (2004) DVD
Directed by Stephen Sommers
16. 3:30 AM Saw (2004) DVD *
Directed by James Wan
17. 1:30 PM Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999) DVD
Directed by Jack Sholder
18. 4:30 PM Wrong Turn (2003) DVD *
Directed by Rob Schmidt
19. 10:30 PM The Fog (2005) DVD
Directed by Rupert Wainwright

October 5

20. 12:00 AM Jaws (1975) DVD
Directed by Steven Spielberg
21. 1:00 PM Dagon (2002) Sci Fi *
Directed by Stuart Gordon
22. 5:00 PM Night of the Living Dead (1968) DVD
Directed by George A. Romero
23. 11:00 PM The Craft (1996) DVD
Directed by Andrew Fleming

October 6

24. 1:00 AM From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) DVD
Directed by Robert Rodriguez
25. 8:30 AM The Killer Shrews (1959) DVD *
Directed by Ray Kellogg

October 7

26. 10:30 PM Gojira (1954) DVD
Directed by Ishiro Honda

October 8

27. 12:30 AM Interview With the Vampire (1994) DVD
Directed by Neil Jordan
28. 2:30 AM Queen of the Damned (2002) DVD
Directed by Michael Rymer
29. 9:00 PM Gojira no gyakushû (1955) DVD
Directed by Motoyoshi Oda
30. 10:30 PM Gojira, Mosura, Kingu Gidorâ: Daikaijû sôkôgeki (2001) DVD
Directed by Shusuke Kaneko

October 9

31. 12:30 AM Godzilla Tokyo SOS (2003) DVD
Directed by Masaaki Tezuka
32. 7:00 PM Bones (2001) DVD
Directed by Ernest R. Dickerson
33. 11:00 PM The Devil's Rejects (2005) DVD *
Directed by Rob Zombie

October 10

34. 1:00 AM Saw 2 (2005) DVD *
Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman
35. 6:30 AM White Zombie (1932) DVD *
Directed by Victor Halperin
36. 8:00 AM From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (1999) DVD
Directed by Scott Spiegal
37. 9:00 PM House of 1000 Corpses (2003) DVD *
Directed by Rob Zombie
38. 11:00 PM Duel (1971) DVD
Directed by Steven Spielberg

October 11

39. 12:30 AM The Little Shop of Horrors (1960) DVD
Directed by Roger Corman
40. 11:00 AM Joy Ride (2001) DVD
Directed by John Dahl
41. 1:00 PM Hallowed Ground (2007) Sci Fi *
Directed by David Benullo
42. 8:00 PM Thirteen Ghosts (2001) DVD
Directed by Steve Beck
43. 11:00 PM Underworld (2003) DVD
Directed by Len Wiseman

October 12

44. 1:00 AM Underworld: Evolution (2006) DVD
Directed by Len Wiseman
45. 9:00 AM Gojira VS Mekagojira (1993) DVD
Directed by Takao Okawara
46. 2:30 PM Mortuary (2005) Sci Fi
Directed by Tobe Hooper
47. 4:30 PM Needful Things (1993) Sci Fi
Directed by Fraser Clarke Heston
48. 7:30 PM Tales From the Crypt: The Man Who Was Death (Wildcard 2) Chiller
49. 10:30 PM The Amityville Horror (2005) DVD *
Directed by Andrew Douglas

October 13

50. 12:00 AM Supernatural Homicide (Wildcard 3) DVD
51. 2:30 PM From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter (1999) DVD
Directed by P.J. Pesce
52. 6:30 PM Scooby Doo and the Goblin King (2008) Cartoon Network *
Directed by Joe Sichta
53. 9:30 PM Gremlins (1984) DVD Cast Commentary
Directed by Joe Dante

October 14

54. 9:00 AM Dracula 2000 (2000) DVD
Directed by Patrick Lussier
55. 8:30 PM Dracula III: Legacy (2005) DVD
Directed by Patrick Lussier
56. 10:30 PM Jeepers Creepers (2001) DVD
Directed by Victor Salva

October 15

57. 12:00 AM Cursed (2005) DVD
Directed by Wes Craven

October 16

58. 3:00 AM The Giant Gila Monster (1959) DVD *
Directed by Ray Kellogg
59. 9:00 AM Swarmed (2005) Sci Fi *
Directed by Paul Ziller
60. 11:00 AM Marabunta (1998) Sci Fi *
Directed by Jim Charleston and George Manasse
61. 3:00 PM Spiders 2 (2001) Sci Fi *
Directed by Sam Firstenberg
62. 7:00 PM The Grudge (2004) Sci Fi *
Directed by Takashi Shimizu

October 17

63. 1:00 PM Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula (2000) Sci Fi *
Directed by Joe Chappelle

October 19

64. 9:30 AM Shaun of the Dead (2004) DVD
Directed by Edgar Wright
65. 1:30 PM Freddy vs Jason (2003) DVD
Directed by Ronny Yu
64. 4:00 PM A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987) DVD *
Directed by Chuck Russell
65. 7:00 PM A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988) DVD *
Directed by Renny Harlin
66. 9:30 PM Scary Movie 4 (2006) DVD
Directed by David Zucker

October 20

67. 12:00 AM The Amityville Horror (1979) DVD *
Directed by Stuart Rosenberg
68. 2:30 PM The Haunting (1963) TCM *
Directed by Robert Wise

October 21

69. 9:00 AM Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain (2003) DVD *
Directed by Christian Viel
70. 4:30 PM Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill (2004) Sci Fi *
Directed by Byron Werner

October 22

71. 1:00 PM Leprechaun 3 (1995) Sci Fi
Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith
72. 3:00 PM Leprechaun 2 (1994) Sci Fi
Directed by Rodman Flender
73. 5:00 PM Leprechaun (1993) Sci Fi
Directed by Mark Jones
74. 9:00 PM Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959) DVD *
Directed by Bernard L. Kowalski
75. 10:30 PM Cat People (1982) DVD
Directed by Paul Schrader

October 23

76. 10:00 AM Bats (1999) FX*
Directed by Louis Morneau

October 24

77. 10:00 PM The Insatiable (2006) DVD *
Directed by Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon

October 25

78. 12:30 AM The Ape (1940) DVD *
Directed by William Nigh
79. 1:30 AM The Amityville Horror (2005) DVD Audio Commentary
Directed by Andrew Douglas
80. 8:00 AM Carrie (1976) LMN
Directed by Brian De Palma
81. 10:00 AM The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999) LMN *
Directed by Katt Shea
82. 1:00 PM Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud (2007) Sci Fi*
Directed by Michael Hurst
83. 4:00 PM Halloween 5 (1989) AMC
Directed by Dominique Othenin-Girard and Arthur Speer
84. 10:30 PM Boogeyman (2005) DVD
Directed by Stephen T. Kay

October 26

85. 5:30 PM Constantine (2005) AMC
Directed by Francis Lawrence
86. 10:00 PM Half-Caste (2004) DVD
Directed by Sebastian Apodaca
87. 11:30 PM Dracula 2000 (2000) DVD Audio Commentary
Directed by Patrick Lussier
October 27

88. 1:30 AM Fangoria: Blood Drive (2004) DVD (Wildcard 4) *
Directed by Various
89. 11:00 AM The Stand (1994) Sci Fi
Directed by Mick Garris
90. 7:30 PM Cat's Eye (1985) DVD
Directed by Lewis Teague

October 28

91. 9:30 AM Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (1943) AMC
Directed by Roy William Neill
92. 4:00 PM Pet Sematary(1989) AMC
Directed by Mary Lambert
93. 8:00 PM It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown ABC (Wildcard 5)

October 29

94. 10:00 AM Trucks (1997) Chiller *
Directed by Chris Thomson
95. 2:00 PM The Forsaken (2001) DVD *
Directed by J.S. Cardone
96. 10:00 PM Sleepwalkers (1992) DVD
Directed by Mick Garris

October 30

97. 1:00 AM Moon of the Wolf (1972) DVD *
Directed by Daniel Petrie
98. 12:30 PM Ritual (2001) Sci Fi *
Directed by Avi Nesher
99. 4:00 PM House on Skull Mountain (1974) FMC *
Directed by Ron Honthaner
100. 6:00 PM Dolls (1987) DVD *
Directed by Stuart Gordon
101. 10:00 PM The Craft (1996) DVD Audio Commentary
Directed by Andrew Fleming

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October 1
1. The Other Side- Director: Gregg Bishop
    My favorite new discovery from last year's challenge.
2. The Hitcher - Dave Meyers
    Loses points for not having a finger-in-the-french-fries scene, but still fun.
3. The Fog - Director: John Carpenter
    Can't start the challenge without a Jamie Lee Curtis movie!
October 2
4. Bad Moon - Director: Eric Red
    Sex, nudity and gore... in the first 4 minutes.
5. Maximum Overdrive - Director: Stephen King
    A bad movie in every conceivable way.... but great, campy fun!
6. Earth Vs The Spider - Director: Scott Ziehl
    Interesting movie, kind of a dark take on the Spiderman story.
7. Phase IV - Director: Saul Bass
    Never saw this before, very creepy movie. Definitely a new fav!
October 3
8. Wrong Turn - Director: Rob Schmidt
    Another newly discovered fav from last year.
9. Wrong Turn 2 - Director: Joe Lynch
    A perfect example of why there should not be sequels.
10. Phantasm III Director: Don Coscarelli
     Great to see the original cast reunited... but that's the best thing I can say about it.
October 4
11. Deadly Friend - Director: Wes Craven
     What a perfect movie for a Saturday morning!
12. The Frighteners - Director: Peter Jackson
     Haven't seen this in years. A lot better than I remember.
13. Jack's Back - Director: Rowdy Herrington
     James Spader as identical twins. Need I say more?
14. Night of the Comet - Director: Thom Eberhardt
     Love this movie. It's, like, one of my favs.
15. Monster Squad - Director: Fred Dekker
     Great "all-your-monsters-in-one-movie" movie.
16. Silver Bullet - Director: Daniel Attias
     First viewing - pretty cool movie.
17. Graveyard Shift - Director: Ralph Singleton
     First viewing - wasn't expecting a lot... so I wasn't disappointed.
October 5
18. The Mist - Director: Frank Darabont
     First viewing, incredible movie! The kind that stays with you for days.
19. What Lies Beneath - Director: Robert Zemeckis
     Another fav. Great, old fashioned ghost story.
20. I Am Legend - Director: Francis Lawrence
     First viewing... it sucks. The best thing in the movie was the dog.
21. Salem's Lot - Director: Mikael Salomon
     Love this version. It's Stephen King done right!
October 6
22. April Fool's Day - Director: The Butcher Brothers
     No, not the good one. The pathetic remake. Terrible in every conceivable way. I've destroyed the DVD to prevent other unsuspecting souls from suffering this piece of crap.
23. Skin Walkers - Director: Jim Isaac
     2nd time viewing. I like this movie. Jason Behr rocks!
October 7
24. Child's Play - Director: Tom Holland
     The original and the best!
25. Seed of Chucky - Director: Don Mancini
     First viewing. More self-parody than scary, but still fun.
October 8
26. Penny Dreadful - Director: Richard Brandes
     The After Dark film fest begins, first viewing for all these. This one wasn't too bad, kind of a new twist on an urban legend.
27. Unrest - Director: Jason Todd Ipson
     Really enjoyed this one. Very eerie and atmospheric.
28. Dark Ride - Director: Craig Singer
     Ok, this is the kind of crap I was afraid of from this series. Another stupid-doped-up-horny-teens-in-peril movie. Nope, nothing new here.
October 9
29. Wicked Little Things - Director: J. S. Cardone
     Not that great. Seemed too "recycled".
30. The Gravedancers - Director: Mike Mendez
     Started out a little slow, but it turned out to be really good. Definitely want to watch it again.
October 10
31. From Beyond the Grave - Director: Kevin Connor
     Must've been the inspiration for Friday the 13th the TV series. 5 part episodic, they get better as they go along.
32. The Skull - Director: Freddie Francis
     The first half was more interesting than the second half. I think "less" would've been "more" here.
October 11
33. The Green Slime - Director: Kinji Fukasaku
     Scared me as a kid, now it's total camp. Just try to get past the opening theme song without laughing! Another great one for a Saturday morning!
34. The Wolf Man - Director: George Waggner
     First viewings of the classic wolf man series for me. Enjoyed this one, lot's of fun.
35. Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man - Director: Roy William Neill
     Not as good as the first, could've shortened that song and dance routine... yikes!
36. She-Wolf of London - Director: Jean Yarbrough
     Hey, wait a minute. There's no werewolf in this movie. It's all a big hoax!
37. Werewolf of London - Director: Stuart Walker
     Had to struggle thru this one.
38. Dog Soldiers - Director: Neil Marshall
     A really great movie. If you haven't seen it go get it.
39. The Sender - Director: Roger Christian
     First viewing. This was a pretty good movie, can't believe I never saw it before.
October 12
40. The Innocents - Director: Jack Clayton
     Great b&w haunting film from 1961.
41. Return To Horror High - Director: Bill Froehlich
     Half horror, half comedy. Neither half really works.
42. Reeker - Director: Dave Payne
     A supernatural slasher flick on the surface, but there's a lot more to it. Great revelation at the end.
43. The Thirst - Director: Jeremy Kasten
     It's 12-step for vampires. I don't think I've ever seen so much blood in one movie.
October 13
44. Brain Dead - Director: Adam Simon
     Semi-cool psychological horror with a great cast (Bill Pullman/ Bill Paxton).
45. The Darkroom - Director: Mike Hurst
     Yet another psychological thriller. This was actually really good, not at all what I was expecting. Looking forward to a 2nd viewing.
October 14
46. The Invisible Man - Director: James Whale
     "Invisible" marathon, first viewing on all. Great movie, love the effects.
47. The Invisible Man Returns - Director: Joe May
     Wow, a young Vincent Price... but you don't get to actually see him until the end of the movie!
October 15
48. The Invisible Woman - Director: A. Edward Sullivan
     Looks like they decided to jump genres and make this a comedy. Still enjoyed it.
49. The Invisible Agent - Director: Edwin Marin
     And another big jump, this time to spy film. The Invisible Man VS Nazis! Love it!
50. The Invisible Man's Revenge - Director: Ford Beebe
     Ok, back to horror. Didn't enjoy it quite as much.
October 16
51. The Car - Director: Elliot Silverstein
     Haven't seen this in 10+ years. Still enjoyed it, that horn is scary!
52. The Brood - Director: David Cronenberg
     First viewing. Can't believe I never saw this. Vintage Cronenberg, very creepy.
53. Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things - Director: Benjamin Clark
     Yikes. Incredibly bad. Avoid at all costs!
October 17
54. The Curve - Director: Dan Rosen
     Interesting cast, but not that great. How many twists can you have at the end anyway?!
55. Tequila Body Shots - Director: Tony Shyu
     Ok, so if a 10 year old boy got drunk and wrote a script... this would be the result. It's uneven, stupid and goofy, but in a good way! You just can't stop watching!
October 18
56. Lord of Illusions - Director: Clive Barker
     Everything you want in a Clive Barker movie. Bloody, gruesome fun!
57. Spawn - Director: Mark A.Z. Dippe
     First viewing. An ok movie, but the effects look so cheesy!
October 19
58. The Order - Director: Brian Helgeland
     Only heard bad things about this movie, but I kinda liked it.
59. Gabriel - Director: Shane Abbess
     Blind buy just for the challenge, turned out to be a good choice. Nice visual style and great fight scenes.
60. Monster House - Director: Gil Kenan
     First viewing. Very cool! I have another new fav.
61. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken - Director: Alan Rafkin
     Haven't seen this since I was a kid. A real classic!
October 20
62. Dark Water - Director: Walter Salles
     "Dark" is right. A very gloomy movie, but that's a complement. I liked it. A great supporting cast that keeps it "true".
63. The Hunger - Director: Tony Scott
     Can't believe I never saw this, been wanting to for many years. Really great, a unique experience.
October 21
64. The Possession of Joel Delaney - Director: Waris Hussein
     Shirley MacLaine was great, but it's too dated to really have an affect.
65. Bubba Ho-Tep - Director: Don Coscarelli
     Oh, crap! Found another gem. This is great, don't miss it.
October 22
66. Servants of Twilight - Director: Jeffrey Obrow
     Pretty bad. I like Dean Koontz but the movie adaptations suck.
67. Black Sheep - Director: Jonathan King
     Oh, crap again! Great movie, future cult classic. Super gory and super funny!
October 23
68. Sometimes They Come Back - Director: Tom McLoughlin
     Could've been great, but it just doesn't make it.
69. Summer of Fear - Director: Wes Craven
     Cheesy TV movie with Linda Blair. Can't imagine it ever being scary, but I guess it was at some point.
October 24
70. Carrie - Director: Brian DePalma
     My all time fav. Probably've seen it 100 times and I still love every minute of it!
71. Resident Evil - Director: Paul W. S. Anderson
     I like this movie. Another variation on the zombie theme.
October 25
72. Hannibal Rising - Director: Peter Webber
     First viewing. Liked it better than I thought I would, but it does get pretty predictable.
73. The Silence of the Lambs - Director: Jonathan Demme
     Love it, still gives me chills.
74. Dolls - Director: Stuart Gordon
     I love this movie. Despite it's many, many flaws, it's still fun.
October 26
75. The Boogens - Director: James L. Conway
     One of the worst titles ever, but love the movie. Cheesy horror from my childhood.
76. Grizzly - Director: William Girdler
     Haven't seen this since it was in theaters. The "Jaws with Claws" review was right, I think they used the same shooting script(!)
77. The Deaths of Ian Stone - Director: Dario Piana
     Cool movie, but I'll have to watch it 3 or 4 more times to figure out what the hell was going on.
78. 30 Days of Night - Director: David Slade
     First viewing. I liked it. What a gore-fest!
79. Wolf - Director: Mike Nichols
     A movie about what happens when rich, sophisticated white people turn into werewolfs.
October 27
80. It - Director: Herbert J. Leder
     Saw this as a kid, not as scary as I remember.
81. The Shuttered Room - Director: David Greene
     Well I thought this just sucked. A real insult to your intelligence.
82. Skeleton Key - Director: Iain Softley
     An ok movie. Didn't love it, didn't hate it... just "ok".
October 28
83. Amityville II: The Possession - Director: Damiano Damiani
     Excruciatingly bad.
84. Amityville 3-D - Director: Richard Fleischer
     Fun to watch because of the cast (OMG, Meg Ryan!) and the no-holds-barred-over-the-top-special-effects-blowout of an ending.
October 29
85. Wolf Creek - Director: Greg McLean
     Hated it. When you're making a horror movie it's usually not a good idea to make the audience wait 55 minutes(!) before anything happens.
86. Halloween III: Season of the Witch - Director: Tommy Lee Wallace
     I know, I know. But it gets a few points for at least trying to be original. Plus the cool music score.
October 30
87. Jeepers Creepers - Director: Victor Salva
     This has turned out to be one of my favs. More fun with each viewing.
October 31
88. Halloween - Director: John Carpenter
     A great little independent movie. Perhaps you've heard of it??

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"A year ago exactly on this same night we were assembled here in this very room: I your pastor and you, my beloved flock. With hopefulness in my heart, I told you then that with Lucifer's aid we might look forward to a more succulent occasion."

* Indicates First Viewing

1. Mother of Tears* (Dario Argento, 2007) 3/5
2. City of the Living Dead (Lucio Fulci, 1980) 2.5/5

3.Two Evil Eyes* (George A. Romero and Dario Argento, 1990) 2.5/5
4. 4 Flies on Grey Velvet* (Dario Argento, 1971) 3.5/5

5.Begotten (E. Elias Merhige, 1991) 4/5

6. Friday the 13th: The Series-"Faith Healer" (David Cronenberg, 1988) 3.5/5 - Wild Card #1
7. Shivers (David Cronenberg, 1975) 3.5/5
8. The Brood (David Cronenberg, 1979) 3.5/5

9. Tenebre (Dario Argento, 1982) 3.5/5
10. Trilogy of Terror (Dan Curtis, 1975) 3/5

11. The Company of Wolves (Neil Jordan, 1984) 3.5/5
12. What Have You Done to Solange? (Massimo Dallamano, 1972) 3/5

13. Deep Red (Dario Argento, 1975) 4/5
14. The Tomb of Ligeia (Roger Corman, 1964) 3.5/5

15. La Chute de la maison Usher (Jean Epstein, 1928) 4/5
16. The Devils* (Ken Russell, 1971) 4/5
17. Saturday the 14th (Howard R. Cohen, 1981) 0/5

18. A Bucket of Blood (Roger Corman, 1959) 3/5
19. I Vampiri (Riccardo Freda and Mario Bava, 1956) 3/5

20. Tenderness of Wolves *(Ulli Lommel, 1973) 3/5
21. Salò, or The 120 Days of Sodom (Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1975) 4/5

22. Captain Clegg/Night Creatures (Peter Graham Scott, 1962) 3.5/5
23. The Brides of Dracula (Terence Fisher, 1960) 3/5

24. 5 Dolls for an August Moon* (Mario Bava, 1970) 2.5/5
25. And Then There Were None (René Clair, 1945) 4/5
26. The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots* (Alfred Clark, 1885) 3/5 - Wild Card #2

27. The Mummy's Hand* (Christy Cabanne, 1940) 3/5
28. The Mummy's Tomb* (Harold Young, 1942) 2/5
29. The Mummy's Ghost* (Reginald Le Borg, 1944) 2/5

30. The Mummy's Curse* (Leslie Goodwins, 1944) 2/5
31. Hour of the Wolf (Ingmar Bergman, 1968) 5/5

32. The Mummy (Karl Freund, 1932) 4/5
33. Horror Island (George Waggner, 1941) 2/5

34. Die, Monster, Die!* (Daniel Haller, 1964) 2.5/5
35. The Comedy of Terrors (Jacques Tourneur, 1964) 3.5/5

36. Dolls* (Stuart Gordon, 1987) 2.5/5
37. From Beyond (Stuart Gordon, 1986) 3/5

38. The Skeleton Dance (Walt Disney, 1929) 4/5 - Wild Card #3
39. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (Tobe Hooper, 1974) 4.5/5

40. Bubba Ho-Tep (Don Coscarelli, 2002) 3/5
41. The Black Cat (Edgar G. Ulmer, 1934) 4/5

42. The Raven (Louis Friedländer, 1935) 3.5/5
43. Murders in the Rue Morgue (Robert Florey, 1932) 3/5
44. The Raven (Roger Corman, 1963) 3/5

45. Ringu (Hideo Nakata, 1998) 3.5/5
46. I Drink Your Blood (David E. Durston, 1970) 3/5

47. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari* (David Lee Fisher, 2005) 2.5/5

48. The Masque of the Red Death (Roger Corman, 1964) 4/5
49. The Premature Burial (Roger Corman, 1962) 3/5


50. Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (Robert Wiene, 1920) 5/5
51. Witchfinder General (Michael Reeves, 1968) 3/5

52. The Boogeyman* (Ulli Lommel, 1980) 1.5/5
53. Return of the Boogeyman * (Deland Nuse, 1994) 0/5
54. Videodrome (David Cronenberg, 1983) 5/5

55. The House by the Cemetery (Lucio Fulci, 1981) 2.5
56. Black Christmas (Bob Clark, 1974) 4/5
57. The Legend of Hell House (John Hough, 1973) 3.5/5

58. The Invisible Ray* (Lambert Hillyar, 1936) 3/5
59. Repulsion (Roman Polanski, 1965) 4.5/5

60. The Fly* (Kurt Neumann, 1958) 4/5
61. The Innocents (Jack Clayton, 1961) 4.5/5

62. The Beyond (Lucio Fulci, 1981) 3/5
63. Phantom of the Paradise (Brian De Palma, 1974) 4/5
64. Hatchet for the Honeymoon (Mario Bava, 1970) 3.5/5

65. The Tingler (William Castle, 1959) 3.5/5
66. Torture Garden* (Freddie Francis, 1967) 3/5

67. The Ghoul* (T. Hayes Hunter, 1933) 3/5
68. The Haunted Palace* (Roger Corman, 1963) 3/5
69. Taste of Fear/Scream of Fear* (Seth Holt, 1961) 3/5
70. Inferno (Dario Argento, 1980) 4/5

"See ya in Pittsburgh..."

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10/1 Nothing But the Night (1973, Peter Sasdy)
Kicked off the challenge with the classic pairing of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Most of the film is a standard mystery, but it does have horror overtones by the rather disturbing ending. Cushing plays a doctor (what else?) and Lee a rather stuffy police detective. The title is not on DVD, but airing on the Encore Mystery channel.

10/1 Revenge of the Zombies (1943, Steve Sekely)
Silly early zombie flick, with a subdued and young John Carradine. It does have some interesting Nazi parallels...the zombies walk like Nazi soldiers! Rarely seen film not on DVD, airing on MGMHD.

10/1 Curse of the Faceless Man (1958, Edward L. Cahn)
Continuing to clear out my DVR with non-DVD titles, this one also from MGMHD. More or less standard late 50s drive in flick, in the style of The Mummy or Creature from the Black Lagoon. Lava encrusted "volcano man" from Pompeii makes telepathic contact with his reincarnated lover. Really.

10/2 Jekyll and Hyde... Together Again (1982, Jerry Belson)
Finally to a DVD title, from the recent Legend Films/Paramount deal. This comedy started out strong, but Mark Blankfield's antics get tiring after awhile. Still, Hyde as a stereotyped 70s pimp was entertaining.

10/2 Midnight Faces (1926, Bennett Cohen)
Dreadful silent film in the "old dark house" style. Picture quality on the Alpha disc did not help.

10/3 Chamber of Horrors (1966, Hy Averback)
I thoroughly enjoyed this Warner film from the 60s. Cesare Danova steals the show as Draco. Studio budget allows for authentic period feel. Fits right in with the Hammer and Corman Poe films from that time.

10/4 Beyond the Door III (1989, Jeff Kwitny)
Excellent location photography in Yugoslavia almost redeems this in-name-only sequel.

10/5 The Brides of Fu Manchu (1966, Don Sharp)
Uneasy mix of horror and mystery, with a dose of James Bond-style gadgetry. It needs more Christopher Lee and less Douglas Wilmer.

10/6 The Ghost Train (1941, Walter Forde)
Slight deviation of the "old dark house" formula: group of strangers find themselves stranded in a train station during a thunderstorm, with a ghost train on the loose. Arthur Askey plays possibly the most irritating character in the history of British films.

10/7 It! (1966, Herbert J. Leder)
Roddy McDowall mugs incessantly, talks to his dead mother's body, dreams of naked girls on his couch and brings a Golem to life to take out his frustrations.

10/7 Ghoulies (1985, Luca Bercovici)
I was kind of ok with this...until the dwarfs, indoor thunderstorm, green eyes, tongue strangulation... well maybe not.

10/8 The Living Ghost (1942, William Beaudine)
Poverty Row murder-mystery, average in all departments.

10/8 The Shuttered Room (1967, David Greene)
This HP Lovecraft story should be better, but the film concentrates on local hooligans led by Oliver Reed as they torment strangers on an isolated island. The "shuttered room", and its inhabitant, is almost an afterthought.

10/8 Dead Silence (2007, James Wan)
Although this is a modern horror film, it has a classic look. However, it relies too heavily on cliches: the ventriloquist dummy, funeral home, abandoned theatre, blowing curtains in long corridors... but it does look nice.

10/9 Dragonwyck (1946, Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
Vincent Price makes his first appearance this month in Mankiewicz' directorial debut. Melodramatics with a tinge of Gothic romance.

10/9 Dr. Renault's Secret (1942, Harry Lachman)
Overlooked Fox horror film, with a memorable performance by J. Carrol Naish.

10/10 Chandu the Magician (1932, William Cameron Menzies)
Bela Lugosi hams it up as Roxor, arch enemy of Chandu. Feels like a serial, with some great Egyptian sets and a death ray.

10/11 La Momia Azteca (1957, Rafael Portillo)
The classic M-horror feature, not quite as bad as its reputation. Some good scenes with the mummy as it kidnaps a small girl. Awfully dark and soft transfer from BCI.

10/12 La Maldición de la Momia Azteca (1957, Rafael Portillo)
Arrival of hooded superhero "Angel" sinks this entry to bottom-of-the-barrel kiddie matinee fodder.

10/12 La Momia Azteca Contra el Robot Humano (1958, Rafael Portillo)
At least this one has a cemetery, more mummy, and most importantly no hooded Angel.

10/12 Night of the Comet (1984, Thom Eberhardt)
Spirals downward towards a totally predictable and boring resolution. Totally.

10/12 The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!? (1964, Ray Dennis Steckler)
Possibly the most inept horror film ever. Also very entertaining.

10/13 The Unseen (1981, Danny Steinmann)
Unpleasant film populated with unpleasant characters.

10/13 Estratto Dagli Archivi Segreti Della Polizia di una Capitale Europea (1972, Riccardo Freda)
Italian film anchored by 2 minutes of extreme violence (hence its shorter title "Tragic Ceremony"), including a memorable head-slicing (repeated at least 4 more times in flashbacks).

10/13 Queen of Blood (1966, Curtis Harrington)
Two films in one: often spectacular Russian film, and often boring American one.

10/14 El Vampiro (1957, Fernando Méndez)
Superb atmosphere ranks this one as one of the best Mexican horror films, and probably the best film I've seen so far this October.

10/14 El Ataúd del Vampiro (1958, Fernando Méndez)
The black and white cinematography continues to be excellent, but this one spends too much time in a bland hospital setting.

10/14 The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll (1960, Terence Fisher)
Dripping in gorgeous Hammer color and lighting, fine period detail, but does get a bit silly with Jekyll talking to Hyde in the mirror...

10/14 Green Eyes (1934, Richard Thorpe)
Talky murder-mystery.

10/15 Sweet Sixteen (1983, Jim Sotos)
Nothing special going on here, typical early 80s slasher fare, no better no worse than most.

10/15 The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb (1964, Michael Carreras)
I counted three hand choppings and a mummy head stomp in this somewhat routine Hammer entry.

10/15 Alligator (1980, Lewis Teague)
The satire wasn't sharp enough and the alligator not convincing enough in this unsatisfying monster movie written by John Sayles.

10/16 Curse of the Devil (1973, Carlos Aured)
It wouldn't be October without a Naschy werewolf flick.

10/16 The Gorgon (1964, Terence Fisher)
Near-classic Hammer, particularly the castle scenes. I like Cushing when he plays a scientist with a fatal flaw, such as Dr Frankenstein, as well as his character here.

10/16 The Bat Whispers (1930, Roland West)
Incredibly advanced film technique for 1930, including "experimental" widescreen 65mm, extensive use of miniatures, a gimmick ending, and almost as many shadows as a German expressionist.

10/17 Scream of Fear (1961, Seth Holt)
Good Hammer psychological thriller with unexpected plot twists.

10/17 House of Dark Shadows (1970, Dan Curtis)
A soap opera disguised as a horror film.

10/18 Night of Dark Shadows (1971, Dan Curtis)
No vampires this time, instead it's a reincarnated witch haunting Collinswood castle. Not bad, actually, and I like Kate Jackson with long hair.

10/19 Wicked, Wicked (1973, Richard L. Bare)
Duo-vision doesn't really add much to the film. I did like the shock ending and the hidden rooms in the hotel.

10/19 Student Bodies (1981, Mickey Rose)
Some amusing moments, the on-screen body count and R-rated bit, but becomes tiring and unoriginal as it drags on. Is there a Wizard of Oz connection?

10/20 Berserk (1967, Jim O'Connolly)
Circus themed British film with Joan Crawford. The intelligent poodles were the best part.

10/20 The Mysterious Doctor (1943, Benjamin Stoloff)
A headless ghost and a Nazi populate this British propaganda film.

10/21 The Skull (1965, Freddie Francis)
Peter Cushing vs. the floating skull of the Marquis de Sade!

10/22 Lisa (1989, Gary Sherman)
"Suspense thriller" that would be right at home on Cinemax, around 10pm.

10/23 Beyond the Door (1974, Ovidio Assonitis, Robert Barrett)
Although routinely trashed, I thought the film delivered on the promise of the trailer. The scenes filmed in the studio have some clever effects. The soundtrack, other than the 70s flavored jazz, actually is quite good and features some early synthesizer work. Sure it's derivative, but it still manages to create quite an atmosphere of dread and horror.

10/24 The Dracula Saga (1972, León Klimovsky)
Interested more in sleaze than horror, but does feature a 10 year old vampire cyclops.

10/25 Night Terror (1977, E.W. Swackhamer)
Obscure made for TV movie, in the vein of Duel, with Valerie Harper a nervous but resourceful housewife stalked by a killer on the highways of Arizona.

10/25 The Woman in White (1948, Peter Godfrey)
Talky British melodrama. I just watched this and can't remember a thing.

10/26 The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923, Wallace Worsley)
The scenes with Chaney are legendary, but most of the film revolves around a convoluted love triangle that struggled to hold my interest.

10/26 The Unknown (1927, Tod Browning)
A tragic love story about a man with no arms and two thumbs.

10/27 Final Exam (1981, Jimmy Huston)
Characterizations allow us to identify with the victims, but film ultimately sunk by lack of same for the killer.

10/27 The Possession of Joel Delaney (1972, Waris Hussein)
I did not buy into the whole voodoo thing, and thought Shirley MacLaine's performance was weak.

10/28 Sole Survivor (1983, Thom Eberhardt)
Guilty pleasure from the early days of home video, but loses some on repeat viewings. Still, I love the look and feel of this movie.

10/29 Fright Night (1985, Tom Holland)
Vampire flick has its moments, but special effects are in the slime/gross out style so common to the 80s.

10/30 Boardinghouse (1982, John Wintergate)
Amateur film shot on video. Easily the worst of the challenge, probably the worst I've seen this year, possibly the worst "movie" of all time.

10/31 Gallery of Horror (1967, David L. Hewitt)
Horror anthology film that perfectly captures the feeling of a 60s comic book, despite the wooden acting.

10/31 Frankenstein's Bloody Terror (1968, Enrique López Eguiluz)
Contrary to the title, this is actually the first Naschy werewolf flick, and pretty good.

10/31 Mad Monster Party? (1969, Jules Bass)
Numerous in-jokes and small details keep me coming back to this Rankin-Bass classic year after year.

10/31 The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966, Alan Rafkin)
Ended the challenge with this comedy which features some classic Don Knotts scenes including: the organ loft in the haunted house, and the public speech from the bandstand.

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October 1st
---: Monster by Moonlight [1999] imdb Legacy Collection DVD warm-up
001: The Wolf Man [1941] imdb Legacy Collection DVD
002: They Live [1988] imdb On Demand, finished
003: The Bad Seed [1956] imdb Library DVD
004: Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man [1943] new! imdb Legacy Collection DVD
005: Ghost Ship [1943] new! imdb Library DVD

October 2nd
006: Leopard Man [1943] new! imdb Library DVD
007: Frighteners [1996] imdb HD DVD
008: House of a 1000 Corpses [2003] half new! imdb FEAR.net HD OnDemand

October 3rd
009: Idle Hands [1999] imdb FEAR.net OnDemand finished
010: Psycho [1960] imdb Library DVD
011: Child's Play [1988] new! imdb OnDemand finished

October 4th
012: Squirm [1976] imdb OnDemand finished
013: Vacancy [2007] imdb HD OnDemand finished
014: Tremors [1990] imdb HD DVD
015: Needful Things [1993] new! imdb Library DVD
016: Lake Placid [1999] imdb BBO
017: Slither [2003] imdb Library DVD

October 5th
018: Twilight Zone: The Movie [1999] imdb BBO
019: Videodrome [1983] imdb Criterion Collection DVD commentary
020: Halloween [1978] imdb Library DVD
021: Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll [1960] new! imdb OnDemand finished
022: Grindhouse (Theatrical Double-Feature) [2007] imdb OnDemand
023: Bucket of Blood [1959] new! imdb Midnight Movies DVD
024: I Bury The Living [1958] new! imdb Midnight Movies DVD
025: Craft [1996] new! imdb HD OnDemand finished

October 6th
026: Mary Shelly's Frankenstein [1994] imdb OnDemand started
027: Mummy [1999] imdb HD DVD
028: Nosferatu [1922] new! imdb Library DVD

October 7th
029: Birds [1963] imdb BBO
030: Invisible Man [1933] imdb Library DVD

October 8th
031: Carrie [1976] imdb Special Edition DVD
032: Amityville Horror [1979] imdb Beebs Collection DVD

October 9th
033: Monster Squad [1987] imdb BBO
034: Resident Evil: Extinction [2007] new! imdb Library DVD
035: House of Wax [1953] new! imdb Library DVD
036: Bram Stoker's Dracula [1992] imdb Superbit DVD

October 10th
037: Identity [2003] imdb Beebs Collection DVD
038: Invisible Man Returns [1940] new! imdb Library DVD

October 11th
039: Candyman [1993] new! imdb HD OnDemand finished
040: Mystery of the Wax Museum [1933] new! imdb Library DVD
041: Dreamcatcher [2003] imdb Library DVD
042: Frailty [2001] imdb Library DVD
043: Pitch Black [2000] imdb HD DVD
044: Primeval [2007] new! imdb Library DVD
045: Descent [2005] imdb Library DVD

October 12th
046: Aliens [1986] imdb Beebs Collection DVD
047: X: Man with the X-Ray Eyes [1963] new! imdb Midnight Movies DVD
048: 2001 Maniacs [2005] new! imdb HD OnDemand finished
049: Happening [2008] new! imdb BBO
050: Tingler [1959] imdb BBO

October 13th
051: Corpse Bride [2005] imdb HD DVD
052: Die, Monster, Die [1965] new! imdb Midnight Movies DVD

October 14th
053: Return of the Living Dead [1985] imdb BBO
054: Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight [1995] new! imdb OnDemand finished
055: Thing [1982] imdb HD DVD

October 15th
056: Exorcism of Emily Rose [2005] new! imdb Library DVD
057: Gojira [1954] new! imdb Library DVD
058: Jeepers Creepers [2001] imdb Library DVD

October 16th
059: Hidden [1987] imdb BBO
060: Black Sheep [2006] new! imdb BBO

October 17th
061: Misery [1990] imdb BBO
062: Jaws [1975] imdb Beebs Collection DVD
063: Bubba Ho-tep [2002] imdb Beebs Collection DVD
064: Feast [2005] new! imdb BBO
065: In the Mouth of Madness [1995] imdb BBO
066: Prom Night [2008] new! imdb Blu-ray BBO

October 18th
067: Fly [1986] imdb Beebs Collection Blu-ray
068: Predator [1987] imdb Beebs Collection Blu-ray
069: Frenzy [1972] new! imdb Beebs Collection DVD
070: Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit [2005] imdb Beebs Collection DVD
071: Urban Legends 2: Final Cut [2000] new! imdb OnDemand finished

October 19th
072: Nightwing [1979] imdb OnDemand finished
073: Shutter [2008] new! imdb Blu-ray BBO
074: Shining [1980] imdb Beebs Collection Blu-ray
075: Alien [1979] imdb Beebs Collection DVD

October 20th
076: Creature from the Black Lagoon [1954] imdb Beebs Collection DVD
077: Diary of a Madman [1963] new! imdb OnDemand finished

October 21th
078: Dog Soldiers [2002] new! imdb Library DVD
079: Exorcist [1973] imdb Library DVD

October 22th
080: I Walked with a Zombie [1943] new! imdb Library DVD
081: Body Snatcher [1945] new! imdb Library DVD

October 23th
082: American Werewolf in London [1981] imdb BBO
083: Dawn of the Dead [2004] imdb Library DVD

October 24th
084: From Hell [2001] imdb Library DVD
085: Others [2001] imdb Library DVD
086: Invaders from Mars [1953] new! imdb Library DVD

October 25th
087: 7th Victim [1943] new! imdb Library DVD
088: Boogeyman [1980] new! imdb Library DVD
089: Cat People [1942] imdb Library DVD
090: April Fools Day [1986] imdb BBO
091: Quarantine [2008] new! imdb Theater
092: Haunting [1963] new! imdb Library DVD
093: Night of the Living Dead [1963] imdb OnDemand finished

October 26th
094: Cabinet of Dr. Caligari [1919] imdb Library DVD
095: Alien3 [1993] imdb OnDemand finished
096: Sleepy Hollow [1999] imdb HD DVD
097: Brood [1979] imdb Beebs Collection DVD

October 27th
098: Curse of the Cat People [1944] imdb Library DVD
099: Hound of the Baskervilles [1939] imdb Library DVD
100: Shaun of the Dead [2004] imdb HD DVD

October 28th
101: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? [1962] new! imdb Library DVD
102: Strangers [2008] new! imdb BBO

October 29th
102: Innocents [1961] new! imdb Library DVD

October 30th
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new! First time watching this movie, so it's new to me.

Beebs Bloodfest Blog!

Oct 1: My first year participating. First, I will be watching with Mrs. Beebs. She's a fan of movies and horror, though she's a little deprived. Youngsters! Target for us 35+.

Started at Midnight Pacific with a classic from the original monster house, my favorite, The Wolf Man. Mrs. Beebs is also keen on this one. I always liked Lon Chaney Jr's charisma and regular joe-ness -- plus he's a Jr (a fake one, anyways) like me. Anxious to get going, we watched Monster by Moonlight! The Immortal Saga of 'The Wolf Man' from Wolf Man set. I had a tooth ache, and rather than watch an apt film like The Marathon Man, I found a classic from my salad days, They Live, lurking in OnDemand. Remember seeing this Carpenter movie on the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey on a bright summer day. The very same theater were I saw Jaws eight or nine years previous. I'm not sure any of those old theaters beach theaters remain in southern Jersey.

Came home and Mrs. Beebs & I watched and chatted up The Bad Seed. I always thought this 1956 classic the best possible send up of the myth of the 50s -- made from within. It couldn't have been all sock hops and malts. With a story right out of an issue of E.C. Comics at the time, this film is very cute and cuddly on the outside with a sociopath lurkin' within. Followed this up with one I'd never seen before, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. This oldie but goodie even includes a musical number. Mrs. Beebs hates musical numbers. Will be sure to watch this one again next year irregardless (she hates that word, too). All for now. Back to the movie treadmill and more horror flix!

Oct 2: Just wrapped up Ghost Ship. Man, the early 40s had some great movies. This tale of madness is quite involving. Seems like the the barest elements of plot, but with distinct characters, great mood, and some fine craftsmanship this one rises above most.

Started off evening two with Leopard Man an early 40s horror from Val Lewton. This really did have the feel of Cat People and Ghost Ship. It's amazing that a style comes through all that studio consistency. Hey, what's this... another 40s horror with a musical number. Here, though, it seems well integrated into the story. Great soundtrack, with castanets featured inside the story and woven into the score. After a slew of older stuff, we went jumped to Peter Jackson's The Frighteners. It's got a little bit of everything - Alex P. Keaton, the grim reaper, Dee Wallace Stone, and some Natural Born Killers. Mrs. Stone did some great horror over the years, Howling, Cujo, Critters, and the scariest movie of all Secret Admirer.

Wrapping up the day is Mr. Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses. Under bugfuck in the dictionary you'll find this one listed with a picture of Mrs. Zombie's ass crack poking out of her stained stretchy pants. Mrs. Beebs informs me that this one affirms her deep suspicions of clowns and utter fear of chicken wings. This one does rural folks no favors, that's for certain. An evil hick festival would not be complete without this one and something starring Richard from The Howard Stern Show.

Oct 3: In the wee hours of the 3rd, we started up Idle Hands from OnDemand. Mrs. Beebs had never seen this horror romp from TV director Rodman Flender. Seth Green is in this one. It's amazing to think Seth was doing this, Enemy of the State, Can't Hardly Wait, and Austin Powers 2 the same year. I'm glad he's doing well with Robot Chicken. Idle mines quite few other movies for plot, and completely different set of classics for production design. It is all deliciously twisted in a way I appreciate much more than the creepy lunacy of House of 1000 Corpses. Side note: It's funny, an awful lots of comedy horror references Jackson's 1992 Braindead. I've never seen that one. Will have to put it into the mix soon.

Went out at lunch and picked DVDs from the Library. Horror is not a genre I have well represented in my collection. Free rentals from the local lending library are a great resource for me here. I put in for ten DVDs and received five so far. Everything is done online with emails when they show up at my local branch. Today I scored two extras from the shelf, Psycho and Nosferatu, for this weekend.

Another evening begins with Mrs. Beebs suggesting we pop in Psycho for a little Hitchhorror. This one never fails to impress me. I am particularly fond of the lead-up, through the shower scene, to the car sinking in the swamp. That part of the movie I find absolutely riveting. There's so much going on in the Janet Leigh character and yet, in the end, it's nothing compared to Bates. I understand the horror of this movie, but I'm not sure how Frenzy makes the cut. I will have to rewatch that one, as it was on many of previous year's lists. Unless of course there's another movie, and it isn't Hitchcock's film from 1972. After finishing up Idle Hands, we settled in for a bonafide classic... Child's Play. There really isn't enough doll violence in movies.

Oct 4: Squirm makes you confident you could make a horror movie. For a low-budget B-movie, it does get a number of things right. The killer worms are suggested and not seen until about two-thirds of the way through the movie. Perhaps taking a queue from Jaws, here. The worm effects themselves aren't actually all the bad. There's just not many of them. Followed this up with a modern horror, Vacancy. The best part of this movie is Frank Whaley and the modern furnishings. The rooms of the hotel here are supposed to be old and crusty. Yet, each of the details in the rooms are actually expensive modern furnishings. I guess this is how they spend 19 million on this one. Wrapped up the morning with Tremors, a movie I absolutely love. I've probably seen this movie 30+ times.

Came back in from some shopping and put in Stephen King's Needful Things, a movie I'd never seen. This one has a great premise. I really liked it and will watch again in the future. Followed this one up with humorous horrors, Lake Placid and Slither. Spent the evening laughing to the great lines in the first. The Betty White has some great lines like, "If I had a dick, this is where I'd tell you to suck it!"

Oct 5: "Do you wanna see something really scary?" I think I do, so I started day five with this favorite of mine. It's a shame this spent so many years in limbo and unavailable due to the tragedy on the set of this film.

The next morning, I queued up Cronenberg's incredible Videodrome and listened to the Commentary for the first time from the Criterion Edition. I can't believe I haven't heard this commentary before. I love this movie and have seen it many times and I listen to commentaries regularly.

I've been avoiding slasher films so far, but Mrs. Beebs suggested the original Halloween so I popped it in. This is really a well done slasher... and from so early in the history of the form. I don't think I've seen many as scary as this. And, you know, there's really not much gore in here. There's some struggling death scenes, too. Nowadays everyone dies right away, or they get hurt, run, and get killed right away a little later. There's no much actual struggling, kicking, etc. I will have to watch some of the earlier slashers to see how original this one is and how much it simply a well-executed finely-crafted evolution of the form.

Oct 6: Mary Shelly's Frankenstein takes it's cues from Bram Stoker's Dracula with an attempt to recreate an accurate version of the original book. It comes close, at least. Deniro is a revelation in the role of the Monster. I didn't recognize him the first time I saw this movie. I don't think he's been as menacing in a movie except for in Cape Fear. He's such a good actor, but he's an awful interview. It's like Mr. Deniro lives through his roles and the rest of his life pales in comparison. A blank canvas for his work.

The evening brought on a favorite of mine from recent days, 1999's The Mummy remake. I love this one. It just good fun. I watch this movie 2-3 times a year. The sequels are nothing special. But, I think I like the third movie better than the second one. After watching the latest Dexter and last two Californications I popped in Nosferatu (Alpha release). Wow, what a creep fest this silent classic is. It deserves all the praise it receives. I will watch it again next year, definitely.

Oct 7:Started off the evening with Hitchcock's action thriller classic, The Birds. Another movie with incredible, simple, effective scenes. All the bird stuff is so fake, but the movie still works so well. Claude Rains is great in The Invisible Man. Rains has that charm, arrogance, and menace down. The effects are quite good considering the movie is 75 years old. Still, it's a surprisingly psychological movie. The real horror of this one is what can an man do if freed from being seen. I now see what Vorhoeven saw in making 2000's Hollow Man.

Oct 11:Been doing other stuff while watching my Horror Fest so I've been absent from my rambling companion dialog/blog.

I can't help but chime on this last one today. Neil Marshall's The Descent is a movie that would be better if I didn't know it was a horror film going in. The movie is most effective before the last section of the film. Still, seeing this film for the second time, I appreciate everything about it more -- even the third act. This makes me want to go back and see Dog Soldiers and to give Doomsday a try.

There is a great deal of mood and tension built here in the tight spaces and deep darkness of those caves. I am waiting for something worse to happen until the very last second of the film. Amazing what was done with such a small budget. Amazing also to see this movie with an all woman cast who aren't on screen to show skin. Not that woman can't do a great job acting -- it's just so rare to see such cast composition. Real people in an amazing, over the top situation. This cast makes me think of the all male cast counter-point of Carpenter's The Thing. But only after the fact as during both of these movies the composition of the cast never seems odd.

Oct 12:Wrapped up Sunday night with a new one and an old one. The Happening from M. Night Shyamalan was much better than I would have thought based on the reviews. The movie is eerie and drenched in sunlight at the same time. I found the premise to be quite thought provoking. The script supports and extrapolates the threat very convincingly from real happenings (pun intended). It plays out well, I thought. Wahlberg did not seem exceptionally apt for this one, even if the director had him in mind the whole time. Deschanel, though, was perfectly cast in my opinion. She's made for Shyamalan's direction. I must be in the minority, but I find his work to be quite effective, where others think he simply instructs actors to look blank and rolls the the film. Performances in his movies are often understated... until showing some extreme of emotion. I find this works for me. It accents the tension. This was much better than his last mess, Lady in the Water, and as effective as The Village or Signs.

The Tingler also trys hard to sell the reality of it's premise. The first thirty minutes builds up an large edifice of verisimilitude -- scientific banter, x-rays, and other surprisingly well-played story elements. This Castle film definitely had a great gimmick, but there's also lots of excellent creepiness, scares, and twists and turns. The creature effects compared to today shatters any hope of propping up the reality of the fright-born parasite, but otherwise this is a very effective classic. This one makes me want to see more from the period.

Every gimmick film also makes me want to see Joe Dante's 1993 Mantinee, a great send-up of William Castle film style film promotion and hype as well as a peek at the early 60s cold war era. Too bad this movie on DVD is OOP.

Oct 13:Mrs. Beebs made a great little pumpkin for my horror film challenge. I took some pictures and now this wonderful gord graces the top of my post as list post title image. Thanks Mrs. Beebs, you're the best!

Mrs. Beebs and I watched The Corpse Bride this evening. Another movie that grew on me greatly upon the second viewing. The last time I saw this one was in the theaters. Looked incredible on HD DVD.

Oct 14:In the wee small hours of the morning, I started up Demon Knight On Demand. Surprised at it's Tales of the Crypt connection, but remembering soon that this was a theatrical dip for the franchise. The movie itself is very uneven. It's half-good... but that also means it is half-bad. I do like the character and backstory of Brayker, played by William Sadler (who played the turncoat naked-exercising army Colonel Stuart in Die Hard 2). Also liked Billy Zane as the Collector here. It is a nice touch, story-wise, that you really don't know who the bad guy is and who the good guy is during the very beginning of the movie. Unfortunately, it falls apart from there with only the decent B-movie creature effects as memorable.

Home from work found Return of the Living Dead with it's 80s music score and fun romp vibe in my mailbox. I immediately popped this one in and again enjoyed the cries for BRAAAAIIIIINNNS!. I need to add this one to my collection as I enjoy it each time I watch it.

I followed this up with Carpenter's incredible The Thing. Carpenter's remake of the Howard Hawkes classic wisely doesn't try to pay homage. Instead, the movie plays like a Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness turned into a horror genre film with isolation, paranoia, and elder spawn as the evil critter. All this is based on Campbell's original story,Who Goes There? [Astounding, 1938]. But that story is also clearly inspired by the long novella Mountains [Astounding, 1936] which was serialized in the same publication. Both stories probably hold some inspiration from Poe's little read novel Arthur Gordon Pym. Clearly Carpenter's next movie, In the Mouth of Madness, is inspired by HPL. Needless to say, The Thing is one of a handful of horror favorites of mine as well as a top overall movie for me. One I've watched thiry or more times at this point.

Oct 15:Man, Gojira is a completely different movie from the US Godzilla with Raymond Burr. As a genre creating film, Gojira is very well constructed and enjoyable film. It has a great build-up to the appearance of the big lizard and a poignant storyline with the scientist.

The other two movies I watched tonight, Exorcism of Emily Rose and Jeepers Creepers were both good scares for me. I enjoyed them both, for what they were. Emily Rose was much more of a movie than I suspected. I found myself wrapped up in the story and mystery of the tale based on the flash back story gimmick of it. Creepers scared me bigtime in the opening, but really didn't sustain the horror for me into the police station at the end.

Oct 16: The Hidden showed up in my mailbox and I immediately had to pop this one in and watch it. Though the movie is dated, and clearly a B-grade affair, it manages to rise above most. The movie has the look and feel of any number of John Carpenter films but no single source for how good it turned out. Bob Hunt, the credited writer is really the Horror/B-movie nom de plume of Jim Kouf who, among other things wrote Operation Dumbo Drop, Secret Admirer, Stakeout, and the first Rush Hour. As Bob Hunt, though, Jim wrote three horror titles -- Boogens, Hidden and it's sequel. Jim appears to be one piece of the pie here only. Although his titles offer little to investigate for those interested in cinema, clearly he worked hard during the 80s and into the 90s and knew how to sell his work The director, Jack Sholder, who had done two previous horror films, Alone in the Dark and Freddy 2, is also to be thanked for getting as much as he could from the short, tightly edited movie.

I followed this personal favorite up with something new and fun, Black Sheep. I completely understand the horror of livestock. I remember walking the hills of the East Bay near San Francisco, cresting a hill and finding myself suddenly in the midst of twenty or thirty cows. Completely unattended, incredibly large and prone to sudden movements, I realized that these normally docile animals could easy push me over and seriously injure me. I began to be very afraid and moved slowly out from among them as fast as I could. Regardless of my fear of herds, this movie makes my skin crawl on many new and depraved levels. Just thinking about this one, makes me smirk in amusement. I will definitely seek this one out again next year for another fun spin in my DVD player.

Oct 17: I ended up having to stay home on Friday. Happy to have the day off, I was doubly-excited to wrack up some extra horror film viewing. I started the day off with one of the best Stephen King movies, Misery. Kathy Bates is a revelation in this one, and the whole production leads me to cringe still when anyone says, "I'm the biggest fan." I still say, "Cockle-doody" from time to time, for effect. I watched a number of other good films during the day. I remember the Jaws advertising about "It's not safe to go in the water." This movie really did scare me as kid, and I made me eye the murky Jersey ocean whenever I went more then knee deep in it. I watched Bubba Ho-Tep originally just based on hearing the Ozzie Davis role. Feast was a surprisingly good little Project Greenlight indie. I was much more entertained than I thought I would be. A surprising number of cliches were twisted and folded in on themselves in this one. In the Mouth of Madness, Carpenter's Lovecraftian aria of madness is one of the most original of his movies, I think. The remake of Prom Night was unmemorable. Looked great on Blu-ray, though.

Oct 18: It comes as no surprise that Cronenberg did a remake of The Fly once you see his interpretation of this horror classic. It's right up his alley of man into machine and body & mind modification. The climatic ending is such a mash-up of so many elements he has explored in other movies, it's hard to imagine packing more into it. It's multiple Cronengasm.

It's funny to watch diverse films in the same day. I have a soft spot in my heart, and my collection, for great kids films. Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit is exactly the sort of film I would have loved when I was eight. As an adult, somehow, I can totally enjoy the fantastic effort that goes into this animated film. Amazing to think this was filmed traditionally using stop motion animation.

Oct 19: It is crazy to think that a movie like Nightwing and Alien arrived in the same year. Alien is quite visionary. Ridley Scott was clearly well ahead of his time. The production design here from Giger and other scifi eurocomics is so different and unique, that it makes the movie quite timeless. With the exception of the Nostromo model and computers and consoles this one has not aged at all. When Scott says that the look and feel of Blade Runner was influenced by those Heavy Metal comics of that period, I always think also of the spacesuits in this movie. They look like they were taken directly from a panel of those clear line comics.

I had the pleasure of hiding my head for the last half of Alien the first time I saw it. I was way too young to be in this R-rated movie, but I trailed along with my older brother and my mom to see this when I was no older than twelve. I remember seeing it at this great old theater, The Keswick, in suburban Philadelphia. The Keswick was a LARGE theater, now used for concerts, and there were but a handful of others in the movie with us. The cavernous movie palace seemed empty only adding to the scariness of this one. My experience seeing Aliens could not have been more different. It was in a packed multiplex, one of those 70MM monster screens with auditorium that was wider than it was deep -- and yet that one scared me just as much. Perhaps it was some latent memory of that original experience with Alien.

I can't watch The Shining and not mention how scared this movie had me in the movie theater when I saw years after the release. That river of blood, REDRUM, and so many other sounds and images from that movie sent chills down my back, literally. I can't imagine how people get a creeped out by movies sitting all cozy on their couches watching a DVD or Blu-ray. It's not the same as seeing something like The Shining in a dark theater.

Oct 20th: You know, I'm afraid I'm going to run out of stuff to watch from the sources available to me. I could, of course, just go and watch some stuff from Blockbuster -- but I am loathe to watch many movies from their walk-in selection. I can't recommend enough the local Library for DVDs. I've got a ton of title from there for this challenge, and could not have watched as many films without them.

Oct 21th: After watching The Descent, I decided to look up other movies by Neil Marshall. I found Dog Soldiers lurking in my library's DVD collection and finally picked it up today. It's an excellent movie on a number of levels, but seems to fall apart with the contrived and meaningless betrayal in the third act. It didn't need it. Also from my Library's wonderful stock, I got a copy of the 2-disc Exorcist collection that included the new "Version You've Never Seen" and the original, plus lots of great special features. The Exorcist is still an amazing film after all these years, and it truly worthy of it's place in any top 10 horror list.

Oct 22th: Once again to the stores of Washington County Cooperative Library I pull out Val Lewton disc. This time I Walked With A Zombie and The Body Snatcher. Both were surprisingly good and suspenseful for such older films. I've really been impressed with the four movies I've seen so far from the Lewton set. I have the rest and will likely finish them all before the end of the challenge. Incredibly, Body Snatcher is the first movie I've seen with Bela Lugosi in it during the challenge. I've been saving the Universal Dracula and Frankenstein for the end.

Oct 22th: To me John Landis and John Hughes were the mainstream 80s directors, the decade I grew up in. American Werewolf was but just one of great movies from Landis during period, part of a great slew of films he produced early in his career. I liked most of Landis' work, and even enjoy such below the radar titles as the switcheroo comedy Oscar, the neo-noir Into the Night, and goofy fun of Three Amigos. Landis, both the writer and director of American Werewolf in London, updates the classic werewolf story. We have the pentagram, the transformation, the romantic interest... and the tragedy. I still enjoy this one from end to end whenever I revisit it.

Oct 25th: I picked up Boogeyman to help with my Checklist -- and man, I didn't like that one. Looking over the list, I will likely not get to the Attack of or the Revenge of entries at the end. Not sure about the rest. I didn't go into this with a mind to complete the checklist but I haven't tried to do my best.

Oct 26th: I wanted to be sure to watch actual movies for this competition. Everything I've been viewing have been 60+ minute long, theatrical features. I always wanted to try to fill in as much of the checklist as possible. The early end of the decade bingo list is very difficult. But for the 1910s, there are some real features with Cabinet of Dr. Caligari was the most interesting one for me to revisit. I had not seen this movie since I saw an aging print in film festival over fifteen years ago. I remember coming away impressed with the film then as I do now. Wonderful old silent movie. It's hard to imagine being entertained for 70+ minutes by a silent feature like this, but it is captivating.

Alien and Aliens are two of my favorite horror titles. Alien is a more typical horror movie, and Aliens is more of an action horror title. Alien3 in it's theatrical cut is something of a conundrum. It's half-good. But that means it is also half bad. I must seek out the workprint version from the Quadrilogy/SE for next year's Challenge and include it.

Burton's Sleepy Hollow is a movie I continue to enjoy on rewatching it. It's creepy, stylish, dark, and entertaining. Depp as some send-up of Icabod Crane meets Sherlock Holmes is amusing. The supporting cast is stunning. Can't ask for more, I think.

After watching Dexter and Californication episodes off On-Demand, and the zany Don't Mess with the Zohan, I wrapped up the evening with Cronenberg's The Brood. I would not have needed to see the credits to know this was his film -- it's got his thumbprint all over it.

Oct 27th: My first film of the evening was one the first from the Val Lewton collection to not impress me, Curse of the Cat People. It less of a movie for stetching the tenuous connection to the original Cat People. Hound of the Baskervilles was a great treat. Mysteries are my favorite film and TV genre.

I wanted to pop in something great for number 100... and Shaun of the Dead was it. Man, I love this film. Here's a movie I keep coming back to. This and Hot Fuzz. Can't wait for what these guys do next. Hope they keep up the great work.

Oct 28th:This is Mrs. Beebs and my Anniversary, and as a testament to how wonderful Mrs. Beebs is... I still got in two movies. Yay! I thought The Strangers was quite scary. Had my heart pumping fast.

Oct 30th: Well, it looks like things will be winding down for me significantly tonight and tomorrow. I hope to get in one or two more movies, but it may not be possible... and I prep for a business trip that has be flying out early Saturday morning. This is likely my last blog entry.

Checklist in SPOILER below.

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
--- 1890 - (insert film title here)
--- 1900 -

--- 1910 - Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
--- 1920 - Nosferatu
--- 1930 - Invisible Man
--- 1940 - Wolf Man
--- 1950 - Bad Seed
--- 1960 - Psycho
--- 1970 - Squirm
--- 1980 - They Live
--- 1990 - Frighteners
--- 2000 - House of 1000 Corpses

Watch a film starring:
--- Bela Lugosi - Body Snatcher
--- Lon Chaney Sr. -
--- Boris Karloff - Die, Monster, Die
--- Lon Chaney Jr. - Wolf Man
--- Vincent Price - House of Wax
--- Peter Cushing -
--- Christopher Lee - Two Face of Dr. Jekyll
--- Robert Englund - 2001 Maniacs
--- Bruce Campbell - Bubba Ho-tep
--- Jamie Lee Curtis - Halloween

Watch a film in each of the following subgenres/types:
--- Vampire - Nosferatu
--- Frankenstein - Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
--- Werewolf - Wolf Man
--- Mummy - Mummy
--- Invisible Man - Invisible Man
--- Ghost/haunting - Frighteners
--- Witchcraft/satanic/religious - The Craft
--- Zombie - Resident Evil: Extinction
--- Slasher/psycho/homicidal maniac - Psycho
--- Monster/creature feature/Godzilla - Tremors
--- Documentary - Monster by Moonlight
--- Musical - Corpse Bride
--- Spoof/comedy - Frighteners
--- Revenge - House of Wax
--- Killer/evil doll - Child's Play
--- Killer/evil animal - Lake Placid
--- Killer/evil child - Bad Seed
--- Giallo -
--- J horror -
--- MST3K/rifftrax/CT -

--- film and its remake - Mystery of the Wax Museum, House of Wax
--- based on a video game - Resident Evil: Extinction
--- based on a novel - Bad Seed
--- directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis or Uwe Boll or Ulli Lommel - Boogeyman
--- won an Academy Award -- Bram Stoker's Dracula
--- silent film - Nosferatu
--- Criterion version film - Videodrome
--- with commentary - Videodrome
--- film and at least two of its sequels - Alien, Aliens, Alien3
--- anthology film - Twilight Zone: The Movie
--- takes place on a holiday - Halloween
--- takes place in space - Alien
--- takes place on or under the sea - Ghost Ship
--- animated film - Corpse Bride
--- called "Night of the ..." - Night of the Living Dead
--- called "Return of the ..." - Return of the Living Dead
--- called "Revenge of the ..." -
--- called "Attack of the ..." -

--- with the words "Living Dead" in the title - Return of the Living Dead

-beebs (with edits by Mrs. Beebs)

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Contest Goal: None
Personal Goal: Watch at least ONE Halloween or horror related movie/show/etc per day in October.Watch more Halloween/horror than I currently am watching.
* = First Time Viewings
• = Halloween related but not eligible for the challenge

The Warm-Up:

September 26th
The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993, DVD from Library)

September 27th
The Haunted Mansion: Secrets Revealed (2004, DVD)

The Real Deal:

October 6th
1. Nosferatu* (1922, DVD)
After an extremely late start, my horse has finally left the gate. This is my first time seeing this movie all the way through... And although I respect this movie for what it is, I didn't love it. At first, I thought that maybe it was because it was a silent movie, but then I remembered how much I loved "The General" with Buster Keaton. Maybe after watching "Shadow of the Vampire", I'll have a new love for this one.

October 7th
2. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: "Mickey's Treat" (2002, DVD) [WILD CARD #1]
The Berenstain Bears: "Trick or Treat" (2004, DVD)
Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktakular (2003, DVD)
Dora The Explorer: Dora's Halloween (2004, DVD)
A day at home with my 4 year old, who was sick. In addition to numerous kids' shows, I convinced her to watch a few Halloween related ones. Since they are relatively short in length, I'll count them as one Wild Card.

October 11th
3. Mickey's House of Villains (2002, DVD) [WILD CARD #2]
You'll notice that my list will have several kid-friendly titles on them. With a 4 year old and a 1-1/2 year old, it is unavoidable unless I want to become a inattentive husband/dad, which I do not. However, I would probably watch this DVD anyway as it is a lot of fun. The subplot about the villains trying to take over the House of Mouse is kind of silly, but the shorts that are what make this collection great.
4. The Paul Lynde Halloween Special* (1976, DVD) [WILD CARD #3]
This is my first time seeing this special after hearing about it for the past few years. I watched it purely for a nostalgic feeling and that's exactly what I got. I wasn't expecting to be blown out of the water, nor was I. It was interesting to see what was considered funny back in the 70s when I was just a wee lad. I was a little surprised/disappointed at how non-Halloween the actual skits were on this "Halloween" special.

October 12th
5. Shadow of the Vampire* (2000, DVD from Library)
I enjoyed this one. It did make me like "Nosferatu" a little more as I had suspected.
Archie's Weird Mysteries: Attack of the Killer Spuds* (2004, DVD)
Short, fun and semi-kid friendly. The "killer" potatoes made my 4 year old a little uneasy at first. Then she wanted to watch it again.

October 14th
6. Curse of the Black Widow (1977, DVD)
Ya know, this movie wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. Not that it was
great by any means... Its just that there are so many movies that you watch when you are a kid and you love it, only to watch it as an adult and be disappointed. Only I KNEW this movie was cheesy back when i first saw it. Watching it now just confirmed it. Still fun to watch.

October 16th
Archie's Weird Mysteries: "Scarlet Night"* (2004, DVD)
A little scarier than the previous Archie episode, but my daughter got over her fear quickly.

October 17th
7. Night of the Creeps (1986, DVD)
How is this NOT ON DVD!?!?!?! Just an awesome movie.

October 19th
8. The Simpsons: "Treehouse of Horror IX" (1998, DVD) [WILD CARD #4]
Some of the "Treehouse of Horror" episodes are hit or miss, but they are always fun to watch. I would definitely buy another DVD compilation of these if it were released.

October 23rd
Happy Days: "Haunted" (1974, DVD)
Richie sees something scary in the old house where Ralph's Halloween party is to take place. Nostalgic, harmless, halloween fun.

October 24th
9. Halloween (2007, DVD)
I just kept telling myself... at least Busta Rhymes isn't in this one. While not a terrible movie, I didn't love it. I wanted to watch Halloween, but not the original yet so I threw this one in.

October 25th
10. Mad Monster Party (1969, Theater)
I played the Frankenstein monster for the kiddies at a local movie theater, then took in this classic from Rankin-Bass. I think this was the first time I saw the whole movie all the way through.
Hal Roach's Rascals: "Spook Spoofing' (1928, DVD)
I found this at the library. More silly, Halloween fun
11. It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966, DVD) [WILD CARD #5]
I have a feeling that I'll end of missing the television airing of this so I watched the DVD instead. Total classic!
Home Improvement: "I Was A Teenage Taylor" (1996, DVD)
Tim "The Toolman" Taylor and his family always had some decent Halloween episodes.

October 26th
Home Improvement: "The Haunting of Taylor House" (1992, DVD)
More Halloween fun from the Taylor family.

October 29th
12. Spooktacular! Spooktacular!! (2008, Adobe Premiere) [WILD CARD #6]
I spent so much of this Halloween season editing this damn thing that I decided to count it was a Wild Card. It is my public access show covering local haunted houses in the chicago suburbs.

October 31st
13. The Midnight Hour (1985, DVD)
For some unknown reason... one that still has me confused, I didn't feel like watching Halloween. Anyway... I threw in this fun, made-for-tv movie instead. Maybe I just needed something more lighthearted.

Post-Halloween Viewing:

November 1st
Universal Horror* (1998, Chiller TV)
Great documentary about classic Universal horror movies. After an extremely lackluster Halloween viewing season, this was a great coda to the challenge for me.

November 2nd
The Simpsons: "Treehouse of Horror XIX"* (2008, Fox)
One of the better recent TOH episodes.

This completes my list for the 2008 Horror Movie Challenge. Heck, my Wild Cards make almost half of the stuff I counted. I just didn't have that "Halloween feeling" this year. There was just way too much going on in life and it seemed to creep up on me, then fly by like an express train. As I've said in challenges past, hopefully next year will be better.

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October 1st – Masterpiece
The Exorcist - 9:30 PM

October 2nd – European Gothic Horror
Whip and the Body
Castle of Blood
Black Sabbath (Drop of Water)

October 4th – Supernatural Slasher Horror
Nightmare on Elm Street
Hell Night

October 5th – Masterpiece

October 5th – Midnight Encore
Cat o’ Nine Tails

October 6th – Hammer House Double Feature
Horror of Dracula
Brides of Dracula

October 7th – Lucio Fulci Giallo Double Bill
Don’t Torture a Duckling
Seven Notes in the Tune of Black

October 8th – Serial Killer Night
Silence of the Lambs

October 9th – Survival Horror
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Last House on the Left

October 10th – Comedy Horror

October 11th – Slasher Marathon
Just Before Dawn
Sleepaway Camp
The Burning

October 12th – Masterpiece
The Beyond

October 13th – Werewolf Night
American Werewolf in London
The Beast Must Die

October 14th – Gothic Night
The Haunting

October 16th – Rob Zombie
The Devil's Rejects

October 17th – Cannibal Double Bill
Cannibal Holocaust
Cannibal Ferox

October 18th – Giallo Tripe Feature
Knife of Ice
All Colors of the Dark

October 19th – Masterpiece
Dawn of the Dead

October 20th – Vampire Night
Planet of the Vampires
Black Sabbath (The Wurdalak)

October 21st – Random Horror
House of Laughing Windows

October 23rd – Vincent Price Witchhunter Night
Witchfinder General
Cry of the Banshee

October 24th – Friday the 13th Double Bill
Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th Part 2

October 25th – Zombie Triple Feature
Return of the Living Dead
Planet Terror

October 26th – Masterpiece
The Thing

October 27th – Anthology
Tales of Terror

October 28th – Supernatural Night

October 29th – Slasher Double Bill
April Fool's Day
Terror Train

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Goal: I watched 80 last year, this year I will go over 100. Ain't no doubt about it.

Oct. 1
1. Return of the Living Dead
2. The Midnight Meat Train
3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
4. Clownhouse

Oct. 2
5. Brainscan
6. Waxwork
7. MOH: Dreams of a Witch House

Oct. 3
8. Waxwork 2
9. Black Sunday
10. They Wait
11. The Wizard of Gore (remake)

Oct. 4
12. Tourist Trap
13. Intruder
14. Street Trash

Oct. 5
15. Slumber Party Massacre
16. Breeders
17. Critters

Oct. 6
18. Funhouse
19. Ghoulies
20. MOH: Cigarette Burns

Oct. 7
21. Stepfather
22. Vipers
23. MOH: Family

Oct. 8
24. Return to Sleepaway Camp
25. The Gate
26. The Wizard of Gore (original)

Oct. 9
27. Killer Klowns from Outer Space
28. The Beyond
29. The Happening
30. Ice Cream Man

Oct. 10
31. Mindwarp
32. American Psycho
33. Friday the 13th Part 6
34. Joyride 2: Dead Ahead
35. Sleepaway Camp

Oct. 11
36. The Haunting
37. Zombies Zombies Zombies
38. Psycho

Oct. 12
39. The Town That Dreaded Sundown
40. Horror Express
41. Spider Baby

Oct. 13
42. The Flesh Eaters
43. Deadly Friend
44. MOH: Jennifer

Oct. 14
45. Plan 9 from Outer Space
46. Alien from LA
47. Slither

Oct. 15
48. The Stuff
49. The Blob
50. Bad Taste

Oct. 16
51. Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
52. Devil's Chair
53. Leprechaun

Oct. 17
54. The Thing
55. Burial Ground
56. Return of the Living Dead Part 2

Oct. 18
57. Basket Case
58. Gorgon
59. MOH: Black Cat

Oct. 19
60. Leprechaun 2
61. Dark Floors
62. MOH: Sounds Like

Oct. 20
63. The Substitute
64. The Lost Boys
65. Gargoyles

Oct. 21
66. Cheerleader Camp
67. Eaten Alive
68. Class of 1999

Oct. 22
69. Creep
70. The Hills have Eyes
71. MOH: Imprint

Oct. 23
72. Maniac Cop
73. Suspiria
74. The Last House in the Woods

Oct. 24
75. Inferno
76. Earth vs. the Spider
77. House on Haunted Hill
78. The Strangers

Oct. 25
79. Last Man on Earth
80. The Fall of the House of Usher
81. The Pit and the Pendulum

Oct. 26
82. Friday the 13th
83. Night of the Livind Dead (remake)
84. Species

Oct. 27
85. Toxic Avenger
86. Pathology
87. The Abominable Dr. Phibes

Oct. 28
88. Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
89. Alien
90. Feast

Oct. 29
91. Dr. Phibes Rises Again
92. 2000 Maniacs
93. Soylent Green

Oct. 30
94. Jack Frost
95. Dance of the Dead
96. Brotherhood of Blood
97. Wrong Turn

Oct. 31
98. Freaks
99. Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
100. Gas-s-s-s
101. Jeepers Creepers
102. Rest Stop
103. Rest Stop: Don't Look Back

Watch one film from every decade of film history.
--- 1890 - (insert film title here)
--- 1900 -
--- 1910 -
--- 1920 -
--- 1930 - Freaks
--- 1940 -
--- 1950 -
--- 1960 - Black Sunday
--- 1970 - The Abominable Dr. Phibes
--- 1980 - Clownhouse
--- 1990 - Brainscan
--- 2000 - The Midnight Meat Train

Watch a film for each rating:
--- Unrated (pre-MPAA) - (insert film title here)
--- G -
--- PG -
--- PG-13 -
--- R -
--- NC-17 -
--- X (not porn; several horror films were rated X) -
--- Unrated (post-MPAA) -

Watch a film starring:
--- Bela Lugosi -
--- Lon Chaney Sr. -
--- Boris Karloff -
--- Lon Chaney Jr. - Spider Baby
--- Vincent Price - House on Haunted Hill
--- Peter Cushing - The Gorgon
--- Christopher Lee - Horror Express
--- Robert Englund - Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
--- Bruce Campbell - Waxwork 2
--- Jamie Lee Curtis -

Watch films in at least two languages other than English.
--- First language, Danish, The Substitute.
--- Second language, (insert language), (insert title).

Watch a film in each of the following subgenres/types:
--- Vampire - The Lost Boys
--- Frankenstein -
--- Werewolf -
--- Mummy -
--- Invisible Man -
--- Ghost/haunting - The Haunting
--- Witchcraft/satanic/religious - Suspiria
--- Zombie - Burial Ground
--- Slasher/psycho/homicidal maniac - Tourist Trap
--- Monster/creature feature/Godzilla - Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
--- Documentary -
--- Musical -
--- Spoof/comedy - Return of the Living Dead
--- Revenge - Sleepaway Camp
--- Killer/evil doll -
--- Killer/evil animal -
--- Killer/evil child -
--- Giallo -
--- J horror -
--- MST3K/rifftrax/CT -
--- film and its remake - Wizard of Gore
--- based on a video game -
--- based on a novel -
--- directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis or Uwe Boll or Ulli Lommel - Wizard of Gore
--- won an Academy Award -- any category -
--- silent film -
--- Criterion version film -
--- with commentary - Night of the living dead remake
--- film and at least two of its sequels -
--- anthology film -
--- takes place on a holiday -
--- takes place in space - Alien
--- takes place on or under the sea -
--- animated film -
--- called "Night of the ..." - Night of the Chicken Dead
--- called "Return of the ..." - Return of the Living Dead
--- called "Revenge of the ..." -
--- called "Attack of the ..." -
--- with the words "Living Dead" in the title - Night of the living dead

(One film could fill multiple items. Example: Dracula would fill one for decade, rating, actor, vampire, based on novel, and maybe others as well.)
(Use a * to mark first time viewings.)
(Change "---" to "-X-" or some similar mark when you have completed that line item.)
(First one to fill in all the blanks wins a random DVD from Trevor.)

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My goal is 31

October 01

1. Final Destination
2. Final Destination 2
3. The Exorcist
4. The Fear of God: 25 years of The Exorcist

October 02

5. Rosemary’s Baby R4 Australia

October 03

6. Dog Soldiers R2 UK
7. The Descent R2 UK
8. Psycho (1960)

October 04

9. The Birds
10. Friday the 13th R4 Australia
11. The Omen (1976) R4 Australia

October 05

12. The Ruins Blu Ray

October 06

13. Underworld Blu Ray

October 07

14. Underworld Evolution Blu Ray

October 08

15. Final Destination 3

October 09

16. The Mummy (1999) Blu Ray

October 10

17. The Omen II R4

October 11

18. The Omen III R4

October 12

19. The Mummy Returns Blu Ray

October 13

20. Predator Blu Ray

October 14

21. Predator II

October 15

22. Alien 20th Anniversary Edition R4

October 16

23. Friday the 13th Part II

October 17

24. Pieces

October 18

25. Aliens R4

October 19

26. Alien III R4

October 20

27. Alien Resurrection R4

October 21

28. Alien vs Predator Blu Ray

October 22

29. Alien vs Predator: Requiem Blu Ray

October 23

30. Horror of Dracula (1958)

October 24

31. The Legend of Hell House (1973)

October 25

32. Corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale, I aka Torso (1973)

October 26

33. The Changeling (1980)

October 27

34. Blade

October 28

35. Blade II

October 29

36. Espinazo del diablo, El aka The Devil's Backbone

October 30

37. Hellraiser

October 31

38. A Nightmare on Elm Street
39. Halloween (1978)

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1. Silver Bullet 7/10

2. The Dead Zone 6.5/10

3. Pet Semetary 6/10
4. The Shining 9.5/10

5. Carrie 7.5/10
6. Christine 8/10

7. The Fog ('80) 10/10
8. The Thing ('82) 10/10
9. Prince of Darkness 7/10

10. An American Werewolf in London 8/10

11. The Howling 8.5/10

12. Fright Night 8/10

13. Near Dark 7/10
14. The Lost Boys 9/10

15. Hellraiser 7/10
16. Phantasm 8/10

17. Ghost Story 8/10
18. The Changeling 7/10
19. The Amityville Horror 9/10

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Bold equals a first time viewing.

1. Suspiria- *****
2. Critters 2- ***1/2
3. Hard Candy- ****
4. Lake Placid- ***
5. Fear of Clowns- **

6. Nightmare (1987)- ***

7. Frightmare (2000)- *1/2

8. Tremors- ****
9. Invaders From Mars (remake)- ***1/2
10. MOH: Family- ***

11. The Willies- ***
12. MOH: Right to Die- ***1/2

13. Decadent Evil- *1/2
14. That Little Monster- ***
15. 13: Game of Death- ****

16. Alone in the Dark (82) - ***1/2
17. Wizard of Gore (remake)- ***1/2
18. Leprechaun in the Hood- ***

19. Pan's Labrynth- ****
20. Popcorn- ***
21. Evolver- ***
22. An American Werewolf in London- ****
23. Skinned Deep- *1/2

24. Tail Sting- **
25. Willard- ***1/2

26. Bloody Birthday- **1/2
27. Happy Birthday to Me- ***
28. Quarantine- **

29. A Tale of Two Sisters- ****
30. Food of the Gods- ***

31. Ghoulies 3- **

32. Evil Aliens- ****

33. Brotherhood of Blood- *1/2

34. The Substitute- ***1/2
35. Trackman- **1/2

36. Saw 4- ****

37. Room 205- ***
38. Last House in the Woods- 1/2

39. Dark Floors- ****

40. Dance of the Dead (08)- ****
41. Return of the Living Dead- *****

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Horror Month Returns!
First time viewings are bolded.
Goal: 115+

1) Nosferatu (1922)
2) A Public Cemetery of Wolha (1967)
3) Shutter (2004)
Thanks to MechanicalMan for pointing out this movie a couple years ago, I enjoyed it a lot, thought the ending was great and would recommend it to anyone.
4) Godzilla Raids Again (1955)
Here would be a great blueprint for a Cloverfield sequel, it's a few years after the first Godzilla attack and the Japanese have defense plans in place for the next round, but this time there are two monsters. A worthy sequel to the original.
5) Monster House (2006)

6) Sleepy Hollow (1999)
7) Reincarnation (2005)
I didn't know this was a Takashi Shimizu film until after viewing it, not surprising, if you're a fan of the Grudge films this has a similar feel to it.
8) Yongary, Monster from the Deep (1967)
9) Psycho (1960)

10) The Isle (2000)
11) Night Junkies (2007)
12) The Man from Planet X (1951)

13) Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)

14) Ju-on (2000) A pleasant surprise, I expected it to be basically the same material as "Ju-on: The Grudge (2003)" but this is its own story. What I love about these Grudge movies, even the American ones, is they all continue the story, while some of the events are similar they are not straight remakes.
15) Ju-on 2 (2000)
Also good but the first 30 minutes are a repeat of the end of Ju-on 1, which kinda sucks if you're watching them together.
16) It Came from Beneath the Sea (1955)
17) Son of Godzilla (1967)

18) Ju-on: The Grudge (2003)
19) The Gorgon (1964)
Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in a Hammer Production, nuff said.
20) They Came from Beyond Space (1967)
21) The Killer Shrews (1959)
Why this only gets 3/10 stars on IMDB I have no idea. I mean c'mon it was the 50's. Anyway I thought it was great and the ending was suspenseful.

22) Ju-on: The Grudge 2 (2003)
23) The Girls Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers (2007)
24) Dark Water (2002)

25) Dark Water (2005)
26) Strait-Jacket (1964)

27) The Grudge (2004) with commentary by Sam Raimi, Sarah Michelle Gellar and other Cast & Crew
28) The Grudge 2 (2006)
29) 13 Ghosts (1960)

30) The Evil Dead (1981) Good but only having seen Army of Darkness from the trilogy I wanted to see more heroics from Ash, he seemed to stand around and just observe most of the time in this movie.
31) The Tingler (1959)
This was a little too cheesy for my taste but I'm not a big Vincent Price fan either.

32) Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993)

33) Evil Dead II (1987) I enjoyed it more than Evil Dead 1 but Army of Darkness is still my favorite of the bunch.
34) Psycho (1998)
Nothing new here folks.
35) Night of the Lepus (1972)
Half the film was bunnies running in slow motion, dreadful.
36) The Giant Claw (1957)

37) Army of Darkness (1992)
38) Rosemary's Baby (1968)
39) Final Destination (2000)
40) Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971)

41) The Stepford Wives (1975)
42) Mothra (1996)
43) Mothra 2: Undersea Battle (1997)
44) Mothra 3: King Ghidorah Attacks (1998)

45) Blacula (1972)
46) Scream Blacula Scream (1973)
47) Phantoms (1998)
48) Seed of Chucky (2004)

49) I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)
50) The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967)
51) Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972)

52) Saw IV (2007) Not a bad story but it didn't do much for the series overall.
53) Cube (1997) with commentary by Vincenzo Natali, David Hewlett and André Bijelic
54) Ringu (1998)
More subtle than the remake, I like them both but I'd give a slight edge to the American version.
55) Hide and Seek (2005)

56) Shutter (2008) Without giving the ending away, I think the reasoning for why the ghost was going after these people was very poor compared to the original. It also didn't feel right that the setting was Japan, however the cinematography was excellent and the picture quality is one of the best I've seen on DVD.
57) Final Destination 2 (2003)
58) Final Destination 3 (2006)

59) Ringu 0: Birthday "There was only one at first. But at some point she split into two". The reviewer on IMDB calls this a Shakespearean Tragedy Masterpiece, I disagree. Slow, boring, looks like a straight to video release and bad music. Unless you're a really big fan of the series and want to know why Sadako ended up in the well, skip it.
60) Cat People (1942) with commentary by Greg Mank
61) The Curse of the Cat People (1944) with commentary by Greg Mank

More comments coming soon...

62) The Haunting (1963)
63) The Ring (2002)

64) Saw III (2006)
65) GP506 (2008)
66) D-War (2007)
67) I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)

68) The Eye (2002)
69) Wicked, Wicked (1973)

70) Wrong Turn (2003)
71) Reign of Fire (2002)

72) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1936)

73) The Eye 2 (2004)
74) 28 Days Later... (2002) with commentary by Danny Boyle and Alex Garland
75) I Walked with a Zombie (1943)
76) Zombies on Broadway (1945)

77) The Eye (2008)
78) 28 Weeks Later (2007) with commentary by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and Enrique López Lavigne
79) Gorilla at Large (1954)
80) Strait Jacket (2007)

81) The Ring Two (2005)
82) A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985)
83) The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923)

84) 30 Days of Night (2007)
85) The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)
86) The Omen (1976)

87) Death Bell (2008)
88) The Body Snatcher (1945)
89) The Ghost Ship (1943)

90) Kongo (1932)
91) Pet Sematary (1989)
92) Damien: Omen II (1978)
93) The Final Conflict: Omen III (1981)

94) Darkness (2002)
95) Below (2002)
96) The Thing (1982)

97) Saw (2004)

98) Saw II (2005)
99) Vampyr (1932)
100) Godzilla 2000 (1999) with commentary by Mike Schlesinger, Mike Mahoney and Darren Paskal

101) Muoi (2007)
102) The Dark Half (1993)
103) The Black Room (1935)
104) Before I Hang (1940)

105) The Village (2004)
106) The Happening (2008)
107) Curse of the Demon (1957)

108) The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966)
109) Vampire Cop Ricky (2006)
110) War of the Worlds (2005)
111) Jeepers Creepers (2001)

112) Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)
113) Nightmares (1983)
114) The Omen (2006)
115) Jeepers Creepers II (2003)
116) The Cut (2007)

117) Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974)

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2007 Total - 46
2008 Goal - 60

October 1

1. Repulsion (Polanski, 1965, 104 Minutes, B&W) - Region 2 DVD
2. The Fearless Vampire Killers or: Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck (Polanski, 1967, 107 Minutes) - DVD
3. The Penalty (Worsley, 1920, 93 Minutes, Silent/B&W) - DVD

October 2

4. Cannibal Holocaust (Deodato, 1980, 96 Minutes) - Uncut Version DVD

October 3

5. The Burning (Maylam, 1981, 91 Minutes) - TV (IFC)
6. Suspiria (Argento, 1977, 98 Minutes) - DVD

October 4

7. Cemetery Girls aka Count Dracula's Great Love (Aguirre, 1974, 85 Minutes) - DVD

October 6

8. Night of the Werewolf (Naschy, 1985, 92 Minutes) - Blu-ray
9. Vengeance of the Zombies (Klimovsky, 1973, 90 Minutes) - Blu-ray
10. Carnival of Souls (Harvey, 1962, 78 Minutes, B&W) - DVD
11. Vampire Hookers (Santiago, 1978, 88 Minutes) - DVD

October 7

12. Night of the Living Dead (Romero, 1968, 96 Minutes, B&W) - Millennium Edition DVD
13. The Birds (Hitchcock, 1963, 119 Minutes) - DVD

October 10

14. The Beast Within (Mora, 1982, 98 Minutes) - TV (IFC)
15. Seven Days to Live (Niemann, 2000, 96 Minutes) - TV (FearNet On Demand)

October 12

16. The Hills Have Eyes (Craven, 1977, 89 Minutes) - DVD

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October 1
1-Saw I (sd-dvd)
2-SawII (sd-dvd)
3-Saw III (Showtime Too)

October 2
4- Cannibal Holocaust (sd-dvd)
5- Corpse Bride (hd-dvd)

October 3
6- Nightmare on Elm Street (sd-dvd)
7- Nightmare on Elm Street 2 (sd-dvd)
8- Nightmare on Elm Street 3 (sd-dvd)

October 4
9- Nightmare on Elm Street 4 (sd-dvd)
10- Nightmare-Freddy’s Dead (sd-dvd)
11- Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (sd-dvd)
12- 30 Days of Night (BD)

October 5
13- Underworld (BD)
14- Underworld 2 (BD)
15- The Shining (BD)
16- True Blood (Wild card #1-HBO episode Sparks Fly Out)

October 6
17- House of a 1000 Corpses (BD)
18- The Devil’s Rejects

October 7
19- The Gate (On DVR-recorded from Showtime)
20- Alice Sweet Alice (On DVR-recorded from Showtime

October 8
21- The Nightmare before Christmas (BD)
22- Blood for Dracula (On DVR-recorded from Showtime)
23- Dracula (BD)

October 9
24- 28 Days Later (BD)
25- 28 Weeks Later (BD)
26- The Thing (SD-DVD)

October 10
27- Shaun of the Dead (HD-DVD)
28- Dawn of the Dead (original 1978) (SD-DVD)
29- Day of the Dead (SD-DVD)

October 11
30- Constantine (HD-DVD)
31- Dawn of the Dead (2004) (SD-DVD)
32- 3 Extremes (SD-DVD)
33- Audition (SD-DVD)

October 12
34- Resident Evil I
35- Resident Evil II
36- Resident Evil III
37- Quarantine (Theatres)

October 13

38- Kairo (Pulse) (SD-DVD)
39- The Lost Boys (SD-DVD)
40- Death Proof (SD-DVD)
41- Planet Terror (SD-DVD)

October 14

42- Blade (SD-DVD)
43- Blade II (SD-DVD)
44- Blade Trinity (SD-DVD)

October 15

45- From Dusk Till Dawn (SD-DVD)

October 16

46- The Blair Witch Project (Showtime)
47- The Plague (Showtime)

October 17

48- Turistas (On DVR from Showtime)
49- Hellraiser I (SD-DVD)
50- Hellraiser II (SD-DVD)

October 18

51- Texas Chainsaw Massacre (SD-DVD)
52- Vacancy (SD-DVD)
53- The Descent (SD-DVD)

October 19

54- The Interview with a Vampire (SD-DVD)
55- The Evil Dead (SD-DVD)
56- The Evil Dead 2 (SD-DVD)
Army of Darkness (SD-DVD)

October 20

58- Saw IV

October 21

59- Halloween (2007) (SD-DVD)

October 22

Wrong Turn (SD-DVD)

October 23
61- Phantasm (SD-DVD)

October 24
62- Halloween 4 (AMC)
63- Halloween 5 (AMC)

October 25

64- The Curse of Frankenstein (AMC)
65- Son of Frankenstein (AMC)
66- House of Frankenstein (AMC)
67- Saw V (Theatres)

October 26
68- Pet Cemetery (AMC)
69-Christine (AMC)
70-An American Werewolf in London (AMC)

October 27
71- Tales from the Crypt-Bordello of Blood (AMC)
72- House on Haunted Hill (AMC)

October 28
73- Bride of Chucky (AMC)
74- Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (AMC)

October 29
75- Jason Goes to Hell (AMC)

October 30
76- Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (WC) (DVR)

October 31
77- Halloween (Original)(BD) (Updating now as I am about to put it in at 12:00 AM and call this done)

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