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What Is Your Least Favorite Dvd Special Feature?

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What Is Your Least Favorite Dvd Special Feature?

Old 09-12-08, 01:21 AM
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What Is Your Least Favorite Dvd Special Feature?

Being anal minded, dvd special features are both a blessing and curse. I often force myself to sit through all the special features, even search the easter eggs so I can feel like I have fully enjoyed the dvd.

Deleted scenes bother me the most. Most of the time, these scenes are crap, or very short. I get little enjoyment out of watching a 30 second clip just at random. It is even more annoying when a dvd has dozens of tiny delete scenes and you have to click through each one. I do find it more tolerable when there is a director's commentary.

Another feature I don't care for is the gag reel. These are rarely laugh out loud funny. Most idiotic snips of actors mugging for the cam. Total waste of time.
Old 09-12-08, 05:03 AM
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How about extensive discussion on the making of scenes that didn't make it into the movie?

I hate anything where all they do is outline the plot of the movie, or just talk about how great they think it is. Going through all the extras on some discs you get the feeling they think whatever movie it was is the greatest movie ever made.
Old 09-12-08, 05:05 AM
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"interactive menus"
Old 09-12-08, 05:45 AM
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I pretty much never look at photo galleries, and I really think all commentaries should have a moderator -- I rarely listen to single-person tracks unless I have faith in the commenter from other tracks.

All deleted scenes should have commentary/introduction, titles and/or lead-in/lead-out footage. I hated it when, mainly on Universal DVDs, the deleted scenes were a single block of footage that wasn't given any context.

And trailers should be on every DVD ever made. Really. It's the least that can be done, and it's already made and just sitting around on a hard drive or in a box somewhere, and lots of people, like me, like seeing them.
Old 09-12-08, 07:10 AM
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Interactive menus. Just get me to the static image where I can select what I want to watch.
Old 09-12-08, 08:29 AM
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I love deleted scenes but I can honestly say I have never ever watched a photo gallery.
Old 09-12-08, 08:34 AM
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Yes, interactive menus and things that require me to continuously use my remote to scroll through anything (like storyboards or photo gallery). Can't they just have them advance at a pre-determined rate? Once I press PLAY, I want to put down my remote.
Old 09-12-08, 08:47 AM
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Movie trailers.
Old 09-12-08, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by jaded25 View Post
Movie trailers.
Movie trailers in general or movie trailers from other movies (not the movie on the DVD)?

I don't mind other movie trailers if they are in similar vain from the movie I am watching... AND if they are only accessible through a menu. If they play automatically, I don't like them.
Old 09-12-08, 08:59 AM
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I vote for games, I don't want to play some rinky dink game on a DVD, that's what I have an XBOX for.
Old 09-12-08, 09:26 AM
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Commentaries. So boring, so lengthy.
Old 09-12-08, 10:08 AM
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Trailers for other films but NOT the one I just bought.
Old 09-12-08, 10:15 AM
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Another vote for interactive menus. Especially when they're s-l-o-w and spoiler the movie. Which is pretty frequent.

I'd like to see menus as an option and not the standard. Just start the movie please, I'll hit the menu button when I want to access everything else.
Old 09-12-08, 10:57 AM
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Funny, deleted scenes and gag reels are my favorite things.

For me it's the promo things with no substance. I guess they were on HBO or E or whatever. I've just watched a movie I like and want to see behind the scenes or get some insight into what this or that meant, etc. and all it amounts to is clips of what you've just seen and the actors saying this movie is great, I've had such fun and you're going to love it. Worst of all is when that is the only extra on the disc! Although, when the movie really blew it's unintentionally funny to hear them talk about how amazing it is and people are just going to be blown away when they see it.
Old 09-12-08, 11:22 AM
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One of the worst I came across recently was on Dexter season 2, where when you click on the option for a teaser of season 3, they tell you to buy some other Showtime dvd that has the teaser on it. What a load of fucking bullshit!
Old 09-12-08, 11:31 AM
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Photo Galleries are useless. Especially if they are just still shots from the movie, which I have seen a few times.

EPK material that is produced for HBO, Starz or Cinemax etc. That's just lazy if the DVD Producer can't create their own Making Of Documentary.
Old 09-12-08, 11:34 AM
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Photo Galleries suck imo

Also in older DVDs they had a "recommendation" section with cover of like 3 other dvds and that was it
Old 09-12-08, 11:34 AM
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Photo galleries are great when they include domestic and foreign poster art for the film.
Old 09-12-08, 11:48 AM
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Big fan of photo galleries here. Especially for older films.

Not a fan of those yawn-inducing EPKs.
Old 09-12-08, 12:28 PM
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Photo galleries. I, like many of you, will force myself through all the features, but photo galleries are just ridiculous. The photo galleries on The Lost World DVD makes me seriously consider skipping that feature altogether.
Old 09-12-08, 12:30 PM
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I've never looked at a photo gallery on any of my DVDs, so I guess that would qualify as my least favorite.

Behind the scenes featurettes are a close second. I rarely watch those and usually find them uninteresting. They can be great when it is a older movie and it is taking a look back at it after some time has passed in a more documentary style, but the ones that just play like marketing material for the movie...ugh!

Commentaries are usually dreadfully boring, and I stop most after 10 minutes or less. But the good ones are very interesting and valuably informative for me as an aspiring screenwriter.

Even though most deleted scenes suck, I appreciate them because they show how important the editing process is, and demonstrate that, more often than not, editors get it right when they decide what to cut. Very occasionally, maybe on 1 out of 20 movies, I'll see something that I really feel strongly should have been left in. It's also interesting how sometimes what was cut changes the entire character of the film (one good example of that is Dracula 2000, where the deleted scenes paint a picture of a movie which a much more serious, philosophical tone than the silly tone it ultimately had).

I know it is off-topic a bit, but the one special feature I wish more DVDs had is documentaries not specifically about the movie but about the topic that it concerns. To me, every movie about a broad or historical topic should license a relevant documentary from the History Channel or A&E or the BBC etc., and include it on the DVD. I know, I know and every billionaire I meet should give me a million dollars.
Old 09-12-08, 12:31 PM
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Another vote for photo galleries.
Old 09-12-08, 12:36 PM
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I love trailers, I'll take as many as they want to give me...just make sure you include the movie trailer thats i'm buying also!
Old 09-12-08, 12:38 PM
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I actually have the same kind of issue that I make myself watch every...single...feature on the disc. I have gotten a lot better and enjoy watching features while doing other things. I still get the "Special Editions" of movies but I recently allowed myself to skip one of the documentaries on "Butch Cassidy and the SK" because the other, longer documentary was so exhaustive.

But, that being said. I hate hate hate storyboards, animatics, photo galleries and the like. Love deleted scenes.
Old 09-12-08, 12:49 PM
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From most liked to least liked --

1. Commentaries (++++++) (PIP add ++)
2. Alternate versions/seemless branching (+++++)
3. Alternate endings (+++++)
4. Text/Trivia Commentary track (++++)
5. Deleted Scenes (++++)
6. Full-length making-of (+++)
7. Storyboard Comparison (++)
8. Trailers for main feature (++)
9. Script/Text DVD ROM content (+)
10. Filmographies/Bios (+)
11. Insert booklet (+)
12. Multi-angle/alt-angle (neutral)
13. Photo Gallery (neutral) these are nice on older films
14. DVD-ROM features (-) other than script
15. EPK/short Rah-Rah fluff piece (--)
16. Animated/interactive/crazy menus (---)
17. Trailers for other movies (---)
18. Games (----)


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