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shempdevil 08-02-08 11:29 AM

Why does "Signs" DVD always start with captions on
Everytime I put in my Signs DVD, the captions are on.
It is a pain to make them go away.
I have to switch back and forth until they go away.
Any idea why this happens?

so it goes 08-02-08 11:56 AM

My Muppet Show and some other Buena Vista titles do the same. I'm not sure why but it takes me a second to fix it so I really don't mind. The weird thing is that it doesn't recognize that they are on, so I have to turn subtitles on (even though they are already there) and then turn them off to get rid of them.

The Infidel 08-02-08 12:37 PM

Sounds to me like you just have a defective DVD. Have you tried other copies of the same movie?

I have something similar in my copy of Scrooged. During one scene, there's one line that, for some reason, pops up as a caption on the screen. The rest of the movie is fine, but just that one line comes up.

rw2516 08-02-08 04:05 PM

Authoring errors. Every copy probably does it. The default was set to captions on when they authored the disc. Just like most dvds have the 5.1 audio set as the default while older ones you have to switch to the 5.1. The very, very first Anchor Bay Halloween and Dawn of the Dead had the audio default set to a blank audio track not on the menu. Choose english in the menu and still no sound. Had to cycle through the audio channels with remote till you landed on it.

DieBarneyDieNY 08-02-08 06:15 PM

Huh..I know My Porky's (first one from the box set version) And SpongeBob SquarePants Movie do the same thing. Had to turn off subtitles through main menu

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