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Rammsteinfan 06-27-08 10:20 PM

Golden Child - I love 80's version 16x9?
I picked up the I LOVE THE 80's collection version of Golden Child at Target tonight w/ bonus CD. The back says the movie is now 16x9 widescreen. Anyone confirm this? I couldnt find anything in the search. Want to make sure its not a typo on the cover and slipcover before I open it. Thanks!

Rammsteinfan 06-28-08 10:00 AM

Well since no other site appears to have the info and no one responded. I thought I would open it up and sure enough, the case is a typo. Its still non anamorphic. Guess Ill return it shortly. Stupid Paramount typos.

riotinmyskull 06-28-08 10:49 AM


Rammsteinfan 06-28-08 10:53 AM

I returned it to target. They didnt understand what the difference between 16x9 and non anamorphic was. Took a few minutes but they gave me my money back. Why does Paramount mis label their re-releases as such? Bastards! Why cant this movie get the CE treatment like the other Murphey films?

SterlingBen 06-28-08 03:12 PM

This thread makes me sad

Snowmaker 06-29-08 06:51 AM

I saw the whole "I Love the 80's" section at Target yesterday. I don't mind the slipcover saying that with all the neon pink and blue etc., but they did it to the actual cover inserts underneath too. :(

tylergfoster 06-29-08 10:21 AM

The odds that a single-disc movie will get a silent upgrade from letterbox to 16x9 is infinitely small. The reason it happens with Universal (and a couple Paramount) double features is because the movies are placed on the same side of one disc, thus usually warranting recompression and whatnot.

Egon's Ghost 06-29-08 05:15 PM

Originally Posted by riotinmyskull

Is it just me, or is this comparison screwy? "overall: draw, just avoid the R1 non-anamorphic" - huh? Then it isn't really a draw, is it?

riotinmyskull 06-29-08 05:54 PM

Originally Posted by Egon's Ghost
Is it just me, or is this comparison screwy? "overall: draw, just avoid the R1 non-anamorphic" - huh? Then it isn't really a draw, is it?

i think it means a draw between all the other regions except for region 1

Surfinhank 06-29-08 09:51 PM

Does anybody know what songs are on the CD?

Rammsteinfan 06-30-08 01:16 AM

It had Echo and The Bunnymen, Aha, and something else. At least for the Golden Child disc, not sure if the other 80's movies have other songs on them. I love the 80's but hate paramount's crappy non 16x9 movies.

Langdon Algar 06-30-08 11:33 AM

Beware Paramount's I Love The 80s!
This new line is a total rip-off! Not only did they add the ugly "I Love The 80s" banner to the artwork but in the case of some of these releases (Coming to America, Pretty In Pink), they've reverted to the older inferior releases of these (with no special features, etc). Come on Paramount, WTF?!?!?

JackBurton 07-22-09 09:17 AM

Re: Golden Child - I love 80's version 16x9?
I'm really dissapointed this film still has not received a decent anamorphic release in region 1. Could anyone who has the region 2 release comment on the transfer?

This film really needs a SE treatment. I'd be willing to settle for another barebones release, so long as it was anamorphic, but it really deserves much more. With all of the crap Eddie Murphy has put out recently, you'd think Paramount could find an excuse to put a SE together to be released concurrently. Between the unreleased John Barry score, FX work, etc., it seems like some interesting supplements/commentary could be made.

JackBurton 07-13-11 09:59 AM

Re: Golden Child - I love 80's version 16x9?

Originally Posted by JackBurton (Post 9586819)
Between the unreleased John Barry score...

Unfortunately no news on a DVD or BD release. However, for those interested in this film, La-La Land Records just put out a 3-Disc Limited Edition CD set of the score/soundtrack:


cyborgLIS 12-08-17 08:27 PM

Re: Golden Child - I love 80's version 16x9?
Golden Child was recently re-issued on DVD earlier this year. Anyone happen to know if they finally upgraded it to anamorphic widescreen? It's odd that the same company would release it in anamorphic format in every region except one.

Jay G. 12-11-17 09:49 PM

Re: Golden Child - I love 80's version 16x9?
As far as I can find, it's probably just a re-release of the same disc.


As for other regions being anamorphic, it could do with them being PAL, while the US copy is NTSC. It wouldn't be that hard to convert from PAL, or from a newer HD master, but it looks like Paramount is putting the lease amount of effort it can into this title.

I found the UPC for the new release, but can't find a scan of the back cover online.

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