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JJE-187 04-25-08 02:36 AM

Roadracers on DVD finally?
This just came out in R2 so hopefully a R1 release isn't to far behind

tylergfoster 04-25-08 03:39 AM

How about a Faculty SE while we're at it?

zombeaner 04-25-08 07:07 AM

That isn't R2, the ratings symbol indicates that it is Australian, PAL R0.

Tenacious D 03-21-12 01:28 PM

Re: Roadracers on DVD finally?
I found this on the shelf of my local Best Buy today on Blu-ray for 7.99. I grabbed one. According to BB's website and Amazon. This isn't supposed to be out until 4/17. You might take a look at your local BB, though.


Evan Meadow 03-21-12 04:25 PM

Re: Roadracers on DVD finally?
It will also be out on Blu Ray later in April as well.

mikewendt 03-29-12 04:58 PM

Re: Roadracers on DVD finally?
the local Best Buy had a bunch, of both DVD & Blu-rays, on the New Release display last week... DVD at $4.99 and Blu-ray at $7.99.

I grabbed a Blu-ray without thinking twice, been waiting for this one since it was on Showtime as Rebel Highway.

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