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rickumali 03-04-08 08:18 PM

Michael Clayton DVD Wish List
I'm a big fan of Michael Clayton. Just to illustrate this, after watching the DVD over and over again (it has a terrific commentary), I went out to watch it in a theater.

Anyway, the DVD is fine, but it should have included:

a) cast commentary
b) a video featurette of some kind
c) the U/North commercial that Arthur replays endlessly
d) the actual video of the deposition (Arthur's flashdance)
e) the actual video that U/North was shooting about Karen Crowder
f) the trailer

Am I naive in thinking this will get a "special DVD release" in the future? (I guess Zodiac got one, but that was a Fincher movie.)

I originally posted this on IMDB.

domino harvey 03-04-08 11:51 PM

I love the movie but the DVD we got is the DVD we got-- honestly, deleted scenes and a commentary was very lucky as it is

shyguy1083 03-05-08 12:13 AM

perhaps a special edition would've been in order had the film done better at the oscars? with today's double dipping craziness, nothing's impossible, but this doesn't seem a likely title

tylergfoster 03-05-08 01:12 AM

Warner Brothers does their 1 and 2-discs the same date usually. Rarely, if ever, do they double-dip a current title. So don't hold your breath.

conscience 03-05-08 09:04 AM

d. Wasn't the deposition video cut off before he took anything else off? If you really want to see Tom Wilkinson naked, you can watch a few of his other films. :D

uncle-frank 03-05-08 10:01 AM

a little more woulda been nice, but im not too upset. great movie tho

slop101 03-05-08 10:10 AM

Be glad that you even got a commentary at all, since WB's been doing less and less of them recently (some research found that less than 1% of people who bought a dvd with a commentary ever listen to it).

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