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Quack 02-28-08 02:50 PM

Futurama - The Beast with a Billion Backs 6/24/08

We're back baby!!! Again :P

Looking forward to this!

RobCA 02-28-08 03:13 PM

Me too, but I hope this one has better packaging!


slop101 02-28-08 04:16 PM

I hope this has the same exact packaging!

Nth Power 02-28-08 04:17 PM

I don't care what kind of packaging they use. I just want to see the movie! -smile-

rfduncan 02-28-08 04:21 PM

[Bender voice]Outta the way, meatbags![/Bender voice] :hungry:

nodeerforamonth 02-28-08 08:46 PM

I hope it has an insert!

chase3001 02-28-08 08:56 PM

I hope it has a proof of purchase tab!

SterlingBen 02-29-08 12:04 AM

Here is hoping they release a box to hold them all after the fact, LOTR style

slop101 02-29-08 12:27 AM

Here is hoping they re-release them all together in one box with a bunch of new content not in the original releases!

majorjoe23 02-29-08 08:45 AM

Hmmm, Fox asked them to remove it from the site.

PixyJunket 02-29-08 09:20 AM


Simpson Purist 02-29-08 12:22 PM

Wow, and I still haven't even bought Bender's Big Score yet (still waiting for the price to drop).

Nice that they're including all of the cutscenes from the video game and putting all in one package.

majorjoe23 02-29-08 01:02 PM

That's great news about the video game footage, it means I don't have to break down and pay $50 for it used.

Gord Lacey 02-29-08 01:31 PM


So we were asked (told) by Fox to remove the information. After speaking to them we found out that the info released (via their sales team) is wrong, so the story has been changed to reflect the fact. The synopsis is wrong, and the list of bonus material is not final, and WILL change (or so we've been told). I've updated the story that Dave wrote to reflect what we've been told today.

This means that the video game footage may not be on the DVD.


UAIOE 02-29-08 01:48 PM

Originally Posted by majorjoe23
That's great news about the video game footage, it means I don't have to break down and pay $50 for it used.

It also means you don't have to suffer from its mediocre gameplay.

mkowalski99 02-29-08 02:43 PM

Definitely excited for this one!!

acdcrocks1980 02-29-08 04:28 PM

wow i never new gord had an account here. Anyways if that date stays true, They will probably have 6 month's between releases. the 3rd will probably be out before xmas, and the 4th a year from now.

Gord Lacey 02-29-08 05:21 PM

Oh yeah, I've been here for years, I just don't post all that often :D


tylergfoster 02-29-08 10:43 PM

I have the game! Woooooooo!

Paddy963 04-03-08 03:42 AM

Cover art has been released

from of DVDactive.com

mikelowry 04-03-08 06:55 AM

Just what I need, another Futurama fix! Can't wait for this one.

treszoks 04-03-08 07:20 AM

All hail hypnotoad!

Count de Monet 04-03-08 10:44 AM

Awesome cover art! And disturbingly sexy. (The art isn't disturbing. My reaction to it, however, is.)

canaryfarmer 04-03-08 11:15 AM

Oh, Fry.

UAIOE 04-03-08 02:47 PM

Looks like we will see more Zapp this time.

I need some new Zapp material. -smile-

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