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gatoinfeliz 12-17-07 03:58 AM

Planet Earth DVD Question
I recently bought it at Borders and was wondering something after going to the UK Amazon. I saw it there for what would amount to less than $40. Since the BBC version is the one to get, I was wondering would the Region 2 release be exactly the same as the expensive region 1 release? I was thinking of biting the bullet and ordering the Ally McBeal collection and if the Planet Earth dvds are the same, I would just return it and order it too.

Willh51 12-17-07 10:59 AM

I just got this as a gift last night, and it was so out of left field. I mean, I'm rarely ever surprised but this was awesome. Anyway, I did some research and you should be fine with the region 1 dvd. It is the BBC version with the original narration (not Sigourney Weaver). Some I'd assume that it would be the exact same thing as Amazon.co.uk.

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