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ViewAskewbian 11-18-07 08:11 PM

Best way to transport about 2000 discs 'cross country?
In the new year I will be moving out West and am looking to bring pretty much only my music and movies. However, I need them to be easily transportable. Right now they sit in 11 boxes. I was wondering if anybody could point me towards CD Wallets that will maybe cut me down to about two boxes or less.

What CD wallet holds the most discs?

Takeshi357 11-18-07 08:54 PM

Ship every single one individually to yourself with the slowest possible mail service. Then pretend to be positively surprised when you receive them. It's like a christmas all over again! :D

starseed1981 11-18-07 09:16 PM

Case Logic makes a really nice 300 disc case that you can find at any Best Buy.

ViewAskewbian 11-18-07 09:34 PM

Originally Posted by starseed1981
Case Logic makes a really nice 300 disc case that you can find at any Best Buy.

300 is doable assuming they are reasonably priced. However, is 300 discs the max?

FinkPish 11-18-07 09:56 PM

Are you going to just get rid of your plastic cases and rebuy them later or keep your DVDs in sleeves from now on?

The Valeyard 11-18-07 10:08 PM


lordwow 11-18-07 11:35 PM

I am wondering this as well as I am planning to move in the summer to LA, but I only have about the 1/4 of this number.

danwiz 11-19-07 02:15 AM

Gee, just pack them all in boxes and ship them. And I don't mean by the US Mail or UPS or FedEx or something like that - I mean by a shipping company, rail freight or something like that. Your collection is worth a fortune, why would you want to discard all of the cases, slip covers, inserts and everything? It might cost you $500 or so to ship them all, but you've most likely spent over $10,000 building up that collection. Check it out! Or another option would be to advertise in your local paper and find somebody else who is moving and combine your DVD collection with their shipment.

Tuan Jim 11-19-07 05:51 AM

What I've done -- living overseas (deployed, Iraq, Korea, etc) -- is that I have most of my collection (barring my more valuable OOPs) in an increasing number of DVD binders - I prefer Caselogic but with AAFES you take what you can get - and carry them around between moves in a solid plastic heavy duty footlocker or two.

(similar to this model: http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?actio...000000230-3725 - I'd love to get another one here in Korea but they won't ship APO).


As I fill up my small bookcase here with new releases, I periodically dump all the discs into their respective binders -- general R1, TV, anime, and imports (at least 2 binders for each of those now) -- and then pack up and ship the cases back to a family member in the US for storage. I realize I'm probably taking a bit of a risk - especially with some of the nicer cases - but it's really the only convenient way I've found - particularly when it comes to "living" out of a single, small room.

Takeshi357 11-19-07 07:23 AM

Well, anything is better than throwing away or actually destroying the cases, like the one guy does, cutting up the covers to fit into binder pockets meant for CDs!

ViewAskewbian 11-19-07 08:27 AM

To ease everybody...I will NOT be cutting up covers. They will be kept in the boxes back in my father's den until I am ready to settle.

emanon 11-19-07 08:36 AM

I've got four of these to manage my etree list...need a fifth:



They also make larger capacity ones, but I like the 510-disc one from a manageability perspective.

EDIT: yeah, here's one that does 1050 discs, for $66 shipped;



A-aron 11-19-07 12:28 PM

How about a DVD bucket brigade .. surely there are enough member's across the country that could "hand off" a stack at a time?

MScottM 11-19-07 01:46 PM

Originally Posted by achau9598
How about a DVD bucket brigade .. surely there are enough member's across the country that could "hand off" a stack at a time?

I like your thinking.

lordwow 11-19-07 06:44 PM

The cases are the tough part, at least for me, I like to display them, but at the same time, space is a premium when moving across country. I'll probably bring as many as I possibly can in full cases (probably the really cool sets, etc) and then bring as many over as I can when I travel back and forth from home.

ViewAskewbian 11-20-07 03:13 AM

emanon: Thanks for the heads up on this great site. Seems to have exactly what I am looking for. I am looking at either this:



ViewAskewbian 11-20-07 03:28 AM

YIKES!!! Shipping to Canada is a bitch, though. Almost double what the cases cost. Hummm, might have to seek out other options. These guys ONLY do International FedEx.

emanon 11-30-07 11:34 AM

Find a product description, and check the 'bay. I know people in Canada who've gotten the totes I listed earlier that way.

Let me check with some of my Canadian tradin' buddies and see if they can make any recommendations, too...

Knives 11-30-07 12:06 PM

walmart big plastic storage bins

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