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NoirFan 11-12-07 11:03 AM

Buy this week:
Berlin Alexanderplatz (B & N Pre-order)
Lady Vanishes (double dip)
Buy eventually:
Golden Boy
Killer of Sheep
Paris Je T'aime

JOE29 11-12-07 11:16 AM

No new releases for me, but I did order Devils Advocate and Chuck and Larry

tonyc3742 11-12-07 11:17 AM

Originally Posted by Tscott
I'll be getting the final season of Gilmore Girls.

I didn't realize there was a new Young Ones in the works. I'll have to see reviews first- if they say all the missing music/footage from the episodes are restored, I'll upgrade. If not, I won't bother.

How much was missing? I thought just that one Bob Dylan cover from Bambi, I think, was missing; maybe one other. I think I read there were a couple additional extra features, but I didn't hear about the missing music.

Skoobooz 11-12-07 11:17 AM

Ocean's Trilogy (Blu-ray)
Shrek the Third (HD DVD)

Sabrett 11-12-07 11:27 AM

Shrek the Third
Ocean's Thirteen (Target Deluxe)
John Cena: Ultimate Fan Edition (Best Buy Exclusive)
Wrestling Society X - Season 1 (From DeepDiscount)

Princess Bride (Best Buy Gift Set)

Down the Road:
Talespin - Volume 2
Ducktales - Volume 3

nateman 11-12-07 11:42 AM

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition)
Shrek the Third
Oceanís Thirteen
Da Vinciís Inquest ĖSeason 2

fumanstan 11-12-07 11:43 AM

Ocean's 13 for sure. Unsure about Shrek and Princess Bride yet.

darichestman 11-12-07 11:47 AM

Christmas Time In South Park
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Ocean's Thirteen
&Shrek The Third

matome 11-12-07 11:58 AM

Ocean's 13 (Blu-Ray)

Still considering the Close Encounters Blu-Ray and Shrek 3

gotrice487 11-12-07 12:31 PM

Nothing this week so that I can spend some more on the DD.com sale

Laser Movies 11-12-07 12:52 PM

Will get Close Encounters Of the Third Kind Blu-Ray when there is a good deal on it.

bboisvert 11-12-07 12:54 PM

Originally Posted by dtcarson
Tempted by
Princess Bride

Make sure to read the reviews... this is actually inferior to the previous edition.

Chad 11-12-07 12:55 PM

Close Encounters Of the Third Kind [30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition]...eventually.

Spiral Staircase 11-12-07 12:56 PM

Berlin Alexanderplatz: CC (from B & N)

The Bus 11-12-07 01:00 PM

Ocean's Trilogy HD DVD

I want Berliner Alexanderplatz but honestly if CC is doing all their new masters in HD, I'd rather wait until they pick a format(s) to go HD with, and buy it then.

FusionX 11-12-07 01:21 PM

Originally Posted by bboisvert
Make sure to read the reviews... this is actually inferior to the previous edition.

As far as extras, but if you're after the movie itself, most seem to agree this is the best transfer yet. I'll take the best looking version over extras anytime.

xflexxy 11-12-07 01:44 PM

I definately will buy Paris, Je T'aime. I'm still deciding on Ocean's Thirteen.

DVDA 11-12-07 02:04 PM

I'd like to pick up Close Encounters and possibly The Young Ones, but my budget is shot all to hell.

Kab730 11-12-07 02:06 PM

Shrek the Third
Christmas in South Park

Giles 11-12-07 02:36 PM

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Bluray)
Black Emanuelle's Box, Vol. 2

chris_sc77 11-12-07 02:38 PM

I think I'll just be getting the 2-disk Paris Je T'aime.
I'll get the HD-dvd of Ocean's 13 when it costs around 5 bucks.

Infusion07 11-12-07 02:54 PM

Wouldn't mind getting the HD-DVD versions of Shrek 3 and Ocean's 13 but was hoping for some better prices. I'll probably hold off for now.

undrwrldangel24 11-12-07 03:40 PM

Gilmore Girls Season 7

Princess Bride
Shrek the Third

PatrickMcCart 11-12-07 03:50 PM

If I can get a good price, Close Encounters. Also, I'll get It's a Wonderful Life if it's the same price as the regular B&W version. I have no intention of watching it colorized, but I do want it on DVD again (sold my Republic version a long time ago).

Maxflier 11-12-07 04:05 PM

Ocean's 13 (HD DVD)
Shrek 3 (HD DVD)

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