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Chad 11-09-07 04:11 PM

October Horror Movie Challenge 3: The Results Thread...
Comments, suggestions and feedback for next year's challenge:

Right here.

Well, so much for having this done by the first of the week! If I failed to include anyone, incorrectly listed your ranking, put up the wrong numbers, etc. let me know and I'll update accordingly.

Alright then....

<em>DVD Giveaway Extravaganza!</em>

Winners were randomly selected using the list generator at Random.org

And the winners are....

dan31655 ---> Winner of the "Near Dark" 2-discer graciously provided by Shack.
InnocentBlood ---> Winner of something courtesy of terrycloth.

I'm still awaiting a few responses, so there's a distinct possibility a few more of you may have won something. Try and act surprised.




Total Movies Watched:
*2007 - 7,672
2006 - 5,013
2005 - 2,394

*Several did not continue updating lists after the temporary thread closure

Reached or exceeded the coveted Century Mark:
2007 - 27
2006 - 18
2005 - 8

Reached or exceeded 200:
2007 - 6
2006 - 0
2005 - 1

Total number of ACTIVE participants in the list thread:
2007 - 137
2006 - 115
2005 - 63 (No separate list thread)

Reserved a spot but didn't post a list:
2007 - 4 (out of 141)
2006 - 32 (out of 147)
2005 - ?

Participants to partake in the sacred institution of marriage: 1
Jobs saved thanks to the challenge: 1
Number that failed to number lists: 5
Lists that are most likely incomplete: 38
Days the discussion thread was closed: 2


http://actualdownload.com/pictures/i...saver-7223.gif <em>The Results!</em> http://actualdownload.com/pictures/i...saver-7223.gif

Note: If you didn't have any quotes or tidbits of info underneath your name, it's because of your lack of witty repartee or you had nothing even remotely interesting to say. :p

<em>325 & ABOVE</em>

1st. ViewAskewbian - 333
Counting the days until February when he gets to leave Japan and head back to Canada. If there was a contest for most eye-catching list with it's very own name (Fright Film-a-thon 2007) he would take the cake! Ended with a 24-hour marathon. New winner of the evil $25 Amazon GC.

2nd. FusionX - 325
Thanks to the challenge was able to clear out shelf space full of sucky titles. Spent one of the days dressed as a gorilla

<em>300 & ABOVE</em>

3rd. Mister Peepers - 312
Original goal set: 155 (also stated 151)
Diligently trying to clear out that backlog of over 3,000 movies while the wife is chained up in the attic with her bucket of fish heads.

<em>250 & ABOVE</em>

4th. steelpotato - 273
The plan: Watch only zombie films. October 12: ran out of zombie films.

5th. edwardnortonfan - 222
Expressed his love for Halloween 4.

6th. wlverinefactor - 200
Original goal set: 100. New goal after exceeding original: 200
Staying up late for the challenge angered the GF ...later broke her bottle of Lemoncello. The challenge helped him realize the amount of "stinkers" in his collection. Contemplated going into the dreaded "questionable" pile downstairs. Haven't we all at some point or another?

<em>150 & ABOVE</em>

7th. Crazee4DVDs - 170
Apparently his username has some basis in fact.

8th. EdTheRipper - 168
Bowed out on 10/22...primarily because of the Red Sox. The continuous viewing of nothing but horror movies for 31 straight days caused a bit of paranoia and the illusion that something was literally going to jump out of the closet and consume him.

9th. Trevor - 162
Successfully resisted the temptations of NFL and Halo 3. Managed to watch more in his collection in 23 days than in the last 23 months. Watching "House of the Dead" caused him to consume his first alcoholic beverage (Guinness) in a year. Fed his OCD. Finished off with a 24-hour marathon. Took the checklist to the next step and saved countless hours of indecisive people from staring blankly at their collections. And special thanks for starting the thread in Feedback that got the ball rolling again. :up:

10th. Dimension X - 159
Thanks to more free time this year had no trouble whatsoever zooming right past last year's total of 105.

11th. Chad - 153
Incorrectly directed 133 out of the 141 participants list links to the same goddamn person. Credited the wrong person for someone else's work. Listed the wrong airdate for "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". Incorrectly assumed that the second and third threads could be merged in the order of his choosing. Failed to post reviews. Took absolutely forever to post the results and feedback threads.

<em>125 & ABOVE</em>

12th. Penh - 138
Goal: To at least top 100 by month's end.
Needed more "new-to-me" titles! Just couldn't make it to the end of "The Beast of Yucca Flats". Experienced death by: Christmas tree star, dismemberment, mutant baby, jet engine, axe, hammer, strangulation, hanging, voodoo, killer doll, killer tailor's dummy, killer vine, exsanguination, magic Indian rope, shovel, scissors, freezing, killer fish, chainsaw, mutant ticks, mutant slugs, insecticide, alligators, snakes, spiders, mutant leeches, Great White Pine, pitchfork, bees, spiked fist, and falling off the Eiffel Tower.

13th. Entropy - 133
"I could easily reach 25 for the month ...just me, my cats and my horror movies." Speaks for itself.

14th. Shack - 128
Successfully predicted a number this year between the previous two challenge entries of 85 and 134 ...and a goal of 50% first-time viewings. Originator of the original short checklist.

<em>100 & ABOVE</em>

15th. stonecountry - 111
Highly recommends the very underrated John Carpenter flick "In the Mouth of Madness".

16th. terrycloth - 110
Original goal set: 150
The first documented case of the horror challenge saving someone's job: "Seriously i know this is off topic but for the past couple of weeks i been contemplating leaving my job. Then I started the October challenge with my guys from my job and have chilled them out giving them something to focus on and behave so they can continue marathon movie watching." Also has two unopened popcorn tins in his closet from the past two years that anyone is welcome too.

17th. josepotato - 108
Happy belated horror month to you too!

17th. Sabrett - 108
Original goal set: 120
Got married on 10/10! Resumed watching movies on 10/11! Now that's dedication! Left last year's total of 62 in the dust.

18th. Giles - 107
Felt the commentary for the 1933 version of King Kong was lackluster at best. Was relatively quite this year.

19th. caligulathegod - 103
Creator of the "3 Wildcards" that gave us all a very welcome breather. Still curses the day the 40-minute rule was enacted!

20th. DieBarneyDieNY - 102
Had a blast. "This year i have a ton of movies to watch..wont make 100, not even close but will try anyways" Oh really?

20th. Mondo Kane - 102
No reruns from the previous challenges enacted... correction: the "No rerun clause" has officially been lifted. Quoted from September: "I'll be participating again, but I'm ruling out 100 movies as before. Just won't be able to do it." Oh, is that right?

21st. RobCA - 101
"Last year, I only had 31, but this year, I should be able to almost triple that, although I probably still won't be able to do 100, unless I break down and watch some on TV." Shows what you know!

21st. NoirFan - 101
Apparently carried through with his plan of giving up the NFL for the entire month in order to give full attention to this challenge. Ended up developing a major appreciation for Fay Wray and her smokin' gams as well as an unhealthy obsession for Barbara Steele.

21st. Cronenbergfan71 - 101
Managed to watch 110 last year. Presumably is a fan of director David Cronenberg's work.

21st. ParadiseVendors - 101
Rarely posts here ...gave it a shot nonetheless. And one hell of a shot it was.

22nd. cardsfan111 - 100
Easy Goal: 31. More Realistic Goal: 60. Shoot for the Stars Goal: 100
Wonders which is more fun...the challenge itself or just getting psyched up for it? Cannot in good conscious recommend the Halloween 4 commentary to anyone.

<em>75 & ABOVE</em>

23rd. milleniumsmoker - 90
Wound up 10 short but still had one hell of a good time.

24th. The Monkees - 86
Goal: To exceed last year's 78
Was hoping to hit 100 this time around, but did manage to watch 8 more than last year's and surpass personal goal. For a total change of pace don't forget: The 3rd Annual Holiday Movie Challenge kicks off 11/19!

25th. dan31655 - 80
First goal set: 50. New goal set: 80
Originally thought 60 would be the magic number. Feels a sense of accomplishment.

26th. planetaire - 79
That's right.

27th. tarfrimmer - 76
Original goal set: Absolutely no less than 50.

27th. Surfinhank - 76
Another first-timer. Wondered how in the HELL people had the time to watch 150 movies in 31 days? Or even 100? Or even 50?. Now he knows.

27th. cabinboy454 - 76

28th. fiver - 75
"I doubt I'll top last year's 57 as that really took up a lot of time and I'm the only one in my house who likes to watch horror anyway." Imagine his surprise!

<em>50 & ABOVE</em>

29th. riotinmyskull - 65
Actually had some nice things to say about "Flight of the Living Dead"!

29th. Gobear - 65
Goal: At least 31, one per day.

30th. Cool Ghoul - 62 (List possibly incomplete)
Another first-timer.

30th. Camp Blood - 62
That's the most movies he's ever watched in a month! Hopes to make it to 100 next year.

30th. SnapDawg - 62
Met goal of 62. How convenient!

30th. Muad'Dib - 62 (List possibly incomplete)
Took awhile to get the ball rolling. Helped to relieve a stressful month of being laid off by watching lots of blood and gore-filled horror movies.

31st. advdfreak - 61
Goal: 100
"Last year I finished 3rd with 152 watched. I plan on only watching 100 this time." Slowed a bit this year and took the time to absorb the bloody goodness.

31st. Darkgod - 61
Goal: 101
First timer. On 10/18 the unthinkable happened when his dvd player acted up and was stuck watching "Pinata Island" and "It Came from Hell"...again! Shared a heartwarming story about watching "A Nightmare on Elms Street 3" as a young lad of 4 that later ended with 1/2 his ear being torn off by a pitbull!

32nd. shellebelle - 60
Goal: At least 50

33rd. Spez - 57
Goal: 31
"I'll probably hit 50 by the end of the month which is a big accomplishment for me." Was hoping to hit 250, but I don't think its in the cards." Gonna have to agree.

33rd. onebyone - 57
"Probably won't do more than say 45 but I will give it my best shot." Indeed!

34th. alltherage214 - 55 (List possibly incomplete)
Boredom set in and the decision was made to watch more non-horror titles. Apparently he also got bored with updating his list.

34th. cysiam - 55
Another respectable first attempt at the challenge.

35th. SanityRemoved - 54 (List possibly incomplete)
Heard on the radio that a stabbing had occurred nearby soon after watching "Strait-Jacket" on TV around 1972. Paranoia quickly set in.

36th. dcrw6 - 53 (List possibly incomplete)
Original goal set: 50
Was very pumped, unfortunately time was limited and was unable to go completely nuts. At last count had 300 horror movies in his collection he hasn't even seen yet! Someday...

37th. zaphod2467 - 51
He knows the score!

37th. MrTerrific - 51
Wishes there were more hours in the day.

37th. Tenacious D - 51
Managed to get 40 first-time viewings out of 51. Nicely played!

38th. mrpeavey - 50
Just happy to have surpassed last year's total of 36.

<em>25 & ABOVE</em>

39th. zombiefistfight - 47
Was aiming for the magic number of 100. Oh well, there's always next year.

39th. wishbon3 - 47
His list was VERY popular!

39th. toldawg128 - 47
Wasn't able to watch as much as he wanted to this year (especially toward the end of the month), but felt he did OK.

40th. vcuram - 46 (List possibly incomplete)
Goal: 20
Still thinks Boris Karloff looks a lot like Abe Vigoda. Creepy fact: 28 Days Later was his 28th horror film watched. Oooh!

41st. JerryKILL - 44
Firmly stands by his statement that Netflix service has been going down the toilet lately.

41st. Birdies - 44
Goal: 45
Was actually hoping to hit 50.

42nd. Jediturtle - 40
Original goal set: 31 (again)
Managed to not only beat original goal, but also catch 14 "new-to-me" movies! Looks forward to next year!

43rd. noitulove - 39 (List possibly incomplete)
Was hoping to reach or possibly exceed the 103 total from last year. Now, whether or not that goal came to fruition remains to be seen as he stopped updating on 10/7.

44th. erichbergen - 38
Was about to Watch "Peeping Tom" upon last communication.

44th. Aron41 - 38 (List possibly incomplete)
Original goal set: 100
Wants everyone to know that the similarities in thomyorkeslove's and his lists are due to the fact that they watch a lot of movies together. You know, just in case anyone was wondering.

45th. naitram - 36
Original goal set: 25
Another first-timer. Fortunately managed to surpass goal...unfortunately didn't number his list!

45th. Jeffy Pop - 36
Prefers the term "Rocktober" over October.

45th. DEEveeDEE3 - 36
Kicked it off a little bit past midnight by heating up some chicken lo-mien.

46th. alfonsosoriano - 35
Would have very much liked to include the Yankees in game one and two of the ALDS as qualifying horror titles.

46th. shadokitty - 35 (List possibly incomplete)
Goal: 31
Unable to participate last year. "Don't know if I can make 100 but will try, but my actual goal. I'll be happy if I hit 31, might go over that." Wanted double points for watching an Uwe Boll flick. Didn't number list!

46th. The Reaper - 35
Wasn't able to reach the 100 from last year due to fun-filled 7 day work weeks. Yo.

46th. Drop - 35
Probably a very nice person.

47th. FantasticVSDoom - 34
Goal: At least 31, hopefully 50
Admits to fizzling out in each of the past 2 years...and this year is no exception. MLB Playoffs/WS and 2 trips at the end of the month put a big dent in his plans. Hopes to make up for it in the Holiday challenge.

47th. StoneSour82 - 34 (List possibly incomplete)
Another June '06er...resides in Germany. Managed to get 10 "new-to-me" titles.

48th. DVDMagic - 33
Has the 4-out Netflix membership plan.

49th. JOE29 - 31
Had a wonderful experience...hated to see October leave...doubled score of 15 from previous two years. Agrees this is a great thing we're all doing for the betterment of mankind.

49th. HotThang - 31 (List possibly incomplete)
"Placeholder for my "Sam" is just going to have fun watching and listing horror movies without worrying about the competition and the rules list." Who's Sam?

49th. Russell S - 31
Original goal set: 40
"Last year I set a goal of 50 and only made it to 37. This year, I'm going to be conservative and set a personal goal of 40." Keep hope alive!

49th. William Fuld - 31 (List possibly incomplete)
Last edit: 10/18.

49th. Mike7162 - 31
Immediately went to bed afterward.

49th. Sex Fiend - 31
Continuing the tradition of doing one a day for each day of October, just like the previous two years. A creature of habit.

49th. batty - 31
Despises the Halloween remake.

50th. OwlAtHome - 30 (List possibly incomplete)
"I want to try and beat my count for last year but it was such a challenge I don't think it'll happen." Wishes "Tales From The Crypt" was eligible.

50th. InnocentBlood - 30
Was unable to watch anything from Oct 25 till 31 due to renovation work around the house. Still managed to surpass last year's total of 18 and 10 from the first one. Extremely pissed to find that some discs from his OOP Dario Argento Collection Vol 2 have rotted.

51st. Darth Maher - 29
Original goal set: 31
Never expected to get anywhere near 100 movies. Memorable quote: "To me this contest is much like running a marathon. I know I ain't gonna win, but it will be fun to run with the big guns." Things you should know: The combination of his wife having a broken toe (who coincidentally isn't into horror movies) forced him to deal directly with his 2 screaming kids. And because of that, you may have noticed a lot of "lite"/"safe" movies/shows on his list.

52nd. HyperWeather - 28
Original goal set: 31
Sickness was a minor setback that prevented her from accomplishing her personal goal. "I'm hoping for 50, but we will see." Admits to not being a fan of slashers...as well as a HUGE scaredy cat (her words).

52nd. ororama - 28
Joined DVDTalk in June of '06

53rd. thomyorkeslove - 27 (List possibly incomplete)
Wants everyone to know that the similarities in aron41's and his lists are due to the fact that they watch a lot of movies together. You know, just in case anyone was wondering.

53rd. vivafriend5 - 27
Didn't number list!

54th. CasEjonz - 26
Goal: 100
List was so nice ...he posted it twice! "I usually hit around 60 in October, but that was before hearing about this challenge, so if I put my mind to it!!!"

54th. ignition - 26
Goal: To top last year's 20 by at least 10
"I didn't think I'd make it for a while, but thanks to taking a week off of work, I was able to eke out a total at least equaling last year's!" Next year plans on going crazy by finally attempting a full 31 films in 31 days!

55th. wordtoyamotha - 25
Goal: 15-20
Managed to surpass goal despite being extremely busy.

55th. KillerCannabis - 25
Doesn't consider "Hard Candy" a horror film.

55th. Pete B. - 25 (List possibly incomplete)
Spotted thread...joined in...posted...abandoned list.

http://www.djmonkeydo.net/newsmilies/pumpkin.gif Continued....

Chad 11-09-07 04:11 PM

<em>UNDER 25</em>

56th. achau9598 - 24 (List possibly incomplete)

56th. haleyxvader - 24 (List possibly incomplete)
Reliving horrific childhood memories with "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?".

57th. MrStayPuft - 23
Goal: 30
"Overall: 23/30, a little short of my goal. Oh well, I had fun doing it and hope to participate next year."

58th. MovieExchange - 22
Included running times...dropped out early

58th. thecrazydude - 22
Goal: 20
"I will try for 15. (but hopefully watch more!) First timer here! I'm moving and coaching basketball this month, but I will do my best!"

59th. supfool! - 20
"I think I may be able to get in 40 tops"

59th. texasgator - 20
[I]Goal: 20
Openly admits to being an underachiever the past two years and hoped to at least hit 20 films this year.

59th. Ginwen - 20

59th. jason978 - 20 (List possibly incomplete)

59th.TuMakaPac713 - 20 (List possibly incomplete)
Goal: To surpass last year's total of 60.

59th. DVD.guy - 20
Goal: 20
"Well, here goes my attempt. Shooting for 10.
Since, I made my goal, 20 will be my next milestone!"

59th. MTRodaba2468 - 20
"I don't see me reaching past seven movies or so" Not bad for someone who admits to NOT being a horror fanatic."

59th. Swarty - 20
Goal: 20
"I thought I could get 35. Glad its over. Next year we are going to do the marathon for the last week and a half of October. A whole month is too long."

60th. scott1598 - 18
Thinks the English and Spanish versions of "Dracula would make a good double bill

60th. sirbrady - 18 (List possibly incomplete)

61st. Quack - 16
Goal: 50
"Just stood on the sidelines last year." This year he barely got off the bench.

62nd. RichardW - 15
Said he wouldn't view much during the month and dammed if he didn't mean it!

62nd. TomOpus - 15 (List possibly incomplete)
"I'll probably hit around 30 this time around."

63rd. cableslave - 14 (List possibly incomplete)

63rd. DonTHX1378 - 14 (List possibly incomplete)
Didn't number list!

64th. SpaceBoy - 12
Didn't accomplish goal of 31 because of the Red Sox and vacation. "I can only really watch horror when my wife is asleep"

64th. Ghostface180 - 12 (List possibly incomplete)
Goal: 20

65th. Abe. - 11
Still wondering why he started the challenge with a movie called "Flight of the Living Dead"? It's horrible!

65th. mazzystar - 11 (List possibly incomplete)
Arrived a little late in the game but gave it a go nonetheless.

65th. JackBurton - 11

66th. Boondock Saint - 10
Equaled last year total of 10. "Slow start for me, like always."

66th. NinePoint - 10 (List possibly incomplete)
Wife is possibly more obsessed with Halloween/horror movies than he is.

67th. Edison - 9
"I'm setting my goal for 31 again. 1 a day maybe double up on the weekend if I miss a day, should be easy right?" Apparently not so much.

67th. John S. - 9 (List possibly incomplete)
Goal: 31
First attempt.

67th. speedyray - 9
Goal: Between 30 - 50
Last years friends thought he'd disappeared and his wife thought he'd gone INSANE after viewing 100. This year people ...well.

67th. kurupt - 9 (List possibly incomplete)
Game on.

67th. Julie Walker - 9
Had 23 on both previous challenges. "On the plus side, I did have hot wild sex with a hot woman this month So I'm happy about that!"

68th. Brian Jones - 7
"I'm a bit upset about my late start, but I hope to do some catching up. I predict I will start out strong and lose interest as Halloween nears." Yeah, that about sums it up.

68th. LBCrazyFool - 7 (List possibly incomplete)

68th. nodeerforamonth - 7
Hoped to beat his record from 2 years ago of 7 movies ...unfortunately that goal was not accomplished.

69th. indy81 - 6 (List possibly incomplete)

70th. Boba Fett - 5 (List possibly incomplete)
Was planning on attending an HP Lovecraft film festival Oct 5-7th and getting 5 or 6 films done through that: including 35mm screenings of Carpenter's 'The Thing' and 'In the Mouth of Madness'. Apparently he never left.

70th. EThomas - 5 (List possibly incomplete)
Goal: 25
Just happened to stumble across our little contest a little late and couldn't resist. yes, we often have that effect on people. Was extremely busy...too busy to update list in fact.

71st. Del Griffith - 3 (List possibly incomplete)

71st. acubfaninmd - 3 (List possibly incomplete)

71st. hiccup - 3 (List possibly incomplete)
Put list in discussion thread! :eek:

72nd. Nesbit - 2 (List possibly incomplete)
Started off the challenge with "Night of the Living Dead" on a morning ferry and was interrupted by an attractive college girl. Apparently they ran off together and abandoned the list.

73rd. Moutain Biker - 1 (List possibly incomplete)
Goal: 31
Only a mere 30 shy of his goal of 31

73rd. SPIDERone - 1 (List possibly incomplete)
Goal: 50
Blatantly stole formatting style from Chad!


TheManInBlack - ?

Muddy Shores - ?
Blames violent movies for uncontrollable rage.

zoom1200 - ?
Goal: aiming for 31

Doc Moonlight - ?
Beginning at the stroke of midnight on October 1: No list is provided!


Bluelitespecial - ?
"I think I could easily reach 50-75. After looking through my collection of dvds i am kind of on the fence about participating now, because there will be other stuff i want to watch in October, plus playing video games. But if i start I think I will probably go for 30-40 movies."

Rypro 525 - ?
Goal: 18

old-boo-radley - ?
Goal: 31 Lists provided: 0

Zodiac_Speaking - ?
"One year before I knew of this I watched damn near 45+ horror movies in October. I'm now game!" Ok then, where's your list?

"OK, I'm game I'll see if I can hit 31."

Matt Millheiser - ?
"I'm *totally* in. I can do 100 standing on my head! Or on yours!" Big talk from the former hotshot reviewer!

DeniedEssence - ?

avrilfan - ?
"I'll be in for it, although i'm lucky if i make ie 20-30."

dvd-4-life - ?
"Since I have (2) tvs in my living room can you watch (2) movies at a time? One movie with the volume turned up and the other with sub-titles?"

Jason Reynolds - ?
"Horror is my favorite genre and I've been doing my own "October Horror Fest" for the last 5 years or so. My personal best was last year at 158, but I was out sick from work for several days so that helped. I'm on horror movie #47 right now (in the middle of the Poltergeist trilogy having picked up the new version this week.)"

DigitalArtery- ?
Man 'o man I wish I would have known there was a challenge like this earlier, I'm up to about 287 horror flicks so far. I originally did it as a way of finally watching all those crappy flicks that have been sitting on shelf not being watched and collecting dust and watching some old ones to help remind me as to why I don't watch them regularly.Would have been more fun participating in a challenge and not feeling so much like a chore.

-Apologies if anyone who failed to provide a list wasn't included.

See you next year! http://www.foxylayouts.com/_cursors/.../BananaBat.gif

EdTheRipper 11-09-07 04:26 PM

Thanks for all the hard work organizing this and tallying up all the results. Another great job!

Sex Fiend 11-09-07 05:38 PM

Good stuff, Chad. As always, you are truly the indisputable Grandmaster Flash of October Horror Movie Challenges.

EdTheRipper 11-09-07 05:57 PM

Actually, I've noticed that View seems to have made a mistake in his list. He ended at 329 but watched 4 movies in overtime bringing him to 333. However, he accidentally listed those 230-233. That being said, he's the winner, not FusionX.

RobCA 11-09-07 05:58 PM

Thanks for all the time you put into this, Chad. Love the comments! :up:


HotThang 11-09-07 06:26 PM

Thanks for the compilation! I had to travel twice during the competition so my number saw so dang low!

BTW - I am Sam. Sam I Am.


onebyone 11-09-07 06:44 PM

Thanks for the funny list of participants and for keeping up with it all. It was a lot of fun and will look for it next year.

Congrats to those who watched more than I did. Good form!

islandclaws 11-09-07 06:56 PM

Great list compilation, very thorough. Had I know any witty reparte would have been commented on I probably would have actually wrote something after my titles. Oh well, always next year, right?

I still don't think Hard Candy counts as horror.

Sabrett 11-09-07 07:09 PM

Great job, Chad. Maybe you could add this to your negative :( blurb about yourself:

Went above and beyond tallying, linking, organizing, and keeping up with the challenge. Whilst doing all that, managed to still knock out an impressive 153 titles.

I think that describes you a lot better :up:

mike7162 11-09-07 07:11 PM

Originally Posted by KillerCannabis
I still don't think Hard Candy counts as horror.

Obviously, you've never been tied to a chair by a woman with a knife.

Premium effort, Chad!

Bluelitespecial 11-09-07 07:17 PM

Well I changed my mind at the last minute, but I will be involved with the Holiday challenge. But how in the hell do some of you guys find a way to watch over 100-300+ horror movies in a month?

ViewAskewbian 11-09-07 07:21 PM

Yikes. I looked at the results and thought I had miscounted my list and I was really abou 100 under what I thought I had did. Then I read Ed's post, rechecked, and indeed my numbers were mislabled for the OVERTIME. Considering I had done 24+ hours of flicks at that point I'll alot myself the error :p. I had figured I'd watched more.

Not to take anything away from Fusion but I edged slightly over him. In fact, it was his constant power days that kept me going in our neck and neck race. A good competitor is nothing without a good opponent.

So, I think a recount is in order from the View Camp. Those dangling "Chads" ;)

Trevor 11-09-07 07:55 PM

Awesome comments Chad!

You're much too hard on yourself. Thanks for all your hard work. You and everyone else who participated gave me the most DVD/movie fun of recent memory, heck, of my life.

Next year I vow to watch exactly 100 films, but all of high quality (except whatever I watch only to complete the checklist). I also vow to most likely change that previous vow....

OldBoy 11-09-07 08:13 PM

i couldn't imagine how long it took to put all this together. simply amazing!

Shack 11-09-07 09:05 PM

Thanks for the great results compiliation, Chad, and thanks again for all the work on the Challenge. It's great fun as usual, and I've got a whole new list of movies to check out next year!

WOW -- this year the total watched was more than the first two years combined!

Quack 11-09-07 09:15 PM

Thanks Chad, I had a fun, even though I didn't make it off the bench. :P

Chad 11-09-07 09:26 PM

Originally Posted by EdTheRipper
Actually, I've noticed that View seems to have made a mistake in his list. He ended at 329 but watched 4 movies in overtime bringing him to 333. However, he accidentally listed those 230-233. That being said, he's the winner, not FusionX.

Originally Posted by ViewAskewbian
Yikes. I looked at the results and thought I had miscounted my list and I was really abou 100 under what I thought I had did. Then I read Ed's post, rechecked, and indeed my numbers were mislabled for the OVERTIME. Considering I had done 24+ hours of flicks at that point I'll alot myself the error :p. I had figured I'd watched more.

Not to take anything away from Fusion but I edged slightly over him. In fact, it was his constant power days that kept me going in our neck and neck race. A good competitor is nothing without a good opponent.

So, I think a recount is in order from the View Camp. Those dangling "Chads" ;)

Fixed. Yeah, I had this feeling something was a little off with those numbers considering the length of the post. :eek: :D

BTW, appreciate all the kind comments from everyone. :)

Greg MacGuffin 11-09-07 09:39 PM

Awesome job, Chad. Thanks for all your hard work.

DEEveeDEE3 11-09-07 10:46 PM

Yes, chad is the one who should deserve the award

SPIDERone 11-09-07 11:28 PM

Great job on putting all of this together!

You're correct - my list was incomplete but far from the ~50 that I was hoping to get through (actual number was closer to 15, which is still pretty bad :p ).

NoirFan 11-09-07 11:50 PM

Top notch job Chad. I enjoyed the challenge - was nice to turn my brain off for a month.

alfonsosoriano 11-09-07 11:53 PM

Oh god thanks for adding that Yankee comment under my name. :D

Cardsfan111 11-09-07 11:57 PM

I'll chime in with another 'Thanks, Chad!'

I've come to learn the horror challenge stays with you all year long. I was in a store today and came across a cheap horror dvd with 3 cheesy films on it and my mind was thinking they'd be perfect for October of '09. I resisted, reminding myself how insane it would be to buy a dvd that I'd want to wait 11 months before watching...

Trevor 11-10-07 12:10 AM

Originally Posted by cardsfan111
I'll chime in with another 'Thanks, Chad!'

I've come to learn the horror challenge stays with you all year long. I was in a store today and came across a cheap horror dvd with 3 cheesy films on it and my mind was thinking they'd be perfect for October of '09. I resisted, reminding myself how insane it would be to buy a dvd that I'd want to wait 11 months before watching...

Plan on skipping 2008?

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