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tonyro19 10-29-07 10:34 AM

Question concerning a dvd set of CSI Miami
Is this a bootleg? I've seen it for sale on EBay and Amazon's Marketplace.

Would it be wise to buy it?


acubfaninmd 10-29-07 10:39 AM

it looks like a bootleg to me but dont take my word for it. wait to see what others say.

tonyro19 10-29-07 10:44 AM

yea...I hadn't seen it advertised as being released anywhere like that.....figured it was most likely a bootleg...but figured maybe it's a canadian version i haven't heard of before

FrancisRizzo3 10-29-07 11:34 AM

It certainly could be Canadian or European, but man, the disc art is crap, and at no point have the CSI discs used the same art on each disc.

tonyro19 10-29-07 11:45 AM

haha...i had the same thoughts....that doesn't even look like Caruso on the discs

DJariya 10-29-07 02:16 PM

Definitely a bootleg...probably originated from China or Hong Kong. I've been to Hong Kong many times and I've seen alot of those "Complete Series" Sets for various TV shows. It's just the episodes dubbed from an HDTV recording to DVD.

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