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sldvd 10-26-07 11:56 PM

SAW DVDs - exclusive bonus items?
Can you guys help me out with the exclusive bonus items that came with all the SAW DVDs?

I know one of them came with a free ticket to either SAW II or SAW III, but I don't know which one. Also, was Best Buy the only store to include bonus items, or did other stores have their own exclusive bonus items?

SAW - ?
SAW Uncut Edition - ?
SAW II - Rebirth comic book
SAW II Special Edition - ?
SAW III - Film cell
SAW III Director's Cut - Free ticket to SAW IV

Trevor 10-27-07 01:16 AM

I imagine that you have already searched Xage's Saw thread and my exclusive bonus disc threads?

Circuit City had at least one bonus disc, as did Target.

sldvd 10-27-07 01:42 AM

Thanks for mentioning those. That one thread of yours with 37 pages will be impossible to find information in, because this site does not allow searches for 3-letter words.

All SAW editions

Definitive List of exclusive bonus DVDs

Definitive list of exclusive bonus discs (and other freebies) - Part 1b

Definitive List of Exclusive Bonus Discs - Part 2

nemein 10-27-07 06:14 AM

Please follow up in one of the existing threads...

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