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JamesDFarrow 10-18-07 12:28 PM

Swamp Thing Animated TV Series?
Amazon has Season 1 due out in January.

What is this? I don't recall any animated Swamp Thing series.

Any good or skip it?



majorjoe23 10-18-07 12:57 PM

I thought I remembered seeing this in Wal-Mart dump bins a few years back. I think it was only like 5 episodes long.

Lastdaysofrain 10-18-07 02:26 PM

Yeah they released this a few years ago, I believe the whole series was maybe 13 episodes long? It's from the early 90s, there was a pretty widely distributed toyline as well. It came out (and got confused with frequently) at the same time as the Toxic Crusaders cartoon.

dadaluholla 10-18-07 03:12 PM

I think this Swamp Thing set that's coming out in January is going to be the live action series that was on USA long ago, not the animated series. Amazon might be mixed up? Or I could be...

JamesDFarrow 10-18-07 05:24 PM


I guess we will wait till they put more info up.


BrentLW 10-18-07 07:28 PM

The Jan 22 release is definitely the first season of the live action series. I think the animated series is out of print. It was released by Sterling and the full title is Swamp Thing: Guardian Of The Earth.

David Lambert 10-19-07 06:34 PM

The Animated Series (1991) got a single-disc, 5-episode release (which is the entire run of the show!) in 2004 that is now out of print.

(I've seen people asking $50 for it on eBay.)

The Live-Action Series (1990), starring Dick Durock (who played Swamp Thing in the film with Louis Jordan) is the item coming out from Shout! Factory on January 22nd. It's <i>Swamp Thing - The Complete 1st and 2nd Seasons</i> (it won't say that on the front of the box, but the back of the box will be clear that this is 2 seasons of three shown, in one package). We've posted quite a bit about it...

...and tomorrow we'll have the press release and (gorgeous) cover art! That's a scoop; you won't find it anywhere else...it JUST got here this second. So tune in to TVShowsOnDVD.com sometime tomorrow for that. I've got a friend's wedding to attend around mid-day, and there's some driving involved, so if I don't get it posted before lunch then I'll have to post it after dinner. But it will be there by midnight; count on it!

JamesDFarrow 10-19-07 07:02 PM



matome 10-25-07 01:58 PM

How was the live series? Any good?

Lastdaysofrain 10-26-07 08:40 AM

The live series was decent, it was probably the closest to the ALan Moore/Vertigo comic swamp thing. But it is a low budget basic cable TV series.

matome 10-26-07 09:04 AM

Thanks for the info. I'll be picking this up.

miz.eerie 10-27-07 06:15 AM


Info Here

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