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p h a n a t | c 10-05-07 10:54 AM

Being John Malkovich mystery commentary?
being john malkovich is one of my all time favorite movies.
today i was idly browsing wikipedia when i read in the entry to the movie this:

The scene when John Malkovich is hit in the head by a can thrown by a passenger in a passing car was possibly unscripted. Apparently an extra brought beer on set, got drunk, and decided to throw one of his beer cans at John Malkovich. The director liked the scene so much that he left it in the film. The extra got his SAG card, a pay raise since he now had a line in the movie. See the director's commentary on the DVD.[1] However, this recollection is possibly apocryphal since this exact scene-ending appears in a very early Kaufman script for Being John Malkovich (widely available on the web) which differs greatly from the final shooting script, especially in the second half of the story.
when you follow the reference, you come to this youtube clip:

now, i've re-checked dvdcompare and there is NO version of the dvd with a commentary - so where does the clip come from?

the source of all this being wikipedia made me think that maybe it's a prank by director spike jonze. :) he could have recorded a clip and posted it to youtube while changing the wikipedia entry.

or maybe the clip is from the bonus features and i forgot that i watched them?

SoSpacey 10-05-07 11:03 AM

i know nothing about the commentary but I do know Wiki to be very unreliable.

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